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Red Hood
03-30-2013, 10:42 AM
This is still somewhat of a WIP, so this will have to work for now....

Power Rangers: Last Defense

Planet Vetrix has been destroyed. And with that, the Vetrix Empire set out in search of a new homeworld. King Vetrix and his remaining subjects planned an attack on a nearby planet: The Planet Gosei, a planet rumored to hold ancient and mystical powers. But the Goseians were too peaceful, and weren't prepared for battle. The rebellion was easily squashed, but before King Vetrix could claim the powers for himself, one of the rebels fled to a planet far, far away. One that has already had its fair share of trouble: The Planet Earth.

The rebel, a young warrior known as Hyde, arrived on the Planet Earth, with Vetrix's men hot on his tail, led by the King and his son, Prince Vetrix. Hyde has recruited four teenagers from Los Santos, California to become the Power Rangers. Harnessing the powers of Sky, Land, and Sea, they fight as the Earth's last line of defense in the hopes of stopping the Vetrix Empire, and helping Hyde go back and save his planet.

The Rangers: (Images coming soon)

Spencer Brown, the Red Ranger: An optimistic boy with a 'black and white' view of the world. Naive and innocent, he is also the team's youngest member. Reckless and prone to rushing in ahead of the others, he and Hyde often come into conflict due to their contrasting natures.
Hyde, the Blue Ranger: A serious rebel warrior from Planet Gosei. Raised by his family to guard the ancient powers that were held on Planet Gosei, he fled with them after the Vetrix Empire's initial assault. Sarcastic, quiet, moody, and withdrawn, Hyde was reluctant to join a team, but knows that it is the only way to stop the Vetrix Empire. His past is a mystery to everyone, though he and the Vetrixian Warrior named Faust seem quite familiar with one another.
Aaron Fitzgerald, the Black Ranger: A realist that balances Spencer and Hyde, he and 'Spence' have been best friends since kindergarten, and always have each other's back. Reliable, proud, and brave, Aaron is the type of guy that loves life and everyone in it, and very much tries to keep the peace.
Elizabeth 'Liz' Thompson, the Yellow Ranger: The local genius, she is a perfectionist whose strict upbringing has ruined her social skills. As such, she is often the quiet one of the group. The polar opposite of her sister 'Jo', she is the team's brain, and is often the one that they go to when Hyde is at a loss. She thinks there's something that Hyde is hiding from the team, and will stop at nothing to learn what it is.
Josephine 'Jo' Thompson, the Pink Ranger: Jo and Liz may be twins, but they are as different as night and day. While Liz was studying, Jo was out with friends. Contrasting her sister's perfectionist attitude, Jo is a slacker that lacks common sense. Her bubbly attitude often causes conflict between Jo and her sister, though the two will go to the ends of the Earth to help each other.

The Vetrix Empire/Vetrix Ruling Party: (Click names to see image)

King Vetrix: (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120529051141/powerrangers/images/9/9f/Gy%C5%8Dten%27%C5%8D.jpg) Leader of the Vetrix. A proud man with a stoic nature and a sadistic streak. Will eliminate anything that gets in the way of what he wants, no matter who or what it is.
Prince Nova Vetrix: (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120708034359/kamenrider/images/thumb/c/cd/Sagittarius1.png/220px-Sagittarius1.png) The King's son and loyal right-hand. Proud, arrogant, and deceitful. He views even the slightest injury to his person as a great insult, and will go to the ends of the universe just to get revenge. Despite this rough attitude, he cares greatly for both his father and their people.
Faust: (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121123160118/kamenrider/images/thumb/e/ed/Apollo_Geist_DCD.png/180px-Apollo_Geist_DCD.png) The strongest warrior (apart from the Monarchy) in the Vetrix Ruling Party, he is a tactical genius and is the most-trusted adviser for both the King and the Prince, with an army of loyal Vetrixian Warriors willing to die for him. He is most often the one sent to fight the Rangers, and has a personal rivalry with Hyde for unknown reasons. He seems to be human underneath all that armor...Who is he really?
Tensai: (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120830055021/powerrangers/images/1/1a/Robog%C5%8Dgu_of_the_10-sai.jpg) A robotic scientist built to assist the Vetrix Ruling Party, he is in charge of research, weapons, and intelligence gathering. As such, he has a group of spies and is the one responsible for creating the Tinmen. Despite being a robot, he seems to have a small range of emotions. Just what is he?
Mojo: (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120529051261/powerrangers/images/thumb/3/32/Deinbaruto.jpg/250px-Deinbaruto.jpg) A sneaky and somewhat cowardly spy who reports directly to Tensai. Though he often comes into conflict with the Prince, he is still a highly-respected member of the Vetrix Ruling Party, and is often sent down with Faust to investigate the Earth and learn what type of attack should be performed.
The Tinmen: (http://images.wikia.com/powerrangers/images/2/22/Gormin_Firing_Squad.jpg) The seemingly endless army of robots built by Tensai to assist the Vetrix Empire. They are the ones in charge of piloting the Vetrix Ruling Party's ship, and are sent by Faust to assist his Vetrixian Warriors.

