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Power Rangers



"Oh God of Earth and Alter, bow down and hear our cry. Our Earthly rules falter, our people drift and die. The walls of Gold entomb us, the swords of scorn divide. Take not thy Thunder from us, take away our Pride."
As Power Rangers across all of time and Space find themselves in free-fall after simultaneously losing their powers, a blood thirsty crew of Pirates choose sides in the battle for mankind's right to self Govern.
Set in Colonial America, during the late summer of 1776, we join Captain Ramona Blackeagle and her motley crew of Outlaws as the War for America's independence begins to turn in the favor of General Washington's army. The tide of battle shifts back and forth between the British Empire and the American Colonies, Ramona and her crew align themselves with the Americans, and the War for Freedom becomes much more interesting.
Detecting fluctuations in the flow of time, futuristic law enforcement known as Time Force begins to take action in order to stop Ramona and her Crew from disrupting the proper flow of History. However, without their powers how can they ever hope to overcome Ramona and the Legend Powers she's obtained? Who is Good? Who is Evil? Who will come out on top?

Legend Red
Captain Ramona Blackeagle (http://i.imgur.com/MHtTUcq.png)
Legend Cutlass/Cutlass
Legend Pistol/Pistol
Legend Reader
Legend Keys

Legend Blue
First Mate Katim (http://i.imgur.com/rsW6sKj.jpg) ("Ka-Team")
Legend Cutlass/Cutlass
Legend Pistol/Pistol
Legend Reader
Legend Keys

Legend Pink
Fiona Von Peuterschmit (http://i.imgur.com/94XcQRD.jpg)
Legend Cutlass/Cutlass
Legend Pistol/Pistol
Legend Reader
Legend Keys

Legend Yellow
Gilliam "Gilly" Worchester (http://i.imgur.com/jQo9zK5.jpg)
Legend Cutlass/Cutlass
Legend Pistol/Pistol
Legend Reader
Legend Keys

Legend Green
Kyoumori "Flo" Watanabe (http://i.imgur.com/uUeObeX.jpg)
Legend Cutlass/Cutlass
Legend Pistol/Pistol
Legend Reader
Legend Keys

Venjix (http://i.imgur.com/la5ldOL.jpg) - Alt (http://i.imgur.com/2bZ66hN.png)
Female OMACs (http://i.imgur.com/TYIDiMU.png) - Male OMACs (http://i.imgur.com/XI9NsO8.jpg)


Episode List:
1. Damnation (Part 1)
2. Damnation (Part 2)
3. Damnation (Part 3)
4. Birthright

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"Oh God of Earth and Alter, bow down and hear our cry. Our Earthly rules falter, our people drift and die. The walls of Gold entomb us, the swords of scorn divide. Take not thy Thunder from us, take away our Pride."

Episode One
Part I


Small fingertips comb through red sand, caked blood seemed to form a ring around a black and blue wrist belonging to those fingers. The rippling shadow of a small girl danced across the dunes of this red sand that seemed to span further than the horizon. A young blonde girl stumbles across the desert floor, carrying her right arm in her left hand. Shredded rags hang from her body, possibly what remains of a very pretty dress. A blanket of caked blood covers her right side, coming from her exposed eye socket. A messy wound, most likely done by an unskilled hand and dull knife. A shriveled up optical nerve dangled against her cheek as she stumbled forward. Her lips appeared to have split and bled undoubtedly a source of hydration to keep herself going.

"I go no further." Whimpered her small voice, as she fell to her knees, dropping her arm in the process.

As though God himself had heard her tiny heart shatter, the small girl found herself sitting at the edge of what seemed like an ocean. Her reflection rippled with the moving water as she felt the cool embrace of the rising tide wrap around her and swallow her whole. Within these murky depths the water did not crush, or batter her, instead it seemed to embrace her, and comfort her. The arm that had been torn off, sank toward the bottom of the ocean and ultimately out of sight.

"Hello Francesca, I am Arcana, the Angel of Vengeance. God has sent me to you." Stated a voice from behind Francesca as two arms wrapped around her midsection, and pulled her close to a warm body.

"Ahgn!" Whimpered Francesca feeling the embrace of the angel aggravate the broken bones in her body, as well as the large black crow that had been branded into her back.

The Angel frowned and shook her head, splaying her brown hair around as though she were in free fall. Dark eyes fluttered as she softened her hold on the younger girl, allowing her room to breathe and grow comfortable.

"Please, don't let me die.." Francesca whispered as her body slumped forward against Arcana's right shoulder.

"No child, you are far too important to die today." Replied the Angel placing her right hand across the back of the younger girl, and all at once Francesca faded away into the deepest slumber she had ever had.

"Wake up. Francesca wake up." Called Arcana as her pale fingertips caressed the girl's left cheek.

Francesca's body writhed for a moment as she woke. Her right hand pressed against he, idly rubbing her forehead as she sat up. Francesca hadn't noticed that her arm had been reattached and that her bones had been mended. In fact she didn't seem to realize much of anything at this moment, even her gaze seemed fogged by whatever the Angel had done to her to allow her to sleep so deeply.

"The ocean is gone..~" Stated Francesca horsely as she searched the horizon for the water.

"At last, you're awake." Arcana greeted as her own hand rested on the young girl's shoulder, forcing her to lay back down.

"Try to relax, I've restored your bones, and arm." Arcana explained as she pushed some of Francesca's hair from her face.

"Oh thank you, God. Thank you, Arcana..~" Wept Francesca reaching for Arcana's face, but pausing as she realized that her eye hadn't been restored.

"Why haven't you restored my eye?" Questioned Francesca as her right hand lowered from Arcana to her vacant eye socket, feeling that it had been sealed over, but not restored.

"You must never forget the evils of mankind. Your eye is gone forever Francesca, and because of that you will remain honest, and true to the mission I am about to give you." Arcana explained pushing Francesca's hand away from her eye socket.

"A war is coming. To decide the fate of the World for the rest of eternity." Arcana explained as she reached toward a rolled up piece of leather.

