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Power Rangers - The Great Hunt

Episode 1: The Great Escape (http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?26017-TPIY-Power-Rangers-The-Great-Hunt&p=460775#post460775)
Episode 2: The Golden Sea (http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?26017-TPIY-Power-Rangers-The-Great-Hunt&p=461149#post461149)
Episode 3: Nothing is what it seems (http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?26017-TPIY-Power-Rangers-The-Great-Hunt&p=461394#post461394)
Episode 4: It’s a Girl Thing (http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?26017-TPIY-Power-Rangers-The-Great-Hunt&p=462188#post462188)

Random notes about what came up in the feedback:

I hate fillers. That's why in episode 4 we still don't have a full team. I'll try my best to make every episode significant and doing something important. It might seem slow, but this way I feel I should be able to create quite a few significant episodes.
I don't hate Tommy. I don't think he's the most amazing über awesome super Ranger ever. I also don't think I've shown him as he is, just as he could be.
The first few episodes are roughly planned in the rough lines, from before the first episode went up, so it's hard to really implement advice, and I do try to listen a bit, but I don't think it'll hugely affect the story.
The "surprise" of it being Billy in episode 2 was not so much intended as a surprise. It was more intended as something that might surprise some, and is just great build-up to others. I feel figuring out something before it's revealed is great while reading, so hopefully I managed something like that. Same goes for episode 3.
I don't generally write fan-fics, and rarely finish them. I think this contest might just be the push I need :P
My apologies for having to read it as jury, if you don't really care for it, which I deem likely.
I stopped colouring the spoken text from episode 4 onwards, because episode 4 introduces Rangers using multiple colours.
*SPOILERS* I've chucked some references in there, some you may have already spotted (check back after each episode, as I'll update it each time an episode is released with references in them):
Jay is a double reference. His first name (Jay) refers to Jason. It's the first syllable. His last name is Austin, first name of the actor Austin St. John, who played Jason. Jason is the first Red Ranger, so that's why.
Marcus is Jay's father. Marcus is a reference to Marcus Calvert, the father of Joshua in the Night's Dawn trilogy, my favorite books.
Walter Girardi is a reference to Zack, also part of the original Power Ranger team. His actor was called Walter Jones.
The fact Billy is the Gold Zeo Ranger refers to rumours and hints during the show that he might be or might become the mysterious Gold Zeo Ranger, something that never materialized.
Viridia comes from viridian, a type of green.
Jay mistakes the yellow Ranger on Viridia for a woman at first. This refers to the fact that the yellow Zyuranger (TigerRanger) is male (and even called Boi), but the yellow Mighty Morphin' Ranger, for which Zyuranger footage was used, was female (Trini, you know).
Jay's line "This will be the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jay Austin!" is a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow, on which the character is based.
The line "Hold on to your butts" is a reference to Sips, of the popular Minecraft YouTube channel group yogscast.
The way Jay cut himself free from the tentacles in episode 4 is similar to how Jason did it with Cardiatron (inside the Hatchasaurus.

Raging Phoenix
04-06-2013, 10:45 PM
Episode 1: The Great Escape

Earth. Once the grand citadel of the human empire. An empire that reached far amongst the stars. Now Jay was looking up to the burning remains of that once great capital.

Looking up, because Jay was watching from the Moon. As the galactic human empire had grown, traffic to and from Earth had become ridiculous. In an effort to reduce pollution, both to the environment and regarding sound and view, the Moon had been changed into a giant space port where most ships had to dock to then use smaller space craft to descent to Earth.

Now, however, the evil forces of the Void Horde had invaded the empire. They soon found that the empire was a formidable, though unprepared, opponent. As a move of genius, they attacked Earth ferociously, turning most of its surface into ruins with only few pockets of resistance remaining. This destroyed the unity of the empire and now they were just picking off the planets one by one.

Fortunately for Jay, he lived on the Moon, and the Moon was still of use to the Void Horde. They could still use a space port as a base from which to reach the planets they had conquered and therefore left it relatively unharmed. The collapse of the empire had left its toll though. The Moon was no longer a well-organized outpost of Earth and had become a less savory place over the years.

Jay himself was more or less stranded on the Moon, which was why he was there in the first place when evil hit. He had inherited a ship from his father, who had managed to steer the heavily damaged space craft to the Moon after an insane rescue mission. He died shortly after, leaving Jay a wrecked ship and no way of fixing it. A good portion of Jay’s life had been about trying to make money to pay for repairs. Often this money was made in the gray, and sometimes very black, areas of the law. The ship was halfway done when it was confiscated by the new owners of the Moon. In fact, most human space ships were confiscated.

To Jay’s surprise, he didn’t find the ship in dock E24 this morning, when his gaze left Earth and settled on the space dock. It was there that he had been removed from the ownership of the only thing he had inherited of his father, and where it had laid dormant since.

He looked around and finally found the recognizable tip of the bow. It seemed to be on dock D26 or D27, it was hard to tell. Jay rushed to elevators and moments later came running up dock D26, the tails of his red coat flapping away, only to see the bottom of his beautiful ship.

“Ah, looking for that there ship, laddie?” A man with roughly three teeth asked him. “That there dock be D seven and twenty. There ain’t no way to get up there. That be where they take them ships they is gonna tear apart, that is. Shame of such a beaut.”

The man shook his head in dismay, but Jay hardly noticed him. They were going to decommission his ship! He rushed back to the elevator and pushed the button for D27. As he could’ve expected if he’d registered more of what the almost toothless man was saying, the elevator refused to go there.

Jay wasn’t so easily stopped, though. He had done enough law bending and breaking to know how to get an elevator to listen to you, even when it was specifically instructed not to.

With a panel that was slightly harder to use for most people now, in the sense that the panel was on the floor and instructions now had to be given by touching wires together, the elevator soon stopped at dock D27 and allowed access to said dock to Jay.

He rushed to his ship, though he didn’t quite have a plan of what to do when he got there. There was a plank leading up to the deck of the red space galleon, making it look surprisingly much like an eighteenth century harbor picture, aside from the giant nothingness outside the port and the severe lack of water.

Jay got three steps on to the plank when he was grabbed and stopped by two guards, who dragged him off.


Jay sat on the ground of his tight cell. His arms rested on the knees he had pulled up close to his chest as he drew something on the ground with a twig he found. He couldn’t really see what he was drawing, because the small window didn’t allow enough light in. He let his head hang.

A sudden pounding on the metal door of his cell startled Jay.

“Get up, Austin, time to go.” A low angry voice sounded.

Jay started to get up as the door opened. He was grabbed by his arm and dragged out.

“Time to say your prayers. Not that it will do you any good.”

Jay wondered why prison guards were always so rude. Maybe it was a defense mechanism for the horribleness they put their prisoners in, so they wouldn’t have to feel so guilty.

The bright light of the sky blinded Jay as he came out of the prison. Only a few hours in there and he already found his eyes had to adjust to the light. Once they did, he wished he could go back to the blindness though.

While there were much cleaner ways, the guy they put in charge of sentencing prisoners and executing that sentence was very fond of hanging those who, in his eyes, deserved the death penalty. And he was very generous in handing out death penalties.

Jay was led up the stage where the noose was hanging. He had to do something before the rope was fastened around his neck.

His butcher stopped him at the noose that was prepared for him. Eagerly Jay looked around for an opportunity. Only a few people had turned up for the event. The hangings were way too common and everyone knew most were either innocent, or didn’t deserve the punishment they got, which made it a lot less fun to watch.

Jay’s hat, a nice black tricorne like one his father used to own, was removed before the rope was pushed down around his head. If only his hands weren’t bound. The noose tightened, it was too late now.

The butcher pushed a button and the plateau Jay was standing on, lowered. In most cases the floor would just fall away under you, so your were suddenly hanging. However, this would cause your neck to break, killing you instantly, and that was no fun for anyone, so instead they lowered the floor slowly, so you were gently starting to hang by your neck with your full weight, suffocating you. Jay felt the rope dig into his flesh as his feet started to lose touch with the floor.

Suddenly, the rope snapped. Jay hadn’t quite expected it, but was quick to gather his senses and run for it. It seemed no one else had expected it either, and he managed to get a few feet away before anyone started the pursuit.

Jay grabbed his hat with his teeth before he jumped off the stage and rushed to the elevators, and by complete coincidence the elevator he’d ‘tweaked’ earlier came down and opened for him. Apparently they had not thought of disabling it while it was unusable. With his hands behind his back, Jay still managed to connect the right two wires and the doors closed while Jay grinned at his pursuers. As the elevator was moving, Jay cut the ropes binding his wrists on the panel that was lying on the floor.

He once again arrived at dock D27. Jay ran for the plank again. One of the guards who stopped him last time was there to stop him again, but he was alone this time. He had also gotten too cocky. He blocked the way for Jay to the ship, allowing Jay to ram his shoulder into the man at full velocity. Jay rushed up the plank as the guard tumbled down the edge of the dock.

By the time a loud thud could be heard, Jay was already in his cabin, setting up the controls to start the launch. He looked out the window to the right and saw some of his pursuers, mostly guards, had managed to get onto the dock as well. He quickly did the last calibrations and put the ship in motion.

Slowly but surely, the majestic ship gained momentum as it drifted away from the pier and into the wide open space outside. A few of the guards fired their guns at the ship, but to no avail. Jay, knowing came out of his cabin and took of his hat as a gesture to the furious guards at the dock. “This will be the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jay Austin!” He shouted.


“I believe a ship is escaping.” A hooded man observed. He was clad in all white, but the hood obscured his face, only showing three blades that seemed to run from his forehead to his chin. It was unclear if this was some kind of mask.

“Hunt it down.” He said, gesturing at the red space galleon that was getting out of the space dock. A man on the deck could be seen entering his cabin, shortly after followed by a change in direction of the ship.

“Aye-aye, capt’n.” A saluting officer said.

The sleek ship set into motion, almost unnoticeable.

They soon gained ground on the red ship, which seemed to have issues with its engines. They clearly were not working so well. There was also a lot of correcting going on, as one was working even worse than the other.

They followed the red ship for a while, seemingly going unnoticed. Then, suddenly, it seemed they were finally spotted and the ship seemed to start making very slow evasive maneuvers.

“Shoot it down.” The hooded man, who apparently was a captain, demanded now. Instantly two lasers cut a hole in the starboard of the ship.

“Cease fire! I want them to have some time thinking as they plummet down.” The hooded captain said as the ship started spiraling towards Earth.

Raging Phoenix
04-21-2013, 12:02 AM
Episode 2: The Golden Sea

Walter was speeding down the highway coming from Angel Grove. Luckily the road was still relatively intact. Sure, it was riddled with cracks, but most hadn’t developed into holes. There was some rubble here and there, but nothing too bad. It was a good thing too, because his chopper wasn’t made for a whole lot more than swerving. If he’d have to turn and stunt like a cross bike, he wouldn’t be able to get around.

With his leather jacket, bald head and muscular appearance, Walter, an African American, looked like a tough guy, further supported by the big classic chopper he was driving, a customized Honda Shadow VTX1800. This made it look very strange that he had a little girl sitting between himself and the bike’s tank.

A giant monster was rummaging through remains of an old coal factory to their right. Sadly it was a all too well-known sight. Since the Void Horde had overrun Earth, many of their subjects roamed the streets and the landscape. Walter was part of a small group that had gone underground. Most people had died during the evasion and the majority of the survivors had fled the planet. Luckily this particular bad guy wasn’t too interested in smashing humans at the moment and wasn’t paying attention anyway.

“Double, look!” The little girl said, pulling at his jacket as she pointed up and to the left.

Walter looked up to the sky, but didn’t see anything what the child could be pointing at.

He swerved around a cow carcass, lying on the asphalt, before looking again. Then he saw it. A speck in the sky. While it was a barely visible dot on the sky, Walter could see it was falling out of the sky at an alarming speed.

As it got closer, Walter could see that it was trying to fly on straight, but gravity was winning. It looked a lot like an old Earthern ship, one for in the water, and all red. He spotted a smoking, burning hole in the side of the ship.

