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Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams


“Two years ago a comet fell from outer space, it wasn’t a very big one, so what’s the big deal right? I’ll tell you what the big deal is, that comet brought something down with it, a parasite is what we ended up calling it, we got lucky that time as it came here to help us, it helped us by making weapons for us to use, it turned us into Power Rangers! What I’m about to tell may not be for the faint of heart as this is a story about many things, things like evil, power, life, lust, greed and it’s the story about how I died…It’s not like the movies, I don’t cheat death and there is no metaphorical death to rise up from. This is the tale of the Life Force Rangers!”

Theme Song – Remy Zero – Save Me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W_0E1QRx84&feature=related)



Zakk Forrest
Fire Life Force Ranger

Deacon Wells
Water Life Force Ranger

Amie McCauley
Heaven Life Force Ranger

Donnie ‘The Dok’ Dokken
Wood Life Force Ranger

Eve Barrowman
Earth Life Force Ranger


Rayne Forrest

Hitori Kazama

Travis Micheal's- Co-Owner of Desero and Micheal's Music Emporium

Angelus Desero- Co-Owner of Desero and Micheal's Music Emporium
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs141.ash2/40401_106405152750032_100001416446354_56593_334796 _n.jpg




White Drago Ranger (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_GFVMNL0MVyM/S-gqA-mUpyI/AAAAAAAAAe0/ldvx0lZdGgI/s1600/mark-salling2.jpg)

Shaadoojin (http://www.spoonyexperiment.com/img/movie-reviews/alone-in-the-dark/img14.jpg)

Chirago Soldier
Chirago Soldier (http://www.thehorrorgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/jbms3.jpg)

Hydra (http://www.hydra.in/Hydra.jpg.jpeg)

More To Come


Episode 1 – This Night (http://www.rangertalk.com/showpost.php?p=141562&postcount=3)
At a small comic book store a mysterious man dressed all in white entered and walked a lap around before leaving the store leaving the two guys working confused. Shortly after he entered a clothes store and walked into two girls checking out clothes before walking off even while he was being yelled at by one of the two. At a party that same night involving the 4 people who had a run in with the mysterious man there was an earthquake which then leads to the town being enveloped in a thick fog which harboured strange creatures. These creatures were dog like and began attack people of the city eventually winding up at the party attacking those who attended it. The group of 4 Deacon, Donnie, Eve and Amie plus there friend Zakk were about to be killed when all of a sudden strange slugs dived into their hearts cocooning them in a bright light.

Episode 2 - Prelude 12/21 (http://www.rangertalk.com/showpost.php?p=142880&postcount=5)
The slugs that drove themselves into the hearts of our heroes turned out to be from an alien world where they were used to police that planet. Hitori also happened to be from this planet and had been seeking out the group so he could turn them into Power Rangers to stop Kalma from destroying Earth like he had so many others, this lead to a fight with a Cyclops like alien called a Chirago Soldier in which Zakk ended up kill it. The group felt shellshock after wards and just relaxed while coping with the news that they were destined to save the world and Zakk proposed to Amie to which she accepted.

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Episode 13 - Chasing Cars

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Episode 15 - Kill,Burn,Be Evil

Episode 16 - Just a Dream

Episode 17 -

Episode 18 - O Fortuna

Episode 19 - Angels Calling

Episode 20 - Let It Burn

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Authors Notes - Episode 1 - This Night

First off the follow scene is recomended for a mature auidence as it contains, violence, offense language, (all to) brief nudity and sexual situations. With that being said the only thing I feel i need to add at this point is that every episode will have a theme song to it which if this was a tv show would be played in the last scene/moments.

Episode 1 Theme Song Is
This Night By Ron Underwood (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PemdV8Wc7I0)
Click if you feel like listening to it!

In the following months the characters will be greatly expanded and hopefully grow with the story, the plots will become more involved and action packed, i know that this episode is a little on the dull side action wise, but here it is the first episode of Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams!



Judges Score - 77/100

Judge 1 - Plot (5), Characterization (4), Spelling & Grammar (4), Originality (5), Premire (5)

Judge 2 - Plot (4), Characterization (4), Spelling & Grammar (3), Originality (4), Premire (3)

Judge 3 - Plot (4), Characterization (4), Spelling & Grammar (4), Originality (4), Premire (2)

Judge 4 - Plot (4), Characterization (5), Spelling & Grammar (3), Originality (3), Premire (3)

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“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down on his shoulders—what would you tell him to do?”

" To Shrug."

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

Episode 1 – This Night

“All I'm saying is that there is no way Superman can defeat Deadpool, it can't be done!”

“How on earth can a guy that unimaginatively only shoots people and blows shit up honestly defeat The Man Of Steel?”

“Kryptonite bullets!”

“I knew you were going to say that, and what happens when Kal-El dodges said kryptonite bullets?”


“And don't you dare say kryptonite katana! There is no way in hell Deadpool is fast enough to get Superman!”

Two guys stood behind a glass counter arguing over their favorite comic book characters, the first was wearing a simple black shirt which had the phrase “Team Wade” in huge red letters and simple blue jeans, he was the taller of the two and had slightly spikey short hair, his name was Donnie Dokken but most people just called him Dok, the other guy was a bit shorter but about the same build and his name is Deacon Wells. He wasn't dressed quite as casually as Donnie was instead he opted for a dark blue button up shirt with some faded light black jeans.

They had been friends for as long as they could remember and had both worked together in the same comic book store since they were 14 years old. Deacon was opening up some boxes organizing the latest shipment of action figures while Donnie stood at a computer ordering next week’s comics.

“Remind me why you like Superman again, he has Krypto need I go on?” Donnie resumed their previous conversation

“Your questioning me on my taste when your beloved Deadpool brings out this crap” Deacon throws a comic book down on the counter next to Donnie “Deadpool Corps? Really? If thats not a cop out I dont know what is!”

“What’s not to like about another Deadpool series, they just keep getting better and more creative with each title.”

“What the hell are you talking about, creative? More like bottom of the barrell man, look here, Lady Deadpool? Kidpool? Dogpool? But what it gets better, the one, the only Headpool!”

“I just can't speak to you when you’re like this!”

A customer wearing a fast food work uniform walked up to the front counter and asked “I don't want to break up your lovefest or anything but I need to know if you have the next volume of the Twilight graphic novel?”

“Get out of my store!” Donnie got straight to the point

“What?” The customer asked puzzled

“I'm sorry was I speaking to fast for you? Get....Out...Of...My...Store...And...Get...Back... To...Your...Mcjob...Before...I...Jump...Over...Thi s...Counter...And...Shove...My....Foot...Up...Your ...Mcass! Kay precious.”

A bell above the door chimed as the customer left the store, a couple of seconds passed before the bell chimed again,

“What did I just tell you...” Donnie began to say while looking, it was only then that he realized it was a completely different person, for starters he was taller, dressed entirely in white and was Asian. “I'm sorry I thought you were someone else, is there anything I can help you with today?”

The Asian gentleman ignored Donnie altogether and walked a lap around the comic book store in complete silence before walking straight back out the way he had come in.

“Dude do you know who that was?”

“Deac, at first I thought Satan, I mean the white suit and all but seeing that nerdfest sparkle in your eye I'm gonna have to say I have no idea who he was.”

“Dude that was Hitori Kazama!”

“O-M-G you mean THE Hitori Kazama!”

“You have no idea who he is do you?”


Deacon through another magazine down in front of Donnie that had a picture of the man that had just left on the front cover.

“Dude where do you keep getting all these from?”

“Hitori Kazama comes out of nowhere and develops cures for swine flu, bird flu, mad cow disease...”

“So he dislikes animal diseases what’s the big deal?"

“The big deal Donnie is that no one had heard of him and he just pops up cures all these diseases, invents a seed that will yield crops in places like Africa and then to top it all off he goes and cures another disease.”

“So what your saying is that he is an over achiever?”

“An over achiever? I envy how simple you are at times dude, I would love to spend to an hour in yours world man. I don't think I would get much done, but I have the feeling that I wouldn't really care”

Meanwhile at a clothing store just down the way from the comic book store two young females rummaged through racks of clothes discussing their plans for the night.

“So what do you think?” Eve said covering his self with a dress

“It's cute.”

“Amz I know you, cute is never good. I don’t want cute I want hot.” Eve put the dress back on the rack

“So who are you getting all dressed up for anyway? I mean it's our normal party with all our normal friends...OH MY GOD! Who did you invite?”

“No one.”

“Come on Eve you can tell me”

“Honestly I didn't invite anyone, but enough about worrying for me, shouldn't you be worrying about what you're going to wear?”

“Sweets I'm pretty sure Zakk doesn't care what I show up in anymore.”

“Way to ruin my fun.”

The two girls continued to rummage through the clothes until a guy wearing a white suit walked past them and bumped into Eve after which he carried on walking,

“Eve, let it go, it was probably an accident.”

“Scuse me? Accident? Oh hell no! I may have let it go if he apologized, but he just kept walking.” Eve began to walk after him.

Amie stood there as Eve walked off unsure of what to do, she was used to Eve's temper it wasn't that she was a moody person who was quick to anger, she just liked to be shown some respect, she would have been right at home burning bra's in the sixties. Eve had almost caught up with the guy who had bumped into her and Amie swallowed the lump in her throat before feebly saying “Security”.

Eve reached up and grabbed the guys shoulder and spun him around to face her, he had no expression on his face but she could tell that he was completely disinterested with her. She began poking him in the chest to get her point across as she spoke,

“Listen here Mister, if you're gonna just walk into people then walk off without even acknowledging..”

Eve didn't get to finish her thoughts as he turned around and walked off leaving Eve completely gobsmacked. Amie quietly walked up behind her and heard Eve mumbling to herself,

“He can't...while I'm...that’s just...”

Amie put her hand on Eve's shoulder and said “Come on hun, I'll buy you an Iced Chocolate”

Back at the comic book store the bell above the door rang as Zakk walked casually in,

“Hey guy's what's up?” Zakk asked as he gave Deacon a fist bump

“Nuttin” Donnie barely replied

“Did you let him watch The Guild today? You know how distant he gets while fantasizing about Felicia Day!”

“Actually he has spent the last five minutes filling out some questionnaire thing for some dating site.”

“Donnie...on a dating site. God help those poor woman.”

“Tell me about it, you should read some of the answers to his questions, I mean check this out.” Deacon nudged up to Donnie and began reading off his computer screen “First question. “How do you relax?” Donnies answer, “I put Smarties tubes on cats legs and make them walk like a robot”, but wait there’s more, “On the days I'm really stressed I make them walk down a set of stairs, it confuses them, have you ever seen a cat looking confused it's hilarious”

“Thats...different. Kinda funny though.”

“Zakk please don't encourage him! After all you don’t have to work with him for 5 days of the week. So anyway what brings you into our lovely store today?”

“This does” Zakk searched around his pockets and pulled out a small velvet box which he opened to present a small diamond ring

“Shiny!” Deacon said

Donnies attention had been caught by this time and agreed that the ring was shiny before fanning his face and building up a fake cry “I just don't know, this is so sudden I mean you haven't even met my parents.”

Zakk and Deacon shared a laugh before Zakk closed the box and put it back in his pocket,

“It's for Amie, I figure tonight I fill a room with roses and candles, have a mix of love ballads playing in the background before I get down on one knee tell her how much I love her and then ask her to marry me.”

“Holy shit dude I wanna marry you after hearing that!”

“Thanks Donnie but I'm way out of your league”

“Burn!” Deacon declared before giving Zakk another fist bump.

“Are you sure you wanna go ahead with this? You will never get the whole couch to yourself, you'll never be able to watch any channel you'd like without an argument and you will no longer be able to have a meal for two all to yourself.”

“Thanks Donnie, all compelling reasons not to go through with it....I think. But I love her, I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I can't even think about going through life without her. I would love to stay and chat but I have to meet Amie, Eve and my Sis for coffee”

“Eve!” Deacon perked up upon saying that

“Easy tiger, I'm surprised you have an energy at all after holding that torch for so long.”

“Take it easy on him Dok, some of us need more then a throw in the hay. Deac you should tell her how you feel, be her date to the party tonight.”

“Nah, she's not into guys like me, I'm a geek, I don't ride a motorbike...”

“And you're not a complete douche!”

“Thanks Dok you always have the essential information.”

“Right guys I'm out I'll be back later with the girl's."

A lone girl sat at a table outside typing on a laptop and sipping on a cup of coffee. Her hair on this day was blue, though the color of it changed like the weather. She spotted her friends walking towards her and closed her laptop saving her work in the process then stood up and hugged her friends as they reached her.

“Hey hun” Amie said while hugging her

“Good to see you Rayne” Eve said as she took her turn hugging Rayne.

The two girls sat there cups down on the table and then sat down around it,

“So where is my baby brother?”

“He had to go help Donnie with something; he said he would met us here soon.”

Amie grabbed her phone out of her bag and slid the phone up revealing a keypad and begun to send a text, her phone began to play a tune as she received a reply to the text she sent,

“He is on his way.” Amie said with an innocent smile

“Ugh, your romance makes me sick.”

“Awww poor Eve, don't worry someone will tolerate you enough to stick around one day.” Rayne snarkily said

“Like I would want them to stick around, I prefer it when my toys are back in their own box the next morning.” Eve said with a grin “So you coming to the party tonight Rayne?”

“When am I not at that party? Any time I get the opportunity to mess up Donnie's place I'm going to take it.”

Amie giggled and then asked “So what were you working on before we ever so rudely interrupted you?”

“Oh just some story about the owners of Frozen Cow Ice Cream Factory dumping god knows what in the local river.”

“Here I'll help with your opening line, did you know!” Eve added

“Eve!” Amie said through her teeth while kicking Eve under the table.

“Amie, she's right unless I start sleeping with the editor like everybody else all my work will keep being edited down and thrown in the 'Did You Know' column. Did you see my story in today’s paper?”

Zakk walks up behind Amie and kisses her on the cheek before sitting down at the circular table; he asked the girls if they needed another drink before getting back up and getting some more drinks and muffins for everyone. Upon reaching the table he gave everyone what they asked for, the group began to chatter amongst themselves talking about the party that would be happening that night and the week they had just lived. Away from the group sits Hitori Kazama, the man in white, he sits and watches them, as still as a lion before it pounces, motionless eyes fixed on the group. He eyes them all up one at a time, taking mental notes scanning them all, sensing what he can about them, it is only when they stand up and leave that he does the same.

The group of Zakk, Amie, Eve and Rayne begin to head back to the comic book store while Hitori heads of in a completely different direction to them; Hitori went back to back to small abandoned house which he had boarded the windows up in. Entering the house Hitori took his shoes off, a feat he felt compelled to do whenever he entered a specific areas unsure of why, as he walked through the house he begun to unbutton his shirt, once unbuttoned he took it off and placed it on an old dusty couch. Hitori then made his way to a smaller in which he sat on the ground with his legs crossed; next to him lay a small sharp knife which was covered in symbols familiar only to him. Hitori lifted his hand in front of his face and flexed his fingers cocking his head to the side as he studied them, he then placed his hand on the cold ground and picked up the knife which he lightly pressed against his thumb and muttered a few words before raising it several inches and pressing down hard on the thumb separating it from his hand.

Hitori then proceeded to to the to do the same process cutting off each of his fingers from his hand, he raised what was left of his hand in front of his face as his fingers slowly began to grow back, once they were back to the way they once were he flexed them then focused his attention to the fingers he had just cut off. Hitori muttered a few more words indistinguishable to the average person and watched and the fingers began to turn into crystals each a different color, the colors of the crystals became are Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. With the knife he had previously used to cut his fingers of Hitori cut along the palm of his hand causing blood to flow from the self-inflicted wound, Hitori held his bleeding hand above the crystals and let a few drops of blood land on each of them. The blood that Hitori dropped on the crystals gets absorbed by them which then causes them to vibrate, the crystals then begin to wriggle and turn into little slug like creatures,

“Go watch them and strike when the time is right.”

Afterwards the slug like creatures disappeared in thin air and Hitori closed his eyes and entered a trance like state.

The bell to the comic book store chimed once again as the group entered, Zakk leading the way in,

“Hey Deac, as I promised three lovely ladies are here.”

“Hey Amie, Rayne...Eve” Deacon bashfully said

“Donnie sleeping out back again?” Rayne cheekily asked

“One second, DONNIE, VISITORS!” Deacon yelled

As if waiting for a queue Donnie did a commando roll from a doorway which lead out back, he wasn't wearing his shirt anymore and had a red bandana tied around his head, forming a big X over his body were what appeared to be ammunition holders with little foam darts in them, in each of his hands was a Nerf hand gun which had a laser scope on them. Donnie pointed the guns and two little red dots formed on Rayne and he walked towards he shooting all darts the guns held, Rayne glared holes through him before saying,

“What the hell are supposed to be?”

“...In charge?”

“You're an idiot!”

“Aw I love you to Rayne.” Donnie then leaned closer to Deacon and said “Don’t look her in the eyes, that's when she steals your soul.”

“God you are so...”

“Hey I know what I am! I am just a very thin layer of charming with some funny sprinkles wrapped around a huge creamy center of raging arrogant a-hole.”

“Well you got the raging arrogant a-hole part right anyway.”

“Hey Rayne how about you get down off your cross and then use that wood to build a bridge and get over it!”

“Agh, I'm going to wait outside before I kill him!” Rayne declared before marching off outside

“Hey Deac, does that coun..”

“No Dok, it doesn’t count as taking out the trash.”

“Anyway, what time would you like us to arrive tonight?”

“Zakk, when have we ever cared? I'll assume that everyone will be coming with you as normal?”

“You know it.” Eve said with a wink

Zakk, Eve and Amie left the store while Rayne tagged along as they walked passed, leaving Deacon and Donnie to carry on their work. As it was a slow day Donnie left an hour early to make the house ready for the guests that would be attending the party that night, leaving Deacon to close the store by themselves. Zakk dropped Eve off at her place so she could get ready while Amie, Rayne and Zakk went back to their place so they could do the same. Deacon closed up the comic book store and caught a bus as far as he could before walking the last length back to his and Donnie’s place, the walk itself isn't too bad and only takes him half an hour.

Eve began running the water in her shower and left while the water heated up, during that small amount of time she went off and grabbed a towel and her silk robe then went back into the bathroom to check the shower temperature. After fiddling with the cold nozzle she finally found the right temperature, Eve lifted her tank top off her and threw it on the ground next she fiddled with her belt and unzipped the fly in her jeans before she slid them down her legs and kicked them into a pile with her top. Eve stood in the steamy bathroom as she unclipped her bra and threw it down into the pile of clothes; Eve then slipped out of her last item of underwear adding it to the growing pile on the floor and hopped under the warm water of the shower.

Deacon walked through the front door of his shared house to find all the lights were off, he flicked them off as he walked through the house and was given shock as he turned the light to the living room on to find Donnie sitting in complete darkness,

“Dok, why the hell are you sitting in complete darkness?”

“I figure if I sit in complete darkness my other senses will become overly developed, I wish some would shut that baby up.”

“Wait, you can actually hear the neighbours... I don’t even care. Did you at least get everything ready, people will be here soon?”

“I did, food in bowls, cd's in player, fairy bread on dish...”

“What? Fairy bread?”

“Yeah, you butter a slice of bread but those lil candy things on it, breakfast of champions!”

“At least you have pants on, can't ask for much more than that”

Zakk lay on a bed shirtless with his hands behind his head looking up at the ceiling, Amie stood in front of him looking in a big mirror which was attached to a duchess while she fixed her hair up. Zakk's mind was playing through the conversation he planned to have with Amie that night and how it would go, this was at least the hundredth time he had played it through each time visualizing what he would say to her, if he should get down on his knee and the possible answers Amie could come up with. Eventually he sat up and got off the bed, he then went over and put his arms around Amie's waist and lightly kissed down her neck, Amie turned around and kissed Zakk on the lips and both could still feel the spark they carried for each other.

“Come on, put your shirt on we still have to pick up Eve remember.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Amie turned around and put her arms around Zakk's neck before kissing him again, Zakk's has slide from her waist and wrapped around as if he was giving her a hug, he then placed his chin on Amie's shoulder and asked,

“Tonight can I have one dance, slow if possible?”

“You can have as many as you want!”

Eve stood in her walk in wardrobe wearing her silk robe and a towel on her head which wrapped up her hair while she rifled through her clothes deciding on something to wear, most of her clothes fell into a group she liked to call “Items people have already seen me in” while the rest she decided weren't quite what she was after for the party, none of them screamed out sex appeal...or didn't scream it loud enough. Eve finally decided on a blue satin dress and some blue six inch heels which she threw on her bed, Eve then took the towel off her head and turned on a hair dryer which she put to good use. After her hair was dried she got dressed and did a once over in the mirror making sure she was as hot as she could possibly make herself, picking up her cell phone she flicked through she scrolled down to her first contact which was Amie and began to send a text which read,

“Hey Girlie, I am ready to get my freak on! =)”

Deacon and Donnie were now perfectly ready for the party, the music was pumping, people were turning up and the atmosphere was thriving. Among those attending the party were Travis Michael and Angelus Desero, together they owned a music store called Desero and Michael's Music Emporium which the group frequented. Travis and Angelus showed up in the town two years ago and quickly became good friends with the group attending most of their parties, Donnie seen them enter the room he was in and quickly greeted the duo,

“Travvy and Des! What comes before part b?”

Travis and Angelus shared a quick glance while trying to figure Donnie which they had almost given up on doing after two years,

“Part aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Donnie shouted at them thinking he was clever “What's up guys?”

“You know us Dok!”

“Yeah....so you guy's enjoy yourself and remember don’t do anything I wouldn't do!”

Amie's phone began to go off as she received the text from Eve,

“That was Eve, she’s ready and waiting for us to pick her up.”

“Alright how about you go get Rayne and wait in the car I just I have to grab something that Dok wanted to borrow so I'll meet you two out there.”

Amie nodded and she left the bedroom and went to collect Zakk's Sister Rayne, as soon as she was gone he pulled the box out of the jacket he was wearing that day and opened it up looking at the ring one more time. Zakk took a deep breath in and shut the box then he put it in his jean pocket, but this point of the night Zakk was already a bundle of nerves. While trying to snap out of his nervous daze he heard Donnie’s voice in the back of his head,

“Come on man, do what Jesus would do and cowboy up!”

Zakk left out a slight laugh then made his way to the car to make his way to the party where he would ask Amie to marry him.

Eve sat on a couch in her lounge as she sipped from a beer she checked her cell phone and tapped her foot on the ground while waiting for her ride. Her phone began to vibrate and she flipped it open before it was given the chance to make any noise,

“We just left see you in five.” the text read

“Finally!” Eve whispered under her breathe.

Eve picked up her drink and took a sip as she stood up; she grabbed her keys of the table and walked out of the front door closing it behind her. Eve locked the door then threw her keys in her bag and walked out to the street to wait for her ride. Zakk pulled up in his car with Amie riding shotgun and Rayne in the back, Eve opened the back door and sat in the seat along from Rayne and she took another sip of beer.

“So how are my party people?”

“Not much has changed since I last saw you Eve.” Rayne replied

“What about you Amz anything new?”

“You know you are the first person I tell if anything new does happen to me.”


“Oh yeah, in the last couple of hours since I last saw you I reversed every street sign, turned all traffic lights green and stole everyone’s left shoe.”

Back at the party pretty much anyone who was anyone was there, it wasn't until Zakk, Amie, Rayne and Eve arrived that the party began to really get going. People were sharing stories, telling jokes, playing games and dancing. Deacon noticed Eve sitting by herself on a couch drinking so he decided that he was going to go and talk to her,

“So how come you aren't up there dancing and shaking your groove thing?”

“Because my hotness would cause everyone here to go blind!”



They both sat in an awkward silence before Deacon finally broke it,


Eve laughed before saying “I'm going to go see who else is here.”

Deacon sunk back into his seat on the couch before slapping his forehead and mocking the sentence he had just said in a harsh and high pitch tone,

“So you like stuff? Man I'm an idiot.”

“Oh man I've been trying to tell you that for years!” Donnie said while sitting next to him and handing Deacon a beer.

“Thanks Dok, you're ever so supportive.”

“It could be worse.”

“How could this possibly be any worse?”

“I mean you could have made an idiot out of yourself and then Creed could have played.”

“What is it with you and Creed?”

“They're like cats...”

“Always up to something?”

“No, jerks!”

Zakk stood outside with Amie slow dancing under the stars,

“Do you remember our first date?” Zakk asked

“Yeah you were ever so romantic; we went out into the woods and planted a tree.” Amie replied sarcastically

“First of all that was years ago I was still a kid so sue me and secondly I was meaning the feeling we both had...well I had any way. I knew straight away that I loved you, I've never felt so strongly about anything in my life, I have never been as sure of anything as I am of you.”

“Stop it.” Amie blushed

“I'm being serious, I love you.”

“Aww, I love you too.”

“Amie McCauley would you...”

Zakk was interrupted by a large earthquake that shook the city, it caused alarms to go off, bookcases to full over, small cracks in the concrete and people to rush under tables and into doorways. Zakk and Amie rushed inside to find everyone else gathered around a T.V flicking between the news channels. Everyone seemed ok, though most seemed shook up over the earthquake.

“Have they said anything about it on T.V yet?” Zakk asked

“Just that it was a big earthquake but nothing that is actually helpful.” Deacon informed

“I’m sure everything is fine, everyone should just calm down, get a drink and eat some fairy bread!” Donnie added “And on that note could somebody please crack open a window, the windows are getting all condensationy.”

“Ah Dok, that’s NOT condensation that’s mist, on the other side of the window.” Deacon informed him.

“So there is an earthquake and then all this fog pops up out of nowhere on a night as clear as this...that’s just creepy.”

“Actually Dok fog is more like a low cloud while mist is small droplets of water suspended in the air.”

“Deacon, seriously, if I wasn't about to shit my pants fight now I would be fucking fascinated!”

Screams are heard off in the distance which are quickly silenced, the room full of people fall silent as more screams are heard. The screams are getting louder which they quickly assume means whatever is causing them is getting closer and closer towards them. A few people leave while others are frozen to their spot. Zakk gets up close to the main window in the lounge and squints as he tries to see through the thick mist, Zakk sees a figure of what he assumes is a large dog dart across the lawn of the house. A large snarl is heard from outside which causes a party goer to freak out,

“That’s it; I'm going anyone who wants a ride can come with me.”

“That's a bad idea, there's something out there.”

Despite his Zakks objections a group of people left anyway only to become victims causing screams themselves. Zakk goes and begins to turn everything off that he can, a few others realize what he is doing and join in turning off anything that would draw attention. A window in a far off bedroom is heard is it is smashed, causing those who are left to hold their breath and wait, nothing comes out, Donnie slowly moves down the hall, nothing comes out, Donnie reaches the bed room and slowly pushes the door open while backing away, nothing comes out, the window Zakk has been looking out of is smashed open as he is pulled outside through it and two creatures jump into the room and begin attacking people.

Two more come out of the bedroom Donnie previously opened the door to and begin to attack, the creatures are almost dog like but as large as a cow, they have no eyes and larges claws and teeth and possess a very bony structure with a long and very sharp tail. Eve and Deacon get cornered by two of the creatures, which slowly push them back into a corner in the kitchen, Amie is blocked in the lounge as there is a creature at every exit she can see and Donnie has been pushed it a room by one of the creatures, his shirt ripped by its claws blood dripping down his skin. Zakk is pinned under the one the grabbed him through the window, sure that this was the end of it all. Out of the corner of his eye Zakk sees a slug slowly inching toward him, the slug begins to levitate over him and harden, he can see that the slag is red as it levitates over him, the dog like creature backs away the closer that the slug gets to him which makes the creature growl.

Zakk begins to stand up when the slug completely hardens and shoots into his shoot where his heart is and Zakk begins to glow. Two slugs levitate over the creatures cornering Deacon and Eve, one blue the other yellow, they to shoot into the chests of Eve and Deacon giving them the same glow as Zakk only different colours. Amie as her back against a wall as a creature closes in on her, she presses her body flat against the wall as she prepares to be eaten, Amie feels something sliver along her hand and looks to see a slug slithering up her arm which she grabs and throws towards the creature. The slug hardens and stops in mid-air levitating before shooting back towards her and digging into her chest emanating her in a pink glow. Along the head board of the bed Donnie has been force on to the last green slug gently levitates towards him before flying into Donnie’s back and digging his way to his heart....

On the next episode of Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

What has the mysterious Hitori Kazama planned for young group?

What spread the mist throughout the city and just who is controlling the gruesome creatures?

Just how will life as we know it change?

Tune in next time for the first adventure of Power Rangers: LifeForce

Episode 2 – Prelude 12/21

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-06-2010, 10:51 PM

Authors Notes - Episode 2 - Prelude 12/21
Prelude 12/21 By AFI (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGBFS_MxuWs)

This episode contains Adult Situations, Violence and Offensive Language and is reccomended for a mature audience.

So as some of you know its been an epic week trying to get this done (it's all GPRs fault), so somethings have been cut out for pacing reasons (and i didnt get the time to write them) a couple scenes were edited down, those who know me will know which ones. Again the violence is lacking because A. ran out of time to really get into a huge fight (seriously ive written 10 pages in the last 4 hours) and B. the focus is still on the characters but that will slowly be shifting.

So enjoy!


Judges Score 74/100

Judge 1 - Plot (4), Characterization (4), Spelling & Gramar (5), Originality (4), Premiere (4)

Judge 2 - Plot (2), Characterization (2), Spelling & Gramar (2), Originality (2), Premiere (2)

Judge 3 - Plot (3), Characterization (4), Spelling & Gramar (4), Originality (4), Premiere (2)

Judge 4 - Plot (4), Characterization (5), Spelling & Gramar (4), Originality (4), Premiere (4)

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-06-2010, 10:54 PM
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

- Edmund Burke

Last Time on Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

At a small comic book store a mysterious man dressed all in white entered and walked a lap around before leaving the store leaving the two guys working confused. Shortly after he entered a clothes store and walked into two girls checking out clothes before walking off even while he was being yelled at by one of the two. At a party that same night involving the 4 people who had a run in with the mysterious man there was an earthquake which then leads to the town being enveloped in a thick fog which harboured strange creatures. These creatures were dog like and began attack people of the city eventually winding up at the party attacking those who attended it. The group of 4 Deacon, Donnie, Eve and Amie plus there friend Zakk were about to be killed when all of a sudden strange slugs dived into their hearts cocooning them in a bright light.

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 2 – Prelude 12/21

Zakk screamed in agony as he felt a heat burn within him, in felt like his soul was burning, his whole world turn red, he was unable to see anything other the red, no shapes, no objects, just the colour red. In the blink of an eye the world snapped back to the way it was, he was standing in front of one of the creatures, though he could hear more screams of agony similar to his. Zakk noticed the creature slowly backing away though it was only when he caught his reflection in a piece of shattered glass that he understood why. Zakk didn’t recognize himself at first, he was wearing some kind of suit, the top half was entirely red only broken up by two black lines which formed a big y on his chest, the bottom half of the suit was almost all black the only color being a gold belt which had a sword holstered in it and a couple of other bits and pieces which he didn’t know what they were, and red boots.

Zakk’s head seemed to be covered with some kind of helmet which held an un familiar symbol on the front of it, Zakk then looked down at his hands, they were know wearing white clothes, Zakk then remembered about the creature and reached for the sword causing the dog creature to snarl loudly then make a sound which the closest way to describe it would be to say it howled and then ran off into the fog while the others in the immediate area followed him. Once the creatures were no longer visible Zakk ran up to the house and climbed in through the window which the creature had torn him out of.

“Guys, are you ok?”

Another person in a suit began walking towards Zakk, his suit looked exactly the same as his only this one was green and his helmet bore a different symbol and behind him stood one more who was all in pink.

“Dude, how bad ass is this? We have swords!”

“Dok? Is that you?”

“No, I’m Batman!”

“What happened to us?”

A voice then came from behind Zakk “We were hoping you could tell us.” The voice came from another person in a suit this time it was colored blue and walking in line was someone in a yellow suit. Donnie took out the sword which was holstered and begun to chop the air around him making noises which sounds as close to Jackie Chan as he could make them. Zakk figured out that his closest friends were now behind costumes as he was, though why and how bewildered him.

“Where’s Rayne?” Zakk realized that his sister wasn’t one of them

“Oh don’t worry dude, she’s in my room. We ran in there when those things broke in, she got hit in the head by something and knocked out, she’s fine though.”

“Thanks Donnie!”

“So….can anyone tell me what exactly we are?” Eve asked

“My dear sweet Eve” Donnie began to explain while walking over to Eve, “It’s very simple, fate has chosen us to become superheroes.”

“Donnie you’re retarded, we can’t be superheroes…can we?”

“Superheroes, vigilantes, meta humans, mutants and the super powered are just archetypes of stories, myths and legends, you…you are so much more.” An unfamiliar voice began to speak while walking into the room where the group stood.

The unfamiliar voice came from an unfamiliar figure who stood all in white, he stood in the door completely still and as emotionless as ever.

“Hey you’re the guy who bumped into me at Supre today!” Eve became defensive

“Hitori Hanzo?” Deacon questioned

“To some.” He simply replied

“Do you all know each other?” Zakk asked

“Well Deacon knew about him somehow though I’m not sure how, but he did come through the store today before walking out.”

“And while Eve and I were in Supre he bumped into her and she began to yell at him but he just kinda left.” Amie added

“You’re behind this?” Zakk took a threatening stance while speaking

“It is a long story and I am unsure if I will have the time to tell it as you will have to hear it.”

“The you better speak pretty damn quick!” Zakk declared while puffing himself up

“Very well, though you will have to believe everything I say and not interrupt me. I am not from this world, I come from a planet from far away, my world was in a war with those from another planet, a war we stood no chance of winning. Our enemy was a being called Kalma, he has the powers of death, most consider him a necromancer but this term is meaningless as he is much, much more. Kalma is draws his power from the very force of death and with the more death and destruction he causes the more powerful he becomes, through this I came to learn that he is the herald of Death. Before he managed to destroy my planet I was sent through a worm hole which was meant to lead me to a world of vibrant life, a place where I could draw on the very thing that maybe the key to defeating him, instead I ended up here…”

“Hey, I like here!”

“Donnie, not now.” Zakk suggested that Donnie held his tongue

“You’re planet Earth is a curious one, I had to inhabit this shell in order to survive here, the balance that exists here is like no other in the universe that I know of. Life and death, good and evil, it all works in harmony, it has made my work…difficult but I when combined with technology and rituals from my home world I managed to create our salvation. From the moment I arrived here I sense something, some beings who would be able to bond with Zydrate Crystolic Slugs, that would be where you five come into it, the Zydrate Crystolic Slugs were sent to find you and bond with you when the Shadoojin were sent to investigate Kalma’s new territory.”

“Wait, let’s go back a bit, inhabit a shell?” Zakk queried

“Yes, My body was broken by the worm hole as I came here and I wouldn’t have survived for very long if I had of stayed in it. So I escaped it and acquired a new shell, think of it like reincarnation.”

“So your new shell…is a human body?” Deacon concluded

“The human was in no longer need of it.”

“You killed someone to use their body? You’re a monster!” Amie added

“I assure you, he was already deceased when I came across the shell.”

“So what’s with these suits…and why the hell do we have these freaky marks on our helmets?” Donnie asked

“The marks are Kanji, when I took this shell parts of its previous owner entered my own consciousness, in this case it was his language and beliefs, to him these symbols are what grants life. Zakk your symbol means fire, Amie yours belongs to heaven, Deacon’s means water, Eves represents earth and Donnie has wood.”

“Haha, Deacon, I got wood!” Donnie mused

“The suits, were programmed into the Zydrate Crystolic Slug, the slugs are…were common practise back on my world. They reside in your heart and will make you strong and faster than any mere human. Back on my home world only a chosen few were given the slugs each year, they were presented to our best warriors who acted as a type of police force as you would call them, on the other hand we called them Power Rangers.”

The group stood around in an awkward silence unsure what to make of their predicament; a loud roar is heard in the distance that sounded similar to the one made by the Shadaloo creature before though this one sounded a lot deep and more threatening. Everyone in the group snapped to attention including Hitori,

“More of those skidoos?” Donnie asked looking at Hitori

“Shadaloo, and I’m not sure, it sounds more like a Chirago Soldier.”

“And they are…?” Eve asked

“Big brutish warriors, their race thrives on bloodshed and violence, they are as strong as they are fast, and they are very primal and just as primitive. Their skin is a very thick and their bones incredibly hard, they have big fists and sharp teeth but they only have one eye.”

“Cyclops cool” Donnie added

“It’s coming here isn’t it?” Amie asked

“…Yes, the Shadaloo’s would have reported to the leader of Kalma’s first wave, they slaughter a bunch of innocence in the thick mist on their arrival as sacrifices to Kalma then when the mist leaves he will make show up.”

“How long does the mist last for?”

“As long as it’s needed to create the sacrifices, though if the Chirago Soldier is on his way and you manage to defeat him then it should disappear shortly after that. You will need to be ready, it will be hard fight, the only advice I can offer is to trust your instincts, the Zydrate Crystolic Slug will do the rest for now.”

“So you just expect us to lay our lives on the line and fight?”

“Zakk, if we don’t who will?”

“Someone who is actually capable to fight and save the world, we aren’t super heroes Donnie!” Zakk replied to Donnie

“I know I’m not super by any stretch of the imagination, hell I’m not even remotely athletic, but with great power comes great responsibility, someone has to fight for those who won’t be able to. I know this is exactly our fight, but it came to us and I’m not going to stand by and let anything bad happen to my family, friends or city. And besides they ruined my party!”

“Donnie’s right.” Deacon added “All Spider-Man references aside…”

“You gotta fight for your right to party” Donnie finished off Deacons sentence in a way he saw fit.

“Um….guys, there’s a seven foot Cyclops with a huge club standing outside looking at us.” Amie announced

There was a short uncomfortable silence as everyone shifted their gaze towards the Chirago Soldier and took in his appearance, the Chrigao Soldier was standing outside the window Zakk had been previously dragged through and roared as is knocked out what was left of the wall. Hitori kick a small coffee table in their before jumping up and kicking it again sending it flying towards the Chirago Soldier awnd breaking apart as it hit the Chirago Soldier and sent him stumbling back.

“Go now!” Hitori yelled

Deacon ran out and kicked the Chriago Soldier a few times, next Donnie ran out aside and then up Deacons back before kicking the Chirago Soldier in the face. Amie and Eve then ran out followed closely by Zakk, The Chirago Soldier had Deacon with his club and sent him flying towards Amie, Eve and Zakk.

“Oh no you didn’t!” Donnie said to the Chirago Soldier before getting hit by its club and sent flying back by Deacon “Ok then, maybe you did.” Donnie finished up.

The girls helped Deacon and Donnie to their feet while the Chirago Soldier seemed to laugh, Zakk stood in front of his friends with his katana blade drawn. The Chirago Soldiers eyes meet with Zakks and the challenge was accepted, the Chirago Soldiers charged towards Zakk as he took a couple of steps forward and then stood his ground and waited for the Chirago Soldier to come to him. The Chirago Soldier raised its club above its head and sent it crash down towards Zakk’s head, Zakk pivioted his body avoiding the blow all the while bring his guitar blade up slicing off the Soldiers hand casing the club to roll along the ground and end up at the group’s feet. Zakk then begun to spin in a 180 degree motion driving his sword into the centre of the Chirago Soldiers stomach while his back was facing the soldier. The Soldier fell to his knees then began to fall over onto the ground but before he reach it he began to dissipate and dissolve fading into nothingness, as the last of the Chirago Soldier dissolved the mist began to fade away. The group now stood outside, their suits disappeared, the sun coming up on the horizon,

“Oh yeah who is greater than evil baby!” Donnie triumphantly cheered

“What happened to our suits?” Deacon asked

“The suits are projected from the Slugs, when you concentrate they will come and go as you need them, same for your weapons and zords.”

“Zords?” the group collectively asked

“You will see what I mean very shortly” Hiroti walked over to the gaping hole in the wall “As for now I have to go and consult with my allies, I suggest that you all go get some rest you will be needing it for the days ahead. I will call you when you are needed.” Hitori then walked off

“You guy’s wanna crash here?” Donnie asked “You could crash on the couch but I spilt milk on it, you could sleep on the floor next to the couch but there is a line of ants leading to where I split milk on the couch.”

“That’s fine Dok, since its morning I think I’m going to take Amie out for breakfast, spend the day with her ya know.” Zakk answered

“Actually if it’s ok with you guy’s I might crash here.”

“Sure Eve, but you will have to share with Rayne.”

“No offense Donnie but I’d rather be covered in ham and feed to Piranhas then sleep in your bed. Deacon do you mind?”

“Go ahead.”

“Thanks.” Eve said as she kissed him on the cheek then went into his room to get some sleep.

Zakk and Amie then left leaving Deacon and Donnie to their own devices, the two sat down on the couch ignoring the huge hole in the wall. Donnie group a couple of cans off the floor and threw one away when he found it was empty and opened the full and took a long drink.

“We need a team name, I vote for the Donnie Dokken Five. It has such a ring to it. And come to think of it we also need a catch phrase, some that is marketable and will catch on in the public’s eye, something like “Go, Go Power Rangers.””

“Dude that is quite possibly the lamest thing I have ever heard you say, next you will want us to say “It’s Morphin’ Time” every time those suits come on.”