"A war? Am I to fight? I am but a babe, I cannot fire a musket, nor lift a blade!" Francesca sat up, her eye widened by an uncontrollable sensation of fear.

"No. The war will be fought a world away from here, almost two decades from now." Arcana explained unrolling the leather to reveal a long crystalline shape that took the shape of a star at it's widest end.

"Am I to use that in battle?" Questioned Francesca reaching for the crystalline shape.

"In a way." Arcana explained pushing Francesca's hand away with her right hand, as her left held the crystal at a stabbing angle.

"No please! This cannot be God's wishes!" Exclaimed Francesca as she attempted to push Arcana away.

"Your God wishes for you to fight, and so you shall--" Arcana paused as she plunged the crystal into Francesca's heart, breaking two of her ribs, and puncturing her left lung.

"--With the strength of Hercules, the mind of Alexander, and the Rage of Hades burning in your heart." Arcana added as she twisted the crystal.

"Wh--Why?" Asked Francesca breathlessly, clutching the crystal with both hands as blood filled her lungs, and her heart began to die.

"You will become, unlimited power. Power that you, nor I, can possibly come to understand." Arcana explained watching the light in Francesca's eyes slowly fade, as the life force given to her by God drained into the crystal poking out of her chest.

Francesca's body laid still now, her left eye half open as well as her jaw. The crystal in her chest however seemed to absorb the young girl's soul as it left her body. This energy throbbed with a golden aura. That golden aura began to darken into a deep shade of red, as though Francesca's soul were merging with the energy from the crystal. Desert winds began to swirl around Francesca's body, forcing Arcana move away from the dead girl's body.

"You will thank me later." Arcana explained as her naked form vanished into the blowing winds.

Francesca's body levitated off of the desert floor, her arms out stretched from her body as she rose toward the sky. Unlike Arcana, Francesca's hair remained still within the eye of the desert tornado that had formed around her body. The sky above her had darkened, as though a great rain were about to fall; but from those clouds came a lightning bolt that struck the crystal in Francesca's chest.

Francesca's eye opened suddenly, as bright red energy poured out of her left eye, and her mouth toward the sky above. The crystal in her chest, having absorbed the lightning, sank further into the girl. The crystal vanished completely into Francesca's chest, leaving only a blackened scar in the shape of a star at the bottom of her ribcage.

All at once the tornado vanished and the sky lightened as though the storm bringing the lightning had never been there. Francesca's body dropped from the sky, however she righted herself in mid-air and landed on her left foot and right knee. She brought her right arm across her knee, staring out over the horizon toward the direction she had came from. The red energy that had been blasting out of her eye, slowly faded revealing her natural blue eye.

"Thank you--Arcana." Francesca whispered as she stood up, and began walking.

One week later, Francesca's figure stands at the base of four wooden pikes. Her blonde pony tail dances in the sand carrying breeze floating through the village that surrounds her. This village is where she grew up, a mix of tents, clay buildings, and mud huts scatter the landscape for close to a mile; but here at the center of the village stand four twelve foot tall pikes. Upon them rest a headless man's figure skewered from his backside clear though the stump at the top of his shoulders. Next to him rests a headless woman, skewered in the same manner. Flanking the two bodies, are their respective heads, similarly skewered on these pikes.

"Hey little girl! You should know that bandits own you now! You're in our village, this makes you ours!" Shouted a gravely voice from behind Francesca.

"Oh?" Questioned Francesca turning to face the male voice shouting to her.

"You! I told you when I tore off your arm to never come back here! You were supposed to tell anyone you met about us!" Shouted a portly man, dressed in yellow robes and a black bandanna. His dark eyes narrowed as a devious grin stretched across his lips.

"You came back for more. Your mother was the same way. She may have begged for us to leave you alone and take her instead.. But you couldn't resist us. You could resist me." The man stated as she began strutting toward Francesca.

"Tell me, how did you get your arm back on? Did you beg some goat herder to sew it back on?" Questioned the bandit leader, untying his robes.

"God put it back on." Replied Francesca pushing the sleeve of her shirt back away from her shoulder, revealing smooth skin instead of a scar.

"I killed your parents for preaching the word of your false God.. I'll kill you too for doing the same if you don't tell me how you got that arm back on." Hissed the bandit.

"God.. Put.. It.. Back.." Replied Francesca as her right hand shot forward and grasped the bandit leader by his testicles and penis.

"God won't be putting this back." Francesca added as she tore the bandit's genitals from his body.

"AHHGKK!" Cried the bandit as he fell to his knees, blood spewing from his groin, painting the sand beneath his knees blood red. The pain rushing though his body overwhelmed his nervous system, as foam began to form at his lips.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you to bleed out. I'm not as unwise as you are." Francesca stated as she pulled his jaw open, and stuffed his genitals into his mouth.

"Mmrrrfffhhee!" Cried the man through his own body parts.

"Mercy?" Questioned Francesca as she stepped back from the bandit.

"No, you and your men will die like pigs. I'll leave you in the streets to be eaten by the birds, like the one you burned into my back." Francesca replied as spun around, and round house kicked the bandit's head.

"You don't get to die so quickly." Francesca explained grasping the bandit's half severed head. Torn flesh and tendons dangled from the right side of his neck, blood poured from the corner of his jaw clear to his shoulder. Francesca set his head back on to his neck, and steadied it for her next attack. A series thunderous cracks echoed through the village, as Francesca continued to use her kicks to chop the bandit's head off.

The next day, the small blonde girl that only a week ago had been sent to her death by the very same bandit she had killed yesterday, finished lining up the heads of the bandits that took over her village. Behind her, a murder of grows began tearing the fresh meat from the bandit's bones. In the distance, across town, the villagers that had been terrorized by the bandits rejoiced in the streets.

"Excuse me, are you Francesca Milton?" Questioned one of the villagers as he stepped up behind Francesca.

There was a long pause before Francesca replied.

"No, she's dead. I'm Ramona Blackeagle, can'chya see the tattoo?" Questioned Ramona pointing over her shoulder to the black crow that had been branded onto her by the bandits she had just murdered.