The ship soared overhead, seemingly being able to pull up. The monster in the factory, not aware of what was going on, stood up straight, probably because he had rummaged enough, only to be hit at great speed by the sword-shaped bow. The monster was lifted off its feet and flew in a short arc, exploding when he hit the ground. The ship, which had managed to stay level with the ground for a while and then even go up a bit before hitting the monster, kept going up but seemed off-balance by the hit and soon started going down again and crashed somewhere in the distance.

Walter stopped the bike, skidding sideways the last few yards.

“We need to go home.” He said, half to himself, half to the little girl. “The professor will want to know this.” He turned his bike and sped off back to where he came from.


Jay felt groggy and was walking around like a drunk man after his ship crashed into a hill in the desert. The ship was tilted a bit to the starboard side, making walking much harder as he made his way across the deck.

It seemed the space ship had crashed into a small sandstone formation in this god-forsaken desert. After he had been shot by that enemy ship, he had uncontrollably plummeted towards Earth. He had gotten it somewhat back under control, but by that time he had been grabbed by the gravity. He nearly managed to pull it up, but then that ugly monster had decided to put his head in from of the bow. The monster hadn’t stood a chance, but it also ruined Jay’s shot at pulling the ship up.

He got off the ship where it had plowed into the rock formation and started to walk around to check the damage. He noticed some weird energies running around the ship after he’d gotten off. Was it just him, or did the ship seem slightly transparent?

No, he was right. The ship started to fade away.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!” Jay shouted, frantically touching the side of his ship. He couldn’t get up from where he was standing. “No, no, no!” He ran around to where he could step back on, but the ship had almost disappeared. Before he could reach the deck, the ship had completely disappeared, only leaving damaged sandstone as a reminder of its existence.

Jay got to his knees, grabbing hands full of sand, whimpering. “Whyyyyyyyyy!?” He cried as he curled up.

There he sat for a while before he decided to get back up. He noticed a weird building on top of the hill. With a weird sense of denial over the loss of his ship focusing itself on the existence of this weird building, as if it was magic, Jay decided to start the small climb to the structure.

The building was a short cylinder with a rounded top and a weird sort of chimney on top. Around it, it seemed to have another wall wrapped around it, with an entrance on the right. Had Jay been a Power Ranger, he might’ve known it was the old Command Center. This was strange though, as it had been destroyed. For some reason, and somehow, it had restored itself.

When Jay entered the building, he first saw a steep stair going down. He ignored it and peeked into the room to the left. It was a giant room. The dark walls that seamlessly went into a dark ceiling, with nothing but lights on them, which didn’t seem to illuminate anything, made the room feel even more immense than it already seemed to be from the outside. In the center was a circular installation of many panels, a tube and some other things, but none of it seemed active.

Jay decided that wasn’t worth his trouble for now, and headed down the stairs. The lights on the stairs were out, but Jay noticed a faint yellowish light at the bottom of the stairs, still a long way away.

The darkness was quite disorienting, and Jay moved down touching a hand to the wall. Finally he reached the bottom step, cursing at whomever decided it was a good idea to put something this far down.

It was worth it though. Jay came into a giant hangar. In that hangar he found his ship, the damage to the hull being repaired by small drones flying around. Content that his ship was in repair, and as of yet forgetting to worry about how he was getting it out of this place, Jay’s eye fell on a chest that stood in front of his ship. It looked very old. The wood looked worn and the gold that had been used as the metal holding the chest together looked stained. There was a lock on it, but, as Jay came closer, he noticed a key was lying in front of the chest.

“Who would leave the key next to the lock?” Jay thought to himself. This was too easy.

He tried the key on the lock, half expecting that it wouldn’t open. The lock opened without issue. Seeing how old the chest, the lock and the key were, it was surprising it didn’t even require some fiddling to get it to open.

Jay lifted the lid. He was unpleasantly surprised by what he found. He found five keys of sorts and a mobile phone. The keys, on closer inspection, were five super hero figures in five different colors, which could fold up to become keys.

The phone, as it turned out, folded open to show a keyhole. Jay tried to key to the lock on the chest, but it didn’t fit. He had thought as much. He grabbed the red figure and folded it into a key, before inserting it into the keyhole. It went in seamlessly. He turned it.

“LEGEND CHANGE!” It sounded from the phone.

Jay was enveloped in a bright red light. As it dimmed down, Jay appeared in a red suit, much like the figure he’d folded up.

While this happened, a small light tube had risen from the table on which the chest stood. A head appeared in it. “Hello to you.” The person displayed in the tube said. “Since you’ve found this, you most likely are an Austin, Jay Austin maybe. If you’re Marcus, you already know what to do.”

“I’ve prepared this area in case the Earth fell to the threat of space aliens. I’m not sure which group might be the ones that conquered us, but you being here must mean one did. Your goal is to assemble a team to fight them and finally overthrow them. This is why I give you the Legend Ranger keys and the Legend Morpher.”

“I have given some keys and morphers to some of my former recruits, who have taken it upon them to prepare a member for your team amongst their own team. While I don’t know where they will have gone too. However, I expect you will be able to find at least one easy enough, and they should have intel on where the others are.”

“Take the chest with you to store the keys in.” The head gave a small nod. “Good luck, and may the power be with you.”

“A Power Ranger, huh?” Jay said, reaching up to lift his hat and scratch his head, only to find the hat-shaped part of the helmet, that couldn’t be lifted. “He might have at least introduced himself, or told me how he knew my dad.”

“I guess I’ll just wait for my ship to get repaired and see what happens then.”


“Professor!” Walter shouted at the top of his lungs while trying to maneuver between a tightly packed crowd, living under the ruins of the Capet museum. He dragged the little girl with him, who could barely keep up.

“Professor!” He called out again, as he finally got him in his sights. The little girl tripped and fell. Even though he had been dragging her along, Walter looked back worried, showing great care for the little girl. He scooped her up and looked if she was hurt. She wasn’t.

The professor came up to Walter. “What is it?” He asked. Walter never called out to him so urgently.

“A ship crashed out in the desert.” Walter said back, still checking the little girl’s limbs.

“A ship?” The professor said. It wasn’t unusual for ships to crash, since the maintenance of space ships had gone down since the human empire had been overthrown.

“Yeah, sorry.” Walter said, directing his full attention to the subject at hand. “A red ship, looked a lot like a galleon or whatever. Carried a pirate symbol. It crashed in the desert, near that weird old building.”

“Oh, that’s sub-optimal news.” The professor said. He hadn’t quite expected Walter knew about the building, but it was a good thing he knew right now. He took a moment to think. The red ship itself was a good sign, as the description seemed to indicate it was the Legend Galleon, “the Corsair”. However, the fact it crashed was bad news, and where it crashed might draw attention to the Command Center, which would be bad.

“We need to get to the crash site.” He decided.

“You guys!” He called out to three young adults in a corner. “Get Jenna and follow Walter to the crash site of a ship. We need to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. I will join you there.” The three nodded and followed Walter.

On their way out, they retrieved their last team member and went out. As they crawled out of one of the entrances to the hideout under the museum, they were met by a bunch of enemies. They had been ambushed. Clearly someone knew what was going on and decided to cut them off.

The five grabbed their morphers, which looked exactly like the phone Jay had, and each grabbed a Ranger figure. They flicked them into the key form and jammed them into the morphers. They turned the key.


The Pink Ranger, Jenna, who had joined the group last as they had gone out to their current assignment, kicked a grunt in the shin, causing it to collapse onto all fours. “Zeo Ranger I!” She shouted as she lifted her leg. “PINK!” Her leg hammered down, her foot hitting the grunt so hard, he collapsed to the ground incapacitated.

The Yellow Ranger, called Fey, kneed a grunt in the groin. “Zeo Ranger II!” She called out as she kept on kneeing. When the grunt was hit enough to stand still for a moment, she took two steps back. “YELLOW!” She shouted as she kicked it in the face, causing it to flip backwards on its back, taken out.

Walter punched one of his enemies in the gut, causing it to double over. “Zeo Ranger III!” He slammed his elbow down on the back of the head of his poor foe. Another took a swing at him from the left, which he blocked with his arm. “BLUE!” He shouted as he punched the blocked enemy hard in the face.

The Green Ranger, who everyone called Ace, did backflip to dodge a blow from his opponents. “Zeo Ranger IV.” He said, as he quickly dodged another blow. “Green.” He added as he spun to avoid a thrust by a particularly ugly grunt, who staggered past him. He kept spinning and used the momentum of the spin to kick his foe in the back, causing it to crash into a wall.

“Zeo Ranger V!” The last of the team, Cale, called out, as he used a roundhouse kick to take out an enemy. “RED!” He added, striking a pose.

The Rangers managed to fight their way away from the entrance, even ensuring none were close to it anymore, and headed down the alley that got them to the main road. There, however, they found stronger opposition. The grunts were aided here by one of their more capable peers. This lizard type monster carried a large sword that looked like an overgrown meat cleaver.

He swung it at the Rangers, quickly managing to floor the Green, Yellow and Pink Rangers. Walter was separated from his team leader by a bunch of grunts as the lizard monster took on Cale one on one. Cale brought out his sword to block the incoming swings of the cleaver. That was all he could manage as he was pushed further and further back by the blows.

Then his foe put all his might behind one last blow, disarming Cale, and before he knew it, he was down with the other Rangers, panting heavily.

Only Walter remained, who had managed to dispatch some of the grunts that had been harassing him.

“Only one remainsssssss.” The lizard said as it walked towards Walter. “How doessssss it feel? Even your leader issssss down.” It took down a few grunts that were in his way with his sword.

It lifted its cleaver above its head, ready to take down Walter. Walter had to think fast.

“Power Axes!” He shouted, summoning his personal weapons. They were called axes, but they ran along his forearms, with the sharp end at the elbow. He crossed his arms above him.

The cleaver came down and was blocked by the Power Axes. The monster gave an angry hiss. Suddenly golden energy impacted all around Walter and the monster, taking out various grunts and pelting the around them. Then Walter noticed the monster had been hit as well.

Walter gave it a push and the monster staggered back. Walter escaped from his tight position and saw who had saved him. As he expected by the golden energy, it was the Gold Zeo Ranger.

“Hey Professor, didn’t think you’d be here.” He said.

“I didn’t plan on it, but on my way I saw you guys were in trouble.” The professor said, taking a defensive stance.

He shot some more golden energy at the last few grunts while the monster was recovering.

“We don’t have time for this.” He said as the other Rangers were getting up. “Let’s go!”

They left the monster behind and rushed off to the desert. Without much trouble, they reached the hill on which the Command Center stood.

“What is this place?” Jenna asked, looking up at the little they could see of the building.

“This,” the professor said, “is the old Command Center. From here Zordon directed us and gave us power, back when we were the first Power Rangers.”

After a short climb, they entered the building.

“I don’t remember those.” The professor said, looking down at the stairs Jay had gone down before.

He turned left into the main room of the Command Center and immediately stopped.

“No, no, no.” He said, as he watched the monsters swarm through the Command Center. He could even see the white light of the special entrance to the area where he observed Alpha and Zordon make the White Ranger.

In a blind rage, he charged the enemies occupying the site. The other Rangers followed him, assuming this was smart. Only Walter stayed behind, thinking it wasn’t a good idea to charge in like that.

Soon they found out a crowd of full fletched champions of the Void Horde were much harder to beat that a crowd of grunts. One by one they fell and got demorphed. The monsters left them there to round up later while fighting the others. Finally the professor and Walter fell too.

Walter, being separated from the rest, could only look up to the ceiling as he lay on the ground, seeing the enemies around him. Then suddenly they all got hit by something. Clearing an area around him for a while.

When he looked up, he saw a Red Ranger, but it wasn’t Cale. He looked a bit like a pirate, holding a pistol out, ready to shoot, and resting his sword on his shoulder.

“Here, use this on that morpher of yours.” The Ranger said, throwing Walter a blue key. It didn’t quite look like the Zeo key Walter used, but there was no time to think about it.

He stuck the key in his morpher and turned it.

“LEGEND CHANGE!” The morpher called out, which was not what it usually said.

In a flash of blue light, Walter changed into a Blue Ranger not much unlike the Red Ranger that had just saved him. He got up.

