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Bouken White
08-07-2006, 02:24 PM
Before Mariner Bay became the target of Queen Bansheera's, before the Aqua Base, there was a ranger team. Elite soldiers directly from the Alaskan training grounds for marines. These elite soldiers, hand picked by the President(Bill Clinton), were part of an even greater mission than the Rescue Squad we know and love.
Search & Rescue. The team that made way for Mariner Bay's saftey against an evil far more powerful than Queen Bansheera.
Lucifer himself. Not the Prince of Darkness Satan, but the King of Hell itself.
Lucifer. The most beautiful of all angels. The first angel to fall from heaven. But not the last.
The S&R (Search & Rescue) Squad defeated Lucifer and his minons, but only to be sucked into the depths of hell with the King of all defiling things.
Their victory, gave way to a mass effort on the part of the UN and the US Security council, to create a new ranger team. The Rescue Squad. In partnership with multiple nations. The US constructed the Aqua-Base, and relocated Captain Michell and his team of elite scientists into the Aqua-Base.
The Rescue team was formed, and the S&R forgotten.
Until now!
The year is 2006, the gates of hell have opened again, Lucifer has set his sights on Mariner Bay. The city is once again in a ring of fire.
The S&R Squad have returned, haven endured 13 years of torture and brutality. Are they the same? Can Rescue work with Search & Rescue? Will the teams destroy eachother?! We'll find out!

Rescue Squad:

Rescue 1 Red - Carter (NeoZeo)
Rescue 2 Blue - Chad
Rescue 3 Green - Joel
Rescue 4 Yellow - Kelsey
Rescue 5 Pink - Dana
Titanium Ranger- Ryan (Drago Oliver)

(Fill out profiles for each character. I'll judge who gets the parts of the Rescue Squad)


Captain Michell-(Profile please)
Dr. Fairweather-(Profile please)

Search & Rescue Squad:

Search & Rescue 1 Red - (Pyromos)
Search & Rescue 2 Blue - (LuigiEspadachin)
Search & Rescue 3 Green -
Search & Rescue 4 Yellow -
Search & Rescue 5 Pink -
Demon Hunter-

(Fill out the profiles below with your character choise. There are no gender limits, or species limits just aslong as it's humanoid.)

Resque Squad Zords-
Rescue Zords
Rail Rescues
Max Solarzord

Search & Rescue Zords-
Search and Rescue MegaZord:
Red Police Patrol Car Zord, (Simular to SPD 1)
Blue Forest Ranger Jeep Zord,
Green Subterrean Drill Zord,
Yellow Submarine Zord, (Includes land catapillar treds attachment.)
Pink Ambulance Zord.

Search & Rescue Base Megazord-
Abandoned Search & Rescue land base.
Comes with three modes:
1. Base Mode. (Stationary base that sits in the middle of the city.)
2. Flyer Mode. (Air borne base mode. Hover rockets installed on the bottom of the base allow it to hover 60 feet off of the ground, and travel at 120 miles perhour across land.
3. Megazord Mode. (Becomes a Megazord. -Shrug.-)
Piloted by Demon Hunter.

Zord Weapons:
Search & Rescue-
Search & Rescue MegaBlaster (Scale sized right shoulder mounted rifle. Carried by Rescue Red's zord.)
Search and Rescue Super Saber. (Saber constructed out of the roll bars from the Green Ranger's jeep zord.)

Search & Rescue Base-
Base Blasters (Super cannons that rise out of the base's basement level and attach themselves to the top-side of Flyer Mode, or the waist of Megazord mode.)
Base Basher (Constructed out of the cannons, and acts like a battering ram.)

Lucifer- King of all things evil and wrong. The most beautiful fallen angel. Takes the form of a slender vampric man, or a very vexing woman. (Fill out the profile below. Feel free to present both appearences if you wish. I prefer live action pictures.(Meaning no anime/comic book stuff.))

Seraphim- Second in command. (Write me a profile. Play Seraphim. How did he fall from heaven? Isn't he the ultimate good? Why is he working with Lucifer?)

Cain- From the tale of Cain and Able. (Fill out a profile.)

Able- From the tale of Cain and Able. (Fill out a profile.)

Demons- Winged demons. Blood thirsty minons that pour from the very core of hell itself.

Ranger Weapons:
Rescue Squad-
Rescue Blasters
Titanium Laser
Thermo Blasters

Search & Rescue Squad-
Rescue Blasters.
Rescue Sabers.


(Profile needed)
Age- Age Range of the rangers 17-21
Ranger Color & Team-
Current self-(Rescue Team. Let me know what's happened since Queen Bansheera got her bum kicked!)(Search & Rescue, let me know what happened to you in hell..)

(Profile for Extras)

(Profile for Villan)
Weapon-(Come up with one.)
Personality Quark- (Kind of like Korrag's honor quark. Come up with one.)

1. The world has changed.
2. Two Faced..
3. Victory. But for who?

This is not, I repeat, not "Bio + Post = In".
I want a story, not a willy-nilly little game of who thinks they can be so-and-so better.
Gimme a bio, I'll handle the rest until opening day.
I may play a character, or I just may be Monster Of The Day.
Not sure yet, I'll let things play out.

S&R are secretly evil. If you didn't get that already. They were tortured until they swore loyalty to Lucifer. The reason they play on the good side will be revealed later in the Role Play.

