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Power Rangers Spirit Defenders
By Dino Strike

For a thousand years, a chosen few have been selected to become Spirit Defenders. Each of these selected few wield a specific element- Fire, Earth, Water, Nature and Wind. With these elements, the Spirit Defenders protect people who need protecting; namely defenceless humans. Some will make the argument that humans aren’t defenceless, but if they’re up against the things that the Defenders are trained to fight, they sure as hell are defenceless. Over time, the need for the Defenders dwindled, and eventually the work of a Defender was silenced- no one was ever to hear of the Defenders again, simply because the human population was become smarter, wiser, making it more difficult for the Defenders to do their work.
After years of no defenders, Cor made his name known by all but destroying a small city called Keel City. It was then the decision was made; the Defenders would again be called into action. Instead of other-worldly beings being Defenders, the Spirit Council made the decision to incorporate the Samurai Spirit of the Defenders, and humans. These five individuals make up the new team of the Spirit Defenders.

Azuki Makeoto- Defender Red- Fire
Azuki is the leader of the Defenders. Chosen for his passion in doing the right thing and martial arts prowess, Azuki adjusted well to the life of being a Defender.

Kaleb Bryant- Defender Blue- Water
Kaleb is the strategist expert. You can count on him being behind-the scenes and logically working out how to do something. His love of the water and lively spirit got him chosen to be Defender Blue

Jesse Christenson- Defender Green- Nature
Jesse is the wild member of the group. He challenges Azuki, but never makes a direct challenge at his leadership. Jesse’s affinity for Nature made him the perfect choice to be Defender Green.

Heidi Moss- Defender Yellow- Earth
Heidi is different, personality and style wise. She connects with most people, yet she is the quiet and reserved member of the group. Her love for the Earth helped her become Defender Yellow

Mika Toksu- Defender Pink- Wind
Mika is the wide-eyed, child-like group member. She is the youngest, and acts like it. However, her team-mates accept her child persona. The title of Defender Pink went to Mika because of her love of the Air.


Master Tsukuma
Master Tsukuma serves as the Rangers' mentor. Also father to Azuki, Tsukuma is also the father figure for all five Rangers. An adept swordsman, Tsukuma can hold his own in a fight if need be.


Cor is the heart of everything evil. Terryfing and merciless, Cor is one guy you do not want to cross.

Formerly human, Ayanna met Cor and was transformed into what she is today. Cor warped her mind into thinking that the Defenders destroyed her body and Cor saved her, but by doing so had to transform her into her current state.

Blistro is Cor's Luietenant. Taking care of deploying soldiers, Blistro rarely ever goes into battle. Which, for him, is probably a good thing.

Episode Guide:

1. The Legend of the Defenders

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Episode One: The Legend of the Defenders

Setting: Keel City, 2010

Tsukuma Makeoto sighed. Every day, the feeling got worse. Whenever there was danger, Tsukuma felt it in his bones. He could never explain it, but so far his instincts had never failed him.

“Dad, are you meditating again?” Tsukumas’ son, Azuki, entered the room

Tsukuma frowned, again sighing, “One day you will learn of the great importance of meditating, son. You may not realize it yet, but you will.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Azuki said, obviously not believing his father

The Makeoto’s were of Japanese descent. Although Azuki refused to acknowledge much of his history, Tsukuma practised many of the old arts.

“Look, dad, I’m going out for a bit. I’ll see you later, ok?” Azuki made his way to the door

“You’ll be home for dinner, won’t you?” Tsukuma called out to his son

“Um, sure,” Azuki replied, before leaving

Tsukuma sighed. Azuki was like nothing he’d expected him to be. He’d hoped he would be an image of himself; a man who was dedicated to how culture used to be. Alas, Azuki was not like that. He was unsure of what he’d done wrong; he’d brought Azuki up with the traditional Japanese values, and yet he discarded them as easily as he did with his clothes. Slowly, Tsukuma got to his feet, his bones aching.

“Something is definitely happening,” He murmured


“Azuki!” Heidi called out, running up to one of her best friends

“Hey, Heidi.” Azuki grinned

Azuki and Heidi had been friends for years, and Heidi never let him forget it. He noticed Mika and Kaleb were also sitting together, Jesse sitting off to the side.

“For a second we were beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

“Yeah, my dad tried to install some Japanese stuff into me.”

“I’m sure it’s only in your best interests,” Heidi soothed, “You should be more open minded.”