“Not every time, just around cameras and hot chicks.”

Donnie finished off what was left in the can and then threw it on the ground,

“I’m gonna go take a shower, I somehow feel dirty.”

Donnie then stood up and went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him, he turned on the hot water which began to flow out of the shower head and onto the ground forming a small pool along the base. Donnie unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall off his shoulders to the ground, next he unlooped his belt and slide off his pants as the condensation began to build up in the small bathroom. Donnie caught a reflection of himself in the corner of his eye and faced to turn it, he was standing in front of a mirror which he wiped with his hand to get a clearer view of himself and begun to flex his muscles.

“You are a sexy bitch.” Donnie said pointing at his reflection

Donnie then pulled down his boxers and hoped into the shower.

“How are your eggs?” Zakk asked Amie as she sat there just playing with her food

“I guess I’m just not that hungry after a night that huge.” Amie said putting her fork down

Zakk sighed as he got out his wallet and left a couple of bills on the table to pay for the meal, a sly grin gradually came across his face and he grabbed Amie’s hand dragged her behind him. Zakk took her out to his car and opened the passenger side door for her and helped her in, he then slid across the hood of his car before hopping in and driving off. Zakk drove to a long boardwalk that reached out over the sea, along the board work was a mini amusement park that had a Ferris wheel, mini Roller Coaster and various games one could play and win prizes at. Zakk got out of the car and ran over to open up Amie’s door and helped her out, he pushed a button on his key chain which made the key beep and lock itself, Zakk grabbed Amie by the hand and then lead her into the small amusement park.

While there they rode around on the Ferris wheel a couple of times and once on the Roller Coaster, Zakk won Amie a rather large stuffed Panda by throwing a baseball at some wooden bottles and they had a good time in each other’s company. On the drive back home Zakk took a longer and more scenic route which went up and through some hills, once at the top Zakk build over and Amie and Zakk got out of the car. Zakk went and lightly leaned on the hood of his car while Amie leaned on him, her back into his chest, Zakk slowly slid his hands around Amie’s hips and lightly kissed along her neck causing her to take long slow breathes.

“It’s so beautiful up here isn’t it?” she asked “I know this whole saving the world thing seems like a lot to bear, but isn’t all this worth fighting for?”

“I could fight for all this, for the woods where we first met and I could even fight for the boardwalk but I’m not. But I am going to and will always fight for you. Because I love you, always have, ever since our first date.” Zakk laughed at himself while Amie turned around to face him, Zakk dug around in his pocket and pulled out a small battered envelope. “After our first date I went home and wrote this, I figured I would seal it up and give it to you on a day where Donnie talked me into something highly ridiculous that you would hate me for.”

Zakk handed the letter over to Amie who tore open the top eager to read the words he had written, tears began to roll down her cheeks as she read it.

Well I love you in whispers, I love you in screams,
I love you awake and I love you in dreams.
I love you in turquoise, I love you in white,
I love you in darkness, I love you in light.

I love you in torment, I love you in peace,
I love you in passion with a prayer that don't cease.
I love you in the desert, I love you in rain,
I love you in pleasure, I love you in pain.

Seven times, around my soul.

I love you in visions, I love you in rhyme,
I love you in space, I love you in time.
I love you from the start and I love you to the end,
I love you as a woman, love you as a friend.

Seven times, around my soul.
Seven times, around my soul.

I love you in whole, I love you in part,
I love you in spirit, I love you in heart.
I love you in mind and body and form,
I loved you before the day you were born.

Seven times, around my soul.
Seven times, around my soul.

I love you in theory, I love you in fact,
I love you in gold, I love you in black.
I love you on earth, I love you up high,
I love you beyond the ceiling of the sky.
I love you with madness, I love you with glee,
I love you imprisoned, I love you set free.
I love you in stillness, I love you in speed,
I love you with justice, I love you with greed.

Seven times, around my soul.

I love you tomorrow, I love you today,
I love you beyond what mortal words can say.
I love you in fury, I love you in control,
I love you in circles, seven times around my soul.

Seven times, around my soul.
Seven times, around my soul.

“What can I say other then I loved you from the moment I first saw you.” Zakk bashfully added

Amie threw her arms around Zakks neck and passionately kissed him, Zakk lightly pushed her back as he sank on to one knee,

“I know this may not be the most appropriate time but Amie McCauley I love you, when I’m near you I don’t know what the time or day is, no matter what you’re doing I can’t keep my eyes off you, everything you do is beautiful, when I look into your eyes and I want to cry because you’re so beautiful, every time you kiss me I feel so alive, when you touch me I feel on fire and just with one of your smiles I’m wired and ready to die because I’ve experienced the best thing in life. What I’m really trying to say is Amie, will you marry me?” As Zakk said that he produced a small ring which had a small diamond on it and was made up out of seven circles.

“Oh my god, yes, yes ,yes, a million times yes!” Amie beamed as Zakk slid the ring onto her finger.

Zakk then got back to his feet were Amie forced herself as close to him as possible and kissed him, while kissing him she tugged his shirt off and began to kiss down his body…

In a graveyard on the outskirts of town a dark figure moves for the gates, the grass he stands on goes brown, the flowers he passes by wither and die and the dead underneath him begin to stir. His eyes are as deep and dark as an abyss and his skin is black, dry and rotten and his teeth are yellow and grey. Next to him a hand begins to dig its way up and out of the ground, a couple of the bony dog Shadaloo creatures skulk behind him snapping at the dead digging their way up. He holds out his hand which causes the gates to the cemetery to vibrate before flying off away from him, he stands at the gates and doesn’t look back at the trail of death he leaves in his wake, soon Earth will look like that everywhere, the bones of animals laid out where they died, mighty trees that once stood proud will now stand hollow and dark, and the human race will be a forgotten memory. He is Kalma, and he brings the end.

Next time on Power Rangers Fallen Dreams

The Rangers Find Out About The Zords Hitori Was Refering To!

The Rangers Meet The Dreaded Kalma.

The Rangers Gain Two New Allies.

Power Rangers: Fall Dreams
Episode 3 – When Worlds Collide

*Post ‘Credit’ Scene*
Donnie stepped out of the bathroom wearing some jeans and a dark green singlet, the dark green singlet bore a new slogan which looked as though it was crudely written in crayon which read “Me > Evil” Deacon laughed as he seen Donnie walking towards him wearing that singlet.

“Dude, did you just make that?”

“I can’t help that I’m so bad ass evil fears me!”

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-14-2010, 01:42 AM
Authors Notes - Episode 3 - When Worlds Collide
When Worlds Collide By Power Man 500 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsV500W4BHU&ob=av3e)

Bit more action this time around, basically this episode is the shortest by far, its just to build things up for the next episode. So there isnt alot to say, its very straight to the point.

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-14-2010, 01:48 AM
"…So when the last and dreadful hour
This crumbling pageant shall devour,
The trumpet shall be heard on high,
The dead shall live, the living die,
And Music shall untune the sky"

Master Works – John Dryden

Last Time On Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

The slugs that drove themselves into the hearts of our heroes turned out to be from an alien world where they were used to police that planet. Hitori also happened to be from this planet and had been seeking out the group so he could turn them into Power Rangers to stop Kalma from destroying Earth like he had so many others, this lead to a fight with a Cyclops like alien called a Chirago Soldier in which Zakk ended up kill it. The group felt shellshock after wards and just relaxed while coping with the news that they were destined to save the world and Zakk proposed to Amie to which she accepted.

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 3 – When Worlds Collide

Kalma sat on a throne that was made out of body parts that were slowly rotting away, the arm rests ended in a human skulls, the right sided one was stripped to the bone while the left sided skull was still rather fresh though the muscle tissue had decomposed and an eye was drooping out of it while the other was gone. Kalma’s left hand was on the skull his fingertips tapping impatiently while his right hand twirled around in the air, while Kalma’s hand twirled the once cloudless sky began to grow dark and water droplets began to fall to the ground.

“Hmph” Kalma grunted “This place could use a little death and destruction to brighten the day.”

Thunder began to boom and lightening hit the ground which caused Kalma to laugh, he then whistled and a couple of Shadaloo creatures ran up to him and howled causing Kalma to pat their heads.

Zakk and Amie lay on the bonnet of Zakk’s car as the rain began to fall down, making them laugh and rush to put their clothes on and hop back into the car, though they weren’t fast enough and got caught in the mysterious down pour. Zakk’s phone began to vibrate across his dashboard so he picked it up to look at the text he had just received.

“It’s from Donnie, it says that Hitori wants us to meet him and the Music Emporium.”

“Anything else?” Amie asked

“No, well yeah but I don’t know what he’s getting at, it just says kukukacho kukukacho.”

Zakk drove to the music emporium which was a relatively short drove from where they were, Zakk pulled up outside and they got out of the car and went to enter the store which had a closed sign on it, Zakk knocked on the door and Deacon came running over to open it, they entered and gathered around each other, Hitori, Donnie, Eve, Deacon, Zakk and Amie.

“Amz, there is something different about you.” Eve noticed

“No there’s not.”

“She’s right, your glowing” Donnie started “Did you go to the Peppermint Stick where and she the ballerina on a pole called Sunshine? Though I suspect that’s not her real name.”

“What’s that on your hand?”

Amie raised her hand revealing the ring Zakk had previously given her.

“Oh My God, you mean you two?”

Amie smiled “Mmhmm”

The two girls screamed and jumped up and down in joy with Donnie joining in though squealing louder and jumping higher than any other the girls could. Deacon walked over and shook Zakks hand and congratulated him while a confused Hitori looked on, Travis Michael and Angelus Desero walked into the room and all eyes were on them.

“Is it done?” Hitori asked

“As much as we can in this world.” Travis replied

“Wait, you guys know each other?” Deacon asked

“Yes, Angelus and Travis are…were once Rangers back on my world. They have designed a series of weapons, zords and morphers.”

“Straight to business I see.” Donnie said smugly

“Well since you are so keen to try them here you go Donnie” Travis said while throwing a small phone at Donnie

Donnie caught the phone and flipped it open, there was a small stylus on the back of it which he flicked out and pressed it against the screen.

“This is your morpher, it will allow you to…communicate…if you will, with the Slugs within you. To summon forth your suits all you have to do is draw the symbol that represents you on the screen, give it ago Donnie.”

Donnie talk a deep breath and slowly began to draw on the screen, the rest of the group fell to silence and held their breath waiting to see what happened, Donnie finished drawing on the screen and nothing happened,

“Nothing happened?” Deacon announced

“Let us see what you’ve drawn Donnie.” Angelus asked

Donnie showed the group what we had drawn, Donnie had drawn a very crude looking bunny rabbit,

“Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!”

The group collectively sighed except for Donnie who laughed who begun to draw again, this time when he had finished he began to glow bright green which quickly faded revealing his green suit. Angelus then threw something else at Donnie which he caught and began to look at, it was square in shape and bore the same symbol that was on his helmet.

“This is what you will use to summon your Zords, it unfolds and represents your animal spirit. Zakk yours is a Lion, Deacon you have a Dragon, Amie a Turtle, Eve a Monkey and Donnie a Bear.” Angelus said as he threw them out to those that they belonged to.

“Now for your weapons.” Travis begun “Concentrate and it will materialize, as simple as that.”

Donnie held his hand out and focused, a spare formed on his hand which he then rolled around his hand creating a giant circle before he flicked it behind his back.

“As you can see Donnie’s is a spear, Zakk you have a broadsword, Deacon a bow, Amie a fan and Eve a throwing star. Each weapon has a slot on it to add one of these.” Travis gave each person a small colored disc “Adding these to the weapon will greatly increase its power and allow you to reach feats you never thought possible. Any questions?”

“So basically you’re telling us to trust our instincts and concentrate?”

“Yes Zakk, I know it’s not a lot to go on but you will quickly learn, you will have to as Kalma will not hold anything back.”

Kalma stands on the rooftop of a nearby building, thunder boomed above him and lightening hit the roof around him causing him to smile. Kalma dug his fingers into his chest and pulled his chest apart opening it like someone would open a cupboard, out of the cavity where his chest once was a small slug fell out of it which quickly began to grow. Within seconds it was the size of a large dog; it was covered in scales and had three heads with long necks, each head had sharp teeth and yellow eyes and each mouth ended with a sharp beak. It’s body was rather normal 4 limbs to move with and abdomen and a very long tail. The beast continued to grow only stopping when it became the size of a small house, Kalma grinned and closed his chest,

“Go kill, burn, be evil!” Kalma commanded

The beast jumped off the roof of the tall building and crashed into the ground causing it to crack, the beast began to pull down buildings, eat any stragglers on the street and crush cars.

“Did anyone else hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“There was a loud thud.”

“Well there is a thunder storm going on out there dude.”

“It was more than that…”

The group fell silent as someone ran past screaming,

“I heard that.” Donnie said

The group ran outside and their sight was fixed straight on the beast,

“Time to try out your new powers Rangers.” Hitori said “Just bear in mind that you draw your powers from life, the more of it around the more powerful you are, the more death that you encounter, well…”

Each of the group produced the phones they were given by and one by one they wrote on their screens glowed their distinctive colours and morphed into their rangers suits, they then all focused and produced their weapons and took off to fight the beast. Deacon began firing at the beast which only gained its attention, Eve threw her star which she nick named the land slicer which took off one of the beasts heads.

“Amie, give me a boost!” Zakk cried out and ran towards the beast

Amie nodded and flapped her fan creating a gust of wind which Zakk rode up into the sky, as he began to fall back down to the ground he brought his sword down through the one of the beasts remaining necks causing it to roll away from the body and leaving one head left. Deacon kept firing from the streets and Donnie ran toward the beast, spear pointed forward. When Donnie reached the beast its final head grabbed Donnie’s spear and flicked him in the air which sent him flying upwards before he falling into the ground at high speed. Donnie groaned and slowly got back to his feet,

“Donnie what the hell are you doing?” Deacon asked

“Oh I don’t know, I thought it might be fun to bounce off the pavement.”

Eve threw her land slicer another time cutting off the final head as the head rolled away the body began to grow in size, the necks began to split apart and heal themselves, heads grew out of the end of the newly formed necks, the beast now had 9 heads and the body had grown to incorporate them all, the beast was a Hydra. The Rangers jaws dropped as the Hydra stopped growing and they slowly took a few steps backwards,

“By the power of Grey Skull!” Donnie slowly exclaimed

“Yeah…that’s…wow” was all Eve managed to get out

“Anyone have a plan?” Deacon asked

“I do!” Zakk said as he unfolded the small box he was given before

Once it resembled a Lion Zakk threw it in front of him and it grew into a very large robotic Lion, Zakk focused and found himself inside the Lion able to control it. The rest of the group followed suit and each ended up in their own Zord ready to fight the hydra. Each Zord charged at the Hydra each taking their turn to fight it the best they could, though they managed to slice heads off the hydra more grew in its place, the Hydra managed to bite and tear at the Zords, the Hydra threw Amie’s Turtle Zord through a building, Donnies Bear Zord received a giant claw mark down its front, Eve’s Monkey Zord was swinging from neck to neck doing damage where it could and Zakk leaped forward clawing at the Hydra where it could but no matter how hard the Rangers fought the Hydra kept growing and wouldn’t be long before it would win…

Next Time On Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

How Do The Rangers Defeat The Hydra?

Zakk And Amie Prepare For The Wedding

Donnie Finds A New Love In Kalmas Newest Allie

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-21-2010, 08:53 AM
Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams - Episode 4 - For You

The Calling - For You (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FDoIsOcuzY)

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-21-2010, 09:21 AM
“Life is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil.”

- Marcus Aurelius

Kalma smirked to himself as he saw the Rangers zords being not being up to defeat the Hydra, Eve, Deacon and Donnie’s zords had been incapacitated by the Hydra and were unable to continue fighting, the Hydra had Amie and her zord pinned down and was slowly ripping it apart, Zakk charged and leaped at the Hydra only to be knocked back down the street. In the distance were news crews filming and reporting on the events while helicopters whirled over head of them, Zakk slowly made his zord get back up, down the street from him he heard a scream coming from Amie’s zord.

Zakk’s Lion zord stood up, damaged in places but still refusing to roll over and die, Zakk’s zord began to charge once again only this time faster, as he charged at the Hydra his zord went faster and faster until it became a burning blur which drove through the Hydra causing it to squeal in pain and catch fire, each hit of its many heads yelped in pain as the fire began to envelope it and shortly after the Hydra fell over to the ground, dead. The zords then disappeared into thin air leaving the Rangers standing there as applause came from those who were brave enough to stay and watch the battle. Zakk ran over and checked on Amie helping her to her feet and making sure she was ok, Deacon did the same to Eve making sure she wasn’t harm in any shape or form.

“Don’t worry about me guys The Dok is always ok!” Donnie said while walking towards Zakk and Amie with a limp

On the roof Kalma gritted his teeth as he looked down at the burning carcass of his Hydra, Kalma snorted then turned away from his burning effigy.

“Looks like Kalista will get to have her fun toying with these pitiful mortals after all.”

Days went by and the fight dominated the news, a few more days after that and Kalma sent another monster which was followed by another and the days turned into weeks. The Rangers were now highly skilled superheroes renowned all over the world, eventually Kalma went quiet and stopped sending monsters to try and defeat the Rangers. With less monsters to fight Zakk and Amie had time to plan their wedding; it was going to be a huge royal white wedding with all their friends and family there. As the big day was just around the corner Donnie was asked by Amie if he could pick up some things for her for the wedding and eventually agreed to.

“Hi, I’m here to pick up the package for Amie McCauley!”

In the small store a woman stood next to Donnie was a small petite woman with long brown hair and a very beautiful and innocent face.

“Are you getting married?” she asked him

“Oh no, god no, marriage is a punishment in some countries.”

“It can’t be all that bad.” She giggled

“Here you go miss; this is what you had ordered.” The gentleman behind the character said while handing over a package

“Well, it was nice meeting you…”

“Donnie, Donnie “The Dok” Dokken.” Sticking his hand out

“I’m Kalista.” She said shaking his hand “Well I guess I better be off maybe I’ll see you around.”

Then she was gone leaving Donnie standing alone in the store looking at his reflection in some glass when he could have sworn a little devil appeared on his shoulder,

“You idiot, you was into you man!” the little shoulder devil said

“What the fu…” Donnie said dazedly

“Bro you so could have had a peace of that, you still can, catch up to her tell something irresistible like you invented Facebook!”

On his other shoulder appeared another devil,

“What? You don’t really think you would have a good conscience would you? Now get your ass out of this store go find her and hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.”

Donnie turned to leave the store when he notices a small angel sitting on his shoulder,

“Donnie…” the angel began

“Donnie don’t listen to the angel he’s trying to lead you down the path on righteousness, I’m going to lead you down the path the rocks!” One of the devils interrupted

“Donnie” The angel began again “I agree with them, go to her and geteth thy freak on.”

The two devils and Donnie all looked at the Angel

“What? It’s been a while since I’ve been laid too.”

Donnie left the store promptly after that and looked to see where the woman had gone, just up ahead he watched as she cut down a small alley, Donnie began to run towards the alley and turned down it but couldn’t see her but walked down it anyway.

“I’m glad you followed me.” Kalista said appearing from behind him “I was dying to taste you.” She said unbuttoning her shirt

“I just….I just…I just…” Donnie mumbled

Kalsita was now standing in front of Donnie while she took her shirt off; she then kissed Donnie as she forced him back against a wall. Kalista then began to take of Donnie t-shirt while still kissing him, once she got his t-shirt off she began to kiss down his neck. Donnie then felt a sharp sting on his neck and pushed her away, blood ran from Donnie’s neck down his chest, Kalista’s teeth had now changed and she bore fangs and was licking the blood of her lips.

“Mmm, hero’s blood is always the best.”

“You’re a vampire?”

Kalista slowly walked towards Donnie,

“God damn it!” Donnie said

“What’s the matter lover boy?” Kalista said grabbing Donnie crotch

“You being a vampire, that is just so hot! You don’t sparkle in the direct sunlight do you”

“Ha, your sun holds now power over me.”

“So what do you say we go back to my place and you can suck me dry?”

“Even though I’m about to kill you, you still want me?”

“Well yeah, I mean you’re still smoking hot, even if you a bit psychotic, but I think the crazy/hot ratio works out in your favour.”

Kalista slightly bent down and licked the blood of Donnie’s chest….

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-28-2010, 12:32 AM
Authors Notes
Power Rangers:Fallen Dreams - Episode 5 - You & Me

First of all is the mood setting song (you may wanna check it out now before you read, or as you read up to you)

You & Me By Lifehouse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac3HkriqdGQ&ob=av2e)

So this scene has some foul language, mostly dialogue (from here on out the action will be lacking as characterisation and plot are coming first) and this episode also has some foreshadowing of the next few episode so good luck to those who can work out whats gonna happen!

As always enjoy!

The Jester Of Tortuga
09-28-2010, 12:55 AM
“True Love burns the brightest, But the brightest flames leave the deepest scars.”

- Anonymus

“So is this how it ends?”

“No, this is how it begins!”

“First there was Zakk followed by Eve, Deacon and Donnie, now it’s just done to you and me.”

“No there was only ever just me, you didn’t actually think you stood a chance at winning this did you?”

“I…we will win this, we have to win this.”

“My dearest Amie you have already lost!”

Then there is a scream of agony in the darkness

================================================== =======

Amie said huddle up on the couch, unable to sleep a cup of steamy hot coco on the small table in front of her. She recalled the dream that had woken her up, it felt real, she could feel the agony in that scream, all thoughts of her wedding that was about to take place in a few hours were all but gone. She picked up the cup and took a sip of the coco not noticing how the liquid burnt her lips as it flowed past them, she set the cup back down on the table and heard the door to living room open and looked at it as it opened, Zakk entered the room rubbing his eye and yawning.

“Babe what are you doing up you should be asleep, we’ve got a big day ahead of us.”

“I know, I just had a bizarre dream, don’t think I will be able to get back to sleep.”

Zakk sat down beside her and put his arm around her and she gently placed her head down on his shoulder and snuggled up close to him.

“What did you dream about it?”

“I’m not sure, I was standing in a forest across from someone else, they looked like a Ranger with a white suit, but there was something about him, something evil.”

“Hey, I it was just a dream, I would never let anything happen to you.” Zakk said as he kissed her head.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“Not possible Zakk.”

“It is and I do, forever and ever!”

They fell asleep in each other’s embrace while the morning sun began to rise and an orangey glow filled the room, the sky began to glow red sending an eerie warning over the city. Zakk woke with a smile on his face as he realized Amie was in his arms, he then looked up on the wall to check the time, 6:30am, Zakk gently shook Amie awake,

“Amie, babe we gotta get ready, we are getting married today.”

“We are? Oh my god we are!” Amie said as she shot up excitedly

================================================== =======

Donnie lay in bed Kalista next to him, his neck had to tiny holes in them while Kalista had dried blood along her lip, Donnie woke up in a startled fashion

“I swear I’m not a sparkly vampire!”

“I must have fallen asleep with you.”

“Can’t have been for long with what we were doing last night!”

“This is not right, I think I feel for you.”

“Well I don’t blame you, I mean my hammer packs a punch!”


“The hammer is my penis…”

“I must go, I’ve already spent more time with you then I should” with that Kalista opened the window in Donnie’s room and then jumped out of it

“I guess I’ll see you later. You know it, see ya sexy. Bye beautiful.” Donnie finished off the conversation by after she left.

Donnie sighed to himself before getting out of his bed and sorting out his clothes to wear for the day and he laid it on his bed. He then went and turned on the shower to get ready for the big day.

================================================== =======

The graveyard had been cold and dark ever since Kalma had arrived, but after the defeats he had suffered at the hands of the Rangers he began increasingly foul tempered and the graveyard had neither been as dark. Kalista entered the graveyard and approached Kalma’s throne,

“Did you obtain it?”

“Yes my liege.” Kalista said while bowing to him

“Good.” Kalma said as he through a chalice down at Kalista’s feet

She picked up the chalice then cut her hand with her nails and let her blood run into the chalice, the chalice began to glow white and she hadn’t it back to Kalma who then drunk it. Thunder clapped around the graveyward and lighten struck in front of Kalma, a look of panic ran across Kalista’s face as she took a step back. Above Kalma a portal appears, it looks like a dark swirling mass of purple and blue clouds while lightening randomly struck inside of it. A white blur came out of it and landed on the ground causing Kalma to smile…

================================================== =======

The sun shined down on the old gothic looking church as people gathered outside it, they all talked about the day and how excited they were for the couple, about the first time they meet Zakk or Amie depending on which side of the family they were, while others were simply as a plus one and didn’t really know anybody else. Inside the church at the altar stood Zakk, Deacon and Donnie,

“You alright man?”

“I’m fine Donnie, what about you I’ve been meaning to ask you for weeks about those sores on your neck.”

“Oh yeah, it’s just this whole crazy thing where some guys tried to stab me in the neck, but it’s cool I ripped one of their spines out and another one’s heart I pulled out and the last guy’s head I crushed between my hands, it aint no thing.”

“Dude, those are all fatalities in Mortal Kombat! Are you hiding something from us?”

“Deacon, I am shocked, SHOCKED you would say that. When have I ever kept anything from you guys?”

A tall gentleman approached and interrupted them and grabbed Zakks hand shaking it, he was abit gruff and dressed in a white suit, most of his hair was very short except for a strip in the middle giving him a mohawk appearance.

“I just wanted to wish you congratulations and good luck you’ll be needing it.” He said with a wink before walking off

“Who was that guy?” Zakk asked

“Don’t look at me, the only person I invited was Donnie’s Mother.”

“You did what?”

“Relax, I don’t think she is actually gonna come, when I called her it went through to the voice mail which I don’t think she checks.”

“Yeah dude she checks it, you know what else checks? Under her bed because the dust bunnies talk to her!”

Zakk and Deacon laughed,

“Relax man, I was joking I just wanted to see you panic.”

“You are such a fucking cu…”

“She’s almost here!” came a voice from the entrance way to the church

“You guys ready?” Deacon asked looking at Zakk

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” Zakk nodded getting into position

“You sure you don’t wanna use my vowels Zakk?”

“No Donnie, somehow I don’t think comparing her breasts to warm fluffy pancakes is romantic as you think.”

“Alrighty then but it’s your loss, I mean they would both be excellent covered in syrup and enjoyed every morning.”

Everyone that was previous outside talking now rushed inside to their seats, the church was completely silent as everyone sat waiting. First Rayne walked in carrying a bunch of flowers that was quickly followed by Eve carrying a bunch of similar flowers after a short pause music began to fill the air and everyone turned to look as Amie gracefully made her way into the church. Amie was wearing a long flowing white dress with a gold ribbon around her waist, as she walked up the aisle people whispered to each other on her appearance, one she was at the altar she stood still opposite Zakk. The sun shined through a stain glass window the light fell down on Amie giving her an angelic glow, the priest began to speak his part leading into Zakk’s vowels,

“All my life I was waiting for you someone as beautiful and intelligent as you. Your touch sets me on fire, your smile is wild and you’re so beautiful inside and out, you are the kindest and most caring person I have ever met, Amie you are my darling I promise to always be there for you loving you right and I will always be the man to save your day.”

“Zakk, I love you from the deepest part of my soul. You are the man of my dreams and I have loved you since the day we met. You are my world, you are my life, you are and you mean everything to me. I love you more than I can say; I love you more every single day and there is always more to love about you.”

“You may now kiss the bride!”

Zakk and Amie each moved closer to each other before kissing and sending all their friends and family members cheering.

================================================== =======

Amie and Zakk shared their first dance as husband in a bar where they held a reception, outside a lone figure stood watching everything that went on. The lone figure was wearing a Ranger suit that was all white; he smiled smugly to himself as he walked off,

“Their world ends tomorrow…”

Next Time On Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

LifeForce Ranger
Will Die!

The Jester Of Tortuga
10-04-2010, 11:09 PM
Authors Note:

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 6 - Through The Trees

This weeks theme song is
Through The Trees By Low Shoulder (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z4fpF7FFio)

So first and foremost (even though its the second thing to be included here) we would like to induct Shadow Ranger into The Cult! Welcome aboard. Now down to the bidness, bit of action this time round, promises have been kept from last episode, some of that plot will be finished off, our surprise has been included, a magic cookie to anyone who worked out who we choose. From here on out we really get into the nitty gritty of it all, for all those reading it let us know what you think. And stay tuned!

Shadow Ranger
10-05-2010, 12:19 AM
"A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own."

- Thomas Mann

The Magic Mountain

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

Episode 6 – Through The Trees

A snowflake fell from the sky, it twirled and twisted as gracefully as a ballerina as it fell towards earth, as it twirled and twisted on against the grey backdrop of the sky it was joined in succession by another snowflake and then another. The snowflakes fell gently from the sky, melting as they struck a gathering of black umbrellas that were oblivious. As the procession of darkness neared its destination, the snowflakes began to fall faster and in higher numbers, taking on the properties of a chaotic mosh pit, losing the delicate beauty they once held, completely mirroring the grief beneath the darkness. The small field of grass that was once a luscious green, quickly became a shade of eerie white. As if in response to the lack of life, the air became frigid, unsettling the patrons, causing them to pull their coats tighter across their shivering bodies. The shivering was not only from the coldness as tears fell freely from their eyes, rolling down their cheeks before flying free from their faces, glinting once before disappearing. The grief hung thick in the air as people put their arms around each other, even though no amount of comfort could heal those wounds. Wounds that some people would never get over and would be forever forced onto one’s sleeve. A priest stood at the fore front reading from a book, sharing the words from it; words he hoped would help those suffering from the wounds cope and see the brightness of the day. He spoke in riddles to some while others heard his message. While still others don’t hear him, instead questioning the obliviousness to life. The winter night froze tear drops to the corners of their eyes as they tried to rationalize the black and white obviousness and question what they will do now on their own. A light golden casket was slowly lowered into the ground, the final resting place of a Ranger and the final resting place of dreams. The casket reached its final destination as it laid along the bottom of the grave; an awkward silence spread throughout those who had gathered as it sunk in that their loved one is never coming back. The priest threw a handful of dirt down the deep dark hole, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

======================= Several Days Earlier ============================

An image flashed before Amie’s eyes, fear gripping her as she feels her heart sink deeper into her chest. She began to notice the coppery smell of blood and panic set in. She felt pain, sorrow, and sadness as she heard a voice, “I was trying to save the world for you.”

Amie suddenly jerked awake, sweat beading down her forehead as she breathed deeply, looking around the room. Her breathing became calmer as she looked down and noticed Zakk sleeping next to her. As she continued to scan the room, she saw her wedding dress hanging on the far wall. She relaxed as she remembered the previous night, her Wedding Day. Amie looked over at her side table to check what the time was and noticed it was 4:53 in the morning. She lay her head back down on the pillows, forgetting about the dream she just had and instead focused on her future with Zakk.


Deacon, Eve, and Donnie were out nightclubbing, celebrating and toasting to their new friends. They stood at a bar as Donnie put some money down. The barmaid placed three small shot glasses on the counter, followed by a small metal teapot. The teapot had a red liquor in it that had a sweet fragrance. Donnie poured the liquor into the shot glasses and placed the teapot down as the three of them picked up the glasses, clinking them together. Donnie grinned, “To good health!” He refilled the glasses after they had downed a shot and the process began anew. Once again, Donnie made a toast, “To us!” Again they downed the shot and again Donnie reached for the teapot. This time, however, Donnie only filled two of the shot glasses, leaving his own empty. Instead, he raised the teapot itself when Deacon and Eve raised their shot glasses. Feeling quite ‘happy,’ Donnie made a third toast, “To another round!” Then he downed what was left in the teapot.

Eve yelled out the loud music, “Thanks Donnie but I think I’m just going to go home!” Donnie dropped the teapot back on the counter and began bobbing to the music, “What? You can’t go! The party’s just getting started!” As the song changed, Donnie’s jaw dropped. He grabbed Eve’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor, “Ok, fine! But first you gotta dance and sing with me! Deal?” Eve thought for a moment, “Deal.”

The guitars started playing and everyone on the dance floor began to sing:

“Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do”

Donnie then flicked the collar on his shirt up and began mumbling lyrics out as he thrust his pelvis forward and copied things he had seen John Travolta do in a movie. As soon as the chorus started, Donnie and Eve took one look at each other, then began to sing as smiles crept across their faces:

“I was made for lovin' you baby
You were made for lovin' me
And I can't get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me

I was made for lovin' you baby
You were made for lovin' me
And I can give it all to you baby
Can you give it all to me”

Deacon stood at the bar laughing as he watched them. He particularly enjoyed the part where Donnie fell over. It was at this part that Eve brought a stumbling Donnie over to the bar, “I think our little boy is ready for home.” Deacon nodded, “Yeah, he’s had enough excitement for one day. Though it was funny watching him fall over!” Deacon and Eve helped Donnie out of the club by allowing him to lean on their shoulders. The plan was working fine until they arrived at the club’s door and remembered they were on the second floor and had to get Donnie down a flight of stairs. Deacon raised an eyebrow, “Any ideas on how to do this?” Eve smirked, “Slowly springs to mind.” Donnie tried to look up, his eyes half-glazed, “Hey e-e-e-everybody hey! Joo can’t take me down the stars, it’s dangerous, I could get hurt!” Deacon sighed, “It’s ok Donnie they’re just stairs. We will help you through this.” Donnie stopped leaning on the two and sat on the closest step, “It’s ok, I got this.” Eve sat down beside him and rubbed his back, “You ok Don?” Donnie smiled, still mostly drunk, “I’m fines….who says fines? Nahahaha I say fines.” Eve looked up at Deacon, “We really have to get him home.”

Donnie suddenly pitched forward and rolled himself down the stairs. Eve jumped to her feet as Deacon tried to catch him and failed. Moments later, he reached the bottom, rolling to his feet like a gymnast, “Success!” Deacon and Eve sprinted down the stairs to make sure he was unhurt. After a few moments and a visual examination by Deacon, they began walking to find a taxi. Donnie tapped Deacon on the shoulder and just about bowled him over, “Hey Deac, hey, joo, joo member that time we went to McDonalds and I got some McNuggets and when they gave me the box I could tell there was an extra McNugget in the box just from the weight, you member that right. Come on you member, you member, I know you member.” “I remember it like it was yesterday Donnie,” Deacon said as he pushed Donnie away and helped him sit down, “Eve you wanna watch him here while I flag down a taxi?” Eve sighed, “That’s fine Deac.”

Deacon left to flag a taxi down as Donnie kept rambling on at Eve, “Eeeeeevvvvvvveeeeee!” He poked her in the shoulder, “Eeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeee!” Eve looked at him, “Yeah Donnie?” He smiled drunkenly, “I li, like joo know that right.” Eve sighed again, “I know Donnie.” Donnie continued rambling, “And I also like Deac, he’s my main man, every day we be hustling! You know he rrrrrrrreeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy likes joo right?” Eve blushed slightly and half-turned away, “Yeah, I’ve known that for a while Donnie why’s that?” Donnie leaned in close to Eve, the smell of alcohol on his breath, “Because he loveded joooo! Joo should give him a chance instead of that asshole…I forget his name but he was all like “Cook me some fucking eggs!” And you were all like “Cook your own fucking eggs”and…and…and…” Donnie stuttered as he began to cry, “He just loveded joo soooo much!” Deacon came back over as soon as he had a taxi waiting and looked down to see Donnie in tears on the ground, “Why is Donnie crying?” “Um…,” Eve began to blush even more. Donnie looked up at Deacon through teary eyes, “Day are making The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner into a movie as well.” Deacon smirked and sighed, “Let’s just get him in the taxi.”

Back at the Forrest Residence...

A solitary white and black figure crouched on a roof as the sun slowly rose behind him, an unnatural darkness, silhouetted in the light of dawn. He stood perfectly still watching a house across the road, waiting. Waiting like a predator waits to strike its prey as his mind flashed back to the moment he arrived in this place and the mission given to him:

He could hear the booming voice, clear as day, “I am Kalma. You have been brought here to serve me. Do so and you shall be greatly rewarded!” The man in white growled, “I serve no one. Do you not know who I am?” Kalma chuckled, “Of course I know who you are. I did summon you, after all.” The man in white pulled a short sword from his belt and ran up to Kalma with such speed that he was a blur. He slid to a stop in front of Kalma, his sword touching Kalma’s neck, “So then you know what I’m capable of.” Kalma sneered, “Indeed. Why do you think I summoned you?” The man in white tensed as he cocked his helmeted head, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t separate your head from your body.” Kalma chuckled evilly, “The Power Rangers.” The man in white froze for a second before withdrawing, sheathing his blade, “The Power Rangers? What do they have to do with me?” Kalma’s smile became a full on evil grin, “Simple... I want you to kill them.”

He stood up, drawing his short sword from his belt, twirling it in his right hand as his patience began to wear thin. He kept his eyes fixed on the house across the street, waiting for the right moment. As he waited, Kalista appeared behind him. He sensed her, of course, “Come to check up on me?” Kalista laughed, “No, just to make sure you do the job.” He stopped twirling the sword and sheathed it, “Hmph!” Without so much as a look, he walked to the edge of the roof and dropped down the ground below.

Meanwhile, Zakk stood in his kitchen wearing only boxers as he flipped pancakes in a frying pan. Amie walked past him, fresh out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her head. She walked up behind up behind Zakk and put her arms around his waist, kissing down his neck. “Morning Mrs. Forrest,” Zakk said almost jokingly, “Breakfast is nearly ready and there is some orange juice on the table already poured for you.” Amie gave him one last squeeze and made her way to the table where she sat and took a sip of the juice. Zakk finished the pancakes and slid a plate in front of her, “Breakfast is served.” She took a deep breath as the warm scent of buttery pancakes filled her lungs. Amie smiled and exhaled before cutting a small slice out of her first pancake, putting it in her mouth and savouring the buttery, syrupy flavour, “Will you still make me pancakes when we’re old and grey?” Zakk took a bite of his own pancake and smiled, “No, I will only make them for myself but by law you will own half of them.”

Amie and Zakk laughed as they continued to eat. Amie happened to look out of the kitchen window and gasped. There was a man in white and black standing outside their house watching them. She stood and motioned to the window as Zakk turned. At that moment, another person stepped out from behind the man, “Zakk…” Zakk stood as the duo began to approach the house, “Kalista...” He and Amie exchanged looks as he made for the door, “Amie, the phones, now!” Amie grabbed their phones off the buffet and followed Zakk out the front door. Amie handed Zakk his phone as the man in white and Kalista stopped. Zakk growled, “You’ve got some nerve, Kalista. What do you want this time? And who’s your boy-toy?” Kalista laughed, “He’s not mine. He belongs to Lord Kalma.” The man in white motioned to Zakk and Amie, “These are the Power Rangers?” Kalista nodded, “Yep. And they’re all yours.” The man in white laughed, “They don’t look so bad. I’ve faced more threatening Rangers then you two. I should have you two dead in no time.” Zakk raised an eyebrow, “Dead? I don’t think so.” He looked the man up and down, “You look like a Ranger. Let me guess... you got rejected and now you’re out for revenge?” The man in white crossed his arms, “Nothing so trivial. I am the White Drago Ranger, and I am here to end you. We have met before, you and I. However, I did not shake your hand. It was rude of me. I hope you can forgive me.” Amie kept her hand on her phone as she eyed the White Ranger, “Do you know him Zakk?” The White Ranger answered, “Of course he doesn’t. But allow me to refresh his memory.” The White Ranger took off his helmet to reveal the gruff Mo hawked man who had shook Zakk’s hand at his wedding. Zakk’s eyes went wide, “You!” The White Ranger grinned evilly, “Me...”

Zakk nodded to Amie as they raised their phones and activated their Morphing Sequence. In a flash of color, their symbols appeared, summoning their Ranger Suits. Amie pulled her sword and struck a pose, “Lifeforce Pink!” Zakk pulled his sword and rested it on his shoulder, “Lifeforce Red!” Then they both slid into defensive stances, “Power Rangers! Lifeforce!” The White Ranger chuckled as he put his helmet back on, “At last... some action!” He drew his short sword and prepared to attack as Kalista placed a hand on his shoulder pad, “The girl... is mine.” The White Ranger nodded and disappeared in a blur as Kalista bared her fangs and charged at Amie. Zakk tried to get in her way, but was thrown aside by the White Ranger. Kalista and Amie exchanged a few blows until Kalista landed a kick to Amie’s abdomen, sending the Pink Ranger flying back inside her house. Zakk pulled himself to his feet as the White Ranger slid to a stop in front of him and Kalista entered the house after Amie. Zakk pulled a White Disc from his hip holster and slid it on the hilt of his sword, “Now you pissed me off!” He spun the disc as flames began to envelop his sword’s blade, “Fire Force!” He ran at the White Ranger as the two exchanged sword strikes. The White Ranger could feel the heat through his suit and actually hesitated on one block. Zakk saw the opening and took it as he reared back and slashed at him, “Fire Slash!” White Ranger was knocked back by a wave of fire as Zakk pressed his advantage.

