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Shadow Ranger
06-17-2012, 07:39 AM
Ok here's the idea: Take a series, be it tv or movie, that originally aired before the year 2000 and cast a movie that reboots that series. Series that have had movie reboots since they originally aired are fair game.


1. Series Originally Aired before the year 2000 (or looking at it from the other way, any series that originally aired in the year 2000 or beyond is off limits).
2. Series that have had official reboot movies are fair game.
3. Casts for the series reboot movies are off limits.
4. Power Rangers is off limits.
5. Original Cast is ok if you're planning on having them cameo as their original characters.
6. You may, if you wish, bring back one or two of the original cast/members to play a mentor or in some other non-primary capacity if you plan on doing an off-shoot reboot (think Tommy in Dino Thunder if he hadn't gotten powers).

Have Fun!

06-17-2012, 05:16 PM

Year of Release: 1979
Genre: Action-Adventure/Period Piece
Rating: R


For those unfamiliar with this cult classic, The Warriors is based on a novel by author, Sol Yurick, and borrows elements from the classic Greek story, Anabasis. It revolves around a midnight summit called one night by a man named Cyrus, leader of the Gramercy Riffs, the largest and most powerful street gang in New York City. Cyrus requests that all gangs within the New York area send nine unarmed delegates from each of their outfits to meet in Van Cortlandt Park. One of these gangs, The Warriors, who operate out of Coney Island, is called to this meeting as well. At the meeting, Cyrus proposes a permanent citywide truce that would allow all of the gangs in the city to operate together as an army, making them almost impenetrable against any other force, even the police.

During the speech, everyone seems optimistic about the possibilities and are ready to rally under Cyrus' leadership, when suddenly he is shot dead in the middle of the crowd by a man named Luther, leader of the Rogues, causing the massive cluster of gangs to scatter. In the midst of the chaos, Luther proceeds to frame the Warriors, causing their leader to be beaten to death in the crowd as the rest of them flee the scene. After the cops raid the park, the Warriors scatter and try to find their way back home. Unfortunately, the eight of them must trek across the entire cityscape of New York City to make their way back to Coney Island with over 60,000 dangerous gang members out to kill them. Over the course of one night, the Warriors slowly cross the dangerous Bronx and Manhattan territories, narrowly escaping police and other gangs every step of the way.

This interpretation would be similar to the original movie, but borrow a lot of new content from the novel, which was largely neglected in the original adaption. It would also take some elements from the 2005 Rockstar video game, which detailed much of the events leading up to the midnight summit, but will most likely be used in flashbacks in the new film. It will still take place in New York City, 1979.

Director - Quentin Tarantino


Tarantino's style has always had a unique blend of both realism and whimsicality. Because Tarantino is a director that focuses a lot on the characters as well as stylism, which is such a pivotal factor for a movie like this, being that the dialogue, scenery, music, and all-around style pretty much make the film, Tarantino's vision seems to fit perfectly for this kind of world, as well as it being an environment that he has yet to tackle. Tarantino also isn't afraid to push the bar in terms of violence or any other suggestive content, which also makes this the perfect project for him to undertake.

Writers - Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez


These two have collaborated on various occasions to bring us some of cinema's greatest masterpieces. From Dusk Till Dawn and Grindhouse being their most successful works together, I believe this duo would breath new life into this old classic in a way that no one has ever seen or will be prepared for. When you have a story that takes place over such a short amount of time, but also operates in somewhat real-time, there is a hell of a lot to work with, particularly with dialogue and the various events that would occur for the characters throughout their epic journey. With such a playground to manipulate, I feel like these two could go crazy and create something believably unbelievable with the unpredictability of Pulp Fiction, the unique and intense style of Sin City, and the dialogue driven activity of Reservoir Dogs.

Composed by Barry De Vorzon and Joe Walsh


The same guys that composed the original movie should return to do the score for the new one. The idea is to give it the 1979 feel of the original, especially since it is a movie coming out in present day. Its something you would not see in a modern movie and would make the film unique. This was part of what made the 2005 Video Game so great; it featured the same intense background music and retro soundtrack of the film, which gave the entire game a unique flavor that you could not get from any other game. Giving it that late 70's metal/rock/disco vibe in the score alone will make the film authentic and provide for a unique experience.

The Cast:

Swan - Aaron Johnson

Swan is the second-in-command to the "warlord," Cleon, who is killed at the beginning of the film. He takes on active duty as "Warchief" and leads the Warriors through the city as they make their journey across New York in the dead of night.

Aaron's first really well-known movie role was Kick-Ass, which he did an excellent job in, considering he was playing a nerd, when in fact he's actually the buff-model type. That being said, he's an excellent actor, giving an fantastic performance as young John Lennon in the film, Nowhere Boy, and doing a great job in various roles in other British films. Being that he is English, he will have to do an American accent, similar to the one he did in Kick-Ass and the upcoming film, Savages. That aside, his versatility as an actor will allow him to portray the quiet-natured soft-spoken badass that is Swan with relative ease.