“Be grateful your father’s actually interested!” Mika said, “My parents never cared about anything other than my school grades.”

Jesse snorted, “My parents didn’t care if I failed or not.”

Kaleb laughed and shoved Jesse, “We all know you’re the resident ‘bad-boy’, but at least try to fit in.”

Jesse just rolled his eyes, and turned to Azuki, “Your father’s probably worried about you. Ignore him for a couple of days, and he’ll get over it.”

Azuki frowned, “Remember last time I took your advice? It didn’t turn out so well.”

“That’s true...” Jesse nodded, “But there’s nothing in saying it will happen that way again.”

Everyone laughed. Jesse’s plans had a habit of going awry, and yet it didn’t stop him from suggesting them.

“Ah, there you are.”

“Huh?” The group turned around to see a very old man hobbling towards them

“I’ve been looking for you five for a very long time.”

“Look, crazy, this is a private party. Go back to your nursing home or
something.” Jesse said

Mika hit him, “What do you want, sir?”

“I cannot believe your being nice to him,” Jesse hissed, “He probably wants to kill us.”

“You are so over dramatic.”

Kaleb laughed, and the man turned to him, unsmiling.

“Is there a problem, Defender Blue?”

“What? Oh, nothing,” Kaleb attempted to control his laughter

“His name’s Kaleb,” Azuki said, a little defensively, “Not Defender Blue or whatever you called him.”

“Ah, Defender Red, always the protector of the group,” The man appeared to just notice Azuki, “I take it you are ready for your powers to be bestowed on you?”

“Um, no?” Azuki asked, completely confused at what the man was saying, “Would you like us to take you home?”

The man ignored his question, and turned to Mika and Heidi, “Defenders Yellow and Pink, you are just as I imagined you.”

Jesse snorted, and stood up, “Do you want us to call the cops or something?” He asked, towering over the little man

The man bent his head back, searching for Jesse’s eyes, “You must be Defender Green. Tall, brooding and heartless.”

“That sounds about right,” Heidi commented

The man ignored them, “You must protect the city. They are coming. Protect us!”

And then, just like that, he was gone.

Jesse glanced at the others, “Someone’s gone crazy in old age.”

Mika frowned, “It was like he knew us, or something.”

“It’s not as if he could’ve known us,” Kaleb pointed out, “He didn’t even use our names.”

“I know, but he just knew us. I can’t explain it.”

“Mika, you’re going crazy,” Heidi said, “None of us have met him before. He must’ve gotten us confused with someone else.”

“I dunno,” Azuki said, “He did get Jesse’s personality spot-on.”

Jesse glared at Azuki, “Be grateful I have a bad back, Zuki, or you’d be on the ground in pain.”

“Oh, would I?” Azuki challenged, “I’m pretty sure it’d be you.”

“Before you both end up hurting yourself, let’s go back to your place. It’s getting dark and I don’t really want that old guy to come around again.” Kaleb suggested

The group all agreed, and began walking back to Azuki’s house, with Jesse and Azuki bringing up the rear.

“I’m pretty sure he just said that because he didn’t want you to get hurt.” Jesse commented


Tsukuma groaned, his bones were getting more painful by the minute. So far, there had been no danger, nothing but the fact his bones were killing him.

“Here you go, sir.” The shopkeeper handed him back his change, “Have a good day.”

Tsukuma grunted, not believing him. Obviously, no one else had any idea something was, or going to be, wrong. Heck, even he couldn’t explain it. He began walking towards his old, battered car, courtesy of Kaleb and Jesse. They’d never explained how the car came to such a state, and Tsukuma never asked. Some things were better left alone.

Then, before he could even get to his car, screams and shouts filled the air. People were running in all directions, fleeing the city centre.

“What is going on?” Tsukuma asked, but before he got a reply he saw the centre of the trouble. A large group of monster-like things had arrived, and were blasting large parts of the shopping district to smithereens. People knocked into him in their desperate bid to escape, but Tsukuma stood his ground. It brought back so many memories, memories he hadn’t told anyone about save for his late wife. The police had arrived now, and were firing on these creatures. But, even as one got knocked down, it appeared as if ten more appeared out of nowhere.

“Sir, please leave.” A young police officer was attempting to shepherd Tsukuma out of the shopping district

“I can’t. You need help.”

“Sir, you will get injured. Leave this to the professionals.” The young man looked at him, and Tsukuma saw fear in his eyes.

