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Abare Killer
09-04-2006, 04:25 AM
:abakill (OOC: Make sure you check out the footnotes and casting thread before posting. Have fun with your posts, and try to have some detail! I trust all of you to do this though with no problem. ^_^)

A few rays of morning sunlight seeped through the closed blinds of the mostly dark room. They scattered in thin, even lines across the bed and the face of the girl who was sleeping on it. Her pretty, Japanese face looked calm and peaceful as she rested. Shiny black hair spread neatly over her white pillowcase, and her almond shaped eyes were lightly closed, hiding the dark black globes behind her light-skinned eyelids. A small smile graced her thin lips as she lay in peace.

Suddenly, the peaceful room was interrupted by the blaring noise of an alarm clock. Immediately, a light colored hand flew across the bed to the nightstand next to it, shutting off the horrible noise with the swift click of a button. As the girl opened her black eyes to the world, her smile spread wider. She stretched her stiff limbs and sat up, reminding herself that today was the first day at a new school. Yawning a little, she stood up and looked out into the darkness of her room. Nodding to herself, she turned back to her window and put out a hand under the small streaks of sunlight that lay across her now empty bed. The light began to swirl around her limb until it formed a small ball over her hand, only about the size of a ping pong ball. It shone brightly, and she carried it with her as she walked towards her bathroom, using it to light her way.

When she got into the smaller room, she turned on the electric light in there and then released the pure sunlight from her hand, allowing it to dissapate fully. Smiling again, she prepared to take her morning shower.

A few minutes later, she emerged, fully clothed, drying her hair with a towel. After hanging the towel up to dry, she grabbed her backpack and went out of her room, heading downstairs to the dining room. It was already full of people she knew and loved, and they turned to her as she came out.

"Ohayo, Yuki-chan!" The familiar voice of her uncle Makito was accompanied by his familiar smile, which she returned with enthusiasm.

"Ohayo, minna-san!" she greeted back in Japanese as she looked around the room. Her mother and grandmother were at the stove, cooking something that smelled heavenly to a hungry girl. Seated around the table were her uncles Makito and Tsubasa, and at the head of it sat her father, Hikaru. She walked over to him and hugged him from the side, which he returned kindly.

"Are you excited about your first day of school, Yuki-chan?" he asked as she sat down next to him.

"Hai, Tou-san!" she said cheerfully with a nod. "Although I will miss all of you while staying at the dorms." Her eyes grew slightly sad, but she was still smiling.

"We will miss you too," Urara said as she turned around and placed a plate of food in front of her daughter. "But we will see each other on the weekends." Yuki nodded, thanking her mother for the food.

A few minutes later, Yuki stood up and said goodbye to her family, grabbing her backpack again and beginning to go outside. When she got to the door though, Makito followed her and stopped her, looking down at her seriously.

"Now Yuki," he began in a serious tone. "Be sure to stay away from boys. They are dangerous and want only to break your heart." Yuki rolled her eyes at this, expecting this kind of speech. Makito either didn't notice her actions or pretended not to. "If any guy tries to hurt you, you let me know and I will come beat them up, alright?" As ridiculous as this proposition sounded to the girl, she knew he meant every word, and she nodded firmly.

"Hai, Makito-san," she agreed. His stern face faded into a plesent smile.

"Have a good time at school, Yuki-chan," he said, hugging her. With that, he let her go on her way. She shouldered her backpack and began the walk to the bus stop. Today, the bus would come and take her to school, but afterwards, she would be taken to the dorms, a place she had only seen once. They were in America, which made Yuki nervous. She was grateful that Makito had taught her English from a young age, so she would be able to communicate perfectly with her English-speaking peers. As she approached the bus stop, she wondered if there would be any other students at this school from her country or if they would all be from America. Sighing softly, she knew that this would be an interesting year.

(OOC: One more thing, we'll all end up on the same bus again, as illogical as it sounds, just to help with character interaction from the very beginning and such.) :abakill

Adam Park
09-04-2006, 12:02 PM
The afternoon air blew over the buildings in San Fran as people were busy just preparing for the night or going home.At a rather normal looking location a young girl sat. Her face shadowed by her red locks and her hands grasping a Sliver flute with strange markings in it. Decked out in a pair of blue jeans a jean jacket and a red undershirt along with a Cap on she seemed like any other Teen.

As her fingers gracefully moved over the length of the flute a haunting tune carried over the wind. It's vibrations hitting people who could hear right in there heart. As expected many came throwards her saying words to cheer her music on. The young girl lifted her eyes to them and gave a small smirk as she changed the tune of the song going for a more level picthed one. As the crowd was captivated by her music she whispered out a few words "Song of Suggestion". And with her Deadly dark eyes she locked in there heads the one thing she wanted...Money.