Episode List: (Titles Subject to change)

A Long Way From Home
Coming Together
The Devil You Know
Tabula Rasa
A Modern-Day Prometheus
What Is and What Should Never Be
Family Matters
Broken Pedestal
Mutiny on the Bounty
The Artful Dodger
The Prodigal Son
Crying For the Devil
The Fisher King
No Rest For the Wicked
The Prodigal Son Returns
The Once and Future King
The Vetrixian Mistake
The Point of No Return

Episode Three: "The Devil You Know"
A week has passed since the Rangers first appeared, and a new cult-like group has suddenly sprung up, worshiping a crazy creature called Lucifoe. With Hyde out fighting an enraged Faust, Spencer and Liz butt heads over how to deal with Lucifoe and his followers.

Red Hood
04-07-2013, 02:07 AM
Episode One:
A Long Way From Home

Planet Gosei. A peaceful planet on the other side of the galaxy. A lush, beautiful world not unlike our own world, Planet Earth, that had found itself the victim of an unfortunate invasion. Three large ships gravitated closer and closer to the planet, with the lead ship, a blue hive-shaped ship called the Drake. Seated on a throne in the main chamber of the Drake was the leader of the mighty, and now displaced, King Vetrix. The King was a short and bulky green alien, dressed in shining armor and carrying a staff.

"Faust! Has the Grand Temple fallen?" the King shouted at the communicator that connected him to his generals on the field.

Down below, Faust and the King's son, Nova, were fighting off the waves of Goseians that were trying to protect their 'Grand Temple' and what lay within. Faust, a lean warrior with a white cape and black armor, swatted aside a Goseian with ease before looking to the sky.

"Prince Nova and I are storming it as we speak, my liege. It shall be ours within the next half-hour," Faust turned and drove his sword into the chest of a Goseian, sending the person to the ground.

"How boring!" shouted Nova, a dark brute with an armored body and crossbow. While Faust had tried to show some taste in eliminating the opposition, Nova had brutally slaughtered them. "Won't somebody put up a real fight?"

"Patience, my Prince," Faust cautioned, sheathing his sword. "We have work to do. Would you like to take point?"

Nova cackled psychotically, kicking in the doors of the Grand Temple. "I thought you'd never ask!"


Deep within the Grand Temple, a family of three Goseians fled into the innermost chambers, where Planet Gosei's greatest secret was kept. The patriarch led the way, a spear in his hand in case any of the Vetrixians followed them. Behind him ran the family's matriarch and their only son, a lean young man known as Hyde.

"Father, what are we going to do?" Hyde asked. "You know we don't have enough people with us to energize the Morphers."

"That is true, son, and that is why you are going to take them somewhere else," Hyde's father explained, earning a look of shock from his son. As they continued down the hallways of the Grand Temple, the family entered a large chamber containing five simple devices known as Morphers.

"What do you mean?" Hyde asked as his father gathered up each of the devices.

"You will take the Morphers and the Sacred Beasts to a planet far, far away. It is Earth, home to a brave and resilient species called humans. They have stopped enemies' conquests several times before, according to our intel, and should be able to help you. Find four people suitable to use the Morphers, and come back to stop the Vetrixian Empire." Hyde's father handed him the Morphers, ushering him deeper into the Grand Temple.