Tsukuma nodded, and walked briskly to his car, which was only a few metres away. Dropping the shopping in the boot, Tsukuma got into the driver’s seat and sped away.

He used to be a professional.


It was nearly ten by the time Azuki, Mika, Heidi, Kaleb and Jesse returned to the house.

“I’m telling you, that movie was epic!” Kaleb said

The group had decided to stop in and see a movie everyone had wanted to see.

The house was dark, no lights were on.

“Dad?” Azuki called out

“Azuki! There you are! I’ve been so worried! You were supposed to be home four hours ago!”

“Oh,” Azuki was stunned, “I’m sorry.”

“Hi Mr. Makeoto,” Mika piped up, “I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Hello, Mika, my dear. Where have you been?”

“We were seeing a movie, Mr. Makeoto. I told Azuki he should ring you to let you know, but he said no.” Mika told him

“Did he know?” Tsukuma glanced at Azuki, who was standing awkwardly in the doorway

“Well, come in, come in. I have a nice dinner in the oven. You are welcome to stay.”

“Uh, I gotta get home.” Jesse spoke up, “You know, work and stuff tomorrow.”

Kaleb grabbed Jesse’s arm, “There is no way you are leaving us, Jesse. I don’t think I can stand another lecture at the dinner table.” He murmured

Jesse smiled warmly at Tsukuma, “My plans have changed.”


“I’m just glad you are safe,” Tsukuma said, playing with his food

“Dad, I told you we were going out. We were fine.”

“Well, apart from that creepy guy,” Heidi thought

“I’m pretty sure he couldn’t have hurt us even if he tried.”

“What guy?” Tsukuma asked sharply

“Oh, some random stranger,” Kaleb replied, “Going on about some ‘Defenders’ lark. Crazy guy.”

Tsukuma sighed, and dropped his fork, “I’d hoped it never came to this.”

“Dad, what’s going on?”

“Kaoto was right. Some day we would be needed again. I’d just hoped the burden didn’t fall on you.”

“I don’t understand...” Azuki said weakly

Tsukuma got up from the table and switched on the TV. The group turned to face the screen.

“And today, we were subject to a horrific attack,” The reporter read, “A group of what appeared to be aliens attacked and destroyed the city centre. It is unknown who they are, what they want, or why they attacked the city. We are advising everyone to stay indoors, and be on the lookout for anything suspicious. If you do see something suspicious, please call 0-”

Tsukuma switched off the TV, “Those ‘aliens’ aren’t aliens at all. They are called Destroyers. They are true to their name that is for sure.”

“But what does that have to do with the man?” Mika asked

“The Destroyers are controlled by a group called Jiyaaku, which means evil in Japanese. I believe the head of the Jiyaaku is Cog, a very much evil being.”

“I still don’t get it,” Mika said

Tsukuma sighed, “I will tell you the full story, but you better prepare yourself.

“The story beings thousands of years ago, were supernatural beings and humans lived in harmony. Angels, Demons, Monsters; they were all peaceful, for the most part. The supernatural, magical, you could say, community were divided in families. Jiyaaku was one of those families. Every being that resided in that family made it their lives intention to kill and harm as many people as possible. The council, who are made up of many different creatures, decided to create a force called Spirit Defenders. The Defenders were beings that were trained to contain the Jiyaaku, and to not harm the balance that was between humans and the beings. The Defenders did their job, and well, for they destroyed the father of the Jiyaaku, Tenna. Of course, his family swore revenge, but it didn’t come. A few years later, the Council decided to shut down all forms of communication between humans and beings, and erased every last humans’ memories and stories relating to the beings. Although some beings missed the link between them and the humans, everyone agreed it was for the better good.

“And still, the Jiyaaku were attempting to destroy every last being that existed in the community, and so the Defenders were kept in use. Over the years, the team changed many times. It wasn’t until the human population became smarter that the council realized that the Defenders must be shut down, in fear of the humans persecuting him.

“If the Jiyaaku have succeeded in bridging the gap between humans and supernatural folk, we can be sure they will unleash their worst on defenceless humans.” Tsukuma finished, looking at the group

“You speak about humans as if you’re not one of them,” Heidi commented

Tsukuma smiled, “I see there is no fooling you. I have the appearance of a normal person, true, but I am not from this world. I served in the last group of the Defenders.”

“So, I’m one of these ‘beings’, huh?” Azuki asked

“No,” Tsukuma replied, “Your mother, my wife, was a human. You are the only hybrid in history.”