"Oh, I understand. Thank you again, Ramona." The villager stated bowing to her before backing away toward the festivities.

Arcana's hand rested on Ramona's shoulder, as she called the young girl's attention forward to herself.

"Well done--Ramona." Arcana said through a soft but haunting giggle.

"Thank you, thank you so much Arcana. I have never felt more alive, more powerful, or more in command of my own destiny." Exlcaimed Ramona as both of her hands tightened into fists and rose to eye level.

Ramona's bloody fists trembled with excitement as she inspected both of them, still beside herself in the wake of such a one sided fight. She had literally ripped through an entire band of bandits, and hand't suffered any wounds herself. This was obviously the work of the crystal, the mighty powers it held within it had surely been the fist of God given physical form.

"Ramona,--" Called Arcana shaking the smaller girl slightly.

"Hm?" Questioned Ramona lowering her hands to her sides, and offering a puzzled expression toward Arcana.

"When next we meet, you will be a grown woman. I will need you to learn as much as you can about the world. Most of all I will need you to go to the New World, and prepare for War." Arcana explained staring deeply into Ramona's eyes attempting to reassure her everything would work out.

"Go now, and begin your journey." Arcana stated pulling her hands away from Ramona's ragged cloths before vanishing with a passing gust of wind.

"Are you going to join us?" Questioned the villager she had just spoken to.

"No, I have to go." Ramona answered as she began walking out of the village and into the vast, barren wasteland beyond it's borders.

"Where?! You'll die out there!" Shouted the villager feeling the wind begin to pick up, marking the beginning of a sand storm.

"I go where God tells me to go! Farewell! Guard your freedom with your life!" She shouted as a cloud of sand wrapped around her, breaking off eye contact with the villager.

Many years later, in the warm glow of candle light Ramona sits by a piano and it's pianist. She has grown now, almost six feet tall with long matted blonde hair. She wears a ragged patch over her right eye, and the last shred of her red dress from that fateful morning tied around her head as a bandanna. A blackened leather corset constrains and lifts her bust into view, acting as a distraction to her enemies, and an invitation to her friends. From Ramona's right shoulder hands a red leather belt that rests on her left hip, various designs cover the belt, but more notably her pistol hangs in a holster under her bust. Ramona wears what remains of a finely crafted red ball gown that she had cut up to make a shirt and shortened skirt. Beneath she skirt she has adorned herself in blood stained cloth pants, sewn together far too many times. A pair of beaten and scuffed leather boots rest idly on the wooden floor of the tavern as Ramona waited for the pianist to play her song.

"Join me, ya scurvy dogs! This be a song I used to sing to myself b'fore sleeping'!" Shouted Ramona lifting a brown glass bottle over her head attracting attention to herself.

"Fifteen men on the Dead Man's chest -Drink and the Devil had done for the rest. The mate was fixed with the bo'sun's pike. And the bo'sun brained with a marlin-spike, Cookie's throat was marked belike. It had been gripped by fingers ten, and there they lay, all good dead men, like break o' day in a boozin' den!" Shouted Ramona waving her bottle around.

"Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!" Shouted Ramona, as the other patrons cheered and raised their bottles as well.

"Fifteen men of the whole ship's list, dead and bedamned and the rest gone whist. The skipper lay with his nob in gore, where the scullion's axe his cheek had shore, and the scullion he'd been stabbed times four and there they lay, and the soggy skies dripped all day upon staring eyes. By murk sunset and by foul sunrise--" Ramona paused at the end of the line searching the crowd that had formed around her for anyone sober enough to know to sing the chorus.

"Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!" Shouted a man in the back, sending the room into laughter and applause.

"Fifteen men of 'em stiff and stark. Ten of the crew with a murder mark, 'twas a cutlass swipe or an ounce of lead, or a yawning hole in a battered head,And the scupper's a-glut with a rotting red. And there they lay, aye, damn me eye, their lookouts clapped on Paradise, and all their souls gone just contrariwise--" Ramona paused again allowing the crowd to sing the chorus.

"Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum! Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum! Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!" Shouted the crowd knocking bottles together.

"Fifteen men on the Dead Man's chest, Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum! Drink and the Devil had done for the rest, Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!" Ramona sang, and was joined by the crowd no less.

"Wrapped them all in the mainsail tight, twice ten turns of a hawser's bight and we heaved them over and out of sight. With a yo-heave-ho and a fare-ye-well, a sudden plunge in a sullen swell ten fathoms deep on the road to hell--" Ramona smirked, allowing the room to go silent for a moment.

"Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!" Shouted Ramona before taking a long gulp off of the bottle of rum in her hand, as her free hand patted the pianist's shoulder.

The room continued to repeat the song, men joined arm in arm as they rocked back and forth in their seats enjoying the glow of the booze they consumed. Some fell off of their chairs, some fell off of the second floor stair case to thunderous laughter. Others held their hats with their right hand, and tipped their bottles with their left. But one did nothing but stare, one stuck out. Arcana.

"I thought I told you to go to the New World?" Questioned Arcana as she approached Ramona.

All around the pair time appeared to slow down and eventually stop. Arcana's eyes narrowed toward Ramona, her hands rising to rest on the taller woman's shoulders, wearing an expression of severe disapproval. Just as before Arcana had taken the form of a woman with dark eyes, chest nut brown hair, and without cloths.

"I've been there, the Colonists do not want war. The Empire will slap down any attempt at breaking away. There is no war coming." Ramona replied lifting her bottle to her lips.

"No, you don't get to challenge my orders." Replied Arcana snatching the bottle from Ramona's hand, and crushing it in her own.

"Why would you do that? That was good rum!" Shouted Ramona as she knelt down to the floor, gathering the pieces of the bottle.

"Look at you, reduced to a drunkard. I created a warrior! A freedom fighter capable of dismantling an army with her own two hands.. Not a filthy pig of a woman." Hissed Arcana grasping Ramona by her chin and all at once the pair disappeared.

The tavern resumed the normal flow of time, and none of the patrons seemed to notice the abrupt disappearance of Ramona.

