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Sorry guys. He's the next installment. I will try to keep up and I would like it if you could tell me what you think. And if you have any ideas I would like to hear them too.

Chapter 4: The Big Idea

Zhane and Natasha arrived and her house. As they walked up the house stairs and stopped at the door, she turned to him. "Thanks Zhane. You didn't have to walk me home though."

He smiled the smile that he knew had gotten a lot of girls in the past. "I know, but I wanted to."

"Well, thanks." she said and walked in.

"You are welcome." he said as he walked down the stairs and headed towards his place.

Raff was on his bed still lying in his room on his bed staring at the ceiling. He was wondering what was going to happen to Jason. He thought that Zhane had taken it worse then anyone. I know that he we only have been Rangers for a little while, but why did it hot someone like Zhane so hard? she thought. He looks like he's a strong person. So what's wrong? And how can we get Jason back? Raff got up from his bed and started pacing the room.

Zhane was walking along and his mind continued to drift back to Natasha. To her beautiful face; her eyes, nose, and her mouth. She had a wonderful mouth. It was so full and lush. "Why am I thinking so much about her? She is so wonderful." And as he said that the image of her came to mind and he smiled. Then the image of Jason came through like a cloud and his smiled was quickly wiped away. "Jason." he said softly. "You must have known what was going to happen, so what made you do it?" Zhane sighed as he continued walking. He wondered if Rhys came up with a solution as to how they would get Jason back. And that thought went through his mind the whole time he walked to his house.

Natasha on the other hand was in the same boat as the rest. She couldn't rest either like she was suppose to. She too thought about Zhane as he was thinking of her and she was also thinking about Jason. "Rhys." she said. "Have you found something yet?" she asked. She looked down at her morpher. It hasn't beeped for hours. And she was wondering if there was something wrong that she and others didn't know about. She was starting worry.

After a sleepless night of worrying about his "brother', Rhys decided that it was time to call the other. He walked to the command room and walked to the console. He pressed the necessary buttons that will connect him with Raphael, Natasha, and Zhane. And then everyone's communicators beeped. "Rangers. I need you to come to the command center now. I have an idea of how we might bring Jason back." he said.

"Got it sir!" they all said and then were off.

Rhys walked to the med lab to see him. Jason. He was lying there so helpless that it made his once hardened hard go soft. "Jason, I miss you already." he said as he place a hand on his arm. "You were always there for me and now you're not. I want you to come back. Please will you come back?" Rhys heard something from behind him. He looked around and say that it was Kim, Zack, Billy, and Trini. "Hey guys." he said. "There had been no change."

Billy walked up to him and looked down at Jason then at Rhys. "Don't worry Rhys. He's going to be fine. You have to have faith. We all need to." And Rhys nodded. There was a buzzer that sounded and it was to let them now that the new Rangers were here. And then Rhys left the room.

Laying there, Jason was going over things in his head. What was I thinking? he thought to himself again. These kids need me and I was stupid and used the Gold Topaz Morpher. They need me. I have to get out of this so I can help them be good Rangers, but they have Rhys, Kim, Trini, Zack, and Billy to help them. But what if I'm like this forever. And invalid.

"Okay guys." he said as he came face-to-face with the Rangers. "Here is my plan. I think that if we could drain the energy from all of the morphers that Jason will be able to wake up from her deep slumber." Rhys looked at the others and waited to hear what they thought.

Zhane was the first to step forward. "I think that it is a great idea." he said and turned to face Raff and Tasha. "What about you guys? What do you think?"

"Well," said Natasha. And then was silent for a bit.

Raff piped in. "I think that in order for us to know if it will work is to try." he said. And looked around.

"Yes," said Tasha. "Because if we don't try we will never know." She started taking over her morpher and the three others followed.

??????????'"??"Okay then." said Rhys, taking the morphers and everyone going to the medical lab and seeing there the four first ever Rangers. Everyone nodded a greeting and that was it. Rhys walked over to Jason's side and hooked the morphers somehow to him. "There." he said when finished. "Now all we have to do it wait."

End of Chapter 4: The Big Idea

Coming soon: Chapter 5: Will It Work?

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Chapter 5: Will It Work?

It had been hours since Rhys had hooked all of the morphers to Jason. And they all have been waiting impatiently. If one wasn't pacing the floor, one was tapping their fingers, or another was biting their nails too loudly. "That's enough!" said Natasha. "Now, we are all a little on edge about how this is going to help Jason, and I say that we should wait as we have been doing and pray that he will come out of this." She looked around at the others and gave a look that said, "Go ahead and try and challenge me.' But they didn't.

Rhys stood up. "Tasha is right. He have to believe that he will come out of this. And her will pull through." He was pacing again. It was a he had while growing up with Jason. "Because if we continued to say what if it doesn't work then it would and he will be in the state of a coma forever if not worse. But, we mustn't think like that." He sighed and dragged his fingers through his hair.

Zhane got up from his chair. "I'm going to the training room." he said and started walking towards the doors.

