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Adamantium Ranger
05-17-2006, 02:39 AM
Operation- Shadow Assassins

The year is 2020 and things in the world are out of control, evil is sprouting up everywhere it seems. And every time they get rid of one operation another is brought backing its place. So a group of countries who have had enough *Where you want to come from* banned together and formed Operation Shadow missions. This operation is to train six deadly assians in all arts of combat and weapons training. They are trained in stealth and hand to hand combat. They also have been genetically altered to be stronger faster and more agile then before all of there senses are heightened from smelling to hearing to almost have like a 6th sense. Which benefit them greatly in the battle field but they don’t see much action in any battle field for they are the ones who take out the head people who are guarded heavily. But the point of all these missions are to get to he main evil guy the King Pin of crime he is the lord of the under world and the master of crime His name is Veloron *Thanks to TR for the Name*. They are all trying to get to him and must learn to work together to accomplish there goal of ridding the world of this evil man who seeks nothing but his own personal gain. But to get to him they will need to go through his organization and take out his Crime boss syndicates.

His Top people are: These people are who the assians need to take out in order to get to the main guy. You will start with the lowest and work your way up. And it will get harder as you go on. 10) being easy and then 1) being hard and then the crime lord will be the hardest to get to.

1) Jacob Lutz

2) Michael Miller

3) Emma Patterson

4) Emily Teague

5) Josh Troyer

6) William Zeno

7) Ryan Applegate

8) Anna Harmon

9) Kayla Klein

10) Sarah Kemp- Targeted by Keith Smith

************************************************** ************

The Team Members of the Shadow Assiassians are

1) Sean Rocco Patrick- Played by Adamantium Ranger

2) Keith Smith- Played by GreySword

3) Alex Anderson- Played by Hibernian Ranger

4) Serenity Tranquility Amara Rodriguez- Played by PurpleEagle_Ranger

5)Miley Cyrus- Played by DTK

6) Christopher Jacobs- Played by Ranger_cool

************************************************** ********

Episode one: The First encounter....With each other

Ok in your posts you guys will just arrive at the commmand center, you don't know any of them but you may have herd of them through bragging or how weird they are or something. so please just post that you arrive in town from wherever you are and enter to base and are directed to a meeting room where you will all met for the first time. Then soon after you will get your first mission, ALSO PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS THAT YOU WANNA ADD TO THE STORY. Please this helps out so much! so we can involve everyone!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-17-2006, 03:31 AM
Christopher Jacobs or CJ as some called him, he stooped in front of the bus at the bus station on his motorcycle. He had come here because he had a letter that ordered him to come here so he did. He had nothing else to do. He looked around for a minute or so and soon the bike back up and he was on his way to the command center. Once there, CJ off his bike and looked up at the center, it was really big. He just walked up to the building. Then he was stopped at the gate.

"Who are you?" the guard asked.

"I am Christopher Jacobs. I have been summonded to be here." he said in a deep drawl. He watched at the guard walked over to the phone and there were a number of whispered comments and he continued to look over at CJ. Then he came back.

"Okay." he said. "You can go in. As soon as you get in you're suppose to walk to the meeting room. Go to the front desk and ask for directions." he said. CJ nodded and was on his way. He had asked for directions and was pointed in the right way. And walking into the room, he found that he was the only one there. But, figured there would be at least one or two more people.

05-17-2006, 03:59 AM
Keith Smith parked his convertible next to the command center. He stepped out of it, and walked towards the gate. He didn't know why he was there, or who brought him there, but he figured that had to be someone big, big enough to be able to contact one of the world's top assassins by phone. Of course, that person was smart enough, or rich enough, to scramble the signal so even Keith's top notch equipment won't follow it.

?"Sir, who are you?" asked a guard at the gate.

Keith took off his sunglasses, and looked at the guard straight in the eyes, ?"Do I really need to tell you?"

The terrified guard quickly answered: ?"No, of course not sir, sir Smith, you may pass." And opened to gate, allowing Keith to step forward towards the command center.

Keith eventually made his way into the right place. He stepped into the room, wearing a fancy 3-part black and white suit. The room was rather appealing, quite glamorous though. Looking around, he noticed another man in the room. He recognized that man, he was another assassin, a pretty good one as well. He didn't know what his intentions were, or if he was also summoned to that room. So, Keith just said: ?"So, is that the annual guns-for-hire convention everybody was talking about?"

Adamantium Ranger
05-17-2006, 04:33 AM
*Sean knelt infront of a cross that at Jesus nailed to it, he bowed his head and prayed*

"My Lord...count me among thy saints...give me the strength to carry on your work. And let your will be done through me"

*he said as he stood up and kissed the staue on the feet and turned and walked out of the church and as soon as he got out he got into his old Pick up and drove to where the letted he got told him to go. Once there he parked beside a nice looking convertiable but paid no attention to who owned it. He grabbed his bag and walked to the front gate*

"Sir, who are you? and what are you doing here?"

