View Full Version : Best freakin zord from each season and why.

Red Ninja
03-25-2006, 09:12 AM
I only watch to In Space so thats as far as I'll go.

Season 1: Mastodon-That freeze spray was awesome
Season 2: Red Dragon- Loved how its 2 zords in one.
Season 3: For some reason I really liked the Ninja Ape Zord I don't know why.
Zeo: Zeo Zord IV- I like the way the Taurus was built and how it assembled into the megazord.
Turbo: Blue Centurion's police car zord. I like Blue Centurion and his his zord.
Space:- Megawinger cuz of the Silver Ranger!

03-25-2006, 09:18 AM
season 1: dragonzord, i like dragons
season 2: red dragon, like i said, i like dragons
season 3: idk, i guess i like falonzord
zeo: red battlezord, i think it is really cool
turbo: blue senturion's zord is cool also
space: yea, da megawinger rules!

03-25-2006, 11:24 AM
Season 1- Dragonzord
Season 2- Red dragon
Season 3- Falconzord
Zeo- Pyramidus
Turbo- No choice
Space- Mega Winger

03-25-2006, 12:35 PM
season 1: dragonzord, it was once a badguy..or zord..
season 2: red dragon, it was just too cool to look at
season 3: Falconzord.. he could go on the ninja and shogun zord..very compatible
zeo: pyramidus, i think it is really cool
turbo: turbos zords sucked to me
space: megawinger..... cause its the flippen megawinger!

03-25-2006, 07:51 PM
Season 1 = DragonZord... That's one cool Zord.
Season 2 = TigerZord... Need I say anymore?
Season 3 = FalconZord/White ShogunZord... Anyone noticed anything yet?
Zeo = Zeo Zord V/Super Zeo Zords... Loved the Super Zeos.
Turbo = ...
Space = MegaWinger... Zhane is cool

Jason Frank
03-25-2006, 11:02 PM

yeh same for me

MMPRS1. Dragonzord
MMPRS2. Tigerzord
MMPRS3. Falconzord
PRZEO. (gold rangers pyramid thing)
PRTURBO: i dno nothing special about any
PRSPACE. mega winger

Kamen Rider Tiger Knight
03-26-2006, 01:48 AM
MMPR1- Mastodon, it looks pretty cool

MMPR2- Tiger Zord, one of the best zords, period.

MMPR3- Red Shogun zrod, I cant believe nobody said a shogun zord yet!

Zeo- Pyramidas, its a rolling pyramid zord, nuff said.

Turbo- Artillitron if it counts

Space- Red Omega zord

03-30-2006, 01:19 AM
MMPR 1 - DragonZord
MMPR 2 - White Tigerzord
MMPR 3 - FalconZord
Zeo - Pyramidas
Turbo - Artilatron (Phantoms Ranger's Zord)
In Space - Delta Megaship
Lost Galaxy - ToroZord
LigthSpeed - Tie between LifeForce and Rail Rescues
TimeForce - Q-Rex
WildForce - Falcon
NinjaStorm - Samurai Star
DinoThunder - Mezodon Rover
SPD - DeltaBase
MysticForce - Mystic Minautor

03-30-2006, 01:41 AM
(Warning: I will be using Sentai names for some because I don't know their American counterparts' names)

MMPR1: Titanus: Has big guns
MMPR2: Tor the Shuttlezord (God, I hate that name ><): Has big guns and can transform
MMPR3: Shogunzords/Megazord as a whole: I can't pick just one
Zeo: Red Batlezord: It was just plain cool... and has big guns
Turbo: Sirender (Don't know American name; it was Blue Senturion's thing)
In Space: Super Galaxy Mega (Don't know American name; combo of the Astro and Delta Megazords): Again, big guns (I know its a megazord, but its the only one of those that I really think is cool)
Lost Galaxy: GingaPhoenix (Stratoforce Megazord?): Just looked cool
Lightspeed Rescue: Mars Machines (Omegazords?) as a whole: Again, I can't pick just one
Time Force: Q-Rex
Wild Force: The Falcon, probably
Ninja Storm: Samurai Star: It can transform and combine with anything (except the Revolver Mammoth)
Dino Thunder: Dimenokodon (Dimetrozord?)
SPD: DekaBike (Omega Ranger's motorcycle zord thingy): It can transform and has those cool looking stabby knives. :p Also is responsible for a really cool combo.
Mystic Force: WolKaiser (the combo between whatever Wolzard (the purple dude) is called and his horse): I'm guessing its also considered a Megazord, but it looks the coolest out of all of them, even the later ones the non-Sentaites have seen yet (like Travelion and MagiLegend).