However, his advantage was short-lived as the White Ranger ducked out of the way of the next attack. Zakk looked around, but the White Ranger was moving too fast. He was a blur, once again. He landed several hits on Zakk, causing the Red Ranger to drop to one knee, “Not good!” The White Ranger laughed, “Oh you’re wrong, Red Ranger. This is very good... for me!” As if on cue, Amie came flying through the walls of the house, landing back outside, her sword landing mere feet from her. Kalista stepped through the hole in the wall, twirling her sais in her hands, “You’re not so tough without your friends, little girl.” Zakk looked up, “Amie!” Amie tried to reach for her sword, but Kalista jumped in the way and kicked the sword even further away, “Ah ah, not so fast.” The White Ranger began waving his short sword in the air as golden feathers appeared, “It’s over, Power Rangers.” Zakk growled as kept looking between Amie, the White Ranger, and Kalista. He had never felt so powerless in his life. He pressed the emergency call on his phone which was clipped to his belt and hoped the other Rangers would come to their aid. He then stood up slowly as he raised his sword, “We won’t let you win...” The White Ranger laughed, “You act as if you have a choice.” With a flick of his wrist, all the golden feathers launched at Zakk. He had no chance of dodging that attack and howled in pain as he was struck by, about, half of the feathers. He landed flat on his face, sparks and smoke billowing from his suit.

Amie’s eyes went wide behind her helmet as she lunged at Kalista, knocking her aside, “Zakk!!” She reached her sword and pulled it up as Kalista regained her footing, “You’ll pay for that!” Amie pulled a White Disc from her hip holster and slid it over the hilt of her sword. She readied her sword and spun the disc as gale-force winds encircled her blade, “Wind Force!” She ran at the White Ranger, but Kalista intercepted her as the two traded blows once more. Kalista grunted as Amie had the force of the winds behind her attacks. The White Ranger waved his sword in the air, again creating golden feathers, “Kiss the Red Ranger... Goodbye.” Amie repeatedly tried to get to the White Ranger and Zakk, but Kalista repeatedly got in her way. The White Ranger flicked his wrist as the golden feathers flew at Zakk once more. Amie screamed out, “Zakk! No!!” Zakk planted the blade of his sword into the ground and pushed himself up as the feathers were upon him. At the last moment, a golden aura of energy enveloped Zakk, deflecting all the feathers. Kalista had Amie pinned to the ground, about to skewer her with the Sais as the White Ranger took a step back, “You have got to be kidding me...” As the gold light subsided, Zakk could be seen standing, his suit wrapped in a white robe. In his left hand was a black and gold box with the Lifeforce logo on it. He took the box and clipped it to the front of his sword as he lunged at Kalista. She didn’t even see Zakk move, even with her Vampiric sight. He slammed the blade of his sword across Kalista’s gut, sending her flying. Amie stood up in awe of her husband as the White Ranger growled, “How is this possible? What are you?” Zakk stared at the White Ranger, “I... am Super Lifeforce Red!”

The White Ranger tightened his grip on his sword, “I’m not impressed.” Zakk cocked his head, “Really? Well you’re about to be.” With that, both Rangers became blurs and exchanged a flurry of blows. In Super Form, Zakk matched the White Ranger blow for blow, something the evil Ranger wasn’t prepared for. Kalista, meanwhile, held her gut in pain as she glared at Amie, “That... actually... hurt!” Amie cocked her head as she pulled a Pink Disc from her hip holster, “It’s about to hurt a whole lot more.” She slid the Pink Disc over the hilt of the sword as it transformed into a giant pink fan, “Lifeforce Fan!” Amie ran at Kalista, pressing the attack that Zakk started as she unleashed a barrage of wind attacks courtesy of her fan. Zakk and White Ranger clashed sword and bounced away from each other, landing on their feet, breathing hard. Zakk pulled a Red Disc from his hip holster and slid it over the hilt of his sword as it glowed red and grew to a massive size, “Lifeforce Buster!” He pulled an Orange Disc from his hip holster and slid it over the connector on the side of the Buster, “It’s over, White Ranger... Bazooka Mode!” The Buster bent at the hilt, transforming into a giant bazooka as Zakk wielded it with both hands. He aimed at the White Ranger as he began to power up his attack. The White Ranger breathed heavily as anger and rage began to overtake him. He roared as he kept his eyes on Zakk, “Where do you keep getting this power?!” He gripped his short sword tightly as he planted his feet in a wide stance, “I’ve had it with you, Red Ranger! Die!” He roared even louder as Zakk pulled the trigger, “It’s you who is going to die!” A red ball of energy launched from the Bazooka at the White Ranger. The street and the yards of a couple houses were bathed in red fire as the ball of energy exploded.

Kalista and Amie stood slack-jawed at Zakk’s awesome display of power. As the light from the explosion began to subside, the White Ranger was nowhere to be seen. Kalista growled, “He failed... I don’t believe it...” Zakk breathed very heavily as the front of the Bazooka dipped down, resting on the ground. Suddenly, Zakk froze as the White Ranger appeared behind him, the blade of the short sword planted in his back, “You missed.” The White Ranger laughed as he unleashed a flurry of attacks that Zakk had no hope of avoiding. The White Ranger knocked the Bazooka out of Zakk’s hand and backhanded him across the helmet with his short sword. He kept running circles around Zakk, slashing at him and swatting at the air. Amie moved to intercept, but Kalista, leaped in behind her and wrapped her free arm around her, planting the blade of the Sai against her neck, “You should learn to mind your surroundings.” She pulled out and back, slashing Amie’s neck, sending her spinning in mid-air. She landed on her back, the attack forcing her to de-morph as she coughed. After a few moments, the White Ranger re-appeared in front of Zakk, his appearance more wild, black spikes having appeared all over his body. Zakk stood there completely helpless as he tried to breathe, “You... You have... another... form.” The White Ranger laughed as he held his short sword aloft, “You didn’t think you were the only one with a Super Mode in his back pocket, did you? Say hello to Super Dino Mode!” He waved at Zakk, taunting him, “Now... say Goodbye!” Zakk looked around him as his jaw hit the floor. He was completely surrounded by golden feathers. The White Ranger flicked his wrist as all of the golden feathers converged on Zakk, turning the Red Ranger into a Golden Pincushion.

Zakk exploded into a flash of golden energy as all of the feathers struck him. As the light faded, Zakk could be seen, completely de-morphed, cuts and bruises up and down his body, rivulets of blood running down his limbs. Amie looked up as Zakk pitched backward and leaned against what was left of the house, thoroughly defeated, “Zakk...” She began to cry as the White Ranger pointed his short sword at the de-morphed Red Ranger, “I have won. And you... are dead.” He walked up to Zakk and suddenly stopped as he grunted, “What... What the--?!” The White Ranger flashed as he powered down out of Super Dino Mode. He looked at his free hand as it became translucent for a moment. He then looked at Kalista, “What have you done?” Kalista shrugged, “It’s not me. It’s Lord Kalma.” White Ranger tilted his head, “Kalma? What did he--?!” Kalista laughed, “What a witless fool! Did you really think Lord Kalma would grant you free reign in our time period?!” Amie looked up, “Our time period...? Wait are you saying that the White Drago Ranger...?” Kalista nodded, “Exactly.” She turned back to the White Ranger, “Sorry boyo. But your time’s up. I bet you regret using Super Dino Mode now, huh?” The White Ranger roared as he began to blink in and out of existence, “You bitch, the kill was mine and mine alone! The Red Ranger’s blood should be on my hands!” As he finally blinked out of existence, his voice could be heard on the winds, “Damn you Kalista! Damn you Kalma!!” Kalista sighed and sheathed one of her Sais since she was holding her gut, “Well at least he didn’t fail.” Amie tried to sneakily get up, but Kalista saw her and kicked her in the stomach, “I didn’t say you could get up, wench!” Amie winced and curled up on the ground as Zakk tried to push himself up and away from the house. Kalista leaped into the air and glided over to Zakk, landing in front of him. She leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear, “Lord Kalma has won. The Power Rangers are finished.” With that, she spun the Sai in her right hand and slammed it into Zakk’s chest. Zakk’s eyes went wide as the blade pierced his heart. Kalista smiled and licked the blood from his lips seductively before stepping back, pulling her Sai from him. Zakk fell back against the house, bleeding profusely from his chest as Kalista laughed. Amie was on all fours trying to get back to her feet when Kalista struck. Her eyes went wide as she screamed bloody murder. She leaped to her feet and ran to Zakk as Kalista jumped away, her mission complete.

Zakk fell over from loss of blood as Amie caught up and gently lowered him to the ground, her tears flowing freely, “It’ll be ok. You’ll be fine. We will get you help.” Zakk lifted his hand and placed it along Amie’s cheek as he used his thumb to wipe away her tears, “It’s ok babe, it’s o-ok. Ju-just remember, I-I love you.” Amie’s tears would not stop as she held him, his blood soaking her robe, “You can’t leave me Zakk! I can’t do this without you.” Zakk smiled, blood pouring from his mouth and tears pouring from his eyes, “Amie, I was trying to save the world for you... you were saving me too.” His hand slipped from her face as he breathing stopped. Amie held him and rocked, “And we will get you all fixed up and we can just stay in and save each other. Zakk…. ZAKK!”


“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

Everyone else slowly came up one by one and threw dirt and a rose on top of Zakk’s coffin. Once they paid their respects, they followed the priests lead and departed until there were nine people remaining: Amie, Deacon, Eve, Donnie, Rayne, Hitori, Angelus, Travis, and an older gentleman easily in his 60’s, his face was scared, wrinkly and time bitten. He threw his rose into the grave and then looked over at Amie mournfully, sorry for her loss. He then moved away from the friends, but while still in ear shot of them, said a silent prayer. Angelus and Travis both stepped up at the same time, closed their eyes and mouthed some unintelligible words before throwing the dirt and their roses in the ground. Hitori was next up who stepped up to the grave closed his eyes and mouthed the same words as Angelus and Travis before saying, “I’m sorry.” He threw his collection of dirt in followed by the rose. Next up was Donnie who slowly approached the coffin, “We had some good times, didn’t we? Don’t worry about Rayne and Amie. I’ll look after them for you.” He closed his eyes and threw his rose and handful of dirt in as a single tear accompanied them. Eve was the next to walk come up with Deacon. As he wrapped his arm around her, she cried unable to look at the coffin. Deacon threw in two roses and looked up at the sky before saying, “We will miss you buddy.” He walked over to Donnie with Eve securely in his arms, still shaking with grief. Rayne walked over to Zakk’s coffin next and instead of throwing in a rose, she threw in some of her favourite things just to let him know she would always be thinking of him. Rayne was still in a state of shock, and hadn’t said more than three words since she found out the news. This trend continued as she moved over to stand with her friends.

Amie slowly walked to the front of the grave, she was pale and this was the first time anyone had seen or heard from her since it happened. Amie looked down at Zakk’s coffin and all of the memories of her and Zakk came rushing back; their first date which was a picnic in the forest, the first time they made love, the moment he had asked her to marry him, and the moment they got married. She even dwelled on all the things she wouldn’t get to do with him; see his face every morning, raise a child, and grow old together. A lonely tear fell down her cheek as she threw her rose into the grave then whispered under her breath, “I didn’t know I loved you so much... but I do.”

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The Jester Of Tortuga
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Authors Note

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 7 - Everything

The theme for this episode was written exclusively for Fallen Dreams, you will see it nowhere else so get into it! It would be played right at the end during Amie's flashback.

Everything By Angelus Desero (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZpwUbJe4JY)

Also appearing in this episode is If I Was Your Vampire By Marilyn Manson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv3UWSbJK0c)

Now a big round of applause as we introduce our new team member Bella Cullen! With out her and Shadow this episode wouldnt be possible (they really deserve all the credit for it). Now we are picking up the pace and just like Mortal Kombat IT HAS BEGUN!


This episode contains offensive language, scenes of a sexual nature, bad karaoke and should not be read by anyone :)


Shadow Ranger
10-12-2010, 11:46 PM
"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

The Desiderata of Happiness
Max Ehrmann

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

Episode 7 – Everything

The moon was high in the sky and shone brightly down on the cemetery as a lone figure stood at a fresh grave, staring down at it, a sly grin spreading across his face. The night air was cold and wet, but this did not affect the figure, tall, thin, and draped in shadow. The snow at his feet turned to water before the grass beneath the snow withered and died. The figure stepped closer to the tombstone in silence, his motion fluid, almost ethereal, as if he had been gliding on air. The figure then crouched in front of the tombstone, sticking a bony think finger out as he traced along the letters on its face. Bones cracked and flakes of dead skin fell off him like snow as he stood back up. He gently placed his foot on top of the tombstone before kicking, pushing it over with his foot. The tombstone fell backward, the eerie moonlight illuminating the face for the heavens to see. The name on the face of the tombstone read: Zakk Forrest. The figure stepped into the moonlight as he looked down at the exposed coffin, a smirk slowly spreading across his face. Kalma, The Dark Lord, stood above the final resting place of the Red Lifeforce Ranger and he had to admit, it felt satisfying to know that the Power Rangers were now leaderless. He hadn’t really expected the White Drago Ranger to kill all of the Rangers, but the Red Ranger... his death was certainly within reason. The White Drago Ranger succeeded and part one of Kalma’s Master Plan was complete. Kalma chuckled, “Time for Part Two...” He extended his hand over Zakk’s Coffin, spread his rotting fingers far apart. The smirk slowly became a grin as his hand began to glow an unnatural white colour, “When there’s no more room in hell…”


A week had passed since Zakk’s death and his friends didn’t handle it well. Deacon and Eve sat across from each other in Eve’s small apartment; Deacon had rarely left her alone since the funeral. Most of them time he spent with her had been in a complete awkward silence, both unsure how to speak to the other though both knew what they had to say. Eve sighed and looked up at Deacon, “Deacon we need to talk.” Deacon looked up at Eve, “What about?” He knew, full well, the answer she was going to give, but he asked anyway, hoping he was wrong. Eve’s eyes told the whole story as she stared into Deacon’s eyes, “Us…” Deacon looked back down, resting his elbows on his knees and holding his hands together, “What about us?” Eve shifted her eyes down, still staring at Deacon, hoping to see some reaction in his eyes, “That night when Donnie was drunk he told me that you like me.” Deacon looked up surprised, his eyes meeting Eve’s, “Wha--?! I mean of course I do, why wouldn’t I? I mean you are my friend after all.” Eve shook her head, “I mean really like me, as more than a friend…” Deacon tensed his hands as he shifted his eyes, trying to avert his gaze from Eve’s, “I…It’s just that…He…” He was so nervous he couldn’t get a word out. Eve reached out and placed a hand on Deacon’s shoulder, “I’ve known for while Deac, long before Donnie mentioned it.” Deacon gasped at Eve’s touch, but continued to avert his eyes, “Oh…”

For a few moments, the two sat in silence, waiting for the other to say something or do something. Eve moved her hand from Deacon’s shoulder and gently touched his face, turning him to face her, “I think now is the time to talk about it. With everything that’s happened and all.” Deacon stared into Eve’s eyes and reached up, gently brushing her hand from his face. He stood up, turning his back to Eve, “Ok then… Eve… I-I-I’m in love with you.” He let his arms hang at his side as he balled his hands into fists, “Way back when we first met in high school, you would go out with the jock that would treat you like crap... then you would come crying to me. I listened…” Eve stood up, “Deac…” Deacon held up his hand to silence her, “Please just let me finish. I listened. I was there for you even though I knew you would never feel the same way about me. I was always there seeing the promise in your eyes that no one else could see. I will always be here for you until the end.” Deacon turned to face Eve who had tears welling up in her eyes. He reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder as he smiled, “I’ll always be your one true friend. No matter what.” That did it. The floodgates opened and they weren’t going to close any time soon. Eve lost it and began to cry, only able to utter one word, “Deacon….” Unable to control herself, Eve dove into Deacon’s chest, wrapping her arms around him as she bawled like a baby. Deacon closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his one true love.


Donnie sat at a bar with a full beer in hand, an event that had become a daily ritual for the past week. Since the death of Zakk, he would wake up, come to the bar, drink until they closed, then he’d go home and sleep. Donnie wasn’t sure exactly how many days had passed and couldn’t really remember all that had happened since Zakk’s Death as he had spent most of the time in a drunken stupor. He downed the entire bottle of beer in one go before sliding it forward and tapping the bar indicating that he needed another. The barkeep was wiping a glass clean as he gave Donnie the evil eye, “Don’t you think you’ve had enough? It’s dangerous to be drinking the amount you have.” Donnie looked up at the barkeep, his eyes red and bloodshot, his voice slurred, “The only dangerous amount is none!” He reached over the bar and dragged a bottle of Jack Daniels back. He then popped the top off the bottle and took a big swig of the drink before stumbling forward toward a small stage where people were singing karaoke. Donnie studied the list of songs, stopping in his tracks when he found one he liked. The song made him flashback to the week following Zakk’s Death, the week he thought he had lost. The memories came flooding back; memories of her. Donnie selected the song and sat on a small wooden stool that was on the center of the stage behind a microphone. He took another swig from the bottle as the long slow drawn out music began and he sang:

6A.M., Christmas morning
No shadows, no reflections here
Lie cheek to cheek in your cold embrace
So soft and so tragic as a slaughter house
She press the knife against your heart
Say that I love you
So much you must kill me now
I love you
So much you must kill me now

Days Earlier...

Donnie sat on his bed while Kalista crouched in the window. Kalista dropped into Donnie’s room in perfect silence and that’s how they stayed for a few minutes. Kalista then stood in front of Donnie as she produced one of her Sais, “I can’t do this anymore…” Donnie spoke without looking up, his voice having lost the life it once had, “That makes two of us.” Kalista spun her sai around, pointing the tip of the blade at her heart, “You should end me now before…” Donnie sighed, “What are you talking about?” Kalista’s lower lip trembled, “Me. You. Us.” Donnie looked up and placed his hand on her hand that held the sai and slowly lowered it. Slowly, but surely, Kalista released her grip on the sai. Donnie took the said from her and threw it aside. He then placed his arms around her hips and pulled her in close, resting the side of his head against her stomach. Kalista ran her hand through Donnie’s hair getting lost in the moment, “Wait... Donnie no…”

Donnie started to kiss Kalista’s stomach, starting at her belly button he lips lightly pressed against her skin as his head worked downwards. Kalista lightly moaned then pushed Donnie away, “No Donnie, we shouldn’t, I should go…” She started to turn away from him, but he grabbed her hand. She turned back as he stood up and looked her in the eyes, "Don't be afraid Kalista. I know you feel it too." He closed the gap between them, stepping closer. His hand stroked her cheek as their faces moved closer and closer until his kissed her. Donnie let go of her hand and placed both of his on her waist. He held her by the waist gently, not wanting to force himself on her, yet still wanting to keep her from leaving. He continued to kiss her and slipped his tongue in to meet hers. She moaned softly and he knew that she was his. Kalista couldn't fight it even though she had been fighting these feelings for some time. She was trying to be strong. His best friend had just died a week ago, at her hands no less. And here she was, in Donnie's room, kissing him. But, she gave in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave in. Her tongue met his, and they danced against each other making her head swim.

I'm taking your smile apart
With my spade tongue
And the hole is where the heart is
Built this tomb together
I will fill it alone

All the pain
Everything's black
No turning back

Eve felt the warmth radiate off of Deacon’s body, his heartbeat quickening at her proximity. He was always there when she needed him, yet for some reason, she never really thought of him like that. She had spent so much time and energy looking for the right guy, enduring endless nights of torturous abuse, supposedly in the name of love. Yet, she never once looked at Deacon even though he provided her a shoulder to cry on and words of encouragement at her lowest points. It’s true what they say: What you’re looking for is always in plain sight and right under your nose. Or in this case, whom you’re looking for. She barely gave him the time of day usually, but now he had her full, undivided attention. She wiped her eyes as she pulled back from his stomach and looked up. Deacon opened his eyes and stared into hers, “Feel better now?” Eve nodded as she reached up and caressed his face gently, “You know... you really are handsome.” Deacon blushed as Eve giggled, “And even cuter in red.” She stood on her tip-toes as he leaned in and they kissed. Passionately. With the heat of a thousand suns. They closed their eyes as they savoured the moment. A moment that neither thought would happen.

After what seemed like an eternity, they broke the kiss. Both of them opened their eyes slowly, smiled plastered on their faces. Deacon gently brushed Eve’s brown hair, “Wow...” Eve smiled up at him, her blue eyes showing pure joy and happiness for the first time in a long time, “Yeah... wow...” Eve smirked as she reached under Deacon’s shirt, feeling the muscled smoothness of his bare midriff. They both gasped, Deacon in joyous surprise and Eve because she never knew he was built like that under the nerdy clothes he always wore. Deacon raised an eyebrow, “What are you doing?” Eve’s smirk turned into a smiled as she crawled her nails up his torso, “What? Don’t you like it?” His breath started to labour as she neared his upper torso. At this point, she thought, to heck with it, and pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it aside. She then continued to run her hands up and down his body as she lightly blew on it, “My my my, look at what you’ve been hiding all these years. Someone’s been working out...” His breathing became even more laboured as he gasped again, “My God...” She could hear his heartbeat quicken even more as he gulped. She looked up at him, her chin resting on his midriff, “Are you nervous?”

Deacon blinked and looked down at her smiling at him. God she looks so sexy. He took in a deep breath, taking in her scent for the first time. He smiled and shook his head, “N-No...” She giggled once again and pushed him back, forcing to drop into the couch behind him. She pulled her Life Phone from her dress pocket and dropped it on the coffee table beside the couch as Deacon did the same with his. She then began a sexy, little dance as she pulled her dress off and tossed it aside, “You’re not a very good liar, Deac.” Deacon looked up at the goddess before him and could do nothing but grin. Her smell was intoxicating. What a tease. Clad only in her bra and panties, Eve climbed onto the couch and straddled Deacon as she drew a finger down his face, “No need to be nervous. After all... I love you, Deacon Wells.” With that, she leaned in and French kissed him as they, for the first time, felt each other’s flesh.

Blood stained sheets
In the shape of your heart
This is where it starts
Blood stained sheets
In the shape of your heart
This is where it starts
This is where it will end
'Cause the moon again

Kalista growled as her Vampiric Lust began to take over. She tossed Donnie back onto the bed and leaped on top of him like some predatory animal. She smirked at him, forcefully holding back her fangs as she licked her lips. She dropped to her knees as she straddled him, ripping his shirt from his body as she leaned over and began to sensuously lick up his torso, “Mmmmmm...” Donnie smiled and pulled her up to him, French kissing her roughly as he reached down her back and began to untie her corset. He, quite dexterously, untied her corset quickly and pulled it open as they broke the kiss and she sat up. He peeled the corset off her, exposing her bare flesh and tossed it aside as she growled. She leaned in began kissing him again, voraciously, almost like an animal feeding. By accident, she let a fang slip and pierce his bottom lip. Donnie’s eyes went wide, “Ow!” Kalista sat up and retracted her fang as she tasted blood on her lips. She licked the blood seductively as she looked down at Donnie, blood pooling at the hole in his lip, “Oh Donnie! I’m so sorry!” Donnie chuckled and licked his own lips, “It’s alright. It’ll heal.” He reached up to wipe the rest of the blood from his lip, but Kalista grabbed his wrist and stopped him as she continued to lick her lips, “Allow me...” She then leaned in and kissed Donnie for the third time as she began to lick the blood from his lips and suck it from the hole as her Vampiric Nature surfaced. Donnie moaned as he wrapped his hands around her waist, loving the feeling of her bare mounds against his chest.

Kalista smirked as her eyes flashed red, unbeknownst to Donnie. She suddenly pulled back from the kiss and pulled his pants off in one fell swoop, then hers as her lust radiated from her pores. Donnie’s Life Phone fell out of his pants pocket and bounced under the night stand. Kalista leaned down, now naked except for her knee-high leather boots, and reached into his boxers, pulling him out and sucking him. Donnie’s eyes rolled back as he moaned some more and arched his back. After a short while, she sat up and pulled his boxers off, exposing him completely. She climbed on top of him and lowered herself as she licked her lips and purred, “Oh yeah...” She began to move up and down, faster and faster, as she rode him like a wild stallion. Donnie grunted a few times until he could take it no longer and flipped Kalista on her back. He raised her legs up, resting her ankles on his shoulders as he grabbed her hips and began to slam away. She raised her arms above her head and planted them against the headboard of the bed to give herself leverage as she pushed back against him. After a while of this, Donnie turned Kalista around so she was on all fours before he began pounding again. Kalista grabbed the top of the headboard with both hands and gritted her teeth, her fangs extending... right into her lips. She licked the blood from her lips, closed her eyes, and howled as he Vampiric Lust was, most certainly, being fulfilled, “Oh My God, Donnie! Fuck Me! Harder! Harder!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!” The full moon illuminated the night sky as the sounds of moaning, screaming, and banging filled the air.

6:19 and I know I'm ready
Drive me off the mountain, I'll burn
And I'll eat your ashes
It's possible we're seducing your corpse

All the pain
Everything's black
No turning back
All the pain
Everything's black
No turning back

Deacon reached up and felt her through her bra as she smiled, “Still nervous, I see.” Deacon chuckled as he reached behind her and unhooked her bra, “I’ll show you nervous.” He pulled her bra off and tossed it aside as he dove in, licking and sucking. Eve gasped, then moaned as she rolled her eyes back and held Deacon’s head with her hands, “Oh my...” He kissed his way down her stomach and stopped at her panties and took a deep breath. So intoxicating... He then gently pushed her on to her back and grabbed the band of her panties between his teeth and pulled them clean off as she giggled. He tossed the panties aside as he stood up off the couch and pulled his own pants off, revealing briefs. Before he could reach for them, Eve cleared her throat and beckoned him with a seductive finger wave. He walked over as she sat up and swung around so that she was sitting on the couch. She reached up and grabbed the waistband of his briefs, pulling them down with one motion. He stepped out of them as she began to go to town, “Wow...” Deacon blushed as he gently held her head in place and moaned, “My God Eve...”

After a few minutes, Eve pulled back and stood up, kissing Deacon hard. He kissed back as she turned him around and pushed him gently back down to the couch. He laid down as she climbed back on top and straddled him. She began to position herself above him, her back to his face, but he stopped her with a gentle wrist grab, “Eve... are you sure?” Eve looked over her shoulder and smiled at him as a tear fell from her eye, “Deacon... I’ve never been more sure about anything else in my life. I love you. More than anything. Now and forever.” He smiled and released her wrist, “I love you too, Eve Barrowman. I’ve always loved you. And I always will.” With that, she lowered herself on him and moaned. Deacon’s eyes rolled back as Eve grabbed his hands for stability. She gasped as she began to move up and down. She closed her eyes and arched her back as her movements became faster and faster, “Oh. My. God!” Deacon grunted as he matched her pace, never having felt anything like this before. She threw her head back, her long, brown hair cascading down, close enough for Deacon to smell. He took a big whiff and smiled as they continued to consummate their love. He released her hands and wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her back down to a laying position on top of him. He placed his hands on her mounds and began to knead as she moaned and continued to ride him. He leaned in and kissed her cheek and side of her lips multiple times as they made love. Not getting what she wanted, Eve sat up and spun around so she was facing him, but still riding him. She then laid down and French kissed him as they continued their love-making. Deacon reached up and clicked off the lamp behind the couch, casting the room, almost, in complete darkness. The light of the full moon cascaded in through the living room windows, silhouetting Deacon and Eve, a man a woman who truly loved each other, in the throes of passion.

This is where it will start
This is where it will end
‘Cause the moon again...
‘Cause the moon again...

If I was your Vampire
Soon as the moon says it’s killing me
We’ll have each other ‘till the sun
If I was your Vampire
Death waits for no one
Oh, my hands across your face
And to think our time has come

The few patrons of the bar applauded Donnie for his decent, albeit drunk rendition of Marilyn Manson’s “If I Was Your Vampire.” Donnie finished off his bottle of Jack and stood up, intent of walking off the stage. Instead, he fell off the stage, the glass bottle shattering on the floor as he caught himself. The patrons chuckled as a man in a black hooded cloak walked up to Donnie and helped him to his feet, “You’ve definitely had enough buddy. Come on.” He threw one of Donnie’s arms around his shoulders and proceeded to move toward the bar counter. He sat Donnie on one of the stools as he sat next to him. Donnie pounded on the bar, “Hi’ me... again!” The man waved off the bartender, “Ignore my friend here. Get him a glass of water, if you would please. And keep them coming.” Donnie turned to face the man, but saw only his hood, “Wa’er?! I don’ wan’ no stinkin’ wa’er! I wan’--!” The man cut him off, “I know what you want and you’re not getting it. Sorry Donnie, this is for your own good.” Donnie closed his eyes as the alcohol was settling in, “How... How d’ya know mah name?” The man reached into Donnie’s jacket pocket and pulled out his Life Phone, “That’s something you’re better off not knowing.” He flipped the phone open and punched in a number.

The sound a ringing phone brought Deacon out of his blissful sleep. He yawned and stretched until he felt a weight on his chest. He looked down and saw Eve sleeping peacefully on top of him and smiled. For a moment, he was scared it had all been a dream. But it wasn’t. And the proof was right there in front of him. The phone rang again. He reached over to the table and grabbed his phone, flipping it open as he blinked a few times, the rays of the morning sun nearly blinding him, “H...Hello?” A deep, older voice returned, “Deacon. Get down to the Tavern. Donnie’s been at the bottle again. Heavy, this time.” The call was cut off before Deacon could reply as the man on the other side hung up. He sighed and closed the phone, hanging up. Who was that? How did he know who I was? And how does he know Donnie? He tossed his phone back on the coffee table and gently nudged Eve who groaned as she woke up, “Huh? Deacon?” She smiled as she kissed him and he kissed back. Then he gently tried to push her off him. She sat up and stretched, “What is it, babe?” Deacon began to get dressed, “I just got a phone call from someone. Said Donnie almost drowned himself in the bottle last night.” Eve sighed and began to get dressed herself, “I guess we better go get him. We still have to thank him for last night.”

Amie McCauley-Forrest, Life Force Pink Ranger, Widow of Zakk Forrest, Life Force Red Ranger. Of all the Rangers, the past week had been hardest on her. She lay alone on her bed crying surrounded by tissues, taking long deep breaths, breathing in Zakk’s scent which flourished the pillows. Amie’s phone continually rang leaving her voicemail full but after a while she barely noticed any noises from the outside world. Another day passed and Amie had barely moved from her spot on the bed, she had gone to get some of Zakk’s deodorant but that was it. She sprayed it along the side of the bed he slept on refusing to give up the hope that she would open her eyes one day and he would be there again smiling at her. On the third day Amie finally fell asleep, she dreamed memories of Zakk, the little things he did, his imperfections, everything about him she missed. Amie felt the passing of everyday, her heart aching every second of every day. She eventually managed to crawl into a shower in which she huddled on ground tucking her knees tightly into her chest and hugging them. The warm water cascaded down on her, mixing with her tears as it covered her like a warm blanket. The day after, Amie gathered every photo she could of Zakk and laid them all out over the floor and just sat there looking at them. First she started off smiling at the memories. There were pictures of them at school goofing around; he was doing the little bunny ear thing behind her head that people often do. There was another one where she had him in a headlock.

As Amie continued to look through the pictures, she came across some that were of their prom night; him in his tux and her in her dress. She though he looked really good in his tux. He could have passed for a secret agent. She giggled at that thought. Almost every photo from prom had them together. It was like they were inseparable. Moving over some more pictures, there was the one when they moved in together. It was one that they had a neighbour take. She was wearing one of her favourite sweaters; it was one that he had bought for her. She still has it to this day, and tends to wear it often. Her hair was in a slight mess from moving boxes all day, but he said that she was beautiful just the way she was. The foremost of all of the pictures was of their wedding day. It was wonderful, Amie in her wedding dress and Zakk in his tux. Looking just as he did when they went to prom, so refined and distinguished. His hair was finely done in place and his face… his face, his eyes looked serious, but they looked happy at the same time. She picked up a picture of them dancing together, their first dance as man and wife. A smile returned to her face which then became wider and her eyes became softer and for the first time since Zakks death, she felt happiness. The happiness quickly turned to grief and sadness as she remembered there wouldn’t be any more days like that. Amie then ripped the photo she was holding on to in half. Amie started to sob, a tear ran down her cheek and she screamed picking up random photos and ripping them in half as she was tormented by the emotions she was feeling. Amie threw her face into her hands and cried and at that moment she could have sworn she felt an arm around her and smell a familiar scent before hearing Zakks voice whisper in her ear , “I will meet you in the next life where we can be together. I will wait for you in Heaven. I promise you.” Amie quickly looked up but saw no one.

The sound of a creaking door brought Amie back to reality as she wiped the tears from her eyes. She looked across the street through the rays of the morning sun which were a stark contrast to the gloominess of the Tavern. The snow that had built up on the ground was slowly melting away under the heat of the sun. It was as if hope was returning to the city and it’s people. Amie watched as Deacon and Eve emerged from the Tavern with Donnie drunk on hanging off their shoulders, barely able to walk. She rolled her eyes as she sighed. Why does that not surprise me? She was about to cross the street to join them when someone else walked out of the Tavern, about ten steps behind them. She froze in disbelief as she did a double-take, recognising everything about him from the boots he wore to the large coat that hung around his shoulders, his dirty blonde to the dimple in his chin. Tears began to well up in her eyes, “I..It can’t... be...” He stopped following the others and turned to look directly at her. She stared into his eyes and lost it as she yelled out, “Zakk?!”

At that moment, a city bus rumbled past, passing on the street between Amie and the man. Eve stopped as she looked at Deacon, “Did you hear that? Sounded like Amie.” Deacon nodded, “And it sounded like she said...” They both turned around to catch a glimpse of the man Amie had seen. Eve brought her hand to her mouth in shock, “Oh my God...” Deacon’s jaw dropped, “No way...” Donnie, however, was still drunk as ever, “Duuuuuuuude... Zakk... wer ya been, buddy?” In the next instant, the man burst into red flames as the bus continued on, allowing Amie to see across the street. She locked her eyes on the position where she thought she had seen Zakk, but instead she saw... something. Something with white and red armour from head to toe. He stared at her through a red faceplate with white eyes that seemed like a never-ending abyss. He raised his right hand, gripping his sword as he rested the red backside of the blade on his right shoulder.

Shadow Ranger
10-19-2010, 08:40 AM
Author's Notes:

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 8 - Not Strong Enough

Theme Song: Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWXlKc_0pNs)
Song Note: For full effect, play the song while reading the parts AFTER the fight. However, it works for the episode as a whole.

For the Rangers, things go from bad to worse! Hold your breath as the Rangers hit rock bottom!

Side Note: This is the first of, at least, 4 Episodes that will be written without ImBillPardy. He's taking a much needed and deserved break! Enjoy!

Shadow Ranger
10-19-2010, 07:11 PM
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Good & Evil

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams

Episode 8 – Not Strong Enough

"You have got to be shitting me…" Deacon Wells stepped forward, taking up a protective stance in front of Eve and Donnie as Amie stood slack jawed and transfixed across the street. Deacon narrowed his eyes as Eve, with her hand still in front of her face, shook her head in disbelief. The thing in front of them turned his head to look at the trio as he cocked his head, his voice dark and disturbed as he spoke, “Is there a problem, Blue Ranger?” The voice, while deeper, darker, almost completely devoid of emotion, yet full of anger, had enough of Zakk’s inflections to throw the Rangers off their game. Deacon growled, “Just… what the Hell are you?!” The thing laughed softly and evilly, his chest rising and falling with each laugh. Donnie stumbled forward out of Eve’s grasp and grabbed Deacon’s shoulder to steady himself as he pointed at the being with his free hand, “Duuuuuude… whachoo talkin’ ‘bout? Are you blind? Tha… Tha’s… Zakk!” Deacon brushed Donnie’s hand away, causing the intoxicated Green Ranger to nearly fall on his ass. Eve, however, rushed to his side and caught him. Deacon kept his narrowed eyes focused on the new adversary, “No! No. Way. In. Hell!” After regaining his balance, Donnie pushed Eve off him and narrowed his reddened eyes at Deacon, “The fuck, man?!” Deacon kept his eyes on the adversary as he spoke to Donnie, “Sorry Donnie, but there’s no way that… that… thing is Zakk!” Donnie swept his arm across his body in drunken frustration and mounting anger, “Are you blind?! We… We all saw him… saw him… before he Morphed… er… tran… tran… tranf… became that… that thing! He’s Zakk!” Deacon whirled to face Donnie. In frustration of his drunken friend failing to understand, he yelled, “NO! I refuse to believe that! “ He pointed to his side at the adversary with a sharp finger, “That thing…. He… It… It’s not Zakk!”

The adversary burst into boisterous, evil, maniacal laughter as his chest heaved. Deacon spun back to face him only to find him doubled over from laughter, his sword still firmly gripped in his right hand and resting on his shoulder. After a moment, he regained his composure and stood up, “Oh… Oh man!” Deacon, his anger and rage reaching its boiling point, roared at him, “What’s so damn funny?!” The adversary made a motion with his free hand of wiping a tear from his eye, lightly brushing his red face-plate, “You guys. Wow… I never realized you guys were this hilarious! It’s a wonder we ever won any of our fights!” Deacon’s eyes went wide in surprise as the significance of the last statement hit him like a ton of bricks. The adversary cocked his head, “What? Oh come now Deacon. Don’t act so surprised. Donnie’s not. Maybe you should give the town drunk some credit, huh?” Deacon looked back at Donnie, then at the adversary, “No… you… you’re…” He nodded, “That’s right Deac… I…” He turned to face Amie who was still across the street in shock, “…am Zakk Forrest.”

Those words echoed in Amie’s ears as she dropped to her knees and tears welled up in her eyes, “No… It… It can’t… be!” She stared at the ground as tears fell freely, “Zakk… you… you can’t be… real…” He chuckled as he said with a sneer, “Oh I’m very real.” Amie shook her head as she looked up at him through tears that blurred her vision, “No! Zakk is dead! He died in my arms!” He laughed a cod an heartless laugh, “You remembered. I’m touched. Yes, I did die in your arms, dearest Amie. But guess what? I’m baaaaaaack!” Before any of them could react, he rushed forward, moving so fast, he was only a red and white blur. He grabbed the nearest car with his free hand and flung it at Deacon, Eve, and Donnie. Donnie looked up in wonder, "Whoa! Who knew it? Cars really can fly!" Deacon lunged at Donnie and Eve, "Not the time or place Donnie! Now move, otherwise we’ll be pancakes in a matter of seconds!" Donnie continued to stare at the soaring car, his beer goggles making everything seem like it was in slow motion, "Heh... Pancakes...” Then, in a moment of clarity and sobriety, Donnie realized the car was headed right for him, “Oh right!" Donnie tried to jump out of the way, but ended up stumbling rather than jumping. It was enough as Deacon pushed Donnie and Eve to the ground, landing on top of them. Donnie stared skyward at the car flew past them and landed several feet away in the middle of the street, going up in a ball of flames, "Oh..... Pretty Colors!"

Deacon stood up and brushed himself off, checking on Eve as Donnie made his remark. Deacon glanced over to see what Donnie was looking at and face-palmed at Donnie’s drunken child-like wonder. Eve helped Donnie to his feet as Amie wiped her tears. She was still on her knees as she stared at Zakk, “This… This can’t be! This has to be a trick! Kalma’s doing!” Zakk reared his head back as if he was rolling his eye behind his face-plate, which he was, “My God! You retards are so dense! I mean, really, The Dok is the only one who can see the truth before his eyes?! And he's drunk for God's sake!” He raised his left arm as the gauntlet dissolved around his left hand, “Here. Proof enough for you? Or maybe you’d like to go visit my grave and check out my empty coffin?!” The look on Amie’s was one of shock and disbelief as she stared at the man’s ring finger. Wrapped securely around the finger was a sparkling diamond ring. Not just any sparkling diamond ring, but the ring. Zakk’s Wedding Ring. Eve gasped as Deacon balled his hands into fists and Donnie cocked his head in half-drunken confusion. They all came to the same realization in the same instant. The man before them was, indeed, their friend and former leader, the Red Lifeforce Power Ranger, Zakk Forrest.

He lowered his arm as the gauntlet reformed and Amie shook her head, not wanting it to be true "No… No… No!” She stared at Zakk, her eyes and heart seeking answers, “Zakk, why are you doing this!?" Deacon interjected before Zakk could answer, "Actually Amie, the first question we should be asking is how in the fuck are you standing before us alive and well?" Donnie poked Deacon in the shoulder, "Deac, it must be the work of some evil spirit magic! Woooooo, Wooooooo, Woooooooo!" Donnie waved his arms around like a zombie, however, Deacon had to admit… even though he was drunk, Donnie had a point. Then it hit him. He turned and looked at Eve who then turned and looked across the street at Amie, who lastly turned and looked at Deacon. The three of them had the same thought and Deacon growled, voicing that thought, "Kalma.” Zakk tapped the blade of his sword on his shoulder absent-mindedly as he chuckled, "And again, the alcoholic is the smart one. Indeed… it was Lord Kalma who renewed my existence on this miserable planet! He has given me desire… purpose… and the power to achieve both." Donnie stopped waving his arms like a lunatic and dropped to one knee, closing his eyes as he rubbed his eye lids, trying to will the alcohol from his system, "Crazy dude who looks like Zakk, say what?!" Deacon slid into a defensive stance again, “Desire? Purpose? You had both before you were killed! What desire and purpose could have driven you to become this?! What has Kalma offered you??!!” Zakk turned to face Amie and in a blink of an eye, he was mere inches from her, his massive, armored form towering over her as she crouched, “My desire…” He reached out with his left hand and grabbed Amie by the throat, picking her up and lifting her off the ground to be at face level. His red-faceplate slid open to reveal a sinister-looking Zakk with dirty blond spiky hair. He leaned in and closed his eyes as he took in a big whiff of Amie’s scent, “My desire…” He then opened his eyes and stared into Amie’s eyes as they were face-to-face. Amie instinctively recoiled when she saw what was behind his eyes, “Zakk…” Zakk smiled evilly as he snaked his tongue out of his mouth and gently licked Amie’s lips, “Mmmmm… still sweet, but not so innocent.” Eve, finally breaking her silence after what seemed like forever, stepped up beside Deacon and slid into her own defensive stance, “Let her go, Zakk!” Zakk stared into Amie’s eyes a bit longer as she searched his for answers. After a few moments, Zakk released his grip on Amie’s throat, allowing her to drop the ground. She dropped to her knees, rubbing her neck and gasping for air, as Zakk looked down at her, “I will have my desire.”