Ajax - Kieran Culkin
http://media4.onsugar.com/files/2010/08/35/2/301/3019466/98648effad22bc68_ActorKier_John_17343330_Max.previ ew/i/Kieran-Culkin.jpg

Ajax is the toughest of the Warriors, constantly trying to show his manhood (figuratively, of course :P) and is irritated by the constant chase, preferring to settle his problems with his fists rather than his words or by running. If he had it his way, he'd take on every single one of the 60,000 gang members after them and relish in the fact that he'd go down swinging. He has a rivalry with Swan, believing that he should be the one to assume command as "Warchief."

The role of Ajax was the role that defined James Remar's career as an actor, being his first major role in a film. Casting this was difficult, as its hard to find the cocky and fearless womanizer that stole the show in the original movie, but I felt that Kieran Culkin would fit the role best. Its safe to say he was one of the best parts of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" playing as the charismatic Wallace, Scott's "cool gay roommate." Kieran certainly has the charisma to pull off the role, which is very important because without any kind of charm to win over the audience, Ajax would be the most unlikeable character of the bunch based on his morals alone.

Rembrandt - Carlos Pena Jr.

Rembrandt is the gang's "writer," as in main graffiti artist. He is the youngest and least battle-hardened of the nine, but can still hold his own in a fight. He is initally only brought along as a delegate because of his status as their graffiti artist, meaning he could tag areas they come across on the way there, but as the drama unfolds, he becomes a valuable asset to the gang on their journey.

Rembrandt was by far the most difficult to cast. He's meant to be Puerto Rican but there seems to be a shortage of young male Puerto Rican actors out there, so I chose to just make him hispanic. Even with that in mind, the only candidate I could come up with for him was Carlos Pena Jr of Big Time Rush fame. The guy is a pretty talented actor and I personally think he would do the character justice if he is able to play someone who is visually inexperienced but deep down is a force to be reckoned with.

Snow - Donald Glover

Snow is third-in-command of the Warriors and joined the gang alongside his best friend, Ajax. Snow is able to be cool under pressure, hence his name. He is wise and level-headed, contrasting with Ajax's unpredictable nature.

Donald Glover is a renaissance man; he is a rapper/singer/actor/writer/producer and excells in nearly all aspects of each. Its a wonder that he isn't more famous, but eventually he is going to blow up and what better way to get him started (were this movie to come out before he does), than to have him star in a Quentin Tarantino film. Donald is an excellent actor and if Snow was written slightly different from how he was in the original film, giving Donald more of a chance to flex his acting muscles, this could definitely be one of the most memorable roles of the film in the same vein as Ajax.

Vermin - Michael Angarano

Vermin is the co-founder of the gang, along with Cleon. He is somewhat pessimistic and is the first to declare that they have no chance of getting home. He complains a lot but is shown to have a joking side and is the most comedic of all other members. He is also somewhat impulsive, especially when it comes to women, much like Ajax, as he will risk life and limb for some "wool" as he would put it.

I'm not as familiar with Michael Angarano's performances as the other actors, being that the only movie I've ever seen him in was Forbidden Kingdom. That said, I'm certain he can pull off the comic relief in a mostly serious film like this one, as that was definitely evident in FK.

Cochise - Daniel Curtis Lee
http://i868.photobucket.com/albums/ab247/Onlyne/MV5BMTQ1MDU4MTg4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDgyODUzNw_V1_ SX640_SY427_.jpg

Cochise is a heavy brawler who's always looking for a good time. He is originally from Harlem but moved to Coney Island and joined the Warriors soon after. He wears Native American-style clothing as his primary style. His initial intent to join the Warriors was mocked at first, but he proved himself in order to show that he was worthy enough to join them. In the film, he is another valuable asset to their survival.

Yes, this is Daniel Curtis Lee, who once played the character of "Cookie" in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Like Donald Glover, he has delved into the realm of music as well as acting and still continues to work, appearing on shows mostly on Disney Channel. This would be an interesting part to see him play; a more mature and demanding role that will allow him to step out of his normal realm and into something a little more daring.

Fox - Jesse Eisenberg

Fox is the most reserved of all of the Warriors. He is the most knowledgeable on the dealings that other gangs are involved in and stays in the know most of the time. He is also very cautious, preferring not to get into fights, which makes him most often utilized as the gang's scout. He is very calm at most times and is highly passive.

Jesse Eisenberg is pretty much perfect for this role. Not much more I can say to that. *Spoiler Alert* I would imagine with Quentin Tarantino directing, his death in the film would be a lot less ambiguous (he was thrown in front of an oncoming train, but there was no other evidence that he was dead. With Tarantino, you'll at least get some blood or loud gorey sound to let you know he's gone for good)

Cowboy - Logan Huffman

Cowboy is....a cowboy. That's about all there is to him. He's the least expanded-upon character of all of the Warriors and has very few speaking lines, so yeah.