“It might be a good idea to get out of here.” The Red Ranger said, pointing to the door, before he motioned towards it.

“What about the others?” Walter said, reluctant to leave. “They need our help.”

“Oh, right, that would be helpful, given my plans!” The Red Ranger said and charged into the crowd.

“Oh, shit!” Walter thought, reminding himself about how they lost last time. However, instead of fighting the monsters, this Red Ranger tried to dodge most of them, and Walter followed.

They soon reached the professor and the other Rangers. “I’ll take point, you defend the back.” The Red Ranger said, as he got the others up and started to move back to the door. He blocked the attack of one of the monsters with his sword, then shot him with his pistol. Walter nodded and they started to move.

With some effort they managed to reach the exit of the room.

“You take them outside, I’ll be right with you.” The Red Ranger said, as he rushed down the stairs the professor hadn’t known about before.

Walter hurried his friends out. Some monsters had followed them out the chamber. Walter slammed the door in their face and rushed outside. That door wouldn’t keep them in for long.

Suddenly the red ship he’d seen before flew over. It started circling the Command Center and then opened fire with its side cannons. One monster managed to get by the door before the building started collapsing under the violence of cannonballs spiraling in.

One cannonball swerved off and went straight for Walter. He ducked, ball going straight over his head. The lone monster, that had gotten out of the Command Center and looked a bit weary, got the giant ball straight in the stomach and flew, ball and all, into the ruins of the Command Center.

The destruction was complete. The professor looked at it with tears in his eyes.

Then the ship landed. A plank went down and the Red Ranger came stumbling off.

“Good day!” He said as he jumped onto the sandstone. He demorphed, but it didn’t change much, he still looked like a pirate. “My apologies for the undoing of this.. beautiful.. building.. thing. It was most unfortuitous, but this seemed like the only validified option of dispatching the evil doers inside. Or something.” He clearly wasn’t good at this.

“It’s fine. I know this was the best option. It’s just the memories that hurt.” The professor said.

“Anyway, my name is William Cranston, though most knew me as Billy. I assume you’re a relative of Marcus Austin?” The professor said.

“Ah, yes. I would be Jay Austin, his son. Inherited this thing off him.” The Red Ranger pirate said as he jerked his head back to indicate the giant space galleon. “So, you are one of those former Rangers the guy in the tube talked about?”

“That guy would be Zordon. An ancient wizard who was trapped in a time warp. He was destroyed in order to cleanse the universe of all evil.” Billy said. “I was the very first Blue Ranger.”

“This…” Jay gestured, forgetting the name he was just told.

“Zordon.” Billy answered.

“Right. Him. He said you would have prepared someone to join my crew?” Jay asked.

“Well, it would appear you already chose someone.” Billy said, nodding to the demorphing Walter.

“But what about Earth?” Walter asked as he tossed the key he got in the Command Center back to Jay.

“Mister Austin will take the fight to the Void Horde.” Billy explained. “If he succeeds, you will save Earth that way. If he doesn’t, we will struggle without end anyway. We’ll just try and keep up the fight here while you go on this mission.”

Jay tossed the key back to Walter. “Sounds like a plan. Now, I don’t have all day.”

“I need to fetch some things before we leave though.” Walter said as he caught the key.

“I was afraid of that.” Jay said, shaking his head. “But that’s fine, we’ll drop by your base or whatever.”

Raging Phoenix
05-04-2013, 09:13 AM
Episode 3: Nothing is what it seems

Walter opened up the throttle, a loud roar exploding from his motorcycle as he drove it up the plank onto the galleon. As always, the little girl was sitting in front of him. He turned onto the deck and stopped.

“What do you think you’ll be able to use that for?” Jay asked as Walter turned off the engine and got off.

“Does it matter?” Walter replied, as he lifted the little girl off the bike. “You never know what it can be used for, and I just don’t want to leave it behind.”

“I see.” Jay said, contemplating how he was attached to his ship, resulting in that crazy escape from the Moon.

“Anyway,” Walter said, putting his hand forward, “my name is Walter Girardi, but call me Double.”

Jay shook the hand. “And mine is Captain Jay Austin.”

“And I’m Lynn.” A voice said from down below. Jay looked down and saw the little girl hugging Walter’s leg.

“Ah.” Jay said, barely acknowledging her before looking back up.

“Is this brat coming along too?” Jay asked Walter, not appreciating the things he chose to bring along.

“Of course. She won’t leave my side anyway. It’s hard enough to convince her to stay behind when I’m off fighting.” Walter said as Billy came up on the deck.

Jay shook his head and noticed Billy.

“So, Doc.” Jay said. “What can you tell me about the next moves I should take?”

“Ah, yes. Of course.” Billy said. “Well, when Zordon gave us the instructions and sent us off, we kind of lost track of each other. I’m only in contact with a few others, and some of those I only reach very sporadic. I do know that some of those I speak to are in contact with others that I can’t reach, so I assume you can get information about others once you find those I know where to find.”

Jay nodded. “Yes, yes. Now, where do I go?”

“I’m getting to that.” Billy said, trying to hold back Jay’s impatience. “I know of a few where they are. I know Delphine and her Aquitar Rangers are on Aquitar. To my knowledge Zordon didn’t give her the objective to prepare a team member for you, though. It also seems they are currently not threatened, and one of the few planets that remain unconquered.”

“In addition, I know Tommy Oliver is on Viridia, he only recently arrived there and there seems to be quite a bit of battle on that planet. I think that’s a good place to start.”

“I know Jason Lee Scott has recently left Viridia, though I don’t know why, and Andros is on his way to KO-35.” Billy explained. “That’s all I know.”

“Viridia it is, then.” Jay said, taking off his hat and bowing a small bow, before heading to his captain’s cabin.

“Will you now lose, mister?” Lynn asked, avoiding saying professor, because she found it such a hard word. Billy looked down and smiled.

“Lose Earth? No.” He said, comforting. “We will soon find someone to replace Walter and we’ll be able to fight on.”

“He’s called Double!” She said, frowning.

“I’m sorry.” He replied, smiling.

Billy felt around in the pocket of his coat.

“Here.” He said, as he held his hand out, palm down, clearly grasping something.

Walter held out his hand. As Billy opened his hand, five keys dropped in Walter’s hand.

“But, professor, you need these.” Walter stammered.

“No, I still have the original Zeonizers, which we’ll use from now on. These were merely back-up, but I felt they were preferable for the exact reason we saw at the command center. When one of you would be recruited, it would be easy to engage those powers. And you need the morpher itself anyway, so we’d be one down on those already.” Billy explained.

“Alright.” Walter said. “I guess everything is covered here then. Nothing stopping me from saving the galaxy.”

At that moment Jay came back out of his cabin.

“Right, ready to head to Viridia. Please get off my ship if you’re not coming, or else get inside.” He said.

“No, wait!” Billy said, while Walter was hurriedly trying to get Lynn and his bike to safety.

“What?” Jay queried.

“Well, it’s only been a few hours since you arrived.” Billy said.

“Yeah? You wanna have some tea? ‘Cause I’d rather have a strong drink right now.” Jay said.

“No, I mean that that means the moon is still on the horizon, so when you leave now, you’d be easy to spot. If you wait until night, you’ll be on the side the moon can’t see at the moment, since half a day would’ve past since you crashed. If they can’t see you, they might not notice you’ve left, or even survived. We didn’t encounter any high up officers of the Void Horde, so no reports will reach command. They might not realize you’re still alive and kicking. We can use that to our advantage.” Billy explained.

“Hmmm.” Jay said, rubbing his chin. There was logic in what he said, but he hated to admit it. “Alright then, I’ll stay.”


“Thrusters stand-by.” Jay said, filling the anxious void his two passengers were creating. They clearly were very nervous about their first trip to space.

“Engaging.” He said and the thrusters created a giant blaze, taking the ship to the skies and beyond.

Soon they left the outer layers of Earth’s atmosphere and were finally in space. The spaceship was reacting just a tad bit sluggish compared to normal. It was hardly noticeable and the ship flew so well, that it made no actual impact, but still it struck Jay as strange, as the ship seemed to be in mint condition after the repairs in the Command Center.

Confident the ship was doing fine, Walter stepped up to Jay.

“Hey.” Jay said, not looking up from the ship’s controls.


“Managed to say your farewells alright?” Jay asked. He realized he had been a bit blunt about leaving.

“Yeah, I didn’t know them that well anyway. Only one I really connected with was the Professor.” Walter said. “He gave me these.” He lay the Zeo keys on the panel.

“Oh, cool!” Jay said. “Those’ll come in handy.”

“I think this Zordon fellow intended us to have all kinds of different keys.” Jay reasoned. “Diversifying is a great tactic to throw your enemy off their game.” Walter nodded.

“But, wait.” Jay said, observing the keys. “There’s only five? Weren’t there six of you?”

“No, there were five of us.” Walter said, surprised. Jay looked unconvinced. “Unless you count the professor.”

“Why wouldn’t you count him?” Jay asked.

“Well, maybe he does count. But he used the original Golden Power Staff. He had no key to my knowledge, and I never saw him with a morpher. I think he only has the original.” Walter said, trying to remember.

“Ah, I see.” Jay said. “I wonder if maybe there’s only keys of the five main colors then, since I’ve got five as well.”

Walter shrugged.

Jay turned off the engines.

“What are you doing now?!” Walter exclaimed.

“Well, in space you don’t really need thrust, since nothing is slowing us down, we just keep going.” Jay explained. “But we won’t need our engines for a while anyway, since this ship usually runs on solar.”

“Solar power?” Walter asked, not remembering any panels on the ship.

“No, the sails catch the photon particles that the sun emits and uses them like a wind of light to carry us on.” Jay explained. “Unless I have to launch the ship into orbit or the sun is blotted out by something, I only use my engines for jumps to other star systems.”

Walter nodded understandingly.

“Like now.” Jay suddenly said, pushing a lever.

Walter felt like his entire universe was turned inside out.


Moments later the ship appeared above Viridia, a verdant planet. At first Walter thought there were no oceans, just one giant green mass, but then he saw differences between one green and another. He wasn’t sure which was what though.

Jay was steering the ship into a gentle descend. It seemed much, much more controlled than the way it had come down to Earth.

As they penetrated the atmosphere, they were being hailed.

“I assume you are the Legend Rangers. This communication device only goes one way, so listen carefully. There’s no way you can land here with that thing. You’ll need something smaller. Have you got a landing craft? If so, there’s a clearing at 5.2189 degrees north, 35.2109 degrees west. We’ll meet you there.” A voice sounded.

“Well,” Jay said, to no one in particular, “this baby doesn’t have anything to land with, and I assume they haven’t seen me fly yet.”

“Isn’t the only time you’ve ‘landed’ this thing, the time you crashed it into that hill of the Command Center?” Walter asked, slightly worried. Lynn looked worried as well.

“That was one time, and she was hit by that one ship. There was no way I could steer her. I did the best I could not to slam into the ground and die. If that giant monster hadn’t gotten in the way.” Jay defended.

“One time?! It was the only time!” Walter exclaimed. He was normally pretty relaxed, but it sounded to him this ship was going to crash for the second time in as many landings, and this time it might just end in explosions or death.

“Look, I’m captain for a reason. Flying is in my blood. I know what I’m doing.” Jay said, clearly not so easily discouraged.

“But-“ Walter tried.

“No! Just let me handle it.” Jay said. “This planet won’t get the best of Captain Jay Austin.”

And so they descended.

Soon Walter could see indeed most of the planet’s landmass was covered in jungle. This clearing they mentioned could never be large enough to land in. It probably was hardly big enough to even have room for the ship anyway, so having room for it to go in for a landing was impossible.

Jay saw the clearing. He was in luck. It seemed large enough to fit the ship, and he’d approached it from the side.

He approached rather fast, seemingly overshooting the clearing. At the last second, however, he applied the emergency break engines and sharply turned the wheel. The ship turned ninety degrees, almost on the spot, and gently touched ground amongst the trees. The entire clearing was filled with galleon.

“Stay here.” Walter said to Lynn as he was heading out.


Walter jumped of the plank to join Jay, who was being approached by someone.