03-30-2006, 03:22 AM
MMPR S1: Titanus- favorite zord of all times.
MMPR S2: No idea why, but it's the Firebird.
MMPR S3: White Battle Borg- a beautiful zord.
PRZ: Red Battlezord- one hell of a punch.
PRT: Artillatron- for the sheer size.
PRiS: Delta Megazord, I really don't know why.
PRLG: Zenith Carrier Zord- that thing was lovely.
PRLR: Got me there... I didn't like any of the zords...
PRTF: Q-Rex, the others were an eyesore.
PRWF: Alligator Wild Zord.
PRNS: Nothing special, maybe the Mighty Mammoth.
PRDT: Dimetrozord.
PRSPD: Once again, didn't like any of them.
PRMF: So far, I believe I'm falling for Catastros.

Long Time Fan
03-30-2006, 03:37 AM
MMPR S1: The Original Megazord
MMPR S2: Tigerzord
MMPR S3: Shogun Megazord
Zeo: Super Zeo Megazord
Turbo: Turbo Megazord
In Space: Astro Megazord and Mega Voyager
Galaxy: Galaxy Megazord and Torozord (I didn't like the other two megazords)
Lightspeed: Omega Zords
Time Force: Q-Rex
Wild Force: Predazord
Ninja Storm: Didn't have a favorite
Dino Storm: Didn't have a favorite
SPD: SWAT Megazord
Mystic Force: Mystic Phoenix

Raging Phoenix
03-30-2006, 03:47 AM
MMPR S1: Titanus. It was alive! (Really, see the episode they first met him)
MMPR S2: Tigerzord, definately
MMPR S3: Frogzord. It could preduce little frogs from his mouth, how cool it that!
Zeo: Piramidas
Turbo: Do I really have to choose? It were cars, they are all cool!
In Space: Astro Megaship
Galaxy: Torozord
Lightspeed: ... No idea, haven't seen enough of it
Time Force: Q-Rex, I think, but didn't see much here either
Wild Force: Kongazord
Ninja Storm: Samurai Star
Dino Storm: Dragozord, I'm weak
SPD: None really
Mystic Force: Minotaurus

imported_imported_Jedi Ranger
03-30-2006, 04:40 AM
MMPR S1: Tyranosaurus
MMPR S2: Red Dragon Thunderzord & White Tigerzord
MMPR S3: Falconzord
Zeo: Red Battlezord
Turbo: Turbo Megazord
IS: Astro Megazord & Mega Voyager
LG: Galaxy Megazord
LSR: Didn't Watch
TF: Q-Rex
WF: Luner Wolf Zord
NS: Samurai Star & Beetle Rovers
DT: Thundersarus Megazord & Triceramax Megazord
SPD: Delta Max Megazord & SWAT Megazord
MF: Mystic Phoenix

Mini Man
03-30-2006, 04:43 AM
MMPR S1: Dragonzord
MMPR S2: Tigerzord
MMPR S3: Wolfzord
PRZ: : Superzeo V
PRT: : Mountain Blaster
PRIS : Astro Delta Megazord
PRLG : Torozord
PRLSR : Solarzord
PRTF : Quantasaurus Rex
PRWF : Black Lion
PRNS : Hurricane Megazord
PRDS : Tyrannozord
PRSPD : Deltamax Megazord
PRMF : Red Phoenix

