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03-14-2013, 12:29 PM

Hello Members!

This is the official sign up thread for Season 2 of TPIY! As mentioned, this years theme is Goseiger/Gokaiger, and you may use either one of these seasons, or a combination of the two.

To enter the contest, please make a post in this thread containing the following information:

Team Name/Alias: (if applicable)
Season Title: (What will you name your power ranger season?)
Summary: (A 50-200 Word summary of your season. This is optional but helps the judges and readers get a feel for your season)
Season Basis : (Is your season based off of Goseiger or Gokaiger or both?)

**NOTE** Before you enter, please read the full TPIY Information Thread and ask any questions you may have. Be aware that the contest will last for a total of 40 weeks (20 episodes) and so you need to ensure you are committed to participating. Remember, if any one episode is not submitted on time, you (or your team) will be eliminated from the competition.

This thread is only for entrants to sign up for the contest. If you have any questions, please ask them in the Information Thread here - http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?25985


Good Luck!

~ The Power is Yours Team

Red Mystic Ranger
Kamen Rider Decade
Supreme Red Ranger


List of Participants:

FangRX - FangRX - Power Rangers Unleashed
Leon Royale - Power Rangers :: Hope
Question and the Rockettes - Question, Dr. Damian Diabolico, ImmaDeker - Power Rangers Relic Hunters
Team Knees to Faces - Edward Kenway - Awakening, A Power Ranger Story
Mr. Fluffy Pants - Raging Phoenix - Power Rangers : The Great Hunt
Velshtein - GoseiManta - Power Rangers : Legends
Shinigami - Death the kid - Power Rangers : Last Defence
Locutus of Awesomeness - LuigiEspadachin, The Doctor, blueprodigy - Power Rangers : The Corsair Project
DH - Dominic Hargan - Power Rangers : Guardian Angel

03-14-2013, 12:55 PM
Username(s): FangRX
Team Name/Alias: FangRX
Season Title: Power Rangers Unleashed
Summary: The Power Rangers were defeated. The Battlesnare Empire, a force from around the galaxy that seemed to be a successor to the Galactic Alliance of Evil, had conqured the planet. The Ranger Powers were scattered to the stars, being transformed into Keys that held each Power that the Rangers possessed. Now, a group of ragtag Pirates from around the universe are all that stand between the Empire and the remainder of the Galaxy.
Season Basis: Gokaiger

03-15-2013, 11:16 PM
Username(s): Leon Royale

Team Name/Alias: N/A

Season Title: Power Rangers :: HOPE

Summary: Two evil warlords named Kanju and Dango have formed an alliance of evil that achieved an impossible task. With their combined forces, the two warlords led their minions to the battlefield and destroyed not just one team of rangers, but every team that dared to step before them. And as a way to strike further fear into those who dared step before them again, Kanju and Dango held the very first red ranger in Jason Lee Scott in front of a camera that fed live feed to television stations everywhere... and with one crushing strike, killed the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger but not before removing his helmet so the world could see the hero that had failed them. With Kanju and Dango now the rulers of Earth, a secret alliance known as HOPE has been assembling a team of heroes that could find access to the morphing grid and become the final "Hope" for humanity.

Season Basis: Both... To clarify, Goseiger is the primary basis whereas the Gokai Red will also appear, as will a few Gokai elements.

03-16-2013, 09:40 AM
Username(s): Question, Dr Damian Diabolico, ImmaDeker
Team Name/Alias: Question and the Rockettes (team name subject to change)
Season Title: Power Rangers Relic Hunters
Summary: It's an unalterable rule of the universe: when the Power Rangers face off against any type of evil, the Power Rangers are always triumphant. Captain Montana Awesome has a plan, though. Using five keys and transformation devices created by his resident genius, Captain Awesome and his ragtag team of pirates will become the universe's newest Power Rangers. Together, this team would defend the universe from nothing at all, and would instead use their prestige and power to find the most valuable artifacts in the universe. And sell them. For cash money.
Season Basis: Mostly Gokaiger, light Goseiger

Kamen Rider Build
03-16-2013, 05:34 PM
Username: Edward Kenway
Team name/Alias: Team Knees to Faces (myself)
Season Title: Awakening - A Power Rangers Journey
Summary: The Alliance of Evil's defeat in 1998 wasn't really an absolute defeat, as the remnants of the group took the name of ARK and began to slowly take over the galaxy. As soon as the group made it towards the earth, the veteran rangers led by Troy Burrows the Megaforce Red Ranger and Tommy Oliver as the MMPR White Ranger took to battle in order to stall ARK's advances, however seeing as it failed the heroes decided it would be easier to sacrifice their powers in order to defeat the group, however it only sent them back a few years, and the ranger powers were now represented by keys kept in a chest, by a young apprentice of Zordon, who knew that the world would need protected once again from ARK.