Logan Huffman is a talented actor, so I feel that the role of Cowboy, like Snow and Fox, should have their roles expanded with more speaking lines and possibly some side storylines so that they can get the chance to really show their acting abilities.

Cleon - Shaffer "Ne-Yo" Smith Jr.

Cleon is a very skilled and intelligent leader, being the founder of the Warriors and bringing them up from nothing to become one of the biggest gangs in the city. He has quite a temper and little patience when it comes to other gangs.

Ne-Yo's best performance in my opinion was Battle: LA. That was the first movie that I saw where he showed actual genuine acting prowess (for those unfamiliar, he is a popular R&B Singer, Producer, and Songwriter when he isn't acting). He is a little old for the role, but I think his age (31) will give the character some depth and authority. Because his character is killed early, he won't be shown much, except for maybe through some flashback sequences, but his death is also left ambiguous in the original film, so there is a possibility that he will actually show up at the end, still alive, like the character he was based on in the book.

Mercy - Mila Kunis

Mercy is introduced about halfway through the film as a dangerous young prostitute impressed by the Warriors and looking to join up with them. She accompanies them on their journey and eventually becomes the love interest to Swan.

This is another very pivotal role to the movie, as Mercy is the only female lead of the movie and a tough one at that. Mila Kunis can and has pulled off this type of role before, so I believe she would be able to do it here as well.

Luther - Ezra Miller

Luther is the film's main antagonist. He is the psychotic leader of the gang known as the Rogues and is the catalyst for the events that transpire in the film. He is unpredictable, extremely violent, and operates without a plan or motive, but is also something of a coward and a bully. He is most known for uttering the film's most famous phrase, "Warriors, come out and play!"

19-year old Ezra Miller might not be as well known as many young actors his age, but he will soon. He's starring in the new film, Perks of Being A Wallflower, alongside Logan Lerman and Emma Watson and he has already garnered major attention as an actor from the independent films he's starred in already. Ezra is a very talented actor, a future Oscar-Winner even, and can pull off nearly any role with an almost Johnny Depp versatility. He also bares resemblance to the character, Luther, so I think he's the ideal choice for the role.

Sully - Zack Braff

Sully is the cowardly leader of the smalltime outfit known as the Orphans. He is Mercy's boyfriend to begin with, but when the Warriors come into their turf, he tries to stand-up to them to no avail, allowing Swan and the others to leave with his girlfriend and his gang shaken to their core by a large explosion from a nearby car.

Sully is a loser and not saying that Zack Braff is a loser, but he would certainly be good at playing one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a very good picture of Sully but looking past the one posted, I think he would look good for the role. Like Ne-Yo, he's a little old for it but I feel that an older Sully would envoke a more solid feeling of desperation and loss of youth in his pursuits to keep this small gang going.

Masai - Mehcad Brooks

Masai is second-in-command of the Gramercy Riffs and is very militarized. He takes over for the gang when Cyrus is killed and puts out the hit on the Warriors to have them brought back to the Riffs dead or alive. Mehcad Brooks is an excellent actor, starring in various sports-related roles, the latest of which being "Necessary Roughness" on the USA Network. Masai is a role he could pull off with ease. Not much more to it.

Lizzies Leader - Michelle Rodriguez
(the one in the center)

The Lizzies are an all-girl gang that lure a few of the Warriors into their hideout to have a good time, only to turn on them and nearly kill them in the process.

Michelle Rodriguez has always played the dangerous chick. Why stop now? (This will mostly be just a cameo)

Cyrus - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/68/Dwayne_Johnson_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival.j pg/220px-Dwayne_Johnson_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival.j pg

Cyrus is the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, the one who calls everyone together, and the first character killed on screen. Despite having such a small role in the film, Cyrus has always been one of the most popular characters of the movie for his flamboyant and magnetic nature, so The Rock, who not only bares resemblance to the guy, fits the role perfectly, especially in his wrestling persona.

The DJ - Rihanna

I'm personally not a very big fan of Rihanna but the role of the DJ is equal to that of the narration in Shawshank Redemption; it stylizes the movie in a way that no other film is done. The DJ's face is never fully shown, just her mouth when she speaks into the microphone and provides the city's gang members with updates on current developments out on the streets....in a rather seductive manner. She chronicles the Warriors' journey as they make their way across the city and does so in such a classy, jazzy way, that it gives their entire adventure a completely original flavor. Rihanna, singing or not, has a very nice voice that can be utilized very well for this kind of role.

06-18-2012, 03:32 PM

Original Release Year: 1985
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG

Plot Synopsis: Based on the hit board game, and partly adapted from the 1985 cult classic (as well as the VCR Board Games from around that time), a unique group of "friends" attend a dinner party at a mansion belonging to the eccentric Sir Alexander Boddy. Before the night is over however, Boddy is found dead. In a panic, the guests / staff hide the body and leave the mansion, attempting to preserve their own innocence.

