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Evil is never destroyed, merely subdued. A long time ago, two very powerful men met upon a battlefield. Their views clashed, and, they both created teams to uphold their rights. In one confrontation, Professor Charles Xavier entered Magneto's mind to subdue him. However, the effect of this implanted a part of Magneto's consciousness upon Xavier. This resulted in the birth of a creature known as Onslaught. Two powerful mutants creating the ultimate darkness. Many heroes fell before Onslaught's power, before a legion of both heroes and villains banded together to subdue the evil being.

However, many years have passed... and the two men who created the evil unknowingly have both passed. But, the residual psychic energy from Xavier's mind remained. And as his body and soul faded, his power did not... and over many years, Onslaught began reforming. Biding his time as his power grew, until finally, he achieved physical form once more. While nowhere near the force he once was, the powerful villain sought what he did before. Destruction. Chaos. Ruin upon this world. The heroes who once fought him are now all past their days of saving this world. But, perhaps, if the Earth is lucky... their children are our last becon of light in the oncoming dark times.

OK! It's time for the next great brain child, brought to you by myself, Tim, and Will. I think at MOST we'll be accepting ten-twelve bios, but before everyone gets all excited, that doesn't mean the first ten bios up get in. Basically, make a bio for a super hero, and I'll pick the ones I like best, as well as pick the writers I feel I can rely on most. As far as characters, you can have one hero and one villain. You don't have to have both, but I would prefer you have one of each to balance it. (Meaning that you WILL have a better chance posting a hero and villain) Here's the Bio example. Also mark which character is a hero and which a villain.

Appearance- Describe or post a pic. Both good.
Identity Status (Public or Secret)
Hero Status (Veteran/Junior Hero)

Now, I have offered the choice of being a veteran hero. However, this isn't gonna be a good idea for the most part. The Heroes are gonna get schooled, so, if you wanna be a vet, cool. But people, don't post too many bios as vet heroes (Unless they're still original characters.)

My Bios

Name: Benjamin Reilly Parker

Age: Seventeen

Alias: Spider-man
Appearance: http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/4479/benparker5ge.th.jpg (http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=benparker5ge.jpg) http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/6869/spidey9la.th.jpg (http://img523.imageshack.us/my.php?image=spidey9la.jpg)

Personality: Fairly laid back, and very much the spitting image of his father when it comes to humor. In fights he'll do his best to psyche out his opponent with anything from personal digs, to just bad jokes. He's very protective of his family, friends, and anyone else that's important to him. He's also willing to sacrifice himself for those people, and despite not being able to admit it, has a very noble demeanor.

Powers: Ability to cling to walls, heightened strength and agility, Spider-Sense.

Family: Peter Benjamin Parker (The original Spider-man), Mary Jane Watson Parker, May 'Mayday' Parker (Spider-girl)

Hero status: Hero

Identity Status: Secret

Weaknesses: He's still human, despite his powers. Loss of blood, head trauma, physical strain are all still a factor.

Allies: Spider-Girl, Robert Drake (Iceman), Fantastic Five.

Enemies: Venom (Eddie Brock) Carnage (Nanashi Brock), Hobgoblin (Identity unknown, may be a new Goblin)

Bio: Peter Parker's second child, born after May Parker, their first child turned five. Ben displayed his powers much sooner than his sister had, beginning to show signs of the spider genes at age seven. This was an instant sign that Peter, now a police officer, had to give the 'With Great power comes great responsibility' speech. Ben understood, but wasn't even sure he wanted to step down the path of the hero. This changed when he turned thirteen, and watched one of his best friends die by the hands of a villain called Flare Blade.

When the villain escaped, the cops told Ben that they'd catch him. The son of Spider-man wasn't going to wait. Rushing home, he raided the attic and found one of his Father's old costumes, the black suit made by Felicia Hardy after Peter lost the symbiote. Donning it, and a pair of old Web shooters, Ben took off to find the villain. Once he'd tracked him down, Ben defeated the man who'd killed his friend, and turned him over to the police. When the police asked who Ben was, he merely responded with "I'm Spider-man."

Ben trained for numerous years before actually taking the mantle up again at age sixteen. For a while, Ben reffered to himself as Spider-Boy, and worked along side his sister May while wearing his Father's old black costume. But, soon Ben worked up the confidence in himself to accept that he was destined to take his Father's place, and become Spider-man. Taking up the original Red and blues, Ben adopted the name Spider-man as his own.

While Ben has fought a number of villains since becoming a hero, his most crushing defeat was at the hands of the original Venom, Eddie Brock. After it was found out that Brock was in fact alive, he again obtained the Venom Symbiote and began wreacking havoc. An inexperienced Ben fought Venom, and was swiftly defeated, as was Spider-Girl who came to his rescue. Both Parker children would've died, had it not been for Ben's best friend, Rob Drake, the son of the original Iceman. This was also another reason that, at the time, Spider-Boy abandoned the black costume. He didn't want to wear a costume associated with his enemy.

Since then, his main advesary has been...

Name- Nanashi Brock
Age- Nineteen
Alias- Carnage
Appearance- http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/3120/nanashi0dm.th.jpg (http://img526.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nanashi0dm.jpg) http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/3719/nanashicarnage5zt.th.jpg (http://img503.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nanashicarnage5zt.jpg)
Powers- Ability to manipulate symbiote into weaponry. Able to cling to walls, heightened strength and agility
Family- Eddie Brock (Venom) [Deceased], Mother unknown.
Identity Status- Secret
Weaknesses- Fire, loud noise (Symbiote’s weaknesses). Physical trauma, blood loss, anything that’ll cause her to lose control over the symbiote (and her sanity)
Allies- None
Enemies- Spider-man, Spider-Girl, and the Avengers.
Personality- Varies. Sometimes seems completely normal, and can come off as mentally deranged a mere second later. Quick to anger, and will not hesitate to kill any or all who are in here way.
Bio- A sweet, innocent girl, who just happened to be born into the wrong family. Had Nanashi not been born into Edward Brock’s lineage, she might have stood a chance. Eddie Brock was presumed dead shortly after his child’s birth, and the mother put her unnamed child up for adoption immediately. No one ever named the child of Brock, and at age five she adopted the name ‘Nanashi’, translated out to No Name.

Nanashi grew up in an orphanage for most of her life, until at age fourteen, she came across the Carnage Symbiote… or rather, a fusion of both Carnage and the now hostless Venom. The young girl became a new host to the symbiotes… much to her dismay, as they began controlling her. Some years later, Eddie Brock found his daughter, and extracted (quite forcibly..) the Venom Symbiote from her. He explained that he had two options… exterminating Carnage (which would kill Nanashi) or teach her to control it.

For the next few years, Brock taught Nanashi to control the Carnage Symbiote, before finally revealing his secret of being her father. Nanashi accepted her Father’s story that he hadn’t known of her birth, and forgave him as he’d taught her what she’d always needed. Control. But, her happiness wasn’t long lived.

Under the authority of Peter Parker, the original Spider-man, the Avengers confronted Brock in an attempt to destroy the Symbiote once and for all. Using an untested, high frequency sonic bazooka, the Avengers engaged in combat against Venom and Carnage. When the sonic bazooka was fired, Brock sacrificed his life, as well as the Venom symbiote’s life to save Nanashi and Carnage.

Since then, Nanashi has vowed to kill every single Avenger to avenge her father. However, an interesting fact is… Nanashi doesn’t know any of the horrible things Brock did as Venom. Whether her vow to kill the Avengers would change if she did know is uncertain. And, as if irony doesn't end there... Nanashi has come across Benjamin Parker on numerous occasions, and actually doesn't mind him at all, considering him a friend. She is blissfully unaware that Ben Parker is Spider-man though.

05-29-2006, 12:53 PM
Name: Samantha "Sam" Storm
Alias: Flame Storm
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Apperance: http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i188/EmoxTenshi/TorchGirl.jpg
Family: Johnny Storm (father)
Powers: Pyrokinesis, flight, absorption of heat energy (Pretty much all her father's powers, just not as powerful)
Identity Status: Public
Hero Status: Junior Hero
Allies: Fantastic Five
Enemies: Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom) (and probably a bunch of other bad guys I would have no clue about because I'm not good in the comics department :3)
Weaknesses: Lack of oxygen, water, other stuff that could ya know, kill her
Personality: Sam is pretty laid back person most of the time, though she does have a pretty bad temper when provoked. She's very friendly and loves to make friends, and loves to be the center of attention. She also has a pretty good sense of humor, and is often times sarcastic. She also stands up for what she believes in, and is always there to help her friends.
Bio: Samantha "Sam" Storm was rasied alone by her father, Johnny Storm, after her mother died shortly after Sam's birth. Sam had been using her powers for as long as she or her father could remember. Though, she didn't use them for "good" exactly, she used them more to get out of school, innocently setting fires and what not. Around the age of 10, Johnny Storm (along with the other members of the [then] Fantastic Four) began to teach his daughter how to use her powers and how not to let them get out of control. Sam reclutently agreed to training, she had rather just go with the flow and teach herself. It was surprising how much like her father Sam was, but she did take up the responsiblity as a hero seriously when it came down to it. Sam knew from the begining she didn't want her identity as a hero secret, she wanted to be known. Sam gave herself the name Flame Storm, and started to fight evil.

Being the daughter of a hero, Sam does know quite a few of her dad's friends. Most notably, Peter Parker. Because Johnny and Peter where such good friends, it was no surprise that Sam became best friends with Peter's son Ben. Though, she doesn't know about the powers that run in the Parker family.


So, there's my bio.. if anything needs to be added or changed, tell me and I'll gladly do so.

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Name- Braden Grey
Alias- Shadow Phoenix
Age- 20
Appearance- he has short black hair, more so of the scruffy look, muscular.
Personality- Braden isn't like his mother. He is stubborn, fiesty, and likes to be in control half the time. But he does know where he belongs. He has a short temper who by the way gets him in trouble. He's more towards the whole "badass" category who doesn't take crap from anyone.
Powers- Telekinsis, telepathy
Family- Jean Grey (mother)
Identity Status- Public
Hero Status- Junior Hero
Weaknesses- straining to much power, his emotions, and some other things that i can't remember right now....
Allies- X-Men
Enemies- Brotherhood of Evil, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse etc..etc..etc...
Bio- Braden is more of the loner type. Unlike his mother, he doesn't usually ask for help. He likes to prove other's that he can do things himself without anyone's help. With doing so, this causes him to become more stubborn and more hot tempered.

His mother tried to teach her son everything about controlling his powers since he has the power of the Phoenix. She wasn't sure how he would react since he can move anything with his mind and as well as her other's thoughts. But when his mother told her about that, he used it for personal gain. In high school, he would use his telepathy to cheat on his tests just to do whatever he desire. Then he would use his telekinsis for show and to get some extra cash after school.

Jean was furious about what he was doing with his powers. Instead of helping those who need help, he was only using them for his own personal use. So then Jean told him about helping other's who needed the real help. But Braden didn't listen, that is until he had to use his powers to help one of his friends. His best friend was trapped in his car. Being in a car accident, his friend's car flipped over and there was no way of getting him out. The car's were on fire and there was no chance anyone could get that fire out before it exploded. Without thinking, Braden flung the car out of the way and then broke open the door to get his friend out. Everyone was watching as he used his powers. He didn't care mainly because he was to worried about his friend. Later on the day, Jean saw him on the 6 o' clock news. She was both grateful and yet shocked since he used his powes in public. But no one misunderstood him. Braden then realized that he should use his powers for good instead of personal gain.

well i hope that was good enough for ya..if u really want me to change anything, i will...and u said it would be ok for to have a villian?? well if that's the case, i'll make my villian bio up later...