“Hey, I’m Tommy.” The guy said. “We spoke on the radio.”

“Well, you spoke.” Jay said. “But, I think you’re the guy I’m supposed to talk to.”

Tommy gestured to follow him into the jungle.

“Zordon told me a couple of old Rangers had recruited a team in which one Ranger would be prepared to join my team.” Jay said. “Billy said you had one of those.”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Tommy said as the three were coming up on something resembling a jungle hut. “Jason came her first, before I did. He had recruited himself a team of four to fight alongside him.”

“I don’t know what he was thinking, though.” He continued. “It were all aliens of this planet, not at all suited for your team.”

Jay wondered what made the inhabitants of this planet so unsuited.

“So I brought along a human, turned him into the Red Ranger and prepared him to become your sixth. I think you’ll like him.” Tommy continued.

They walked up a wooden ramp. On the top, indeed, stood a man, arms crossed across his chest. He had a weird Terminator quality to him, has blond hair shaved to fractions of an inch on the side, and sticking up on the top of his head that was cut at a very even height, making his face seem very square.

“This is Greg Ihrengard.” Tommy said. Greg giving a nod acknowledging them.

Jay wasn’t too interested and let his gaze wander off. He saw one of, what he assumed was, the aliens Tommy didn’t like much. It wore a yellow scarf and looked rather feminine, making Jay think that must be the yellow Ranger. The alien looked insect-like, with a narrow face, completely black eyes, green scaly skin and a slender body.

Then he saw something that made him sure that the one with the yellow scarf definitely wasn’t a lady alien. There was another alien who came from behind the yellow scarf alien who was looking much more feminine than the first alien. She had a reasonably human face, though her skin was a sort of teal color and her eyes, like the other aliens, were completely black. She had dreads, though they were partially covered by three scales covering each other growing up from her forehead. It reminded Jay a bit of a bandana, though it was obvious this was actually part of her, and not a fashion item. She wore a coat, that seemed a bit off in shape. She also wore a scarf, which was white and pink.

Meanwhile, Walter had started talking with Greg, though Greg wasn’t too vocal.

“So, what’s the situation here?” Walter asked.

“We fight, we defeat enemies and then we go back to our base. Next day, we do it again.” Greg said, using more words than he had so far.

“Right,” Walter said, “so like guerilla warfare.”

“Yes.” Greg acknowledged.

“So, why are these aliens no good?” Jay asked, having spotted two more what he assumed were the male type aliens, one with a black and one with a blue scarf.

“Well, what I assume Jason didn’t realize, is that these are the alien race that Trakeena and Scorpius were a part of.” Tommy said. When he saw the puzzled look on Jay’s face, he continued. “They attacked the mobile space colony Terra Venture and were the first evil seen after Zordon sacrificed himself."

“But they’re fighting the Void Horde, right?” Walter asked. “Or whatever you’re fighting here.”

“Yeah, but they aren’t part of the Void Horde. They were left out, I assume.” Tommy said.

“Anyway, we were actually about to hit their base, but we think now that there’s been a giant ship landing here, instead of a simple landing craft, we’ll soon see Void Horde popping up here.” Tommy said. “So now we should probably abandon this camp and wait for them.”

“And then what?” Jay asked.

“Take the camp back. It’s hard to defend, but it’s more comfortable than just the jungle. At least for us humans.” Tommy explained. “So, let’s go.”

Greg did a small gesture and the four humans and four aliens got out of the big hut and into the jungle.

They all went to hide, though by that time Jay had already lost sight of the aliens. It took a while, but after about fifteen minutes, they did see some grunts rummaging around the hut. They didn’t seem too happy about their surroundings. It seemed like they weren’t quite made for this jungle world, not unlike the four human Rangers.

“Let’s go.” Tommy whispered and took out his morpher phone. Greg did the same. They flicked it open and inserted their keys.

“IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME! MIGHTY MORPHIN’ CHANGE!” It sounded from their morphers, and at the same time somewhere up in the trees. Jay and Walter followed the example.

“LEGEND CHANGE!” It sounded from their morphers, as they changed into their Blue and Red Ranger suits.

Tommy and Greg stormed into battle. Greg used his Power Sword to cut down the surprised grunt with a quick slash while Tommy’s Dragon Dagger, even with its short range, turned out very good for quick attacks taking out his foes.

Meanwhile, Jay noticed the other four Rangers getting into the hut from a dome on top of the roof, which seemed like a more sensible way to approach it to Jay, as only a few grunts had gone inside and here Tommy and Greg were rather out in the open.

It soon became clear Jay was right, for a big pack of grunts joined the battle outside.

“Seems they could use us right about now.” Walter said.

Jay nodded and grabbed his sabre and pistol. Together they ran into battle, shooting a few grunts as they ran in.

Tommy managed to fight the grunts off rather well, relying a little on the shield around his shoulders. Greg was being pushed back. They both did manage to take out quite a few of their foes, but there were just too many until Walter and Jay reached them.

Tommy recklessly jumped deeper into the fray, cutting around him to dispatch his enemies more quickly. Walter and Jay stayed together, to be able to defend each other. Greg was just cutting wildly, and Jay and Walter rather stayed away from him.

Then a grunt flew out of the hut hit by a laser beam, the other four Rangers coming out. An arrow flew by Jay hitting a grunt that he was bracing for, because he hadn’t been able to guard himself against it fast enough.

With the eight of them, they quickly finished off the grunts, who seemed to be sent out to take a look at this ship that landed.

“Right, we’ll hit their base tonight.” Tommy said to Jay, as he took Greg along to discuss battle plans, leaving Jay and Walter with the aliens.

Jay didn’t quite know what to do with himself.

“I’m gonna see if they need us at all.” Walter said after a while, and went to Greg and Tommy.

In the end Jay sat down next to the girl.

“So, who are you?” Jay asked.

“I’m Leah’t’Noora Omuro.” She said. “But I think Leah would be easier to say for you.”

“That would indeed be easier.” Jay said. “My name is Jay. Captain Jay Austin.”

“It seems Tommy doesn’t really like you people.” Jay said, feeling a bit awkward.

“We have noticed. Hisha’a, he’s not subtle.” Leah said.

“Hisha’a?” Jay asked frowning.

“Oh, my apologies.” Leah said, embarrassed. “Hisha’a is our Goddess of the Clouds. She’s in charge of subtlety, amongst other things. I forget you humans don’t know them.”

“Even though you’re working with them?” Jay asked.

“Well, Mister Oliver and Mister Ihrengard don’t really talk to us much.” Leah said. “Jason, Mister Scott, did much more. He treated us as equals.”

“Tommy mentioned Jason might not have realized you are the same race as Trakeena and Scorpius, or something.” Jay said.

“Ah, yes. We assumed that was the issue.” Leah said, staring down twiddling with a stick.

“It doesn’t seem you’re evil at all though.” Jay said, he noticed what he had assumed were dreads, more looked like multi-jointed sticks, like insect legs. It didn’t look bad.

“That’s because we’re not the same.”

“Not the same?” Jay asked, surprised. “You’re a different race?”

“Well, we are.” Leah said. “A few centuries ago our race was making its first tentative steps into space travel, sending up primitive animals and such. We were a peaceful race, our last war ended a few millennia before then.”

“Our planet was getting crowded though. Quality of life was going down and tensions were rising. With only limited knowledge of space travel, we decided we needed to expand to different planets.”

“We created some big one-way spacecraft and shot them into space to find new colonies.” Leah explained. “The ship that landed here didn’t have much in it, apart from people, so knowledge was lost as we couldn’t apply it. We knew how to make engines and such, but had no idea how to make the tools to even dig up the resources for the engines. We basically were blasted back into the stone age. We adapted, but it took a while.”

“From what I hear, on another colony the people were much more aggressive and from there Scorpius and Trakeena started conquering things.”

“To be honest, our people really grew apart after we spread over the planets, because communication wasn’t possible for a long time.” Leah said, still twiddling with the stick. “We look different and we even have different religions and such. I don’t think our goddesses are known outside Viridia.”

“Anyway, our race isn’t really evil. Not like Trakeena and Scorpius. They came from one very bad planet. And Scorpina came from our homeworld, but I believe she was part of a criminal cartel there, before leaving to join evil.” Leah said, hatred for her dishonoring kin radiating from her. She looked rather menacing when she got brooding like that.

“Well, it doesn’t help you now, but I believe you.” Jay said.

Leah smiled.


A little while later Jay joined Tommy, Greg and Walter. Walter was standing to the side, clearly still left out of the plans.

“Good day.” Jay said, taking off his hat. “So, what’s the plan?”

“Well, under the cover of dark we’ll hit the guards at the front.” Tommy said, looking up. “We’ll then quickly disable their armory and communications. Then we go for their captain.”

Jay wondered why that took so long to think of, and why they were so secretive about it. It seemed to him they were trying to make themselves more important than they were.

“Well, sun is already setting, so I assume we go soon?” Jay asked.

“Yes.” Greg said.

“Now, before we do. I have to find more Rangers for my team, so do you know of anyone else on other planets having Ranger teams?” Jay asked.

“Oh, yeah.” Tommy said, realizing that was something that was important. “I do know Kira Ford went to Shibuya and has a team there. Jason left as well, but he didn’t tell me where to. Apart from that, this planet is a bit of a backwater and I’ve not been able to keep up communications too well. We really need to get off this place.”

“Right.” Jay said, his mind wandering off. Walter wondered whether he was up to something. He wondered if Jay was going to pull out and give up this planet before this grand battle. It seemed to him it was rather high risk, this plan.

Tommy grabbed his Ranger key, which meant it was time to go.


Under the cover of darkness, they reached the base. It looked a bit like a fortress, but wasn’t heavily guarded, it seemed from the outside. There were just two guards at the gate.

A laser beam and an arrow took out both the guards and the eight Rangers entered the building.

Inside they faced more opposition.

“Jay and you two come with me.” Greg said, pointing to Leah and the Blue Mighty Morphin’ Ranger.

They went to a room to the right, as Tommy and the other three went to the left, fighting past some surprised grunts.

They burst into the communication room. There was one creature sitting at a desk. He shot up as they came in, clearly startled and woken up from a half-sleep. He grabbed for a microphone to alarm something or someone, but instead slid onto the ground with an arrow in his throat.

Jay quickly shot up communication panels as the Blue Ranger took care of some cables. Within no time they had professionally wrecked the room.

“I think this would be enough, chaps.” Jay said and headed out of the room, followed by Leah, the Blue Ranger and finally Greg.

They headed up some stairs, where they reunited with Tommy, Walter and the others.

“The general should be in there.” Tommy said, indicating the door in front of them.

Tommy gave a nod and Greg bashed open the door.

Inside they found out why they hadn’t seen so much opposition on their way through the base. Most grunts had gathered around their leader.

The general, a big guy with giant arms, his face hidden under a big horned Vikings helmet and a thick, long beard, sat on a big wooden chair, taunting them with his gaze. Then the grunts attacked.

The Rangers got split up under the amount of grunts. Though they were easy to defeat, the shear amount of them pushed them into a stand still.

Then the general got up, grabbing a giant hammer.

“I am Lok-Thir.” He bellowed. “And you will be crushed under my hammer!”

Lok-Thir walked towards Jay and swung his hammer. Jay only just managed to miss him. Jay raised his saber to block another attack, but Lok-This just slammed it aside. Jay looked to Walter, who gave him a nod and grabbed a key.


Jay kept dodging the blows, knowing a hit would most likely be fatal.

Another swing. Another swing. Another swing.

Suddenly Walter, changed into the Blue Zeo Ranger, slided in front of Jay, his arms crossed above his head. The Zeo Power Axes blocked the blow, but sheared off the head of the hammer, which flew over Walter’s head and Jay only just managed to jump away from. A grunt behind him was crushed by the hit.


A cut from the Zeo Power Sword made Lok-Thir stagger back. Further down the room the four aliens had combined their weapons.

“Hey, Greg.” Walter shouted. “Wake up!” He pointed at Greg’s team mates.

Greg ran towards them and added his Power Sword. A blast from the Power Blaster took out Lok-Thir in a big explosion.

After that the remaining grunts were hardly a challenge.