Jesse whistled, “Good story you got there, Doc, but I don’t see any proof. For all we know, the so-called ‘Destroyers’ could be people dressed up in suits. Good bedtime story, though.”

Tsukuma got to his feet and disappeared into a room without speaking, and then returned, holding a worn leather bag.

“These are what the Defenders used to use to become more powerful, to become proper Defenders.”

Tsukuma opened the bag and pulled out five small bracelets.

“Do you see the proof now?” Tsukuma asked

Jesse remained silent, folding his arms.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t get what it has to do with us.”

“You five are the destined. You were chosen by the council to become the Defenders. We saw this a long time coming, but we weren’t sure when it would actually happen. If you accept, you’ll become Power Rangers.”

“Well, I believe you.” Mika spoke up, “I’ll do it.”

Heidi, Kaleb and Azuki agreed, albeit a little reluctantly.

Jesse frowned, “If you’re lying, you’re dead.”

Tsukuma smiled, “I assure you, I’m not lying. Now, down to the intricate details, ok?”

Tsukuma handed a bracelet to each of them.

“With these bracelets, you’ll be able to morph into the Spirit Defenders, by calling out ‘Spirit Defenders, Now’. The rest will come naturally, it’s an inborn ability.

“Each morpher harnesses an element along with it. For red, it’s the element of Fire. Blue is water, Green is Nature, Yellow is Earth and Pink is Wind. From then on, it’s pretty straight-forward.”

“Who is going to be what?” Azuki asked

“You, my son, will be Defender Red. Kaleb, Defender Blue. Heidi, you will be Defender Yellow. Jesse, the power of Defender Green bestowed on you, and Mika, you will become Defender Pink. It’s not an easy job, and I don’t like the idea of it that much, but it is the will of the council, and so it will happen.”

“Should we, like, try it out or something?” Kaleb asked

“Oh! Yes, please!” Mika smiled, “I love pink!”

Heidi laughed, “We know, Mika, you only go on about it every day.”

Tsukuma nodded, “Go on, please, try it out.”

“You guys ready?” Azuki asked

“Ready!” Kaleb, Heidi and Mika replied

The four turned to Jesse.

“Ready,” He drawled

“Spirit Defenders, Now!”

--Next Episode on Power Rangers Spirit Defenders

The Rangers encounter a mysterious monster that leaves them wondering if they're good enough to be Rangers.

And when Jesse and Azuki clash, the tensions threaten to split the team apart before its even done.

What will happen next time on Power Rangers Spirit Defenders?

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Episode Two: Defending the City

Setting: Keel City, 2010
“I cannot believe I’ve been roped into this,” Jesse complained, on his hands and knees

“We never forced you to say yes,” Heidi pointed out, “You’re in control of your mouth.”

“Don’t give me that ‘you’re in control of yourself’ lark. I’m sick of it.” Jesse said

“I think this is a wonderful idea!” Mika piped up, and everyone groaned in response

“Only you, Mika,” Kaleb said

The group had been instructed to clean Tsukuma’s dojo in his modified basement. It may not seem like a hard job, but wait until you clean something with toothbrushes.

“My back hurts,” Jesse groaned, “This is not what I signed up for.”

“Tough luck, buddy,” Azuki replied, “My dad had me doing this when I was five.”

The others remained silent; the only sound was that of the scrubbing toothbrushes on the wooden floor. Tsukuma entered using the traditional wooden door, and clapped his hands.

“Well done,” He said, “I was not at all sure you would complete the task.”

“Might I ask why the hell are we doing this?” Jesse asked irritably, throwing his toothbrush away

Tsukuma looked surprised, “My dear boy, doesn’t it make sense. You develop a sense of patience, as well as completing something that appears well out of your grasp.”

“Well, Jesse failed that.” Azuki commented, receiving a few well-placed glares from his friend

“There is no failing,” Tsukuma reprimanded his son, “Only those who do better than others.”

Jesse snorted, “That makes no sense.”

“You’ll understand one day. You are dismissed.”

Tsukuma turned and exited the room.

“What the hell was that for?!” Azuki asked, turning on Jesse


“Going off at my dad; I don’t really appreciate it.”

“Did I ask for your opinion?”

“No, and I’m still giving it.”

“Give it a rest, guys,” Heidi complained

“Yeah,” Kaleb agreed, “There’s enough of me to go around.”