A week later, the group is summoned back to the mansion by Madam Rose Boddy, Sir. Boddy’s sister, who discovered him dead at the mansion the morning after the party. The group is summoned for the reading of his will, which reveals that he has left his fortune to whichever of his “friends” lives the longest. This leads to hilarity and non-stop hijinks as everyone tries to knock each other off, and claim the fortune for themselves.

Co-Directors: Mel Brooks & Jay Roach

Mel Brooks is one of the undisputed kings of comedy having directed legends like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, and can bring an old school comedic feel to the film. Jay Roach has tremendous experience in comedy films including the Austin Powers films and the Meet the Parents trilogy, as well as the semi-comedic Men in Black trilogy. Together this would be one of the most amazing comedy films of all time.

Writers: Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant & Mel Brooks

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are the co-writers of the hit Night at the Museum films, as well as creators and writers for the hit show Reno 911. As a result, they have the versatility of being able to write both PG and non PG jokes to appeal to a wide audience. With Mel Brooks writing with them (because Brooks doesn’t direct anything he isn’t writing) they will create an amazingly funny script that will do this movie justice.


Colonel Mustard – Robin Williams

Robin Williams is one of those comedic actors who can play a wide range of characters, and when I thought of a modern Col. Mustard, the first image that came to mind was Robin Williams in Night at the Museum above. He can do a southern accent and has used military jargon in films such as Good Morning Vietnam, making him perfect for the role. The Colonel is a somewhat gruff character, but Williams can do him justice for sure.

Ms. Scarlet – Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Starting on SNL, her role in Seinfeld put her on the map of the comedy world for years to come. She’s still a great actress, and has both the experience and sex appeal to pull off Ms. Scarlet, an intellegent woman who knows what she wants and will go to almost any lengths to get it. She’s smarter than she looks, and uses people's underestimation of her to her advantage. Dreyfus will make her a memorable character for sure.

Mr. Green – Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey needs to be in good comedies again. He has been having bad luck in films as of late, and I think a good zany over the top comedy is just what he needs to get back on top. He’s play a great Mr. Green, a shy, clumsy, proper man, at least at first, but would likely get more zany as time goes on. I also see him having some hilarious interactions with Mrs. Peacock below.

Mrs. Peacock – Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch has burst onto the scene as a comedic gold mine due to her performances in Glee. I see her playing Mrs. Peacock the same way, as a snarky sarcastic bitch known for not taking crap from anyone. She would be the attitude of the film, and I can see her having hilarious interactions with the rest of the cast, particularly the timid Mr. Green.

Prof. Plum – Dan Aykroyd

Yeah, ignore the text above, and before you complain, yes I know it’s an old picture. But put current Aykroyd in that suit with that mustache and a pipe, and you’ve got Prof. Plum. He’d be one of the powerhouse comedians in the film, showing both intelligence and a hint of insanity. He’d be one of the backbones of the film as a psychiatrist who's just a little out of it and might have something to hide.

Mrs. White – Whoopi Goldberg

*Insert Racial Accusations Here* Now then, imagine how hilariously Whoopi can play off the irony of her name in the movie whenever someone brings it up. Plus, she’s a comedy goldmine and has done these types of ensemble movies before (Rat Race anyone?). She’ll be a great asset to the film, as well as likely being the one person not affected by Mrs. Peacock’s attitude.

Madam Rose – Rosanne Barr

Ok, I’ll be honest, I chose this picture because of the color of her outfit, but the chainsaw just adds to the awesomeness. Madam Rose is Sir Boddy’s sister, and is extremely over the top. She is the first of four characters added to the film from the Clue VCR Game series. In that series, she is completely insane by the end, but I see her merely being eccentric in this film. Plus it’s Roseanne, no ensemble comedy film should be without her.

Wadsworth – Steve Carell

Steve Carell is hilarious, and is a perfect fit for the butler, Wadsworth. A major character in the 1985 movie, his role would be reduced here, and also altered. He’d try to be a proper butler around most of the cast, but would secretly hate them and be a dick behind their backs. This would all come out when the details of the will are revealed, and he plots with Evette, the maid, to knock everyone else off and split the fortune. He’s opposite Tina Fey, so this should provide some of the same great comedy seen in Date Night.

Evette – Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one of the modern queens of comedy, and she’s proven her worth time and time again. She can do both physical comedy and has a wit nearly unmatched, as well as great sex appeal.. Her role in Date Night is honestly what sold me on her, as she was great in that film and proved she can do what I would intend Clue to be. That’s also the reason why she’ll spend a majority of her time playing opposite Steve Carell. Evette is Sir Boddy’s maid who teams up with Wadsworth to knock off the other heirs and split the money evenly, and is conniving but plays innocent whenever someone calls her on it.

Monsieur Brunette – Will Ferrell

For all intents and purposes, this guy is the antagonist of the film. A lawyer by trade, he reads the will to the gathered crowd, but while the will actually states that Boddy's fortune is to be divided among his friends and sister, Brunette lies about it's contents. His goal is to get everyone else to kill each other off so none of the rightful heirs can claim the fortune, and he can keep it for himself. Will Ferrell is one of the funniest people alive, and I don’t think he gets to play the bad guy enough, as he did in Zoolander, so this would be a great role for him. He'd bring non stop hilarity to the role, especially if he adopted the french accent used by the original. Oh, and um...ignore the Ram.

