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Awakening - A Power Rangers Journey

ARK, is a villainous company of aliens that is believed to be the left over remains from the Alliance of Evil, or as Earthlings would call it, the Empire of Astronema since they were never really able to get the Dark Specter to Earth. Revenge on Earth, and namely the Power Rangers was their primary goal. Their plans began to take some form of traction as the galaxy began to fall right into their lap. One by One, planets fell into their hands, and soon the group managed to get to Earth and start a full out invasion.

Gosei, the protector of the planet felt that the forces of Earth were under attack again, and thus he sent his 6 protectors the Megaforce Rangers to face off with the alien group, but they were defeated, it was then the team was helped out by Tommy and the 104 other rangers who all fought valiantly against the forces of ARK, knocking them back with a huge burst of energy...

The drawback? Well the 110 rangers all lost their powers, where did they go? Well, a Ranger who never fought in the war decided to gather them, and search for 5 earthlings who could defeat ARK for good.

Red - 'Captain' Connor McLendon (Played by James Hinchcliffe (http://i1284.photobucket.com/albums/a570/NeroLight/Base%20Pics/6823_zpsdb9d9bda.jpg)) - The so called and self proclaimed 'Captain' of the mysterious rangers ship, he is shown to be very careless with his approach towards everything, willing to put his own team in danger just to either find treasure, or defeat aliens.

Blue - Jackson Stewart (Played by Terrelle Pryor (http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh14/QuarterBlack08/Terrelle%20Pryor/BlackAthletesFootballQBCollegeTerrellePryorOhioSta teBuckeyesserious.jpg)) He is Connors best friend, and has been for the past 16 some odd years, he's a football standout who can muscle his way through just about anything.

Yellow - London Wright (Played by Sophia Bush (http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z279/chell_049/sophia-bush.jpg)) - Cocky, and not very girly... Her goal is money, and treasure.... Why was she chosen who knows but she was!

Green - William Kingsley (Played by Justin Chatwin (http://media.photobucket.com/image/Justin%20Chatwin/blackskye/TI4U_u11384921321.jpg)) - He is the brains of the operation, but where is brain picks up his actions physically lack, he will use anything around him to defeat aliens.

Pink - Kira Harper (Played by Hayley Williams (http://media.photobucket.com/image/Hayley%20Williams/LikexBOOM/Hayley%20Williams/9.jpg)) - She is the friendly, yet spunk of the group.... She's known Connor and Jackson for years on end.

Silver - ??? - ???

The mysterious ranger - Those who have seen him say his color is that of red, he found the keys and the rangers chosen to use them...

Navibird - A bird that was made by the mysterious ranger in hopes of helping the team of 5 use their powers wisely, this bird also has QUITE the attitude.

Megaforce Rangers - their goal will be revealed soon!

1 ranger from every season

Kaiser Gill - The head of ARK, and Astronema's adopted son...

Prince War - He is the Prince of the Galaxy, and captain of the Trojan Horse space ship, the most powerful ship in the universe.

Damaera - She is the tech expert of ARK, she calls the monsters and makes them big.

Cyber Soldiers - High tech soldiers and grunts of ARK's Army.

Episode Guide
Chapter 1 - 110 ranger battle royale (Coming soon)

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