In a victorious mood, the Rangers returned to their hut.

“So, I assume it’s time for you to leave?” Tommy said.

“Aye. I guess so.” Jay said, scratching his head.

“Okay, give us a few minutes.” Tommy said.

“Sure.” Jay said, as Greg and Tommy retreated.

“So,” Jay said, when Tommy and Greg were out of sight, “Leah, let’s go.” He slipped his arm around her waist.

“Me?” Leah asked, surprised.

“Yeah, you.” Jay said. “This Greg is useless. He’s too reckless. I’d take all four of you guys, but I think your planet could use some protection, which I doubt Tommy will be interested in giving much longer, and I think you’d be a great addition to our team.”

He pulled her along with him towards his galleon.

“I bid you three the best of luck.” Jay said.

“Yeah, strength to you.” Walter said and followed Jay and Leah.

“Oh, goddesses.” Leah said as they started up the plank.

“Ashai-ai da-lona.” The three remaining Rangers said the got onto the deck.

“I think we have to be quick, so they don’t notice we left without dear Greg.” Jay said, as he led them into the captain’s cabin.

“Hey!” Lynn said, cheerfully, as they entered.

“Right, hang onto your butts.” Jay said. “We’re taking off!”

And the ship, with a lot of noise, took off.

Raging Phoenix
05-18-2013, 01:45 AM
Episode 4: It’s a Girl Thing

The red galleon dropped out of faster-than-light speed and assumed an orbit around the third planet out from a middle size star called Gyrio, in order to get into the right orientation for the next jump in a fuel-efficient way.

It turned out Shibuya was quite a ways away and the four inhabitants of the ship were all doing their own thing.

Jay was steering the ship at the moment, as he had to get the orbit right. Walter was off exploring the ship, which he hadn’t been able to do on the last trip. Leah was sitting with Lynn, who was making a drawing, while chatting away.

It was surprising to Jay that Lynn wasn’t scared of Leah. Lynn had been on Earth, so probably hadn’t seen many aliens that weren’t evil, and Leah had some menacing qualities about her appearance. Though, Jay found, she also had something oddly comforting about her. Maybe it was her kind face…

“So, how old are you, Lynn?” Leah asked.

“Four!” Lynn said, holding up four fingers on her right hand, stretched out towards Leah.

“Oh, goddesses, that big already?” Leah said, feigning surprise, Lynn nodding heavily. It was funny to Jay how she managed in one sentence to both adjust so well to humanity, and sound completely alien at the same time.

“And how come you ended up on a space ship?” Leah asked.

“Well, Double wanted to go along with Captain Jay.” Lynn said, leaving that that meant she came along unsaid, as if that was only logical.

“Ah, so you came with Double?”

“Yes. We were on Earth together. He’d always drive on his motorcycle and I’d sit in front of him.” Lynn explained.

“So, how do you know Double?” Leah asked. Jay thought this was a stupid question, since it must be that he was her father, but then realized their skin color didn’t match. That didn’t necessarily mean anything, but did make him realize it might’ve been a rather fast assumption.

“Well, I was looking for Teeg, because I hadn’t seen him the whole day, or the day before. He would go find something to eat sometimes, but he’d be back really soon, but it was taking really long now. I missed him, ‘cause I couldn’t sleep without hugging him.” Lynn said, slowly getting lost in memories. Leah gave her a moment, while she was quiet.

“I was scared and was hiding in our spot at the broken building, ‘cause I thought he’d come there when he came back. And then Double came. I asked him if he’d seen Teeg. He didn’t know Teeg, so I told him it was my dog. I found him as a puppy. Double said he had seen him, but didn’t know he was called Teeg, and that Teeg had found a lady who needed help a lot, and that he couldn’t come back now, but that I could come with Double and me and Teeg would see each other again later. So I went with Double. He is still on Earth, I think. But when Double saves everyone with you and Jay, I’m sure I’ll go back to Earth and see him again. I’m sure the lady is doing well now that Teeg is helping her.” Lynn explained.

The silence that followed for a few moments was interrupted by Walter coming into the room rather excited.

“Have you checked out the cargo hold?” He asked, in the smirky way people do when they think they know something others don’t.

“Well, I haven’t just now, but I know my ship and I know what was in it when I left the Moon, so I assume it’s a whole lot of air, and your bike.” Jay said, wondering what else there could possibly be.

“I think you missed something then, because there’s something else there!” Double said, he urged Jay to come along as he went back to the cargo hold.

Jay gave Leah a nod to ask her to come along. She acknowledged, and lay a hand on Lynn’s back to tell her she could just keep drawing.

“What is it?” Jay asked as they rushed down the stairs.

“Just wait and see.” Walted said, still excited.

“God damn it, I want to know what’s on my ship!” Jay said, but by then they’d reached the cargo hold and he saw what Walter was on about.

Next to Walter’s bike stood a huge yellow trailer.

“Where the hell did that come from?” Jay exclaimed.

“I don’t know, but I figured you didn’t know, because you never told me.” Walter said. “I had a look inside the trailer, and there’s a submarine in there, which in turn holds a race car, which holds a fighter jet.”

“They all have different colors which match your Ranger keys.” Walter said. “So I’m guessing they’re our Zords.”

“Must be.” Jay said, taking off his hat and scratching his head. “But why haven’t you told me this before?”

“Well,” Walter said, “I had put my bike in that elevator thingy which you access from the deck when we left Earth and didn’t have time on Viridia to bring it down. I never got around to bringing it down here. I was checking out the ship and then decided to bring my bike down here and found this.”

“It does explain why the ship steered a bit funky.” Jay said.

“I can’t wait to try them out.” Walter said.

Jay walked to the console near the elevator.

“Double?” Leah asked tentatively.


“I have a question.”

“Ask away.”

“Do you think Teeg will be okay, all alone on Earth, taking care of that lady?”

Walter’s face turned grim.

“There is no lady.” He said. “Before I found Lynn on the second floor of that largely collapsed and destroyed building, I found a dog down the street. He-… He wasn’t alive. The Void Horde had gotten to him.”

“By Jirreh M’ah, no!” Leah said under her breath.

“When I found Lynn, she wouldn’t stop talking about her dog. From the description I could gather it was the dog I found. There weren’t many dogs around anymore anyway, so it was easy to connect the dots.” Walter had tears welling in his eyes. “She’d been waiting for two days, maybe more. They-… They had killed him. Cut him straight in half. I had seen him lying there with his guts out and she was there waiting for him, wouldn’t shut up about him. I knew I had to take care of her, but I also knew she’d never leave unless she knew he wouldn’t come back. I couldn’t break her heart though, so I invented the lady. I don’t know whether it was a good idea. At the very least, I don’t think he suffered.”

Leah hesitantly put on hand on his shoulder. Jay, who had been listening, felt a bit overwhelmed, but then went back to working on the console.

Softly, though as though he hadn’t heard what had just been said, he broke the silence.

“It seems these Zords were loaded on board when the ship was being repaired at the Command Center.” Jay said. “They were actually teleported in.”

“There was an explanation from that Zordon guy that I found in the logs that says they are, in fact, our Zords. They even each have a name. Apparently this ship is the Legend Galleon, known as the Corsair.” Jay said.

“Yours is the Legend Jet, called the Freedom.” Jay said to Walter, before turning to Leah. “And yours is the Legend Submarine, nicknamed the Nautilus.”

“It reminds a bit of a Matryoshka doll.” Walter said. Jay had no idea what that was.

“Oh, shit, I gotta go!” Jay suddenly said, as he realized that the Corsair was probably about ready for the next jump and would soon overshoot the right angle.


The ship decelerated again as it descended upon Shibuya. Jay could see a few cities from orbit, and, not knowing where he should start, decided to go to the biggest one.

He soon found out this planet had the typical starscrapers dotting the landscape. These were extremely high buildings, usually with space ship docks at the top floors, just under the penthouses. Starscrapers were often cities of their own, with floors that were basically just a mall, every hundred or so floors.

Jay maneuvered his ship to the docking bays on the biggest starscraper he could find.

“We’re here.” He announced to his crew.

“Before we go.” Leah said and walked up to Jay. Without a word, she put six Ranger keys on his panel.

“The Mighty Morphin’ keys?” Jay said, more as an observation than a question.

“Yeah, Mister Oliver had the original Morphers and Coins, recreated by Professor Cranston. My kin gave up their keys to me. I quietly stole the keys of the other two on the way back to base.” Leah said. She looked a bit embarrassed. “We had figured you wanted someone else along and thought it was most likely me.”

“Heh. Good job.” Jay said. “You’re already a better choice than Greg could ever be.”

He threw her the pink Legend key.

“Here, you’ll need this.” He said.

The three Rangers were getting their things to take along.

“I’m going too!” Lynn said, a bit moody.

“You can’t. We’re on a dangerous mission.” Jay said.

Lynn pouted.

“We can’t leave her again. She already had to wait in the ship the last time.” Walter said. “And I feel it might be a bit dangerous to have a kid alone up here.”

“Oh, alright.” Jay said.

They disembarked.

“This place is huge!” Leah said. “How can we find anything here?”

“First we get off this starscraper and then we’ll try and find out if there’s some place to get news somewhere. If there’s any Rangers here, they’ve gotta show up on there.” Jay said as they stepped into an elevator.

“This thing only goes down to floor 506.” Walter said, whistling between his teeth.

“Well, I guess that’s our first stop then.” Jay said and pressed the button. The doors slid close moments later.


With a bell noise that had hardly changed over the years, both regular and light, the doors opened at floor 506. The group found themselves at one of the malls in the building, housing a variety of shops to buy every day needs as well as more occasional buys and luxury items. This high up luxury actually took up most space. All for were might impressed by the splendor, for none of them lived their lives in a place where this was common.

Unfortunately, none of them had any money, but they let their eyes feast on the wealth of impressions none the less as they walked around, even though they could’ve just taken the next lift down.

It was a very busy, crowded place and it was hard to get around, but that didn’t matter too much.

While they were wondering around, Jay suddenly spotted a shop just for newspapers and the like, reminding him of why they were here.

“Well, if there’s news on any Rangers, they probably have it there.” He said, pointing at the place.

They walked into the shop.

“Let’s have a look around.” Jay said, and they spread out. Even Lynn was wandering around the shop, even though she didn’t seem to be searching too much.

Walter was having a look at the newspapers. They seem to have many different dates, but that might not be that weird with the time it took to take it from planet to planet. Even just transferring the data and printing it locally meant some papers were still many days late, even weeks if it was from a remote, uninteresting part of the universe.

He was noticing some were older than that would explain though. Suddenly he also noticed some articles seemed to be copied on papers that were years apart. And he didn’t recognize the headlines on the older papers, though he had to admit Earth had been cut off quite a bit in that sense. Something was not right though.

“Hey, something is up with these newspapers.” He said, grabbing two with the same article on the front page and getting up.

At that moment a hand locked his arms behind his back and another slid a dagger onto his throat. He saw the same had happened to Jay and Leah, though he unfortunately couldn’t see the figures who had captures them properly.

“What are you doing here?” A whisper sounded from behind him. It sounded feminine.

“We were just looking for news.” Walter said defensively, trying to not give a reason to have his throat opened up.

“No one here looks for news. What news were you looking for?” The whispering voice asked.

Walter said nothing, unable to decide whether he should answer honestly or not.

“What are you looking for?” The voice asked again, more urgent, a rough tug making clear he had to answer with words or his life.

“We were looking for news on Power Rangers here. We’re looking for them.” Walter blurted out.

At that moment he saw something flash up from Leah’s coat. Two long stalks, not unlike an insect’s legs, with blades at the end, had come up from under the coat and wrapped around her capturer’s arms, prying them loose.

She darted away from her attacker and closed in on Jay. Jay’s captor pulled the dagger a bit closer, putting pressure on his throat, almost cutting him. From Leah’s coat a second pair of legs came out, these much more pointy, with a venomous appearance, stopping inches from her enemy, though it was clear the things could strike whenever Leah wanted to.

“Let him go.” Leah said, threatening. The one who had Jay hesitated. Even though Walter couldn’t see who had him in her grip, he felt her hesitate as well.

