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09-30-2012, 02:48 PM
Hello Members!

I just wanted to keep you all apprised of the situation here on the Board. As such, you should be aware that a Staff Meeting was held today, Saturday September 29th, 2012. Below, you'll find a short summary of the various things that the staff decided at the meeting.



I. Introductions were made

II. New members were given general instructions and welcomed to the staff


IV. Sections were reported in as being in good condition, with the RPG archive still requiring sorting. It was noted that a number of sections within Ernie's Juice Bar are completely dead and so the subforums will be removed except for Rita's Dark Dimension.

V. The rules were reviewed and it was decided that the bumping rule is unnecessary as old threads should be promptly moved to the archive by staff. It was also pointed out that rules 4 and 24 overlap and so will be condensed into one rule covering both contingencies.

VI. In addition to the decision regarding Ernie's Juicebar above, it was decided that the section descriptions need to be clearer. The font may be adjusted to make the board easier to read, and the descriptions will include direct identification of sections.

VII. All existing contests were reviewed and it was decided that contest winners will have their names posted in the Announcements as well as be given a 1 month White VIP membership. TPIY was reviewed and will be addressed further when interest is gauged via a thread, and the Game Show idea brought up by Chriz aka The Mole. will also be discussed in a thread. The new 20th anniversary game contests were also discussed and will be further developed in a thread.

VIII. The further sorting of the RPG archive was again mentioned, and OrangeFalcon suggested the idea of themed ranger-specific periods of time in which specific rangers could be looked at and analyzed, as well as have contests and discussions based around them for that period of time. This idea will also be further discussed in a thread.

IX. The Meeting was recapped by GPR


As a result of the above meeting, the following board changes have been instituted:

1. The font size of the category and forum listings on the main page have been increased and formatted to make the board easier to read.

2. An RPG Chat tab has been added to the Shoutbox on the front page! All SB Role Playing and RPG Discussion should be held in this "Chat Room" as opposed to the main ShoutBox.

3. The section known as Ernie's Juicebar has had the majority of it's subforums removed due to inactivity. As such, all off topic threads are now located in the central Ernie's Juicebar area.

4. The one forum that remains in Ernie's Juicebar is Rita's Dark Dimension. This forum, as it has always been, is UNMODERATED. Staff will only take action in this section in extreme situations, so be warned that if you post here that you are on your own. This forum is also now only visible to registered members.

I hope everyone finds these changes helpful! If you have any questions, please post them here or PM me!

Head Administrator