Everyone glared at Kaleb.

“I’m pretty sure no one wants you,” Heidi said, “Remember Tabitha?”

“What,” Kaleb held a hand up, “Did we say about mentioning her again?”

Heidi snickered, and Mika laughed slightly,

“I liked Tabitha. She was always nice to me.”

Jesse snorted, “She called you an ‘annoying peace of nothingness’. She sure loved you.”

Mika folded her arms defensively, “That was one time.”


Mika was lost for words, she didn’t have a reply. Jesse grinned triumphantly, “I am the best.”

Heidi shook her head, “No, what you are is full of it.”

“I agree with Heidi,” Azuki said

Jesse frowned, “I’m not full of it. I’m just right.”


“You must trust your instincts in battle. You cannot second guess and you cannot change your mind. Your opponents will soon become accustomed to your weaknesses, and use them to destroy you.”

“What if they destroy us?” Mika asked

Tsukuma sighed, “We’ll just have to hope that day never comes.”

“Wait a second.” Jesse interrupted, “Your making us put our lives on the line for these monster creatures?”

Azuki frowned, “He’s not making us do anything. We each made a choice.”

“We’re barely adults. We could die!”

“Obviously you didn’t think of that before you said yes.”

“Because I didn’t really have that much of a choice!” Jesse yelled, “All of you were crapping on me for not believing!”

“There is a risk, as there is a risk in everything. But you were chosen to do this,” Tsukuma explained, “It is not a burden easily rid of.”

“I can chuck the morpher,” Jesse sneered the word, “Then walk out of here and never look back.”

“Fine. Go ahead. I’m sure we can find someone else who could be ten billion times better than you.” Azuki said
“Excuse me?” Jesse asked, “Who’s the one that got beaten up by the girl two years younger than him? Well, it wasn’t me. Must’ve been you.”

“Will you two stop fighting?” Mika asked, repeating her earlier words, “I’m sick of it!”

“All you do if fight day in, day out. If you wanna kiss each other than just get it over and done with.”

“Shut up, Kaleb.” Jesse groaned, “We don’t need your lame-ass jokes for the rest of our lives.”

“Hey,” Azuki shoved Jesse, “Don’t tell my friend to shut up!”

“Unless you didn’t realize, I can say what I want.” Jesse shoved Azuki back

Before long, the two got entangled in a fight, rolling around on the floor. Heidi, Kaleb and Mika stood off to one side, unsure of what to do.

Tsukuma stepped over, and pulled the two young men apart. Pulling Jesse off Azuki with one hand, and keep Azuki away from Jesse on the other, the entire matter was over in under a minute.

“Never,” Tsukuma said, “Fight in my household again. Is that understood?”

Both Azuki and Jesse nodded sullenly.

“Good. Follow me?”

Jesse glared at Azuki as the group trooped out of the living room and followed Tsukuma down a hallway. Tsukuma opened a door, and gestured for them to go inside. The office, as the room had formerly been, had been made-over, with futuristic-looking technology lining the desks. In the centre a large table, close to the floor, had been placed with comfortable flooring surrounding it.

“These are the headquarters,” Tsukuma announced, “I have set up the monitors to alert us if there is a disturbance in the city. It will also allow me to monitor footage of you fighting, and an in-built communicator will allow me to help you.”

“How did you get all this stuff?” Kaleb asked

“I’ve had it in my possession for a while; I’ve just never had a good excuse to use it.”

“Sweet,” Heidi whistled, “Some of this stuff hasn’t even hit the shelves.”

“And nor will it,” Tsukuma said, “This has been wired for ranger-use only.”

Azuki nodded, “People will be wondering how a small group of people came into possession of such futuristic technology, assuming we didn’t make it.”

“Well, aren’t you just a little genius.” Jesse sneered

Azuki moved towards Jesse, as if to start a fight again, but Tsukuma held up a hand,

“I am not against to throwing my own son out, Azuki.” Tsukuma said

Jesse smirked slightly, but didn’t say anything.


Before Tsukuma could continue, a series of beeps emitted from the computer.

“What’s that?” Heidi asked, looking at the main monitor

“That would be a Jiyaaku.” Tsukuma replied

“How can you tell?” Kaleb asked

“I can tell. You need to go and stop it before it causes some serious damage.”

Azuki nodded, “You guys in?” He asked, before turning to Jesse, “Or are you out?”