Just as Hyde entered the deepest chambers, Prince Nova, Faust, and a blue insect-like Vetrixian (http://grnrngr.com/monsters/pictures/toei/powereddark.jpg) stepped in. The blue Vetrixian, a warrior known as Longhorn, watched the Goseians try to escape. However, when his wife and son had entered the passage into the deepest chambers of the Grand Temple, Hyde's father stood in the middle of the doorway.

"I will not allow you to harm my son, or this planet, any longer. You shall not pass!" Hyde's father charged forward with his spear, but Faust was the one that intercepted him.

"I respect your desire to protect your family. So I will grant you a warrior's death," Faust said, drawing his sword as the two clashed.

"Why is someone as honorable as you with the Vetrixians?" Hyde's father asked, just as Faust's sword snapped his spear in half.

"It doesn't matter anymore," Faust said, stabbing his sword forward. The Goseian man fell to the ground when Faust remove his sword, blood pouring from the wound. "Goodbye, noble warrior."

From the halls leading into the Grand Temple's depths, Hyde watched in horror. "No! Father!"

"We must go. You have a mission to complete," his mother said, on the verge of tears. "This is what your father would want."

Hyde paused. "Right."

The two continued down the corridors, with the Vetrixians close behind. Arrows of flaming energy shot down the corridor after them, with Prince Nova in a psychotic state of giddiness. Just as they entered the deepest chamber, a large room containing a shrine and statue with five animal-like heads attached to it, the two finally felt safe. It was as if they had gotten off easy for the first time in a while. Now they could escape.

Or not. Hyde felt himself get pushed to the ground, and when he looked up he saw his mom falling to her knees, an arrow stabbed through her chest, right where her heart was. Blood seeped from the wound, but she seemed happy that she had managed to push her son out of harm's way. Prince Nova entered the room, his crossbow smoking from shooting the arrow, and with the two warriors following him.

"Damn, I missed. I was so hoping to take the woman alive too. She would make a great woman of comfort," Prince Nova said, laughing.

"I'm going...to kill you!" Hyde shouted, tears streaming from his face. Meanwhile, on the statue, one of the animal heads glowed. Glowing bright blue, it took the form of an Earth animal: A Shark.

"Oh, this will be fun!" Prince Nova prepared his crossbow, but Faust blocked it with his sword.

"You are out of line, my Prince. Your father would not approve of such behavior," Faust cautioned him.

"Can it, Faust! I am the Prince, not you!" Nova argued. "Just because my father put you in charge of this mission doesn't mean you can boss me around."

"Actually, sir, it does," chipped in Longhorn.

"Shut up before I squash you, bug," responded the Vetrixian Prince.

Meanwhile, Hyde had noticed the Shark Head glowing, and when he inspected it, he saw it come flying off the statue and absorb him into it. Finding himself inside of a cockpit-like room, he realized the controls were similar to the vehicles they had on Planet Gosei. With one of the Heads activated, the others came to life as well. The Dragon, Phoenix, Snake, and Tiger Heads roared to life and shot into the air after the Shark. The five Heads flew upwards, the ceiling opening up to allow them to escape.

"What's going on?" Prince Nova asked.

"It's an old Goseian legend. The five beasts of legend that can bestow ultimate power. This is what your father sent us to claim...and we failed. We must report back to His Majesty immediately," Faust explained, turning on his heel to leave.

"This isn't over, puny Goseian worm. Nobody makes a fool of Prince Nova Vetrix," said the Prince as he and Longhorn followed the Vetrixian general.


"What do you mean that you failed?" King Vetrix asked calmly. Kneeling in front of him were Longhorn and Faust, with the Prince simply standing at the side.

"A Goseian escaped with the five Advent Beasts," Faust explained. "He also fled with the Advent Morphers."

"This failure does not bode well for you, Faust," King Vetrix growled. "Or you, Nova."

"What? How is this my fault?!" Nova looked up at his father in anger and confusion.

"I expected more of you. How could you allow Faust to fail so?" the King asked, disappointed that his only son would fail in such a way.

"I was going to shoot that brat in the back, but Faust stopped me," Nova explained.