“LET HIM GO!” A high-pitch scream sounded. Walter felt something impact the one who was holding him. He recognized the scream as coming from Lynn. Lynn kept screaming as she seemed to have grappled his attacker around the neck.

“Let him go.” It sounded again. It took Walter a split second to realize that voice wasn’t Leah’s, though it was another woman.

From a shadowy corner of the shop, a woman stepped into the scene, who seemed to command the three would-be assassins.

“These came with the ship.” The leader said. Jay was released, but Leah stayed alert and ready to strike.

Meanwhile Walter also got out of the clutches of the woman who had him in a lockdown, but Lynn was still around her neck and she was now trying to get her off her neck. Afraid the woman might hurt Lynn, Walter tried to get close.

“It’s okay, Lynn. I’m free.” Walter said, but Lynn was still screaming and hanging on. She stopped when Walter grabbed her and pulled her off. She turned her wild screaming into a hug for Walter, happy he was free and out of harm.

“And who might you be?” Jay said as he turned towards the new arrival.

“I’m Tori.” The woman said. “Sorry for the trouble. Come with me.”

She turned around as a gesture to Jay and the others to follow.

They followed her to the back of the shop, where they walked down some stairs that were slightly hidden into a room that seemed like a storage for more newspapers. Though they couldn’t quite see it, Tori did something that made a wall of newspapers slide away.

Behind it they came into a dark room with quite a few TV screens. Tori flicked on the light, though it didn’t brighten up the room too much. However, it did reveal yet another woman standing there, hands on a desk, staring at the monitors.

“We’ve found them.” Tori said to the other woman.

“And how.” Walter commented, rubbing his throat. Lynn, in his arms, was looking angrily at the ladies around them.

“Now, hold on ladies.” Jay said. “While it was very impressive how you managed to capture us and all.” Leah made a sound like she didn’t think they really managed that at all. “We are actually searching for someone else. So, I think we’ll be going.”

“I don’t think so.” Tori said.

“Well, I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem.” Jay said. “We just walk away and Leah over here will make sure you don’t stop us.”

Tori shook her head. “No, I don’t think you’re looking for someone else.”

“We’re looking for a Kira Ford.” Walter said, Jay throwing him a look that he was saying too much, but Walter had a hunch.

“That would be me.” The lady at the monitors said. “Kira Ford, former Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger.”

“And I’m Tori Hanson, former Blue Wind Ranger.” Tori said.

“Oh, so that’s why!” Jay said. “Wait, but no one said anything about a Wind Ranger. Or anyone aside Kira really.”

“I don’t think anyone knew, really.” Kira said, seeking confirmation with Tori.

“No, we’ve been rather under the radar.” Tori said. “I don’t think anyone else knew I was here. On top of that this planet is slowly dropping from the communications network.”

“How’s that?” Walter asked.

“Well, this planet is slowly falling into enemy hands.” Tori said. “It seems they’re indoctrinating the people who live here, or changing them somehow. We’re not sure, but they start to feel it’s a good thing the aliens are conquering the universe.”

“This starscraper has already fallen and it’s spreading rapidly through the city. It seems this is the first place they’ve hit though.” Kira added. “We notice no one bothers about the news anymore, and they seem very much like mindless zombies. It seems like they just pretend to have a normal daily life.”

“We haven’t been able to determine what exactly happens to them, but we have noticed no one in this building is interested in the news or such things anymore.” Tori said.

“Which is why we set up our base here, and were rather surprised you guys came stumbling in.” Kira explained. “Apologies for the assault and all.”

“Anyway, let me introduce you to our team.” Kira said, taking on a more cheerful tone. The three who had captured the Rangers in the shop before took a step forward, revealing they were women.

“This is Ferah Üzlem, our Red Ranger.” Kira said, gesturing at the first woman, with an exotic Arabian appearance. “She’s a human who grew up on this skyscraper, which is handy because she knows more places in this tower than the other four of us could find out about in a year.”

“The one next to her is Ingrid Torrigsdatter, our Blue Ranger.” Kira moved on. “She came from the decommissioned Swedish space frigate Herjedal, which came into the space port on this starscraper limping and beyond repair. She claims to be human, but sometimes I feel like there’s a little Harradar in her.” Ingrid gave a small smile. Jay remembered just one Harradar, from back on the Moon, and that guy was mischievous and hard-headed, but he wasn’t quite sure how much that was a reflection of his species, or just his personal character.

“And, last but not least, this one here, our Yellow Ranger.” Kira said, coming to the last of the three woman. “She’s the most lethal of the three, in close combat, I reckon. She’s half-human, half Bracken, from what we gather. However, she’s lost her memory. She doesn’t even know her name. She’s kind of our Jane Doe, so we call her Jane.”

“Alright.” Jay said, clearly feeling how this conversation had turned into him having to introduce his team. “Well, I’m Jay Austin. I’m human and come from the Moon. I own the Corsair, which it is apparently called. It was my dad’s, and I stole it back from the aliens.”

He nodded to his left. “This guy with the kid is Walter Girardi.”

“It’s Double!” Lynn said, frowning even more than she already was.

“Yeah, nicknamed Double. I brought him along from Earth. Nice guy, but brought two very noisy things on board.” Jay added.

“And the girl over here is Leah something.” Jay said.

“Leah’t’Noora Omuro” Leah corrected. “But you can forget all that.”

“Yeah, so, Leah. I stole her from Viridia. I honestly didn’t know about the tentacles. Not that they were a bad thing, given the circumstances. I think it’s to do with her being a… errrr.” Jay explained, suddenly realizing he didn’t even know what race Leah was.

“Exordia.” Leah said, half-whispering, because she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to help Jay with the answer, or should just outright say it.

“Yeah, that. I never knew that was under the coat.” Jay said.

“You never asked.” Leah defended.

“Anyway,” Jay said, changing the subject, “whom of you fine ladies is going to be my new team mate?”

The girls all exchanged some glances.

“Well,” Tori said, “basically we all like to fight our fight here, since we want to protect these people and strike back at whatever is eating this planet, so we had some heated discussions. In the end we decided that Jane has the most reason to go travelling, to see if she can find some of her history back.”

Jay gave Jane a nod.

“But right now we’re going to find out what’s kicking up all these issues.” Kira said defiantly.

“And how do you plan that?” Walter asked.

“Well, we did some investigating, and it seems the zombifying started at the bottom floor.” Kira said. “So we think whatever is doing it, is on the first floor or in the basement.”

“Right,” Jay said, “on towards the elevator!”

“No.” Kira said, giving Tori a meaningful look. “We have a better idea.”

Jay was intrigued.

“Alright, what’s the plan?” He inquired.

“We go down the escape stairs.” Kira said.

“That takes way longer!” Jay exclaimed. “Why is that better than the elevator?”

“For one we won’t get noticed so easily.” Tori explained. “And we don’t intend walking.”


When they opened the door to the escape route, Jay saw how spacious the shaft was, and he finally understood how the plan was supposed to work.

The five women pulled out their morphers and inserted their keys.




The three morphing announcements from the phones simultaneously, making it hard to hear what it said or which what came from. However, just by watching it was much more clear.

Tori had changed into the green Samurai Ranger, while Kira had changed into the Crimson Thunder Ranger. The other three had changed into the Wind Rangers in the colours they had been introduced as.

They then summoned five Ninja Gliders. Jay stood next to his partner in gliding, Kira. He gave a bit of a nervous glance to Walter, who stood next to Tori, with whom he was going to glide.

“Let’s go.” Tori said.

Leah quickly grabbed hold of Jane’s waist, just before Jay saw them both dive down, quickly followed by Ferah, holding Lynn, and Ingrid. A few moments later Tori took her dive, Walter hanging on.

“Our turn.” Tori said as they edged to the end of the platform, which really just was a flat part of the stairs.

Jay didn’t like this one bit. He loved flying, the more dangerous, the better, but only if he was doing it. He stood behind Kira and wrapped his arms around her, which seemed a bit awkward.

In a surprising amount of teamwork and synchronicity the jumped for the dive. They soon were flying head down towards the ground at increasingly insane speed.

“Now, let’s hope this works.” Kira said, which made Jay even more uncomfortable than he already was. Only half noticing what he was doing, he tightened his hold.

The ground was closing in at an alarming rate. Kira pulled up, the glider catching the wind of going down. The air pressure made them slow down rapidly, and surprisingly didn’t make them shoot into a wall. While Jay understood how it worked and felt he could do it, it was very scary to him when not in control of it himself.

Then he felt the ground touch his feet. They had landed.

They joined the other Rangers, morphed and unmorphed.

“Right, we should be at the basement level. Once we go through that door, we should split up and search for the source of this indoctrination.” Tori instructed.

“I’ll go with you three.” Kira said to Jay and his team. Jay gave a nod in acknowledgement.

Tori opened the door and the eight of them entered the hallway that had been hiding behind it. At the first T-junction, the groups split up.

At the end of their side of the hallway, Jay, Kira, Walter and Leah went through a door, Walter making Lynn wait a second, only to find a large room where about two dozen humans were standing still, heads down, like inactive robots, and two pair of guards.

As they burst into the room, the mindless humans looked up in a lethal determination, while the guards quickly prepared themselves for battle.

A few of the humans charged. Kira decided to go for one of the guards, firing her Crimson Blaster while the others got ready for unarmed combat.

Walter blocked a swing, before punching his foe in his unprotected stomach, making him reel over. Walter jumped over has back and dodged a kick. He took a punch to the chest and had to back up, but he quickly regained his composure and kicked through the defense of one of his opponents to knock him out.

Meanwhile Jay was busy dodging a load of attacks, only occasionally landing a punch himself. He swirled and twisted around until he caught out one of his opponents who got themselves out of balance from trying to hit him, who he then knocked out with a simple blow.

Leah swirled around the first fist that flew her way, slipping out of her coat as she did, which gracefully floated to the ground. This revealed she was wearing a Exortian combat suit under it. A tightly fitting two piece suit that was built to easily maneuver in. It also revealed she had six of the tentacle like insect legs on her back, two over her shoulders, two around her shoulders and two coming up around her waist, but all originating between her shoulder blades. The leg that came around her left shoulder struck out towards her foe, sinking a needle into the poor indoctrinated human, injecting him with a poison. He fell to the ground.

Kira, meanwhile, was engaged with one of the guards. A neckless monster with giant rocky fists that he swung around wildly. While Kira didn’t have a real hard time dodging the attacks, but didn’t stand much of a chance hitting him herself, and she had to be careful. A shot from her Crimson Blaster bounced off his fist.

“Right, enough!” Kira exclaimed, and she pulled out a Ranger key. She jammed it into the keyhole of her morpher and turned it.

“THUNDER STORM, RANGER FORM! THUNDER STORM CHANGE!” It sounded from the phone, much like before. However, this time she changed into the Navy Thunder Ranger.

She quickly drew her Thunder Blade. She dodged a swing from the big fist and struck the monster in its chest, the reach of this weapon allowing for her to finally hit him. The monster countered and Kira only just managed to evade the blow. Another two strikes with the Thunder Blade and the monster was staggering backwards, clearly losing the battle. Kira moved forward and kept attacking. The big-fisted monster was too worn down to fight back and soon collapsed dead.

Leah blocked an attack by a guard who had a barbed stinger tied to his arm. It seemed the stinger once belonged to his body, but had been cut off and he had now tried to attach it in another way. Various cyborg bits strengthened this idea. As the arm was now blocked, Leah slammed down the leg with the scythe-like end, slicing the arm of her opponent straight off. Her two legs with the needles at the end slammed into the shoulders of the guard and injected him simultaneously with poison. He dropped to the ground almost immediately.

Two metal guards were now closing in on Jay, Walter and Leah, and the humans were boxing them in as well. Kira was a little pre-occupied with taking out a few humans that seemed to only be sent to distract her.

“Right, that’s enough of this unmorphed non-sense.” Jay said and grabbed his phone morpher.

“LEGEND CHANGE!” It sounded from it as he turned the key in it, soon followed by the same call from the phones of his team mates.

Soon they were knocking out the humans until only the two guards remained.

Jay drew his saber and pistol and engaged one of the guards, leaving the other to his two team mates.