The Winged Vampire
04-07-2006, 04:48 PM
MMPR1: Tyrannosaurus
MMPR2: Dragon Thunderzord
MMPR3 - PRWF: Missed it
PRNS: Lion
PRDT: Tyrannozord
PRSPD: Deltamax Megazord
PRMF: I can't decide between the Mystic Garuda and the Mystic Minotaur

04-07-2006, 07:13 PM
MMPR1: Saber Tooth Tiger Zord (Loved it!)
MMPR2: White TigerZord (Hmmm there's a pattern emerging!)
MMPR3: FalconZord, epecially in the movie, he saves all those kiddies, by BECOMING the Monorail!
PRZ: Pyramidias...Wow!
PRT: None of them got me going really, they were just big cars!
PRIS: AstroMegazord
PRLG: ToroZord
PRLR: Didn't watch this seires so I cannot comment
PRWF: Lunar Wolf Zord
PRNS: Samarai Star, closely follwed by the Beetle Zords
PRDT: DragoZord
PRSPD: None of them, once again, didn't appreciate the car thing
PRMF: Loving Mystic Sprite, coz she's so much smaller than the rest and it makes me chuckle each time!

04-07-2006, 09:48 PM
MMPR s1: dragonzord (coolest of the season)
MMPR s2: white tigerzord (stood out from the rest)
MMPR s3: shogun zords (so different)
zeo : pyramidas (so many uses)
turbo : blue senturions car (a transforming car)
in space: mega winger (i like these 6th ranger zords)
lost galaxy: torozord ('' '')
ligthspeed rescue: the trains (i like the way they all look the same that they could be anypart of the megazord and it wouldn't make a difference)
time force: Q-rex (once again so massive)
wild force: falcon (they were all on the same level really)
ninja storm: smaurai star (this could go with any of the zords)
dino thunder: brachio (what use did this have exactly, just a carrier)
SPD: omega's bike zord (is it one wheel or two?)
mystic force: minotaur (have you seen the size of this thing)

04-08-2006, 02:36 AM
MMPR1: Titanis

MMPR2: White TigerZord

MMPR3: FalconZord

PRZ: Pyramidias

PRT: Artelliatron

PRIS: Mega Winger

PRLG: Zenith

PRLR: Max SolarZord


PRWF: Alligator

PRNS: Samuari Star

PRDT: BrachioZord

PRSPD: Delta Command

PRMF: The horse.

04-08-2006, 02:51 AM
From the seasons I really watched carefully:

MMPR1: Easily, the DragonZord
MMPR2: TigerZord, with Red Dragon a close, close second
MMPR3: Shogun Zords...all of them

04-08-2006, 03:23 AM
I'm having trouble finding reasons why I like these so much, but I think most of it has to do with appearance. I'm pretty shallow when it comes to Zords.

MMPR1: Dragonzord
MMPR2: Red Dragon Thunderzord
MMPR3: Shogun Megazord
PRZ: Pyramidas
PRT: N/A (didn't really care for any of the Zords)
PRIS: Mega Winger
PRLG: Torozord
PRLR: N/A (see PRT)
PRWF: Predazord
PRNS: Hurricane Megazord
PRDT: Dragozord
PRSPD: Deltamax Megazord
PRMF: Titan Megazord Dragon Mode

pink ranger
04-08-2006, 12:11 PM
MMPR1: Pteradactyl and Triceratops
MMPR2: Red dragon thunderzord and thunderbird zord
PRT: Mountain Blaster
PRIS: Mega Winger
PRTD: Tyrannazord

04-08-2006, 02:44 PM
MMPR Season 1: Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. The thing could beat enemies without assembling into the Megazord.

MMPR Season 2: The Red Dragon Zord because it could be used in multiple forms.

MMPR Season 3: The White Falcon Zord because it could shoot missiles from its wings.

Zeo: The Red Battlezord because of its ability to shoot from its wrists.

Turbo: The Red Rescue Zord because it was the coolest.

Space: The Delta Megazord because it was the first zord ever piloted by a battlizer.

Lost Galaxy: The Torozord because it could be Megazord mode without other zords.

Lightspeed Rescue: Max Solarzord because it was powered by the sun.

Time Force: Q-Rex because it was the strongest.