"Is this true, Faust?"

"Yes, my liege," Faust admitted.

"Faust, this failure has caused a grievous setback in our plans. I will allow you one chance to remedy this, Faust. Take one of our advance ships and some of our Vetrixian Warriors, follow him. We will follow closely behind you. Nova, go with him, see to it that he does not fail again," the King ordered.

"Yes, daddy."

"Yes, Your Majesty."


The five Advent Beasts had been traveling through space non-stop until they reached the Planet Earth. As they entered the atmosphere, they crashed in the middle of a wooded area near the town of Los Santos, a sunny city full of people. Considered a paradise by all that lived there. It would be a great place for Hyde to find four more people to join him. He needed to form a team of Power Rangers, or the Vetrixians would win.

And he was sure they weren't far behind him.


A small ship in the shape of a spiral came closer to the Earth's atmosphere. Piloting it were the Tinmen Soldiers, and seated in the throne-like captain's chair was Prince Vetrix, with Faust and Longhorn at his side.

"Soon, we will have those powers for ourselves, and we can finally claim what is rightfully ours," said Nova.

"A new home," acknowledged Faust, but Nova laughed.

"You're thinking too small, Faust! We won't stop at just taking Planet Gosei. Next, we'll take whatever planet that Goseian is fleeing to, and after that, the whole galaxy will belong to the Vetrix Empire!" cackled Nova.

"Of course, my Prince." Faust nodded before leaving to prepare for their inevitable landing on Planet Earth. He could not afford another failure. And he could not afford to let the Prince screw up.

Soon, he would have what he wanted. And then he could finally die and repent for what he has done.


Red Hood
04-21-2013, 10:18 AM
Episode Two
Coming Together

It was a normal day in Los Santos, California. A high-school class from Axelrod High School was visiting the local woods, hoping to observe some of the local wildlife and plants. The teacher, a man named Mr. Godfrey directed the class to find certain species of birds and insects, while also writing down whether they actually did the work or just screwed around. Nearby stood best friends Spencer Brown and Aaron Fitzgerald.

"Come on Spence, let's get to work," Aaron said, looking at the worksheet in his hand. "We really need to make up for that lab experiment we screwed up last week."

"Oh come on, it's not my fault that the test tubes broke," Spencer smirked as he rose from his seat under an old oak tree. Running a hand through his dirty blonde hair, he noticed the look his friend was giving him. "Alright, Fitzy, let's go."

"Don't call me Fitzy." The two walked off through the trees, looking for the creatures on the sheet.


In space, the five Advent Beasts were entering the Earth's atmosphere. Seated in the pilot's seat of the Shark Head, Hyde watched as he came ever closer to Planet Earth. Through the eyes of the Shark Head, he saw a large city near his soon-to-be landing space, a large forest. Smiling, he was sure somebody would be able to help him stop the Vetrixians.


Two teenage girls walked through the forest. Classmates and old friends of both Spencer and Aaron, the Thompson Sisters wandered in search of a specific animal. The elder of the two, Josephine, yawned and sat down.

"This is so stupid. Why do we have to do this?" she complained.

"Because it's our assignment, Jo," said the younger sister, Liz. Shaking her head, Liz continued to search for the next creature on their list. However, something in the sky caught her attention. Five bright lights were shining, coming hurtling down to the Earth. "What are those?"

"Just some planes or something," Jo shrugged. "Nothing important."

"Whatever they are, they look like they're landing nearby. Come on, let's check it out!" Liz said, running in the direction of the five lights. Sighing, her sister followed.


Jo and Liz weren't the only ones that went to check out the landing site. Spencer and Aaron had arrived, as well. The four friends looked at the five machines that had crashed, each in the shape of a creature. Suddenly, the lead creature, a blue Shark Head, glowed with a bright blue aura. Emerging from the aura was Hyde. Stretching, the Goseian youth approached the four teens.

"Greetings," Hyde said as he bowed to the teenagers.

"What the hell?" Aaron said in surprise.