*the Gaurd said as Sean stopped infront of him*


*he said coldly as the gaurd looked at him and then smiled*

"Sure sir..go on in"

*He said as sean walked into the building, he was here before so he knew where the meeting room was. Once to the meeting room he walked intside and saw two other people. who he knew were people in his line of work as well*

"Well....more hired guns....what is this place coming to?"

*he said smirking as he lit up a smoke, and took a puff and smiled*

05-17-2006, 04:51 AM
Serenity Tranquility Amara Rodriguez had just entered town and she smiled sweetly at her driver. "This adress please."She asked with a low seductive smile. She got in carefully and sat in the back of the cab. Upon arriving she looked at the building with clear eyes. She had turned off the chip mid cab ride and got out of the cab. THe cab driver being momentarily stunned forgot to ask for payment. She walked in as she adjusted the slim straps of her silver tank top and adjusted her skirt. She walked carefully on her silver heels as she put her jacket on. She pulled her hair into a messy knot on top of her head and walked in.

"Name lady?" The guy at the door asked.
"Star."she replied cooly.

She never got to ask another question as he grabbed her arm and escorted her personally.
"Thank you kind sir , i shall never forget your gracious deed." She kissed him on the cheek as he walked away. She noted in her mind that three guys stood scattered among the room. She breathed in deep and walked forward.

"Are they calling everyone or only a selected few?"She asked with certainty that she knew she could take them out if they tried anything.

05-17-2006, 05:02 AM
Miley came out from her large home and made her way to her car. She carried a bag with her, enclosed was some clothes and a pair of shoes. Miley had been out, doing what she did best. On entering, she passed the directions to her driver, Amigo. "Amigo...drop me off here and park the car two blocks away" Miley called through as her driver nodded. "..And Amigo..no taking breaks during office hours again" Miley smirked.

As the car took off down the road, Miley kicked off her trainers and her jeans. She fiddled through her bag searching for her dark green long skirt and her black strappy shoes. Once placing them on, she pulled off her vest top and slid on her cream frilly strappy top which was embeded with several small diamonds.

As the car pulled up to the gates, Miley quickly tied her hair back into a loose pony tail that had elegance. Amigo raced around to the door and swiftly opened it. Miley stepped out and closed the door. "Amigo...thankyou" Miley looked up at the gates then entered. She was greeted by a man asking who she was. "Miley Cyrus" She said sweetly in return. The man smiled kindly, then walked her into a large room. There stood, three males and one female. Miley walked over gracefully to the young woman. " Hello" She said politely..

05-17-2006, 05:32 AM
CJ turned around to see that there had been another person who had entered. He knew that it had to be one of the others, but wasn't sure who. "Cool." he said to Keith. "But, it could be." he replied coolly. He turned around and walked to the window.

As he stood there he continued to hear the door open three more times. As he heard the door close the third time, CJ turned around and saw that there was another guy who had entered and two women. And beautiful women at that, he thought. He smiled inwardly. "Hello." he said in his usually deep voice. "My name is Christopher Jacobs. Please call me CJ."

Adamantium Ranger
05-17-2006, 06:06 AM
*Sean leaned into the corner and watched as a couple more people came into the room after him. He watched as two woman entered the room, he smiled because he knew the one that walked in who called herself Star was a deadly women to get involved with, she was very seductive. And then second women who walked in was more of a clear cut killer. She didn't use her body like Star did, but he knew no one here was to be under estimated, after a little he spoke in his thick Irish accent*

"Well it was just wee three until you showed up, so now it is five and I see that there are seven chairs so I am guessing that mean one more of us and the head guy should come in any second"

*He said as he stepped out form the corner and flicked his Cig into the fire place*

"But I do wonder why all of us...who are assiassns were called here. Maybe there is a big job waiting for us, it matters not to me all I know is what I am ment to do"

*he said as he took a seat in one of the chairs and looked at the others staying on gaurd just to be on the safe side*

"Sir they all are gathering, We are just waiting for one more and they will all be here, we can address them then"

*A soilder told his commanding officer*

"Very good, Inform me when the last one shows up"

*The Commander said as he adjusted his cap and stood at the monitors watching there every move*

"I hope this idea works....these guys are the best at what they do....and I hope they will be up for it"

05-17-2006, 06:17 AM
Keith turned his attention to the person who just spoke. ?"That is, rather awkward to me. I never needed anyone to assist me in my jobs. I work alone and that's a common fact. I believe most of us, if not all, work alone, getting us together is quite pointless." And then, with a smile, he added: ?"Of course, we're all killers, we each have probably earned maybe 40 death penalties in our career, we might as well kill each other and help lessen the competition."

05-17-2006, 06:30 AM
CJ leaned against the wall with his right arm against it. He looked at them with his dark glasses over his eyes. Apparently, I am not that important to talk to. he thought. So he just sat back and listened to the others. He was just going to do that and talk when spoken to because talking to these people is like talking to the dead.