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Name: Amerie Ororo Howlett
Alias: The Storm
Age: 20
Appearance: http://img.timeinc.net/teenpeople/images/2005/access/051205_amerie180.jpg
White hair, blue eyes, 5'11, 120 lbs, toned body. Usually wears trendy clothes, but is most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. She's an attractive girl even considering her unusual look.
Personality: Amerie is an outgoing, "live for the moment" kind of person. She likes to live her life day by day rather than dwelling on the past. People say that she is naive about the world and that she misses seeing the negative things. Amerie just simply chooses not to live that way she just has a positive outlook on life.
Powers: Amerie has the psionic ability to control the weather over limited areas. She can fly by creating winds strong enough to support her weight. Amerie has limited immunity to extreme heat and cold. Amerie's psionic powers over the weather are affected by her emotions so if she does not maintain control of her emotions, a fit of rage might induce a destructive storm. Flys at subsonic speed when propelled by winds, Extraordinary ability at picking locks, excellent marksman with handguns.
Family: Ororo Munroe (Storm), Logan Howlett (Wolverine)
Identity Status: Public
Hero Status: Junior
Weaknesses: Suffers from Claustrophobia.
Allies: X-Men
Enemies: Brotherhood, Apocalypse
Amerie's a sweet, kind girl with a cheerful spirit. She knew she was different from other girls from a young age, considering who her mom was. Amerie was born to Ororo Munroe a.k.a Storm and Logan Howlett a.k.a. Wolverine, co-leaders of the elite team x-men. Born with much of her mother's abilities, her mother taught her everything knew about how to control her powers as her father taught her how to master different forms of martial arts, weapons, and vehicles.
She was always taught to embrace her powers not to be ashamed of them. From the moment she discovered her powers she knew that she would use them for good even though she was attempted by Apocalypse to join his crusade. At first she was tempted because she didn't know where her direction she be in life but she knew deep down in her soul that she was raised with better values than to use her abilities for evil.
Now that she has finished her education at Professor Xavier's newly reformed Academy she has taken her mother's place on the new X-Men Team.

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((Mak, this sounds spectacular... I hope you don't mind that I made Clair a bit more powerful, if there's a problem with that, just lemme know..I'll change it. And I've never made up a villian, so if there's any room for improvement there, PLEASE let me know.. :) This shall be fun.. ))

Name: Clairice “Clair” Laine Kent
Alias: Supergirl
Age: 17
Powers: Increased Strength, Ability to Fly, X-ray/Heat Vision (Just to point out, she is nowhere in comparison to her father in strength, I promise she shall not mode.)
Family: Clark Kent (Superman) & Lois Lane Kent
Identity Status: Somewhat Public, she’s beginning to make herself known in Metropolis, occasionally with her father.
Hero Status: Junior Hero
Weaknesses: Kryptonite, Unintelligent People
Allies: Superman, Spiderman, Iceman
Enemies: Lex Luthor, Lexie Luthor, among other evil-doers and enemies of her father..
Clair bears a striking resemblance to her famed reporter mother, Lois Lane Kent. Slender at about 5’4 with long, sleek dark brown hair, lovely brown eyes and creamy light skin. Clair’s natural reporter instincts drive her to dress up most of the time, in professional attire. Sometimes she’ll hang around in just jeans though, but that’s not the norm.

Personality: Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Persistent, Independent, Practical, Intelligent, Clever & Stubborn.
Clair is an incredibly feisty young woman and an incredible friend to those she cares about. She’s also quite a force to be reckoned with if you rub her the wrong way, brassy and bold she’s not afraid to tell anyone the truth straight out. Sometimes Clair gives the appearance of being a cold and unfeeling young woman, but deep down she’s looking for people to just accept her and love her the way she is.
Clair was graced with a natural ability for reporting, a side effect of being born to two reporter parents. This gives her incredible listening skills, as well as an uncanny ability to figure out what’s happening beneath the surface. She has the tendency to get very intense at times (sometimes unnecessarily) Though this, she’s a great deal of fun when she lightens or loosens up.
Always on the prowl for a new story to write an article about, she’s almost always scrawling something down into her little black notebook, which is filled with half-written stories that have yet to make it to her computer. She’s very bright and sure of herself.

Bio: Clairice was born in Metropolis to Clark and Lois Kent, the famous reporters from the Daily Planet. The dynamic duo settled down a bit, with Clark still leading his double life as Superman, Lois and Clark somehow managed to provide a stable household for their daughter. Her parents had incredibly high expectations for their daughter, and she has never disappointed them.

In school, Clair Kent has always earned herself good grades right from the start of her academic career, through a great deal of hard work and intense studying. In middle school and into her teen years, she was constantly wowing teachers with her powerful writing and presentation skills. Even though she’s incredibly brassy and sometimes difficult to be around, she had a few close friends to rely on.

Clairice’s superpowers began showing when she was a young girl about five or six. Clark and Lois had prepared themselves for the possibility, so they’re weren’t horribly surprised when little five year old Clair threw a couch across the living room with ease. Although she’s inherited some of her Kryptonian father’s powers, she also inherited her mother’s humanness, which has limited her powers. She lacks some of her father’s abilities, and also, will most likely never develop them to the sheer potency of Superman.

Clair suspects she has the ability to fly, as she continues to work on it with her father, but as of right now it is more or less incredible jumping skills. She can leap from building to building, jump rather high, and stay in the air a bit longer than an average person. She’s not too worried about it, since her father didn’t fly until he was eighteen.

In the world of crime-fighting, she is just starting out and working on fixing little situations, stopping buses, catching thieves, purse-snatchers. Through this, she also works to avoid her new-found arch-enemy, Lexie Luthor.

***I'll write my evil person bio later.. I'm still working on it.. :P Whoohoo..

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Great bios, everyone. And there's no problem with your's, Jen. I really wouldn't have minded if Clair was AS powerful as her dad. My only issue is that the strong people be responsible. :3

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Hey bro, the idea sounds good to me, lemme just get some bio's up for both a hero and villian and I'll post away.

Queen of Kirommy
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Hey Mak. I'll be a villian if you need one. If you do, I'll post my bio tomorrow because I have to go to work in a few hours.

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Mak, Would you like her to be as powerful as Superman? I can edit that if you'd like, I just didn't want anybody to think she was coming off as too powerful.

Edit: Added Villian Bio
Name: Alexandria "Lexie Penelope Luthor
Age: 19
She's tall and slender, with long, wavy blonde hair, and intense teal blue eyes. Her elegant ways and pretty appearance make it hard to believe that she's a cold-hearted young villainess , following in her father's influential and evil ways. Being fabulously wealthy, she's always strikingly dressed in the most expensive outfits, looking elegant and lovely, an appearance that so contrasts with her personality.
Personality: Calm, Calculated, Eloquent, Poised, Cruel, Evil, Cold-hearted
Powers: No special powers, just strong political and extreme financial power, to get any plot or scheme running.
Family: Lex Luthor
Villain Status: Daughter of Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor whom has set her crude sights on newest rising superhero in Metropolis, Supergirl.
Allies: Her father, and the many people of Metropolis who worship the Luthors like royalty, believing they can do no wrong.
Enemies: Supergirl, Superman, Clark, Lois and Clairice Kent, All Heroes & Good-doers, People in Metropolis who support Superman & Super Girl
Alexandra Penelope Luthor was born to one of the most influential, prestigious men in Metropolis and perhaps even the world. Lex has raised his lovely daughter, whom he affectionately refers to as "Lexie, with all the best things that the world has to offer. The best teachers and scholars, best clothes, best foods, and together they have shared their lives in the lap of luxury. They are an icon and symbol of wealth and prosperity in Metropolis, and some people favor them and praise them although they were royalty.

However, Lex has also instilled his beliefs into his daughter, and raised her to hate those who try to undermine their plans, and who do good for the city. Namely Superman and his newer apprentice, Supergirl. The father daughter team are filled with an immense hatred for the Super-Duo, and all that they stand for. Lexie has a brilliant, sharp yet wicked mind and uses it to continuously come up with plots to further her and father's goal of taking over Metropolis. Around every bend of their plan lurks their Superhero nemesis', who will readily destroy their plot. With each plan that goes down the drain, Lexie grows more and more desperate to destroy the two heroes to keep them from constantly hindering her plots.

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Name - Dimitri Delgado
Alias - Whirlpool
Age - 17

Appearance - Whirlpool is about 5'10 tall and is an average-sized kid, although he tries to keep in shape by excercising regularly and has fairly large muscles. He is African-American and he has tan skin. His hair is black and wavy. His street clothes usually include a red tank top and baggy jeans. Whirlpool was always interested in rollerblading, so you may see him in the traditional "skater" clothes such as khakis and tank tops most days.

Personality - Very laid-back and easy going. It takes a lot to make him mad.

Powers - Whirlpool can control water, in any form and also shoot water from his hands. He can liquidize his body at any given time, sustaining a humanoid shape or reducing himself to a puddle. He finally knew of his full potential at the age of 15 when he was sleeping and his broken sink was dripping, which annoyed him. He was able to force the sink to explode without being near it at all. He was able to create whirlpools in rivers and waves in kiddie pools, able to do virtually anything with water. His special attack is creating icicle darts and hurling them at the enemy.

Family - Older Half-Brother; Evan Freeman (Spike). Mother; Unknown, Father; Evan Freeman Senior.

Identity Status - Secret.

Hero Status - Junior. He's rather experienced with his powers (spent time experimenting), however he has absolutely no training as a hero.

Weaknesses - Whirlpool has weaknesses, but nothing that can result in a serious bodily energy loss outside of the obvious (bullets, missiles, etc). However, in intense heat (about 100 degrees F or greater), his power is near-useless.

Allies - X-Men

Enemies - Brotherhood, Apocalypse, etc.

Bio - He was exposed to a chemical spill as a baby while in a swimming pool. Over the years, he found himself afraid of water for unexplainable reasons. When he was 13, his mother and father got a divorce and his older half-brother (Spike) was never home to comfort him. His father spent hours screaming at his mother and left the house. Angry at his father, Whirlpool wished that the hose would spray his father as he left the house. Although he thought it was a coincidence, the hose slammed through the car window and filled his father's car with water. Only recently discovering his true power, Dimitri tested it and sure enough... he can control water and many forms of it including ice and frost.

I hope I did this right? I mean, I didn't know if Spike would be old enough to have a son, so I had him be the older brother. Is that cool?

Name - Shelton Marshall
Alias - Flarehound
Age - 19

Appearance - In human form, he has shaggy black hair and dresses in all black. He tends to wear sunglasses to cover his unhuman yellow eyes and his slightly scarred face. He has large muscles and grimy gray, sharp nails.

Personality - He has a violent nature, for his traumatic experience as a child... not necessarily abusive parents, but because of his surroundings. He always seems to have a reason to be mad about something.

Powers - He can transform into a werewolf and shoot fire from the palms of his hands. He cannot manipulatire fire, however using fire attacks on him have no effect.

Family - Wolverine (father), Mother is unknown.

Identity Status - Sort of Public... he really doesn't try to hide it, but he's not going to purposely draw attention to it.

Villain Status - Junior

Weaknesses - Full moons and psychic attacks.