08-09-2006, 08:29 AM
Lightspeed Rescue 1 Red - Carter Grayson
Age: 27
Ranger Color & Team-Red Ranger Lightspeed Rescue
Current self- A year after Queen Bansheera’s defeat Vypra returned from the dead and began terrorizing Silver Hills; Carter reunited the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, who helped the Time Force Rangers defeat the undead demon princess. A year after that the remnants of the Machine Empire's forces unearthed Serpentera to destroy Earth, Carter teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers and traveled to the moon to stop them.Six years later and Carter is still a Firefighter at Mariner Bay Fire Department and tries to stay in contact with the other Lightspeed rangers. He protects those that need to be when he can, and in the years after a “small” trip to the moon, it has been to quiet for him, he is far too restless and wants some action.

History-Carter Grayson was one of Mariner Bay's best firefighters. His maverick maneuvers risked his life, but saved others in danger. Carter is brave, impulsive, and quick thinking. As a child, Carter was rescued from a burning building by a mysterious firefighter. This encounter led him to follow in his unknown savior's trail and become a firefighter himself. He later found the mystery firefighter was none other than Captain Mitchell. He was the first to accept a Lightspeed Morpher and the responsibility of being a Power Ranger, and courageously led his team against Diabolico's, Olympus, and Queen Bansheera’s forces. Carter bravely took down Queen Bansheera in a final battle, throwing her into the shadow world for good. (the rest of the paragraph is repeted from Current self because I didn't know where to put it)A year after Queen Bansheera’s defeat Vypra returned from the dead and began terrorizing Silver Hills; Carter reunited the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, who helped the Time Force Rangers defeat the undead demon princess. A year after that the remnants of the Machine Empire's forces unearthed Serpentera to destroy Earth, Carter teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers and traveled to the moon to stop them.

Weapons: Rescue Blaster, Rescue Drill, V-Lancer, Thermo Blaster
Gear: Rescue Morpher, Battle Booster, Trans Armor Cycle, Mobile Armor Vehicle
Zords: Pyro Rescue One, Rail Rescue One, Omega Zord One

08-31-2006, 07:18 AM
I'm bumping this thread cuzz I really want to do the RP

08-31-2006, 09:10 AM
I might as well have a go:
Name- Phillip Lynxson
Age- 21

Ranger Color & Team- Search and Rescue Ranger 2, Blue

Current self- Phillip almost went insane under Lucifer's torture after he and the other rangers were dragged down to hell with him. He endured torture such as a hallway of madness, hallucinating at every turn and a vortex of inner demons. He now serves under Lucifer but memories of his family still remain..

Zord: Blue Forest Ranger Jeep Zord.

History - Phillip was an active, sports type person in his early years. In High School he was mainly on the soccer team and on the track team. But finances weren't enough to get him into college alone, so he needed to get a good enough scholarship so grades began to slip. But eventually, he did manage to get one if not for his father selling alot of rare prized possessions. His grades became so exceptional he was asked to go to a Hartford University in Arkansas.

When he was in college he was into Animal and Forest conservation, so he began working part time as a Park Ranger. One day though, he was chasing thugs who were about to vandalize the Park and ran into a Search and Rescue squad, who recruited him to be the Blue Ranger after seeing his grades and his ability to handle dangerous situations

09-02-2006, 01:37 AM

Name- Ryan Mitchel
Age- 21
Ranger Color & Team-
Current self- After his father stepped down, Ryan became captain of the new and improved aqua base and lightspeed. He has had no encounnters with living tattos since.
History- After a car crash, he was taken by diabolico and raised to be evil. On his 20th birthday, he had stolen the titanium morpher and used it against the rangers. Once he realized that his dad did not hate him by letting diabolico take him he joined the rangers. But he was cursed with a corbra tatto that would rise every time he morphed until it reached his neck and killed him. So he went to the tomb of the cobra and distroyed the tatto. He served as a great ally to destroy queen bansheera.

Weapons: Titanium Blater
Gear: Titanium morpher
Zords: Max Solar Zord

Bouken White
09-02-2006, 09:14 AM
and Drago.

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Im the only American made ranger!

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Other then Nova Ranger I think

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no, the name was different, but the ranger was from sentai

09-02-2006, 10:49 AM
Name- Ryan Moore
Age- 20
Appearance- Cold eyes, scar across left cheek, multiple claw scars on back and entire body. Red Hair cut so close it's nearly shaven.
Ranger Color & Team- Red, Search and Rescue.
Zord: Red Police car Zord
Current self- In hell, I felt terrors and pain beyond yoyr wildest nightmares. Take the worst pain you can imagine, multiply it by one hundred thousand, and feel it for eternity. My world, all I haved strived for, all I had battered myslef to accomplish, all fell around my ears like some fragile box in a flaming hailstorm. I may have survived, but at the same time, I died. Now I pledge Loyalty to Lucifer in hopes that the arrogant fool will turn his back just as I drive a dagger deep into his spine and TWIST.
History- Ryan was once a normal, happy man who wanted nothing more to be the best he could. So he trained, day and night, trying as hard as he could to break the records, pass the excpectations, surpass the beliefs. Then he went to hell, and it all changed. He is now a cold, cruel, and vicious shell of his former self. He wants nothing but to win, and to be the best in the world and the underworld. But, for unexplained reasons, at times he will enter a maddened rage, and kill all who stand in his was, even his own teammates.

Bouken White
09-03-2006, 10:04 AM
Just what I was looking for!

Accepted Pyromos!

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I dont think you're gonna get many more people, I mean, there are a lot of positions

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Just what I was looking for!

Accepted Pyromos!

Really? SWEET! (does victory breakdance)

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09-03-2006, 12:13 PM
Well, if I can't get anyone else to sign up, I'll just have to close the RPG.

I'm not gunna play every character, asside from the four taken.

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By the way, Dragster, besides puttin' in your two cents, maybe yyou could, call me crazy, help?

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And in this cornor, EL BUMPALINIA