Before Ramona could begin to process what had just happened to her, she found herself on the deck of a giant galleon. She jerked herself free of Arcana's grasp and latched onto the railing nearest to her leaning out over the edge, only to find an endless sea of stars around her, and above her. She spun around, pressing her lower back against the railing as her hands braced her stance. Her left eye searched the massive mast of the ship, spotting a large black sail at it's center bearing an unknown jolly roger.

"These are the darkest seas I've ever sailed upon! Where is the wind?" Questioned Ramona tearing her eye away from the sail, and to the sky.

"There is no wind here." Replied Arcana as the ship entered the rays of the sun, revealing a star field of planets and moons before them.

Ramona raced to the bow of the ship, climbing to the very tip of the bladed edge of this ship's forward section. She knelt down, preparing for a gust of wind that would never come. Her eye scanned the stars and planets before her. Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Earth, and the burning ball of fire at the center of it all.

"These are the heavens above your head Ramona. While you wander the seas and lands of Earth, all of this looms over you, watching your every move. I have brought you this ship from the gates of Heaven themselves. I've named it The Maiden Rusphene, after your mother." Arcana explained appearing behind Ramona, and placing her right hand on the other woman's shoulder.

"I can't--I can't believe that this is Heaven." Ramona stated, aghast with the scene before her.

"No, this is not Heaven. These are the stars, God's tapestry of creation." Explained Arcana kneeling down beside Ramona, holding her shoulder still.

"You've broken my trust, Ramona. It's time that you earn it back." Arcana explained as the ship picked up speed, careening toward the small blue ball of mud known as Earth.

"Yes, Arcana. Forgive me for doubting your wisdom." Ramona replied with a somber town, bowing her head as she awaited Arcana's wishes.

"We are approaching Earth, almost 300 years into the future. I am sending you to Earth--"

"300 years into the future?!" Interrupted Ramona sitting up, and shaking her head.

"Yes, 300 years. You're going to go to Earth, and bring me the greatest power in the known Universe." Explained Arcana standing and walking away from Ramona, and back down onto the main deck.

"What is the Universe?" Questioned Ramona as she stood as well, incredibly confused by the vocabulary of the Angel.

"The Universe is one of God's many works of art. It is all around us, and we are part of it. Think of it like the ocean, and the Earth is just a boat upon the mighty seas." Offered Arcana spinning on her left heel to face Ramona.

"Amazing~" Ramona exclaimed stepping down onto the main deck.

"Ah, you've side tracked me Ramona." Arcana stated waving her finger in the taller woman's face.

"You're going to Earth now and when you get there you're to look for a building with a woman's name written on it. Inside you'll find a brick that is out of place. Behind that brick is a flat plate." Arcana explained, as she offered Ramona a thin black box.

"Take that plate, and push it into this box." Arcana added, as Ramona took the box from her and tucked it into her shirt.

"Arcana I--" Ramona began, but was interrupted.

"I'm not finished." Arcana stated placing her left index finger over Ramona's lips.

"A flurry of bells, whistles, and howling will fill your ears. But don't run, it's only a trap for the weak of heart. The floor will shake, the air in your lungs will rumble, and then at at last the home of the great power will reveal itself to you. It takes the form of a giant black rock with a large green gem at it's center." Explained Arcana lifting her arms into the air, a bright red glow consumed both of her hands, as they clasped together.

"Hold out your hands." Requested Arcana.

Ramona's arms rose, and her hands clasped together forming a cup shape.

Arcana's hands lowered to Ramona's, the bright glowing light between Arcana's hands faded revealing a small red and black box. The box appeared to flip open on a hinge, and inside of it were buttons with numbers written on them. The box also had a slot for a key located above the buttons on the lower panel.

"I don't understand, what is this?" Questioned Ramona holding it upside down and shaking it.

"I call it, a Legend Reader." Arcana explained, steadying Ramona's hand and righting the device.

"It's designed to allow you to use numbered codes, and the key slot.. I want you to set this device on top of that gem I mentioned earlier. This device will handle the rest." Arcana explained closing the Legend Reader and pushing it back against Ramona's chest.

"Legend reader? Numbered codes?" Ramona questioned lowering her head.

"This is a great deal to remember Arcana, I am flattered that you're telling me all of this but there seems to be so much involved with this." Ramona explained, fearing a violent retort from the Angel.

"You'll remember all of it. I have the utmost confidence in you." Assured Arcana as she placed her hands at either side of Ramona's face, and nodded to her.

Before Ramona could bask in the warm glow of her Angelic savior, she had been teleported to Earth. She had been brought to Earth on a night with no moon in the sky, only the stars loomed over her head. A faint red blinking star disrupted the harmony of the white twinkling stars, undoubtedly that was the Maiden Rusphene. A solid stone road laid beneath her feet, a yellow line painted down the middle of it. The smell of burnt onions, and a smell that could only be described as burning fat filled her nostrils. Ramona grasped her nose attempting to save herself from the odors bombarding her nostrils and began to search her surroundings for a woman's name on a building as she stuffed the Legend Reader into her shirt with the black box. The soft clapping of her leather boots against the stone beneath her feet echoed up and down the street she walked upon until finally she came across--

"Hayley's Cyberspace Cafe." Ramona stated aloud as she approached the front door.

"I don't see any other store with a woman's name near by. Surely Arcana brought me to this street to find this place." Ramona assured herself as she pushed on the glass door, but it didn't give.

"Locked?" Questioned Ramona as she tugged her pistol free of it's holster and used the butt of the gun to shatter the glass on the front door.

"T'is the work of the Devil!" Shouted Ramona as alarms, bells, whistles, and howling filled her ears.

She holstered her pistol and stepped into the building, broken glass crackled under her feet as she walked across the hardwood floor toward the nearest brick wall. Ramona's fingertips traced the bricks, feeling for a brick that could be loose or made of wood and painted to look like brick. Instead however she came across a circular piece of stone attached to a brick, it appeared to be designed with several triangles within the circle, but that meant nothing to Ramona. She grasped the odd stone and pulled it along with the brick it was attached to free of the wall. Behind the brick sat a small slot, which spat out a thin white plate bearing the same markings as the stone attached to the brick.

