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Shadow Ranger
02-05-2013, 05:22 PM
Name: The Night Wolf

Real Name: Darren Cruger

Age: 28

Occupation: Personal Security for Wayne Manor and Security Chief for Wayne Enterprises, Former GCPD Detective

Base Of Operations: Wayne Tower Penthouse Suite & The Wolf Den (located beneath Wayne Tower)



At the tender age of 5, young Darren’s life was changed forever as his parents were gunned down by a hit man named Joe Chill. The same Joe Chill who murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne several years earlier. He was comforted by the same Officer that comforted young Bruce Wayne years earlier, a GCPD Detective named James W. Gordon. Unlike Bruce, Darren found comfort in the detective’s words and arms. It was Gordon’s heart, understanding, and willingness to go beyond his duty that set Darren on a path with no turning back.

He would spend the next 9 years training to be a cop, entering the GCPD Academy at the young age of 14 and graduating two years later at the top of his class. After graduation, he was given the rank of Detective and assigned as the partner of one Detective Renee Montoya. World Renowned Detective Henri Ducard took an interest in young Darren and flew in from Europe to meet him. Ducard would spend the next four years in Gotham City, training Darren and assisting the GCPD when necessary. Under his and Montoya’s tutelage, Darren became one of the best detectives in the world. He also became quite the expert in forensics and ballistics, learning all he could about all aspects of law enforcement and investigation.

At the age of 20, Darren would come to a realization that would set him on the second leg of his destined path… the path of the hero. After Ducard left Gotham, Darren was investigating a 911 call to a local alley called Crime Alley with his partner, Renee Montoya. As they entered the alley, they saw a body on the ground with fresh blood around it and a shadowy figure standing above it. The figure fled and the duo gave chase, their pistols drawn. With Darren’s years of physical training, he easily caught up with the perp. He tackled the man and spun him around to find himself face-to-face with a man he never though he’d see, but always hoped he would… Joe Chill. This time it was Darren who had the gun. He leveled his gun and pulled the trigger as his gun arm jerked up at the last moment. He spun to find Montoya firmly gripping his gun arm having averted the fatal shot. She brushed past Darren and cuffed Chill as another squad car showed up to cart him off. Though he disagreed with Montoya’s action, he knew he had to abide by the rules so long as he was a cop. And one of those rules was to kill only in self-defense.

Of course, Chill was released only after a couple days in jail. Darren was pissed off and disgusted. In his mind, justice had not been served. The parents of Bruce Wayne, Chill’s latest victims, and Darren’s own parents cried out for justice. He vowed that the next time he saw Chill, the murderer would die. And die he did the following year. Shot right between the eyes by Darren himself. Faced with a discharge, Darren chose instead to quit. Gordon understood and let him go honorably. From that day forward, Darren decreed that Gotham was his city and the would protect the people of his city. Moreover, he vowed to seek justice and, when necessary, revenge for those who cried out for it. Under his watch, the hunter would become the hunted. He would become the prowler of the night, the stalker in the shadows. He would become… The Night Wolf!

Through the GCPD Academy, he became an expert marksman with pistols and a decent hand-to-hand fighter. Learning very quickly that he needed more of an edge in close quarters combat, he sought out the best Martial Arts Masters he could find within Gotham City. Over the years, he became proficient in several arts including multiple forms of Kung Fu, Karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, and Boxing.

As The Night Wolf, he would form a new and different relationship with Commissioner Gordon who did not know that he was The Night Wolf. He would also begin a long-term relationship that would help fund his endeavor and provide him with cutting edge technology. This relationship was with a man. And older man. A man whom he had much in common. A bitter old drunk that he met shortly after he killed Joe Chill… Bruce Wayne. After hearing about his dismissal from the force, Bruce Wayne sought out Darren to thank him for the street justice and to offer him a position at his company, Wayne Enterprises. Wayne would hire Darren to be his Head of Security and, a few years later, as his personal security at Wayne Manor. Of course, Bruce never found out that Darren was The Night Wolf, but someone else at Wayne Enterprises did. And it is this man that provided the funding and tech to Darren. The CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox.

As Head of Security, Wayne has allowed Darren to live in his personal Penthouse Suite atop Wayne Tower since Wayne himself had become a drunk, bitter recluse, leaving the running of his company to Fox. Fox installed a hidden elevator in the back of the suite that led to an underground bunker that Fox had built for Darren using Waynetech assets and discarded prototype technology. Darren named the bunker The Wolf Den as it became his base of operations. Being knowledgeable in the fields of technology, Darren helped design what would become The Night Wolf Armored Suit and the gadgets he would employ in his war on crime. However, a lot of the design and most of the construction was left to the brilliant Lucius Fox.

Now having several years of operation under his belt, he has killed his fair share of criminals. And there are many who dislike him because of it. Gordon, however, continues to allow him to operate because he knows that Gotham needs a man like Cruger who can do what the law cannot… especially with its rapidly growing crime rate. Gothamites sleep under his ever vigilant gaze… the eyes of a stalker who turns the hunter into the hunted. When the sun sets and howl can be heard on the wind, the criminals of Gotham City fear… The Night Wolf!