Wild Force: The Red Lion Zord because it was the leader.

Ninja Storm: Samurai Star Copter because it coulbe a Megazord with no other Zords also.

Dino Thunder: Tyranno Zord because of its tail.

S.P.D: Omegamax Cycle because it was a one man Zord.

Mystic Force: So far, the Phoenix Titanzord because of its sword.

02-28-2007, 08:37 AM
MMPR S1: Dragonzord
MMPR S2: Tigerzord
MMPR S3: Falconzord
PRZ: Tied between Red Battlezord and Pyramidas
PRT: Artillatron
PRIS: Delta Megazord
PRLG: Torozord
PRLR: Max Solarzord
PRWF: Who Cares?
PRNS: Who Cares?
PRDT: Brachiozord
PRSPD: Delta Base Megazord
PRMF: Centaurus Phoenix Megazord (only saw it once but DAMN!!)
PROO: Undecided

02-28-2007, 11:27 PM
MMPR S1: Dragonzord
MMPR S2: Tor
MMPR S3: Falconzord
Zeo: Pyramidas
Turbo: Artillatron
In Space: Delta Megaship
Lost Galaxy: Stratoforce Megazord
Lightspeed Rescue: Rail Rescues
Time Force: Q-Rex
S.P.D.: Delta Runner 1 (Red)

03-01-2007, 09:08 AM
Season 1: Pterydactyl (cos it flies and shoots with lasers)
Season 2: Tor (cos it's bigger, has a better defence and is way more powerful than the rest)
Season 3: Falconzord (cos it flies and it's got the guns at the end of its wings)
Zeo: Red Battlezord (cos it's fast and it's arms are cannons)
Turbo: Police Car Zord of the Bluecentaurian
In Space: Mega Winger

03-12-2007, 05:12 PM
MMPR S1: Dragonzord
MMPR S2: Thunder Megazord
MMPR S3: Battleborgs/Blue Wolf Ninjazord
PRZ: Red Battlezord-Look this up...whose afraid of the big bad wolf.
PRT: Desert thunder Turbozord
PRIS: Astro Megazord
PRLG: Lion Galactabeasts
PRLR: Lightspeed Megazord
PRWF: Red Lion
PRNS: Samurai Star Chopper
PRDT: Tyrannozord
PRMF: Didn';t even watch the show
PROO: Speed Driver

03-12-2007, 07:31 PM
MMPR Season One - The Ultrazord
MMPR Season Two - White Tigerzord
MMPR Season Three - White Falconzord/Mega Shogunzord
PR Zeo - Super Zeo Zords
PR Turbo - Turbo Megazord
PR In Space - Mega Voyager Megazord
PR Lost Galaxy -
PR Lightspeed Rescue - Super Train Megazord
PR Time Force - Q-Rex
PR Wild Force - None
PR Ninja Storm - Samurai Star Megazord
PR Dino Thunder - All of it!
PR SPD - None
PR Mystic Force - The Last set of zords used when the MF Rangers were in Legend Mode.
PR Operation Overdrive - Not sure yet...?

03-12-2007, 10:43 PM
MMPR S1- Tricerotops: Dont really know why just do
MMPR S2- White Tiger Zord: Only one other then Firebird that looked remotely like it was suppose to be. Cool moves as well
MMPR S3- Wolf: Foxes like Wolfs. FACT!!
ZeoS1- Pyramidas: Strong and Powerful
Zeo S2- The Green one- Big, powerful and could go under water.
Turbo S1- The red one: Er....... well what choice have you got really?
Turbo S2- The blue one: Same as above
In Space- Astro Megaship- Different aspect on a PR base

Orange Mystic Force Ranger
03-13-2007, 06:36 AM
MMPR-Tyrannosaurus/Dragonzord. What can I say I love Dragons ^ ^
MMPR- Red Dragon
MMPR-Frog, Crane and Wolf
PRT-Didn't watch
PRLSR-Max Solarzord
PRWF-Wolf Zord
PRNS-Yellow Lion
PRSPD-Delta Runner 2
PRMF-Mystic Minator and Mystic Phoenix