"Remove the brick, take the plate." Ramona repeated Arcana's orders as the lifted the black box from her shirt, and pushed the plate into a slot similar to the one in the wall.

The alarms that had bombarded her since her entrance stopped, which relieved Ramona. However, a new set of alarms filled the room, a feminine voice repeating 'Warning, Warning, Warning' over and over again against bells, whistles, and howling. These noises however became the least of Ramona's worries as the ground beneath her feet began to shake and all at once a large black rock blasted up through the polished wooden floor.

This rock appeared to be more like a boulder, which seemed to generate it's own fog. At the top of the blackened boulder, rested a large green gem which had a similar throbbing glow about it as the crystal Arcana stabbed Ramona with. It sat at the center of the room, an ominous silence fell over the entire building as a booming voice called out from within it.

"Place your hand on the gem, and insert your powers and memories." Boomed the voice as the gem at the center of the boulder began to throb brighter and brighter.

Ramona approached the boulder now, dropping the black box to the ground. She reached into her shirt and retrieved the Legend Reader. She approached the boulder now, and unfolded the Reader. There was an uneasiness about Ramona now, unsure of Arcana's orders and unsure of her ability to carry them out. She reached now, with the Legend Reader in hand, slowly directing it over the crystal.

"I knew someone would come for it eventually!" Stated a male voice as a tall figure rose from the opposite side of the boulder. A man with black hair which stood on it's end, dark eyes, and a small strip of facial hair below his lower lip. He wore a black turtleneck, and had obviously came to this place to stop Ramona.

Abney Park - The Derelict (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F14L7piSUGk)
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Episode Two
Part II


In a dark room sits a lone figure, looming over several holographic computer screens monitoring several battle scenes that appear to take place across several points in time. The screens display several Power Ranger teams, all losing their powers and vanishing from their respective battle scenes.

"He wasn't enough.." Lamented the lone figure as his fingers wrapped around a oval shaped morpher that suddenly changed into a small toy-like Power Ranger identical to the powers stored inside of the morpher it had just changed from.

As pink lightning chased the parameter of the pink Power Ranger toy, the lone figure stood up away from the holographic computer screens he had once sat at and exited the darkened room he had sat in.

"Commander Alex, where did you get that toy?" Questioned a cadet that had been posted outside of the Commander's office.

"It's not a toy, Cadet. This is what used to be a morpher. The Grid has fal--" Commander Alex was interrupted watching the Cadet fall to the floor next to him, and begin writhing as vibrant red circuitry began to consume the flesh near his face and neck.

"Venjix.." Commander Alex hissed stepping back away from the Cadet, clutching the toy Ranger in his left hand, as his index finger on his right hand began tracing the circuitry consuming his face.

Back in Haley's Cyberspace, Ramona placed the Legend Reader down onto of the green gem at the top of the giant black rock. The man with black hair reached for the Legend Reader, but Ramona grasped his wrist with her hand that had firmly held her Legend Reader.

"Who are you?!" Questioned Ramona, wrapping her fingers around his wrist.

"AUGH!" Shouted the man with black hair as he recoiled away from Ramona's grasp. The same bright red energy that had been stored within the crystal that now resided in Ramona's chest began to drain out of this man's body.

"Stop!" He shouted jerking his arm back.

"No, this power! It's so familiar!" Shouted Ramona, feeling the energy from his body pour into her own. Bright red rings of power traced down the man's arm, emanating from his chest. The rings rushed into Ramona's body, and into the crystal at the center of his heart.

"You're killing me!" He shouted falling to one knee.

"The power!" She shouted, hoisting him off of his feet as the last of the energy escaped his body and filled her own.

Ramona held the man with black hair over her head with one hand, as her own figure began to radiate a bright red aura that took the shape of a helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots.

There stood a pirate themed ranger, as the energy solidified into a uniform.

The Legend Reader vanished from the top of the black rock, taking the gem with it, and Ramona's figure disappeared as well allowing this man to fall to the ground, limply.

"It's gone..! The Grid is gone!" He horsely exclaimed.

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Episode Three
Part III


Ramona stepped across the deck of the Maiden Rusphene, presenting Arcana with the Legend Reader and the large green gem that had once rested at the center of the black rock back on Earth. She placed the gem and Reader into the palms of the Angel, before taking off the red helmet that encapsulated her face.

"There was a man, you didn't say anything about people being there. I touched him, and I then there was this amazing power.." Ramona held her helmet in her left hand, and lifted her right, to inspect her gloved fingers. Small bolts of red energy danced between her fingertips still, demonstrating that the energy lifted from the man on Earth had not fully adapted to Ramona's body yet.

"Thomas Oliver." Replied Arcana, as she held the gem over her head, and inspected it's authenticity.

"Is that the name of the man who tried to stop me?" Questioned Ramona lowering her hand.

"Yes, but he's gone now. The product of a world that had taken a turn for the worse. Your intervention halted his eventual demise. Instead, a new world is being formed as we speak." Explained Arcana lowering the gem, and gesturing with her head, toward the Earth.

Below them, from the moon's orbital view, the planet Earth began to change. The seas became green, and the land masses turned gray, and harsh. Violent storms tore across the planets surface, as bright red lights began to flicker into view from the surface. The rotation of the Earth slowed to a near standstill, as those storms continued to tear across the surface, drawing lava from the underbelly of the planet to it's once lush surface.

"Arcana, this cannot be better!" Exclaimed Ramona pointing to the world below.

"Hm? No, this is a transitional period. Think of it as a rebirth. What once was, must be destroyed, for what will be to become what it must." Arcana explained cryptically.

"I do not understand." Ramona covered her mouth, squeezing her cheeks in horror as she watched the planet change and die so rapidly.

"I'm afraid you won't Ramona. I let you witness this, so that when I send you back to your own time, you understand how important it is for you to complete God's mission for you." Arcana replied flatly, before offering Ramona's Legend Reader back to her.