Like a flood the dazed humans threw there wallets at her feet and stood there wacthing her with amazment and Awe. The young woman sighed and put her flute down going thru a few of the wallets and taking just enuff to cover her for a bit. Soon enuff though the human's broke from the daze and glared at her.

"Hey My money!" "Thief" The people charged at her but suddenly discovered she was gone. Little did they know she was above them in a nicely placed tree glancing down on them "****ing bastards..i could of tooken all your money but i have a spot for creatures like you."

She bounded out of the tree and quickly up to the nearest building running forward and hopping across more buildings. He destination of course was the bus Stop were she would attend the Super "Hero" School.

"Bah there better not be any lame ass people at this stop or so help me." She landed with ease at the stop and and tucked her flute under her arm counting the money she did get why waiting for the bus. When you were homeless and jobless doing stuff like this had to be done. She woudnt be able to handle herself without it. The Lone Demoness, Ozu Kaze, The thought of Ozu sent a chill down her spine and she gritted her teeth as a flash of her mother appeared in her head.

"Mother..i promise i will get stronger and kill the one who took you away from me." She clenced her fist drawing blood from the palm of her hand. "I promise."

09-04-2006, 12:12 PM
The sun was not even up in the village of Konaha, but that did not matter to Guy Lee, for he was already up and training. For the last few weeks he had done the same, but today he would only be able to practice for a few hours. "If I can not do 300 Squats, I must do 400 punches!" He told himself, as he did his training. "Two-hundred-eight!" He counted, "Two-hundred-eighty-one!" After a few more, difficult squats, his mother appeared from the trees in a blur, to find her son, having seen he was out of bed.

"I thought you would be here," She said, walking over to her son.

"Hello, mother!" He greeted, still continuing to do his squats. "Two...hundred...ninety!" Guy grunted,barely able to stand up straight again.

"Can't you stop that for a few minutes so we can talk?" Tenten asked, folding her arms. Guy was so disturbingly much like his father.

"I cannot, mother! It is my first day of school, and I must be ready for whatever they have me do. So, I must be in top physical condition!" He replied, trying to stand back up. "Two......hundred...ninety....WOAH!" he exclaimed, falling over onto his back. "Then I must do four hundred punches!" He stood up and immediately began work punching away at an old, battered log that he had been training against for a long while. "I must do my best so that I can impress those at this new place of learning! So that they will not think me a dropout. Like my father, I must prove that I can be a splendid ninja, although I can only use Taijutsu! That is my nindo!"

Suddenly, a blur materialized into a solid form, that of Rock Lee! He too, had come to check on his son. "That a boy, son!" Lee shouted, clapping his hands together. "You can achieve your dream, I know that you can! As long as you keep up your hard work and believe in yourself!" As he said this, his eyes began to tear up at the thought of his son becoming a magnificent shinobi.

"Yes father!" Guy responded, his own eyes doing the same. Tenten rubbed her temples, there they were, going at it again.

"Yes, you can do it son! Four hundred punches!" "YES SIR!" Guy responded, continuing his practice. "And if I can not do four hundred punches, I must do five hundred kicks!"

"Guy, if you keep going at training like this, you'll be to exhausted to prove anything!" Tenten interupted. Guy gasped. "You are right, mother!" He immediately stopped and turned around. "Father! I must halt my training for today so that I am able to impress my new instructors and fellow students!"

"Yes! I understand, a good choice, Tenten! We should rest and eat breakfast so that you are ready for the day!" Guy nodded very seriously to his father's words, and the two sped off toward home. Tenten stood behind for a few moments and sighed. How did she wind up with this family? However, she quickly caught up with the two.

After eating breakfast, and saying farewell to his mother, Guy was escorted by Lee to where the bus would come and pick up the other members of Konoha entering. "Guy," Lee began very seriously. "When you leave here, we will not see each other for five days."

"I know, father," Guy said sadly, looking at his feet.

"I just want you to know, son, that I...have full faith in you!" His father announced triumphantly. Guy choked back tears. "I SHALL MISS YOU SON! BUT YOU HAVE MY COMPLETE CONFIDENCE!"

"I WILL MISS YOU TOO, FATHER!" Guy shouted, eyes full of tears now. The two jumped into each other's arms and said their goodbyes at last.