Jesse sighed, “I swear-”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Azuki interrupted

“Take them to the garage, Azuki,” Tsukuma instructed, “I have a little surprise for you.”


“Look at them run!” A large, sword-wielding monster squealed, slicing the front of a car off

“Hey!” Azuki shouted, “Pick on someone your own side, why don’t you?”

“Get out of my way!” The monster growled, “You’re spoiling my fun!”

Jesse snorted, “This is your idea of fun? Smashing up perfectly good cars?”

“No,” The monster drawled the word out, “This.”

Instantly, a group of what Tsukuma had identified as Destroyers surrounded the group and created a barrier around the monster.

“Hey, leader,” Jesse asked, “How are we meant to fight these?”

“I have no idea.”

“Well, that inspires confidence in us,” Kaleb commented

The Destroyers moved in closer, creating a tighter circle around the group.

“I’m guessing we should morph?” Mika asked

Azuki nodded, “Yeah, I think we should morph. Ready?”


“Spirit Defenders, Now!”

The group transformed into the Spirit Defenders and turned to face the surrounding Destroyers.

“Green is so not my colour.” Jesse groaned

“Get over yourself, Jesse, and help.” Heidi said

Seven out of the approximate twenty Destroyers broke away from the group and headed towards the Rangers with surprising agility and speed for their size. One threw its arm out to Jesse, who barely managed to throw his hand up and block the attack.

“Suck on that, demon thing.” He gloated, before kicking it in the stomach and shoving it away

Before the rangers very eyes, the Destroyers multiplied into what seemed like hundreds, possibly thousands; the rangers could no longer even see the monsters.

“Well, this is exactly the definition of not good.”

“I’m gonna agree with you there, Jesse.”

“Rangers,” Tsukuma’s voice came over the communicator, “Use your Swords.”

The Rangers listened to Tsukuma’s advice, and retrieved their swords.


“Well, here we go. Hiyah!” Azuki yelled, and began to fight off the Destroyers

After what seemed like hours, the rangers were knocked back, and the Destroyers surrounded them once more.

“This isn’t working.” Jesse said, “We’re being totalled.”

“You need patience,” Tsukuma’s voice once again came over the communicator, “Remember what you learnt at the dojo. You need peace of mind and clarity.”

“Got it,” Azuki opened up his belt to reveal a disk. He placed the disk on his sword, and spun it around. Instantly, it transformed from his sword into the Fire Carver, a weapon Tsukuma had explained about in one of their previous lessons.

Azuki unleashed the Fire Carver, successfully taking many Destroyers out.

“Let’s do this,” Mika said, and Kaleb and Heidi agreed with her, and the trio unleashed their personal weapons; the Wind Fan, Land Slicer, and Water Bow.

Jesse sighed, “Now’s the time I think I should’ve listened to Tsukuma.” He said before following in the others suit and transformed his sword into the Nature Lance.

Thanks to the added bonus of the weapons, the Destroyers were easily taken down. As Kaleb, Jesse, Heidi and Mika dealt with the remaining Destroyers, Azuki cornered the monster.

“I think your time is over.” He said, before stabbing the monster.

“We got him!” The rangers cheered as the monster disappeared into an explosion

“Don’t think so,” Azuki replied, “I seem to recall dad mentioning something about the Jiyaaku having two lives.”

As if on cue, the monster returned, growing to an enormous size.

“Well, crap.” Jesse said

“My sentiments exactly,” Kaleb agreed

“The zords!” Mika called, “Remember the zords!”

Only yesterday, the group had been lectured on the zords; huge, robot-like structures that were capable of defending off the Jiyaaku if they grew to a monstrous size.

“Spirit zords, awake!”




“I guess your training paid off after all,” Heidi said to Tsukuma, “And here I was thinking you were making us do it for fun.”

“No, No!” Tsukuma laughed, “I’ll never teach you anything you don’t need to know. Now, I am proud of your efforts today, believe me on that, but mark my words, times will not always be as easy as they were today. You did well, but not well enough. That is why the dojo needs re-cleaning.”

Everyone groaned.

“Come on, dad,” Azuki said, “Can’t we have the day off?”

“No.” Tsukuma replied, “Training must be a first in all your lives.”

As the group filed out to head back to the dojo, Jesse stopped Azuki.

“Look, I’m sorry for being mean, or whatever,” Jesse said

Azuki snorted, “That’s the best you can do?”

“Well, yeah.” Jesse said, “I’m not giving you a bloody speech.”