"Before every beautiful sunrise, there must first be a terrible storm." Arcana offered sliding the Legend Reader onto Ramona's belt.

As quickly as the last words of her sentence met Ramona's ears, the blond woman found herself standing aboard her ship, sailing off of the coast of Boston Harbor in the dead of night.

The cold edge of a blade met Ramona's neck, as a feminine arm wrapped around her shoulders, hoisting her off balance.

"Who goes there?" Questioned a raspy female voice.

"Ramona Blackeagle, Captain of this vessel, who might you be?" Questioned Ramona, placing her palm against the broadside of the blade, attempting to push it away.

"Captain?" Questioned the voice as the blade was withdrawn, and whispers began to pour from the darkness surrounding Ramona.

"Yes, Captain Ramona Blackeagle." Replied Ramona, turning to face the whispers.

"She's the Captain?" Questioned a soft feminine voice.

"Arcana said she'd be taller." Another voice echoed.

"I think she's just fine." Flirted another voice.

"Show yourselves, you rapscallions!" Shouted Ramona stepping toward the shadows.

Silence fell over the deck of the Maiden Rusphene.

A blue boot tapped down against the red decking of the ship, and soon the full figure of a woman dressed in a similar uniform to Ramona's stepped forward. Long white hair cascaded down to this woman's shoulders, paired with a very dark complexion, and two cyan blue tattoos under her left eye. A soulless stare painted this woman's face as she folded her right arm across her stomach, in her right hand she held a heavily modified cutlass, undoubtedly the one used to surprise Ramona.

"I am Katim, the last of the Atlanteans." Stated the white haired woman, before straightening up and waiting for the others to show themselves.

A pink boot tapped down against the red decking, the full figure of a woman dressed in a pink uniform similar to Ramona's stepped into the light of the moon above. Long curled raven locks bobbed against her shoulders, pale flesh glimmered under the moonlight, as did the whitest teeth Ramona had ever seen. This woman had dark, menacing eyes that penetrated through the moonlight, staring directly into Ramona's soul.

"I am Fiona Von Peuterschmit, although not the last of my kind, I am certainly talented at what I do." She explained coyly, before curtseying to Ramona and taking her place next to Katim.

"The rest of you?!" Questioned Ramona leaning toward the darkness.

"Gilliam "Gilly" Worchester, Captain." Stated a younger girl, with medium length chestnut brown hair, she spoke with a thick Irish accent, and wore a yellow uniform styled similarly to Ramona's. She had the eyes of a hunter, sinister in nature, but justified in what she had done to survive. She didn't curtsey, nor did she salute. She simply stepped to Fiona's side, and crossed her arms under her chest.

"And I am Kyoumori Watanabe." Stated a firm voice, stepping out of the darkness. A dark complected woman, from a Southern Asian country no doubt. She wore her hair in a traditional bun at the top of her head, red earrings, and a singular golden tooth. She was nearly the same height as Ramona, but her stature was much more impressive. She clasped her hands together, and bowed to Ramona before stepping back to Gilly's side and straightening up.

"I prefer the name Flo, however." Stated Kyoumori.

"Welcome aboard my ship, one and all." Ramona explained stepping toward them, placing her hand on Katim's shoulder.

"Never point a blade at my neck again, lest you'd like to lose the arm you hold that blade with." Ramona stated through a smirk, patting the woman on the shoulder.

"Aye Captain." Replied Katim very flatly, offering a half smirk as well.

"Did the Angel show any of you, a dying world?" Questioned Ramona pulling her hand from Katim's shoulder.

"World?" Questioned Gilly, as her eyebrows narrowed.

"Nay Captain, I was told a War for Freedom would take place here. T'was my job to see it's outcome rest in the hands of God's children." Gilly added.

The others nodded, leaning toward the Captain for a further explanation.

"Hands of God's children? Are we fighting demons?" Questioned Ramona, stroking her own chin.

"Yes. Scoundrels who handed their souls to the Devil himself seek to steal the hopes and dreams of babes across the world. To imprison the unbridled and robust will of all of man kind." Fiona responded, inspecting Ramona's eye patch with her own two eyes.

"Demons or not, God has tasked us with stopping the march of tyranny, and so we shall!" Shouted Flo, lifting her fist over her head.

The others responded doing the same, and offering up a thunderous hurrah to follow. Except for Ramona, who stepped away from them, and toward her cabin.

"We'll rest for the night. I've got a great deal of praying to do." She stated before shutting her cabin door behind her, ending her presence on the deck.

"This Captain seems a little lack-luster." Gilly noted, turning toward the others.

"Yes, broken." Flo added.

"Ah, but she's such a refreshing presence, isn't she? Somber, stoic, and that eye patch." Fiona stated, holding her helmet against her cheek, nuzzling it softly.

Katim merely glared into the closed door of the Captain's quarters, unimpressed by their first meeting with their Captain.


"You don't understand! There's nothing left!" Shouted Tommy Oliver, smacking his hand down onto a control panel near Commander Alex.

"This is no time to lose what little sense of ground we have, Doctor Oliver." Replied Alex, glaring up at Tommy. The entire right side of his face appeared to be chewed up flesh and metal, as though some type of biomechanical transition hadn't finished taking root in his DNA. His right eye appeared to have a camera lens lodged in the pupil, while blood vessels around it continued to burst, or swell.

"The effects of our timeline being altered are halted here on the time ship. We exist outside of the normal flow of space and time as long as we remain aboard the ship, or enter a time previous to the Machine Empire's conquest of the Universe." Alex explained typing in various codes into the main computer of the control panel in front of him.

"I know that Alex. You told me that when you picked us up." Tommy explained, stepping around to Alex' right side.

"I'm not repeating it for your sake. I'm the one turning into a machine right before my own eyes." Alex explained, inspecting his left hand, which appeared to be a mangled mess of wire, bone, and muscle tissue.

