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Shadow Ranger
03-29-2013, 06:22 AM
The Island of Illusion RPG Rules and Regulations
**The General Board Rules are the first and foremost authority in all subforums**

General Rules

1. If you have a problem with someone, ‘take it outside’. Don’t clutter up the thread with an argument, take it to PM’s or instant messaging.

2. The Game Master is in control over all aspects of the game and they have the power to create rules specifically for their RPG. However, the GM must still answer to the Board and RPG rules and the staff members of Terra Venture.

3. Full color posting – This is not allowed on the regular board rules, colored text is only allowed for dialogue and post headings. The only exception is if the post is entirely dialogue.

Casting Calls

1. Only the Game Master of the RPG can post anything other than a bio in the Casting Call thread. Questions or comments must be left in the discussion thread.

2. The GM is allowed one “bump” post a week with a maximum of 4. After 4 “bump” posts the thread is subject to the normal archiving regulations.

3. Please use discretion when joining or creating Casting Calls; know your limit of how many games you can be in or run at one time. The staff will keep an eye on the forum to ensure more games are started than not.

Discussion Threads

1. Discussion threads are subject to Board Rules and the GM’s specific rules.

Role Playing Games

1. While RPGs rated R and PG-13 are allowed, please keep your swearing and comments to a reasonable limit. The Staff reserves the right under the General Board Rules to moderate as necessary.

2. If your character has personality traits that could possibly be deemed offensive, please clear it with the GM and other players before posting. If you do not clear it and there is a complaint, the staff will take the appropriate action.

3. OOC comments are allowed in game posts; however please keep them to a minimum and do not make posts that are entirely OOC. The GM has the power to further regulate OOC comments.

Game Master

1. The Game Master is the highest authority within the game and may enforce the rules specified within the Casting Call. If players do not adhere to the rules set by the GM, the GM may ask the staff to help enforce them. The GM must, however, answer to the staff and General Board Rules. Issues in the game are to be taken to the GM. If in the case there is a single player with an issue against the GM, please bring it up with the GM first before it is brought to the staff. If there is a majority of players with an issue against the GM, then it can be brought to the RPG staff for appropriate action.

2. If you are planning to run a RPG yourself, we have a set of GM Guidelines that we strongly urge you to read. It's up to you if you take any of our advice, but it's there if you want them. You can find the GM Guidelines HERE (http://www.rangervision.com/showthread.php?26043-The-RangerVision-RPG-Game-Master-s-Guide).


1. If a thread is inactive for 1 month, it will be closed. Once a thread is closed, it will stay in the parent forum for 3 days before it is moved to the archive.

2. If you wish to see one of your old threads brought back into the main forum, please PM a RV Staff Member.


1. The GM has the right to request staff moderate specific posts. They are permitted to remove a player from their game after bringing the issue to the staff to determine best course of action.

2. Violations of General Board Rules will follow the consequences as listed.

3. Because of the unique nature of the RPG section, the staff reserves the right to make decisions based on individual situations.

Raging Phoenix
08-21-2018, 07:04 AM
These rules are abolished, also retroactively. I've only just noticed them. They are bullshit. If something is going wrong in your game, just contact me or another of the staff and we'll try and sort it out, but basically anything is allowed in your games, as long as we don't get into trouble with the law or anything.