Allies - N/A

Enemies - Whirlpool, The X-Men

Bio - Flarehound never actually knew his father, although he was informed that Wolverine was indeed it. Flarehound was literally raised by wolves until the time he was five before moving to the ghettos of New York around the age of 10 in a foster home. He was always treated as a normal child... never abused or close to it, however he never found out exactly how he became Flarehound. He assumed that his ability to transform into a werewolf was linked to his time living with werewolves, however he spends this day trying to figure out why he has the fire-like abilities... and how it is linked to his burning hatred for good.

Tyranno Red
05-30-2006, 06:51 AM
Name- Mary Summers
Alias- None
Age- 23
Appearance- http://uncannyxmen.net/images/gene/msummers-collage.jpg
Personality- Cocky, knows she's good at what she does
Powers- Bio-electric abilities enable her to sense the enhanced bio-electricity produced by mutants and astral forms, generate a bio-electrical charge that scrambles psychic projections, and convert her entire body into a living hologram, an electro-transitional state in which she is both invisible and intangible, able to move through the air at the speed of light, and communicate by projecting her thoughts. Telepathy, Telekinesis.
Family- Cyclops and Psylocke (Father & Mother), Captain Britain (uncle), Havok (uncle)
Identity Status- Secret
Hero Status- Veteran, only because she has been training and working as an agent since the age of 14.
Weaknesses- Illusions and Mirages.
Allies- S.H.E.I.L.D. & the New X-Men
Enemies- Black Widow
Bio- Mary is the daughter of Scott Summers and Betsy Braddock. She is a British spy, trained for Interpol. She has alligence to no country, and does not have a British accent. She knows over 20 languages, and is Britain's top agent. Mary has trained under some of the best fighters in the world, and is always ready to take a new mission. One drawback to her life is that she has few friends. She is constantly traveling the world, and doing things of the confidential nature.

Mary is one of the two survivors of the great Pyschic Sever. In Europe, the powerful Mastermind IV severed a link with all of Eurasia's telepath's, therefore depleting and eventually exterminating all the psychics and telepaths in the Eastern hemisphere. Only two women survived this, Mary Summers and the Black Widow. The two are super-agents who have shared a rivalry as long as they can remember. The only question is, why?


Name- Caleb Stark
Alias- formerly known as Xtreme Teen, now known as Nutron
Age- 17
Appearance- http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/macclark/Quasar.jpg
Personality- Smart, Kind, Loyal, Friendly, Sarcastic
Powers- energy-manipulation abilities linked to the Chthonic power of Wundagore Mountain, allowing him to project hex bolts, spheres, and effects to create a sub-molecular disturbance in the fabric of reality around whatever they affect, causing improbable occurrences when undirected, or can be specifically utilized to levitate herself, attune him to the environment, and manipulate nearby magicks and forces of nature. Posesses heightened strength, speed, endurance, hearing, sight. Minute control over magnetic field of earth allows him flight.
Tony Stark (father),
Wanda Maximoff (Mother),
Erik Magnus Lehnsherr / Magneto (grandfather),
Magda Lehnsherr (grandmother, presumed deceased),
Anya Lehnsherr (aunt, deceased),
Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver (uncle),
Lorna Dane / Polaris (half aunt),
Django Maximoff (adoptive grandfather, deceased),
Marya Maximoff (adoptive grandmother, deceased),
Crystal (aunt-in-law),
Luna Maximoff (cousin)
Identity Status (Public or Secret)- Public
Hero Status (Veteran/Junior Hero)- Junior Hero, Leader of the Avengers
Weaknesses- Certain magicks
Allies- Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, other Avengers, X-Men
Enemies- Lady von Doom, Syndicate of Darkness
Bio- Caleb was the result of a prediction by Roma, guardian of the multiverse, that Iron Man and Scarlet Witch would be blessed with a son with powers to rival that of the strongest heroes on Earth. They recieved that blessing in Caleb. He is the face of the Avengers, and leads them in battle. He was given a special cape by Roma, which allows him trans-dimensional travel when necessary, which is kind of like a teleporting ability. It can also store weapons and other items in it's pocket dimension.

05-30-2006, 07:21 AM
Name - Marnie Frost
Alias - Hydra
Age - 17
Appearance - http://www.musogato.com/avatar/epics/book1/c14/fortell04.jpg
Personality - Marnie is a very outgoing girl. She has more friends than enemies, but is always on her guard with those she doesn't know. With only a few close friends, Marnie is happy with what she has. With a heart of gold, Marnie can't bear to watch people harm each other.
Powers - Manipulation of Water (Can draw the water to her, but cannot super heat it, or cause it's temperature to suddendly drop so it freezes). Marnie can also breath under water and can turn her body into water for very short periods of time, usually used as an escape tactic
Family - Emma Frost (Mother)
Identity Status - Secret
Hero Status - Junior Hero
Weaknesses - Fire, super-cold temperatures, due to an injury sustained as a child, if Hyrda doesn't submerge herself in water for a few minutes every 6 hours, she begins to dehydrate very quickly, rendering her useless. Marnie is still a human, and therefore can still receive small injuries.
Allies - Storm (Ororo Munroe), Cyclops (Scott Summers), Rogue
Enemies - Pryo (John Allerdyce)
Bio - Marnie is the lone daughter of The White Woman, Emma Frost. It is unknown who her father is. She's always lived a comfortable life with her mother, and doesn't really care to know who her father is. As a young child, before knowing the extent of her powers, her mother sent her to a summer camp, where for unknown reasons, Marnie became severely dehydrated, causing her body to start bleeding. Rushed to a nearby hospital, Marnie's injuries were examined and she was rehydrated. Sent home by the camp, Emma knew that Marnie was gifted. She sent her daughter off to Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted. There, Marnie became aware that because of her severe dehydration, she would have to be in some type of water envrionment for 10 minutes, every 6 hours. There were two options, being submerged in a tank, or lying in a shower. Ever since then, Marnie uses her power in limited amounts, not wishing to experience the feeling she had as a child.

Marnie had a run in with Pryo when she was 15, who caused her fear of fire to be so open. Pryo attacked Marnie and one of of the younger students she was with on a field trip with the school. They were trapped in a small straw house (which had been on part of the tour) when Pryo had appeared. Marnie had learned from Rogue, one of her close friends and allies, that Pryo, or John Allerdyce, had once been a student at Xavier's school. Pryo set the small space aflame and sat back, watching as Marnie's powers slowly began to become useless. If it wouldn't have been for Storm, Marnie and her younger compainion would have died. Since that day, Marnie has vowed revenge on Pryo for nearly killing her and the little girl.

~ I hope this is good Mak. As soon as I figure out what we talked about yesterday, I'll post my villian bio! Let me know if anything needs to be changed. ~

05-30-2006, 09:24 AM
OCC: Villain Bio Added...

Name: Xannon Lopez

Alias: Echo

Age: 24

Appearance: Echo is an exact example of the 'Tall Dark and handsome' phrase used to describe many men in history. Usually donning a pair of rugged dark blue jeans, and a tight t-shirt to show off his muscular physique, Xannon has his hair long, and coloured dark brown. His eyes a deep blue, they compliment his face along with his sharp smile. A little bit of facial hair around his jawline and accumulating on his chin. When not in his daily dress, he's found wandering the streets and rooftops of New York City in a black armor suit. Accented with a bit of gold trim, and some metal spikes, Xannon becomes the 'Echo' when wearing this outfit that protects him from physical attacks and blows.


Personality: Dark, mysterious and very secretive, Xannon tends to stick to himself living in his Condo in New York City. Fun, honest, strong willed, trustworthy, Xannon is the kind of guy who can get along with anyone. He is always wanting to have as much fun as possible while living his 'secret' Superhero life.

Powers: Xannon has no superhuman powers but can learn at a lightning-fast speeds. This ability is very useful when in a fight, Echo can learn the pattern, rhythm or movements of his enemy and determine the attack his enemy will use next making this ability very useful. Due to the actual speed of his learning, Echo is also very fluent in many languages and various forms of martial arts and gymnastics.

Family: Maya Lopez (Mother), Father (Unknown), Willie Lincoln (Grandfather

Identity Status: (Secret)

Hero Status: (Junior Hero)

Weaknesses: Even though Xannon doesn't have any superhuman powers, he does have a few weaknesses. First off, being human, an excessive amount of blood-loss, head trauma would result in Xannon's death. He's also got a slight fear of flying, and doesn't like it too hot He also has a slight weakness for a pretty girl.

Allies: The Avengers, Captain America and Daredevil

Enemies: Kingpin, Silver Samurai, Madame Hydra, and Elektra.

Bio: Xannon is an only child, bared to Maya Lopez, "Echo". Xannon has received his mother's gift of learning incredibly quickly, taking the advantages and reaping them to the fullest. He first learned of his powers, and began training sessions with his Mother to fully understand what the two of them could do. He took these skills and used them for his own needs and wants...Money, and lots of it.

Xannon began a crime spree, taking the advantage of being able to blend into the shadows in his Mothers armor, he began robbing banks, and using the money to start a small Empire, and empire of Crime. Gathering a few young mutants and wannabe-heroes, using their powers to get even more of what he wanted, He let the 'Empire' flourish and he took some time away from his thriving 'business' to enjoy the other many great aspects of life. Xannon married a few short years later, after his 'departure' from the crime world and began to settle down with his wife and two daughters. Using his massive fortune gained from crime, he put he and his family up in some of the nicest homes in Downtown New York, as well as in some of the hottest cars on the planet. From BMW to Lamborghini, Fendi to Gucci, and Massive Mega-Mansions, Xannon had everything he'd ever wanted until one fateful night.

A nice night out, away from the riches, He and his Family; Wife and two daughters were walking peacefully upon the beach, when a group of thugs had jumped the small happy family and ripped the heart out of Xannon as he watched his family slain in front of him. From the moment on, he has changed his outlook on life, and changed his ways as far as his crime life is. Turning over a new leaf as some may say, Xannon has turned to crime-fighting, to protect the valuable and non-valuable things people cherish most. Learning that everything can crumble away as fast as it's built up, he destroyed his crime empire with one swift stroke, demolishing every last remnants of the past life he used to have. He had kept some of the things however, a nice home and a fast car, and used some of the money to improve his Mothers Armor suit to fit him more nicely, as well as buy a few more weapons for his crime-fighting sprees. A few Katanas, a few shurikens, and he is ready to go. A fast motorcycle was the last on his list, something to get him from point A- to Point B quickly.


Name: Jakob Evan Rice

Alias: Obsidian

Age: 18

Appearance: Jakob, young and quite energetic, his apparel always shows what he likes most, Sports. Most of the time wearing a pair of black training pants, and a black sleeveless T-shirt, he's never not found wearing some sort of sport training gear as a pair of crosstrainers are also always found on his feet. When not donning the black sporty gear, he's found running around New York city in a black leather suit with a shadow cape.

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/MirdikaiCroft/b6_jpg.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/MirdikaiCroft/Obsidianprince.jpg

Personality: Fun and energetic, Jakob is one of the easiest people to get along with due to his fun-loving personality. Following suit with Fun and energetic, acute, loyal, and dependable are a few of his strongest qualities.

Powers: Obsidian can become a living, two-dimensional shadow. As the Shadow, he can move along walls and ceilings, and distort his form to make himself look more like a shadow. He can pass through solid objects and float temporarily in the air. When trapping people within the Shadow form, he can for them to see an 'inner horror' that leaves the trapped partially traumatized.