Walter attacked the other guard with his sword striking him a couple of times and bashing him with his pistol, though that didn’t seem to do much. Meanwhile Leah was shooting whenever she saw a gap.

“Hey,” Leah called out to Walter, “want to swap? My sword for your pistol? I’m useless with this thing.”

“Sure!” Walter said, and threw her his pistol. Leah quickly threw her saber to free a hand to catch the pistol with.

Walter now became a flurry of slashes, damaging the metal harness of his opponent, and making him stagger backwards. Leah took her chance and fired both her pistols at the guy’s head. Seven consecutive rounds pounded into the helmet’s face plate, finally penetrating the helmet and killing the man inside.

Meanwhile Jay was dancing around his foe, slashing whenever he could slash and dodging the rest of the time. While his opponent didn’t notice, Jay was trying to weaken his armor. The metal guard lunged for Jay, not expecting to catch him, but Jay stood his ground. Unsure what just happened, the guard looked down and saw Jay’s pistol against his chest. Jay fired.

“Did you just kill that human and that guard with your poison?” Jay enquired as he got up and stepped over the last dead guard.

“No, I paralyzed the human. I killed the guard.” Leah said as she picked up her coat. “My stingers have a number of toxins in them. I can instinctively choose what I want to do and my stingers will inject the right mixture and amount.”

Jay was rather surprised. He hadn’t expected her to be the most formidable part of his team so far.

Then Jane came in.

“We found something!” She said, then looked around.

“Oh… So did you…”

“What did you find?” Kira asked.

“Oh, right. We found what we think might be the room from which it all his spread.” Jane said.


“Lynn, you have to wait here again, okay?” Walter told the little girl. “So you can be safe.”

Lynn nodded happily.

Meanwhile Tori carefully opened the door that was stained in something green.

They entered a dark room.

As the door closed behind them, the lights sprang on. They found themselves in a room of about 40 feet wide and about twice as long. On the other end there was a rather fat monster, with green veins all over his body. His giant belly hung over his upper legs, making it almost seem he had no clothes on.

“I had been expecting you.” The creature said. “Nothing goes by the great Jameishin!”

In formation, the five Ninja Storm Rangers charged their enemy. From behind the back of him, however, dozens of tentacles sprouted and rushed towards the charging Rangers, grabbing all five of them in a death grip.

Jay and Leah fired their pistols at him, but the tentacles deflected the shots. Walter tried to go in but was also grabbed, and then Jay and Leah were too. All hope seemed lost.

“Eight Rangers in my grip and about to be snuffed out.” The gruesome monster said. “How delightful this day has turned out. I’m sure the emperor of the Void Horde will reward me greatly.”

As Jay was floating there, a few feet from the ground in the grasp of some tentacles, he came up with an idea. He grabbed a key.

“IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!” It sounded as he managed to turn the key. “MIGHTY MORPHIN’ CHANGE!”

As he was changed, he took the Tyrannosaurus coin from his belt buckle and replaced it with the Dragon coin. A golden shield appeared around his shoulders and he was now wielding both the Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger.

He wildly cut around him, chopping the tentacle to bits, freeing him and dropping him to the ground.

Jane, who saw what Jay did, quickly grabbed a key of her own.


She had changed from the Yellow Wind Ranger into the Yellow Dino Ranger. She drew her Ptera Grips and cut through the tentacles that restrained her. The cut tentacles all withered almost instantly.

Kira followed suit, changing into the White Dino Ranger using the Drago Sword to cut herself free while Leah changed into the Pink Zeo Ranger and using the Power Disc.

Meanwhile Jay had rushed forwards, slashing around their opponent, quickly dispatching all remaining tentacles and freeing the Rangers.

Not willing to give up, the fat creature spat at Jay, which caused him to be thrown backwards as turned out the spit was explosive acid.

Suddenly Jane was behind the target, holding his arms, which was as well as she could do with this giant piece of fat. Kira got up close and cut him a hundred times in rapid succession with the Drago Sword before dodging away for the acid spit.

Tori, meanwhile, had changed into the Black Dino Ranger, while Ferah and Ingrid had also changed. Tori set her Brachio Staff to Fire and launched a Fire Strike at their opponent, while Jane dodged away and joined her Dino team. They combined their weapons into the Z-Rex Blaster and fired.

The blast hit the monster straight in the belly and he exploded in a spectacular fashion.


Lynn was in a corner of the hallway she had to wait in and had found a weird green tube or something. Many like these tubes seemed to run all along this building. Lynn decided to touch it. It felt weird, more like a vine than some tube in a building.

Suddenly Double and the others came bursting out the door excited.

“I thought we were toast!” Walter said.

“Hey, Lynn.” He said. “Come with us, we’re going back up stairs. We won!”

He had a very wide grin.

On their way up they noticed the humans still seemed the same zombies as before, though luckily they weren’t aggressive.

“I guess they are permanently like this then.” Ferah said, disappointed.

“But at least we stopped any further spread!” Ingrid replied, more cheerfully.

“So, where do we go next?” Jay asked when they had gotten back to the base in the back of the newspaper store.

“Well, you’ve already been to Viridia, so the planets I know you can find someone is on Wousteen and on Pyraxia.” Kira said.

“And who can we find there?” Jay asked.

“On Wousteen you’ll find Adam Park, and on Pyraxia you can find Xander Bly and Vida Rocca.” Kira replied. “Pyraxia may be a little hard to find though.”

“Oh, don’t worry. We have plenty of star maps and I know exactly what I’m doing.” Jay said. Walter only coughed.

“So, Jane, you’re with me. Do we get your keys as well?” He asked, directing himself to Tori and Kira.

“You can only take the Dino keys.” Tori said. “We’ll keep the Ninja keys, so that we can continue the investigation here and try to cure these people. It might be we run into some resistance, so the keys can never hurt.”

“You don’t have the original morphers?” Jay asked.

“No, unfortunately they were stolen when we arrived here.” Kira said. “We have been scanning the news to see if some Rangers suddenly turned up somewhere, but we haven’t seen anything yet. As you know, we have no shortage of news sources.”

“Alright.” Jay said, and received the keys.

“Let’s get to it then.” He said, making for the door. “We’ve got another Ranger left to recruit.”

Raging Phoenix
06-03-2013, 08:41 AM
Episode 5:

The Corsair was speeding away from Shibuya to yet another new planet to discover. This time the target was Woosteen. Luckily this one was only a few jumps away.

Jay was adjusting their course around the star Shibuya was orbiting. To his surprise, Jane had already settled in and was working on a console in the cockpit.

“So, you lost your memory, eh?” Jay said, trying to get conversation going.

“Yup.” Jane said.

“Any idea how you lost it?” Jay asked.

“Nope, part of losing your memory is that you can’t remember anything up to the point you lost it.” Jane said.

“Aye, but maybe you could remember something of just after that would explain things.” Jay said, defensively. He was slightly annoyed at how wise ass-ey she was being.

“The first thing I remember is a hospital room.” Jane replied.

“Okay.” Jay said, pondering. “And they didn’t tell you anything?”

“I fled it, worried about how I couldn’t remember anything.” Jane said.

“You panicked.” Jay concluded.

“No, but I didn’t know what had happened or where I was, and wasn’t sure I was safe there.” Jane said.

“You panicked.” Jay repeated.

“If that’s what you want to call it.” Jane deflected. “Can I have access to your databases?”

“Sure.” Jay said. “We’re all a team. Lemme get the codes”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m already in. Just thought it would be a good idea to ask as a courtesy.” Jane said. She never looked up from her screen.

“Appreciated, I guess.” Jay said.

Meanwhile, Lynn was chatting to Walter.

“Double, what were those green tubes?” Lynn asked.

“What tubes? Where” Walter asked, lacking context.

“In that tall building!” Lynn said, frustrated Walter didn’t understand her.

“Oh, those green tentacles?” Walter asked. Lynn nodded vigorously. “Those were bad things. They changed all the people in the building so they couldn’t think anymore.” Lynn looked shocked. “But we defeated the guy doing it so he couldn’t continue doing it. The tentacles all died.”

“Oh…” Lynn said, but then looked worried. “We can’t think anymore?”

“Of course we can. You’re thinking right now, aren’t you?” Walter said, smiling. “We defeated them before they could harm us.”

“I think so…” Lynn said.

“See?” Walter joked, mostly to himself as Lynn couldn’t get it.


“Woosteen is in sight!” Jay called.

The others gathered on the bridge.

“It’s mostly a desert!” Walter commented.

“Indeed. Are you sure this is inhabited?” Leah asked.

“Well, Kira and Tori were adamant that there was someone here. I don’t know beyond that.” Jay said as he adjusted their course towards Woosteen. “And I’ve once been to a jungle planet where I didn’t think anything could really live.”

The jibe made Leah a bit embarrassed.

“Maybe they live near the polar icecaps.” Jane suggested. “It seems there is a little forestation around it.”

“It might be. Let’s see if we can contact them.” Jay said, moving to another control panel.

“On it!” Jane exclaimed, her fingers dancing away on the keyboard. Her experience in the starscraper really gave her great computer skills.

“They’ve found us. Putting through the message.” Jane soon said.

“Hel-…-must be-…-to meet you-…-at 41 point-…”

“Well, it seems like we don’t have a good connection.” Jay said. “But we can have a look at several areas that could be the 41 degrees they mentioned.”

“No, wait.” Jane said. Her fingers continued their elegant choreography over the keyboard. Jay was so mystified by it that he didn’t even notice when she first said something again.

“Jay!” She called out.


“I’ve fiddled a bit and I think we’ve got a better connection now, so feel free to talk to them.” Jane said.

“O… kay.” Jay said, and tentatively reached for the speak button. He didn’t realize there was anything you could do about having a bad connection.

“Hello. This is Captain Jay Austin.” Jay said, pressing the button. “Captain of the Corsair and here for our final team member.”

“Hello Captain.” A voice replied. It sounded like the voice they heard in jolts earlier.

“We had issues with the connection earlier, so we couldn’t hear you.” Jay said.

“I’ve found them!” Jane exclaimed, but Jay ignored it for now, as she seemed to expect.

“Alright.” The voice said. “Well, I’m Adam. We’re at-“

“Yeah, it appears we’ve found you. We’ll be down soon.” Jay said.

“Alright. We can’t wait though, but I’m sure you can still find us.” Adam said. “We’ll see you down here soon.”

“Right, see you soon.” Jay said and ended the call.

“You said you found them?” Jay said, switching his attention to Jane.

Jane nodded.

“Where are they hiding?” Jay asked.

“They’re not hiding… They-“ Jane said, trying to put to words what she had found. “You wouldn’t believe it until you see it, but I expect you’ll find it-“ She lengthened that last word as she was sending the coordinates to Jay’s console. ”-here!”


They were still fifty miles out and there wasn’t a structure in sight, even though they were flying quite low.

The sand shot by under them. Jay started to notice it was starting to become foggy, which was weird, since this was a very dry planet. Then he realized it wasn’t fog, but dust, a big sand storm was ahead. Would their allies be caught in the storm?

Jay took them a bit higher to have a better view of the situation. That’s when he finally saw it. This was no fog, but this was no sand storm either. It was the giant dust cloud of the biggest group of vehicles travelling together he had ever seen.

The group went on for miles and as he flew over, he saw the wide variety of vehicles. There were old cars, chariots, wagons pulled by a variety of creatures, people simply riding on a camel’s back and even more vehicles and ways of transport Jay didn’t even recognize. All of it looked worn though. It seemed like everything had at least some kind of patching job that had been applied on the fly.

Jay could see people pointing at the ship and then, suddenly, they were past the entire group.

At the head of the group he noticed a red car going left to right and left again, like it was patrolling the head of the group. He took another good look and noticed a car on the left and right flank, doing something similar. Those cars were both looking in much better condition, and were many times larger than anything else in the group. It reminded Jay of how Zords look like such large versions of the regular thing.

They saw the red car speed towards them, ahead of the pack, as Jay landed a few miles ahead.

“Hey.” He said as he got out of his vehicle, meeting the four Rangers and Lynn. “I’m Adam, the Red Turbo Ranger.”

