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05-09-2012, 11:29 PM
Power Rangers: 'The Rise' is the confirmed title of the upcoming Radio Play of RangerVision Productions.

For those of you who are not aware of what a Radio Play is then let me explain it for you, instead of getting a season of Power Rangers on TV, this time around it is going to be down with out the video, it will be all audio with a few pictures thrown in just for helping with specific descriptions. This will be uploaded to Youtube and other sites as we bring out new Episode and gain more of a fan base.

I will be realizing the Ranger/Ally/Villain Profiles closer to the date of release of the Pilot Episode.

To give you a bit of an insight into what it's going to be like let me give you a few snippets of our test run Pilot Episode, Please let me know what you think, whether it's bad, good, constructive criticism is welcome.

Many years have past since the last confrontation between the Power Rangers and the forces of evil. Throughout this time, the Power Rangers themselves simply faded into obscurity, vanishing from the annals of history and from the hearts and minds of others. We come now to the city of Rising Falls where our story begins.

The metropolitan city has seen its fair share of great things over the years and has prospered greatly as far as education, business and industrial estates go and it is here where four individuals will take their first steps on the road of destiny. But for now let us get to know a little bit more and have a look at their every day lives.

4 of them in total Brent Wong the Rising Falls Police Top Medical Examiner, Tyler Quinn the Lead Investigator of 'The Stinger' case, Devon Masters the Town Drunk and Village Idiot and Tamara Fox a young student at Rising Falls College. Let the JOURNEY BEGIN!

Funny. Just when I thought you couldn't get anymore nerdy you manage to prove me wrong. Congrats on that one.

Brent frowns and looks up from his work to make eye contact with Tyler.

Nerd? No. I'm a geek. There's a difference!

Could've fooled me.

It would appear my guess has not fell short of the mark. With that in mind, I feel it's best that I should let you know that a relationship between pupil and teacher is illegal and frowned upon, granted of course, if you're not already aware of that fact. If news of your relationship were to come to light, the end result would be an ugly one for the both of you.I will not question the reasons behind your get together but if I were to bring this information to the Dean or to someone even higher that would result in you being kicked out and him potentially being blacklisted.

In the blink of an eye, he pulls a video tape out from his bag, waving it almost mockingly in front of her.

You two really be more careful where you for on a rendezvous. The next time you two hook up in a public place, try and look for cameras next time in order to avoid being caught of your... youthful indiscretions. Then again, I suppose I can sympathize with the dilemma that you two are going, it must be exhausting, having to sneak around like rats in the dark, fumbling around in the backseats of cars and not being able to simply go out in public and be together, lest either of you end up being caught... Now then, if I were to take this tape and reveal the contents of it, the results and implications would be quite ugly. Are you willing to let that happen?

It's time Palantir.

PALANTIR: (gleeful and giddy with joy)
We get to attack?!

Indeed... Send down Amon to battle.

Oooo an excellent choice!

With a powerful surge of magic, a white insect like creature appears, blades on his arm.

Go to Rising Falls... Eliminate them.

White Ranger Power
05-10-2012, 01:48 AM
This is an amazing idea! And the little snippets sounds awesome. Is it possible to get in on it?