Family: Alan Scott - 'Green Lantern' (Father), Rose Forest - 'Thorn' (Mother), Jennie-Lynn Hayden - 'Jade' (Sister)

Identity Status: (Secret)

Villain Status: (Junior Villain)

Weaknesses: Bright flashes of light are Obsidian's main weakness, though he is not very skilled in hand-to-hand combat he relies mostly on his Shadow-form to do harm to others.

Allies: Echo,

Enemies: Echo, Thorn

Bio: Tempted from the Good Side of the Law to the bad, Jakob had walked from the crime-fighting ways over to the crime-spreeing side of evil. Under the wing of Echo 'Xannon Lopez', He'd joined his Empire helping out in the quick money grab schemes, and bank robbery heists. Getting exactly what he ever wanted as well, Jakob was quite comfortable up in his New York penthouse condo. Also owning a fleet of fast cars, Jakob loved the new life given by Echo, and flaunted the way of life in front of all of his 'friends'.

When Echo decided to change 'his' ways, and start to go after the Villains, the filth of the world, He'd become a faster-than light enemy of Obsidian. The two have squared off time after time, but a stalemate has been achieved moment after moment, battle after battle. Obsidian has vowed to gain power and defeat Echo to bring him back to his side, as they once were great friends, but the recent switch of sides has left their friendship in shambles as well as their hidden 'second life'.

Abare Killer
05-30-2006, 09:42 AM
:abakill Alright, I'll give it a shot, Mak. Hopefully Power Rangers/Sentai Rangers count as super heroes. If not, well, then I give up. =P

Name- Sanjou Hiyori
Alias- Nightshade
Age- 19
Appearance- http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i176/kabutopics/hiyori7.jpg
Personality- Hiyori is very shy and she doesn't talk to people often. She is much more like her father than her mother, being very serious and not very talkative. She can also be untrusting, and it takes someone special to get past the walls she puts up around herself. She does care about others though and she has a strong will to help people in need. Also, Hiyori has been learning English since she was young and she speaks it fluently.
Powers- "Shadow jumping" - With her power, Hiyori literally becomes a shadow. She can "jump" in and out of shadows rapidly, using it to get from place to place quickly. When going from shadow to shadow, she zooms past as a deep purplish blackish streak, but she can't go through solid objects with this. She darts around quickly and avoids things to get to the next shadow. How she can percieve what's around her while in a shadow or what the world looks like in one is only known to her. She can also gather shadow to form shadowballs and use them as weapons to shoot at her enemies.
Family- Sanjou Yukito (AbareBlue) and Imanaka Emiri
Identity Status- While Hiyori doesn't exactly show off that she is a hero, she wears no mask and doesn't work to hide her identity, as she lives on her own far from her family and she has nothing to lose if her identity was discovered.
Hero Status- Junior hero
Weaknesses- Too much light can seriously harm Hiyori if she is exposed to it for too long, but not sunlight. This is especially true at night, when she is at her strongest. Also, if there are no shadows around, she obviously can't use her powers.
Allies- The Abarangers, even though they aren't in action anymore.
Enemies- None in particular, just anyone who breaks the law that she fights to stop. During the RPG though, she'll become enemies with my villain character when they cross paths.
Bio- Hiyori was born to Sanjou Yukito and Imanaka Emiri about a year after the final defeat of Evorian. It is unclear how exactly she ended up with powers. The only thing they can conclude is that it was the effect of Yukito's Dino Guts that were enhanced during his time of being an Abaranger that somehow passed on strange genes to his child. Unable to solve this mystery, they have chosen not to question it and to just accept that she is gifted.

After they got married, Yukito went back to being a chiropractor with Emiri working as his assistant. They lived in Tokyo and visited the Dino House often. Hiyori was babysat by Yatsudenwani and Ryunosuke often, and her parents kept in close contact with Ryouga and Ranru, so the girl considers them her aunt and uncle. She grew up to be more like her father than her mother, but it's hard to say what made her become so shy.

When Hiyori's powers were discovered, Yukito and Emiri knew that they would need to help their daughter use her gifts for good. They told her about their tiime as Abarangers, and since then, Hiyori has wanted to be a hero as well and follow in her parent's footsteps. After graduating from high school, she went to college in Kyoto, where she began to use her powers to help people. Under the name Nightshade, she watches over the city and protects it from robbers, theives, kidnappers, etc. While her work seems small, the city appreciates it and her alias Nightshade is well known throughout Japan. She doesn't bother with a secret identity, but as no one bothers her, she feels she doesn't need to. Her parents are of course very proud of her, which is all Hiyori could ask for.


I'll edit this post and add my villain bio now, just wanted to get this one posted to be safe lol. Let me know if you need anything changed. :abakill

05-30-2006, 09:53 AM
Name- Robert Drake Junior
Alias- Iceman II
Age- 18
Appearance- http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v172/Goham/robdrake2.jpg
Personality-Carefree, fun loving, kind of obnoxious, poopface.
Powers- most basically he manipulates ice. He can also collect moisture from the air to increase his mass and toa dd like spikes ands tuff he can also create various weapons and like ice slides and stuff. Umm...he can reform himself if he loses limbs or something in ice form. Uhh.... I could quote WIkipedia for the full extent of his powers, but if you really wanan know check htere. I won't be using most of his powers, at least not for a while...
Family- Robert Drake Senior (Iceman I) and he has an unoteworthy mother
Identity Status (Public or Secret) Secret
Hero Status (Veteran/Junior Hero) Junior
Weaknesses- I guess you can like, kill him normally if he's in regular form. You might also be able to I dunno, like...disrupt his molecular structure or something somehow.
Allies- X-Men, Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Supergirl
Enemies- Mostly the X-Men's villains....
Personality- I listed this before, n00b!
Bio- Rob's pretty awesome.

I mean, he was born as the son of Iceman and his wife. However, his wife couldn't put up with Bobby's X-man life and left. THis made Bobby sad, and he took time off from the X-Men to raise his kid. He soon found out that the boy was a mutant with very similar, if not identical powers to his own. So, at about ten, he started training Rob in the ways of his powers. For a while he kept the more advanced stuff from Rob, letting him get total control of the basics. Since then, Bobby has shown him the depths of his skill, but Rob hasn't shown much interest in pursuing them.

When Rob was about sixteen, he joined the Xavier Institute and became a junir X-Man, while his father resigned from the group. He continued his accounting job, and attempted to woo his wife back, with so far less than stellar results. He's retired, becasue he's now pushing 40, and he's not as spry as he once was. He is, however, still a reserve member. If the situation calls for a veteran member with lots of experience, Bobby is usually one of the first to take up the call, being just about the youngest vet.

Rob has since left the Xavier Mansion, for various reasons. He's still on rather good terms with the school, however, and will aid whenever he can, but he mostly works on his own, aiding the Spider-Family in NY. He's also on good terms with the current Fantastic Five and Avengers, even having a shortlived relationship with Captain America's daughter American Dream.

Anyway, he's finsihing his last year of school, and doing a bit of the superhero gig. He's helped stop some post human threats, but not many.

Name-Richard Cain
Age- Appears mid 30s, Is in actuality 60
Appearance- http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v172/Goham/neeson3.jpg
Powers- Flight, Enhanced Strength, Various Levels of Sight (heat, night vision, etc) Can shoot pulses of energy blast from his palms. Increased endurance.
Family- Unknown
Identity Status (Public or Secret) Known to government officials.
Weaknesses- Anyone strong enough can beat him badly.
Allies- None
Enemies- Mutants
Personality-rather dull. he does have a bit of a sadistic pleasure in his programming, but other than that he has little in the ways of personality. His sense of humor is limited and he's careful with his words.
Bio- A few years ago, there was an experiment to graft humans with Sentinel protocols to act as sleeper agents. They were gifted with cybernetic implants, and various weaponry used for hunting mutants. They are perhaps more deadly than the regular Sentinels, beacuse they can be anyone. Not many remain, however, most were destroyed by an expedition by the X-Men. A few remained however, and Cain was one of them. He has mostly kept quiet, keeping his programming in check, but since then his programming has seeped into hsi very consciousness and he has an undying hatred for mutants of all kinds. He has since become an active villain, though has somehow escaped the radar of the X-Men. The government is aware of their rogue experiment, and have sent S.H.I.E.L.D* operatives to deal with Cain, but he has viewed them as threats to his programming and killed them. Cain does not even realize his Sentinel programming is interfering in his everyday life, and feels it is completely natural for him to act as he does.

He is a very real threat, and will stop at nothing to fulfill his directives. Which is to kill mutants.

*S.H.I.E.L.D stands for Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate

05-30-2006, 09:56 AM
Hah, sounds like Iceman and Whirlpool together could be an unstoppable force. Water + Ice.

05-30-2006, 10:32 AM
I like the bios thus far guys. I think we've decided on some cast members, but nothing is set in stone just yet. I'll keep everyone updated. Well, I will, or Tim or Will.

King of Kirommy
05-30-2006, 10:51 AM
Name- Charles Magnus Lehnsherr
Alias- Magneto
Age- accelerated to 20
Appearance- http://static.flickr.com/73/155985035_3472533578_o.jpg just so ya know the hair is supposed to be naturally white and silverish an' the eyes are a blueish purple, especially when he's enraged.
Personality- Relatively easy going, yet quick to be angered. Volitle temper only balaced by his sometimes naivate.
Powers- Magnokinesis: ability to mentally manipulate all forms of magnetic and electromagnetic fields, all of which allows for flight, force-fields, concussive blasts and the manipulation of ferrous metals. Possible latent telekinetic and telepathic abilities.
Family- Lorna Dane(Polaris, mother) Unamed father rumored to be David Haller son to Charles Xavier. Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto, grandfather) Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet witch, aunt) Peitro Maximoff (Quicksilver, uncle)
Identity Status (Public or Secret) Quasi secret, some think him to actually be his grandfather.
Hero Status (Veteran/Junior Hero) more of a junior hero at best.
Weaknesses- Lack of concentraion, anything that can affect his nervous system.
Allies- Unknown, aside from the former Xmen who he grew up with, he aims to make more as he helps people human and mutant alike on his quest.
Enemies- Certain factors fo the government who are " assured" that he will be just like his grandfather.
Bio- Charles "grew up" with the help of several former members of Charles Xavier's Xmen, consisting of Nightcralwer, Beast Wolverine and Polaris. His growth accelerated at times, along with his powers. He knew little of the outside world. His only friends were some of the "children" that were like him, accelerated ages and those that were being" conditioned" as if to start a war. While the former Xmen made sure that he would become a true master of his power, they also set up a protected place for him away from the government. When Charles was 19 both he and his mother fled to this safe house of sorts, beneath Xavier Mansion. There he trained and trained until he was ready to go into the world as the Master of Magnetism, the hero known as Magneto.

05-30-2006, 11:10 AM
You know, guys..

You don't HAVE to be a Marvel character.

Abare Killer
05-30-2006, 11:28 AM
:abakill Gah, sorry, my mom is supposed to be using the computer right now. I promise I'll post my villain bio later tonight. Gomen! :abakill

05-30-2006, 11:37 AM
It's ok, Beth. You've got plenty o' time. Lookin' forward to the bio.

King of Kirommy
05-30-2006, 11:40 AM
You know, guys..

You don't HAVE to be a Marvel character.
Very true, although last time i was a dc inspired character so it balances out.

05-30-2006, 11:52 AM
...Why not? They are the best superheroes...

