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Silent Hill was once a peaceful place. It wasn’t always feared. It was a small lakeside town next to a great mountain landscape. It was an industrial town with its main income coming from the coal mines that were situated underneath the city. Silent hill was most famous for the Grand hotel that it had, but it was also famous for the mining museum that the community had created with their own money. It had quaint little shops which sold clothes, food, sports equipment, it even had a gun shop that used to sell guns for clay pigeons and hunting in the woodland at the other side of the lake which was a few miles out of Silent hill. Its new English look gave it a charming and friendly feeling to it. However, it had to end. One day, around thirty years ago, a fire started in the coal mines.

People started their day off as normal. Walking the dog, taking out the trash, sitting down to breakfast with their families and many even went to church. All were unaware that by the end of the day, their lives would be totally different. No-one is sure on who or what started the fire, and same goes for if it was an accident or not. But it happened and lives were changed. Half of the population, having a job in the mines, died that day. But the chaos wasn’t just underneath the citizen’s feet. Toxic fumes rose up from the mine vents, along with smoke and flakes of coal and brimstone. An old air raid siren started to boom through the streets and an evacuation was started. A forgotten mine vent sent the grand hotel into flames destroying everything and killing everyone inside except for those few who ran outside before it set alight.

Today in the year 2006, the fire is still alight. Only a little though. It sends a small amount of toxic gas into the air and a fair amount of smoke. The smoke mixes with the fog and its forever snowing coal flakes with fall apart at a touch. The vents are all covered over and almost invisible, especially with the visibility being so low. Silent Hill has become the topic of most horror stories told by adults in an aim to keep their children away from it. But children will be children, and they dare each other to go in to test their bravery and courage. Only few go into Silent hill and even fewer come back out. In recorded history only one person has ever been rescued from Silent hill. A small boy who had been kidnapped and placed in one of the mines vents was saved by a cop. They went missing for a few days but then turned up on the outskirts of the town.


When Chad Smith get a new jeep he celebrates by taking a bunch of his friends on a road trip to a new holiday destination. It’s said to have the best nightlife entertainment in America and it has a great hotel with spas, gym’s swimming pools, beaches and much more. However, while on the journey, not everything goes to plan and their whole world falls apart in seconds.


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As this will be a quite fast moving RPG, except on weekends due to certain members not being able to come online, there will only be a totally of 3- 5 people allowed to join. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Name: Chad Smith

Nicknames: Hotshot, Smith, Smithy, Smitty

Age: 20

Chad has two sides to him. One of which only his closest friends see. Although being loud, fun to be with and a bit of a show off, he can be protective, especially with his younger brother and with the girls in the group.

Appearance: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y281/platinum_ranger/brad20pitt.jpg

Chad was born into a wealthy family, he always got what he wanted and more. But as he grew older he realized the importance of earning what you want instead of having it just given to him. Now its pretty rare that he has something given to him, but when he has he’s grateful. When he went to school he climbed the social ranks at a high speed until he was the ‘popular deeper than jockey’. He was the school star in sports along with a few other people but he didn’t like to brag about it.


Name: Taylor Smith

Nicknames: (None as of yet)

Age: 14 (it is his 15th birthday after half way of their holiday)

Taylor can be cheeky at times, but he only means well. He’s fun to be around, and tends to relate better to older people rather than people his age.

Appearance: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y281/platinum_ranger/TI4U_u1136663884.jpg

Taylor and Chad used to spend a lot of time together, but it changed when Chad went to high school. The drifted apart a little, but Chad was always there for him when he had problems. He like his brother also climbed the social ladder rather fast. But instead of being good at sport, although he’s good he’s not that interested in it, he got good grades. However, he can get a little back chatty with teachers. But no matter how much trouble he gets in he always gets away with it because he manages to get good grades.

Missing People List:
Chad Smith
Taylor Smith
Evangeline Lilly

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Name: Evangeline Lilly (Her name is really Nicole Evangeline Lilly, but she goes by her middle name)

Nicknames: Eva

Age: 19

Personality: An out-going and creative young woman. She thinks tall and keeps her chin up. She never lets anyone get the best of her and she feels she can do anything.


History: Evangeline grew up into the average family, some money and some problems along the way, like a normal family would. She lived on the river bank, over looking the splendid views and viewing the nature. Until she moved to the big city where her whole life changed. At the age of twelve, Evangeline was abused by her father, her mother took no notice. As time went on, Evangeline sent her abusive father to the wonderful place known as Prison. Once she was old enough to have her own apartment and job, Evangeline moved out on her own to live the life she wanted. Now, after taking two years at college, Evangeline takes a new life and a new job as a fashion editor in cheif at a well known magazine company.

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