Ms. Peach – Melissa McCarthy

Monsieur Brunette’s accomplice, Ms. Peach was originally a tiny quiet woman, but in this film we need someone strong to hold her own with Ferrell. McCarthy made her name known worldwide in the hit film Bridesmaids, emerging as a force to be reckoned with. I think she and Will Ferrell would be a great pair together, arguing back and forth for control of the evil plan, with her usually winning. She’d be a great representation of the young up and coming comedic actors of Hollywood today.

Sergeant Grey – Ben Stiller

Sergeant Grey is a member of the local police force who was assigned to investigate the murder of Sir Boddy. He attends the will reading to get a first hand view of the suspects, but gets caught up in the insanity when the stipulations to acquire the fortune are revealed, while still trying to determine the identity of the true murderer. Ben Stiller is a modern standard of comedy films, having been in the Meet the Parents trilogy, and both Night at the Museum films. He can play a security guard, as seen in the aforementioned film, and a policeman is not that far off, making him a great addition to the movie.

Sir Alexander Boddy – Christopher Walken

Face it, Christopher Walken needed to be in this movie. As the eccentric Sir Boddy, he’d only be in the film for a short while at the beginning, but I figure some flashbacks of him can be seen throughout the film to give him a bigger role. I picture Walken playing Boddy as a mixture of his character from his SNL sketch, The Continental, and himself in just about anything else. He’d basically make this movie worth watching all by himself.

Chriz aka The Mole
06-19-2012, 02:16 AM

What am I rebooting?

Ghostbusters franchise.

How am I rebooting it?

By going on what was already established. Movie 1 , Movie 2 and The video game (that acted as movie 3) The game’s ending set up great to bring the cartoon Extreme ghostbusters to live action and go on what was established.

Yes to make it new I will be using the extreme ghostbusters technology of :

Extreme proton pack


As you can see it uses Proton cells to run making it more gun like (even more for Kylie she uses the compact version called the proton gun) the reloading of it can make great plot device and it’s different enough to feel modern.

The trap


Traps had to be redesigned to be more powerful and hold bigger spirits. It’s also bigger so usually just Kylie carries one on her back. Another note is The trap also has the ability to analyze a trapped ghost by connecting it to a computer Thaty can add another plot device if needed.

Why am I rebooting it?

To do ghostbusters for a new age without having to recast the originals.

Synopsis :

Years after the defeat of Shandor (see Ghostbusters: The Video Game) The original ghostbusters all decided to form a franchise in various cities. Now former Ghostbuster Egon Spengler is a college professor teaching paranormal studies and the only Ghostbuster NOT to have started a franchise, instead staying in new york.

A group of subway workers accidentally release a Achira, a disease-spreading entity. Egon attempts to handle the entity alone. Unfortunately he fails and realises he needs to train a new team of Ghostbusters. So he looks at the only four students in class. And so the Extreme ghostbusters are formed.

Cast :

Tania Raymonde as Kylie Griffin.


The only member of the new team to have any sort of paranormal knowledge before signing up as a Ghostbuster. She is awe of Egon. She is smart and confident but at times a little shy. I cast Tania Raymonde as I think she can pull off the role.

Cody Longo as Garrett Miller

Despite being a lifelong wheelchair user, Garret has a very 'jock'-like attitude and is a huge fan of extreme sports and attempting mad stunts. He is kind to others even if at times he’s a little arrogant. Cody Longo has enough of a jock vibe and likeableness to really do this justice.

Eric West as Roland Jackson

The mechanic of the group. Roland is the most level-headed and mechanically-gifted of the new Ghostbusters. However like the others is not afraid to bicker when needed. I cast Eric West as he is serious enough to play the straight man, but comical enough to do great when needed to interact.

Aarón Díaz as Eduardo Rivera


Seemingly a lazy, sarcastic and somewhat clueless character. He also has a “Will they/wont they” thing with Kylie Griffin. I cast Aarón Díaz based on his soap work and few other things. He can do the love tension BUT can also be very “Peter Venkman” like in his sarcasm. Both are needed to give this character life..

Nika Futterman (voice) as Achira


Achira is the demon spawn of Duaka. Her name is derived from the Mesopotamian word, "Achiratima," roughly translated to "Destroyer of Civilizations.". This character was chosen as a) they were the first one that the extreme ghostbusters faced but also b) A class 6 (just weaker than 7) Destroyer of Civilizations (the Destructor) She will act as a new Gozer without having to go into Gozer again.

I chose Nika Futterman to voice her as it will be a cgi effect/character. Nika Futterman does great voice work and can make a role sound deadly or creepy if needed.


Harold Ramis as Dr. Egon Spengler

(:P i had to do the pic to match others)

Do I need to explain this one?