05-30-2006, 11:55 AM
Tim was just commenting on the fact that, well... we have ONE DC bio, ONE sentai bio, and the rest Marvel. Lol.

05-30-2006, 12:06 PM
I don't want people to think they HAVE to be Marvel. Because that's just not the case!

King of Kirommy
05-30-2006, 12:34 PM
...Why not? They are the best superheroes...
That is as debatable as what season of power rangers is best.

05-30-2006, 12:36 PM
Less arguing, more bios.

05-30-2006, 12:41 PM
ha...i was never really into DC comics for some reason..but for my villian bio, i'll have it intertween w/ DC! just to make u guys happy! so no more yelling?? lol.. :D

EDIT: actually, i lied! i have nothing on DC b/c i have never really liked them, so i can't really make up a villian bio for DC. so i had to change it! i sorry...

Name- Rion Essex
Alias- Chaos Reaper
Age- 21
Appearance- http://www.thebuzz.nireland.com/Graphicl/p12.jpg
Personality- Evil, Cunning, manipulative, omnious, "sinister"
Powers-control over his body's molecules, allowing him to pass energy blasts through himself and change his appearance. May also have some telepathic abilities, like making people pass out. He also has energy blasting abilities, but how he procured them is uncertain.
Family- Nathanial Essex (father, deceased), Rebecca (mother, deceased), Adam (brother, deceased)
Identity Status- Public
Hero Status-Junior Hero
Weaknesses- i'm not really sure..
Allies- None
Enemies- X-Men, Apocalypse, just about anyone
Bio- Rion never much about his father but he did know that his father was known as Mr. Sinister. He was hated by all and feared by so many. The X-Men did all they could to stop him from doing so much harm. But as the days went by, Rion soon found out that he had the same powers as his father. Something he was looking forward to. He wanted to follow his father's footsteps and have all fear him. His father noticed the change in his son. But his son didn't have the silver skin like he did. So Mr. Sinister did what he knew he had to do. He had to teach his son how to harness his powers and use them to stop the X-Men. As Rion was controlling his powers, his father told him so much about the X-Men and how much he despised them. Rion grew much hatred for them. Knowing that one day his path will cross in between them. He too will have to fight them much like his father.

Soon enough, Rion had his chance of fighting one of the X-Men, but his father didn't want him to go out just yet since he was still new to his powers. Mr. Sinister recognized who the X-Man was and was both surprised and shocked. It was Jean Grey. The formerly knowns as Phoenix who he was trying to get for so many years but failed to succeed. He knew that she was to powerful for his young son to attack. But Mr. Sinister saw that Jean Grey had a child. Someone that his own son can hate as well. Mr. Sinister told Rion about the child that Jean Grey had bared and that he should do whatever he can to kill him.

When Rion turned 18, his father was killed by Apocalypse. The same being that used him to get all the psychics in the world. Rion couldn't understand why Apocalypse would do something like that, since his father was so loyal to him. So Rion sworn to never trust anyone. Since his father trusted Apocalypse, Rion had sworn on his father's grave to stop him once and for all.
But until the day he does that, Rion promised his father to kill Braden Grey, Jean Grey's son. Mr. Sinister passed on his legacy to his son, hoping that one day it will be fullfilled.

well, it was as the best i could since mr. sinister is kinda a hard villain to do. but i still love him as a villain! one of my all time fave tho from the marvel world.

Abare Killer
05-30-2006, 01:55 PM
:abakill Alrighty, here we go! Here's my villain bio.

Name- Aiko Manser
Alias- Rijewel (Always called that, as few people know her real name)
Age- 20
Appearance- http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a222/abarekiller1/Rijieru.jpg
Normally found wearing that outfit, without the feathers.
Personality- Rijewel is a fiesty, sarcastic, talkative girl who is evil through and through. While she chose to use her powers for evil, it can't be too surprising that she ended up that way considering her childhood. She likes to mess with her enemy's mind and try to get on their nerves as much as possible, which is just as much of an offensive technique as a defensive one. She is a loner who doesn't care at all for others or for companionship. This results in her being rather cruel and not caring what happens to other people, which makes her even more of a villainess.
Powers- Kinetic powers like Gambit. She can charge up objects like he does. She also uses cards as her trademark, but instead of playing cards, they're tall, purple tarot-like cards. To charge them up, she kisses them and then shoots them at people. She can charge several up at a time in this way. She charges other things too at times, but cards are her trademark and she never goes anywhere without some on her.
Family- Father: Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Identity Status- Public. She has no reason to hide who she is.
Hero Status- n/a
Weaknesses- Nothing specifically, but as she has no enhanced defense or strength, she is easily hurt. Her best defense is to attack before she is attacked and not allow herself to be hit. So, one could say that she is weak against just about anything.
Allies- None
Enemies- None in particular, until she meets Nightshade and decides to bother her.
Bio- Aiko's mother, a pretty Japanese lady named Natsuko, is an ex-girlfriend of Gambit. She became pregnant shortly after they broke up, and Remy does not know that Aiko even exists. She married soon after to a wealthy American man, James Manser. While Manser could accept that his wife was pregant with another man's child, he could not accept the child herself, but he put up with her for Natsuko's sake. They had a few children together, and Aiko was treated poorly by her stepfather. As they grew up, her younger half siblings chose not to treat her equally or befriend her, knowing that she was not blood related to them. They picked on her constantly and were never stopped by their parents.

In this way, Aiko grew up harshly and her heart began to harden from lack of love and care at all. Her powers were discovered in a very alarming way. One day, her two half brothers decided it would be fun to throw rocks at her as they were playing in their large backyard. Aiko would not take this without retaliation, though, so she picked up one of the rocks thrown at her, intending to throw it back. For a little added effect, she kissed the rock, unintentionally charging it up, and then she threw it. It hit the oldest boy square in the stomach, causing him to fly backwards several feet. He began to convulse and scream in pain, and his parents came rushing outside. Aiko just watched with a smug and slightly surprised look on her face. Being afraid of the now 13 year old girl, her parents took her out the next day to a nearby town and abandoned her in a random alleyway. Aiko was shocked at this, but she was hardly heartbroken, and with her newfound power, she was easily able to survive on the streets.

Living on the streets hardened her even more, and she began to enjoy this lifestyle. At first, she stole only what she needed to survive, but after a while, she started stealing more and more, loving the feeling and the things she could get from it. Parts of her outfit were found at different costume shops, and she pieced it together herself. She also discovered these beautiful tarot-type cards at a magic store, and she now uses these as a trademark. Now a super villain, Aiko has left her real name behind and now insists on being called Rijewel. Only her and her "family" know her real name.

Deciding that where she was now was too boring, she snuck onto a plane and got to Japan, wanting to see the country of her heritage. She had taught herself Japanese when she was living with her parents, so she spoke it as fluently as English. After meeting a hero called Nightshade in Kyoto, Japan, she took an interest in the girl and decided to stay there to cause problems for her in any way she could.


That was fun to write! Let me know if you need anything changed, Mak. :abakill

05-30-2006, 03:26 PM
This looks like a lot of fun. I may be new, but if you accept me, I won't let you down! Here's my hero's bio; haven't quite decided if I want to try out for a villian too...

Name- Kiyoshi “Elias” Kurojiten
Alias- Raven
Age- 25


Personality- Though falling under the general category of “good,” he follows his own sense of justice that at quick glance would be labeled cruel. He is aloof and callous towards others, but behind it all he is devoted to the ying-yang principle of balance, and often goes out of his way to protect the innocent and punish those who have betrayed his concept of justice. Despite his usual attitude, he is deeply fond and respectful of the spirits that inhabit nature; and to those, he is kind, compassionate, and warm.

Powers- Kiyo is an onmyōji. This means his power comes from his ability to manipulate yin-yang and summon spirits (called shikigami) in order to carry out his tasks. In particular, he has become attached to a spirit he summoned in the form of a raven, which has led to his alias’ generation. He has a well trained martial arts ability (consisting mostly of good footwork) that comes out of learning control of mind and body to master his art, but the full potential of his abilities has yet to be tapped.

Family- Aizen Kazeken (Father) and Ayame Kazeken (Mother, not among the living)

Identity Status (Public or Secret) Public. He doesn’t hide his identity, but he is not high profile enough to worry about it either.

Hero Status (Veteran/Junior Hero) Junior

Weaknesses- He is a normal human in all respects, but in particular his weaknesses come from being closed-minded and always the threats that come with meddling with the spiritual realm.

Allies- Yozora, his shikigami.

Enemies- He seeks after another spirit shaman who in jealousy attacked his father’s shrine and banished the soul of his mother. Unfortunately, the only clue he has to track his foe is that his signature shikigami is a white snake.

Bio- Kiyoshi was born to a Shinto priest running a small shrine in the mostly ignored mountainous regions of Japan. From a young age he was being raised to follow in his father’s footsteps, also then being taught the art of Onmyodo. He fell in love with the craft, and would spend many hours communing with the spirits of nature he could summon, growing farther and farther apart from the living people surrounding him. The turning point in his young life came when his shrine was visited by another omnyoji looking to pick a fight. Kiyo’s father was forced to fight with him after a threat; but after the trying battle, the spiteful opponent banished his wife’s soul to the spiritual realm. Aizen became a hollow man after that, but Kiyoshi vowed revenge. He got the crazy idea of trying to summon his mother’s soul back, which ended up a failure. The failed summoning, however, had unexpected results, binding his soul to a warm but temperamental spirit who he later named Yozora. Unfortunately, Yozora seemed to have lost her memories of her former life and appears usually in the form of a raven on Kiyoshi’s shoulder. During their travels together, the two have become very close, each relying on the other, confiding in each other, and seeking out answers to their respective questions all as a team.

Kiyo left his isolated town soon after the tragic fight and the summoning of Yozora in order to hunt the omnyoji who had destroyed his family. He became more and more callous as he saw the poor state of the world around him, and it was at this point that he took upon his shoulders the burden of justice, with Yozora’s full support. At the age of 19, he got involved with the crime affairs of the city of Kyoto, and to support himself and to keep a better eye on those would flaunt justice, he joined a local business which by luck began to grow. Kiyoshi became something of an administrator as his remarkable sense of fairness was found out. He now travels around the world as a negotiator and takes every opportunity to clean up crime everywhere he goes.

05-30-2006, 03:28 PM
Holy crap, a Bleach fan! And here I was writing up a bio for Ishida, hah.

You must be Jen's friend.

Adam Park
05-30-2006, 04:06 PM
Well i thought i would go for this. Now i am not taking any ideas from the guy who posted a son of Tony first but yeah.

Name- Derrick Stark
Alias- E-Fist
Age- 20
Appearance- A well muscled black/Italian mixed breed.Due to this he has a rather smooth complexion yet deep and complex.
Personality- A Player thru and thru. He loves the ladies and woudnt hesistate to grab one's hand and kiss them even if they were evil. Although in his past he harbors alot of deep scars so this leads him to be inwardly drawn at times.
Powers- Enegry Manipulation, Due to the Radiation over the years from the Ironman suit Tony stark passed on the Radiated cells to his son. Derrick can move enegry to any part of his Body to enhance it as it were. Leading to Powerful punches that have Explosiove Results,Enhanced Speed, Strength and the Ablity to coat himself in a Skin tight shell of enegry were he can take a bit more hits without being too damaged.
Family- Tony Stark (Father), Aisha Cambell (Mother)
Identity Status - Public
Hero Status - Junior Hero
Weaknesses- He has the Potienal to Meltdown as it were and explode like a Nuclear Bomb. Along with Fatigue,Bleeding,Head Trama. Basically he can still be killed.
Allies- None
Enemies- None yet
Bio- Once apon a dreary night Tony Stark ,drunken, Ran into Aisha Campbell on a buisness trip to California. After a wild night and 9 months later Baby Derrick was born. At a Early age he Devolped his Enegry skills often gllowing at night in his crip despite his mother's effeorts to heal him.