Zakk smirked evilly as the red-faceplate slid back into place, covering his face once more. He turned his back to Amie and faced the other three Rangers, but when he spoke, the comment was directed at Amie, “By the way. I didn't get a chance to answer your question before I was so rudely interrupted. You asked me why I’m doing this. My answer is... because I can.” No longer was he their leader and friend, someone they cared for and would die for. He was now someone they hardly knew. Zakk was upon the Rangers within seconds, his sword no longer resting on his shoulder, but slashing with precision. Deacon saw the attack coming and raised his right hand, his Lifeforce Saber appearing in a flash of blue in time to block Zakk’s blows. Eve followed suit, materializing her Lifeforce Saber in a flash of yellow as she joined Deacon in parrying and blocking Zakk’s attacks. Eve cried out as they fought for their lives, sadness and worry behind her voice "Stop it Zakk! We are your friends, not your enemies!" Zakk spoke in an almost unemotional monotone without breaking his attack stride, “Where once there was the bright, hot, red fire of Life, now burns the cold, dull, black fire of Death. Where once burned a beacon of Hope, now lies an endless void of Despair. Where once I was governed by Respect and Love, I now serve the temptresses of Lust and Ambition. I… am the Psycho Death Ranger. There are no friends. There are no enemies. There are only those who are in my way. And my purpose… is to remove those in my way!”

Zakk leaped into the air and back as he brought his blade across his body, the blade itself pointing down. He brought his left hand behind the blade and formed a traditional ‘Ninja Art’ hand sign with his left index and middle fingers, planting them against the back of the blade, “Power of Fire!” The Symbol of Fire appeared in front of the sword, but instead of it glowing Zakk’s traditional Red, it was Black, outlined in Red and Orange fire. The blade itself ignited as Zakk landed in a crouch, flinging his blade out toward the Rangers, “Hellfire Wave!” A wave of fire flew from the blade, exploding forward along the ground as it raced toward the Rangers. Deacon and Eve had no time to react so they stood their ground, their Sabers in defensive, blocking positions as they braced for the inevitable impact. The impact never came, the wave of fire suddenly splitting and racing past them on either side. Deacon’s eyes opened wide in bewilderment as a green glow appeared in front of them, deflecting the fire wave. Zakk stood up and held his sword in front of him, “What?!” The fire wave dissipated and the green glow subsided to reveal Donnie standing between Zakk and the others, his Lifeforce Saber drawn, the blade touching the ground, the tip aimed at Zakk. Donnie looked up at Zakk as he gritted his teeth, “Like. Hell.” Eve smiled as her tears threatened to overflow, “Donnie…!” Deacon smirked as Donnie stood up, raising his sword and resting it on his shoulder, in imitation of Zakk, “I mebbe half-drunk, but I can still kick yer ass, Zakk!” Zakk merely laughed, “Oh really?” He moved his sword back to its usual resting place on his shoulder, “I think you’re just a pale, plastered imitation of moi.” Donnie smirked, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Zakk nodded, “Indeed. And I’m flattered you think yourself more than the sum of your alcohol!”

With that, Donnie and Zakk rushed each other, each mirroring the other move for move. Donnie, despite his obvious intoxication, was still one Hell of a fighter. Deacon and Eve looked at each other, nodded, and jumped into the fray. Amie watched, her emotions in a torrential confusion as she watched her friends and teammates fight her dead husband brought back by Kalma. She shivered as she recalled what she felt as she stared into his cold, dark eyes. She closed her eyes as she prayed. What do I do? Zakk… He’ll destroy them… but… but I can’t fight him… not him. Then she heard a voice that seemed almost like a whisper, “Get up Amie. Save the world.” For a moment, she thought it was Zakk who spoke and for that moment, she felt relief. In that moment, she believed that Zakk was not evil and that they had been wrong. That is, until she opened her eyes. The sight that greeted her was a raging battle between Zakk and her friends. She stood up slowly as she balled her hands into fists. She stared at the ground for several moments before looking straight ahead at the fight. That's when she made her choice.

Zakk got into a blade lock with Donnie as neither would give an inch. Unfortunately for Donnie, Zakk had magically enhanced strength and Donnie was still half-drunk. Deacon and Eve rushed Zakk’s sides, but he saw it coming and pulled back into a crouch, releasing the tension of the blade lock. Donnie stumbled forward since all of his force was forward into the blade lock. In one smooth motion, Zakk swung his sword around him in a 360 degree arc, emitting a ring of fire. The fire slammed into the rushing Rangers and flung them all back. Donnie executed a drunken back-flip and, somehow landed on his feet. Deacon merely flew back and landed in a crouch, skidding to a stop. Eve, however, got flung high into the air and landed on her back, knocking the wind out of her. Zakk noticed and decided to press his advantage. He raised his sword above his head as the flames around the blade flared, “Time to swat an annoying fly!” He looked like he was going to leap at Donnie, but at the last moment turned and leaped at Eve who was still trying to recuperate from her rough landing. Deacon yelled out as Zakk brought his flaming sword crashing down, “Eve!! No!!”

Zakk and Eve where enveloped in a giant ball of fire that almost blinded Donnie and Deacon. Donnie made his way over to Deacon who had since collapsed to his haunches, his Saber on the ground at this side. Deacon began to cry through closed eyes, not believing what he just saw, “Eve…” Deacon was crushed, the woman he loved smote by the man he once called friend and leader. Donnie rested his free hand on Deacon’s shoulder and looked down at his friend, “Dude… I’m so sorry…” He knew there was little comfort he could give his grieving friend, given the circumstances, but he tried anyway. He looked up and stared at the giant ball of fire and saw something at its core, “What the Hell?” Like a rapidly rising crescendo in a great piece of music, the ball of fire began to grow, seemingly straining against its own physical proportions. Then suddenly, it exploded as gale force winds blew outward, knocking Donnie on his ass and causing Deacon to shield his eyes. Garbage and small objects were lifted into the air and flew several hundred feet as car alarms blared. Donnie got to one knee as the winds subsided and Deacon pulled his arm away. Donnie grinned as Deacon’s jaw dropped. Eve was just fine. In a crouch between her and Zakk was the last person Zakk expected to see in this fight: Amie. Amie grunted and struggled to stand, pushing her Saber against Zakk’s sword, “I… won’t… let you…” Zakk released the tension and took several steps back in shock, “Amie…”

Amie lowered her Saber and breathed heavily as Eve got to her feet, “Amie!” Deacon and Donnie ran over to the girls, Deacon grabbing Eve in a huge embrace. Donnie stepped up beside Amie and kept on grinning, “Tha’s mah gurl!” Holding his sword at his side, Zakk growled with frustration and anger, “Fine. If that’s your choice… so be it. You’ll die with the rest of them!” Amie stared at Zakk with a look of sad determination, “No Zakk…” She reached into her pocket with her free hand and pulled out a pink cell phone, “Deacon. Eve. Let’s finish this.” Deacon and Eve looked at each other and nodded before joining Amie and Donnie, pulling out their Life Phones. Donnie nodded as well and pulled his Life Phone, as Amie held her phone up and out, “Ready?” The other three Rangers followed suit, “Ready!” They flipped their phones open and pressed a button sequence as the Life Phone flashed their respective colors, transforming into a space-age calligraphy pen. They grabbed the pens and began to write in mid-air, their respective colors following their pen strokes. Deacon wrote the Kanji for Water and then hit the character with a backhanded stroke, spinning it around so that it was facing away from him, “Power of Water!” The Kanji slammed into his chest, activating the Life Slug within and generating his Ranger Suit. His sword materialized in his hand as he held it in front of him, the blade pointing up at an angle as he ran his gloved left hand along the blade, “Lifeforce Blue! Deacon Wells!” Next, Eve wrote the Kanji for Earth and then hit the character with a forehand stroke, spinning it around so that it was facing away from her, “Power of Earth!” The Kanji slammed into her chest, activating the Life Slug within and generating her Ranger Suit. Eve held her sword out at her side and swung it across her chest so that the blade hung over her left shoulder, “Lifeforce Yellow! Eve Barrowman!” Then, Donnie wrote the Kanji for Tree and then hit the character with a forehand stroke, spinning it around so that it was facing away from him, “Power of Wood!” The Kanji slammed into his chest, activating the Life Slug within and generating his Ranger Suit. Donnie grinned as his helmet was formed, “Hehe… Wood… Hehe…” And finally, Amie wrote the Kanji for Wind and then hit the character with a backhand stroke, spinning it around so that it was facing away from her, “Power of Wind!” The Kanji slammed into her chest, activating the Life Slug within and generating her Ranger suit. Donnie held his sword straight up and stared at the blade before spinning it in his right hand and sliding it behind his back, all cool like, “Lifeforce Green! Donnie Drunk-- I mean Dok…Dok…” He stood up and pulled his sword from behind his back, “Dammit! I can’t even say mah name straight!” He spun his sword and slid it behind his back again, “Lifeforce Green! The Dok! Can you smell what I’m cookin’?!” Eve groaned as Deacon rolled his head back and clonked Donnie across the top of his head with his sword, “Donnie…” Donnie rubbed the top of his helmet with his free hand, “Hey! What was that for?!” Amie cleared her throat as the other returned to their poses and quieted down. She spun her sword in her hand and held it out in front of her in a defensive posture, “Lifeforce Pink! Amie McCauley… Forrest!” Deacon, Eve, and Donnie dropped to crouches with Amie standing in the center, “Power Rangers!” They all pointed their swords at Zakk, “Lifeforce!”

There was silence, a silence so pronounced that you could hear a pin drop. Then the sound of slow, rhythmical clapping could be heard. It was not a rousing applause, but a slow, unemotional, and almost uninterested clap. Zak had stabbed his sword, blade first in the ground as he watched the Rangers Morph. He continued to clap slowly and uninterestedly, his voice devoid of emotion as his boredom showed, “Bra-vo. Incidentally… did I hear a slight hesitation, dearest Amie?” The other Rangers stood as Amie growled, “Does it matter?” Zakk held his hands up defensively, “No… No. I just thought… well you know… that you’re happy to be my wife.” Deacon stepped forward, his anger resurfacing, “Back off, Zakk! That was low and you know it!” Eve stepped forward beside Deacon, “I can’t believe you’d treat Amie like this! Amie of all people! She loved you and now you’re breaking her heart!” Donnie walked up beside them and pointed his sword at Zakk, “Y…Yeah!” Deacon and Eve looked at Donnie as Deacon facepalmed. Eve cocked her head, “Donnie? No. Just… No.” Donnie shrugged, “Wha’? I jus’ wanted ta show mah support…” Amie just stood there and hung her head as her teammates tried to protect her feelings while Zakk crushed them. “Oh stop. My heart is bleeding. Oh wait, no it’s not.," said Zakk, every word dripping with sarcasm as he held his arms crossed, "I suggest you all get your heads out of the past and get over me. I already got over you.” He turned and looked right at Amie, “Especially you…” The three Rangers growled as Donnie spoke, “Zakk, I will never f’give you--!” Donnie was interrupted by a primal scream as Amie charged right past the others at Zakk. The other three just stared as Amie clashed swords with Zakk. They looked at each other as Donnie cracked his neck, “Time to Lay the Smackdown…” Deacon and Eve nodded as the trio rushed in to aid Amie.

The four Rangers, morphed, were more than a match for Zakk as he had been fighting. So Zakk decided it was time to move the fight to the next level. He withdrew a few steps and took some rapid breaths, “Well… not bad. But not good enough. I’m through toying with you. Time to end this.” The Rangers held their swords in defensive stances as Amie spoke, “Toying with us? What are you talking about?” Zakk chuckled and looked up and down the blade of his sword, “Surely, at least one of you must have noticed by now… this sword… my sword… is no ordinary sword. You see, this… is The Blade of Perpetual Torment.” The Rangers studied his sword and Eve was the first to speak, “Wait a minute… the red…” Zakk nodded, “Very good… yes… I haven’t once attacked you with the blade of this sword.” Deacon, Donnie, and Amie all appeared shocked, but Eve just took it in stride, “I thought so…” They all looked at Eve as Zakk laughed, “Looks like the alcoholic isn’t the only one with a brain.” Hey eyed his sword lovingly, “The Blade of Perpetual Torment… is a Sakabotou… a Reverse-Blade Sword.” He flipped the sword around so the back side, the red side with the teeth face outward, “Now… feel its bite!”

Zakk rushed at the Rangers, blurring in and out. Even though the Rangers were able to block or parry the initial strikes, the sheer strength of the true power of the Blade of Perpetual Torment being unleashed was too much and it left them open for secondary and tertiary strikes. Zakk landed back where he started, but in a crouch and facing away from the Rangers as gold sparks flew from their suits and they flew back. They picked themselves up off the ground as Zakk stood up slowly and turned around, “As I predicted… you’re no match for me.” The Rangers stood as Donnie winced, “That… hurt!” Deacon held his gut, “Ok… new plan!” Eve grabbed onto Deacon’s suit and pulled herself up as Amie used her sword for leverage. Amie looked at Zakk, then at the other Rangers, “We need more Power… Zakk’s blows… are too hard to block or parry…” Deacon took a few deep breaths to calm himself as he remember their earlier training and conversations with Hitori, “Remember what Hitori said…” Eve, Donnie, and Amie looked at him as he continued, “There is hidden potential within the source of our powers. We just have to dig deep. The Power will show itself in our time of need.” The other Rangers nodded as all four stood up and wielded their swords. They all focused on their inner power as they began to glow their respective colors, “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” Zakk watched on as the energy coalesced at their sides, “Hm. Interesting.” Amie was the first to look at her side, her Disc Carrier was glowing. She flipped it open and pulled out a Pink Disc, “This is like… when Zakk…” The other Rangers checked their Disc Carriers and pulled out their own Discs. Deacon and Eve nodded as Donnie turned it over in his hand, “Ummm… ok? So… what, are we supposed to throw these at Zakk?” If Deacon’s hands weren’t full, he would have facepalmed again. Amie shook her head, “No. They slide onto the hilts of our swords. Zakk used a Red one when he fought…” She looked down as the memory came back. Eve took her Disc and slid it onto her sword, “Amie. Let’s do this… for Zakk!” Deacon and Donnie followed suit, “For Zakk!” Amie nodded and slid her Disc into place as they turned to face Zakk, “For you… my love.” Zakk sighed, his voice betraying his indifference, “I’m touched. I truly am. Are you done wasting my time now?”

The Rangers rushed Zakk once again, but this time they spun their Discs, powering up their swords. Deacon jumped first, his Lifeforce Saber glowing blue as he slashed down at Zakk, "Typhoon Slash!" Eve followed, her Lifeforce Saber glowing yellow, “Avalanche Slash!” Donnie was next, his Lifeforce Saber glowing green, “Root Slash!” Lastly, Amie launched herself into the air, her Lifeforce Saber glowing Pink, "Hurricane Slash!" In a truly unforeseen move, Zakk stabbed his sword into the ground and left it there as he took the Rangers head on. Without the weight of his sword, his was immeasurably faster. He leaped into the air and reached to his side as a black tanto and sheath appeared. He grabbed it and blocked Deacon’s sword with the sheath as he drew the tanto and slashed Deacon across the gut. He repeated that process with each Ranger in succession, catching them all off guard. After a matter of seconds, Zakk landed back on the ground, skidding to a stop next to his sword as the Rangers fell out of the sky. They all landed in crouches as Zakk turned around, the tanto and sheath in his hand. He finished sheathing the tanto as gold sparks flew from the Rangers’ chests, knocking them down onto their stomachs. They struggled to pick themselves up as Zakk merely laughed. Deacon grunted, “What the Hell was that?!” Eve growled, “How’d he get so fast?!” Donnie tried to pick himself up and fell back down, "What’s up with this Gay shit?! I feel as if I need to de-morph straight away after one damn-bloody blow and being drunk on this occasion doesn't help things at all!" Amie looked at Donnie, then at Zakk, her eyes shooting to his tanto. The Rangers got to their feet as Amie nudged Eve who saw the tanto too, "Good point Donnie. That tanto of his seems to be the cause of our weakening. Like perhaps it’s draining our life force away with every hit it lands on us. I say about 2 or 3 more hits and we are all done." Zakk nodded as he watched the Rangers, "You are a very smart girl Eve, I have to give you that, but this isn't even the beginning of it. You, most definitely, have the worst to come!"

Zakk launched himself at the Rangers once again going into a blur, but Donnie, for once, got a bright idea, “Back-to-Back! Now!” The others nodded and spun, placing their backs up against each other, giving them an almost 360 degree vantage point. Working as a team, they blocked and parried all of Zakk's strikes. Laughing, Zakk continued to blur in and out, "Very intuitive Power Punks, but not good enough!” He continued to move in an almost circular pattern, striking at, almost, random times, the Rangers blocking or parrying every strike. After a short while, Deacon noticed something out of the corner of his eye, “Ummm… guys?” Donnie tilted his head, “Yeah?” Deacon gulped, “The Blade of Perpetual Torment… is missing.” They all turned to where Zakk had left and, sure enough, it was gone, only a hole in the ground remained. Eve cursed, “Ohhhhhhhh shit.” Donnie glanced up in time to see the light glint off something, “Above! Scatter!” The Rangers moved in four different directions as the Blade of Perpetual Torment descended where they were. The Rangers turned back to look as the sword landed harmlessly, clanking on the ground. Amie’s eyes widened beneath her helmet, “We’ve been tricked!” As she landed, Zakk appeared in front of her, "Boo!" Amie gasped as Zakk slashed her for a second time. With the Rangers no longer watching each others’ backs, they were easy picking for Zakk and his tanto. They dropped to their knees, the suits beginning to flicker as their Life Force began to wane. Zakk sped in again and struck them all again, this time across their backs. They all fell on their faces as they de-morphed.

Zakk placed his sheathed tanto on the back of his hip as he walked over to his sword and picked it up off the ground. He held it teeth side forward as he walked up to Donnie. He raised the sword above his head, “It’s over. You first, drunk boy.” As he brought the sword down, a bony hand appeared out of nowhere and stopped him, “Not so fast!” The Rangers looked up as Zakk withdrew, “Lord Kalma.” He kneeled, “Forgive me.” Kalma nodded, “This time. But only because you have produced most excellent results, my boy!” Zakk de-morphed as he stood up, the Blade of Perpetual Torment in his right hand, “Time for Phase Two, My Lord?” Kalma nodded, "Indeed. I will begin immediately." The Rangers had crawled over to each other as Kalma walked up to them, “Well this certainly makes my job much easier.“ They stood up, leaning on busted cars, lamp posts, mailboxes, whatever they could find. Deacon pushed himself to a vertical base and stumbled over to Eve, standing in front of her, “Back off Kalma! You will do nothing to harm us!" Donnie growled as he struggled to stay vertical, "You damn well will not touch us!" Amie was holding to a lamp post for dear life, "We will stop you before you can!" Eve gulped and nodded, "Why? Because well damn, it may be cliche, but we are the Power Rangers!"

Kalma held his arms wide open, inviting the Rangers, “Oh really? The come get me, Power Rangers! Show me what you can do!” The Rangers all stood under their own power and began to make their way toward Kalma, one step at a time. Zakk started to get worried, but then the Rangers fall on their faces, their Life Force nearly drained. Kalma laughed manically and went to work straight away on the now unconscious rangers, chanting some mumbo jumbo and waving his hands around like a man from a loony bin who thinks he is a zombie. The Rangers began to glow as they screamed in pain and agony. Zakk sat down on a nearby bench and watched as Kalma completed the ritual, "And let it be done!" The scene that followed was quite disturbing. The Life Slugs that had embedded themselves deep within the Rangers’ bodies, those many months ago, were now being forcefully ejected. The four Life Slugs landed in Kalma’s open palm as he continued to laugh like the evil maniac he was, "Zakk, let us depart. It is time for Phase Three.” Kalma closed his bony hand around the glowing Life Slugs as he turned and started to walk away. Zakk stood up from the bench and grabbed his sword, “What about them?” Kalma stopped, “Leave them. They’re just worthless human trash now. They have no power. They are no longer a threat. Come. The World Awaits.” Kalma walked off, disappearing into the shadows. Zakk followed, stopping only to look at Amie once more, “See you soon.” He smirked evilly and disappeared into the shadows behind Kalma.

================================================== =================================

One Day Later…

Deacon groaned as he regained consciousness. He blinked his eyes open slowly as he looked around. He was in a stark white room, a soft beeping noise echoing from a corner. He sat up slowly as he felt a throbbing in his head, “Unnnngh…” He reached up with his left hand and placed it on his head as he felt a bandage. He blinked a couple times and looked down at his hands, then at himself. He was in a hospital gown and hooked up to some machines. His head had been wrapped and so were various other parts of his body. He pulled the I.V. needles out of his body and pulled his covers back, exposing his bare legs. He swung his legs over the edge of his bed as the door opened and a female nurse ran in, “Sir! Not so quickly sir! You need rest!” Deacon waved her off as he slid of his bed and stood up, using the bed for support, “I’m fine.” He lurched forward as he was still physically weakened by Zakk’s attacks. The nurse grabbed his arm to support him, “No you’re not. When you and your friends were brought in, you were all barely alive!” Deacon looked up at the mention of his friends, fear and worry etched on his face, “Where are they?” The nurse raised an eyebrow, “Your friends? In the rooms next to you.” Deacon started to walk slowly, “Take me to them.” The nurse hesitated, “You really shouldn’t--.” She cut herself as she heard soft growling coming from Deacon, “I’m telling you I’ll be fine. I just need to move around a bit to get my strength back.”

Knowing she wasn't going to win the argument, the nurse nodded, helping Deacon out of his room and to the room next door. As the door opened, Deacon saw Eve laying in the hospital bed. With the nurse’s help, he padded over to her and sat on the edge of her bed. The movement on the bed caused Eve to stir. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled, “Deac…” Deacon smiled back, “Hi there beautiful. How are you feeling?” Deacon's concern and love for Eve showed through his voice. Eve tried to sit up, but felt soreness in her gut and back. Deacon supported her as he helped her sit all the way up, “I’m… okay, I guess. Where are we?” Deacon pulled the I.V. needles out of Eve as he checked her injuries over, “Hospital.” She nodded, “What about Amie and Donnie?” Deacon turned to the nurse who crossed her arms, “There was only one other with you when we found you. She checked herself out a couple hours ago.” Deacon turned back to Eve, “I hope Amie is ok…” Eve nodded, “Me too… but I wonder what happened to Donnie?” Deacon looked around as his eyes fell on the tray of Eve’s belongings, “I know one way to find out.” He reached over and picked up her Life Phone and flipped it open to see several messages had been left. He ignored them and punched in Donnie’s speed dial. The phone rang… but there was no answer and went to Donnie’s voice mail. He closed the phone and tossed it back on the tray, “No answer. He must still be unconscious… wherever he is.”

A Hotel Room In The Seedy Part Of Town…

Donnie slowly opened his eyes as they adjusted to the dimness of the room he was in. He noticed a solitary light hanging from the center of the room, the bulb not illuminating the room all that well. He sat up slowly, grimacing at the immense pain in his lower abdomen, “Ow…” That pain was then replaced, quite quickly, by an incessant throbbing in his head. He brought his free hand to his head and groaned. He knew a hangover when he felt it and this was definitely a hangover. He looked up after the room stopped spinning and looked around. It was relatively small, the walls made of wood. There was one window, but it was closed. He saw darkness beyond the blinds, a small bit of light peeking in. He figured it was night time and the light was from the moon. He looked down at himself and saw he was bandaged up and, admittedly, he looked like Hell, “What the Hell did I do while I was drunk?” A sultry voice came from the corner of the room, “You got your ass kicked.” Donnie turned as Kalista stepped out from the shadows, “Kalista…”

He winced, “What happened to me?” Kalista knew, of course, but she couldn’t tell him everything. That would blow her identity. She looked down, “I… don’t know. When I arrived, you were already unconscious. I saw someone with a white coat and a red and white sword leaving the scene.” He closed his eyes and memories of the previous night came flooding back. The resurrection of Zakk. The fight that ensued. Kalma’s intervention. The removal of the Life Slugs. Oh and that he acted like a drunk dumbshit. He opened his eyes, “Where are my friends?” Kalista shook her head, “I don’t know. My only concern… was you.” He looked down, “I should go look for them…” Then his phone rang. He looked over to the night stand and picked up his phone. The Caller ID showed ‘Deac’ as the caller. He was about to answer the phone, but stopped, staring at the name. More memories surfaced, causing him to toss the phone back on the nightstand, resigned defeat encasing his voice,“No.” Kalista cocked her head, “That was one of your friends, wasn’t it?” Donnie nodded, “They’re better off without me.” Kalista walked over to the bed where he was and sat down on the edge, “Why do you say that?” Donnie looked away from Kalista, the self-loathing evident as he spoke, “Because… I’m nothing but an alcoholic fool. I let them down. Twice. And both times it was because I was drunk as Hell.” He stood up and winced, almost falling over. Kalista jumped up and caught him, “Where do you think you’re going?” Donnie looked up at Kalista, his eyes meeting hers, only this time, Donnie was sober. And it was in that moment that Donnie fell in love with Kalista all over again.

He smirked, “We’re in a hotel, right? So it’s not like I can really stay here. I was, uh… gonna go home.” Kalista shook her head and sat him back down on the bed, “You’re in no condition to be that active. Besides, we’ve got the room for a few days." He nodded and turned away from her again, lost in thought. Kalista turned and headed for the door, “I’ll leave you alone with your thoughts.” Donnie looked up, “Wait.” Kalista stopped and turned back to face him, “What?” Donnie patted the bed next to him, “Please stay. I don’t want to be alone, but… I can’t face them.” Kalista looked tentatively down at the bed, then at Donnie, the look on her face one of pure torment, “Donnie… no… what we had…" She sighed, "What we had was a couple nights of drunken lust. Nothing more. I bet you don’t even remember much, if any, of it.” Donnie closed his eyes as images of Kalista gloriously naked and in the throes of passion entered his mind. He took a deep breath, remembering the scent of her musk. The emotions and sensations tied to those memories made Donnie forget the immense, throbbing hangover at the front of his skull. Then he heard the door knob click. He opened his eyes to see Kalista with her back to him, opening the door, “I remember… everything.”

Kalista stopped and looked over her shoulder at Donnie who smiled. Damn that’s a sexy look! Kalista averted her eyes as she looked down, “You remember everything? Then you remember me trying to convince you that it wasn’t a good idea for us to be together…” Donnie nodded, “I also remember convincing you to give in to your emotions… to not deny yourself your true desires.” Kalista closed her eyes willing her true desires away as she attempted to convince hereself and Donnie, “As I said… it was lust… nothing more. I’m sorry Donnie. I don’t love you.” She made to leave again, but Donnie stood up and nearly fell over again. Kalista spun around to catch him, but he had already caught himself on the nightstand, “You don’t love me huh? Then why the instinctual move to catch me?” Kalista blushed, having been caught red-handed, “Uh… it’s uh… it’s not like that…” He hobbled over to Kalista and placed a hand on her shoulder, feeling her bare flesh for the first time all over again, “Why won’t you let me get close to you? What are you afraid of?” Kalista closed her eyes, a single tear falling, “Donnie, there things that I’ve done… bad things… things I can never forgive myself for. And if you ever found out…” He wiped her tear and pulled her in close, caressing the side of her face, “I don’t care…” She opened her eyes and looked longingly and deeply into his, “You would if you found out… and I know that you would never forgive me. And I wouldn’t blame you.”

Donnie smiled warmly, allowing Kalista to, finally, see the true Donnie. In that instant, Kalista knew she was in trouble. In that moment, she fell in love with Donnie all over again. He continued to caress her face, “Regardless of what you’ve done or why we shouldn’t be together, there’s only one thing that matters to me.” Kalista's breath caught in her throat, “What’s that?” Donnie stared right into her eyes, “I love you Kalista. I’m not drunk. This isn’t lust. I love you.” Tears began to well up in Kalista’s eyes as she, not only saw the sincerity and sobriety behind Donnie’s eyes, but also heard it in his voice, “Donnie…” Donnie cut off whatever she was going to say as he leaned in and kissed her gently. It was a stark contrast to the last couple of times they had been together. After a few moments that seemed like forever, Donnie pulled back a little and smiled as he saw Kalista had closed her eyes. She opened them slowly and blushed profusely, “Wow… I… never knew…” Donnie chuckled, “What? That I can be gentle? And loving?” Kalista nodded shyly as Donnie ran his hand through her hair and stared into her eyes once more, “Despite what you may have done, I can’t stay away, Kalista. No matter how much I should or how hard I try, I will never be able to stay away from you. I love you too much.” She leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder as she hugged him and closed her eyes, “Oh Donnie…” He hugged her back, “So please… stay here with me tonight. I need you. Now more than ever. Because now… I am truly alone.” She closed the door and led him back to the bed, gently helping him back down to a sitting position. She looked down at him, a smile on her face, “You’re not alone Donnie. At least not for tonight. For tonight… you have me.”

Eve’s Apartment…

The front door swung open as the lights were turned on, illuminating the apartment. Deacon and Eve stumbled into the apartment, still weak and in pain, but alive. Deacon closed the door behind him and helped Eve to the couch where she sat down. Eve looked down as Deacon pulled his phone out of his pocket. He noticed several missed calls, all of them from Hitori and the boys, “Hitori tried to contact me. I assume that messages on your phone are the same.” He flipped his phone open and punched in the speed dial for the music store, but Eve stopped him before he hit the dial key, “Deac…” He turned to look down at Eve who was still staring at the floor, despondent, “What is it Eve?” She continued on, her voice tired, “I was wondering… do you really love me?” Deacon blinked in shock and disbelief as he closed his phone, shoving it back in his pocket, “What kind of an asinine question is that?! Of course I love you!” She looked up at him, her eyes full of confusion, “Are you sure? I mean… that night… we...we were grieving… and…” Now it was Deacon’s turn to get confused, “Yes we were grieving. Wait… Eve… are you saying… that you don’t love me?” She looked down, “I’m saying… I don’t know.”

Deacon turned his back on Eve, “So what are you saying, Eve? That all it was to you was Grief Sex? A night of passion to dull the pain of Zakk’s Death?!” Eve looked up at his back, “No! Yes… Maybe… I don’t know!” Deacon looked down, his right hand balled into a fist, grief and confusion tearing a hole in his heart, “So everything… that was said that night… everything we did… everything we confessed… I confessed… it meant nothing to you…” Eve gasped, “No, Deacon, I didn’t say--!” He started walking toward the door, cutting her off before she could say another word, “You don’t have to. I understand. I can’t believe I was naïve enough to believe that a girl like you would ever be attracted to a guy like me!” With that, he opened the door and walked out, slamming it behind him. Eve reached out for him as he left, “Deacon!” After he had left, she began to cry, “Deac… what have I done?”

Forrest Residence…

Amie stood outside the ruins of hers and Zakk’s house, her hands shoved into her pockets, her face emotionless. Since Zakk’s death, she hadn’t set foot on the property except to retrieve her belongings. And she certainly didn’t have the time to have the house repaired. She walked over to the destroyed windows leading to the kitchen and stared inside, remembering her fight with Kalista on that day. She also remembered the White Ranger and his fight with Zakk. After a moment, she turned to face the corner of the house where Zakk ended up after Kalista stabbed him in the heart. She walked over to that spot and kneeled as she ran her hand along the wood, stopping at Zakk’s dried blood that remained. She remembered his last moments in her arms and his last words to her. She stood up as her phone rang. She pulled it out to see that it was Travis on the Caller ID. She was about to answer when a tanned hand stopped her. She looked up to see Zakk standing before her, clad in the tattered white duster, his sword, The Blade of Perpetual Torment, in his other hand, the blade wrapped loosely in cloth. She gasped, “Zakk…” He took the phone out of her hand and tossed it, “You won’t be needing this.” The phone landed at the base of a tree in the front yard, flipping open. Travis’ voice crackled through, “Hello? Amie? Amie! Are you there?! It’s Travis. Say something. Amie?!”

Amie looked up at Zakk hesitantly, “Why are you here? Haven’t you done enough?” He took her hand in his and her heart skipped a beat, “I told you I’d see you again. And I also told you I’d have my desire.” Amie gasped, “You can’t mean…” Zakk nodded, “Join me Amie.” Amie looked down, “Why? Why would I ever help Kalma?” Zakk reached under Amie’s chin and lifted her face, “Why not? What is left for you here, Amie? Shattered memories? Friends that you couldn’t be bothered to wait for to heal? The Power Rangers? Oh wait… that’s right… you don’t have powers any more. But you could…” Amie raised an eyebrow, slightly intrigued, “I could? How?” Zakk smiled, “By joining me. I’m sure Lord Kalma would reward you with new powers should you prove your loyalty.” Amie closed her eyes, “Help… Kalma? Never… he took everything from me… my home… my friends… my powers… you…” He began to caress her face as she opened her eyes, tears forming, “But that can change… you can have powers… and you can have… me. I’m here. Now. And I’m waiting for you. Besides…” He held up his left hand to show her the wedding ring once again, “In sickness and in health…” Amie stared at the ring, transfixed, “…’till death… do us part.” He smiled, “I am no longer dead… so that means we no longer have to be apart.” Her lower lip trembled as she leaned in and placed her ear on his chest, “I’ve missed you Zakk… I don’t want us to ever be separated again.”

Desero & Michael’s Music Emporium…

Travis had his cell phone on loudspeaker so Angelus could listen. The phone rang a few times with no answer, “She’s not gonna answer… where the Hell are they?!” Suddenly the phone clicked as someone picked up, “Hello? Amie? Amie! Are you there?! It’s Travis. Say something. Amie?!” He looked at Angelus, then back at the phone as he heard another voice speaking to Amie, “Zakk?! No freaking way! Ang, get Hitori!” Angelus nodded and ran off, returning with Hitori moments later, “What is it Travis?” Travis held a finger up to his mouth to silence Hitori and pointed to his phone. They listened in on the conversation up to the end. Hitori crossed his arms and closed his eyes as Angelus spoke, “Guys… this is bad! If they get Amie…” Travis rubbed the back of his head in worry, “If? If?! It sounds to me like they got her! You heard what she said to Zakk!” Travis began to pace, “Oh man…. It’s bad enough they killed the Red Ranger, the leader of the team, but now they’ve used him to seduce the co-leader too?!” Hitori opened his eyes, “Silence! Both of you!” Angelus and Travis looked at Hitori, his eyes steely and determined, “Angelus is correct. This is about as bad as it’s liable to become. And unless we act, all will be lost.” Angelus raised an eyebrow, “Act? What do you-- ohhhhhh no! No no no! No...way!” Travis looked at Hitori, “Sensei, you aren’t serious! Nobody’s ever been able to do it successfully!” Hitori nodded, “True. But nobody has had the stakes this high. And nobody has tried it with three Life Forces.” Travis cocked his head, “Three? I see…” Angelus shook his head, “You two are insane! If we miscalculate, we could all die!” Travis turned to Angelus, “And if we don’t even attempt it, we could all die anyway! We can’t let Kalma win!” The two looked at Hitori who nodded and unfolded his arms, “Prepare for The Summoning! Time is of the essence!”

Shadow Ranger
10-26-2010, 08:57 AM
Author's Notes:

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 9 - Just Close Your Eyes

Theme Song: Just Close Your Eyes by Waterproof Blonde (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQfqUpC7dto)

With New Allies and New Enemies, the future of Lifeforce hangs in the balance!

Shadow Ranger
10-26-2010, 10:39 AM
“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough.”

Frank Crane

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 9 – Just Close Your Eyes

Five beams of colored light dropped from the sky, landing in five different points within Santa Monica. The Pink beam landed in Santa Monica’s Red Light District as a young blond woman emerged wearing what would be classified as ‘prostitute wear’ (see image under Margo). Her name is Margo Monahgan and she is the Time Force Pink Ranger. Right now, she’s cursing her luck. She looked around and realizes she was in a pretty seedy part of whatever town she was in. She sighed and wished she had brought her Time Force Uniform with her as she started walking down the street, trying to ignore the wolf whistles.


The Yellow beam landed in the middle of a crowded Amusement Park as a young red-headed woman emerged wearing a yellow and silver Space Patrol Delta Uniform and shades. Her name is Reece Holden and, as you might have already guessed, she is the SPD Yellow Ranger. Luckily for her, she emerged behind the control booth to the Ferris Wheel so nobody saw her. She stepped out from behind the booth and looked around as the sun shined down on the hundreds of people at the Park. The people and atmosphere seemed pretty up-to-date, but as they say, looks can be deceiving. She decided to search out something that could tell her the date. At least nobody seemed to care that a SPD Officer was walking around the Park.


The Green beam landed at the end of the Santa Monica Pier as a young Japanese man emerged wearing a dark green leather jacket, white t-shirt, loose black pants, and black martial arts shoes. His name is Miyamoto Ichigawa and he is the Angelic Green Ranger. He blinked as the ocean stretched before him. He took a deep breath of the sea air and smiled, but vehicle sounds snapped him out of it. He turned around and saw the city of Santa Monica before him. He recognized the city almost instantly, but it seemed different to him. He pulled his shades out of his jacket pocket and slid them over his eyes as he began to walk the length of the pier, back toward the city.


The Blue beam landed on top of the tallest skyscraper in Santa Monica as a young man with shoulder-length dirty blond hair emerged wearing a royal blue collared shirt with the top couple buttons open showing his upper chest, a pair of blue jeans, and cowboy boots. His name is Valo Gunn and he is the Space Blue Ranger. He was instantly alert and looked around the area. He couldn’t believe it… he was back on Earth. But something seemed off. He ran to the edge of the roof and looked down at the bustling city below. He took in the people, cars, and sounds and he knew that he definitely did not recognize any of it. He did the only thing he could think of. He tried to contact the Astro Megaship.


Lastly, the Red beam landed in the Santa Monica Cemetery as a man emerged wearing a black leather trenchcoat, dark red t-shirts, black jeans, black boots, a pair of black gloves, and a pair of black shades on his face. His name is Agent Z and he is the Mighty Morphin’ Red Tyranno Ranger. He took a cursory glance at his surroundings and noticed he was standing in front of what was left of a grave. He grunted as he dropped his haunches and surveyed the grave. It was open, but not by a shovel. No… the dirt that was once on top of the open coffin was blasted open by some sort of magic. It was then the inscription on the knocked over headstone caught his eye:

Zakk Forrest
1988 – 2010
Beloved Friend, Brother, and Husband

Agent Z’s eyes shot to the bottom of the headstone as he pulled his shades off his face and brushed the dirt with his free hand. He tensed and his eyes narrowed as he saw the small, almost inconspicuous inscription. It was a lightning bolt with the word ‘Red’ beside it. He knew what that meant and now he knew he was there for a purpose.


As the five displaced Rangers went about their business, checking out their surroundings, a loud roar echoes across the city, followed by a loud crash. Miyamoto was the first to act. He stopped across the street from the pier and spun around as he saw a boat flying right at him. Acting on instinct, he pulled his Heaven Driver out of his pocket and pulled the bottom open, revealing the card reader. He then pulled a Prayer Card out of his pocket and dropped it into the Driver and slammed it shut, “Spoutriser!”


The people on that street stood shocked as a large waterspout erupted from the Santa Monica Bay and made landfall within seconds, catching the boat seconds before it would have crushed Miyamoto. The waterspout returned the boat to the water, placing it next to the Santa Monica Pier as another ferocious roar bellowed. Miyamoto looked up as a giant Kraken stood up out of the bay and the people screamed, running for the hills. Miyamoto gritted his teeth, “A Kraken? Really?” He looked around, hoping the Rangers that protected this time and place would show up, but nobody did, “Looks like it’s up to me. I was brought here for a reason… this must be it.” He pulled the bottom of his Heaven Driver open once more as he pulled another card from his pocket. He slid it in the Driver and slammed it shut, “Light Of God, Grant Me Power!”


In flash of green and gold, Miyamoto was bathed in power from above, forming a green, gold, and white suit around his body and a green helmet with a black visor around his head. He spread his arms as the suit solidified, “Power of Tides!” He spun around and dropped to a ready crouch as he held his left hand forward, “Angelic Green!” The Kraken roared as tentacles whipped out of the water toward Miyamoto, water spraying everywhere. He deftly dodged them all except one. The last one struck him square in the gut, sending him flying back into the nearest building. He dropped to the street below out of the depression his impact made into the side of the building, “Ok… so dodging is out of the question…” He pulled his Heaven Blaster from the holster at his side and began blasting away, but the Kraken just swatted the blasts away with its many tentacles. Getting frustrated, he holstered his Blaster and pulled his Heaven Driver from his hip, opening the reader once more. He then pulled a card from the holder on his hip, sliding it into the Driver and slamming the Driver shut.