Ivan Reitman

Directed ghostbusters 1 & 2.

Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Another no brainer. They wrote the first second and had big involvement with game.

Main tune :

This version
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEpCUB8IjzM (yes this shows you some of the stuff too like the trap)

Note : I tried cast mostly young unknown (or not big) stars so if the franchise takes off it's likely they'll do more films. Also I wanted the characters to feel like the characters not like which ever actor I cast.

06-19-2012, 02:43 PM
Eons ago, a wise intergalactic being waged war against the personification of evil. He won the war, but at the cost of his physical body. Now, as his arch enemy once again wages his war against Earth, the wizard must choose a squad of young teenagers with attitude to charge with defending the planet from an army of evil space aliens...


Bet none of you saw that shit coming, huh?

Original Release Year: 1994
Genre: Sci Fi/Action/Comedy
Rating: PG, I guess.

Plot Synopsis:
Four teenagers - Laurie, Gordon, Drew, and Swinton - are chosen by the galactic guardian known as Nimbar to become a fighting force capable of defending the world from the army of Emperor Gorganus. Nimbar empowers these teenagers with tattoos that call upon the power of the very stars themselves, transforming them into a spandex clad task force known as the Galactic Sentinels (but whom the media will decide to call the Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters [from Beverly Hills]).

However, unlike some other fighting forces you may be familiar with, these four are not friends. The majority of the movie will be dealing with the interpersonal issues of these new Galactic Sentinels, focusing largely on their personal lives at Beverly Hills High contrasted against their utter inability to work as a team when Emperor Gorganus' forces attack. They'll have to find a way to accept one another for who they are before they can finally gain the ability to summon their trump card, Knighttron.

Meanwhile, we're given oblique hints that Nimbar may not be as benevolent as he seems at first glance, thanks to his willingness to throw children at an avatar of evil, as well as the occasional meddling of a former Galactic Sentinel...

THE DIRECTOR: Koichi Sakamoto


Look at that smug asshole. That gloriously smug asshole who has worked on Power Rangers since GODDAMNED FOREVER. Koichi knows how to direct shows wherein teenagers don magical spandex and wire-fu the shit out of monsters, which could possibly speak to his ability to direct this movie. He also did work on Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, and fuck you that movie was the SHIT. Also, big screen Ultraman productions. So really, there could not possibly be a better choice for director.

Director. Singular. Because some people have never heard that old adage about too many cooks spoiling the broth.

THE MUSIC: Ron Wasserman

http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTcwNjMwMTY1NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDMxMjU3NA@@._ V1._SX300_SY500_.jpg

Look at that smug asshole. That gloriously smug asshole who created some of the most well-known and beloved songs in the Power Rangers franchise. And frankly, perusing his IMDB page, the man could use a decent job. Let's throw him this bone. If he can't do Power Rangers anymore, by GOD he will do Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills!



Look at that smug asshole. That gloriously smug asshole who is kind of amazing at writing interpersonal conflict and comedy, both of which this movie will hinge on. Now, I know you're thinking that he hasn't written enough action to know how well he can end up writing it, but in response I call you a variety of racial epithets and point to the above, where you see Koichi's name. Directors can help script, and I'm sure that if Harmon's action sequences aren't amazing, Koichi will perfect them. So SHUT UP, HATER.


Jennifer Lawrence as Laurie Foster

Laurie is the leader of the team, wearing the green spandex and calling on the power of Scorpio. Like all Scorpios, at least if you're a rube who believes in the zodiac, Laurie is determined, energetic, and passionate. As leader of the team, Laurie needs to be the one to eventually pull together the disparate personalities of all her allies and form them into a cohesive force. Laurie needs to be someone the cast can believably rally around, someone who is equally at home giving orders on the battlefield and pining for boys in the school hallway. And I guess she can't also be a Power Ranger already, so hey, Jennifer's in!

Jason Dohring as Gordon Henley

Gordon is a Taurus, he wears the black spandex, and he's kind of a preppie elitist snob. Like many Taurus', Gordon loves security, and he's supremely self-assured to the point of looking down on everyone who isn't him. He's not a *bad* guy, mind you, he just legitimately thinks that everyone is beneath his station in life through no fault of their own. He wants to help, he just does it in that annoying unintentionally condescending way.

Brea Grant as Drew Vincent

Drew is a Sagittarius, the greatest of all astrological signs, and she wears the purple uniform. She is amazingly blunt and to the point, generally forgoing such things as 'politeness' or 'decorum' because, to her, that's all unnecessary sugar coating. She tells it like it is. In her mind, she's doing you a favor by being so open, but of course people are sensitive pussies and often take offense to this. I know, I don't know why either. Anyway, Brea Grant could easily pull off the combination of blunt and sensitive needed for the role of Drew.

Donald Glover as Swinton Sawyer

Swinton has a fucking dorky name. That aside, he is also an Aquarius, and dons the yellow armor. He's the brains of the group, but more than that (because, see, intelligence doesn't matter as much as you'd think when we're talking magic), Swinton is the weird one. He's the none who thinks most outside the box, coming up with unorthodox solutions to everyday problems. With Donald Glover acting and Dan Harmon writing, I have no problem believing that Swinton may become the breakout character of the moviefilm.

