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Shadow Ranger
10-19-2012, 10:28 AM
Prologue V1 (http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?25583-Power-Rangers-The-Rise-Potential-Prologue).

--Tyler Quinn: Instead of being a Cop, in this world he'd be a Government Agent. One idea suggested is that he be added to the prologue to be at Cain's side during his speech. Cain would then ask him for his gun and shoot Tommy with it. He would give the gun back after killing Tommy. The "Random Male" outburst would be edited so that Cain would order Tyler to shoot him. Tyler would hesitate, but shoot him anyway, planting the first seed of Tyler realizing that Cain is nuts.

--Brent Wong: Instead of being a Forensic Scientist, he would be a Combat Medic for The Resistance. He would have Defense Training meaning he could react to someone attacking him, but wouldn't have clue one how to be aggressive and bring the fight to someone else. He would also be clever and have a high level of ingenuity, able to adapt to a situation and convert almost any medical instrument into a weapon. He would end up being the first leader of the Rangers before Tyler joins the team. Former Government Agent versus Resistance Fanatic would be the primary source of tension and animosity between Tyler and Brent for the bulk of the story. Brent would also be added to the prologue, but not by name. He would be on of the people rushing to the boy's side after he had been shot. Rudy would recognize him and realize that they are Resistance.

--Theodore Sawyer: As in the original production, Theo would remain a College Professor. In this world, the Education System, as with everything else, is controlled by The Government. Therefore, Theo would have had some degree of "brainwashing" by The Government and would be pushing a Pro-Government Curriculum. Also like the original production, Theo would be in a relationship with and have feelings for Tammie.

--Tamara Fox: As in the original production, Tammie would be a student at the college where Theo works. She would be in his class. She would be in a relationship with him and have feelings for him. In this world, however, Tammie, not having gone through the type of "indoctrination" that Theo had to for his job, would be more naive and innocence and disagree with The Government. For much of the story, Theo and Tammie would be trying to sway the other to "their way of thinking," thus putting a strain on their relationship. This could also factor into why Tammie begins to drift toward Brent.

--Marcos Solis: Vigilante turned Ranger. Black Spider Ranger. He’s taken over a run-down bar. He’s essentially Batman to the town he’s in.

--Rudy Tanner: Of the core hero cast, Rudy would have the largest change. He would be come the mentor and he would not have amnesia. He would have chosen to "retire." I did choose to keep the "tinkerer" thing we had going for him and expanded it to he was his team's "Tech Guy." So basically since his "retirement," he has been secretly working on new Ranger Tech because, despite his refusal to morph again and his desire to "give up the fight," he knows that the time will come when the Power Rangers will HAVE to fight again and, subconsciously, he has taken it upon himself to be ready to assist the new generation. A lot of his subconscious motivation is because he knows Cain. He knows he could have stopped Cain and didn't either because he ignored the signs or didn't see them. And he feels that this dystopian future is as much his fault as it is Cain's. I've essentially put the Self-Guilt on Rudy instead of Devon. He does still have his morpher and will become the Green Grizzly Ranger during the story. And he's still friends with Brent.

--Cain Marsters: Cain has undergone some vast changes as well. The biggest of which is that he's just Cain. No Arulo. No Zyberious controlling him. He is Cain Marsters, President of Earth. He's suffering from the Power Rangers equivalent of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). An idea that was suggested, and that I thoroughly like, is that during his time as a Ranger, Cain became obsessed with "The Power." To the point that when the Zangyack Empire attacked and the idea was brought up for the Rangers to sacrifice their powers to save the planet, he panicked. He essentially became Gollum/Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. He went into an "I will do anything to preserve my powers" mode. Using his natural charm and wit (in this world, Cain was always a smooth talker), he convinced the Rangers to try a second option. In the end, it worked, but at the cost of billions of innocent human (and animal) lives. Between the realization that he had caused a massacre of innocents and the realization that Devon could have been among them and (should we decide to keep Devon and keep this part of the backstory) the fact that he just atomized his parents, his PTSD set in and he retracted from the world. In time, he went nuts and deemed "The Power" too corrupt to exist and, therefore, made it his life's goal to eradicate "The Power." In essence, he's become Samwise Gamgee with the obsessive insanity of Gollum. Where Gollum wanted "The One Ring" for himself and was willing to do anything to obtain it and keep it, Cain wants nothing more than to destroy "The Power" and is willing to do anything to make that happen... except kill Devon. My ultimate idea for Cain is turn him in Nakadai Mikoto from Abaranger, basically keep him evil for the whole series and give him a redemption near the end or at the end. I wanted him to still have his morpher and use it later to fight the Rangers, becoming a true Psycho Ranger. It would be the ultimate form of irony and hypocrisy that Cain would use a power that he condemns to assist him in eradicating that power. Possible 2nd Option for Legendary War is having a Ranger infiltrate the Zangyack Fleet to sabotage the flagship and assassinate Warz Gil. Cain volunteers. To keep his cover, Cain offers Warz information and assistance, leading to the massacre of billions of people.

Tommy as a martyr. Taking Cain’s bullet to keep the truth from coming out. He feels as guilty as Cain does about the Massacre since he, for all intents and purposes, ordered it. Also, he knows that if the truth were to come out, it would shatter what little faith the people have left in the Rangers. He knows that the Rangers need to come back and defend the people of Earth. And he knows that a new team will have to do this. And if the truth were to come out, who would want to join a group of murderers?

--Blake Gillard (Played by Tachi): Cain’s right hand. Doesn’t trust Cain. Entirely insane. Sides with the Zangyack.

Shadow Ranger
10-26-2012, 04:27 PM

I have converted this thread into a general notes and ideas thread for "The Rise" or as I've called it now, "The Rise" 2.0! As of today's meeting, all of the principals like the idea are in so we will be fleshing out and expanding upon my prototype prologue and the ideas presented therein. The first post has been updated with the changed agreed upon by the principals during the meeting. The first post will continue to be updated as decisions are made.

To anybody involved in "The Rise," feel free to post any ideas or suggestions you have here and be sure to check back here for updates and any suggestions made by everyone else.