At the age of 6 Derrick was a playful boy. He had a friend named Corey who his running partner. But then it happened he was playfulling wrestling with his friend and ended up finding out about his enegry enhancing powers when he broke his friends body inhalf. Not knowing what to do he went home and cried over his friends death and called his powers a curse.

At the Age of 12 though he was being Bounded back and forth between his mother and father both living on diffrent sides of the USA. This is when he saw his father fighting crime and thought it looked cool but he woulndt dare use his Powers that was until his mother was about to be shot by gang members while in Oakland. He jumped infront and Blocked the shots with his First Enegry Shell only taking a few flesh wounds. He then beat the Tar out of the Gang Memebers.

After that he decided that if people needed him he would help but only if nessary.He started to wear a Deep blue Hoodie and Black pants Calling himself E-Fist. Now at 20 he has honed his Enegry skills up and has worked to model himself with his Mother's Karate Training and his father's Tech smarts.

I will put my Villianess up in a little while.

05-30-2006, 05:40 PM
Okay, here's my attempt.

This character purposefully shares qualities of the Quincy from Bleach. Bleach, The picture of the character, as well as Quincy are copyright Kubo Tite, yadda yadda yadda.

Name- Gabriel Whitemane
Alias- Seraph
Age- 30 (Physical appearance)

Personality- Sophisticated, Intelligent and well spoken. Doesn't smile or show humor often and tends to put a lot of focus on his business. Much about his personal life remains shrouded in secrecy. Is sometimes selfish and cold, but has a loving side that he mostly only shows to his daughter.

Holy Aura: A consistant amount of energy encases Gabriel's body, increasing his physical and elemental durability. It also increases his strength and speed.

Celestial Arrow: Gabriel can fire concentrated energy arrows out of a small bow which harnesses his inner spiritual power. He can willingly alter the destructive power of the arrows to cause reactions that imitate a tranquilizer dart, to an uncharted blast of energy. The limit of this power is unknown.

Flight: Gabriel can focus spiritual energy to sprout two glowing white wings from his back, allowing him flight. It's unknown as to what speed he can fly at and still survive.

Angelic Form: A final form that Gabriel ascends to if his cross is broken. Powers extend far beyond full height for a short period of time, but results in complete loss of powers at the very least, however it can also lead to death or at worst, complete non-existence (No return to Seireitei as Angel or spirit).

Also has high intelligence and financial/business connections.

Family- Step-Daughter: Jessica Whitemane (Age, 17) Wife: Natalia Whitemane (Deceased). Parents or other relatives unknown (None exist).
Identity Status: Secret
Hero Status: Veteran
Weaknesses- While much more durable than humans, is still in a mostly human body and if enough damage is sustained, can die to conventional means. The cross he carries is made out of an extremely durable substance, but if broken, will force him into Angelic Form and either cause loss of powers or death.
Allies- Tony Stark
Enemies- Lex Luthor. The Minus.


Gabriel Whitemane is the founder and CEO of Whitemane Industries. The largest microchip research and development facility on the planet. It's success is widely known and Gabriel has been often praised for the record breaking quickness of his success. The company currently supplies almost every major technological facility although it's not nearly as much a household name as Microsoft or McDonalds. Still, he's managed quite a few connections such as Reed Richards and Tony Stark of Stark Enterprises. Another noteworthy, Lex Luthor has since commonly expressed malice toward the new businessman after a refusal to sell his company.

Gabriel himself is an excellent businessman, as well as father to a 17 year old girl, the daughter of his wife. As much time he spends working, he still made time for his wife and daughter. Unfortunately two years ago, his wife Natalia died in a car accident due to a drunk driver. Since, his daughter has barely recovered, as she and her mother were very close. Gabriel often worries about his daughter's emotional state, and lately his job has kept him from being able to keep track of her.

Although he carries the views of an agnostic, one who does not feel one way or another on the existence of a higher power, Gabriel is in fact, an Angel. Although he shares numerous qualities of the common religious definition of an Angel, there are also many notable differences.

Gabriel was personally sent to Earth 10 years ago from Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls, essentially Heaven) to assist lost souls that have not yet found their way to the afterlife, as well as cleanse destructive, evil souls known as The Minus. He was given human form but was allowed to retain certian holy powers in order to complete his duties. Gabriel is not sure whether or not he will return to Seireitei as an Angel if he dies on Earth, or if his mission will ever be over. He resides in a mansion in New York which also serves as the central location for his company. Gabriel only deals with spirits in close proximity, so the likelyhood of other Angels living on Earth is high.

Adam Park
05-30-2006, 07:26 PM
Here is my Villian Bio Hope yah like it
Name- Mia Fernandez
Alias- Kriia
Age- 20
Appearance- http://www.mexmodel.com/profiles/valeria.jpg
Hair turns Red,Eyes deep green and a green tint shadows her eyelids when Kriia.
Personality- Witty,Smart,Very sneaky in anything she does and is also Vicious.
Powers- She is basically Mother nature,she can control all manners of plantlife bending it to her will. She can also Grow diffrent types of posions in her body making her Immune to most Viral dieases and Viruses. She is Also Adept in Street Fighting.
Family- Pamela Isley (Posion Ivy), Trent Mercer (White Dino Ranger)
Identity Status Secret
Villian Status - Junior Villian
Weaknesses- She is just like any other human and can easly be cut or even worst shot up.
Allies- Posion Ivy, Catwoman
Enemies- Only every Hero that has dared to cross her path.And of Course Robin.
Bio- Kriia Is the result of Pamela Isley going to one of Anton Mercer's Auctions and meeting the Sauve young man Trent Mercer. She didnt even have to do her attraction scent on him to get him into her bed.

She was suprised though that she found herself having a baby 9 months later. Other than telling Trent about his child she keep her and Names her Mia Fernandez in honor of her Father's real last name. Mia grew up with her mother learning about the crime trade at the age of 10. She ran into Catwoman during this time and asked her mother could she train with her.

Going by the name Kriia,She assisted Catwoman in many a crime learning to use her Werid Plant and posion powers to help her on the way.By 15 the young girl had broken into her own bank becoming even more of a threat.
At 18 she ran into Robin himself during a Bank heist. The two fought for what seemed like all night before coming to a stand still. Kriia loved the rush the she got fighting the other Teen. She started to Devolop a Healthy Rivalrey with him until she hit 20.

Now known Thruout Gotham, Kriia is met with alot of Resistance but doesnt care as it is just fun to her to evade the Pityful cops with her Advanced Skills. She has now set her sights on bigger and better places like in New York...

05-30-2006, 09:30 PM
Is that you, Faiz? O.o

05-30-2006, 09:37 PM
Yes My Dear Will, that's my friend Matt.. I like your Bio...

Nice Bios Guys.. I'm truly impressed..

Matt, I love the fact that your bio was your second post :P Mwhaha...

Adam Park
05-30-2006, 09:49 PM
Is that you, Faiz? O.o

Yes yes it is. And no that pic isent me XD

05-30-2006, 10:40 PM
I'll post my villian bio later today.

Name- Tara Holt
Alias- Oriole
Age- 17
Appearance: http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d78/Creamer812/alicia_keys-162.jpg

Personality: Sweet, Dynamic, Down-to-Earth, avant-garde,
Powers- Strength, great endurance, agility and a heightened sense and the “Oriole Call”
Family- Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific, father) Audrey Holt (Mother, deceased)
Identity Status: Secret
Hero Status: Junior Hero
Weaknesses: Since Tara is a basically normal human, she’s susceptible to anything a real person is.
Allies: Mr. Terrific, JLA, JSA, Superman, Supergirl.
Enemies: Roulette, Per Degaton, Ultra-Humanite, Injustice Society, Black Adam, Mordru, Eclipso, James Powell.
Personality: Sweet, doesn’t take crap from anyone. And be a bit overbearing at times

Bio: Tara’s life was that out of some book. She had a loving mother and father. Was a great student and was fairly popular at school. But unknown to her, her father Michael, was the Super hero Mr.Terrific.

There was also something she didn’t know about her family. Her uncle James Powell, was not a good man. He was a crime and drug lord. He didn’t allow anything to stand in his way. That even meant his own family. But no matter how bad he seemed Tara’s mother still believed there was good in him. Deep, deep down inside of him.

But then he was finally caught. And a trial was set in place. Audrey was set to be a key witness at his trial. When James heard this, he was livid and could only think of one thing to do.

When he came to see Audrey at their apartment, she didn’t think anything of it. But when she opened the door, she was thrown to the side as James’ goons came in. They shot Audrey, Michael and Tara.

Tara was in the hospital for three months in a coma. Then one day, she just woke up. The first person she saw was her father. But he had horrible news. Her mother didn’t make it.

Michael was in deep depression, and didn’t even feel like getting up. It became Tara’s job to make sure tat he was alright before she left for school and when she came back from it. Then Tara discovered her father was Mr.Terrific. She wanted to help people too, by becoming a super hero. But Michael refused to train her.

So she found out where the Wildcat lived. She begged him to teach her. And he did. She learned, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and capoeira. With that she dons her black and orange costume to become, the Oriole. She named herself after the beautiful birds that she’d see as a child. She also learned how to summon them, but just saying, “Champions small with midnight wing, foe of every evil thing, heed my call and arise to flight, prove the oriole’s might!”

Tara has just started her fight on crime, and is ready to show the world what she’s made of.

05-30-2006, 10:58 PM
Holy crap, a Bleach fan! And here I was writing up a bio for Ishida, hah.

You must be Jen's friend.

Yeah, that's me, nice to meet ya. Love your bio--Ishida rocks!

Queen of Kirommy
05-31-2006, 05:29 AM
I hope this is ok, let me know if it needs improvement

Name- Adria Darkholme
Alias- Doesn't usually use one but has been called "Shift"
Age- 19
Appearance- http://www.christinariccionline.com/gallery/albums/Photoshoots/Elle%20Girl/normal_ellegirlphotoshoot_06.jpg
Personality- Cold, stoic, leathal and a smartass. She has a nice streak that is rarely seen. If it is, it's her other personality shining through.
Powers- The ability to leech away others powers and shapeshift
Family- The combined DNA of Mystique and Leech with the ability to use both powers.
Identity Status (Public or Secret)-Secret
Hero Status (Veteran/Junior Hero)-Wouldn't be considered one
Bio- Created in a lab with DNA from Leech and Mystique, they were able to isolate the genes carrying the mutant abilities and to activate both powers. Being isolated for the first 10 years of her life she created a dual personality inside herself. That is the only way her nicer qualities shine through. Since the darker half is the dominant there are rare slightings of the good half. She was liberated by Mystique once she learned what had happened. Raised to be cruel and ruthless she has followed in her mothers footsteps to become of the most called upon assassin. She dedicates most of her time fighting against those who would oppress mutant kind, believeing as her mother did. Mutants are the superior where as humans should bow to them. She often tries to get mutants who are fighting on "the wrong side" and recruite them to her side.

Agent Xero
05-31-2006, 07:23 AM
Alright, Mak! Here it is! Kinda changed it up a bit, it'll be good nonetheless! Hope you like it!