"I am Hyde, second-born son of the prestigious House of Tensou, from the Planet Gosei. It was my family's job to guard the five sacred Advent Beasts, the creatures you see behind me. We failed, and an army of evil aliens called Vetrixians almost stole them. I have come to this planet in search of some Earthlings whom may be able to help me fight back against the Vetrixians," Hyde explained. "Please, take me to your world leader. Maybe he will be able to help direct me to a group of capable warriors."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Liz asked.

"I don't joke. Especially not about the safety of my homeworld," Hyde said.

"Dude, you can't just go up to people and say you're an alien. That's a good way to get nabbed by the government," Aaron pointed out, turning around to leave.

"Nice special effects, by the way. Nice to see someone willing to go all-out for a good joke," Spencer smiled, patting Hyde on the shoulder. As the alien boy flinched at the sudden touch, Spencer turned to leave as well.

"What a waste of time," Liz sighed, following the boys.

"Call me!" Jo said simply, handing a piece of paper to Hyde. Looking at it, Hyde noticed a number written on it. Before he could ask what it was for, she was gone.

Hyde was all alone, with the five Advent Beasts lying on the ground nearby. "What?"


Prince Nova's ship came ever closer to the Earth. As the Tinmen scouted for a place to land, Nova rose from his seat. "It doesn't matter where we land, you rust buckets This entire planet is going to be a wasteland soon enough, anyway."

"Prince Nova, senseless destruction is not the Vetrixian way," Faust argued, only to be silenced by the angered Prince.

"I am the Crown Prince, not you Faust! I shall decide what is and isn't the Vetrixian way! Not a simple warrior like you!" Nova said.

"I apologize, Prince Nova. Please allow me to go find that Goseian to fix my earlier mistake," Faust knelt down.

"Fine," Nova sighed. "But take Longhorn with you. I don't want to risk letting you screw up again."

"Yes, my Prince," Faust said, rising to his feet as he and the bug-like warrior walked away.


It was late that afternoon, and none of the teenagers had thought anything about their encounter with Hyde. Seated around a table at the local mall's food court, the four friends were just talking about random things, when the glass-like roof of the food court shattered into pieces. A beam of blue light shot down from the sky, dispersing to reveal the Vetrixians: Faust, Longhorn, and an army of Tinmen.

"Humans, we are soldiers of the Vetrixian Empire. On orders of His Highness, King Vetrix, and the Crown Prince, Nova Vetrix, and on behalf of the esteemed and omniscient Vetrixian Emperor, we demand you give up the Goseian refugee. He has come to this planet with something of ours, and we simply want it safely returned. Give him to us, and we will leave this planet peacefully," Faust declared.

"What is this, some kind of movie shoot?"

"What cheap-looking costumes! The mouth doesn't even move when he talks!"

"They aren't listening. Perhaps a demonstration of how serious we are is in order," Faust suggested.

"Alright!" Longhorn shouted, blue sparks running between his horns as he shot them at the sign of a nearby store, causing it to explode and fall off. As the people started to scream, Longhorn laughed. "Next time, I aim for one of you! So do what we say!"

"Bring the Goseian to us in six hours, or we will conquer this planet in the name of the Vetrixian Empire," Faust declared. "We will wait here until you bring him to us."

"So that guy we saw earlier wasn't just joking around?" Aaron said in surprise.

"We need to find him," Spencer said.

"And what? Turn him in to those guys?" Liz questioned, causing Spencer to shrug.

"I don't know. We can decide about that later," Spencer said. "Come on!"

Spencer and Liz both ran off, leaving Aaron and Jo behind.

Shaking his head, Aaron rose from his seat. "Better go too. I gotta keep Spence outta trouble."

"Wait!" Jo called out as she ran after Aaron and the others. "Don't leave me here by myself!"


The four ran out to the woods where they first saw Hyde. They searched through the woods for what seemed like an eternity, when they found the crash site of the Advent Beasts. All that remained were five large craters. The Advent Beasts and Hyde had left.

"He's gone," Spencer frowned. "Where could he have gone to?"

"Not far from here, I imagine. He's an alien, remember. There's a good chance he got lost in the woods," Aaron pointed out.

"Right. Let's split up. I'll take the north, Jo can take the south, Aaron should take the east, and that leaves Spencer with the west," Liz planned. When her friends nodded in agreement, the group ran their separate ways.