“I guessed as much.” Jay said, looking up at the red race car. “So, what the hell are you doing?”

Adam chuckled. “Yeah, it’s a strange sight, isn’t it?” He said, looking back at the slow moving crowd. “A few months ago I landed on this planet and it wasn’t going well. The Void Horde is hitting hard. These were already nomadic people, which made it easy for the Void Horde to simply pick them off. There’s been a lot of raids. I managed to organize the people in a large tribe, but that meant there was even more need to keep on the move, because we soon run out of resources where ever we stay, and staying anywhere too long would damage the local system so much that it would be beyond repair. By traveling around, it all stays reasonably balanced and we have places to go back to. However, the Void Horde didn’t stop raiding, so we needed some Rangers to protect the edges of this ever growing tribe. That’s why you see us patrolling.”

“I see.” Jay said. This was a lot of information to take in all at once. “So, where will you camp?”

“Oh, we won’t camp until we reach our next stop, the next oasis.” Adam said. “We should reach that tomorrow afternoon.”

“I would appreciate if you could come with us. The Void Horde have been hitting pretty hard lately, and I feel like we won’t reach the next oasis in one piece if we don’t increase the protection.”

Jay nodded. “Alright. We’ll just fly above you so that we can see where we are needed the most in case of an attack.”

“Thanks.” Adam said and walked back to his vehicle.

“I’ll send you the details to our communications network, so you can speak to the other Rangers on my team.” He said as he walked off.

“No need. I’ve already got them.” Jane replied.


Jay was taking his ship, the Corsair, into position over the giant nomadic nation of transport.

“Time to set up the link with our friends on the ground.” He said.

“It’s already up.” Jane replied.

Not sure how to feel about the fact Jane kept being one step ahead when it came to the electronics, Jay opened the channel.

“Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself, since we’re working together. I’m Captain Jay Austin, flying above you in the Corsair. I’m up here with Blue Ranger Double, Yellow Ranger Jane, Pink Ranger Leah and the resident kid, Lynn.” He announced.

“Hey. Kyle here, aboard the Mountain Blaster, guarding the left flank.” Sounded the first reply.

“So you’re looking for a Green Ranger, ey?” A second voice commented. “Well, that would be me, guarding the right. The name is P-tor.”

“I’m Jill, playing left-back in the Dune Star.” A girl said.

“And my name’s Cra’Shi, on the right-rear in the Wind Chaser.” An alien, though feminine voice said, the last to introduce herself.

“Jay.” Adam said, last of his team. “You’re going to take P-tor with you once this is all over, but for now we still need him.”

“Hehe, I knew you couldn’t let me go just yet, boss!” P-tor commented.

“We already have your replacement lined up, P-tor. We just felt it would be rude to kick you out straight away.” Adam joked in reply.

“Trouble on the left flank!” Kyle shouted. Immediately Jay threw his steering wheel around, wheeling the ship off to the left.

Kyle was steering his car amongst several buggies, which were firing lasers at the nomads. The Mountain Blaster T-boned one hard, bending the entire chassis and rupturing its fuel tank, causing quite an explosion as the Zord went through unscathed. The Dune Star was already coming up from the back as the Mountain Blaster rammed another buggy with a side swipe, causing it to lift it’s right wheels before starting a roll in which all four wheels along with a load of parts came off.

It was getting a little intense as the buggies started crowding the Zord. The Dune Star shot at the buggies to lighten the load on her team mate. Then the Corsair pulled up, aimed its cannons and fired.

Though the hits of the cannons were violent, Jay managed to exactly miss the Zords.

“That wasn’t a very big attack.” Adam commented as everyone got back to their positions. “I doubt that means the Void Horde have run out of forces though.”

Jay agreed.


The sun was already setting when Jay noticed a lake with some palm trees on their right.

“Is that the oasis already?” Jay asked.

“No, we actually shouldn’t be passing this oasis so close and we’re on the wrong side of it.” Adam said. “This is a rather small one that can’t support us. We should’ve passed it on the east by some miles and never see it. I guess the attack earlier drifted us off course.”

With the sky slowly turning purple, there was something ominous about the lake.

“Ambush!” P-tor yelled. Jay could see buggies pouring from the bushes. Apparently they had dug some tunnel system under the lake to hide an army.

Once again Jay gave a hard tug on his steering wheel, pulling his ship to the right this time to help his future team mate.

The Turbo Rangers were also making their way around the tribe to get to P-tor. Jay loosed some early, poorly aimed cannon shots, the sheer amount of buggies the Void Horde had put into action making sure he still hit a few.

The Desert Thunder was shooting left and right, delivering a few rams, trying to fend off the buggies, even though there were so many. Lasers from the buggies were flying all over and a few hit the green Zord.

The Wind Chaser and Red Lightning reached the scene and managed to take out a few buggies, but the Desert Thunder was still getting hit. P-tor was doing a good job of taking down his enemies, but his Zord was getting damaged. One of its wheels had actually seized up.

The Dune Star jumped over one of the sand hills and landed on a buggy, crushing it while the Mountain Blaster, last to arrive, drove through another exploding buggy.

The buggy forces were now clearly dwindling.

Then, out of the lake, came a giant, reptilian, bipedal monster. It’s scaled head came out first as it rose from the water. It settled its gaze on the four car Zords and their limping compadre.

“Shit, I think we’ll need the Megazord!” Adam said. “Do you think the Desert Thunder can still do it?”

“It should do, yeah.” P-tor replied.

“We’ll deal with the buggies!” Leah said.

“How?” Jay asked, struggling to keep the cannons trained on the buggies below.

“We have some vehicles of our own.” She said with a meaningful look.

Soon after the Nautilus together with Jane’s Zord, the Hauler, jumped out of the Corsair. The Nautilus landed in the lake that the monster had now vacated, while the Hauler landed in the sand. Both started firing on the buggies as the Turbo Megazord combined.

The charging lake monster hit the Megazord full on when it finally finished its combination. It seemed to struggle to stay upright, especially with one of its legs not fully cooperating.

A cannonball hit the monster in its side, making it stagger sideways and giving the Megazord enough time to draw its sword.

It got some slices in, weakening the monster enough to engage its finisher move. The Turbo Megazord raced towards its foe, slicing it in half in a giant explosion.

In its finishing pose, though, the green Zord finally buckled and the combination collapsed. While the monster was destroyed, the Megazord was also out of order. Meanwhile, Jay saw enemy reinforcements from the left. It seemed there were a few more buggies, but also some airborne enemies, which Jay pointed out. They seemed to ignore the nomads and come straight for them.

“We don’t have anything airborne to stop them.” Adam said, worried.

“But we do.” Walter announced. Moments later his fighter jet, the Freedom, launched from the Corsair.

Walter engaged in a dogfight, while the buggies arrived on the scene. Walter fired his turrets while he flew towards the enemy planes. He took out two before he flew by them, his opponents starting a chase. Bullets flew by his jet before Walter decided to pull a quick loop to shake them off. Coming out of the loop he was behind his opponents and could pick them off one by one.

“I feel so useless.” P-tor complained meanwhile. Jane pulled up next to his incapacitated Zord.

“I’ve brought something for you.” She called out as she opened the rear doors to her truck. As she stepped out, she threw the Green Turbo Ranger a key. A green race car rolled out of the truck.

“LEGEND CHANGE!” It sounded from P-tor’s morpher as he changed into the Green Legend Ranger.

“This is the Valiant.” Jane said, introducing the green Legend Zord. “You should be able to do some damage with it while your other Zord is out of commission. P-tor nodded in appreciation.

Soon the Valiant was moving amongst its enemies, firing at any and all buggies trying to get the better of his team mates, old and new.

“There’s a mothership coming!” Walter shouted out over the communications network.

Jay looked up and indeed saw a giant craft coming their way. He wheeled around his ship again, training his cannons on the ship and firing. Meanwhile Walter also did a flyover attack. It didn’t have the desired effect.

“This thing is giant!” Walter exclaimed.

“I think it’s time to try something new!” Jay called out. “It’s time to show a bit of our own Megazord action!”

For the first time, the Legend Megazord combined.

The enemy mothership fired its lasers, tearing deep trenches in the ground, blackening it and turning much of the sand into glass. It failed to hit anything, but it seemed to be a shot to intimidate the Rangers.

Jay wasn’t so easily intimidated though and the Legend Megazord drew its sabers. It dodged a laser firing and tore a hole in the side of the ship with its sword.

The ship tried to turn as the Megazord had appeared behind it, but it was way too slow. Jay quickly engaged its finisher.

With Cross Cutter, a swift attack with both blades in a cross shape across the hull of the enemy ship, it exploded and the danger was finally averted.


The Rangers gathered around the upside down damaged green Desert Thunder of P-tor. Or at least it used to be. His position would move on to someone else now.

All Rangers powered down. As was to be expected, most of the Turbo Rangers were rather surprised at Leah’s appearance. But the Legend Rangers were similarly surprised at P-tor. His skin tone was somewhere between blue and purple and he wore a facemask that seemed to be to help him breath. He looked rather slender, almost brittle, but at the same time looked fit and strong as well, the way he presented himself.

“Funny how you get completely surprised by how someone looks after having only spoken to them for an entire day.” Jay commented.

“Indeed.” P-tor said, chuckling.

“So, are you ready to come join us?” Jay asked.

P-tor looked at Adam.

“We should be fine from here.” Adam said. “We’re pretty sure that mothership was the source of the attacks of late, so we’re fine now. Even we four Turbo Rangers are a bit of an overkill right now, probably. Though we do need to get a replacement for you eventually.”

“Okay.” P-tor said. “Then I’m ready, though there are a few things I need to bring.”

“As usual.” Jay said, rolling his eyes.


As it turned out, it were four giant crates that P-tor wanted to bring.

“What do you need four crates full of stuff for?” Jay asked. “We have got some stuff on board already, you know?”

“Ah, yes, but I doubt you’ll have what I bring.” P-tor said.

“And what would that be?”

“Well, these three crates contain my animals.” P-tor pointed out. “They are specially bred and I can connect with them with my mind, allowing me to enhance my senses through theirs, and look through their eyes.”

“Wow.” Jay said. “Can we use them too?”

“Ah, no.” P-tor said. Jay looked disappointed. “Much like these animals, the capability to interface with them is engineered into our genes. It isn’t something we can easily grant other species. We’d have to do quite a bit of research on your species’ genes and then adjust your children before you are born. We couldn’t add it to you yourself.”

“Hmmm, alright.” Jay said. “So, what’s that last box for?”

“Ah, that one is more personal.” P-tor said. “My species is incredibly vulnerable to diseases and infections, so I require a lot of filters, medication and drugs when we’re close to other species or even in environments other than our home planet. That’s all in the fourth chest.”

As P-tor, with the help of some of his team mates, old and new, got the crates on board, Jay walked up to Adam.

“So, we’ll soon be leaving.” Jay said, shaking Adam’s hand.

“Yeah, it was a pleasure working with you.” Adam said.

“Same to you.”

“Will you be okay, with that Zord being down?” Jay asked.

“Yeah, we can fix it. You must’ve seen the amount of patchwork out in the tribe. With a bit of help we can get this one back on the road too, though we need to make sure its repairs are better than make-shift in the end.” Adam replied.

“Good.” Jay said, letting his voice trail off for a bit. “So, any suggestions where to go next?”

“Well, I don’t know what the others already told you, but I’ve tracked down Andros’ ship.” Adam said. “I haven’t been able to make contact with him, but I got back a standard automated reply from DECA, the on board computer, and we tracked down the coordinates to the Hades Gamma cluster. The ship is floating in the star system in which KO-35 is located, and is only a few light years from that planet, though doesn’t seem to be closing in very fast, if at all.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have much more information than that, but it does seem he might be in trouble, so please go see what happened to him.” Adam said.

“Sure, we’ll go there next. Just send me the coordinates.” Jay said.

“Will do.” Adam said.

“And here.” He added, handing over the Turbo keys to Jay. “These might come in handy. I have the old Turbo morphers here, so I am going to start using those. We only held onto these so we could give them to you when you’d finally show up.”

Half an hour later the Corsair was loaded up and taking off towards KO-35.