Joss Whedon as the voice of Nimbar

Oh, like if Joss goddamned Whedon asked you to be a Power Ranger you wouldn't say yes.

Daran Norris as the voice of Emperor Gorganus

Have you even heard this man's velvety voice? The man can do menacing and the man can do comedic, both of which are going to fit Gorganus to a T. A sexy T.

Ted Jan Roberts as Rick

We need dark. We need mysterious. LOOK AT THAT FUCKER! Rick is the last surviving member of Nimbar's former Galactic Sentinels team, activating his silver armor with the power of the Orion constellation. He remains in the background of the movie, never a focus. He watches Nimbar's chosen bicker like the children they are, and he silently shakes his head in disappointment. Nimbar's up to his old tricks, he thinks. Even when the Tattooed Teenagers manage to overcome their differences and activate Knighttron, Rick still has his doubts. You just know he'll be back assuming this movie makes enough profit to warrant a sequel...

Red Ranger 123
06-21-2012, 05:06 AM
Digimon (Incomplete)

Year of Release: 1999
Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi
Rating: PG-13

Plot: When seven ordinary kids are transported to a parallel dimension known only as the Digital World, a mysterious entity causes a war between the kids and the Digimon, the species native to the Digital World.

Director -

Writers -

Composed by

The Cast:

Tai Kamiya

Yamato Ishida

Sora Takenouchi

Koushiro Izumi

Mimi Tachikawa

Joe Kido

Takeru Takaishi

Kari Kamiya









06-22-2012, 12:59 PM

Yu-Gi-Oh is the story of shy high schooler Yugi Moto, who spends his timing gaming with his best friend Bakura and being protected from bullies by his friend and practically sister Tea Gardner. When his grandfather is abducted and hospitalized by Seto Kaiba for seemingly petty reasons, Yugi must team up with both his dearest friends and brutal bully to fight for his grandfather’s life, his right to take control of his own life, and even mystical forces beyond his comprehension.

He just has to get through a five tiered death park to do it.

YEAR OF RELEASE: 1996 (manga. It counts.)
GENRE: Action

http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTMxMjgyMjQ4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTU0ODk2Mw@@._ V1._SY314_CR5,0,214,314_.jpg
Edgar Wright is a great director all around, but this choice comes from his exquisite adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim comic book series. “Scott Pilgrim VS The World” combines solid martial arts action with an incredibly eclectic special effects driven identity. Under Edgar Wright, Yugi and company’s journey through KaibaCorp would be one of martial arts driven gaming challenges, ranging from athletic laser tag to Tetris room dance…all, of course, climaxing in the intensity of two larger than life characters staring each other down in a card game come to life born from the tension of two larger than life rivals.

Two of Chow’s major films, Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, gleefully blend the absurd with martial arts action. A theatrical YGO reboot will be implementing games that lend to close quarters, kung fu combat (including fish hook sword fights!), and I don’t think there’s anyone more comfortable with that type of absurdity than Stephen Chow, who could also give the perfect blueprints to keep it emotionally earnest and honest when necessary.

He's really good.


He was who I got for “Asian Michael Cera” being put into Google, and that seems apt for Yugi. I still think Yugi should be shy, but a little bit of snarky humor (that still shows a definite weakness) wouldn’t hurt him, if only to contrast the next character. He also needs a certain strength for when he inevitably stops slouching and faces Seto Kaiba when infused with the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. Someone who can blend humor, weakness, and a desire to break out of his shell. I’ll take this guy’s word for it.

Bakura, however, is much easier to manipulate. Abella’s performance in Jungle Fury signified, at least to me, cockiness due to a need to hide vulnerability. Cabin in the Woods proves that a stellar director can make a Jungle Fury actor who isn’t RJ’s actor not awful, so I have no doubt Wright and Abella can work wonders. Bakura will possess an incredible vulnerability as a contrast to Yugi, and when everyone storms KaibaCorp he will opt to stay with Grandpa in the hospital. Everyone’s strong bonds from their adventures, as well as an unwillingness to admit his own cowardice, will begin his journey into the trilogy’s ultimate antagonist.

Chow Yun Fat was actually a pretty good Muten Roshi in “Dragonball Evolution”, and I think he could do well as a former archeologist gambler turned humble hobby shop owner. He will be injured off-screen by Kaiba’s duel technology, but the warmth of Fat’s genuine character will make him an endearing part of the cast.

Though a little old for the part, his boyish features make me think that he could pull off the teenager look without much need for movie magic. Joey is our rough street kid who’s yet to truly find his way, and will be won over by the courage and strength of the Yugi he thought was a total wussbutt. I envision him, to borrow from Kartheiser’s other role, as a pretty good combination of Angel’s Connor both pre- and post- season 5. Someone with a strong sense of humor, but fairly willing to angst out when necessary.