In a flash of green, a long spear appeared in Miyamoto’s hands as he spun it deftly and wielded it in a backhanded grip stance behind his back, “Tidal Spear! Let’s see you handle this!” He ran at the Kraken, slapping its tentacles away with swings of his spear. Miyamoto actually made it up to the Kraken and jumped at him, skewering it with his spear. The Kraken bellowed as it wrapped one tentacle around the spear and another around Miyamoto’s mid-section. A third tentacle effectively bitch-slapped Miyamoto, forcing him to release his grip on the spear. The second tentacle hoisted Miyamoto into the air and proceeded to squeeze the life out of him as the first tentacle pulled the spear out of the Kraken and tossed it aside like a child’s toy. Miyamoto screamed out as he began to feel the pressure of the Kraken’s grip through his suit.

Suddenly, blue laser blasts rained from the sky, focusing primarily on the tentacle squeezing Miyamoto. The attack surprised the Kraken and caused him to release Miyamoto. A blue streak caught Miyamoto as the Kraken looked around in confusion. Miyamoto caught his breath and looked up as he saw a man in a blue Ranger Suit, “You… You’re a Ranger…” The man nodded, “Valo Gunn, Blue Space Ranger, at your service. You ok?” Miyamoto nodded as they descended to the street below. Miyamoto hopped out of the man’s arms and stood as the man hopped off his Galaxy Glider. Miyamoto bowed to him, “Miyamoto Ichigawa. Green Angelic Ranger. Nice to meet you.” Valo cocked his head, “Angelic Ranger? That’s a new one.” Miyamoto rubbed the back of his helm, “Yeah…” Before they could continue their conversation, the Kraken bellowed as tentacles flew at the two Rangers. Caught off guard, they threw their arms up to block and prepared for the inevitable strike. Instead, a shower of yellow and pink warded off the tentacles as two young women in yellow and pink, respectively, showed up, guns blazing. The Yellow Ranger spoke first, “You boys ok?” Valo nodded, “Yeah. Thanks. Valo Gunn, Blue Space Ranger. This is Miyamoto Ichigawa, Green Angelic Ranger.” The Yellow Ranger nodded, “Reece Holden, SPD Yellow.” The Pink Ranger waved, “Hi! I’m Margo Monahgan! Pink Time Force Ranger!” The Kraken roared once more as it sent half the Santa Monica Pier flying at the Rangers. Margo and Reece raised their blasters and started firing, but it wasn’t enough to break apart the massive pier. Miyamoto and Valo spun around to help, but the pier was already upon them. Then the pier split in half and flew past them into the building behind them as the Red Tyranno Ranger appeared in front of them, his Power Sword drawn, “Less Talk. More Fighting.”

Agent Z ran forward first, hacking and slashing his way through the tentacles as Miyamoto shrugged to the other Rangers and followed him in. The other Rangers followed right behind. Miyamoto picked up his spear on the way and swatted the tentacles away as well as the other Rangers blasted away. They got up to the Kraken and Agent Z lunged at him, his sword glowing red as he went crazy on the Kraken, “Power Sword! Full Power!” Miyamoto followed up by skewering the Kraken with his spear again. This time, he reached down to his hip and pulled the bottom of his Heaven Driver open, sliding a new card into hit and slamming it shut, “Power of The Tides, hear my call!”


Miyamoto roared as his spear began to glow green, “Tidal Drill!” The Kraken reared back and bellowed as a drill of glowing green water erupted through his back, apparently emanating from Miyamoto’s spear. Valo jumped into the air and launched himself off Miyamoto’s shoulders as the Astro Axe appeared in his hands. He reared back and brought his axe down in a massive, blue vertical slash, “Astro Axe!” Reece was next as she drew her Deltamax Saber and jumped in beside Agent Z, slashing wildly, her saber enhanced by yellow energy, “Deltamax Saber Strike!” Margo was the last to attack as her attack required a short set-up. She held her hand out as two blades appeared in her hands, “Chrono Sabers!” She placed them together via the back ends of the blades, making them look like the hands on a clock. She closed them together and pointed them at the Kraken, “Eat this!” She opened the blades, creating a pink field of energy that trapped the Kraken. She then flipped the blades vertically and pulled them apart to dual wield them once more as pink lightning enveloped the blades. She lashed out with two powerful slashes, one from each blade, “Time Strike!”

The Kraken roared once more and, this time, the Rangers thought they had won. But the Kraken wasn’t finished. He looked down at the Rangers as his eyes glowed red. Valo’s shoulders slumped, “What now…?” The Kraken opened his mouth as powerful wave of water spewed forth, shoving the Rangers away from the Kraken and slamming them into the nearby buildings, further devastating the city. Miyamoto wiped the water from his suit as he stood up, “How humiliating… beaten by water…” Valo stood up beside him, “We need more power. We need a Zord.” Miyamoto shrugged, “Don’t look at me.” Valo growled, “You’re a Ranger without a Zord?!” Miyamoto shook his head, “No. I have a Zord. Just… not here. What about you?” Valo pointed skyward, “It’s in Outer Space. But somehow I don’t think it’s in orbit around Earth right now.” They turned to the Reece and Margo as Miyamoto crossed his arms, “Ladies?” Reece shook her head, “Sorry boys. My Zord’s in the hangar at Delta Base… which I seem to have lost contact with.” Margo waved them off, “Don’t look at me! My Zord is in the future somewhere and I don’t have the means to contact my headquarters right now!” Agent Z sighed, “I don’t believe this… I have to do everything!” He pulled his Dino Buckler off his belt and looked at the golden Tyrannosaurus Power Coin. If we’re where I think we are, he won’t get here in time. Looks like I have no choice. I only hope this works. He pulled the sides of the buckler open, flipped the Power Coin so that the other side showed, and slammed it back together as he looked at it, “You guys better hope we’re in California…” Miyamoto nodded, “Santa Monica, if I’m not mistaken.” Agent Z nodded, “Good.” He held his Dino Buckler up toward the sky as he silently prayed, “Dragonzord!”

The Power Coin in his Dino Buckler glowed green as the Dragon Dagger appeared in the sky. Agent Z placed his Dino Buckler back on his belt and he grabbed the Dragon Dagger, “I need your help buddy.” He quickly brought the Dragon Dagger to his helmet’s mouth and inverted the grip as he began to play a hauntingly familiar tune. Agent Z began walking toward the Kraken as it reared its head and unleashed another torrent of water. Agent Z continued to play the tune as the Dragon Shield appeared on his shoulders in a flash of green, deflecting the water blast. He stopped mere feet from the Kraken as he continued to play the flute. Suddenly, the water behind the Kraken began to froth and churn as something large displaced it. The afternoon sun glinted off of something metal that emerged from the water as Agent Z grinned beneath his helmet. A loud roar could be heard as the mighty Dragonzord rose from the waters around Santa Monica. Valo took a step back in shock, “It’s… The Dragonzord…”

The Kraken turned to face the Dragonzord as the Dragonzord measured it’s opponent. Agent Z shifted his hand positions and began to play the secondary Dragon Flute tune as the Dragonzord’s eyes flashed. It jumped at the Kraken, slashing with its claws, causing the Kraken to stumble. The Kraken lashed out with its tentacles as the Dragonzord landed. The tentacles latched onto the Dragonzord’s claws and feet, immobilizing it. Agent Z growled, “Nice try you overgrown octopus! But the Dragonzord doesn’t have to be able to move to attack you!” He went back to playing the secondary tune as the Dragonzord’s eyes flashed again. The Dragonzord held its arms at chest level as the claws retracted to give way to missile launchers. The Kraken looked down as the Dragonzord unleashed a volley of missiles right into the Kraken’s gut. The Kraken cried out as it released the Dragonzord. The Dragonzord followed suit by turning around and slamming its massive drill tail into the Kraken. The Kraken stumbled back and faltered, the fight taking its toll on him. Agent Z studied the Kraken and realized the Dragonzord had to strike a decisive blow soon. Then his eyes went to the small hole that Miyamoto had blasted through the Kraken with his Tidal Drill Attack. Agent Z nodded, “It’s time to end this! Dragonzord!” He played the secondary tune once more before taking the Dragon Dagger and tossing it at the hole in the Kraken. The Dragonzord’s eyes flashed one last time as it tracked the Dragon Dagger. The Dragonzord turned around once more, but this time its tail followed the path of the Dragon Dagger, right into the Kraken’s gut. The Kraken roared in pain as the Drill Tail enlarged the hole tenfold. The Dragonzord roared as well as it moved its tail up, completely ripping the Kraken apart from the inside. The Kraken let loose a final cry right before it exploded into golden sparkles and fish guts. The Dragonzord turned to face Agent Z and spread its arms wide as it roared in victory, its tail slamming down into the bay, splashing water into the air.

Miyamoto, Reece, and Margo pumped their fists in the air as they celebrated the Dragonzord’s victory over the Kraken. They ran up to Agent Z as Miyamoto bowed, “That was well played, Red Ranger. It is too bad about your dagger.” A voice from above interrupted, “You mean this dagger?” The Rangers looked up as Valo descended to the street, hovering on his Galaxy Glider. He handed the Dragon Dagger to Agent Z, “I think you dropped this.” Valo hopped off the Glider as Agent Z took the dagger and de-morphed. The others followed suit as Valo put his hands on his hips, “So you know we are. Do you have a name?” Agent Z smiled and tapped his shades, “Call me… Agent Z. As you all know, I’m the Red Tyranno Ranger.” He crossed his arms and looked over the rag-tag group of Rangers, “Despite your apparent immaturity, you all did rather well.” Valo pulled his hands off his hips and balled them into fists as he made to get into Agent Z’s face, “Immaturity?! What the Hell is that supposed to--?!” Valo was interrupted by a deep, commanding voice, “You all did remarkably well considering your foe was the Legendary Kraken.” They all turned as Hitori Kazama appeared before them wearing his standard street clothes. He was leaning on a staff, his body still weak from the summoning, “You were all brought here for a reason. Come with me now and learn that reason.”

Sometime later… Eve’s Apartment…

Eve was curled up on her couch, tears stained her face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly. She had cried herself to sleep, something her body desperately needed after the previous battle. As such, she missed every call that was placed to her Life Phone. She smiled as she dreamt about Deacon walking through the front door of her apartment and holding her lovingly. She sighed as in her dream she rested her head on his shoulder, feeling the warmth of his body against hers. Outside the door to Eve’s Apartment, Reece walked the hallway, glancing at the numbers as she walked by. Finally she found Eve’s apartment and raised her right hand to knock, but stopped herself, “Better case the area. She might be close enough to the door that I can find out what I’m in for.” She clasped her hands together and closed her eyes as she slowed her breathing and focused on her inner energy. A pal golden field of energy emanated from Reece’s body. Oh I’m sorry. Did I forget to mention that, like all SPD Cadets, Reece has a Genetic Power? Well she does. It’s called Empathic Sonar. She can create a field of energy around her body that allows her to read the emotions of all living beings within a few feet of her location. But the sonar works both ways and she can impart certain emotions to any of the beings within range. She must focus to use this ability so she doesn’t use it often. But she’s using it now. She felt of a jolt of pain and sadness, but also of calmness and love. She smiled as she opened her eyes, “Yep. She’s home.” Having adequately prepared herself, Reece knocked.

Eve was jolted awake by a sharp knock at her door. She blinked, yawned, and sat up as there was a second knock. She wiped the dried tears from her face and glanced at the nearby clock, “Six o’clock. Wow… I slept the whole day.” There was a third knock and Eve jumped up, “Who could it be at this hour? Wait… could it be… Deacon?!” She ran for the door and flung it open. Then her heart sank. It wasn’t Deacon at all. It some girl in a uniform. Her disappointment must have been written all over her face because Reece smirked, “Expecting someone else… Eve?” Eve’s expression turned to one of someone caught red handed, “Um no… that is… hey wait, how do you know my name?” Reece pulled her Delta License out of her jacket pocket and flipped it open to show her credentials, “Space Patrol Delta. There isn’t much we don’t know.” She flipped the license back closed and slid it back in her pocket after Eve had a chance to examine it. Ok so Reece lied. But she wasn’t about to blurt out that she’s a Power Ranger in the middle of an apartment hallway. Eve nodded, “So… what can I do for you, Officer?” Reece smiled, “Call me Reece. Mind if I come in? I need to discuss something with you and we don’t have a lot of time.” Eve nodded again and let her in.

They retreated to the couch, Reece sitting down first. Eve walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water, “Can I get you anything, Reece?” Reece shook her head, “No thanks. There’s something you should know. I half-lied out there in the hallway.” Eve took a sip of water and put it down as she stared at Reece, “Lied? What do you mean? You’re not SPD?” Reece waved her hands in defense, “Oh no nothing like that. I really am SPD. The credentials are legit.” She tugged at her jacket, “And, trust me, it’s damn near impossible to bootleg one of these properly.” She lowered her hands to her thighs as Eve walked over to her, “So what did you lie about?” Reece stood up and looked Eve in the eyes, “How I know who you are. The truth is…” She pulled out her Delta License again and held it in front of her as she flipped it open, “SPD Emergency.” In a flash of yellow, Reece morphed into the Yellow SPD Ranger. Eve’s jaw dropped, “Oh. My. God.” Reece nodded as she unhooked her helmet and removed it, “That’s right. I’m a Power Ranger. Just like you.”

After a few moments, Reece de-morphed and sat on the couch again. Eve looked down at her, “Hitori sent you… didn’t he?” Reece nodded, “Yes. He wants you all to come back.” Eve turned her back to Reece and looked down, “I can’t… not after… after… what I did. I’m not trustworthy… I can’t even trust my own heart…” Reece closed her eyes once more and clasped her hands as she erected her Empathic Sonar field again. She slowed her breathing as she read Eve’s emotions like an open book, “Yes you can, Eve.” Eve turned to face her, “What do you mean? How would you know?” Reece opened her eyes, smiling as her Empathic Sonar field collapsed, “You love him. Don’t you?” Eve gasped as she took a step back. Reece stood up and extended a hand to Eve, “It’s ok. You’re scared. Confused. But there’s one thing you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, even if you haven’t admitted it to yourself yet. You love him.” Eve whispered, “Deacon…”

Santa Monica Docks (not to be confused with the Santa Monica Pier)…

Deacon walked along the docks behind the warehouses, his hands shoved his pockets. He kicked a soup can that was in his path and it bounced off the ground to the side, landing in a gutter. He stared at the wooden planks as the sea breeze blew through his hair. The only illumination came from the dull security lights mounted on the backs of the warehouses and the dim bulbs of the high-arching lamps on the docks themselves. The whole place had a dreary atmosphere to it and that was fine with Deacon. He zipped up his jacket and flipped his collar up before shoving his hand back in the pocket. He stopped walking as three shadows enveloped him. A gruff voice spoke, “Hey boys, lookie here. I think we got ourselves some well-to-do who got himself lost!” Deacon sighed, emotion having left his voice long ago, “If it’s money you want, here.” He took his wallet out of his pocket and handed it over. The thug who spoke looked down at the wallet, then back up at Deacon, “You think I’m gonna fall for that, pretty boy? I don’t think so!” He backhanded the wallet out of Deacon’s hand, sending it sailing behind a trash dumpster as he lunged forward and picked Deacon up by the collar of his jacket. Deacon let his arm go limp as he continued to hang his head, “Oh… I see. You’re trying to pick a fight. That won’t work with me. Not tonight. Feel free to kick my ass though.” The thug cocked his head as the thug on his left spoke up, “Hey Spark, maybe we oughtta leave ‘im alone? I mean he ain’t hurtin’ nobody. And he don’t seem like he’s gon’ be much fun.”

Spark looked at his cohort, then back at Deacon, “You’re right, Squirt. This boy’s pathetic.” He tossed Deacon to the ground and looked down at him as he just sat there, “What a loser.” The other two thugs joined Spark at looking down at Deacon. The third thug finally spoke, “Loser or not, he’s on Death Squad Turf. You know the rules.” Spark nodded and cracked his knuckles, “Ya know Squirt… Violet has a point.” Squirt sighed, “Ok let’s get this over with.” As Spark prepared to kick Deacon, a voice called from behind the thugs, “Hey! If you want a fight, try fightin’ me!” They turned to see a man silhouetted under one of the dock lamps. Spark looked at the thugs, “Who’s this guy?” Violet shrugged, “Who cares? He’s on Death Squad Turf, interfering in Death Squad business.” The man stepped out of the light to reveal a blue collared shirt and a pair of brown cowboy boots, “So… what are you boys gonna do about it?” The man was Valo Gunn.

Valo had his left hand in his pants pocket as the three thugs stared him down. The thugs walked up to him as Spark spoke, “What makes this loser so worth it? Why endanger your own life for him?” Valo smirked, “That loser… happens to be a friend. A friend who needs my help.” Spark cracked his knuckles, “A friend huh? I hope your friendship is worth the beatin’ I’m about lay on ya!” With that, Spark rushed Valo with a powerful right cross, but Valo ducked the attack, landing a right hook to Spark’s gut. He continued with his momentum and swept Spark’s legs out from under him with a right sweep kick, then he popped up behind Spark and swung his right arm back, landing a hard elbow to the small of Spark’s back, causing Spark to fall and slide on his face. Valo turned to face Spark and the thugs as the thugs stood in shock and awe. Valo made a ‘come get me” motion with his right hand as Spark picked himself up. The thugs were about to rush Valo when Spark stopped them, “No!” They turned and looked at Spark who was studying Valo, “We’re leaving.” Squirt looked shocked, “But Spark! What about the rules?!” Spark growled in frustration, “Screw ‘em. We've got enough money. Besides… there’s something not quite right about that guy…” The thugs nodded as the three disappeared into the shadows of the warehouses.

Valo walked over to Deacon and pulled his left hand out of his pants pocket to reveal Deacon’s wallet. He handed the wallet to Deacon, “I think this is yours.” Deacon took the wallet back and looked up at him, “Who are you?” Valo smiled, “A friend.” He extended his right hand to Deacon, “A friend who is offering you a beacon of light to lead you out of your darkness.” Deacon grunted, “Poetic. How long did it take you to come up with that?” Valo laughed, “The length of that fight, to be honest. How was it? Too over the top?” Deacon stood up and pocketed his wallet, “A bit. But really, who are you? You’re no friend of mine.” Valo shook his head, “Not yet, but I’d like to be.” He walked to the end of the dock and waved to Deacon, “Come here. I want to show you something.” Deacon walked over as he punched in a few commands on his Astro Morpher. Deacon walked up to the edge of the dock and looked at Valo, “Ok what is it?” Deacon grinned, “This.” He grabbed Deacon’s hand and pulled as he walked off the edge of the dock. Deacon’s eyes went wide with surprise as he felt himself pitch over the dock. Suddenly, he stopped his descent and actually began to ascend slowly.

Valo crossed his arms and looked down at Deacon, “Stand up. It’s not that hard to balance on this thing.” Deacon stood up, quickly balancing as he looked down to see a sleek, blue board hovering above the surface of the water, “What… is this?” Valo smirked, “It’s called a Galaxy Glider.” Deacon turned to look at Valo, “Galaxy Glider? Just who the Hell are you?!” Valo’s smirk widened to a grin as he raised his left arm to reveal the Astro Morpher on his wrist, “My name is Valo Gunn. I’m the Blue Space Ranger.” Deacon hung his head, “A Power Ranger… I should have known.” Valo cocked his head, “Man you seem really depressed. Wanna talk about it?” Deacon turned his back to Valo, “Not particularly.” Valo grunted, “It’s a girl, isn’t it? It’s always a girl.” Deacon balled his hands into fists as he willed himself not to divulge anything. That one act, however, told Valo volumes. Valo sighed, “Desperate times…” He tapped his foot on the Galaxy Glider as it sped off into the night sky with the two Rangers aboard. Deacon released the tension in his fists and looked up at the clear, starry night sky with the full moon glowing in the black sky, “It’s… beautiful…” Valo nodded, “Yep. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen the Earth’s Moon in a long time.” Deacon just stared at the moon, “Eve would love this…” Valo grinned, “Aha! I was right!” Deacon hung his head and balled his hands into fists once more, “It’s all Donnie’s fault!” Valo cocked his head as he struck a thinking pose, “Donnie… Dokken? The Green Lifeforce Ranger…?”

Spielman’s Karaoke Bar…

Donnie stood outside Spielman’s as he watched the clean-up crew trying to navigate the wreckage from their fight over a day ago. Even though he was drunk at the time, Donnie remembered everything. He walked up to the blackened wreckage of a car and ran his hand along it’s burnt, twisted frame as he remembered when Zakk tossed it at them. Donnie had looked up and said, “Whoa! What do you know? Cars really can fly!” Donnie closed eyes as tears began to well up. He remembered Deacon tossing him and Eve to the ground to avoid the car. He remembered watching the car explode into a ball of fire as he said, “Oh… Pretty colors!” He slammed his fist on the blackened frame, causing a part of the frame to disintegrate. Tears began to flow as he remembered his drunken, tactless remarks regarding Zakk. He remembered the argument he got into with Deacon about Zakk. He remembered he was right, but still, he went about it all wrong. He remembered the comment he made, “Duuuuuude… whachoo talkin’ ‘bout? Are you blind? Tha… Tha’s… Zakk!” Then he remembered what he said when they were trying to figure out how Zakk came back to life, "Deac, It must be the work of some evil spirit magic! Woooooo, Wooooooo, Woooooooo!" Donnie vividly remembered waving his arms around like a stinking moron. As intoxicated as he was, he didn’t even think about Amie and her feelings. He opened his eyes and wiped his tears away, “I’m a fucking loser.” He turned and walked inside the bar.

Once inside, Donnie made his way over to the Karaoke stage and flipped through the songs. The bartender walked up to him, “Hey D. Haven’t seen you around in a couple of days.” Donnie nodded solemnly, “Yeah. Been busy.” The bartender nodded, “What’ll you have? The usual?” Donnie froze for a moment, seriously considering the offer. As depressed as he was, he could have gone for a stiff drink. Except alcohol was the cause of his depression. He shook his head, “No thanks Joe. I think I’m just gonna sing it out tonight… if that’s ok with you?” Joe cocked his head, “You? Singing while sober?!” Donnie chuckled, “Why not?” Joe shrugged and returned to the bar, “Be my guest.” Donnie selected his song and took the stage, “Thanks.” He sat on the stool behind the mic as the music started up and a Japanese man took a seat at a front row table. Donnie began to sing.

Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I’m you
Inside me a light was turned on
Then I was alive
If you close your eyes, your life a naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived, and scars never healed
In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
And find me waiting there, you’ll see if you’ll just close your eyes

Donnie stopped singing as the music kept playing, his eyes almost glazing over. The Japanese man stood up and walked up to Donnie, gently grabbing his shoulder, “Hey. You ok, Donnie?” Donnie blinked as he noticed the Japanese man for the first time, “Y..Yeah… I’m fine. Guess I spaced out.” The Japanese man released Donnie’s shoulder and motioned to the bar, “Join me for a drink. The music can take care of itself.” Donnie nodded and followed the Japanese man over to the bar. They sat down as the Japanese man ordered a Scotch on the rocks. Donnie held his hand up, “No alcohol for me.” The man raised an eyebrow, “The infamous Donnie Dokken refusing an alcoholic beverage? What’s this world coming to?” He turned to the bartender, “Very well. A Ginger Ale for my friend.” The bartender nodded and began to pour the drinks. Donnie looked at the man, “So… how do you know me?” The man feigned surprise, “Who said I know you?” The bartender placed the drinks in front of them as Donnie picked up his ale and took a sip, “You did. You know my name. You know I liked to drink. You called me infamous.” The man chuckled and took a sip of his Scotch, “Very good. Even in your depressed state, your mind is keen as ever, Donnie.” Donnie placed his ale on the counter, “So… how do you know me?” The man took another sip of Scotch before placing the glass back on the counter, “Unfortunately, I’m prohibited from disclosing that information to you. However…” Donnie raised an eyebrow, “Yes?” The man looked around and decided it was safe enough. He pulled out a card and laid it on the counter. It read: “HEAVENLY MORPH. GREEN RANGER.”

Donnie’s eyes lit up, “You’re… a Power Ranger!” The man took the card back and slipped it into his pocket, “Ssshhh! Not so loud! Yes, I’m a Ranger. Miyamoto Ichigawa. Angelic Green Ranger, to be precise.” Donnie examined Miyamoto, “If you’re a Ranger… then that means… you were sent to find me.” Miyamoto nodded, “Correct.” Donnie took a large swig of ale, “Well you can tell whoever sent you to go to Hell! I’m not coming back! Ever!” Miyamoto searched Donnie’s eyes for answers, “I was sent by Hitori Kazama. But I’m here as much for myself as I am for him.” Donnie slammed the glass on the bar and made to get up, “Don’t give me any of that crap! You were sent to bring me back to help the others to try to save to world or some shit! Well they’re better off without me!” Miyamoto had never heard such raw anger pour forth from Donnie before. He knew now that his friend desperately needed his help. He reached out and grabbed Donnie’s hand, stopping him, “It’s not crap. You had it right. I know you. Very well. So well, in fact, that I do have a personal, vested interest in helping you right now.” Donnie froze for a moment, but only a moment. Then he pulled his hand away and stormed outside.

Miyamoto downed the rest of his Scotch, dropped some money on the counter, and followed Donnie out. As he exited the bar, Miyamoto saw Donnie begin to speed walk away. He called out, “Donnie! What are you running from?! Why don’t you care about your friends anymore?! Why do you refuse to help them?!” Donnie froze, his eyes closed shut tightly as he balled his hands into fists. The memories came flooding back to Donnie, full force. Everything that had happened. He remembered not being there when Zakk was killed. He remembered the funeral where he made a promise to Zakk. He remembered watching Amie at the funeral, unable to be there for her as a friend because he blamed himself. And he remembered Zakk’s ‘rebirth.’ He opened his eyes and stared across the street, his mind’s eye placing Amie on her knees in shock and sadness. Tears welled up in his eyes once more as he fell to his own knees. He kept staring across the street, seeing the one person he could never face again, “Amie…”

Santa Monica Forest…

Amie walked slowly through the forest, her eyes betraying her lack of sleep and her descent into darkness. She remembered the time she and Zakk had spent in the forest. She smiled, almost evilly as she recalled their first date. The forest always held a special place in both hers and Zakk’s hearts. It’s no wonder he asked to meet her there to finally join him forever. She stopped beneath a stand of trees as she looked up and stared at the beautiful night sky between the branches of the trees. For a moment, she wondered what the other Rangers were doing. She pulled out her Life Phone and looked at it, sighing as still nobody called. How good friends can they be if they haven’t called? They must not be all that worried about me. Gives me even less reason to second guess my decision. I have nothing left. All I have is my heart. She nodded and put her phone back into her pocket as she made to continue deeper into the forest. The voice of a young girl stopped her, “You don’t have to do it, you know.”

Amie looked around as the voice continued, “Your friends… your teammates… your family. They love you Amie. They are worried about you.” Amie spun around in confusion, almost as if the trees were spinning around her and the forest itself was speaking to her. Amie gritted her teeth, “They love me? They’re worried about me?! Somehow I doubt that.” Amie made to move, but the voice spoke again, “You doubt it? After all you’ve been through with them, you doubt their loyalty to you? You doubt their intentions?! You doubt their integrity?!” Amie growled, almost in lust, “Yes. They haven’t been through what I’ve been through. They don’t know what I feel… how I feel. They can never know.” The voice seemed to echo throughout the woods, “Can’t they? Did they not feel the pain of loss as you did? Did they not stand in the rain as their friend… their brother… was buried? Did they not brave the bitter cold to ensure that you would not be alone in your pain?!” Amie closed her eyes as she remembered Zakk’s funeral, “Stop it…” The voice continued, increasing in volume, “If they had not known the pain you were in, why, then, did they even bother to show up at the funeral?! If they did not love you, why did they lend you their support in your and their greatest time of grief?!” Amie grabbed her head and shook it as she began to sob, “They… They were there for their own pain. They needed closure! They… They cared more about making themselves feel better! They weren’t there when Zakk and I needed the most! They felt guilt, as well they should have! Yes! That’s why they were there! To assuage their guilt!” The female voice almost yelled, “Do you truly believe that?! Look into your heart, Amie! Yes, your friends felt guilt at having not been there! Who wouldn’t have?! Yes they were at the funeral for closure! But in their guilt, they thought of you! Their way of assuaging their guilt… was to be there for you!”

Amie forcibly shook her head, “No! Shut up! Stop it! How can… How can you know?!” The voice dropped a volume level, “I can’t say. But I do know. And I’m here right now… because of you.” Amie began to stumble through the forest, her eyes still closed and her hands still on her head, “No… Zakk… I must get to Zakk! I won’t be separated from him ever again!” She opened her eyes slightly, trying to see through blurred vision as the voice still continued to speak, “Zakk? Is that who you see when you look at him? When you look into his eyes, can you honestly tell me you see his heart and soul behind them? Tell me Amie! What did you see when you looked into his eyes?!” Amie kept her hands on her head and kept shaking it as she continued to stumble, “Y..You’re confusing me! He… He is my beloved! He is Zakk Forrest! Yes… and I will go to him! Now!” The sound of crunching leaves caused Amie to skid to a stop and wipe some the tears from her eyes as she began to look around. A young girl dressed like a prostitute stepped out from behind a tree and blocked her path. She, too, had tears in her eyes, but behind those tears were pain and conviction. She stared at Amie, hers and Amie’s eyes meeting. The girl’s chest heaved as she sobbed softly. Amie gasped as she saw herself in the young girl’s eyes, “Who… Who are… you?” The girl continued to stare into Amie’s eyes, “I am Margo Monahgan! I am the Pink Time Force Ranger!” Amie flinched, “A… Power Ranger?!” Margo nodded as she balled her hands into fists, “I will not allow you to make the biggest mistake of your life! I will prevent you from joining that perversion of your late husband… by force, if necessary!”

Santa Monica Funeral Parlor…

Zakk leaned against the wall of the ritual chamber built within the Funeral Parlor, his arms crossed as he watched and listened. Kalma had been chanting, almost non-stop, for the past four hours and, to be honest, Zakk was getting quite annoyed. He sighed as he began to tap his finger on his arm, “This had better not take much longer.” A sultry voice spoke softly, “This will take as long as it needs to.” Zakk turned to see Kalista step out of the shadows, “So… Kalma’s personal whore returns.” Kalista growled in anger, “Watch your tongue, puppet!” Zakk smirked and chuckled lightly, “Or what?” Kalista got in his face and bared her fangs, “Or I might just cut your strings!” Zakk closed his eyes as he continued to chuckle, “Oh really? I wonder how Lord Kalma would react if he knew you were dating a Power Ranger? Or what if your Power Ranger boyfriend found out that you’re Lord Kalma’s lap dog? Hmm?” He opened his eyes as Kalista visibly shook, growling, “He’s. Not. My. Boyfriend!” Zakk’s smirk turned into a smile as he stood up from the wall and shrugged, unfolding his arms, “Whatever. Not my concern. But don’t think I won’t use it against you if you get in my way.”

Kalista balled her hands into fists and continued to stare at Zakk, “If you dare to speak of this to Lord Kalma--!” She was cut off as the doors to the ritual chamber flew open and a Shadaloo ran in, “Trouble! Trouble!” Zakk grabbed the Shadaloo and spun around, slamming the Shadaloo’s back against the wall, “You should know better than to interrupt Lord Kalma’s ritual! This had better be worth it!” The Shadaloo nodded, its eyes wide, “Power Ranger!” Zakk’s eyes bulged for a moment, “Here?!” The Shadaloo shook its head, “Soon. Followed. I think.” Zakk released the Shadaloo and grabbed his sword from against the wall, “You let a Power Ranger follow you here?” The Shadaloo was quivering fear as Zakk began to growl. In a fluid motion, Zakk spun 360 degrees, cutting the Shadaloo cleanly in half with the toothy edge of his sword. The Shadaloo’s scream was stuck in its through as it was vaporized into dust. Zakk looked over his shoulder at Kalista, “You better hope it’s not your boyfriend.” Kalista bit her lip as Zakk left the chamber.

Agent Z rounded a corner and saw the monster run into a Funeral Parlor, “A Funeral Home… what a surprise.” He jogged across the street and stopped at the front doors to the building, “Mm. Better not. They might be expecting me.” He ran around to the side of the building and climbed the fire escape to the roof. He was looking for an ingress to the building when a roof panel slid open. He crept up to the edge of the opening and looked down to see a figure robed in black with a bony hand, “That must be Kalma. Typical.” He then noticed four glowing objects on an altar in front of Kalma, “Could those be…?” Then suddenly four colored lights erupted from them, shooting through the open panel. Agent Z looked up as the lights seemed to strike the full moon, then slowly began to change their shades, “That’s never good…” A voice rang out, causing him to spin around, “I think you’ve seen enough. Or perhaps… too much?” Agent Z pulled his shades off his face and slid them into his jacket as he eyed Zakk, “You must be the fallen Ranger.” Zakk raised his sword to its resting place on his shoulder as he eyed Agent Z carefully, “And you must be the, so called, Power Ranger that worthless beast mentioned. Not what I was expecting.”

Agent Z slid into a defensive stance as he continued to monitor Zakk, “So-called? Oh no, I’m the real deal. And I’m not just some Power Ranger. I’m the Original Power Ranger.” Zakk grinned as a mischievous look crossed his face, “Is that so? So that would make you a Legendary Ranger, would it not?" Agent Z nodded slowly, “I suppose.” Zakk slid his legs apart slowly, surreptitiously sliding into an offensive stance, “Good. Then that makes me… The Legend Killer!” Before Agent Z could react, Zakk was in his face, a palm firmly planted in his gut. Agent Z gasped as the breath was slammed from him and he stumbled back. The Blade of Perpetual Torment left Zakk’s shoulder as he morphed into the Psycho Death Ranger and charged at Agent Z.

Agent Z knew he was in trouble when Zakk morphed. He had to do the same to even the score, but Zakk was giving him no quarter. So Agent Z moved on to Plan B, create the distance you require. Zakk swung laterally at Agent Z, trying to cleave him in two, but Agent Z ducked and lunged at Zakk, executing a tuck and roll to avoid the slash. He ended up behind Zakk and pulled his Dino Buckler off his belt as he rolled to one knee. Zakk and Agent Z spun at the same time. Zakk attempted a backhand slash, but Agent Z raised his Dino Buckler and blocked it, engaging a blade lock. Agent Z smiled as he yelled out, “Tyrannosaurus!” In a flash of red, Agent Z morphed into the Red Tyranno Ranger, the energy breaking the blade lock, forcing Zakk to stumble back. Agent Z stood up and held his right hand out as Zakk watched on, “Power Sword!” In another flash of red, the mighty Power Sword materialized in the Red Ranger’s gloved hand.

Zakk and Agent Z circled each other for a few moments before rushing each other once again. To Zakk’s surprise, Agent Z was able to barely match him blow for blow. After a bright and loud blade lock in mid-air, Zakk pushed himself back and flew several feet back, landing on his feet, “Well… I see now why you’re a Legend.” Agent Z took a few breaths and chuckled, “Thanks… I guess?” Zakk chuckled as he was catching his breath as well, “Unfortunately, you’ve reached your peak. I, however, have not.” Agent Z cocked his head as Zakk flipped his sword around so the red teeth faced forward, “It’s over for you.” Zakk ran at Agent Z, going for an uppercut slash which Agent Z blocked with the Power Sword. Zakk smirked, “Gotcha.” The Blade of Perpetual Torment glowed with black fire as Zakk roared and pushed up with all his might. Agent Z, try as he might, could not overcome the attack. The Power Sword went flying out of his hand as Zakk flipped the sword around so that the teeth faced Agent Z and slashed down and to his right at an angle. Agent Z cried out as Zakk slashed down at an angle the other direction to form an ‘X.’ He continued the motion and spun around, striking Agent Z about the mid-section with a backhand slash. The black fire exploded, sending Agent Z flying back and spinning in the air as Zakk slid to a stop in a crouch, his back to Agent Z, his sword pointed out at his side.

Agent Z landed hard on his back and de-morphed instantly as Zakk stood up and turned around. Zakk walked up to the fallen Agent Z who was holding his gut in pain. Zakk pointed his sword down at Agent Z as the four columns of darkened colored light disappeared, signaling the end of the ritual. Zakk de-morphed and laughed evilly, “The wheels have been set in motion… and they can’t be stopped. Not by the Power Rangers… Not by Lord Kalma… Not even by God Almighty!” Agent Z winced as he stared up the blade at Zakk’s twisted face, “What the Hell are you going on about?!” He just continued to laugh as he raised his sword, preparing to strike, “I would tell you… but there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So there’s no point. Prepare to be the first notch on the--!” Zakk was cut off by a deeper, older voice, “Now now, that’s no way to treat a dead man laying.”

Zakk spun around as Agent Z looked up to see a man wearing a black hooded trench coat step on to the roof top. He crossed his arms and stared at Zakk and Agent Z from beneath his hood, “Please. Enlighten us. Just what the Hell were you going on about?” Zakk completely turned to face the newcomer as he tightened his grip on his sword, “I don’t know who you are, but do you have a death wish or something?” The Hooded man chuckled, “Death wish? I think you’re the one with a death wish. Especially with that foolish talk about double-crossing Kalma.” Zakk growled as he narrowed his eyes, “What?!” He raised his sword so the blade pointed at the Hooded Man, his arm barely shaking as his anger rose, “Who are you to even insinuate something like that?! I should kill you where you stand for such insolence!” The Hooded Man cocked his head, “Kill me? You can’t defeat me in combat, let alone kill me.” Zakk’s arm began to shake more, the blade slightly vibrating as he struggled to control his anger, “Foolish old man! I rendered the Power Rangers powerless! I took their powers away! And now they are nothing! Just like you!” The Hooded Man cocked his head again, “Excuse me? You did no such thing. I believe it was Lord Kalma who took the Power Rangers’ powers away, not you. And were he here, I seriously doubt he’d take kindly to you trying to take credit for his work.”

Zakk’s sword was now vibrating as his arm was shaking from anger, “How. Dare. You! Just… who the Hell do you think you are to threaten me like that?! Are you one of Kalma’s lapdogs?! Is that it?!” The Hooded Man chuckled, “No. Nothing like that. Far from it, in fact. Let’s just say that the Power Rangers interest me. Kalma interests me. You… You interest me the most. The Fallen Leader of the Lifeforce Power Rangers.” Zakk roared as he charged the Hooded Man, swinging his sword wildly, “Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! You know nothing about me! To think I was once associated with those pathetic losers makes me sick!” The Hooded man avoided every attack with ease, “Sure it does… that’s why that one line was able to generate this kind of emotion from you.” Zakk swung the sword with his right hand in a right to left motion, but the Hooded Man stepped toward Zakk and spun, catching Zakk’s right wrist with his right hand, stopping the attack. He continued his spinning motion and jumped into the air, catching Zakk with a spinning jump kick to the chest, sending him stumbling back, just about to the edge of the roof. Agent Z, meanwhile, crawled over to the fire escape and watched the fight.

The Hooded Man landed in a crouched fighting stance, left foot forward as Zakk held his chest with his left hand, “How is this possible?! There’s no way… not without a sword…!” The Hooded Man began to bounce on the balls of his feet as he maintained his stance, “You still think you can kill me?” Zakk yelled out and ran at the Hooded Man who backpedaled, avoiding the quick attacks from Zakk. After giving him a few feet, the Hooded Man planted his feet, left foot forward, as Zakk lunged with a right-handed stab. The Hooded Man threw up his left arm, deflecting the attack, allowing the blade to run along his arm. It took Zakk a moment to realize what the Hooded Man had done, but by the time he realized, it was too late. The Hooded Man was waiting for the inevitable lunge attack by Zakk and used that attack to close the gap between them created by the length of Zakk’s sword’s blade. The Hooded Man pressed his attack and executed a quick lunge at Zakk, switching feet, sliding his right foot forward as he unleashed a quick two-hit jab combo to Zakk’s chest with his right, then left fists. Zakk stumbled back, but the Hooded Man wasn’t finished. He quick-stepped forward, following Zakk as he pulled his right arm back and down before spinning his torso left, throwing his right arm up into a powerful uppercut, catching Zakk square in the jaw, lifting him into the air. Using Zakk’s upward momentum as a counter-weight, the Hooded Man opened his right palm and brought it down in a hard vertical chop, catching Zakk’s right wrist with it. The opposing forces of Zakk’s upward momentum and the Hooded Man’s downward chop forced Zakk to release the grip on his sword. The downward motion forced the Hooded Man into a natural crouch, which he used to launch himself in the air, executing a flip kick, knocking the sword away from Zakk as he sailed back toward the roof’s edge. The Hooded Man grabbed the sword with his right hand as he finished the flip and landed in a crouch, his left hand forward, and his right hand pulled back, gripping the sword in a defensive sword stance. Zakk landed on his back and slid to a stop by the edge of the hill as he shook his head and blinked. He flexed his fingers and realized his sword was gone. He cursed himself and pounded on the ground beneath him as he tried to get up. He was a second too slow. The Hooded Man flipped the sword in his hand, rotating it so that the red side faced outward, The Blade of Perpetual Torment showing its true teeth. He gripped the sword with both hands and jumped at Zakk, raising the sword high above his head before bringing it screaming down on Zakk.