Name- Chelsea "Chase" Matthews
Alias- Aurora
Age- 17
Appearance- http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i114/white-time-ranger/e7b018d7.jpg

Aurora: http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i114/white-time-ranger/948b7757.jpg (imagine it a bit more feminen, minus the ozzel and ears)

Powers- Ability to bend and manipluate light
>>Light Regeneration: (Hasn't discovered this power yet) Gives Aurora the ability to heal and replenish health (it comes and goes, she doesn't have it all the time)
>>Flash Freeze: (Hasn't discovered this power yet) gives her the ability to slow down her opponent (s) attack for a few seconds, allowing for that slight advantage, but makes her attacks a bit weaker.
>> Light Shield: ability to create a shield with provides temporary protection from her enemies
>> Light Flight: Gives Aurora the ability to soar to new heights
Family- Jak Matthews Sr. [DECEASED] and Kiera Matthews [DECEASED] Jackson "Jak" Matthews Jr.[TWIN BROTHER] but he's another story...
Identity Status Secret
Hero Status Junior
>>electricity- causes an unbalance in her powers and she can "overload" in a way and hurt herself badly.
>>too much of the elements, ie heat, coldness. She can stand them, but only to a point.
Allies- Jennifer Adler, (her cousin and best friend) and her mentor/uncle Simon Adler. (He knew her father well and taught her now to control her powers somewhat)
Enemies- Jackson "Jak" Matthews (her brother)
Personality- Chase has always been the one to speak her mind, nothing gets past her lips without a second thought, which has gotten her into some trouble quite a few times. Other than her loud mouth, Chase can also be every distant from the others. She likes to be alone and experiment with her newly developed powers, while thinking back to a time when her life was once good... but once her outter shell is cracked, Chase is a warm hearted girl who would give her life for her friends.
Bio- Years ago on the little island of Hawaii, USA, there lived a hero simply known as Jak. With the hep of both his best friend Kiera Adler, and his mentor Simon Adler (Kiera's brother), Jak saved the town from numerous crimes and evil-doers in his home town. He had two powers: the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. Using these two powers, he stopped many deadly events and criminals from distrupting their peacefully harmonic life-style they lived.

Now retired, Jak and Kiera finally settled down and had two adorable twins: Chelsea "Chase" and Jackson Jr "Jak." The family of four lived a calm and peaceful life, with Jak Sr. being a successful man in contruction and Kiera a mechanic working in her father's garage. While that was going on, Chase was doing well in school, but her brother didn't care whatsoever. She always brought home good grades and considered her life to be wonderful.

That was until age 10, when she discovered something extraoridinary about her life: she had a power like her father, the ability to control, bend and create light. She discovered she could easily create things from it, and manipulate it to suit her needs. Her brother, however, found out he had the power to control Darkness. With these new powers harnassed, Jak Sr. began to teach his children how to control their powers. Chase did wonderfully with the control of her power, but her brother Jak Jr, on the other hand was heading down a darker path than their father could imagine.

That all changed one day when disaster struck her home town. An old evil surfaced, and with that the old hero was called into defend the city again, but found time had taken it's toll. With the horror unfolding before their eyes, Jak Jr. and Chase watched as their mother was killed and their father was struck down in battle. But the one thing that broke Chase's heart was when she saw the boy who killed her father. After her father died, she moved to Midtown, CA to live with her cousin and her father.

But one thought lingered in her mind. Her brother, her own flesh and blood finished off their father and she saw the true horror that he turned out to be. The Power of Darkness quickly overcame Jak, and overtook him completely. With Jak now on the side of Evil, Chase has been determined to bring her brother back, while avenging her family's death.

For the past nine years, Chase has been working with her father's old mentor Simon and her cousin/best friend Jen. Simon has been helping Chase control her powers, but she has much more to understand about them. She has trained herself into a fighting machine and is a strong hand-to-hand fighter. Her toned body physique doesn't hurt her, either.

But soon, a new evil will arise, much more powerful than before. With Chase fulling embracing her destiny and taking her father's place, she has given herself the name Aurora, who was the Roman goddess of Light. With her powers she hopes to defeat this new evil, put her parents death to rest, and free her brother from the clutches of Evil.

Through this mission, she learns what real friendship is, and what it really means to be a Hero...



Name- Jackson "Jak" Matthews Junior
Alias- Dark Jak
Age- 17
Appearance- http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i114/white-time-ranger/4b148a9c.gif

Dark Jak: http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i114/white-time-ranger/8512be87.jpg (minus the ears_
Personality- Jak has always looked to the darker side of things, ever since he was little. He cared nothing for anyone or anything but himself, the total opposite of his sister.
>>Dark Bomb: sends waves of Dark Energy out, damaging anything or anyone caught in his blast
>>Dark Blast: when unleashed, Jak's discharge is deadly, but the downside is he can rarely use this, but when able to use, powerful and deadly.
>>Dark Strike: a powerful strike that can damage anything in it's path. That means anything. Like his Dark Blast, he can only use this sometimes, but when able to use, deadly to anyone who stands in his path.
>>Invisibility: When used, Jak can make himself virtually invisible to the naked eye. This power comes in handy when he spies on his enemies.
Family- His sister, Chase Matthews, Jak Matthews, Sr. [DECEASED], Kiera Matthews [DECEASED]
Identity Status Secret
Weaknesses- To counteract his Dark Powers, Light can add some damage. Loss of blood and severe trauma can also damage his strong character.
Allies- NONE
Personality- Jak has always had a shadow hiding behind his eyes, which scared his father and mother into thinking their son would turn, and they were right. Jak's the type of man who would put the bullet through instead of you doing it yourself. Now perminently fixed in his dark powers, Jak is the type of man who won't hesitate to strike...
Bio- Ever since his father saved the city and he was born, Jak knew he was different. His sister Chase was two minutes older than him at birth, but he knew he was better than her, regardless if she was his older sister. He would rather hurt someone than help them. He guesses this came from always being thought as "second-best" to his sister. But soon that was about to change.

Right around his tenth birthday, while he and his sister were playing in the backyard, something happened. He jumped on the ground, angry to loose their game and a sudden mixture of black and purple energy came from his hand, and everything in a five-foot radius was gone, and he was left in a black circle. When his father came outside, he was more than happy to see his children had inherited his powers. Chase, his perfect older sister obtained the Power of Light, while he got the Power of Darkness. He knew of his father's heroic past, but Jak had plans of his own.

Six years after that, and with their father helping them with their powers, an old enemy of his father's resurfaced. But this enemy was stronger than last time they fought. This old enemy of Jak Sr.'s knew exactly how to hit the old hero. He killed the children's mother, Kiera, right in front of them. Jak Jr, however, felt the power overwelming him as he unleashed them on both his sister and his father.

He finally knew what this power was for. The Dark energy inside him as pushed all common sense away from him as it engulfed him whole, transforming him into a deadly enemy. But Jak's sanity wasn't all gone. He remembered somewhat of the events of before joining the Enemy as one. He remembered his sister crying, and his father laying in a pool of blood, unassure of how he got there.

For the past three years, he formed an alliance with a new evil that had arisen, and this new enemy told him how to unlock the full potential of his powers. His goals now were to find revenge on his sister, and find a way to make the world how he wanted it to be. After unlocking his full potential, he finally took his father's old name, a name he hoped the world one day would fear.

Jackson Matthews Jr. was lost, and the powerful Dark Jak was born...


That's about it, Mak. Hope you like it! If I'm in, i cannot wait to start this!

05-31-2006, 11:39 AM
The Villian

Name- Eli Scott
Alias- Nitro aka the Blue Thunder Ranger
Age- 19
Appearance- http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/PurpleDramaChik/Random%20Pix/warrenpeace.jpg
When Morphed Eli's suit is that of the Blue Thunder Storm Ranger.

Personality- Eli is quiet and reserved. He keeps to himself unless spoken to, however just because you speak to him doesn't mean he'll acknowledge you. He walks around with a chip on his shoulder and only does things if it will benefit him in the end. He's not a total jerk, just a wisecracker with a very sarcastic personality. People love to hate him, even when he's not being a bad guy.

Powers- Can conjure up and manipulate the Thunder & Lightning weather elements when morphed & unmorphed; Super Speed (Only when Morphed); Skilled Kickboxer

Family- Jason Lee Scott (Father: Original Red MMPR), Lila Scott (Mother: DECEASED), Skyla Scott (Twin Sister)

Identity Status: Secret

Hero Status: Junior Hero

Weaknesses: He's human so moprhed or unmorphed he can be killed with anything that would kill a normal human except lightning or thunder

Allies- By day Eli hangs with a local street gang called the Trashers so he considers them his friends but none of them have powers

Enemies- Skyla, his siter

Bio- Growing up Eli was always a good kid. He lived happily with his sister and parents until one day when he was 12 his mother was killed in an attack on the city by a villian who was trying to take over his town. Eli's father Jason Scott took his wife's death very hard and became an alcoholic, losing his job soon after. Eventually Eli found out Jason blamed himself for his wife's death because he felt if he'd still been a Power Ranger, he could've saved her. Eli and Skyla tried to help Jason get help and become a good man and a father again but after failed attempts Eli decided to leave home at the age of 15.

After sleeping in abandoned buildings for awhile, Eli was discovered and initiated into a gang called the Trashers. He became a totally different person and began helping the gang steal and rob local businesses just for fun. Eventually Eli got tired of being a criminal and now just hangs out with the gang for a good time. He works as a waiter in a pizza place for money, once he got his high school diploma.

One day Eli was in the park and something from outer space crashed into the woods. He went to check it out and after touching the device, it leaped into his skin and attached to his body in the form of a silver bracelet. This bracelet bonded with his DNA giving him the powers he now possesses as well as the knowledge to unleash the power. The bracelet turns into a morpher that allows Eli to transform into a suit that gives him extra power, speed, and strength much like his father's Ranger past. No one knows what powers Eli possess or where he got them from.

The Heroine

Name- Skyla Scott
Alias- Blaze aka Yellow Power Ranger
Age- 19
Appearance- http://www.celebopedia.com/kreuk/images/kristin_kreuk.jpg
When Morphed Skyla's suit resembles Torrie's from PRNS only her suit color is Yellow and the symbol on her chest is of fire and her helmet looks like a flame.

Personality- Skyla is reserved but classy. She is intelligent and full of wisdom beyond her years. She enjoys good conversation, reading, meeting new people, and exercising. She likes to do anything that requires mind engaging work such as puzzles and games. She doesn't make friends easily but that's because her shyness is mistaken for being conceited since she's very pretty. She's grown to love spending time by herself though sometimes she'd love to just hang out and be normal.

Powers- Can manipulate and control Fire & Earth when morped or unmoprhed; Karate Blackbelt; Invisibility (Only when morphed)

Family- Jason Lee Scott (Former Original Red MMPR), Lila Scott (Mother; DECEASED); Eli Scott ( Twin Brother)

Identity Status: Public

Hero Status: Junior Hero

Weaknesses-Anything that can kill a human except Fire & Earthly matters

Allies- Her fellow Power Rangers (not apart of the story though)

Enemies-Eli Scott, brother

Bio- Skyla was an all american dream girl as a child. She loved any and everything to do with sports and nature. She was very close to her mother and her family. Her mother's sudden death at the age of 12 caused her family life to take a tumble. Her father began to drink uncontrollably and that caused fights between him and her brother Eli. Soon Eli left home and Skyla stayed behind to care for her father. With her love her father soon got the rehab he needed and shaped up his life however his efforts were too late for Eli and the two are no longer close.