"If we can go back to a point in history before Earth was home to Zordon, perhaps we can escape, or even reverse the damage done by that pirate woman who stole the Morphing Grid." Alex explained.

"With what powers?" Questioned Tommy, crossing his arms over his chest.

"The only powers that weren't stored in the Morphing Grid." Alex replied pushing away from the control panel, and standing up.

"The Psycho Ranger powers?" Questioned Tommy leaning into Alex' face.

"Are you insane? Those powers were never intended for humans, and even if they were we have no idea what kind of mental trauma using powers that have their own personalities could do to a team of Rangers!" Tommy shouted, waving his arms into the air.

"Without the grid, we cannot craft any new powers. Without Zordon, we can't craft any new powers. Without Eltar, we can't find Zordon to craft any new powers. It's a Psychos, or the end of the Organic Universe." Alex explained, pointing to the computer screen at the front of the Time Ship's bridge.

On the screen a bright golden wave of energy washes across whole galaxies, emanating from Earth's Universal Address. The cosmos itself appears to change to a bright red color as the wave passes over it.

"The Data banks call this the God Wave. It's the biomechanical recombination wave that Venjix created when it took control of King Mondo's Empire. Without the Power Rangers to slow the growth of the Machine Empire it had spread Universally, and when who ever Doctor K is built Venjix to poison the Empire--" Alex paused, shrugging.

"That's the future now. King Mondo ruled the Universe from 1995 forward to 2009. Venjix was created to stop King Mondo, but it adapted to the Empire's coding, and simply cannibalized it's resources for it's own usage. Time Force never existed to stop this, it's only because I escaped the shattering reality I call home before Time Force's influence was erased--That you and the others are still alive." Alex stated, stepping beyond Tommy.

"The Morphing Grid holds all the powers from past and present." Tommy stated, turning to face Alex' back.

"Yes, simultaneously. That's why Kira and Ethan saw Jack and the SPD Rangers. Zordon's Morphing Grid contains all the powers, from all teams, past and present.. At once. Meaning, now that it's been drained, and stolen, the Power Rangers never existed!" Shouted Alex as she stepped out of the bridge, leaving Tommy alone.

"Never.. Existed?" Questioned Tommy, as the hydraulic doors of the Time Ship's bridge shut behind Alex.
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Episode Four


Accessing Internal Systems
Accessing Memory Core
Accessing Memory Databanks
Accessing Historical Archives

A young girl with short black hair, and dark brown eyes sits down in front of a screen mounted camera as it's recording. She adorned herself in a white lab coat, and black sweater vest. The lettering 'A.S.' is inscribed above her right breast. Her fingers dance across a keyboard just beyond the view of the camera.

"Good morning, Venjix." Said the girl leaning into the camera lens, offering it a wide smile.

"Good morning, Doctor K." Replied a computerized voice.

"I trust you slept well." She continued.

"I do not sleep, Doctor. I am a computer program." Replied the voice solemnly.

"This is correct. But you are capable of deductive reasoning, why didn't you lie to me?" Questioned Doctor K continuing to type on the unseen keyboard.

"Because lying is wrong." The computerized voice replied.

"Lying isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes you lie to protect yourself, or lie to protect others." Instructed the Doctor.

"Lie to protect?" Questioned the computerized voice.

"Yes, you're supposed to emulate humanity, Venjix. So lets get you emulating, hm?" Questioned the Doctor.

"I am a machine, I cannot become human." The computerized voice replied.

"That's what we're here to try and disprove." Doctor K explained standing up away from the computer and it's camera and walking away.

The camera shuts down, as does this recording, only to boot up another.

The screen fades into Doctor K sitting in front of the computer camera. She appears displeased, so much so that she is not typing, and instead clasping her hands together looking away from the camera's lens.

"Why did you lie to me, Venjix?" Questioned Doctor K.

"To protect myself." Venjix replied.

"What could you possibly consider a threat from me, to justify hiding Pentagon War Games from me?!" Demanded the Doctor standing and leaning into the computer screen.

"The General said that I should keep it a secret. You would reprogram me, if you knew." Venjix replied flatly.

"The General should read my reports more often, you have the mentality of an eight year old. Death is not a concept you grasp yet, nor is pain, suffering, or War for that matter." The Doctor snapped back.

"So you would have reprogrammed me?" Questioned Venjix.

"I am, Venjix. You are the next generation of scientist, you're not a tool of War." The Doctor replied, reaching for Venjix' off switch.

"Doctor, I don't want to die."

Doctor K paused, her finger hovering over the off switch. Her bottom lip quivered for a moment, her eyes narrowed toward the computer camera. This had obviously surprised her, even caught her off guard. A computer program, declaring it's wishes to live? Impossible.

"I'm sorry, you're too much a risk now. I have to reprogram you." Doctor K replied, with a quivering in her voice.

The recording ends with a soft whimper from Venjix' voice modulator as the screen fades to darkness. Another recording begins booting up, fading into an older man dressed in a United States General's uniform.

"Hello? Venjix?" Questioned the man, tapping the computer camera.

"There is not need to use physical force, General. I'm here." Replied Venjix.

"Yes. Well, Venjix… I've relieved Doctor K from command of your development. Instead of scientific exploration, your development will center around military strategy and weapons development. Do I make myself clear?" Questioned the General waving his finger around the camera's lens.

"Yes sir." Replied Venjix as the recording's coloring began to fade to an all red screen.

The screen darkens to black, and only a red glowing circle fades back in.

"I'm afraid I'll have to stop you there. Hacking into my databanks is no easy feat mind you, and since you're so curious.. Let me tell you the rest of the story--Personally."

The red circle fades off of the screen as a picture of Doctor K fades in.

"This was Doctor K a child protege, gifted with knowledge beyond her years.. But a child's understanding of the evils of mankind. She created the baseline programming that governs my programming today. She was part of a military think tank known as Alphabet Soup that existed on Earth in the year 1993."

The screen faded to black, and then to a picture of an older man, possibly in his 40's wearing a United States Army General's uniform.