Zakk fell back to the ground, his eyes wide as the Hooded Man landed in a crouch, the red blade mere inches from Zakk’s face, stopped. Zakk breathed heavily as the fear in his eyes showed all too clearly. The Hooded Man shook his head as he stared at Zakk’s eyes on either side of the blade. He tilted his head up slightly so Zakk could see his eyes, “You know what I see? I see sadness behind wintry eyes.” Zakk gasped as The Hooded Man stood slowly, relaxing his grip on the blade, holding it with his right hand, “I told you that you can’t defeat me. Not in a million years.” He shifted his head back down so the hood covered his eyes once again as Zakk’s fear turned to confusion, “Why hesitate? Are you that much of a coward?!” The Hooded Man twirled the sword in his hand until the blade pointed down and thrust the blade of the sword into the roof between Zakk’s legs, “For the same reason you can never defeat me, I cannot kill you.” He released the sword, turned, and walked over to Agent Z, helping him to his feet and down the fire escape, into the night.

Eve’s Apartment…

Reece smiled as she kept her hand outstretched. The Blue Ranger. I should have known. Eve ignored the hand and sat down next to Reece as she buried her face in her hands and began to cry again. Reece moved her arm around Eve’s shoulders as she leaned in, “You told him, didn’t you? That you weren’t sure if you loved him.” Eve nodded slowly as she wiped her eyes, “I… I asked if he really loved me… I wasn’t sure…” Reece raised an eyebrow, “Why not?” Eve sniffled and looked at the floor, “Because… Because we were grieving the loss of a friend when we admitted our feelings for each other…” Reece nodded, “I see… so the circumstances caused you to question the validity of your feelings… and his.” Eve nodded again, “He got angry and stormed out.” She buried her face in her hands again, “I don’t know why I questioned his love for me! It must have been so hard for him to say what he said to me and I just threw it back in his face!” Reece hugged Eve and smiled, “Eve. I want to hear you say it. You have to admit it to yourself and believe what you say.” Eve looked at Reece as she wiped her red, puffy eyes, “W..What?” Reece pulled away from Eve and looked her in the eyes, “Eve. Tell me… and yourself… that you love Deacon.” Eve nodded and took a deep breath as she stared at the door, “I… love him. I love Deacon Wells. With all my heart. Everything I said that night… I meant every word of it.” Reece grinned as she nodded, “Good. Now you know the truth and you believe in it.” Eve nodded slowly, “Yes. I would give anything if he’d just come walking through that door again!” She buried her face once more, but this time Reece grabbed her shoulder and stopped her from crying, “Now is not the time Eve. If you truly love Deacon, come with me. We need to find the others and get you all back to the shop.”

Eve nodded as the two girls stood up. Eve grabbed her coat and they left her apartment. As they exited the building, a loud boom could be heard. They turned to see a large boulder rumbling down the street. Reece grabbed Eve and jumped to the side, pulling Eve with her as they avoided the boulder. They got back to their feet as a sinister figure stepped into view at the other end of the street. The figure was female, covered in black and yellow, and looking quite evil. The girls looked at each other, and back at the figure as Reece spoke, “A… Psycho Ranger?” The figure glowed yellow she stomped her foot, causing the concrete street to ripple. She then dropped to one knee and punched the ground hard, causing the street to split as a shockwave of debris flew at the girls. Reece and Eve looked at each other as the same thought ran through both minds. They turned and ran.

In The Sky Somewhere Over Santa Monica…

Valo crossed his arms as the Galaxy Glider flew along at a cruising pace, “Care to elaborate on how it’s Donnie’s fault?” Deacon turned to face Valo, his hands still balled into fists, “He told her that I liked her! He told her that I’ve liked for a long time! It’s his fault that we…!” Valo raised an eyebrow, “You what?” Deacon closed his eyes as tears began to slowly fall, “That we made out while we were grieving.” Valo smiled as he nodded, “Ah… because of that, she questions the validity of the love, eh?” Deacon nodded slowly, “Yes… she didn’t know if she really loved me or not. She didn’t know if what we had was real or not! And now I’ve lost the one woman I love more than life itself! And it’s all Donnie’s fault!” Valo shook his head, “Tell me one thing. When you left her, your girlfriend… did she actually say that she didn’t love you?” Deacon opened his eyes, “No. I didn’t really give her the chance.” Valo smirked and unfolded his arms, placing a hand on Deacon’s shoulder, “This isn’t Donnie’s fault any more than it’s yours. You said it yourself, you didn’t give her a chance to tell you how show really, truly felt. Given that, how do you know you’ve truly lost her?” Deacon looked up at Valo, his face stained with tears, “You think… a girl like her…?” Valo smiled, “I think you over-reacted. I think you owe it to her and to yourself to go ask her how she truly feels. You might be surprised at her answer.” Deacon wiped his eyes as his face changed to a demeanor of determination, “You’re right. I was the fool, not Donnie. I need to apologize to Eve and see if she’ll take me back… see if she loves me.” Valo squeezed Deacon’s shoulder in support, “That’s the spirit! Come on, let’s go find her and get you guys back to the shop!”

The Galaxy Glider returned to the Santa Monica Docks where they started as the two Rangers stepped off the Glider. The Glider then took off and disappeared into the sky as Valo nodded to Deacon, “Let’s go. It’ll be better if we go on foot.” Deacon nodded back, “Right.” They began to walk toward the warehouses when they heard a loud splash behind them, followed by a thump. They turned around to see a male figure dressed in black and navy crouched at the end of the dock. Water was dripping off him as he stood up and pointed at the Rangers. Deacon and Valo instinctively slid into defensive stances as Valo’s eyes went wide with shock and recognition, “No way… it can’t be! The Blue Psycho Ranger?!” The figure spread his arms and began to glow blue as Deacon and Valo tensed, hearing gurgling water from somewhere. Suddenly, a large wave rose up behind the figure who brought his hands together dramatically. The wave flew over the figures head and crashed along the docks, heading toward the Rangers. Valo grabbed Deacon by the shoulder, “Run.”

Outside Spielman’s Karaoke Bar…

Miyamoto walked up behind Donnie and looked down at him, “I think I understand.” He turned to look where Donnie was looking and saw a completely tore up street with trashed vehicles. Yellow and Black construction tape cordoned off certain areas as multiple crews were trying to repair the damage. Miyamoto looked back down at Donnie, “You see Amie, don’t you?” Donnie slowly nodded as his fists tightened, “She’s in so much pain… and defenseless against Zakk… and I’m too drunk to do anything about it!” Miyamoto reached down and placed a hand on Donnie shoulder, “Donnie… you can’t blame yourself.” Donnie brushed Miyamoto’s hand off his shoulder and stood up to face him, “Can’t I?! It’s my fault! I broke my promise to Zakk! I let him down! I let Amie down!” Miyamoto raised an eyebrow, “Promise? I see… you made a promise at Zakk’s funeral… how could I forget?” Donnie stared into Miyamoto’s eyes as anger oozed from his pores, “What do you mean?! You speak as if you were there!” Miyamoto shook his head, “No. I wasn’t there. But I know.” Donnie gritted his teeth as he got a wild look in his eyes, “What’s that supposed to mean?! How could you know?! Just who the Hell are you?!” Miyamoto crossed his arms, “I told you before… I can’t tell you. Besides, it’s not important. What is important is that you haven’t broken your promise to Zakk. Not yet.” Donnie cocked his head, preparing to punch Miyamoto, “The Hell is that supposed to mean?”

Miyamoto narrowed his eyes and stared into Donnie’s eyes, “Yes Amie’s been in pain, but you can still fulfill your promise to Zakk by showing her that she’s not alone in her pain.” Donnie began to relax his fists and face as he continued to stare into Miyamoto’s eyes. Miyamoto continued, “Amie is lost and confused, Donnie. Wandering alone in the darkness. She needs a beacon of light and hope. She needs you. They all need you. They need your strength. They need your heart. They need your ‘never say die’ attitude.” Donnie’s eyes went wide with realization as Miyamoto began to smile, “That’s right. You’re The Dok. Aren’t you? And how does the saying go? The Dok Never Gives Up! If you give up now, then so, too, will the Rangers.” Miyamoto grinned at Donnie, “You’re not drunk right now, Donnie. And I have a feeling you won’t be getting drunk again anytime soon. Which means you have the chance to set things right. Be there for your friends, Donnie. Be there for Amie.” Donnie completely relaxed his hands as his face became one of determination, “You’re right. I don’t know who you are, but you’re absolutely right. It’s time I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I may have been useless before, but not anymore! I will be there for them when they need me!” Miyamoto nodded, still grinning, “Good man. Let’s go to the shop. Hopefully they’ll be there.” Donnie nodded, “Right.”

As they moved to leave, the sound of rending metal echoed through the street. They turned around to see one of the wrecked cars get cut cleanly in half by a vine whip. Donnie’s eyes narrowed, “What the fuck was that?!” As the top half of the car slid off, it revealed a figure standing behind it. The figure was male and clad in black and green, a vine whip extending from both arms. He walked forward, past the cars, advancing on Donnie and Miyamoto. Donnie remembered the previous fight with Zakk and what Kalma did to them and knew immediately what this thing was, “I don’t believe it.” Miyamoto raised an eyebrow, “What?” Donnie growled in anger as he ran at the figure, “Those are my powers, you asshole!” Miyamoto reached out, “Donnie! No!” The figure roared as he lashed out with one of the vine whips, smacking Donnie across the gut, sending him flying back to Miyamoto. Donnie landed on his back as Miyamoto ran to his side, “Rushing a Psycho Ranger is incredibly foolish, my friend.” Donnie got up, rage in his eyes, “Foolish or not, Psycho or not, I’m not going to let Kalma terrorize this city with our powers!” Miyamoto nodded, “I agree, but we can’t fight him here. It’s too narrow, too direct. This location plays to his strengths. We need to get him out in the open, where we can approach him from different angles.” Donnie thought for a moment, “The Beach! Let’s roll!” Miyamoto nodded as the two ran off with the figure in hot pursuit.

Santa Monica Forest…

Amie charged blindly at Margo, her emotional confusion reaching its peak, “You can’t keep me from Zakk! Never again will I parted from him!!” Amie pulled her arm back, preparing a punch, but Margo ducked it and lunged at her. Margo closed her eyes as she latched on to Amie in a big hug. Amie skidded to a stop in surprise as Margo held on to her for dear life, laying her head on Amie’s shoulder, “I won’t let you do it! I won’t let you throw everything away!” Amie’s eyes shifted as she grabbed Margo and tried to pry her off. Margo, however, maintained her grip as she continued to cry, her heaving felt by Amie, “Do you really care about friends so little?! What would they think if they saw you right now, Amie?! Would they allow you to do this?! Or would they try to stop you and try to get you to see the truth?!” Amie closed her eyes, “They would want me to be happy! They would want me to be with Zakk!” Margo nodded, “Yes! They would! But not this way! That man is not the Zakk Forrest you fell in love with! There is no happiness waiting for you on that path!” Amie tried to run with Margo holding on to her, but Margo planted her feet and pushed against her, “Amie! Open your eyes! Is this what Zakk would have wanted for you?! Is this what he would want you to do?!” Amie still continued to push against Margo, gaining little ground as Margo pushed back, “Amie! You’re a Power Ranger! And so was Zakk! A Power Ranger’s duty is to protect those that cannot protect themselves! Amie! You have to pick yourself up from this pain and sadness and do what Zakk could not! You must protect this world!”

Amie suddenly stopped as a voice rang in her head, “Get up Amie. Save the world.” Then another voice rang in her head, “I was trying to save the world for you… you were saving me too.” Amie opened her eyes as the tears stopped, “Get up… and save the world…” Margo released Amie and stood as they faced each other. Amie smiled warmly and wiped the tears from Margo’s face, “Thank you Margo.” Margo continued to stare into Amie’s eyes as she brought her sobbing under control. Amie pulled Margo into a hug, like a Mother would a child, as she looked up to see the rays of the morning sun filtering through the leaves of the trees above, “Zakk… I’ll always love you. And I’ll never forget you… or your words. It’s my turn to save the world… for you.” After they regained their composures, Margo separated from Amie as Amie searched Margo’s eyes for answers, “Let me ask you something, Margo. Why?” Margo raised an eyebrow, “Why what?” Amie placed her hands on her hips, “Why go through all this… for me? And why did you display such emotion?” Margo blushed as she averted her eyes from Amie, “I… I was thinking of my Mother…” Amie cocked her head, “I remind you of your Mother?” Margo slowly nodded, her eyes still averted, “My Mother succumbed to her manipulated emotions… much like you almost did. I figured the best way to help you… to stop you… would be to act like I was trying to stop my Mother.” Margo lied, of course, but it would have been disastrous if she had told the truth. Amie didn’t quite believe Margo, but decided that now was neither the time nor the place to push the subject further. Margo looked at Amie as her blushed cheeks faded, “Let’s get you back to the shop. The others should be waiting.”

Amie nodded as the girls proceeded to make their way out of the forest. Suddenly, a violent wind whipped up, kicking up leaves and twigs from the forest floor. The girls stopped as the trees swayed around them. Amie looked around, “I don’t like this… something is wrong…” The trees made noise as a figure dropped down in front of them. The girls took up offensive stances as they examined the figure. The figure was definitely female, definitely evil, and clad in black and pink. Margo got a worried expression on her face, “That can’t be… a Psycho Ranger?!” Amie raised an eyebrow, “A what?!” Margo didn’t have time to explain as the figure spread her arms and glowed pink, the winds kicking up again. Amie’s eyes widened in shock, “Wait a minute… pink… wind… no way!” The figure clapped her hands together as gale force winds slammed into the girls, knocking them on their asses. They got to their feet and looked at each other as the figure prepared for another attack. Margo pointed behind them, “Let’s get out of here!” Amie nodded in agreement and the two girls made for the exit.

Santa Monica Beach…

Valo and Deacon arrived at the beach first as they were closest. Luckily, it was deserted as the blue figure followed them. Deacon looked at Valo as they ran, “Got any bright ideas?” Valo shook his head, “Nope. I mean, I guess I could morph, but my priority is getting you to the shop.” Deacon smirked, “I don’t think we’re going to make it to the shop at this rate! Besides, do we really want to drag this thing back to the shop?!” Valo laughed, “Good point. So what do you suggest?” Before Deacon could answer, Donnie flew in and landed in front of them, forcing them to skid to a halt. Deacon looked down, “Donnie?” Donnie winced and looked up, “Oh. Hey Deac. ‘Sup?” Deacon helped Donnie up, “The Hell happened to you, man?” At that point, Miyamoto came running up, “You ok Donnie?!” Donnie nodded as he brushed the sand off his clothes, “Deac, Kalma used our powers to-- oh. I see you already know.” Deacon raised an eyebrow, “Our powers? You mean the Life Slugs? You have got to be shitting me!” Donnie shook his head as he noticed both blue and green were closing in, “We should get a move on. We’re getting pincered!” The others nodded in agreement as the four Rangers took off in another direction, the Blue and Green Psycho Rangers followed after them.

As they continued to run for their lives, a giant boulder landed in front of them. They stopped running in time to avoid hitting the boulder as it rolled harmlessly out to sea. The Rangers looked at each other as Donnie spoke, “Ok… now we’ve got giant rocks falling out of the sky… just where the Hell did that come from?!” The other Rangers looked around as Deacon gasped, “Eve…” Everyone else turned where Deacon was looking and saw Eve and Reece running toward them, the Yellow Psycho Ranger hot on their heels. Eve screamed out as she ran right into Deacon, “Deacon!” Deacon caught her and held her close, “Eve!” Eve looked up into Deacon’s eyes and almost burst into tears again, “Deac, I’m so sorry about earlier!” Deacon smiled warmly as he wiped the half-tears from her face, “Eve…” Eve pulled Deacon into a big hug, resting her head on his shoulder, her face touching his, “I love you Deac. I really do. I don’t ever want to lose you again.” Valo gave Reece a thumbs-up as Miyamoto crossed his arms and smiled. Donnie, however, cleared his throat, “This is touching and all, but we’ve got three Psycho Power Rangers using our Life Slugs bearing down at us!” Deacon and Eve released the hug as Eve noticed Donnie for the first time, “Donnie? Hey wait… how come you’re not drunk?!” Donnie growled and stuck his tongue out at Eve, “Ha Ha. Now let’s move!”

The, now, six Power Rangers took off running in, yet, another direction. Deacon raised an eyebrow as they kept running, “Wait… we’ve got six Rangers now… we can take them!” Donnie glanced over his shoulder as he tried to breathe, “Don’t forget… three of us… have no powers… dude!” Deacon grinned as he stuck his tongue out, “Killjoy.” Their route actually took them closer to the shop, but also closer to the forest. As they neared the forest, a strong gust of wind blew out of it, kicking up sand like a sandstorm. The Rangers tried to stop, but a second, more violent wind gust blew, picking the Rangers up and flinging them back, causing them to land on their backs. Eve sat up first, “What was that?!” Deacon sat up next as two girls game flying out of the forest, landing in front of the others, “Is that… Amie?!” The other Rangers sat up as a fourth Psycho Ranger, the Pink Psycho Ranger stepped out of the forest. Donnie jumped to his feet as the Pink Psycho Ranger conjured another wind gust, picking up leaves from the forest and flinging them at Amie and Margo. Donnie ran ahead and slid to a stop in front of Amie, blocking the leaves with his forearms as he struggled against the wind. Amie blinked and stood up, her jaw open, “D…Donnie?!”

As the wind subsided, Donnie dropped his arms and tried to catch his breath. Amie ran up next to him, “Donnie! Are you ok?!” At this point, the other Rangers had joined them as Donnie smiled at Amie, “Yeah… I’m fine.” He looked at the Pink Psycho Ranger, “I made a promise to Zakk… and I intend to keep it.” He stood between the Pink Psycho Ranger and Amie, using his body as a wall, “I won’t let her get to you, Amie.” Amie gasped as she realized Donnie was protecting her, “Donnie…” Deacon and Eve formed up around Amie, creating a triangular barrier with Donnie, Amie in the center. Amie looked around as tears welled up in her eyes, “Guys…” The other Rangers formed a square barrier around the powerless Rangers as Margo glanced over her shoulder at Amie and smiled, “This is what you almost gave up, Amie.” Amie wiped her eyes as the Psycho Rangers converged on them, “You guys are going to have to morph!” Miyamoto pulled his Heaven Driver from his pocket as Reece pulled her Delta License from its holster, Valo brought his left arm up to reveal his Astro Morpher, and Margo brought up her left arm to reveal her Chrono Morpher. Reece gripped her License tightly, “Looks like we have no choice. We have to protect them!” The other three Rangers spoke in unison, “Right!”

Before they could morph, a familiar tune traveled on the sea breeze. The Psycho Rangers stopped their advance as the tune sounded again. The Powered Rangers recognized the tune immediately as Valo smirked, “Agent Z…” Deacon raised an eyebrow, “Agent who, now?” Reece winked at Deacon, “Just watch.” The tune sounded a third time as the water off the coast churned and frothed. A loud roar filled the area as the mighty Dragonzord rose out of the sea, water cascading majestically of its head and down its back. The Psycho Rangers looked up as the tune changed. The Dragonzord raised its arms as its claws retracted, replaced by missiles. Margo winked to the Lifeforce Rangers, “Watch your heads.” The tune played once more as the Dragonzord’s eyes lit up and the missiles fired. They landed around the Rangers, exploding on impact, tossing up sand and Psycho Rangers. Agent Z jumped off the head of the Dragonzord and landed in front of Valo, “About time you showed up!” Agent Z nodded as he wielded the Dragon Dagger, “I would have been here sooner, but I had a run-in with a former Red Ranger.” Amie gasped as worry crept across her eyes, “Zakk…” Agent Z turned to face the Lifeforce Rangers, “I see you found them. Good work. And yes, I fought Zakk. He kicked my ass.” A deep, older voice rang out, “Oh you didn’t do too badly, Agent Z.” Everyone turned to see the Hooded Man standing a few feet off. He waved to everyone, “I’m glad everyone is safe.” The Psycho Rangers then got to their feet and formed a united front as the Hooded Man sighed, his shoulders drooping, “Looks like I spoke too soon.” Deacon eyed the man as his eyes slowly widened with realization, “Wait… I know you!” Everyone looked at Deacon as the man cocked his hooded head, “You do?” Deacon nodded emphatically, “You were at Zakk’s funeral!” The Hooded Man let out a huge internal sigh of relief as he nodded, “Indeed I was. How very observant of you, Deacon.” The five Powered Rangers formed a wall between the Lifeforce Rangers and the Psycho Ranger as Agent Z spoke, “Get them out of here! We’ll handle these guys!” The Hooded Man gave Agent Z a thumbs-up as he turned to the Lifeforce Rangers, “Ok Rangers! Let’s move!” The Lifeforce Rangers made their way to the Hooded Man and stopped, turning around to face the Powered Rangers. The four Powered Rangers that assisted the Lifeforce Rangers looked up at them with smiles on their faces as the faces of the Lifeforce Rangers told them everything. They nodded at each other before the Lifeforce Rangers took off with the Hooded Man. The four Rangers turned back to face the Psychos as Agent Z tossed the Dragon Dagger, blade first, into the sand and detached his Dino Buckler from his belt, “Rangers! It’s Morphin’ Time!”

Shadow Ranger
11-01-2010, 12:55 PM
Author's Notes:

Power Ranger: Fallen Dreams
Episode 10 - Courage

Theme Song - Courage by Manowar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw2DocjFG5w)

This is it! The turning point for the Lifeforce Rangers! After this episode, nothing will ever be the same again!

Side Note: Just to avoid confusion, I'll tell you now. At the end of the episode, the LF Rangers' colors change so for those that speak, I've changed their text colors to match.

Shadow Ranger
11-02-2010, 09:05 AM
“Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, none is so highly prized as that of courage.”

--Henry Clay

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 10 - Courage

“Let’s Rocket!”
“Light of God, Grant me Power!”
“SPD Emergency!”
“Time For Time Force!”
In five flashes of colored light, the Legacy Rangers morphed, preparing to fight the Psycho Rangers. They charged at the Psychos, believing their number advantage would be enough. They were just about even with the Psycho Rangers in hand-to-hand combat, even with Agent Z with them. With their power source being the Lifeforce Slugs that used to reside in the Lifeforce Rangers, the Psycho Rangers seemed to inherit some of their combat styles and experience. They jumped back to create distance between them and the Psycho as Agent Z looked at the rest of the team, “It’s time to bring this to the next level!” He drew his Blade Blaster and readied it as the other Rangers nodded and drew their own sidearms. The Psycho Rangers roared and rushed them as they leveled their blasters at the Psychos and opened fire.

Meanwhile, at the Music Emporium…

The Hooded Man opened the back door as the Lifeforce Rangers filed in to the darkened room that once served as their base of operations. He closed to door behind him after they were all inside. Amie looked around, confused as to why the room was dark, “Travis?! Ang?!” They waited a moment, but there was no answer. Deacon turned to the Hooded Man, “Ok so we’re here. Now what? Nobody else is!” The Hooded Man nodded as he reached into his trenchcoat and pulled out four colored discs that looked like variants on the Lifeforce Rangers’ Force Discs. Donnie raised an eyebrow, “Are those… Force Discs?” The Hooded Man nodded, “Indeed.” Eve sighed as she held on to Deacon’s arm, “Those won’t do us any good. We no longer have any Lifeforce.” He handed the Discs to the Rangers, “Take them. And trust me.” The Lifeforce Rangers took the Discs and looked them over as The Hooded Man continued, “Look at the top of the Disc’s perimeter. You should notice a small compartment. Open it.” The Rangers complied as they pulled small electronic chips from inside. Deacon looked at it, then at the Hooded Man, “What are they?” The Hooded Man crossed his arms, “The Power Ranger equivalent to a Cell Phone Sim Card. Place those in your Life Phones. It should connect your Life Phones to the power residing within those Discs.” Again, they complied as Donnie spoke, “Power within the Discs? You mean they aren’t powered by Life Force?” The Hooded Man shook his head, “They have another source of Power. An Ancient source of Power. That Power… is now yours.”

Their Life Phones bleeped as the phone’s electronics interfaced with the Sim Card. Amie looked up at the Hooded Man with sad, almost pained, eyes, “Where’s the fifth Disc?” The other Rangers looked at Amie in surprise, then at the Hooded Man who didn’t even flinch, “Who said anything about a fifth Disc?” Amie’s sadness and pain began to turn to anger and frustration, “Don’t play games with me! You know, full well, there’s a fifth Disc! If these were meant for us, then there should be a fifth one… meant… meant for…” Amie’s voice trailed off and her anger began to subside as the sadness returned. The Hooded Man nodded slowly, “Meant for Zakk Forrest. You are most perceptive, Amie McCauley-Forrest. There is, indeed, a fifth Disc. Rest assured, it’s where it’s supposed to be.” Eve’s face scrunched up as she became curious, “Tell us, how is it you know us? How is it you know so much about our Powers? And how is it you magically have new powers for us when we need them most??” The Hooded Man hung his head and sighed, “I am forbidden from telling you that. Trust me when I say, I am a friend. A friend you sorely need right now. You need me almost as much as the world needs you. I cannot say more. So please… Morph.” The Lifeforce Rangers looked at each other, then back at the Hooded Man as they transformed their Life Phones into Life Morphers. They wrote the Kanji for their elements in mid-air and struck the final stroke, spinning them into place as they called out their elements. But nothing happened. The Kanji just dissolved as it hit their bodies.

Donnie looked at the Hooded Man who had uncrossed his arms, “So much for trusting you! Nothing happened!” The Hooded Man shook his head as he began to rub the back of his hood, “I don’t understand. It should have worked! What went wrong?!” Eve was about to try it again when her Morpher bleeped. She unfolded it back into the Life Phone and checked the screen, “What… the heck?!” The other Rangers crowded around her as she read what was on her screen, “Contract Not Recognized? What does that mean?” The Hooded Man shoved his hand under his hood, facepalming, “Of course! The Contracts! I had just assumed…!” They turned to look back at him as Deacon narrowed his eyes, “Assumed what?” The Hooded Man lowered his hand, his face still hidden by his hood, “Nothing. What matters is that I now know why you guys couldn’t Morph. You will have to make Life Contracts with the Sacred Beasts that power those Discs you now hold.” Donnie waved his arms in mock defense, “Whoa! Hang on there, Kimosabe! There are other Rangers out there fighting our battle! We don’t have time to be trying to get some kind of contract with a Sacred Beast that may or may not exist!” The Hooded Man re-crossed his arms, “Oh they exist. And I know where to find them.” Amie raised an eyebrow, “Where?” The Hooded Man spoke almost as if he was recalling a far off memory, “Mt. Tian Shen… in China.”

The Beach…

The Psycho Rangers flew back as five blasts of energy slammed into them. They landed on their backs as the Legacy Rangers pressed their advantage. Agent Z and Reece converted their sidearms into Blade Mode as Margo holstered her Chrono Blaster and drew her Chrono Sabers, Valo holstered his Blaster and called upon his Astro Axe, and Miyamoto holstered his blaster, calling upon his Spear. The five Legacy Rangers leaped at the Psycho Rangers, bringing their melee fury to bear. The Psycho Rangers summoned darker, jagged versions of the Lifeforce Sabers, blocking the Legacy Rangers’ attacks. Shoving the Legacy Rangers back, the Psycho Rangers called on their elemental powers, kicking up a great sand spout, blinding the Legacy Rangers and picking them up into the air. Razor sharp leaves entered the spout, spinning around with the Legacy Rangers, striking them several times a piece. Golden sparks flew from their suits as the spout dissipated, dropping the Legacy Rangers. Agent Z was on his feet first, despite his earlier injuries. He called on the Power Sword as he stared down the Psycho Rangers, “So… you have their arsenal. I wasn’t expecting that… makes things interesting.” The other Legacy Rangers staggered up beside Agent Z as Valo spoke, “Their arsenal?” Agent Z nodded, “Correct. Not only do the Psycho Rangers have the Lifeforce Rangers’ powers, but, apparently, they can call up their arsenal as well.” Valo spun his Astro Axe in his hand, stopping it in a ready grip, “Well isn’t that just dandy…? What now, fearless leader?” Agent Z cocked his head, “Now… we end this. Hit ‘em with everything you’ve got! And let’s hope they haven’t figured out how to access the next level.” Reece gasped, “Next level?!” Agent Z nodded as he turned back to face the Psychos, “Trust me. You don’t want to know. Now, let’s go!”

Before they could, a line of black fire erupted between them and the Psychos, “What kind of leader doesn’t tell his team exactly what they’re up against?” The Legacy Rangers tensed as a figure emerged from the flames. He was wearing a white, tattered, duster and held a red and white sword. Agent Z tightened his grip on the Power Sword, “Zakk…” Miyamoto also tightened his grip on his Spear as he stared at Zakk, “I was hoping we wouldn’t have to fight you…” Zakk stopped walking after he emerged from the flames, resting the blade of his sword on his shoulder, “Oh really? You’re that scared, are ya?” Miyamoto hung his head, but his grip on the Spear remained strong as ever, “No. I’m not scared of you. I just… don’t want to hurt you.” Zakk laughed evilly and boisterously, “Hurt me? Hurt me?! You really think you can hurt me?! Now that’s comedy!” Reece growled behind her helmet, “Ok enough of your braggadocio! Since you mentioned it, tell us exactly what we’re up against! What isn’t Agent Z telling us?!” Zakk stopped laughing and smirked, “Super Lifeforce Ranger Power.” Reece took a step back, “What?!” Zakk nodded as four more figures emerged from the black flames, “You heard me. Super Mode.” The four figures stopped beside Zakk, wearing black vests with tailcoat tails as Zakk chuckled, “Oops. Too late.”

The Music Emporium…

Donnie threw his arms up frustration, maintaining his grip on his Phone and the Disc, “China? China?! Are you serious?! Just how in the fuck are we going to get to China and back in time to help those other Rangers and save the world?!” Deacon backhanded Donnie lightly with the Disc in his hand, “Calm the fuck down.” He then turned to the Hooded Man, his eye showing his seriousness, “The loudmouth here has a point, though. We certainly can’t go via conventional methods. It would take too long. So how about it, mysterious savior?” The Hooded Man sighed and hung his head, “I… don’t know.” Eve’s eyes went wide with surprise as her anger began to rise, “What?! You don’t know?! You mean to tell me it never even crossed your mind that we’d have to go to Mt. Tian Shen?!” The Hooded Man shook his head solemnly, “No. I just assumed the Discs would work… because I had them powered before I arrived. I should have known it wouldn’t be that simple.” A deep, older, tired voice spoke from the darkness, “It never is.” Everyone turned as Hitori shuffled into view, leaning on his staff. Amie ran over to Hitori, “Hitori! What happened to you?! And where are Travis and Angelus?!” Hitori smiled, “Sleeping. If your loud banter hasn’t woken them by now. As for me… well that’s a long story. At any rate, you all need to get to Mt. Tian Shen, is that right?” Deacon nodded, his face contorted in thought, “That’s right.” Hitori beckoned as he moved off across the room, “I can get you there. Getting back, however… you’ll have to find your own way.” The Hooded Man followed Hitori, “Getting back will not be an issue, Hitori. I have faith in them.” Hitori nodded and disappeared into a room previously hidden by a secret door.

The Lifeforce Rangers followed the Hooded Man and Hitori as Donnie whistled, “Holding out on us, are you, Hitori?” Hitori chuckled as he stopped in the middle of the decently large room and struck his staff on the floor, causing the torches on the walls to illuminate. On the floor was a large circle in the center of the room. Around that circle were five smaller circles. Surrounding those circles were intricate designs and symbols. Hitori pointed to the five circles around the center, “Stand.” The Lifeforce Rangers and the Hooded Man took up positions in the five circles as Hitori looked at each Lifeforce Ranger and the Hooded Man individually, “Deacon. Eve. Donnie. You all have grown so much in the short time we’ve known each other. You have found your own inner strength and that has led you to this point. And Amie… sweet, innocent, strong, and loyal Amie. So much has happened to you in such a short time. I wish I could have been there to help you and Zakk. And I truly am sorry.” The Hooded Man bowed his head as Hitori spoke his piece, “I just wanted to say to you all: Thank You. Thank you for befriending a crazy, old man. And thank you for being the heroes the world needs. I love you as if you were my own children. May the Power protect you all.” With that, Hitori raised his staff above his head and closed his eyes, soft chanting escaping his lips. His chanting began to increase in volume as he and his staff lit up with energy. Bolts of energy lanced from the top of the staff, forming bubbles of energy around each Ranger and the Hooded Man. As he reached the top of his crescendo, Hitori suddenly buckled and dropped to one knee. Hitori finished his chant as Amie reached out to him, “Hitori!!” In a bright flash, the Lifeforce Rangers and the Hooded Man were gone. Hitori lowered his staff to the ground and leaned on it as he coughed violently, “Godspeed… Power Rangers.” Then, he pitched forward and collapsed on the floor.

The Beach…

In a flash of black and dark red, Zakk morphed into the Psycho Death Ranger and charged at the Legacy Rangers, the other Psycho Rangers following suit. For the first time in that fight, the Legacy Rangers were put on the defensive. With the increased speed and power Super Mode gave the Psychos and the added power and ferocity of Zakk, the Legacy Rangers could do little except block and evade. The Legacy Rangers squared off against their own colors, Agent Z squaring off against Zakk for the second time. Zakk and Agent Z met in a blade lock as Zakk laughed, “You couldn’t defeat me on the rooftop and you can’t beat me now!” Agent Z growled back in determination, “Don’t underestimate me! I will not fail this world!” Zakk merely continued to laugh as he and Agent Z clashed swords repeatedly, “You have already failed, Red Ranger! You just don’t know it yet!”

Miyamoto and Psycho Green were evenly matched, despite Psycho Green’s Super Mode. While Psycho Green had the power and speed, Miyamoto, clearly, had the edge in combat experience and experience with the Spear. Psycho Green got a few hits in due to his speed alone, but Miyamoto countered with several hits of his own, out-thinking his opponent. Miyamoto went for a power lunge, but Psycho Green caught the Spear’s head in his armpit, trapping it and locking Miyamoto in place. Miyamoto switched hands from his left to his right as Psycho Green prepared a counter-attack. Miyamoto reached down to his side and pulled his Heaven Driver open, sliding a card in and slamming it shut, “Gotcha. Tidal Drill!”


Psycho Green, however, saw the attack coming and released the Spear’s head as Miyamoto activated his card. He reached forward and grabbed the Spear’s shaft, pulling it forward so the head would be past his body, the Tidal Drill igniting harmlessly behind him as he slashed Miyamoto with his Saber.

Psycho Blue had every advantage against Valo; movement speed, weapon speed, and physical strength. However, Valo held one advantage over the Psycho Ranger: experience. Just like Miyamoto, Valo had been doing this a lot long than his Psycho counterpart. And his experience told him that he had one other advantage over Psycho Blue: weapon range. The Astro Axe, being a larger, and thus, slower weapon than the Psycho Ranger’s Saber, also granted it a longer reach. Psycho Blue danced around Valo, slashing from all angles as Valo stood helplessly, taking the hits. Then, Psycho Blue made his mistake. He took a moment to back off and in doing so, created distance between them. Valo lunged at Psycho Blue, smoke billowing from his suit as he hooked Psycho Blue’s Saber with his Astro Axe. He pulled back, drawing the Psycho Ranger in close as he reached down with his right hand and quick-drew his Astro Blaster, firing from the hip. The blast struck true, slamming into the Psycho Ranger’s gut. He released the Astro Axe’s hold on the Saber and formally aimed his Astro Blaster at Psycho Blue, unleashing a volley of blue blasts. Psycho Blue stumbled back as Valo jumped at him, raising his Astro Axe above his head, executing a cleave attack. Psycho Blue, however, did the unexpected. He reached up and grabbed Valo’s forearm, stopping the cleave. Valo was stunned by surprise as Psycho Blue released his arm and lunged, catching the Space Ranger off guard.

Reece and Margo decided to team up against the Yellow and Pink Psycho Rangers. They opened fire with their Blasters, trying to keep the Psycho Rangers at bay. However, with their enhanced speed, the Psycho Rangers were able to dodge most of the blasts. Psycho Yellow moved in front of Psycho Pink and deflected the blasts they couldn’t dodge as Psycho Pink ran up behind her. Psycho Yellow then spun out of the way as Psycho Pink unleashed a wind-powered saber slash, toppling the Yellow and Pink Legacy Rangers. Reece was on her feet first as the Psycho Rangers attempted to press their advantage. Reece stepped in front of Margo as she opened fire with her Deltamax Striker once again. Margo, from the ground, tossed Reece her Chrono Blaster, “Reece! Use this!” Reece spun and caught the Chrono Blaster with her free hand, firing once she had completed the spin. Margo got to her feet and drew her Chrono Sabers as Reece rushed the Psycho Rangers, laying down cover fire. She leaped at the Psycho Rangers as Psycho Pink attempted to slash her. She blasted Psycho Pink square in the chest as she executed a tuck and roll into a one-knee crouch. Psycho Yellow was about to run past Psycho Pink when Margo ran up Reece’s back and leaped off her shoulders. Psycho Yellow skidded to a halt and ducked behind Psycho Pink as Margo slashed her a couple times. Psycho Pink stumbled back to one knee as Margo landed. Then Psycho Yellow ran up her back and launched herself at Margo as she landed a vicious vertical slash. She followed with an uppercut slash, causing the sand to kick up and rocks to rise up from beneath the sand in a powerful shockwave.

Mt. Tian Shen, Somewhere in China…

The four Lifeforce Rangers and the Hooded Man appeared in the middle of, what looked like, a forest in a flash of five colored lights. They all looked around and Donnie was the first to comment, “This don’t look like a mountain to me.” The Hooded Man walked off as he beckoned the others, “This way.” Donnie and Deacon looked at each other as Deacon shrugged, “We’re in this all the way now. Might as well follow.” Donnie nodded as the Rangers followed the Hooded Man. Moments later the emerged from the forest only to come face to face with a nearly sheer rock-face. The Hooded Man looked up, making sure to keep his face hidden with the hood, “Rangers. Welcome to Mt. Tian Shen.” The Rangers looked up with him as Donnie whistled, “Well great. We don’t have climbing gear. How are we supposed to get up there?” The Hooded man began to climb, “You are Power Rangers. You don’t need climbing gear. We don’t have much time. Start climbing.” Donnie and Deacon looked at each other once more as Eve shook her head, “Ohhhhhh no. I am not climbing a mountain!” Amie growled in frustration of her team and friends’ reluctance to climb as she moved to the cliff and began to climb after the Hooded Man, “If you aren’t Ranger enough to pass this test, then maybe you shouldn’t have come back, Eve.” Eve’s jaw dropped in shock as Donnie and Deacon merely blinked. Donnie smirked as he followed Amie, “She’s right, you know. We are Power Rangers. The other Rangers need us. The world needs us. Zakk needs us.” After picking her jaw up off the ground, Eve looked at Deacon, but found no support. Deacon’s eyes were steely as he looked up the mountain, “You said you never wanted to lose me again, Eve. Prove it.” With that, Deacon began his ascent up Mt. Tian Shen. Eve gulped and looked up the mountain as she began to tremble as she squeaked out, “But… I’m afraid of heights…” She hung her head and sighed as she resigned herself to what had to be done and began scaling the mountain.

The Beach…

Miyamoto, Valo, Reece, and Margo flew back and landed within inches of each other, on their backs and in pain as the Psycho Rangers converged on them. Then Agent Z went sailing through the air, golden sparks erupting from his suit. He landed in front of the other Rangers as they rose slowly. They surrounded Agent Z as Zakk joined the Psycho Rangers. Zakk held his arms out to stop them as he stopped walking. The Psycho Rangers stopped as well as the Legacy Rangers regrouped. Zakk cocked his head, “I wonder… Psycho Rangers, do nothing unless I say.” The Psycho Rangers lowered their Sabers and stood at the ready as Zakk stabbed the Blade of Perpetual Torment into the sand in front of Psycho Green. He then cracked his gloved knuckles as he stared down the Legacy Rangers, “Let’s see what happens… when I do… this!” He laughed and rushed them, moving so fast he could only be seen as a blur.

Zakk reached behind him as the tanto that he had used against the Lifeforce Rangers appeared. He blurred in and out as he slashed the Legacy Rangers, several times, with the tanto. So fast was Zakk that the Legacy Rangers could not react. He landed in a crouch in front of the Legacy Rangers, his back to them. He stopped laughing as he sheathed his tanto and golden sparks erupted from all of the Legacy Rangers. They dropped to their knees as their power began to be sapped. Valo held his chest as he struggled to breathe, “What… the Hell did he hit us with?!” Miyamoto did the same as he eyed Zakk, “I don’t know…” Zakk stood and turned around, revealing the small tanto in his left hand. Agent Z narrowed his eyes behind his helmet, “Since when did Zakk use a tanto?” Zakk started laughing again as he stared at his tanto, almost lovingly, “I can’t believe that worked! Kalma’s gift is truly magnificent!”