Season Base.... GOKAIGER!!!! (Will start off with Gokai vs Gosei 199)

Raging Phoenix
03-16-2013, 05:57 PM
Username(s): Raging Phoenix
Team Name/Alias: Mr. Fluffy Pants
Season Title: Power Rangers: The Great Hunt
Summary: Supplies!
Season Basis: Gokaiger

03-17-2013, 12:22 AM
Username(s): GoseiManta

Team Name/Alias: Velshtein

Season Title: Power Rangers - Legends

Summary: "Oh God of Earth and Alter, bow down and hear our cry. Our Earthly rules falter, our people drift and die. The walls of Gold entomb us, the swords of scorn divide. Take not thy Thunder from us, take away our Pride."
As Power Rangers across all of time and Space find themselves in free-fall after simultaneously losing their powers, a blood thirsty crew of Pirates choose sides in the battle for mankind's right to Self-Govern.
Set in Colonial America, during the late summer of 1776, we join Captain Ramona Blackeagle and her motley crew of Outlaws as the War for America's independence begins to turn in the favor of General Washington's army. The tide of battle shifts back and forth between the British Empire and the American Colonies, Ramona and her crew align themselves with the Americans, and the War for Freedom becomes much more interesting.
Detecting fluctuations in the flow of time, futuristic law enforcement known as Time Force begins to take action in order to stop Ramona and her Crew from disrupting the proper flow of History. However, without their powers how can they ever hope to overcome Ramona and the Legend Powers she's obtained? Who is Good? Who is Evil? Who will come out on top?
(Inspired by 80's Hairbands)

Season Basis: Gokaiger; Goseiger; Assassin's Creed III; Pirates of the Caribbean; The Raid; Star Trek - Enterprise; DC's Injustice: Gods Among Us; V - 2011 TV Series; Power Rangers (Duh!)

Red Hood
03-22-2013, 06:36 AM
Username(s): Death the Kid
Team Name/Alias: Shinigami
Season Title: Power Rangers: Last Defense
Summary: After the mysterious destruction of their home planet, the Vetrix Empire has set out on a mission to conquer a new planet that they could call home. After almost conquering the Planet Gosei and discovering the powers that were hidden there, they have chased a rebel warrior to the Planet Earth, where he has given four parts of this power to four teenagers. Together, they have become the Power Rangers, with the mission to stop the Vetrix Empire, whom have decided to make the Earth their new home by eliminating every lifeform on the planet.
Season Basis: Goseiger, with only a small amount of Gokaiger (So technically both, but mostly Goseiger)

03-22-2013, 07:47 PM
Members: LuigiEspadachin, The Doctor, blueprodigy

Team Name: Locutus Of Awesome-ness

Season Name: Power Rangers: The Corsair Project

The Razanka Empire are a power hungry dominion of privateers seeking to acquire new power, wealth and treasure to conquer new worlds and use said wealth to do it all again. When they approach Earth, they learn of a force that protects it and other worlds close to it. The Power Rangers. The Razanka Empire want this power, and are willing to go through any length to get it. They lure the rangers into a giant conflict that turns out to be a defeat. Every single ranger team that has protected Earth has their powers stolen, and a few rangers are captured to who knows where.

When pilots among the empire are unworthy, four teenagers from a nearby city are abducted to use the powers. When a member of the pirates, Onyx native Captain Kratos Murmani is betrayed by them, he recruits the teenagers. They obtain the prototype ranger powers and the past ranger powers. Now it's up to four teens from Earth and one Onyx pirate captain, as Power Rangers to rally the veterans to battle and earn their place as a ranger team unlocking new abilities and weapons along the way.

It's a game of chess, good and evil, who will emerge victorious?

Season Basis: Gokaiger

03-23-2013, 02:44 PM
•Username(s): DominicHargan

•Team Name/Alias: DH

•Season Title: Power Rangers Guardian Angel

•Summary: When the Zanthrax army begins to invade Earth, Seiger, an angel/human hybrid, is sent from another dimension on a mission to stop them. Before he can finish his mission, the doorway to his home world is destroyed, stranding him on Earth. Realizing that he can't take on Zantrax alone, he enlists the help of five teenagers in his quest to destroy the Zanthrax army.

•Season Basis : Goseiger

03-24-2013, 09:10 AM
Alright Everyone!

Sign-Ups for TPIY are now officially CLOSED!!

Thanks to everyone who has signed up, and congratulations to all the teams!

At this time, I'll remind all teams that their first episode is due on SATURDAY, APRIL 6TH 2013 AT 7PM EDT. Any teams who do not post their first episode by this time will be eliminated from the contest.

Each team should create ONE thread for their season in this TPIY subforum, which will be the primary thread for their season. Entrants may also post their stories in the fanfiction section if they so desire. If the entrants wish, you may post your thread prior to the deadline with a promotional image / video / season preview to get everyone hyped up for your season.

Good Luck to all the Entrants!

~ The RangerVision TPIY Team!

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