Based on the clips I’ve seen of it, Danny Puddy’s character on Community seems a stickler for the rules of television and fiction. I think this could translate fairly well into Tristan’s character, a former street punk now trying to be an upstanding student and citizen. He is an immense devotee of rules, regulations, and what is expected of an upstanding young man. He is VERY frustrated with his best friend, Joey Wheeler, who he wishes would just get his act together. He’s a true friend, though, and may be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Joey.

Tea is like an older sister, looking out for Yugi and Bakura knowing that they’re not exactly the most difficult to bully around. Tea is a perfectly competent student, but shines on the dance floor. “Fierce” would be a pretty good word to describe her; though she’s warm and approachable, she doesn’t suffer fools and has a genuine misunderstanding as to why someone would want to hurt another human being. When storming KaibaCorp, Tea’s love of hip hop and dance music flows together in a style that could best be described as resembling MMPR’s own “Hip Hop Kido.”

Kaiba’s had a rough patch, having lost his father Gozaburo and now seeing his new adoptive father Maximillion Pegasus take over the family company. Only having his brother left has given him an immense appreciation and dedication to family, which makes him fairly susceptible and gullible to influence. Being adopted by his idol, game designer Maximillion Pegasus, puts him into an odd emotional predicament where he feels obligated to be true to his new (and originally abstract) father figure. He is Pegasus’s greatest enforcer, determined to acquire the Millennium Puzzle with the card fit for only the true heir of Duel Monsters: The Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Mako Tsunami is a prodigal, world class fisherman who has traveled the vast oceans time and time again. He ranks currently as the greatest fisherman alive, whose patience and knowledge of the waters is seen as almost supernatural. In order to ascend to the next level, there is but a single objective given to our angry, reckless Joseph Wheeler: catch a single bass fish before Mako can. He is Pegasus’s first Game Master.

Rebecca is a high school student currently studying archeology in the grand tradition of her grandfather, Arthur Hawkins. She is infamous for solving a puzzle that held the tomb of the great pharaoh Abidos in complete lockdown, realizing that it was based on unsolvable, obscure mathematics (which she then solved). The second floor of Kaiba Corp is thus an elaborate puzzle based on this tomb, albeit “less primitive.” It becomes Yugi’s job to solve this perplexing obstacle and defeat Pegasus’s second Game Master.

Mai has spent her time as a gambler on expensive cruise ships and high end casinos, but this can only do so much. Teaming up with the reckless biker Keith Howard, she’s roamed the country side conning and fighting her way to a more exciting, fulfilling life (that may or may not compensate for the crummy home life she left behind long ago). She serves as Keith’s partner and is one of Pegasus’s two third Game Masters.

http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTg3NDA3MTU3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTIwNTUwNw@@._ V1._SY314_CR45,0,214,314_.jpg
A biker con-man with experience in gang fighting and other unmentionable enterprises, “Bandit” Keith has, along with his partner Mai Valentine, gone under the employ of Pegasus to serve as the third Game Master. His experience lends well to his floor, as he and Mai have taken the roles of elite commandos on a battleground of potentially fatal laser tag.

The Paradox Brothers, Mei and Kyu, are apprentice game designers chosen and “adopted” specifically by Maximillion Pegasus to one day inherit his original company, Industrial Illusions. They have been given the perfect opportunity to test their tabletop opus, Plague of the Shadow Ghoul, before it hits the market…in the form of a life-size maze Yugi and friends must navigate with their lives on the line!

Maximillion Pegasus is the current CEO of Kaiba Corporation, serving to uphold the legacy of success established by Gozaburo Kaiba but also not afraid to serve his own agenda as creator of the worldwide phenomenon “Duel Monsters” and general fruity weirdo. Longing to bring back his deceased wife, Cecillia Pegasus, he seeks to combine his gaming assets and Gozaburo’s highly advanced technology with the power of his mystic Millennium Eye to bring her back to the mortal plane. Setting up the hospitalization of Yugi’s grandfather, Pegasus kicks off a massive Shadow Game enrapturing all of KaibaCorp. If Yugi is defeated on any of these five levels, Pegasus will obtain the Puzzle by the blessing of the gods. KaibaCorp is Pegasus’s ultimate gaming masterpiece, with everything from hired assassins to his own adopted son as his pawns.

Nezbitt spent his days as Gozaburo’s most trusted employee and almost like an uncle to Seto, albeit a distant, indifferent one. He’s both a technological genius and a real man’s man, having designed elaborate machines and weapons with the expressed purpose of murdering things that require oxygen to breathe. It’s only karmically appropriate, then, that he’s currently the subordinate to the eccentric fruitcake Maximillion Pegasus. Every day for Nezbitt is like a repeated kick to his pride’s testicles, and a living hell he’s routing for Yugi to break him out of.

A local kid in Yugi’s neighborhood seen reading comic books and watching his favorite TV show, ELEMENTAL HEROES. He’s worth keeping an eye on.