The Legacy Rangers struggled to their feet as their power returned very slowly. Agent Z used his Power Sword to stabilize himself as he kept his eyes on Zakk, “I don’t know what you did to us, Zakk, but you’ll never win! And we’ll never fall!” Zakk spread his arms and laughed boisterously, “Like I told you before, Red Ranger… I’ve already won! And you’ve already fallen! Now it’s time to make sure you never get back up! Psycho Rangers!” The Psycho Rangers stepped up to flank Zakk as he stopped laughing, his voice becoming dark and mischievous, “Put them out of their misery.” The Psycho Rangers advanced as Zakk just stood there and continued to laugh. Miyamoto nudged Agent Z in the shoulder, “We should retreat.” The Legacy Rangers all turned toward Miyamoto as Valo gently smacked him in the back, “What?! We’re Power Rangers! We don’t cut and run!” Reece growled and nodded her agreement, “Yeah! What kind of coward are you?!” Miyamoto brought the Rangers in close for a huddle as the Psycho Rangers slowly advanced, “We were barely able to match them when we were at full power. Whatever Zakk did, he sapped us of some of our power. We’re no match for the Psycho Rangers as we are now!” Valo waved his hand in front of him as if waving off Miyamoto, “Reece was right! You really are a coward! You don’t think we can win!” Margo tried to intervene, stepping between Miyamoto and Valo, “Guys! Guys! Now’s not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves! But Valo’s got a point, Miyamoto.”

Miyamoto sighed, “You’re wrong. I’m no coward. And it’s not that I don’t think we can win. It’s that I don’t think we’re supposed to win. Our mission was to retrieve the Lifeforce Rangers, and we did that. Our secondary mission was to hold these guys off until they returned. That Hitori guy and that Hooded guy had a plan. I think they knew we couldn’t win against the Psycho Rangers, but we’re good enough and powerful enough to buy them the time they need.” Agent Z finally spoke up, “Miyamoto is right. In our weakened state, we wouldn’t be buying the Lifeforce Rangers much time if we tried to fight. I’m ordering a retreat. We need to regroup and restore our power before we confront them again. Besides, if they’re concentrating on finding and killing us, they’re not concentrating on destroying the world. That will buy the Lifeforce Rangers the time they need.” Valo, Reece, and Margo hung their heads as they were forced to swallow their pride. After a few tense moments, Valo holstered his Astro Blaster, “Let’s move. The Psychos are almost here. It’s a good thing Zakk didn’t order them to lunge at us.” The other Rangers nodded and ran for the city as the Psycho Rangers stopped moving and Zakk stopped laughing, “Well well well… I didn’t expect this. The Power Rangers have turned tail and ran! Psycho Rangers! Follow them! Find them… and kill them! I don’t care what you destroy or who you kill along the way, I want those Power Rangers dead!”

Temple of Constellations – Mt. Tian Shen, China…

Eve was the last Ranger to reach the crest of the cliff, but as she reached for the plateau above, she lost her grip. She screamed out as she pitched back and began to plummet to the earth below. Then suddenly, she stopped as a hand grabbed her wrist. She looked up to see Deacon holding her wrist and pulling her up with all of his strength. After she was pulled up onto the plateau, she wrapped her arms around Deacon and trembled. Deacon rubbed her back gently and kissed her forehead, “Ssshhh… it’s ok Eve… I’m here. And we made it.” Donnie was bent over, his hands on his knees as he breathed heavily. Amie, however, was barely winded as she stood next to the Hooded Man who was similarly unaffected by the climb. He nodded and pointed behind him, “Yes. You have made it to the bottom.” Deacon and Eve looked at the Hooded Man as Donnie looked up from his knees, “The bottom? The bottom of what?!” The Hooded Man pointed behind him and up as the Rangers followed his hand. What they saw took their breath away. There was a massive temple embedded in the mountain side further up the mountain. The Hooded Man spoke with reverence, “The bottom of the Temple of Constellations. We must make our way up the winding stairs to the Temple proper. There you will enter into a Life Contract with your Sacred Beast.” Donnie sighed as his shoulders slumped, “Great… more climbing… I picked a Hell of a time to sober up!”

Deacon chuckled as the Rangers followed the Hooded Man and began to make their way up the long, winding staircase. After what seemed like an eternity, they crested the top stair and stood at the massive gates to the Temple of Constellations. The Hooded Man walked up to the gates and pushed them open as he entered the Temple, “Come. We haven’t much time.” They followed the Hooded Man down a long, darkened corridor to an equally dark room. The Hooded Man stopped as the Rangers stopped behind him, almost running into him, “Your Discs and the Sim Cards.” The Rangers nodded as they pulled their Sim Cards from their Life Phones and re-inserted them into the Force Discs that the Hooded Man had given them. As the Discs reconnected with the cards, torches began to light up around the room in different colors. A black flamed torch ignited in front of them at the far end of the room. A white flame ignited to their left and somewhat forward. A blue flame ignited to their right and somewhat forward. A red flame ignited right behind them. And a golden flame ignited in the center of the room.

With all five torches lit, the massive room was illuminated and even Amie gasped at its beauty and size. The Hooded Man spread his arms, “Welcome… to the Chamber of the Sacred Beasts within the Temple of Constellations. Please, find your Sacred Beast. As you can probably tell, they are color-coded. Once you find your beast, you should notice a place for your Disc to be inserted. Do so.” The Rangers scattered, looking for their beasts. They had little trouble finding them and inserted their Discs into the floor accordingly. The Hooded Man crossed his arms and nodded, “Now. Using the torch’s flame as ‘ink,’ summon the Sacred Beasts with your Lifeforce Morphers.” The Rangers did as they were told and pulled out their Life Phones, transforming them. Donnie hesitated at the blue torch, “Wait a minute. Without our Lifeforce, we don’t have the power to use the Morpher.” The Hooded Man shook his head, “You still have Lifeforce within you. It may not be enough to allow you to become Power Rangers, but trust me, it’s enough.” Donnie nodded and ran his Morpher through the blue flame, writing out the Kanji for tree as the others followed suit.

At first nothing happened, but then the flames from the torches leaped from the torches and encircled each Ranger. As that happened, the flames seemed to transport the Rangers into a darkened chamber, illuminated only by the ring of fire around them and their flaming Kanji in front of them. Suddenly, the flaming Kanji erupted, morphing into four Sacred Beasts. For Amie, Byakko, the White Tiger of the West appeared. For Donnie, Seiryuu, the Azure Dragon of the East appeared. For Deacon, Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North appeared. And for Eve, Huang Long, the Yellow Dragon of Earth appeared. The conversations between beast and human, the forging of the contracts are for their ears only and remained between the Ranger and their Sacred Beast. After the contracts were forged, the flames died down and the Rangers were returned to the Temple of Constellations. The Force Discs levitated from their recesses and lit up brightly as they landed in the Rangers’ hands.

The Hooded Man unfolded his arms, “Well done, Rangers. Very well done indeed. Now remove the Sim Cards and place them in your Phones. They should now be activated.” The Rangers responded by doing just that, removing the Sim Cards from the Discs and placing them in their phones. For a moment, again, nothing happened. Then their phones bleeped a couple times as the phones lit up with bright light. The lights changed from their original colors to their new colors, colors that match their Sacred Beast. Donnie’s phone turned a majestic blue. Deacon’s phone turned a sleek black. Eve’s phone darkened to a regal gold. And Amie’s phone turned a pure white. The Hooded Man beckoned the Rangers to him, which they complied as he spoke, “Congratulations. You are Power Rangers, once again. You now possess the power to save the world.” Donnie smirked and pumped his fist and phone into the air, “Yes! We’re back baby!” He then stopped abruptly as he blinked, “Uh… so how do we get off this rock?” The Hooded Man nodded and motioned for them to follow as he exited the Temple, “This way.”

Santa Monica Docks…

The Legacy Rangers, now de-morphed, convened in an abandoned warehouse as they struggled to catch their breaths. The could hear the explosions from not far away in the city and the cries for help from its people. Reece balled her hands into fists and Margo cringed as many of the cries shifted to ones begging for help from the Power Rangers. Valo turned to Miyamoto and Agent Z, anger and desperation burning in his eyes, “How much longer?!” Miyamoto looked up from his position leaning against a wall, “How much longer what?” Valo gritted his teeth, “How much longer do we have to sit idly by and let those damned Psycho bastard terrorize this city and its people?!” Reece slammed a fist against the nearby wall, “Valo’s right! We can’t just sit here and let this continue! We’re Power Rangers and those people are begging us for our help!” Agent Z had his back to the others, his arms crossed as he contemplated their situation, “You’ve already failed, Red Ranger. You just don’t know it yet…”

The other Legacy Rangers turned to face Agent Z as Miyamoto raised an eyebrow, “What was that, Z?” Agent Z looked down, his back still facing the Rangers, “It’s something Zakk said to me when we engaged in battle. I told him I’d never fail this world. And that was his response. And you know what? He’s right. I’ve failed.” Valo raised an eyebrow as Margo gasped, Reece kept her fists balled, and Miyamoto placed a hand on Agent Z’s shoulder, “You… We haven’t failed yet.” Agent Z brushed Miyamoto’s hand off his shoulder as he turned to face the rest of the Legacy Rangers, “Yes we have. In discharging our obligation to Hitori Kazama and the Lifeforce Rangers, we’ve doomed the city of Santa Monica and its people. Zakk knew this all along. He knew if he got us with our backs to the wall, we’d be forced into hiding! Damn him!”

Miyamoto reared back and let fly with a strong slap to Agent Z’s face as the other Rangers looked on in shock. Agent Z reached up slowly and ran his hand over the red spot on his face a Miyamoto growled, “Are you daft?! I may be the new guy here and I may be the one who suggested the retreat in the first place, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let Zakk play us like a fiddle!” Valo blinked as he stared at Miyamoto, “I don’t… believe it.” Reece opened her fists as her shock and surprise overtook her anger, “Miyamoto…” Suddenly, an explosion rocked the warehouse, followed by more screams and begging. Miyamoto stared at Agent Z, “That was really close. I think we’ve bought the Lifeforce Rangers enough time. It’s time to act. It’s time to show those Psychos what real Rangers are all about!” Valo, Reece, and Margo were all behind Miyamoto now, their face betraying their conviction. Agent Z lowered his hand and continued to look at the floor, “Have we really given them enough time? I mean, they’re not exactly back yet.” Miyamoto smirked, “They’ll be back. And we’ll hold the Psychos off long enough. After all, we’re Power Rangers.” Agent Z looked up as the warehouse was rocked again, “Alright. Let’s go help the people of Santa Monica. This time, no matter what, we don’t run. We fight until the end.” The other Rangers nodded in agreement with Agent Z as he looked at the faces of his team, “You know… I was wrong about you guys being immature. I was the immature one. It’s been an honor serving with you as the Red Ranger of the team.” Margo smiled as she fought back tears, “Agent Z…” He smirked, the conviction returning to his eyes, “Rangers! Back to action!”

The five Legacy Rangers ran out of the warehouse to see a young girl with her mother, running toward them, screaming for help. Behind them, a large boulder rolled toward them, threatening to flatten them. Suddenly, the little girl tripped and fell to the ground as her mother kept running. The mother stopped and turned, fear in her eyes as she started to run back toward her daughter. Reece was already in motion. She flew past the mother as Margo reached the mother and held her back. The mother screamed for Margo to let her go, but Margo would not budge. Then she screamed for her daughter. Reece slid in front of the girl as she picked herself up. She looked at Reece’s back and noticed the letters S.P.D. on the back of her jacket, “Power Ranger!” The mother stopped screaming and looked at Reece’s back, then at Margo, and the others. Reece drew her Delta Shooter, aimed at the oncoming boulder, and fired. The blasts ricocheted off the boulder even though they were cracking it ever so slightly. Reece kept steadily firing as the boulder neared their position. Valo appeared next to Reece as he drew his Astro Blaster and began firing with her. Agent Z and Miyamoto arrived behind Margo who was with the mother. Miyamoto tapped Margo and pointed toward Reece and Valo. Margo nodded and ran off, drawing her Chrono Blaster. She joined Reece and Valo, blasting away at the boulder. As the boulder approached them, it exploded, shattering into many small pieces, their blaster shots finally breaking through.

They holstered their Blasters and returned the girl to her mother who thanked them profusely, then begged them to save the city. They were about to answer when a shockwave flew at them. Agent Z pushed the mother and child out of the way as the shockwave blasted the side of the nearby warehouse. The Legacy Rangers turned to see Psycho Yellow staring at them. Agent Z told the mother to run with her child and that they would handle the Psycho Ranger. The mother did as she was told and ran for the hills. As Agent Z rejoined the other Legacy Rangers, the rest of the Psycho Rangers showed up. He looked to his left and right, meeting eyes with each Legacy Ranger, before looking at the Psycho Rangers, “We won’t let you continue your rampage, Psycho Rangers! We know you were looking for us! Well we’re right here! Come and get us!” The Psycho Rangers rushed the Legacy Rangers who turned and ran for it.

They led the Psycho Rangers around the warehouses to the docks behind, but as they approached the docks, a wall of black fire erupted in front of them, forcing them to skid to a stop. They turned to face the Psycho Rangers again and Agent Z cracked his knuckles, “Ok ya got us. Zakk, I know you’re here. Show yourself.” Zakk stepped forward between the Psycho Rangers as Agent Z pulled his shades from his face. Zak smirked and chuckled, “You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Rangers!” He stood in his relaxed ready stance, the Blade of Perpetual Torment resting comfortably on his shoulder. Agent Z reached for his Dino Buckler, “We’re through running and we’re through hiding! We’re going to fight!” The other Rangers went for their Morphers as well, but Zakk took a forceful step forward and slashed down with his sword, a jet of black flame erupting from the tip of the blade, racing toward the Legacy Rangers. The black flame split and completely surrounded the Legacy Rangers at very close range. The Legacy Rangers looked at each other and nodded, the same thought running through each of their minds: Time to Morph. But before they could, Zakk jumped through the black flames and laid waste to the Legacy Rangers with the blunt side of his sword. In a matter of seconds, the Legacy Rangers were crumpled on the ground, groaning in pain. Zakk leaped back through the black flames and laughed as the black flames began to encroach on the Legacy Rangers, “Now that I’ve rendered you defenseless, my black flame will finish you off! Time to die Rangers!”

The Legacy Rangers struggled to get back to their feet, but it was to no avail. Zakk’s strikes dealt a lot of damage and with the extreme heat of the black flame, they could not regain their strength. The Legacy Rangers looked at each other, ready to accept their fate when suddenly a huge wave of water splashed down on them, extinguishing the black flame in its entirety. Zakk and the Psycho Rangers braced themselves as some of the wave hit them too. The Legacy Rangers struggled to their feet as a large, black tortoise emerged from the Santa Monica Harbor behind them. Zakk’s eyes went wide as the tortoise roared, “What… is this?! Psycho Rangers! Kill them now!” The Psycho Rangers moved to strike, but were knocked back a moment later by a massive white blur. The blur stopped on top of the nearby waerhouse to reveal a large, white Tiger which roared at Zakk and the Psycho Rangers. Zakk gritted his teeth as a large, serpentine blue dragon emerged from the Harbor beside the tortoise and rose, majestically into the air. Off to the side, a golden dragon busted through the sand of the nearby beach, meeting the blue dragon in the sky. They roared in unison as they arched to the ground and circled the Legacy Rangers. Zakk pulled his sword off his shoulder and flipped it, the teeth facing forward, “What’s going on here?!” A familiar voice echoed across the winds, “Finally! The Dok has come back… home! And he’s going to Layeth the Smacketh Down on allllllllll your Candy Asses!” Zakk’s eyes went wide with shock as the dragons pulled back to reveal Deacon, Eve, Amie, and Donnie standing between him and the Legacy Rangers. Agent Z held his chest as he smiled, “They made it…”

Shadow Ranger
11-09-2010, 02:19 AM
Author's Notes:

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 11 - Evolution

Theme Song: Go Go Power Rangers! - Masaki Endoh (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqXen7mC1So)

Zakk & The Psycho Rangers get more than they bargained for as the Lifeforce Rangers make their long-awaited return to action!

Side Notes: New Suits descriptions subject to change once we receive the final designs from the designer.

New Dialogue Colors:


Shadow Ranger
11-22-2010, 01:09 PM
“Once A Ranger, Always A Ranger!”

--Adam Park
Black Mastadon Ranger

Power Rangers: Fallen Dreams
Episode 11: Evolution

The Legacy Rangers stood, their hands holding injured parts of their bodies as the Lifeforce Rangers stared down the Psychos and Zakk. Amie balled her hands into fists, “It’s over Zakk. We won’t let you and your Psycho Rangers go any further.” Zakk stepped forward and placed the blade of sword on his shoulder as he smirked, “Amie… Dearest Amie. What can the four of you hope to do against us? Your Lifeforce Powers have been taken from you.” It was Eve’s turn to smirk, “We got new powers.” Deacon crossed his arms and tilted his head toward Zakk, “Or didn’t you notice the Sacred Beasts that just kicked all your asses?” The Legacy Rangers stepped up beside the Lifeforce Rangers as Donnie pointed at Zakk, “Face it Zakk. You’re about to get Donnie-pwned!” The Lifeforce Rangers pulled their Lifephones from their pockets and held them skyward as Amie yelled out, “Let’s end this! Sacred Beasts!” The Four Sacred Beasts roared as they glowed brightly. They lunged at the Rangers and became beams of colored lights as they struck the four Lifephones, imbuing them with power. Agent Z grimaced as he pulled his Dino Buckler from his belt, “Rangers! Together!” Miyamoto pulled his Heaven Driver and Morph Card from his pockets as Valo brought his left arm across his chest, Reece pulled her Delta License from its holster on her jacket, and Margo brought her left hand across her chest.

Agent Z moved his arms in a circular motion before thrusting both arms forward, the Dino Buckler between his hands. He rotated the buckler 180 degrees so it was right side up, “Tyrannosaurus!” Red energy covered his body as the Red Morphin’ Suit coalesced around his body. The mighty Tyrannosaurus roared as the Tyranno Helm slammed into Agent Z’s face with red lightning.

Miyamoto slid the Morph Card into the Heaven Driver and slammed it shut as it read the card, “Light Of God, Give Me Power!”


The eyes of the Heaven Driver lit up green as it disappeared, replaced by a human-sized replica of the Green Ranger Morph Card. Miyamoto leaped through the card as the image of the Green Ranger became the Green Angelic Force Suit around Miyamoto’s body. He landed in a crouch and looked up as his helmet appeared over his face.

Valo reached over and placed his right hand on his Astro Morpher, pressing three buttons in sequence.


Valo raised his left arm to the sky as his Astro Morpher flashed blue, “Let’s Rocket!” A blue and black grid popped up behind him as the wireframe of a ranger suit appeared around his body. The wireframe filled in to become the Blue Space Ranger Suit. The forehead of the suit lit up blue to signify that the power was, indeed, on.


Reece pulled her right arm back as she brought her left hand in front of her Delta License. She then pulled her left hand back as she shoved her right hand forward, depressing the switch on the side of her Delta License, flipping it open, “SPD Emergency!” The Yellow SPD Suit appeared behind her as she executed a back-flip through the suit, causing it to envelop her. She landed in a crouch and looked up as the Yellow SPD Helmet appeared around her head.

Margo brought her arms across her chest in an ‘X’ Formation, “Time For…” She extended both arms out, then brought them back as her left arm crossed her body and her right hand landed on the Chrono Morpher on her left wrist, depressing the required buttons, “…Time Force!” A large double-helix appeared around Margo, enveloping her. A moment later, the double-helix exploded in a flash of pink to reveal the Pink Time Force Ranger.

The Lifeforce Rangers drew their Kanji in mid-air with their newly powered Lifeforce Morphers. Donnie’s ‘ink’ showed as blue while Deacon’s ‘ink’ showed as black, Eve’s ‘ink’ showed as gold, and Amie’s ‘ink’ showed as white. Zakk’s eyes widened in shock as he saw the new colors, “Impossible! Kalma stole their power source! There’s no way…!” They finished their Kanji and, in unison, struck the Kanji with a final, lateral, stroke, spinning them in place, “Sacred Beasts, Grant Us Power!” In four flashes of light, the Lifeforce Rangers were back!

Agent Z brought his arms above his head, then dropped into a cat-like stance as he held his arms in front of him and to his sides in a pose, “Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger!” Miyamoto stood up as he brought his right arm across his chest and made a fist with his right hand in salute. He then extended his right arm, pointing his right index finger straight out, “Angelic Green!” Valo pulled his left arm back and brought his right arm across his chest, crossing his wrists by his left ear. He then spread his arms, extending his right arm forward, pointing his right index finger forward, “Blue Space Ranger!” Reece stood up and brought her right arm across her chest, making the symbol for four with the fingers of her right hand, “Four…!” She then brought her hand across her body and back before thrusting it forward, making a two-fingered gun, “…SPD Yellow!” Margo brought her arms up into a fighting stance as she balled her fists, “Time Force Pink!”

The Kanji for Tree slammed into Donnie’s face, completing the Morph and creating his helmet as he drew his Lifeforce Saber, spinning it around in his left hand and sliding it behind his back as he dropped into a crouch, “Power of The Serpent!” Beneath the helmet, Donnie grinned. Heh. Wood and Serpent… am I the luckiest Ranger on Earth or what?! He pulled his Saber from behind his back and spun it once more before standing up and aiming his blade across his chest and running his right hand along it, “Lifeforce Timber Ranger!” The Kanji for Water slammed into Deacon’s face, completing the Morph and creating his helmet as he drew his Lifeforce Saber, swinging it out to his right side before raising it above his head both hands and bring it down in front of him in a vertical slash, “Power of The Tortoise!” He released his saber with his right hand, still gripping it with his left as he brought his right hand up beside his face, his palm open and facing out, “Lifeforce Maelstrom Ranger!” The Kanji for Earth slammed into Eve’s face, completing the Morph and creating her helmet as she drew her Lifeforce Saber, holding it in her right hand and pointing the blade forward, “Power of The Dragon!” She then moved her right arm and sword in a circular motion, grabbing it with both hands as she swung the blade down and to her left. She then pulled the sword up and back, holding the blade by her face, “Lifeforce Seism Ranger!” The Kanji for wing slammed into Amie’s face, completing the Morph and creating her helmet as she drew he Lifeforce Saber with her right hand, swinging it out and up with her right hand, “Power of The Tiger!” She then continued the swing down in a circular motion, eventually ending with the blade back up near its original position as she gripped it with both hands. She turned the sword so that the blade pointed over her right shoulder at an angle as she looked forward, “Lifeforce Cyclone Ranger!”

Amie made to take her position in the center as the current leader of the Lifeforce Rangers, but a large ball of fire stopped her, landing in the center spot. The Lifeforce Rangers all turned as Amie shielded her eyes. A strangely familiar, yet unfamiliar voice rang out, “With the Power of The Phoenix!” The large fireball dissipated to reveal a Red Lifeforce Ranger in a crouch with his Lifeforce Saber drawn, held with both hands, pointed forward. He stood up and lowered his sword before raising it again, resting the blade on his right shoulder. Amie gasped as she recognized the stance, “Zakk…?” The Red Ranger turned his head ever so slightly in Amie’s direction, “Lifeforce Magma Ranger!” The Magma Ranger pulled his sword from his shoulder and held it with his right hand as the other Lifeforce Rangers, including Amie, took up their positions to either side. From left to right (if you’re looking at them) were Amie, Donnie, the Magma Ranger, Deacon, and Eve. They dropped to one knee and spun their swords behind their backs, pointed skyward. The Magma Ranger ran his left hand along the blade of his sword as he stared at Zakk, “Power Rangers!” The Lifeforce Rangers stood, pulling their swords from behind their backs and raising them above their heads as the Magma Ranger followed suit. They, then, swung down in unison, “Lifeforce!”

The Legacy Rangers stepped up beside the Lifeforce Rangers as they each took up their signature stances. Agent Z spread his arms as he spoke, “Together, we are…” The Magma Ranger stood, raising his sword skyward with his right hand. Amie remained on knee, raising her sword and pulling it back behind her left ear, the blade pointed right across her face. Donnie stood with his weight shifted toward his left foot, his sword held by his right hand at his side. Deacon stood with his weight shifted toward his right foot, his sword held above his right knee, the blade pointed left over his left shoulder. Eve remained on one knee, her sword held in her right hand, her blade pointed left across her body, resting in her left hand. All of the Rangers spoke in unison as multi-colored explosions went off behind them, “…Power Rangers!”

Zakk tightened his grip on the Blade of Perpetual Torment as he gritted his teeth, his anger quite visible, “What is this nonsense?! I was the Red Lifeforce Ranger! I carry the Red Life Slug! And I still have the Red Life Phone!” The Magma Ranger tilted his head, “So?” Zakk growled in anger, his rage still quite visible, “So! So! Did you not hear what I said?! I’m the Red Lifeforce Ranger, dammit!” The Magma Ranger shook his head, “Not anymore. You gave up that privilege when you allowed yourself to be taken by Kalma. The Lifeforce Rangers are my team now! Today, I’m going to save the world… for them. And in return, they… will save me.” Amie’s eyes went wide beneath her helm as she froze, shaking her head in disbelief, “It… It can’t… be…” Donnie turned his head to look at Amie as he tilted his head, “What is it Amie?” This pushed Zakk over the edge as he roared, “Who the Hell are you?! Stealing MY lines now?! That’s it! I can’t take it anymore!”

The Blade of Pereptual Torment left Zakk’s shoulder as he rushed at the Rangers, morphing into the Psycho Death Ranger. The other Psycho Rangers followed him in as the Power Rangers dropped into offensive stances and charged the Psychos. The Rangers crisscrossed each other as they split into teams of two. The Magma Ranger was the first to charge, pulling his Lifeforce Saber off his shoulder with speed equal to Zakk. They met in mid-air, clashed in a blade lock. They slashed at each other in rapid succession, all the while hanging in the air. Their blades met every single time, Zakk and the Magma Ranger, apparently, equal in speed, skill, and strength, and able to read each other’s moves. Agent Z launched himself into the air as he reached out with his right hand, “Power Sword!” In a flash of red, the mighty Power Sword appeared in Agent Z’s hand. He interrupted Zakk and the Magma Ranger’s aerial sword clash with some high-speed slashes of his own. With the addition of Agent Z to the mix, Zakk was put on the defensive. In the end, all three met in a blade lock, causing a giant shockwave to emanate from their blades. The shockwave shoved them all back, Zakk landing on the ground and skidding back into a defensive stance, his sword pulled back in his right hand, his left hand shielding the blade. The Magma Ranger and Agent Z also flew back, landing on the ground and skidding to a stop. The Magma’s Ranger’s stance mimicked Zakk’s as Agent Z held his right arm and down and angled to his left, his sword pointing up and to his right.

Donnie and Psycho Green clashed swords multiple times. Completely sober, Donnie was able to, easily match Psycho Green blow for blow, “You may as well give up. You can’t beat me. I haven’t drank any alcohol for a couple days!” Psycho Green blocked a slash from Donnie with his sword as he cocked his head. He then inverted his grip on his sword and pushed up in an uppercut slash, forcing Donnie’s sword arm to rise, leaving his gut and torso wide open. Psycho Green dropped and spun quickly, catching Donnie across the gut with a vicious slash. Gold sparks flew from Donnie’s suit as he stumbled back. Psycho Green made to press his attack, charging at the stunned Donnie when a hail of green laser blasts stopped him in his tracks. Miyamoto jumped in front of Donnie, his Heaven Blaster drawn, “Just because you’re sober doesn’t mean you can get cocky, Donnie!” Miyamoto held the Blaster in his right hand, keeping it trained on Psycho Green as he opened the Heaven Driver on his belt and pulled a card from his case with his left hand. He held it up to show Psycho Green that it had a picture of a Komodo Dragon on it before sliding it in to the Driver and slamming it shut.


The card appeared behind his head as he raised his left hand. The head of the Komodo Dragon roared as it seemed to detach from the image of the body and fly at Miyamoto. He caught the small Komodo Dragon head and attached it to the barrel of his Heaven Blaster, “Komodo Headder!”

Deacon and Psycho Blue went at it, but each was able to dodge the other’s attacks with ease. With both warriors harnessing the element of Water, they were able to adapt to each other’s attacks. Deacon jumped back to create distance between him and Psycho Blue as he caught his breath, “You do realize this is pointless? We’re evenly matched. And that’s not going to change.” In response, Psycho Blue rushed Deacon with a lateral slash. Deacon, of course, saw it coming and jumped to leap over the slash. Psycho Blue, however, skidded to one knee at the last second and abruptly raised his sword into a vertical slash. As the blade neared Deacon’s torso, the roar of an engine echoed throughout the area, “Not so fast, you Psycho bastard!” The blue Galaxy Glider flew in at about Psycho Blue’s torso height. He abruptly cut off his attack, lowering his sword as he rose to both feet and bent over backwards in a ‘Matrix’-like dodge maneuver, the Galaxy Glider sailing harmlessly over him, mere millimeters from his gut.

Psycho Blue stood up as Deacon hit the ground behind him, tucking and rolling to a crouch. Psych Blue looked around, only to be caught square in the gut by Valo’s boots. Valo alternated boots as he struck Psycho Blue’s chest with a quick succession of four kicks, causing him to stumble backward. After the fourth kick, Valo twisted his hips, catching Psycho Blue in the helmet with a hard roundhouse kick. Psycho Blue went flying backward, Deacon ducking in time to allow Psycho Blue to sail over and past him. Deacon stood up and turned as Valo landed next to him, drawing his Astro Blaster and Psycho Blue landed on his back. Psycho Blue flipped to one knee, his breathing becoming labored as the three stared each other down in a good old-fashioned Mexican Standoff.

Eve jumped at Psycho Yellow and slid into a sword thrust, her right foot forward. Psycho Yellow slid to a stop with her left foot forward and spun to her lift, evading the thrust with a pirouette as she swung back with her right arm, trying for a lateral backhanded slash to Eve’s helmet. Eve planted her feet and stood up as she spun her sword in her right hand, seamlessly reversing her grip. She raised her arm as the blade of her sword stopped alongside her helmet and right shoulder, blocking Psycho Yellow’s attack. Psycho Yellow also reversed her grip as she pirouetted once again, this time in the reverse direction as she dropped to a crouch and went for a reverse-grip lateral slash aimed at Eve’s left leg. Eve saw the attack coming and leaped into the air, avoiding the slash as she spun, going for an Overhead Roundhouse Kick at Psycho Yellow’s helmet with her right boot. Psycho Yellow raised her left arm and blocked the kick as she brought her right arm up, going for a reverse-grip vertical slash to Eve’s mid-section. Eve brought her right arm around, releasing her sword as she fluidly transferred it to her left hand in a fore-grip. She then rotated her left wrist so the blade of her sword pointed toward the ground as she deftly parried Psycho Yellow’s attack. She brought her right arm and balled her hand into a fist as she decked Psycho Yellow with a vicious Right Cross. Psycho Yellow stumbled back as Eve dropped to the ground, landing on her left knee, her right fist slamming into the ground, cracking it on impact. Her left arm was extended out and back, her sword still aimed at the ground, her head lowered.

Eve looked up as Psycho Yellow regained her footing and charged her once more. Eve stood up and took off running as well, rotating her left wrist to hold her sword in a more natural position. Psycho Yellow leaped at Eve, raising her sword above her head and bringing it down in a swift vertical strike. Eve rotated the sword in her left hand into a reverse grip as she slid to a stop, left foot forward. She raised her left arm and blocked the vertical slash from Psycho Yellow. She brought her right hand to her left thumb and index finger, planting her right hand against the heel of the sword’s handle to brace it against the downward force of Psycho Yellow. As strong as she was, Eve was still forced down onto her right knee. Psycho Yellow landed in front of Eve as she continued to push downward, inching Eve down. Suddenly, Reece swooped in, landing a reverse-grip lateral slash across the left side of Psycho Yellow’s mid-section with her Deltamax Saber in her left hand. Psycho Yellow released the blade lock and stumbled back as Reece spun back and to her right, drawing her Delta Blaster and stopping as she faced Psycho Yellow. She held out her right arm, aiming the Delta Blaster right at Psycho Yellow’s chest and firing multiple shots.

Amie lunged at Psycho Pink, grabbing the handle of her sword with both hands, raising it above her head and bringing down at Psycho Pink’s helmet. Psycho Pink slid to a stop and blocked the slash with her sword. She then spun to her left and planting her right boot into Amie’s mid-section, catching her with a powerful High-Angled Side Kick. Amie was sent flying up and back at an arc as she landed on her back and Psycho Pink lowered her leg. Amie slammed her free hand on the ground in frustration as she growled and stood back up. She roared as she rushed Psycho Pink again. Amie raised her sword above her head with both hands and brought it down in another vertical slash. Psycho Pink made to raise her sword to block again, but Ami swerved the slash at the last minute, pulling her sword to her right, arcing around the projected block, transitioning into an angled downward slash. Psycho Pink slid to a stop, moving her sword in a circular motion, managing to block Amie’s angled slash. Psycho Pink’s left elbow was pulled back and her right arm moved across her chest as she held her sword in place, pushing back against Amie’s downward force.

Amie pushed hard against Psycho Pink’s blade as she leaped into the air and spun over it, going for an Overhead Right Roundhouse Kick to the helmet. Psycho Pink moved her head out of the way and spun along the length of Amie’s blade, landing a hard left elbow into Amie’s left ribs, sending her face-first into the ground. Psycho Pink turned around as Amie gasped for air, the impact forcing the air from her lungs. This action forced her to release her sword as Psycho Pink raised her own sword and leaped at the prone Amie. At the last moment, Margo appeared between Amie and Psycho Pink. She was on her left knee, her left arm raised, one of her Chrono Sabers gripped firmly in her left hand as she blocked Psycho Pink’s downward slash, “Amie! You’re letting your anger cloud your judgment! Calm down!” As Psycho Pink lowered toward the ground, Margo grabbed her Chrono Blaster holstered on her hip with her right hand and pulled down, rotating the holster so that the barrel of the blaster pointed slightly up at Psycho Pink’s mid-section. Right before Psycho Pink could touch the ground, Margo pulled the trigger multiple times, literally firing from the hip.

Zakk roared as he spun his sword around, bringing its true teeth to bare as he ran at them, “I’ll cut you to ribbons and feast on your flesh!” The Magma Ranger glanced at Agent Z who stabbed his Power Sword into the ground and pulled his Dino Buckler from his belt. Agent Z pulled his Dino Buckler open, took his Power Coin out, flipped it over, and dropped it back into the Dino Buckler as he slammed it shut. The Dino Buckler flashed green as he re-attached it to his belt. He then pulled his Power Sword from the ground as he held his left hand out, “Dragon Dagger!” A familiar tune sounded as the legendary Dragon Dagger appeared in Agent Z’s left hand. The Magma Ranger, meanwhile, pulled his Fire Element Force Disc from his Disc Holder on his hip, slipping it over the hilt of his sword and spinning it, “Magma Buster!” The blade of his sword ignited into searing flame as it doubled in size, turning mostly red. Agent Z and the Magma Ranger rushed Zakk, their weapons now in place.

Agent Z raised his Power Sword and went for a downward slash at Zakk’s left side. At the same time, the Magma Ranger slid and spun back and to his left, grasping the long hilt of the Magma Buster with both hands. He spun on his left foot and planted his right on the ground as he attempted a massive backhanded strike to Zakk’s helmet. Zakk slid to a stop as he brought his right arm up, blocking the Magma Ranger’s attack with the teeth of the Blade of Perpetual Torment, holding his sword in an upside-down position. He then reached behind his back and pulled his Tanto with his left hand using a reverse grip. He brought the Tanto up to his side and blocked Agent Z’s Power Sword. With Zakk wide open, Agent Z pulled his Power Sword back and lunged at Zakk, going for a thrust strike at his chest with the Dragon Dagger. Zakk leaped into the air and spun back and to his left, avoiding the thrust and breaking the blade lock with the Magma Ranger. He leaped high enough to land on the massive blade of the Magma Buster. The Magma Ranger looked up as Zakk vaulted off the blade, sheathing his Tanto and grabbing the Blade of Perpetual Torment with both hands, bringing it down at the Magma Ranger’s helmet.

The Magma Ranger released his left hand from the Magma Buster and spun back toward his left, bringing his Magma Buster across his chest. He stopped with his left foot forward, his weight shifted back onto his right foot, his right leg bent as he lowered into a cat stance. He held the Magma Buster across his chest and face, the flat of the blade blocking Zakk’s attack as he braced the blade with his left hand. The Blade of Perpetual Torment began to glow as Zakk, apparently hovering in mid-air, began to charge his energy. The Magma Ranger saw this and rotated the Magma Buster a quarter-turn, facing the blade toward Zakk. He then hopped into the air to switch his stance to a more balanced one as he swung the Magma Buster in a massive arc to his right with his right hand, his left hand swinging out to his left side. Zakk was sent sailing back as the Magma Ranger landed in his balanced stance, his arms outstretched to his sides, the Magma Buster pointing off into the distance.

As Zakk landed, Agent Z ran up behind him and past him as he slashed Zakk across the back with both the Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger. Zakk roared in pain as he dropped to one knee, using the Blade of Perpetual Torment to keep his balance. Agent Z ran up beside the Magma Ranger who had lowered his arms and rested the blade of the Magma Buster on his right shoulder. They faced Zakk as the Magma Ranger spoke, “Give it up Zakk. It’s over. There’s no way you can defeat us.” Zakk forced himself to his feet, pushing on his sword to give him leverage, “Never… I will never bow to the likes of you!" Zakk raised his sword to the sky and bellowed as lightning crashed around him and the blade glowing a dark, blood red, “Now Die!” He ran at Agent Z and the Magma Ranger, both hands gripping the Blade of Perpetual Torment. Agent Z counter-rushed him, flipping the Dragon Dagger into a reverse grip in his left hand, running slightly to Zakk’s left. Zakk roared as he brought the Blade of Perpetual Torment down, unleashing unholy fury as the sky darkened.

Agent Z brought the Dragon Dagger up to block Zakk’s attack as the Magma Ranger lifted the Magma Buster from his shoulder and pulled his Phoenix Force Disc from his Disc Holder on his hip, clicking it into place in the depression on the side of the Magma Buster near the hilt. Agent Z raised the Power Sword above his head as a lightning bolt struck the blade, energizing it, “Power Sword! Power Up!” He then jumped and corkscrewed over Zakk’s blade, coming down behind Zakk. As he dropped, Agent Z slashed down with his Power Sword, golden sparks flying down Zakk’s back, stunning him in place. He landed in a crouch, his weight shifted toward his right foot. Agent Z then rotated his right wrist so that the Power Sword was held horizontally, the blade pointed left, parallel with the Dragon Dagger being held in a reverse grip in his left hand below. He depressed the Flute Buttons on the backside of the Dragon Dagger’s hilt, tightening his grip as green energy rippled through its blade. He then rushed the stunned Zakk, running past Zakk’s right side as he struck Zakk’s back with the Powered-Up Power Sword and Energized Dragon Dagger in succession. Zakk spread his arms and yelled in pain as red lightning and green energy crossed his body, eliciting golden sparks from his armour. The Magma Ranger reached up and spun the Phoenix Force Disc in the Magma Buster, causing the blade of the Magma Buster to burst into flame. He held the Magma Buster slightly off to his right with both hands, almost in a baseball batter’s stance as he stared at Zakk, “The time has come for you and Amie to finally know peace.” The Magma Ranger then raised his left arm, pointing his elbow skyward as he lifted his right arm to support the weight of the massive Magma Buster. He took a step forward, planting his feet as he lifted the Magma Buster off his shoulder and swing it forward in a massive downward slash, “Phoenix Crash!” A large beam of fire lanced out from the Magma Buster, slamming down on Zakk, enveloping him in a massive, fiery explosion.

Donnie walked up beside Miyamoto as he nodded, “No getting cocky. Got it.” Miyamoto nodded in return before running at Psycho Green and opening fire with his Powered-Up Angelic Blaster. Donnie was right behind him, sword drawn and at his right side. Psycho Green took up a wide stance as he stabbed his sword into the ground and raised his hands to the air. His hands glowed green as wooden planks from the docks ripped apart and flew around Psycho Green. He then pointed his arms at the oncoming Rangers, the planks flying at them and twirling in a focused twister of wood. Miyamoto slid to a stop on one knee as Donnie pulled his Wood Force Disc from his Disc Holder on his hip and threw it into the air as he vaulted off Miyamoto’s shoulders. Donnie inverted his sword so that the hilt was facing up and brought his right arm up, allowing the Wood Force Disc to land on the hilt. The Disc slid down the hilt as Donnie righted his sword and spun the disc, landing in front of Miyamoto. Donnie’s blade glowed blue as leaves began to swirl around him. He then began to slash at the oncoming wood, cutting through them and deflecting them, “Dance of the Falling Leaves!” Donnie ended his combo by spreading his arms, dissipating the swirling leaves, causing some of them to fly at Psycho Green and stun him. Miyamoto popped up behind him and rested the barrel of his Angelic Blaster on Donnie’s left arm to steady his aim as he focused on Psycho Green. Psycho Green shook his head as he attempted to regain his composure. Miyamoto nodded and pulled the trigger as a green beam of energy lanced out from his blaster, “Komodo Bite!” The front of the energy beam became the head of the Komodo Dragon as it opened its mouth and roared, slamming into Psycho Green’s chest, flinging him back.