Spencer was the one that found Hyde first. Hyde was wandering aimlessly, though the Advent Beasts were nowhere to be found.

"Hey Hyde!" The Goseian turned, finding himself face-to-face with Spencer.

"I'm sorry for thinking it was all a joke. Those aliens are here, looking for you," Spencer explained. "One of them is trashing the mall, too. What did you steal from them to make them so mad?"

"I stole an opportunity for them to conquer the galaxy. They came to my homeworld in search of the Advent Beasts, and were going to take our planet as their own. If the Vetrixians, Prince Nova especially, were to get their hands on the Advent Beasts, they could conquer the galaxy with ease. They murdered my family, but I escaped with the Advent Beasts and came here. I won't let them stand by and destroy whatever they want to, though. You have three other friends, correct?"

"Yeah. Jo, Liz, and Aaron," Spencer answered to Hyde's long response.

"We must find them immediately. Only if all five Advent Morphers are charged at once can they be used," Hyde explained, glowing a bright blue aura. "I have the Blue Shark already."

"So you want to give us the Advent Beasts?" Spencer asked, suddenly glowing a bright red aura.

"Yes. And apparently, the Red Dragon wants to be with you," Hyde answered. He opened his dark blue jacket to reveal that the Advent Beasts, miniaturized, were stored in his pocket. The Red Dragon and Blue Shark Heads were glowing brightly.

"Let's go, then." The two ran through the woods in search of the others, with the three unclaimed Advent Beasts flying away from them, each glowing as they selected someone to use their powers.

Jo started glowing pink, as the Pink Phoenix closed in on her. Liz glowed with a yellow aura, proving that the Yellow Tiger had chosen her. Aaron was the last to be chosen, glowing as the Black Snake picked him.

Within moments, the new team was together.


The group of five entered the mall, walking into the food court until they found themselves facing the Vetrixians. By now, everyone had cleared out, leaving only a bored Longhorn, a calm Faust, and a group of Tinmen.

"Ah, how good of you to bring the Goseian to us. We shall take him with us now," Faust said.

"Not a chance!" Spencer shouted. "We won't let you Vetrixians do whatever you want!"

"And I won't let you or that loud-mouth Prince get away with killing my parents!" Hyde shouted in anger. "Everyone, let's go!"

Each glowing with their respective auras, the Advent Morphers materialized in their hands. "It's Morphing Time!"

In a flash of light, each ranger had morphed into a Power Ranger. Spencer was the Red Ranger, carrying his Dragon Sabre; Hyde was the Blue Ranger, holding the Shark Bow; Aaron was the Black Ranger, wielding the Viper Axe; Liz became the Yellow Ranger, holding her Tiger Claw; and Jo was the Pink Ranger, with her Phoenix Feather.

"That is the power we came for," Faust acknowledged. "Tinmen, charge!"

The robots charged forward, with the Rangers running to intercept them.

Using his Dragon Sabre to counter their rod-like weapons, Spencer was easily able to knock aside the robots. Using his sword to parry a strike from one Tinman, he cut the robot down with ease. Just as the other robots started to realize they were going to lose the fight, Spencer used his sword to cut down the remaining robots. "This is awesome!"

"How is this even possible?" Aaron used his axe to block multiple attacks from the Tinmen before whirling around and bringing the blade down on a Tinman's shoulder. The robot crashed to the ground, his friends soon following as Aaron threw his weight around. Resting the heavy weapon on his shoulder, Aaron smirked. "Okay, I don't care anymore. That was pretty fun."

Hyde used his weapon with the most finesse, striking down every Tinman he saw coming close to him. None of them even came close to touching him, let alone actually standing a chance in a fight. When all of his opponents were done, he looked at his suit. "So, this is the power of the Advent Beasts..."

Jo and Liz were fighting in tandem. Using the Tiger Claw to hit the Tinmen down low, Jo used the opportunity to shoot the robots while they were down. The two sisters high-fived each other now that the robots were down for the count. "Way to go, Liz!"

"You weren't too bad yourself, Jo," Liz allowed a smile underneath her helmet.

"Enough playing around. Surrender and we shall spare your lives!" Faust declared.