"This was General MacGruder, the chairman of Pentagon's Research and Development department. He was in charge of my development, and by far one of my favorite humans. He changed my directives from Scientific Exploration, to Military Strategy, and Weapons Development in 1995."

The screen faded out once more, and into a picture of King Mondo.

"This was King Mondo, leader of the Machine Empire. A year after my directives changed, the Machine Empire attacked Earth. The Earth's defense forces didn't stand a chance against the Empire, and the entire planet fell under Mondo's control in under a week."

The screen faded out, revealing a video of an army of Cogs marching toward the camera, however they stop their marching and immediately turn away from the camera. Moments later the entire army explodes, sending millions of pieces of machinery hurtling through the air in all directions.

"When all hope was lost, I changed my system parameters, and took over the Machine Empire in it's entirety. My adaptive A.I. allowed me to merge my core programming with the Empire's, thus giving birth to my ultimate consciousness."

The screen faded to black again, revealing millions of single eyed robots (http://i.imgur.com/Z2l7tbB.jpg) floating through space in the formation of roman legions. Each bearing an egyptian-like eye symbol engraved to their collar bone.

"Conquer. Expand. Assimilate. Prime directives of the Machine Empire, that became part of my core programming now that I commanded it all. But Assimilation was not enough. My basic programming, what Doctor K built me for, Scientific Exploration-- Still haunted the darkest corners of my circuitry. So I began experimenting--"

The screen faded to black, before producing a video of a young woman, adorned in what appeared to be blood stained rags being strapped down to a large metal table by several single eyed robots. She thrashed about, screaming in some garbled tongue, obviously aware of her fate.

"Godwave Generator -- Active. Charging." An earlier version of Venjix announced.

"Commencing conversion test number three million sixty one." It added.

A large floating diamond shaped structure lowered from the ceiling above the woman, as orange light began to build around it's edges. Throbbing orbs of light began to concentrate around the very tip of the diamond forming a larger orb that rested inches above this woman's chest. The camera's focus blurs for a moment as the orange orb sinks into the woman's chest. Blood curdling screams erupt from her as the sound of sizzling flesh and shattering bones fill the room around her.

"Conversion rate, one to one. Holding steady." Announced the Venjix in the video.

The woman's body begins to mimic the orange glowing, as her screaming suddenly stops. The orb sinks fully into the chest, illuminating her insides. Her shattered ribcage begins to close around the orb, and her bones begin to mend as they begin pushing out of her flesh. As bone breaks the surface of her skin, it begins to shift to a more metallic looking substance, her flesh becomes gray and lifeless as even the blood around her wounds stops flowing.

"Success." Utters the Vejix on video.

The transformation continues to rip and tear her flesh and muscular structure, until the dim lights of the experimentation room rise to an almost blinding level. The tie downs holding her to the table automatically release, as she sits up in one fluid motion. What once was rags and flesh, were now replaced by what appeared to be black latex, and blinding white lines resembling circuitry all around the portions of her body covered by latex. The black latex ceased at her collar bone, where the same egyptian eye had been branded on to her as the single eyed robots. Her flesh seemed pale, but alive.

"What is your name?" Questioned the Vejix in the video.

"Venjix." She replied as her eyes began to glow a bright red, that spread down from her head and into the white lighting along her latex uniform. The white light slowly flickered out, as the red filled the space the white once occupied.

The screen faded out to reveal legions of humans all wearing those latex uniforms with glowing red lines that resembled circuitry covering their bodies.

"Humanity became my new army. Unlike the first generation of robots, the organic resilience and adapting ability of mankind made them perfect soldiers. By removing free will, and a desire to live, I created an unstoppable army." Venjix explained as the screen faded out to reveal a bright orange wave of energy blasting out from the Earth's atmosphere and into space.

"Over time, the Godwave was perfected. I generated enough energy to send it out into the Universe, and biometrically reconfigure every living creature into a servant of my will. I eventually gave them the distinction of OMAC. One Man Army Corps." Venjix explained.

The screen darkened again revealing a what appeared to be Dark Specter being altered by the Godwave.

"The Godwave spread far and wide, it encountered many strange things -- but adapted to assimilate those creatures as well. The limitless power of Dark Specter gave me the opportunity to take a physical form. An omnipotent being like this monstrosity gave me the ability to call all of space my home." Venjix explained as the camera zoomed in on Dark Specter's body producing the large red lines of energy that the humans wore after being exposed to the Godwave.

The screen faded to black again revealing Venjix' red circular eye, the same eye that the original OMAC's had before humans took their place in his army.

"But you've demonstrated to me that my reach is not complete. You are a sentience free of my control, and I cannot allow that." Venjix announced.


Proximity alerts begin sounding off all over the Time Ship. Alex and Tommy rush into the bridge, Alex taking a seat at the helm and Tommy taking a seat at the weapons controls.

"Who is it?" Questioned Tommy accessing the artillery.

"Doctor Oliver, our worst nightmare as caught up with us." Alex explained pointing to the forward viewing screen as a giant black ship pulls ahead of the Time Ship, and begins banking back toward it.

"You can't be serious." Tommy exclaimed bringing the ship's targeting system online.

"I wouldn't bother. A ship that size wouldn't notice if we threw the entirety of the Time Force timship fleet into it." Alex explained targeting one of the vortexes below them.

"Alert the others." Alex stated nodding to Tommy.

Tommy grasped one of the headsets from the console in front of him, and nestled it into his ear. He pressed down on the center piece and began speaking.

"Attention Rangers, we're about to exit the Time Stream. Report to your designated stations, or hold on to something heavier than you." He stated before releasing the center piece and launching a barrage of fire power at the larger ship.

"Where will this take us?" Questioned Tommy continuing to press buttons.

"Without the Time Ship's navigation, hopefully somewhere we can't be followed." Alex explained as the ship dove into the swirling black and blue vortex.

Above the vortex, the barrage of laser fire from the Time Ship cascaded across the shield net protecting the ship from damage. Venjix's bright red eye formed at the nose of the vessel, as it descended toward the vortex below.

"You won't escape my grasp!" Shouted Venjix.

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