Psycho Green landed on his back as Miyamoto pulled his Blaster off Donnie’s arm, allowing the Lifeforce Blue Ranger to lower his arms. Psycho Green held his chest with his free hand, smoke billowing from it as he slowly rose to his feet. Psycho Green growled as he pulled his own Dark Force Disc form the nether and slid it onto the hilt of his sword. Donnie started in shock, “What the Hell?! He’s got his own Force Disc?!” Psycho Green spun the disc as his sword transformed into a dark green spear with a jagged blade on the end. Donnie inverted his own sword and pulled his Wood Force Disc from it, “Ok that’s just not right!” Miyamoto holstered his Blaster with the Headder still attached as he pulled another card from its holder. He held the card up and showed it to Psycho Green and Donnie, proudly displaying the image of a green spear. He tapped the card and tilted his head toward Donnie who slid his Wood Force Disc back into the holder on his hip, withdrawing, instead, his Serpent Force Disc, “My thoughts exactly.” Miyamoto reached down and pulled his Heaven Driver open, sliding the card into it, and slamming it shut.


The eyes on the Heaven Driver flashed green as the Tidal Spear Card appeared in front of Miyamoto. Donnie tossed his Serpent Force Disc into the air before following suit with his sword, tossing it up so that the hilt would meet with the disc. The card around the Tidal Spear dissolved as the Tidal Spear itself solidified and Miyamoto grabbed it with his right hand. Donnie reached up with his right hand and spun the Serpent Force Disc around the hilt of his sword, the entire sword igniting blue. He then reached across and grabbed for the sword’s blade with his left hand as it transformed into a blue spear, the blade of the sword becoming the handle. Miyamoto spun his spear in his right hand, then dropped to his left into a cat stance, his right leg outstretched, his weight on his left foot, bent at the knee. He grabbed the tail end of the spear’s handle as he pointed it at Psycho Green, “Tidal Spear!” Donnie performed a similar maneuver, spinning his spear with his left hand as the blade extended from the front. He dropped to his right into a similar cat stance to that of Miyamoto, placing his back to Miyamoto’s. He grabbed the tail end of his spear with his right hand as he pointed his spear, also, at Psycho Green, “Timber Spear!”

Psycho Green roared in anger and frustration as he rushed the Rangers, his spear hanging at his right side, the blade scraping along the ground, sparks flying as he ran. He then brought the spear above his head, spinning it like a crazed warrior before dropping to a crouch and swinging the spear at the Rangers’ legs. Miyamoto leaped over the spear as Donnie planted the head of his spear into the ground and jumped, pole vaulting over the spear. Psycho Green looked up as Donnie caught him in the upper torso with two quick vault kicks, forcing Psycho Green to reel and stand up. Then Miyamoto brought his spear down across Psycho Green’s shoulder and chest as he dropped from his leap, causing him to stumble back as golden sparks flew from his armour.

Psycho Green spun his spear in his hands, then stopped, hoisting the spear skyward. He roared as the sky darkened and green lightning struck the spear, empowering the dark weapon. He then spun the spear again as he took off running at Miyamoto. He then brought his spear down and held it out in front of him, the head pointed at Miyamoto in a thrusting position, green lightning dancing around and off it. Miyamoto was too close to avoid the attack and didn’t have the time to properly brace a block. So he moved to the next logical step, he planted the handle of his spear into the ground, holding it with his left hand as he drew his Angelic Blaster with his right hand. He aimed the Blaster at Psycho Green’s spear head and pulled the trigger, “Komodo Bite!” Psycho Green wasn’t expecting Miyamoto to pull his gun and was caught unawares as the green beam of energy roared and slammed into the head of his spear. Psycho Green skidded to a stop as the impact sent the spear flying out of his hands. Donnie ran past Miyamoto, readying his Timber Spear for a powerful thrust as Miyamoto holstered his Blaster and pulled his Tidal Spear from the ground, following close behind. Miyamoto thrust at Psycho Green’s chest as Donnie slid into a crouch and thrust for Psycho Green’s groin. Psycho Green froze as both spear heads found their marks. Miyamoto stared right into Psycho Green’s helmet as he held firm, “Be touched by the Light of God… and return to the Hell whence you came!” The Tidal Spear lit up green as the Timber Spear lit up blue. Miyamoto pulled down on his spear and dropped as Donnie pulled up on his spear and stood. Psycho Green roared in pain as Donnie turned his back to him, spinning his spear. Miyamoto stood and turned his back to Psycho Green also, as he, also, spun his spear. Donnie ended with his spear in his right hand, the butt of the handle resting on the ground and Miyamoto ended with his spear, also in his right hand, held off to his right side, the head pointed down and to his right as Psycho Green fell under a massive explosion.

Psycho Blue stood up as Valo trained his Astro Blaster on him. Psycho Blue grunted and took off running as Valo opened fire. He dodged and deflected Valo’s blasts with his sword as Valo stood absolutely gob smacked. Deacon ran past Valo and met Psycho Blue in several sword clashes, again their element being water allowing them to adapt to the other’s strategies. Valo ran in with gun blazing, catching Psycho Blue off guard and landing several blasts to his chest. Psycho Blue stumbled back and held his chest as Deacon and Valo continued to run at him. He pointed his sword to his left side with his left hand at the bay as blue lightning struck the blade. Pressurized water began to swirl around the blade as Valo raised his Astro Blaster and fired on the run. Psycho Blue spun back and to his left, as he pointed his sword at the oncoming Rangers in a back-handed motion, the swirling water lancing out at them, absorbing Valo’s blasts. The water drill slammed into Valo, sending him flying back as Deacon ran around it and pulled his Water Force Disc from his Disc Holder on his hip. He slid the disc down the hilt of his sword and spun it as the blade glowed black. Pressurized water began to swirl around Deacon’s blade as he approached Psycho Blue’s left side, grabbing Psycho Blue’s left arm and stepping toward him, thrusting with his sword at his gut.

Psycho Blue grabbed Deacon’s left forearm in a counter-grab and jumped, avoiding the thrust as he spun his body in a circular motion, wrapping his legs around Deacon’s left arm. He then pulled back with all his weight, forcing Deacon to release his left arm as he fell to his back, pulling Deacon down into an Armbar. Psycho Blue torque back on the Armbar as a white boot stepped on his torso, pinning him to the ground. He looked up to see Valo looking down at him. Valo wagged a finger at him before aiming his Astro Blaster at Psycho Blue’s torso, “Time for some payback!” Valo pulled the trigger rapidly, unloading a volley of blasts into Psycho Blue’s torso at point blank range. Psycho Blue could only buck and twist in pain, releasing Deacon’s arm who rolled away. Deacon rolled to his feet and shook some feeling back into his left arm as Valo stopped firing, but kept Psycho Blue pinned to the ground and his Astro Blaster trained on his chest, “This time… I’ll make sure you can’t come back!” The momentary reprieve was all Psycho Blue needed as he reached up with his right hand and grabbed Valo’s left ankle. Valo looked down as Psycho Blue pulled Valo’s left foot forward. Valo flailed his arms as he pitched backward and Psycho Blue rolled to his right, raising the sword in his left hand and slashing Valo across the back. Valo landed on his back, arching it in pain as Psycho Blue planted his right hand on the ground and pushed off, spinning to his feet.

Deacon ran up to Valo and helped him up as Psycho Blue held his sword up with his left hand, materializing a dark blue force disc in his right hand. Deacon cocked his head as Psycho Blue slid the force disc up the hilt of the sword and spun it, causing the sword to glow blue. Deacon tensed as Valo regained his footing, “No. Way.” Psycho Blue’s sword transformed into a dark blue composite bow as he reached for it with his right hand and pulled back as if he was knocking an arrow. A dark blue arrow appeared locked into the bow, held by his right hand as he lifted the bow with his left hand and aimed it at Deacon. Deacon shoved Valo out of the way as he jumped the opposite direction and Psycho Blue let fly with his Dark Water Arrow. The arrow sailed between the two Rangers, barely missing as Deacon rolled to one knee. He pulled his Water Force Disc off his sword and slipped it back into the holder as he pulled out his Black Tortoise Force Disc. Valo also rolled to one knee and holstered his Astro Blaster when he saw what Deacon was doing, “Good call, Deacon. Let’s mix things up a little.”

Deacon slid his Black Tortoise Force Disc onto the hilt of his sword and spun it as his sword glowed black. In flash of black energy, Deacon’s sword transformed into a Black Composite Bow, “Maelstrom Bow!” Psycho Blue cocked another arrow and let fly as he continued to do so in rapid succession. Deacon jumped out of the way as he began to knock arrows in return. Valo tried to run at Psycho Blue, but he just turned his bow on Valo who dodge out of the way of the blasts. Deacon stopped running and readied his bow in his left hand as he pulled his right arm back, cocking a black arrow in place. The black glow of the arrow began to intensify as Deacon held it in place, powering up his attack. Psycho Blue saw what he was doing and let fly with an arrow of his own, hoping to stop Deacon. Valo jumped in the way and took the shot, doubling him over. Deacon glanced down at Valo and nodded, “Valo. Buy me enough time to charge my attack.” Valo nodded as he stood back up and charged at Psycho Blue, keeping himself between Psycho Blue and Deacon.

Valo brought his left arm up as his right went to his left wrist, flipping his Astro Morpher open and pressing a couplet buttons. He flipped it shut and pulled his left arm back as he raised his right hand to the sky, “Astro Axe!” In a flash of blue, the mighty Astro Axe appeared in Valo’s right hand. Psycho Blue fired a volley of arrows at Valo, but Valo merely deflected them with the Astro Axe as he kept running. Valo leaped at Psycho Blue, bringing his Astro Axe down in a vertical slash. Psycho Blue raised his bow and blocked the slash as he went for a punch to the gut with his right hand. Valo reached down and caught the punch with his left hand before using it to vault and spin, catching Psycho Blue in the helmet with a Spinning Back Kick. Psycho Blue stumbled back as Valo landed and lashed out, catching Psycho Blue across the chest with a Spinning Back Slash with the Astro Axe. Valo dropped to one knee as he posed heroically with his back to Psycho Blue, his Astro Axe held high in his right hand, his left hand balled into a fist.

The Black Arrow cocked in Deacon’s bow string was like a giant black ball of light as he nodded at Valo, “Now!” Valo looked up and rolled out of the way as Deacon let fly, “Maelstrom Torrent!” The Black Arrow flew forward and, almost immediately split into multiple arrows. Psycho Blue roared in pain as he was peppered with many Black Arrows. Valo rolled to his feet as Deacon turned his back to Psycho Blue, lowering his Maelstrom Bow dramatically. Valo kept his back to Psycho Blue and stood as Psycho Blue dropped to the ground, engulfed in a large explosion.

Eve stood as Psycho Yellow stumbled back under Reece’s volley of shots. Suddenly, a wall of cement rose up from the ground between Psycho Yellow and the Rangers, blocking Reece’s shots. Reece stopped firing as the wall exploded, chunks of concrete flying at them. Reece blasted the concrete chunks with her Delta Blaster as Eve deflected them with her sword. Psycho Yellow pressed her attack by stomping on the ground, causing large chunks of concrete, rock, and earth to rise as she punched them at the Rangers. Reece fired as fast as she could at the first chunk, barely destroying it with her Delta Blaster, “Ok this isn’t going to cut it.” She tossed her Deltamax Saber into the air as she pulled her Delta Knuckle off her belt with her right hand. She then held her right hand skyward, the Deltamax Saber landing on and attaching to the Delta Knuckle. She spun back and to her right, aiming her newly formed gun at the next oncoming chunk, “Deltamax Striker!” She opened fire, obliterating the chunk in moments as she squared herself and brought her Delta Blaster up, dual wielding her guns, shooting chunks out of the air.

Eve, meanwhile, pulled her Earth Force Disc from her Disc Holder on her hip and slid it on the hilt before spinning it, causing her blade to glow gold. She stood her ground and twirled her sword around in intricate designs, slicing cleanly through the chunks punched at her. As the rocks stopped flying, Psycho Yellow could be seen with her sword raised and a dark yellow force disc in her left hand. Eve started, her sword arm instinctively lowering, “Is that… a Force Disc?!” Psycho Yellow slid her force disc onto her sword and spun it, her sword transforming into a jagged bladed glaive. Eve froze as Psycho Yellow threw her glaive at Eve. Reece pushed Eve out of the way and took the glaive hit meant for Eve, golden sparks flying off her suit. Eve hit the ground and rolled to her feet as Reece stumbled back, raising her guns and firing at the glaive. The blasts merely bounced off the glaive as it returned to Psycho Yellow.

Psycho Yellow reared back and threw the glaive again as Reece opened fire once more. Eve pulled her Earth Force Disc from her sword and slid it back into her holder, withdrawing her Dragon Force Disc instead. She then slid that disc on her sword and spun it, her sword glowing gold. In a flash of golden energy, Eve’s sword transformed into a golden glaive, the blades extending, “Seismic Glaive!” Reece tried to dodge Psycho Yellow’s glaive, but was unable to since Psycho Yellow was controlling it from afar. Reece flew back, landing in front of Eve who let fly with her own glaive. Controlling it with hand movements, Eve had the Seismic Glaive clash with Psycho Yellow’s glaive. Psycho Yellow pulled a fast one and, after a couple clashed, had her glaive fake out Eve, moving aside as a clash was about to take place and fly around it. Psycho Yellow’s glaive flew right at Eve as Reece stepped in front of her, raising her guns and firing. The blasts, again, bounced off the glaive, but Reece did not move, instead taking the hit once more.

Reece dropped to one knee as Eve brought her glaive back to fend off Psycho Yellow’s, “Reece! Are you ok?!” Reece slowly stood back up, her suit scratched and marred, her breathing becoming labored, “I’m… fine.” She holstered her blasters and pulled her Delta License from its holster on her left breast, “It’s time to end this.” She flipped the license open and held it out in front of her as she gave the vocal command, “SPD SWAT Mode!” A black vest appeared over Reece’s suit, the number four still plainly visible on the left side. Black elbow pads appeared over her shoulders and black leg braces appeared over her shins, knees, and thighs. An antenna extended from the left side of her helmet as it converted into a headset and a multi-purpose sensor extended from the right side of her helmet. She moved her Delta License to her right hand and flipped it closed as she slid it into the Delta License Holster on the right side of her SWAT Vest. As the connections were made, the four on the left side of her vest lit up gold and the massive Delta Enforcer Assault Rifle appeared in her right hand.

Psycho Yellow continued to clash glaives with Eve, pulling another fake-out move to get her glaive past Eve’s. The Dark Glaive flew at Eve with tremendous speed and Eve knew she would be unable to defend herself. She prepared to drop control of her glaive and jump out of the way when Reece reappeared in front of her, this time clad in SWAT Gear. Reece merely stood there as the Dark Glaive struck, ricocheting harmlessly off the powerful SWAT Armour. Eve recalled her Seismic Glaive and caught it with her right hand as she pulled her Earth Force Disc from the holder once more, “Keep her glaive off mine. As you said… it’s time to end this.” Eve attached the Earth Force Disc to the back of the Seismic Glaive as Reece nodded and raised her Delta Enforcer, holding the barrel with her left hand. Eve spun the Earth Force Disc before tossing the Seismic Glave back out, this time with an underhanded toss to keep the blades vertical while it spun.

The Seismic Glave glowed a bright gold as it spun along the ground, churning up the concrete and Earth beneath it as it traveled toward Psycho Yellow. Psycho Yellow re-directed the Dark Glaive to intercept the Seismic Glaive, but Reece opened fire with her Delta Enforcer, knocking the Dark Glaive off course. The chunks of concrete and Earth followed the Seismic Glaive as it made a beeline for Psycho Yellow. The Dark Glaive continued to try to intercept the Seismic Glaive, but was met at every turn by blasts from the Delta Enforcer. As the Seismic Glaive approached Psycho Yellow, Eve raised her right hand, causing the Glaive to lift off the ground. She then began to make circular motions as the Seismic Glaive began to spin around Psycho Yellow, moving up an down, creating a centralized tornado or concrete, Earth, and random debris. Said concrete, Earth, and random debris struck Psycho Yellow as it swirled, causing golden sparks to fly from almost every point on her armour. As a side effect, the Dark Glaive dropped to the ground, Psycho Yellow having lost her concentration to control it.

Reece flipped a switch on her Delta Enforcer and slid into a wide stance, left foot forward, as she held the Delta Enforcer level, aiming it at Psycho Yellow’s chest. The barrels began to undulate alternately as the energy core began to whine. Energy flowed through the Delta Enforcer causing it to light up Yellow as the red lights on Reece’s helmet flashed and her helmet siren went off, “Delta Enforcer! Full Power!” Eve raised her right arm even higher as the Seismic Glaive shot straight up, the tornado beginning to dissipate. She then thrust her right arm down as the Seismic Glaive shot straight down, the blades running down the front of Psycho Yellow’s suit. As the Seismic Glaive reached Psycho Yellow’s chest, Reece pulled and held down the trigger on her Delta Enforcer, “Fire!” The Delta Enforcer let loose with a steady barrage of yellow blasts, striking Psycho Yellow in the chest as the Seismic Glaive hit the ground. Psycho Yellow screamed as Reece stopped firing and turned her back, holding the Delta Enforcer up across her chest. Eve also turned her back as she whipped her right arm around and held it up, bent at the elbow. The Seismic Glaive flew straight to her right hand as Psycho Yellow fell, engulfed by a large explosion.

Psycho Pink stumbled back from the repeated shots of the Chrono Blaster as Margo stood. She released her Chrono Blaster, allowing the holster to rotate back into place on her hip as Amie pushed herself off the ground, climbing to one knee. She grabbed her Lifeforce Saber and stood as Margo lowered her Chrono Saber. Psycho Pink regained her footing and growled as she held her Saber at her right side. Amie made to rush Psycho Pink while she was still dazed, but Margo extended her left arm sideways, placing her Chrono Saber in Amie’s path. Amie stopped and turned to look at Margo, “Move your Saber.” Margo shook her head, “Patience, Amie. You’re still too angry.” Amie balled her left hand into a fist as she swung her Saber down to her right side in frustration, “Patience? I don’t have time to wait! The bitch is between me and Zakk! I’m not going to tell you again.” Margo turned her head to look at Amie, “And you are too emotional!” Amie growled and moved to strike Margo’s arm with an uppercut slash from her Saber when a soft whir echoed through the area. Amie stopped and turned as Margo did the same. They saw Psycho Pink with her sword pointed up and a dark pink disc spinning around the hilt of her sword. Amie lowered her sword and shook her head, “Oh no she didn’t!”

Psycho Pink’s sword transformed into a black and dark pink fan as she spread the fan with a flick of her wrist. She reared back and swung the fan at Margo and Amie as a huge gust of wind blew across the field, picking up dirt and debris. Margo withdrew her arm and jumped to her right to avoid the attack as Amie jumped to her left, also avoiding the attack. As Margo landed from her jump, Psycho Pink was upon her. She had her fan spread as she raised it and pulled back. The fan glowed dark pink as the skeleton of the fan seemed to extend past the fan part, creating jagged blades. She swung the bladed fan at Margo who backpedaled, barely avoiding the swipe. Psycho Pink pressed her advantage, rotating her right wrist to invert the fan and pulled back, going for a backhanded fan swipe to Margo’s chest. Margo ducked to her right, again avoiding the attack as she spun on her left foot, lashing out with her right leg. With the backhanded swipe leaving her wide open, Margo caught her square in the gut with a reverse roundhouse kick.

Psycho Pink stumbled back as Margo regained her footing. Psycho Pink growled in frustration as she pulled her right arm back, preparing to unleash another wind attack. She stopped dead in her tracks as Amie appeared in front of her. Amie ran past her, landing a fore-slash to Psycho Pink’s right ribs. Margo saw her chance and ran at Psycho Pink, bring her left arm up in a circular arc. Psycho Pink raised he fan to block the incoming attack, but it was for naught as Margo wasn’t preparing an attack. Margo’s Chrono Saber met Psycho Pink’s fan at the downward portion of the arc, allowing Margo to effortless parry the block. As she did this, Margo raised her right hand behind her, “Chrono Saber!” Her second Chrono Saber appeared in her right hand in a flash of pink as she gripped it in a reverse grip. She brought her right arm across her chest, slashing Psycho Pink hard across her own chest. Psycho Pink stumbled once more as Margo spun to face her, shifting the Chrono Saber in her right hand to a fore grip.

Sparks flew from Psycho Pink’s armour as Margo nodded to Amie, “Nice work.” Amie nodded back, “I guess patience really is a virtue. Thank you, once again, Margo.” Margo chuckled as she combined the Chrono Sabers, making them look like the hands of a clock. She pointed them at Psycho Pink, then spread the two sabers, creating a pink grid between them, enveloping Psycho Pink. She then brought her left arm across her chest and pressed a few buttons on her Chrono Morpher, “Time Vector Initialize!” The pink grid began flashed as the Chrono Sabers began to glow pink. Margo grabbed her Chrono Sabers, separating them as pink energy seemed to link the two blade tips together. She then leaped at Psycho Pink, raised both arms, and brought them down in a double vertical slash, “Time Strike!” Margo landed in a crouch as an explosion rocked the area. She stood to survey her work when she was knocked back by a volatile gust of wind. She landed on her back next to Amie as gale force winds blew the fire out from the explosion, revealing Psycho Pink, fan in hand.

Amie checked on Margo who picked herself up, her Chrono Sabers disappearing into the ether whence they came, “Ok now I’m mad. Amie. Let’s toast this wench!” She pressed a few more buttons on her Chrono Morpher and raised her right hand to the sky, “V-Sniper!” Pink energy coalesced in front of her right hand, becoming a pink and sliver rifle. She grabbed the grip with her right hand as she supported the barrel with her left. Amie nodded and pulled her White Tiger Force Disk from the Disc Holder on her hip, sliding it over the hilt of her Saber. She then spun it as her Saber transformed into a white fan in a flash of white energy, “Cyclone Fan!” Margo began to aim the V-Sniper at Psycho Pink as Amie took off running. Psycho Pink began swinging her fan, conjuring swirling gusts of wind. Amie countered her every attack with one of her own, enraging the Psycho Ranger.

Psycho Pink went for a wild wind slash with her fan, but Amie spun on her right foot and snapped her fan closed as she lunged at Psycho Pink. The head of the closed fan struck Psycho Pink in the right wrist, stopping her attack and causing her to freeze for a moment as pain shot up her right arm. Amie continued with her spinning momentum as she bent her left arm and slammed her left elbow into Psycho Pink’s gut, causing her to begin to double over. Amie slide to a stop with her back to Psycho Pink as she reached up with her left hand, grabbing Psycho Pink’s head and pulling down, almost as if she was going for a Snapmare. She then brought her right arm across, slamming the head of her closed fan into the face of Psycho Pink’s helm. Amie released Psycho Pink’s head, allowing it to snap back with the force of her blow. She turned to face Psycho Pink as she flicked her right wrist, causing her fan to spread open. She swung her fan at Psycho Pink multiple times, conjuring several vortexes of gale force winds around Psycho Pink.

The winds swirled around Psycho Pink, keeping her off balance as Amie charged in. She leaped into the air her fan glowed white, “Tiger Claw!” The skeleton of her fan extended past the fan section, creating curved blades, mimicking a tiger’s claws. She used the winds she conjured to launch herself at Psycho Pink and accelerate her speed. Completely at Amie’s mercy, Psycho Pink could do little except stand there as Amie swirled around her with the current of the wind, landing slash upon slash with her bladed fan, “Dance of The West!” Amie landed her final blow across Psycho Pink’s back as she flew past Psycho Pink’s left side. She landed in a crouch, right foot forward, her right arm across her body, fan over her left shoulder and her right arm across her left arm in an ‘x’ pattern. The winds dissipated as Psycho Pink stood frozen, arms wide open. Margo nodded as she pulled the trigger on her V-Sniper, “Gotcha!” A pink beam of energy lanced out from the barrel of the V-Sniper and struck Psycho Pink dead in the chest, causing pink lightning to envelop her. Margo turned around and raised her V-Sniper with her right hand, the barrel pointing straight up and Amie stood up, uncrossing her arms as Psycho Pink fell in a ball of fire and a massive explosion.

All of the Rangers met up after their long fight, all of them breathing heavily. Donnie used his spear to help balance himself as he pumped his free fist, “We did it! Those posers are toast!” A familiar voice cut his celebration short, “Not so fast, Rangers!” The Rangers all turned to see Zakk standing up from the flaming wreckage of the battle field, unmorphed. Slowly, the other Psycho Rangers stood up beside him. Deacon took a step back, “No… way. That’s not possible.” Eve simply shook her head in disbelief as Amie balled her left hand into a fist, “What does it take to kill you?!” Zakk chuckled as he held his ribs, “Kill me? You can never kill me, dearest Amie. You just don’t have it in you.” The Magma Ranger stepped forward, Phoenix Buster in hand, “Zakk Forrest. You, of all people, should already realize the fallacy in your last statement. Amie is a Power Ranger. Moreover, she is your wife. You sacrificed yourself once for her already…” He reached up and depressed the center of the Disc Connector on the side of the Phoenix Buster, releasing the lock and turning it in to a hinge. He then folded the blade of the Phoenix Buster over to convert into the Phoenix Bazooka. He coninued speaking with apparent pain and sadness in his voice, “…and she knows…” He turned to look at Amie, “…that you would gladly do so again.”

The Magma Ranger held the Phoenix Bazooka with both hands like, well, a Bazooka, “Rangers! Let’s end this!” The Lifeforce Rangers stepped up, pulling their Beast Discs from their weapons, transforming them back into Sabers. They then placed each of their discs into the recess along the top of the Bazooka. Amie was the last to remove her disc. She looked at the Magma Ranger for a moment, staring at him, then placed her disc alongside the others. The Lifeforce Rangers flanked the Magma Ranger and dropped into crouches as Agent Z stepped up as well, “Rangers! Together!” He raised his Power Sword to the air and the Dragon Dagger as he held all three flute buttons, once more energizing the Dragon Dagger. He held the blades above his head in a ‘x’ formation as the other Legacy Ranger stepped up beside him. Valo drew his Astro Blaster and attached his Astro Axe to the barrel to double the Astro Blaster’s firepower as he took aim at the Psycho Rangers. Miyamoto allowed his spear to return to the ether as he drew his Angelic Blaster, again, Headder still attached as he also took aim, preparing a Komodo Bite. Reece raised her Delta Enforcer and aimed it at the Psycho Rangers as it began to power up once more. Lastly, Margo raised her V-Sniper and took aim once more.

The Psycho Rangers, battered and damaged, roared with a final defiance as they rushed the combined Rangers. The Lifeforce Rangers pointed at the oncoming Psycho Rangers as the Magma Ranger pulled the trigger on the Phoenix Bazooka, “Lifeforce Pentad Buster!” Five colored beams of light lanced out from the massive Phoenix Bazooka, each light taking the form of one of the Sacred Beasts. Each represented beast was in its correct position according the constellation chart. The White Tiger on the left, the Red Phoenix on the bottom, the Azure Serpent on the right, the Black Tortoise on the top, and the Golden Dragon right down the middle. Agent Z took a step forward and slashed out with his Power Sword and Dragon Dagger unleashing a torrent of red lightning and green energy. Valo, Miyamoto, Reece, and Margo all pulled the triggers on their firearms, unleashing an array of colored beams at the Psycho Rangers.

Zakk, wisely, jumped away as the Psycho Rangers took the combined force of the Power Rangers head on. They never really stood a chance. They Psycho Rangers yelled one final time as they all went up in an enormous explosion. The Lifeforce Rangers stood up as the Magma Ranger lowered the Phoenix Bazooka, reverting it to a Lifeforce Saber. The rest of the Rangers lowered their weapons as four glowing gems hovered where the Psycho Rangers once stood. They glowed Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink respectively. They were the Lifeforce Life Slugs that originally gave the Lifeforce Rangers their powers and that gave the Psycho Rangers their powers. They flew to the hands of the Lifeforce Rangers who caught them and looked at them. Eve sighed, “The Life Slugs have returned. But we can no longer use them.” Deacon nodded, “And yet they have chosen us as their guardians.” Donnie tossed the Green Life Slug into the air and caught it as he nodded, “Yeah baby! Who’s bad?!” A voice rang out as the Rangers all looked up, “Damn you… damn you all! Kalma will not be pleased!” Zakk stood on top of one of the warehouses on the docks as he looked down at the Rangers, the Blade of Perpetual Torment resting on his shoulder, “This isn’t over Rangers… not by a long shot!” With that, Zakk turned and left.

Amie reached out and screamed, “Zakk! Wait!” But it was to no avail as Zakk was already gone. Amie stared at the Pink Life Slug for a moment, then remembered something and spun around, “Magma Ranger, I wanted to ask you--!” Amie gasped as the Magma Ranger was gone as well. The other Rangers turned and looked around for him, but he had truly vanished. All of the Rangers de-morphed as Donnie stepped up beside Amie, “I wonder who that guy was?” Deacon and Eve joined them as Deacon spoke, “Ya got me, Donnie. He seemed, somehow… familiar.” Amie hung her head as a single tear dropped from her eye, “Zakk…”

Valo cleared his throat as he crossed his arms, “Not to take anything away from the mood, but what now?” Deacon raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean, Valo?” Valo closed his eyes, “Well… you guys got new powers so you don’t, exactly, need us anymore. And, to be honest, most of us don’t belong here.” Deacon nodded, “I see… how did you get here, exactly?” Agent Z answered the question, “A man named Hitori Kazama brought us here.” Eve’s eyes went wide as she gasped, “Hitori?! That’s why he looked so…” Donnie placed a hand on Amie’s shoulder as he looked off into the distance, “Well… let’s go ask Hitori, then. If he brought you here, he should have a plan to get you home.” The Legacy Rangers nodded as all of the Rangers made their way back to the Emporium.

Later at Angelus’ & Travis’ Music Emporium…

The Rangers walked through the front doors of the Emporium, the sun blazing in the sky and the height of the day. Donnie looked around as the lights were on, “Looks like Ang and Trav finally woke up! Ang! Trav! You guys here?!” The Lifeforce Rangers split up to look around as the Legacy Rangers remained in the main area. Eve gasped as she called out, “Guys! Come quick!” All of the Rangers converged on Eve who was standing in the doorway to the hidden back area that served as the Lifeforce Headquarters. Deacon stopped behind her and placed an arm around her shoulders, “What is it, Eve?” Eve pointed into the room as the others looked inside. Standing there was the hooded man. Angelus and Travis were kneeling in front of him and from the looks of things, they were sobbing. The Rangers rushed forward, Donnie getting their first. He looked down at Angelus and Travis, “Ang? Trav? What’s--?” The two shuffled on their knees, moving aside to show Rayne Forrest, sister of Zakk Forrest, on one knee beside Hitori Kazama who lying on the floor, his eyes closed, unmoving. Rayne’s chest was heaving as she appeared to be struggling to breathe. A slight sheen sparkled against her skin as light perspiration coated her face.

Donnie recoiled as he froze, finding himself speechless for the first time in his life, “No…” Eve gasped again and turned, burying her face into Deacon’s shoulder as he held her close, resting his cheek on the top of her head. Amie dropped to her knees as tears began to flow freely from her eyes, “Hitori…” She dropped to all fours and closed her eyes as she cried. Margo ran to Amie’s side as Valo comforted Reece and Miyamoto leaned against the doorway, preferring to be alone. Agent Z walked forward and stopped next to Donnie as he pointed at the Hooded Man, “You. What happened here?” The Hooded Man spoke softly, “When he teleported us… he must have used the last of his Lifeforce. I never should have let him do it…” Agent Z lowered his hand, “He did what he had to. His actions saved the world… and us.” The Hooded Man nodded in agreement as Amie looked up, wiping the tears from her eyes. She stared at Rayne, “Rayne… what are you doing here?”

Eve looked up from Deacon’s shoulder as Deacon himself raised his head and Donnie turned. Rayne stood up slowly, steadying her breathing, “Angelus and Travis called me when the three of them found Hitori. I came running.” Amie raised an eyebrow, “Three of them?” The Hooded Man interjected, “Indeed. I was present during the discovery of Hitori’s body. It’s a pity I didn’t have one of those fancy Sacred Beasts of yours to fly me back. I might have been able to do something.” Amie looked at Rayne, then at the Hooded Man as Rayne cocked her head, “Something wrong, Sis?” Amie looked back at the Lifeforce Rangers, then back at Rayne and the Hooded Man, “A fifth Lifeforce Ranger showed up during our battle. The Red Lifeforce Ranger.” Rayne’s eyes widened in shock as the Hooded Man raised his head ever so slightly before the two exchanged looks. The Hooded Man crossed his arms, “A Red Ranger, you say?” Amie nodded and eyed Rayne suspiciously, “I thought it might have been you… but Rayne… you’re pretty winded for just running here.” Rayne and the Hooded Man exchanged glances again before Rayne answered, “You try running across town and tell me you’re not winded. I ran here from work.” Amie pursed her lips and shifted her gaze to the Hooded Man, “It’s time you came clean.”

The Hooded Man cocked his head, “I’m certain I don’t know what you mean.” Amie crossed her arms, “Who has the Red Life Phone? And don’t tell me you don’t know.” The Hooded Man lowered his head slightly, “Oh I do know. But I can’t tell you. Like I said--.” Ami interrupted him, “It’s where it’s supposed to be. Yeah yeah, I know.” Rayne narrowed her eyes and bared her teeth in frustration, “You think one of us is this new Red Ranger?! You’re crazy!” Rayne winced as she held her side while Amie smirked, “And you’re injured.” Rayne rolled her eyes, “Some kid left his skate board in the middle of the sidewalk and I tripped on it, landing on a bike rack.” The Hooded Man walked over to Rayne and placed a hand on her side, examining the extent of the injury, “Enough of this pointless interrogation. Rayne, go take care of your injury.” He looked at Amie as Rayne shuffled off to the medical room, “We have more pressing matters than this mysterious Red Ranger of yours. Namely, what to do with and for Hitori Kazama.” Agent Z cleared his throat as he crossed his arms, “Not that your issues aren’t important, but we’re still stuck with the same problem we had before. How do we get home?”

Travis stood up, his head still hanging, “We can sand you home.” Angelus looked up, wiping his eyes, “Are you nuts?! We couldn’t even bring them here and now you want to try to send them home?!” Travis balled his hands into fists, “We have to try, Ang. We’re the only ones left that know the Summoning Ritual.” Angelus stood up and forced Travis to look at him, “Dude! We haven’t even recovered from that ritual yet and you want to perform it again, this time without Hitori?! Hell No! I won’t do it! It’s suicide! With less than a 33 percent chance it will even work!” Travis bared his teeth as he got angry at Angelus, “Ang!” Agent Z walked over to Travis and placed a hand on his shoulder, “It’s alright, Son.” Travis turned to look at Agent Z, “It’s our fault you’re here in the first place. It’s our responsibility to get you home.” Agent Z shook his head, “No. We can’t let you sacrifice yourselves in an attempt to send us home. Especially in an attempt with such a low probability of success.” The other Legacy Rangers nodded in agreement.

A low, throaty growl could be heard from behind Miyamoto followed by a clearing of the throat as everyone turned. Reece’s eyes went wide with surprised as a large, dark blue dog on two legs walked through the doorway. He wore a black trench coat baring the SPD Logo on his left chest and a line of rank pins on his right collar. True to being a dog, he wore no boots. His arms were crossed as he spoke, “I might have a suggestion.” The Rangers tensed, moving to protect Angelus, Travis, and the Hodded Man. Reece, however, stepped forward and saluted, bringing her right arm across her chest, “Commander!” The dog nodded, “At ease, Ranger.” Reece lowered her hands, “Rangers. Allow me to introduce you to Supreme Commander Anubis Cruger of Space Patrol Delta.”

Donnie’s jaw hit the floor, “The Supreme Commander of S.P.D. is a dog?!” Cruger growled, slightly baring his teeth, “It’s Dog-gie! And don’t you forget it, Ranger!” Eve raised an eyebrow, “Doggie? You can’t be serious…” Cruger turned to Eve, “You have a problem with my name, Ranger?” Eve snickered, “That’s really your name?” Cruger nodded, “Yes. Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger. At your service.” Donnie, Deacon, Eve, Valo, and Angelus burst into fits of laughter as Cruger could only stand there and growl. Reece looked at Cruger and crossed her arms, “Sir. You mentioned another option?” Cruger nodded, “Indeed. I have an option with a 100 percent success rate and no inherent danger to anyone.” Agent Z stepped forward, “And what might that be?” Cruger stepped aside as a blue, robotic owl flew in and landed on Margo’s left shoulder, “Hi!” The other Rangers stopped laughing and stared the owl as it was Margo’s turn to be in shock, “Circuit?!” Circuit flapped his wings, “In the metal!” Margo blinked, “Wait that means… you came here… on the Time Ship, right?” Circuit flapped his wings again, “Yep. It’s parked right outside! The Commander sent me to retrieve you after Time Force Command re-established a link with your Chrono Morpher!” Margo smiled, “Looks we have our ride home, everyone. I can drop you off wherever and whenever.” Cruger smiled and nodded, “And I have your ticket home, Reece.”

For the first time, Cruger noticed the body of Hitori Kazama in the center of the room, “Oh my. I’m… sorry for your loss, Rangers.” All of the Rangers nodded as Cruger unfolded his arms and saluted Hitori Kazama, “Rest in peace, fallen comrade and mentor of the Power Rangers.” He released the salute and motioned to the front of the Emporium, “Come. Bring your fallen friend with you.” Cruger turned and walked out as the Rangers, Angelus, Travis, and the Hooded Man followed suit, the later carrying Hitori’s body. As they emerged from the Emporium, they all gasped as in front of them was not only the Time Force Time Ship, but also the S.P.D. S.W.A.T. Megazord. Cruger leaped up to the cockpit of the S.W.A.T. Megazord and waved to the Rangers, “Where do you want the grave?” The Lifeforce Rangers looked at each other and all nodded a silent agreement as Amie turned and looked up at Cruger, “Behind the Emporium. There should be a hill there.” Cruger nodded and disappeared into the Megazord as its right arm raised. It aimed its wrist-mounted blaster at the hill behind the Emporium as one blast launched from it, creating a small crater on top of it. The Rangers walked to the crater as the Hooded Man lowered Hitori Kazama’s body into it. Cruger leaped down as Eve pulled her Life Phone from her pocket. She transformed it into her Lifeforce Morpher and wrote the Kanji for ‘Fill’ in mid-air. She hit it with a lateral stroke and aimed her Morpher at Hitori’s body as the dirt around the crater filled the hole on its own.

After the hole was filled, she wrote the Kanji for ‘Gravestone’ as the rocks in the surrounding area merged together to make a gravestone. It landed at the head of Hitori’s makeshift grave as Amie stepped forward, summoning her Lifeforce Saber. She slashed at the gravestone, etching Hitori’s name into it. She then stepped back and sheathed her Saber as they all shared a moment of silence. After that, they walked back down the hill to the Time Ship. Agent Z, Valo, Miyamoto, and Margo shook hands with the other Rangers, Cruger, Angelus, and Travis before entering the Time Ship. After a moment, the Time Ship blasted off into the upper atmosphere and disappeared into the Time Stream. Cruger placed a hand on Reece’s shoulder, “It’s time for us to go home as well.” Reece nodded as she said her goodbyes, giving Eve a big hug, “Take care of yourself.” Eve nodded as she held back tears, holding on to Deacon’s arm. Cruger and Reece turned to face the S.W.A.T. Megazord and stopped as Cruger seemed to be debating something. He reached into a pocket on his coat and pulled out a small device, tossing it to Amie who caught it, “If you ever need us, press the red button.” With that, Cruger and Reece leaped into the Megazord and took off back to New Tech City.

The Lifeforce Rangers walked back up to Hitori’s Grave as Angelus and Travis went back into the Emporium. They stood facing the grave in a semi-circle as they each extend their right arm and placed their right hands on top of each other. Amie spoke first, softly, “Hitori… you will be missed. We will never forget you and what you have done for Earth. And we will never be separated again!” Donnie nodded, “We are the Power Rangers. We have been tasked with defending Santa Monica and the Earth from Kalma and his undead goons. We will discharge that responsibility to our last!” Deacon nodded as well, “With courage, determination, friendship…” He turned to look at Eve who continued his thought, “…and love… we will overcome anything Kalma throws at us!” Deacon smiled and turned back to face the hands and the grave, “This is our promise to you, Hitori Kazama. We. Are. Lifeforce!” The Hooded Man stood off to the side, under a big tree, watching the whole thing. Unfortunately, none of them noticed the black crow circling the gravesite…

Kalma’s Hideout…

A bony hand reached out over the image of the Lifeforce Ranger’s hands as it tapped the center, sending out circular ripples, “You think your bonds are stronger than ever, Power Rangers? I think your bonds are as fragile as ever! And soon… very soon… I will break those bonds! Then, when you’re at your weakest… I will break you!” The bony hand brushed through the surface of the image with a splash, disrupting and distorting the image, revealing that it is a pool of water. The hand pulled away as evil, maniacal laugher could be heard echoing throughout the chamber.