"Hey man." said Raff. "I'll come with you. I need to get some of my mind off of this too." He then clapped a hand on Zhane's back and started walking with him.

"Thanks." said Zhane. Even though he didn't want company right now, except maybe for Tasha's company he didn't really feel like talking. But some company was as good as no company so he took it. They walked out and to the training room in companionable silence.

Tasha and Rhys looked on. Rhys turned his head to look at Tasha. "I think that maybe you should go too." he said. "There is no use for all of us sitting around and moping."

"No." said Natasha. "I think that I should leave them and let them do their thing. Besides, everyone has their own way of dealing with things that are bothering them." Rhys nodded and left it at that. He walked to the medical lab again and left Natasha by herself in the control room. I wonder if everyone; including Kim, Trini, Zack, and Billy. If we focused our energy to Jason, She thought as she paced back and forth. With that work? But first we have to see if the morpher energy works. She continued to contemplate this as she continued to pace.

Amy walked into her gig. She looked at her band members. Then seemed to look ----ed. "What?" she asked.

"Well," said the drummer. "Since you weren't here on time, and we couldn't play the manager decided to go with another band. So, thanks." he said, the last part of the statement sounding sarcastic.

"But, it wasn't my fault." said Amy. "It was.... I was dragged off... by this..." she started by knew it was falling on deaf ears because of the looks of her members faces was of disbelief. "Okay, fine. What do you want?" she asked. "You want to kick me out of the band?" she asked. There was silence and she knew then that the decision was made. "Okay fine. But know this. This band will never be the same and never have the same success as it did when I was in the band. You here me?" she asked and then stormed out. What the hell is their problem? So I missed one gig and they get their knickers in a twist and kick me out of the band. She was still fuming by the time she walked through the park to get to her house. But somehow she was summand back to the Command Center. She looked around. "What am I doing here?" she asked.

Natasha looked behind her and saw Amy. "What are you doing here?" she asked her. "I thought that you didn't want to become a ranger.???

Amy turned and looked at Natasha. "Well," she said. "I didn't, but I changed my mind and here I am." By the look on Tasha's face Amy didn't think that she believed her. "Okay." she said. "I was kick out of my band and now here I am. And I don't even know why I'm here because I was walking through the park going home and I now I'm here."

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter." replied Natasha. "We need all the help we can get. And you are perfect." She walked toward the door and then looked back. "Come on." she said. "We have to tell Rhys."

"You mean that little by that dragged me here?" Amy asked.

"I'm not little." said a voice that came from the doorway beside Natasha. "I'm a young man and don't you forget it." said Rhys as he walked back into the room. He turned to look at Natasha. "It's not working." he said. "If hadn't worked by now, then it's not going to. I checked on the morphers and they are almost drained of energy and nothing has happened. He hasn't woken up."

Amy was a little confused. What were they talking about. "Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt but can someone tell me what you are talking about since I'm going to be part of the team too."

Rhys' eyes flashed back to Amy. "What do you mean part of the team?" he asked. "You said you didn't want any part of it. You said you had a gig to go to." he spat at her.

Amy's anger flared too. No "little boy' was going to tell her what to do and so on. "Well, for your information." she said. "It's your fault. When I got to where my gig was held, I was late, my band couldn't perform and the manager decided to go with another band. And on top of that they kicked me out. And then when I was walking through the park to go home, I somehow ended up here. So, you see that's all of it in a nutshell. Any other questions?" she snapped.

????????????????????"No." he said in his now normal voice. And it sounded flat. "I'm sorry that I made you miss your gig, but we have other problems." And he explained to her what was going on. "That's what happened. Do you still want to join the team?" he asked.

Amy was quiet. Then nodded. "Yes." she said. "I do. I want to help. But, are you sure that it"s not going to work for Jason?" she asked.

Rhys nodded. "Yes. I'm sure. It's not going to work. The way that the morphers a drained and him not waking, it's like his body is rejecting the process. If we took him to a hospital, the doctors would do their tests and monitor him for a while and then say that there's nothing that we can do. And then they would want some kind of explanation as to how he ended up like this. Which we can't explain. But, if we had more people on the team," he said, indicating that Amy should have been there and never have left. He was blaming her for what happened to Jason.

Zhane and Raff came back down. "Who's this?" asked one of them.

"This is Amy Donovan." said Rhys as his gaze seemed to try and bore a hole through her. "She is going to the our Amethyst Ranger." he introduce. And then walked away.

Why am I here? Amy asked herself. I shouldn't have came back. But, I had no choice and I know that Rhys is blaming me for what happened to Jason. I guess maybe I should leave at some point even though I said that I wanted to be part of the team. She looked around at the others. They all seemed to be smiling at her, as if to say welcome to the team. But, which of the smiles were genuine? All of them or none?

End of Chapter 5: Will It Work

Coming soon Chapter 6: What Will Happen To Jason Now And Will The New Girl Fit In?