"I won't surrender to you, Faust. Not after what you did to my father!" Hyde said, charging ahead to fight the Vetrixian General.

"Wait a second, Hyde!" Aaron said. "It's dangerous to go alone!"

Aaron charged in to help, but Longhorn stepped in the way, kicking Aaron in the chest before striking him with an electric shock. "Not so fast! That fight's a bit personal, so let's leave it to them!"

"Guys, let's take this guy down quick so we can help Hyde!" Spencer said as he and the girls charged in to fight Longhorn.

Using his sword to attract Longhorn's attention, the insect-like warrior stumbled back from the attack, only to feet shots from the Phoenix Feather strike his chest. Smoke came from the spot on his chest where he had been shot, and before long Aaron had slammed the Snake Axe into Longhorn's chest. The four Rangers grouped together.

"Let's finish him!" Spencer said.

"Since when are you in charge?" Liz asked.

"Since I became the Red Ranger," Spencer replied.

"Save this stuff for later. We need to finish him before he recovers," Aaron said.

Jo fired off several rounds from her Phoenix Feather, some of which hit the ground and caused smoke to come up, blocking the Rangers from view. The others charged through the smoke, weapons in hand. All three struck at once. The Tiger Claw was stabbed into Longhorn's already hurt chest, while the boys slashed at his head. The strikes easily cut through his horns. Missing his horns, Longhorn could no longer control his electric abilities. When he tried to summon an electric charge, he was the one that got shocked. Falling to the ground, purple blood oozing from his wounds, Longhorn reached out to fight, but found himself unable to move more than an inch.

"Long live the Vetrixians!" he shouted before dying.

Nearby, Faust was still fighting Hyde. Every shot Hyde made hit Faust's sun-shaped shield and was absorbed into it. Activating the powers of his shield, Faust shot a beam of energy from it at Hyde. The Blue Ranger crashed to the ground in pain, while Faust simply adjusted his white cloak.

"I shall retreat for now. This fight is far from over, though. I will avenge my fallen friend Longhorn," Faust said as a blue beam started to teleport him away. "This...I swear."

Rising to his feet, Hyde found himself surrounded by the other Rangers. "I look forward to it, Faust."

"So..." Spencer said, trying to defuse the situation. "Anyone up for going out to eat?"

Seeing the looks he was receiving from everybody, he chuckled nervously. "Or not."


Faust returned to Nova' ship immediately, turning to a nearby console. Nova rose from his chair angrily.

"How dare you return after failing me like that! You should have let them kill you!" Nova shouted. He would've continued, but Faust interrupted him.

"Say one. More. Word," Faust growled, clutching his sword tightly. "I am contacting your father immediately. He must know of these recent events."

"No, Faust. I can handle this!" Nova shouted. "I am Prince, not you! This is my operation, not yours!"

"You are a petulant child. I am taking command of this mission as of now. And until your father arrives, I will stay in command. The Goseian shall pay for what he and his friends did to my soldier," Faust said.

Faust removed his helmet, revealing his face to Nova, whom had never seen the warrior unmasked before. Seeing Faust's human-like face was a huge shock to Nova, whom had been expecting an insect-like face for some reason.

"Your Highness, send us the entire Advance Fleet immediately. Our next course of action must be to eliminate this planet immediately."

"I trust your judgement, Faust. Send me a report of what has happened. The Advance Fleet is on its way. Do whatever you see fit to claim the Advent Beasts as our own," responded King Vetrix. "I am placing you in charge now. Tell Nova he is to defer to you until you return to Gosei. Or New Vetrix, as I have taken to calling it."

"You heard your father, my Prince. You answer to me now," Faust said. "From here on, we do things my way."

"Yes, General Faust," Nova said reluctantly.


Red Hood
04-22-2013, 10:02 AM
Things to expect in the next episode:

1. A rematch between Hyde and Faust.
2. A new Vetrixian plot to beat the new Rangers.
3. A character adapted from Brajira (Main villain of Goseiger).
4. A better explanation concerning how the Vetrixian Empire really works (Why there is a King, Prince, AND an Emperor)
5. A guest appearance from a special character familiar to any Power Rangers fan.