Skyla is a freshman in college and is apart of the Power Rangers, a team she learned the legacy of when her father revealed his past life as a Ranger to her and her brother. Wanting to help the world from being taken over by the villians who tried and killed her mother, Skyla sought out the latest Ranger mentor and proved she could be one of the team. She was granted a morpher that holds the key to her powers. Now she and the other 5 rangers fight to keep their world safe.

Skyla's biggest enemy yet is her own brother Eli. Jealous that he is not the only twin with powers and is still seen as teh bad twin, Eli is determined to use his to seek revenge on the villians who killed their mother so he can be seen as his father's Hero. Whereas Skyla believes he should not carry bitterness anymore and seek vegeance but instead help to fight other evils that may come and come home to be with his family once and for all.

05-31-2006, 12:00 PM
Name- Duela
Alias- Harlequin
Age- 19
Appearance- http://www.titanstower.com/assets/whos%20who/titanstomorrow/tt17duela.jpg

Personality- Superior, snotty, taunting attitude.
Powers- None.
Family- The Joker and Dr.Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)
Identity Status: Secret to most
Hero Status: Junior Villain
Weaknesses: Anything that would kill a normal human
Allies- The Joker, Harley Quinn
Enemies- Batman, Robin, JLA, JSA
Personality: Criminally insane and loves to tease her victims or enemies.

Bio: One thing that the Joker always dreamed of was someone to carry on his lineage. And he got his wish when Harley Quinn became pregnant. They were ready to be one happy, twisted little family. But they soon realized what a life would be in store when the child was near expectancy. They decided to have the child in foster home to make sure she was raised properly. So they left her on the door step of the Gotham Orphanage in a wicker basket with a Harlequin print blanket to keep her warm. With a note that said simply "Take care of our Duela

Being in the Orphanage made Duela learn about the dog-eat-dog world around her. She always had to fight for everything she wanted. Like her father she was a practical joker, but the pranks were sometimes more dangerous than funny. This led to many beatings and solitary.

On her seventh birthday made a wish that her parents would come and rescue her. And it came true. Joker and Harley busted in and got their little Arlequin. For twelve years the Joker trained her in his ways. And on her debut in Gotham's criminal underworld, she covered her whole body in white make-up donned her costume and called herself Harlequin.

With her father, she's robbed seven banks, held up two socialite parties and one cruise. She ready to show the world who's gonna laugh last.

05-31-2006, 01:35 PM
All right, folks. We're not gonna accept anymore bios. This message is to let everyone know, before we post the cast, that this isn't going to be a slow paced RP. Now, based on those of you I know, either from Sky High or just in general, I know you'll be able to keep up, those of you that made the cut. This is going out to those of you who I don't know. If you don't know if you can put up with the pace, let me know now. The cast'll go up tomorrow guys.

05-31-2006, 01:58 PM
I edited in my villain bio, but for quick reference for those who wish to see it without looking here it is

Name-Richard Cain
Age- Appears mid 30s or early 40s, Is in actuality 60 He can no longer age, however, as his organic components make up less than 80 percent of his body structure.
Appearance- http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v172/Goham/neeson3.jpg
Powers- Flight (via jets in his back/legs), Enhanced Strength, Various Levels of Sight (heat, night vision, etc) Can shoot energy blasts of various potencies from his palms. Increased endurance (because of his cybernetic implants). DNA scans to see if someone is a mutant. Has a database of known mutants and their powers downloaded directly from S.H.I.E.L.D*
Family- Unknown
Identity Status (Public or Secret) Known to government officials.
Weaknesses- Anyone strong enough can beat him badly. An EMP could ruin his cybernetic components and mess with the computer portions of his brain.
Allies- None
Enemies- Mutants
Personality-rather dull. he does have a bit of a sadistic pleasure in his programming, but other than that he has little in the ways of personality. His sense of humor is limited and he's careful with his words.
Bio- A few years ago, there was an experiment to graft humans with Sentinel protocols to act as sleeper agents. They were gifted with cybernetic implants, and various weaponry used for hunting mutants. They are perhaps more deadly than the regular Sentinels, beacuse they can be anyone. Not many remain, however, most were destroyed by an expedition by the X-Men. A few remained however, and Cain was one of them. He has mostly kept quiet, keeping his programming in check, but since then his programming has seeped into hsi very consciousness and he has an undying hatred for mutants of all kinds. He has since become an active villain, though has somehow escaped the radar of the X-Men. The government is aware of their rogue experiment, and have sent S.H.I.E.L.D* operatives to deal with Cain, but he has viewed them as threats to his programming and killed them. Cain does not even realize his Sentinel programming is interfering in his everyday life, and feels it is completely natural for him to act as he does.

He is a very real threat, and will stop at nothing to fulfill his directives. Which is to kill mutants.

*S.H.I.E.L.D stands for Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate

05-31-2006, 03:48 PM
... Jeez Tim.. way to post right after Mak says no more bios.. :P

Mwhaha.. edit or not. Just thought.. since I'm tired.. and in a goofy mood.. I'd you know.. make fun of you. Spam the thread. :P

:: dances :: So.. casty list goes up soon? Whoohoo... :: continues to dance ::

06-01-2006, 06:21 AM
it doesn't count. I'm corunning I am above the law. <__<

And omg your sig. If you don't make me Matrix by default I'll cry. ;_; Or you know, if you need help with...stuff...and stuff. <_<

Spamming bad. ;_;

06-01-2006, 07:07 AM
I'm so a better Matrix than you.

06-01-2006, 07:55 AM
Cast get. If you guys didn't make it, sorry. We liked everyone's bios so it was tough to pick just ten.

Benjamin Reilly Parker (Spider-man) and Nanashi Brock (Carnage)/Makuku
Robert Drake (Iceman II) and Richard Cain/GohanWinner
Samantha Storm (Flame Storm)/Crystal Heart
Braden Grey (Shadow Phoenix) and Rion Essex (Chaos Reaper)/crimsonluvr
Clarice Laine Kent (Supergirl) and Alexandria Luthor/KimberlyPink
Xannon Lopez (Echo) and Jakob Evan Rice (Obsidian)/Cole Evans
Sanjou Hiyori (Nightshade) and Aiko Manser (Rijewel)
Kiyoshi “Elias” Kurojiten (Raven)/Xenovent
Gabriel Whitemane (Seraph)/Adus
Chelsea "Chase" Matthews (Aurora) and Jackson "Jak" Matthews Junior (Dark Jak)/Time Ranger 06

Adam Park
06-01-2006, 08:20 AM
Aw i didnt get in. Oh well Congrats to everyone who did ^_^ Have a very fun time.

Queen of Kirommy
06-01-2006, 08:28 AM
Aw i didnt get in. Oh well Congrats to everyone who did ^_^ Have a very fun time.
Me either Del. Oh well. And I was actually looking forward to this.

06-01-2006, 08:29 AM
Yay, I got in :3

Agent Xero
06-01-2006, 08:30 AM
Thanks Mak!!! Can't wait to get it started!!

Congrats to everyone who got in, and to those who didn't you guys are still awesome!

Adam Park
06-01-2006, 08:57 AM
Me either Del. Oh well. And I was actually looking forward to this.

Ah i see. But it is the Fate of the Cards Chelle ^_^ No worries.

Queen of Kirommy
06-01-2006, 09:36 AM
Ah i see. But it is the Fate of the Cards Chelle ^_^ No worries.

Thanks Del ^_^

06-01-2006, 10:04 AM
Awww... I spend a lot of time on that too.

Oh well. Maybe next time. :(

06-01-2006, 11:14 AM
Awesome, thanks for accepting me! I won't let it go to waste! XD

06-01-2006, 12:49 PM
Thanks Makkies... (Yay Matt!) Good job on the bios everyone.. pity there can't be like.. 70 people in this thing..

:: grimaces at the Matrix debate :: ..... snickerdoodle. Er.. Um.. :: whines :: Oh no.. this is not good. >.> Um. Yeah. I'm working on the casting call for it. In the meantime.. perhaps.. the two of you.. can ... figure it out nicely? *sighs*

06-01-2006, 01:48 PM
yayness! thanx mak!! i won't let u down! :D!! lol ^_^...ok, enough of that now! i'm done!!

Abare Killer
06-01-2006, 03:42 PM
:abakill Yay! I got in! Which isn't surprising since Mak promised me a slot. XD

It will be sad not to get to RP with my Onii-chan though...Sorry you didn't get in, Del. :-( :abakill

06-02-2006, 01:57 AM
Awesomness. Congrats to everyone. I hope everyone is ready for some mega-RPG-action, cause I sure am!

06-02-2006, 01:57 AM
Looks like mostly Marvel characters got in anyway, though we were told bios didnt have to certain around that. Oh well..have fun.

06-02-2006, 05:01 AM
Listen people. I'm sorry if you didn't get in, but if there are too many people, then it just causes a hassle. There were many factors in considering who gets in. Yes, one was bio creativity, but there was also posting reliability and general attitude.

Mz, that statement simply not true, so I see no need to explain it any more.

This is not a popularity contest. If there are any issues, please PM or IM me.

06-02-2006, 09:59 AM
I think most of the issues here are personal "Oh, I didn't get in... damnit!" ones.

But before I start bitching/ranting, I guess I'll leave this thread. Congrats to everyone who made it.

06-02-2006, 01:11 PM
This villan is very late I know and I was almost about to just skip posting the bio and just writing him in as I went but I figured i'd just post it anyways.

Name- Tal'Nekub, real name unknown.
Alias- Nightmare
Age- Roughly 550

Personality- Heartless, destructive, wicked. No sense of morals, mercy or ethics.


Living Armor: Not quite so much a power as simply what he is. Nightmare is essentially a walking tank and seeing that he has no flesh body, it is insanely difficult to cause him damage, especially seeing that the armor was magically reinforced making it near unbreakable. In addition, he does not require any staple of living that a normal human would, such as oxygen, food or rest and cannot be killed by many conventional or biological means.

Raise the Dead: Remaining necromatic powers allow Nightmare to bring corpses back to life. The corpses are basically zombies completely under his control and contain no memories or emotions.

Psionic detection: Residual psioinc powers that revived him also bestowed upon him the ability to mentally detect beings with unnatural power such as mutants or otherwise.

Family- Unknown.
Identity Status- Public
Villan Status- Veteran
Weaknesses- Exceptionally large size and appearance which results in slow movement and inability to blend in with society or approcah apponents in any subtle fashion, in other words, you usually see him coming. Basic intelligence (Can speak, think, etc, but knows nothing about modern society, not that it matters to him). Cannot raise dead if there are no bodies in the area.
Allies- None
Enemies- None specifically, however detects beings with power and seeks them out in order to destroy them.

Bio- Tal'Nekub cannot remember anything, other than the fact that he was once a human knight. In the mid 1400's, after being killed in battle, a warlock sealed his soul onto the armor and revived him to some extent, and gave him dark powers along with the name of Tal'Nekub the Shadow Knight. However only his soul was trapped inside the armor, and his body was gone for good. Having also lost his memories and having no recollection of who he was, Tal'Nekub's mind drifted into darkness and he slaughtered the Warlock. For a number of years, Tal'Nekub continued his destructive reign without purpose until a Heavensent Angel was finally able to seal Tal'Nekub at the cost of his own life.

The armor was eventually discovered a few hundred years later and put into a historical museum where it remains to this day.