05-17-2006, 06:55 AM
"Hello" Star said in a monotone voice as Star eyed the other lady suspciously with a hardend glint in her eyes. She sat down , her back leaning against the back of the chair softly.

Star looked around and introduced herself. "I'm not sure if introductions are in order but it's nice to meet you C.J. Just call me STAR." She said as she leaned back once more.

She looked over at the other two guys and smiled them both "a small smile formed that should her to be preparing herself for whatever was in store."

"We've all been hired to do a job but what could be so monstrocious that we'd be needed? As in all of our combined talents?" Star asked smiling with a seductive smile.

She looked down at her wrist and held turned her bracelet over and over. She stood up and removed her jacket. She let her hair down and shook it loose.

Sara Sidle
05-18-2006, 12:55 AM
Alex Anderson parked her black and red motorcycle outside the building she was supposed to be at. She removed her black helmet and looked at the building. She got off the bike and placed the helmet in a compartment under the seat. A silver case was attached behind the seat. She pushed some of her hair back and touched the scar that ran over her right eye. She walked up to the door.
?"Who are you?" the guard asked.
?"Alex," she replied in her Scottish accent.
?"Oh," the guard replied, looking as if she shouldn't be there but he gave her directions to the meeting room.

She entered the room and saw two other women and three men. She walked over to the wall and leaned against it fingering the dog tags around her neck.

05-18-2006, 01:20 AM
CJ nodded at STAR, as in a nice-to-meet-you gesture. He looked over at the door as it opened. And it seemed to be another woman. He nodded in her direction too. Now what? he thought. Are we just to stand around her and be bored. We have nothing to say to each other. And why are we here anyway? CJ turned back to face the window, with his back to everyone.

Adamantium Ranger
05-18-2006, 01:38 AM
"Sir they all are here, the last one just came in about 5 mins ago"

*A man said as he waited for the commanders orders*

"Very Good, I will go speak with them now.....and don't worry I will be fine I think they will be tempted by my offer"

*He said as he placed his cap on his head and headed into the room filled with 6 known killers. He got to the entrance and opened to door and walked in to the chambers. And all the eyes turned to him, he looked over each one of them and soon made it to the table and sat at the head of the table*

"Good afternoon, I am glad you all could make it here on such a short notice"

*He said as he took his hat off and placed it lightly on the table*

"First let me introduce myself...I am Commander Charles Jackson, I am the head of the new organization....code name Shadow it is an organization that was put together by the worlds governments to ride the world of the crime lord Veloron . We have been planning this for months on end, and the reason why you six were called here is because you're the best of the best, every time we asked who the best was your six names always popped up.

*He said as he leaned back into the chair, he was a little uneasy being in this room but knew they would attest hear him out before they killed him, if they did at all.*

"So we finally contacted you all, Sean Rocco Patrick, Keith Smith, Alex Anderson, Serenity Tranquility Amara Rodriguez, Miley Cyrus, Christopher Jacobs.

*He said as he pulled out a file out that he had on each and every one of them*

"As you can see we have been looking and gathering information on you six for a long time. But let's cut the crap and get to what I wanted to tell you"

*He said as he eyed them all and again felt uneasy because he wasn't sure on how they would react*

"You are here because we need your help on a situation, as you all know or probable herd about the King Pin of Crime in the world. His name is Veloron, or well that's what he goes by anyway has been causing problems for all the worlds governments for about hour years now. So we finally had enough and finally have a plan to stop him. We are going to start by taking out his lower bosses...like his low crime syndicates up to his highest one that should lead us to him. We have narrowed it down to the top ten that will have the greatest affect on him. But first I need to know if you all are in or not, if you are in their will be great rewards for you. But I will tell them to you only after you decided on what you should do, so take your time I can wait but I trust you will make the right choice, even if you are use to working alone."

*He said as he leaned farther back into the chair and watched them all with great interest*

Sara Sidle
05-22-2006, 04:40 AM
Alex stared at the Commander. This was amazing. This would be a brilliant opertunity. If not just to eradicate the evil but to work with some of the best assassins in the buisness. She had noticed she was the youngest there. She didn't know if she couldwork with these people. The whole reason she did this was to get away from people after being hurt. She thought for another couple of moments. Then she leaned off the wall and stepped into the light of the room. Her scar over her right eye showed up clearly in the light. She looked at the Commander. "I'm in," she said.

05-22-2006, 01:39 PM
Chirs stood against the wall still and continued to look out of the window as he listened to what the Commander said. And then contemplated on what he was going to do. He had always liked to work alone. And he didn't want anyone to get into trouble because of him. That's why he broke up with his girlfriend. He didn't want her to get hurt. But, working with some of the best assassins in the buisness compared to him, could he really do that?

After thinking about it for a minute or so, CJ turned to face the Commander and the others. He looked over at the girl with the scar across her right eyes and she appeared to the youngest out of all of them. Then he looked around the room and back at the Commander. "Okay." he said in a deep tone. "I'm in."