After a few minutes of being alone, Guy looked around, wondering when his fellow Konoha ninjas would arrive, so that he would have someone to talk to. He shifted his oversized backpack on his shoulders, and waited. "I have confidence that this year will be an interesting and very rewarding one!" Guy told himself, clenching his fists. He then looked up and saw that the son was not even entirely up yet. Perhaps he was early. And that being the case, he decided he might as well take the time to do a little bit of training. "I will do one hundred jumping jacks! And if I cannot do that, I will do two hundred squats!"

09-04-2006, 12:41 PM
The goodbye at the Uchiha homestead was much more quiet than one would assume for a parting, but that was really how the family was, save for Sakura. Kiyoshi walked up to his parents, holding a back pack over one shoulder as he idly brushed one of his dark red bangs from his onyx eyes. “Mother, Father..” Kiyoshi said softly, bowing his head politely. “I leave for school today, this is gonna be my first time away from Konoha long term…” he reminded. Sasuke nodded, watching his son as he spoke, while Sakura did her best to hold back tears.

“I know you’ll do fine, son.” Sasuke said, walking over to his son and gently placing a hand against his shoulder. “You’re a fine Ninja. One of Konoha’s best, and I know you’ll make us all proud. By the time you come home, you’ll have no problem obtaining the rank of Jonin.” Sasuke offered, doing his best to encourage his son. Words like this hadn’t ever been his strongest suit… but, he did the best he could, to keep his son positive before he fell silent, letting his wife talk.

And, as Sasuke moved aside, Sakura enveloped her son in a tight hug, smiling as she placed a kiss atop his forehead. “Kiyoshi, you’re going to do fine. Make sure to look out for Guy and Kajou, as well.” Sakura reminded, idly glancing to the headband wrapped around Kiyoshi’s neck. “Don’t ever forget, everyone here is proud of you, whatever happens. Your father and I are cheering you on. So is your Uncle Naruto!” Sakura reminded, giving up on holding back her feelings as tears slid down her slender face.

“Mom… don’t cry.” Kiyoshi pleaded, smiling sheepishly as he moved forward and hugged his mother. “I’ll be fine, and I’ll come home every chance I have. I promise you that.” He whispered, before letting go of his mother and taking a step back. His eyes closed briefly as he did his best to suppress what he was feeling, his fear of this situation. Despite all the ninja missions he’d accomplished with his team, this was like nothing else he’d ever done. It was so much different. And so, he took it as another trial to face adult hood.

“Go on, you’ll be late if you keep waiting around.” Sasuke encouraged, that being his subtle way of saying good bye. Kiyoshi just nodded, bowing his head and then left the small house. “Sakura, he’ll be fine. He’s strong. Like we both are.” Sasuke reminded his wife, gently taking her into an embrace. “…I think I finally agree with you, that it’s best for him to get out and explore his options.”

Sakura smiled faintly, looking at Sasuke when he said that and stuck her tongue out. “I win.”

Outside, Kiyoshi wandered the confines of Konoha village, sighing a little bit as he realized he might not see this village as much as he was accustomed to, now. A large part of him wanted to go and say good bye to his ‘Uncle’, but, being the Hokage he could only imagine how busy he must be. And… Kajou was saying his good byes today, too. He didn’t want to interrupt that. So, he just kept walking, but abruptly stopped to examine the contents of his bag. “Let’s see.. Kunai, shurikens, I’ve got all the essentials… and I know that. Maybe I was just… looking for an excuse to go back.” Kiyoshi thought to himself, a faint smile tracing his lips.

He couldn’t be a coward now, it just wasn’t in him. He was not only a member of the Konoha village, but the hope of the Uchiha clan! That thought made him feel a bit more confident, and he tightened his right fist into a ball, a sign of his determination. As Kiyoshi looked to the sky, the first signs of the sun shown through the darkness, and paved the way for him. “I have to meet Guy and Kajou before leaving.” Kiyoshi reminded himself, heading to ‘the spot’.

Taking refuge so to speak in a small tree above the meeting spot, Kiyoshi waited quietly. Idly watching, Kiyoshi relaxed and awaited the arrival of his comrades. Smiling a bit to himself, he found himself a bit more relaxed when he knew his two friends were coming with him. It would make things a lot easier… not being the only person from the village there, and all.

Ukiya Shun
09-04-2006, 12:59 PM
Meanwhile, in a hotel in San Francisco, Chiharu woke up bright and early, opening the curtains in her hotel room and taking in the magnificent view of the sunrise in the city. Her eyes traveled from the skyscrapers to the ocean just beyond them, as well as the cars and the people who are going about with their own lives. She then went to her backpack, opening the front pocket and pulling out a picture of her father, Akiyama Ren. I'm so sorry for running away, father. I promise, I'll be back once I have learned how to control my gifts Chiharu sighed as she stared at the photograph for a few moments. She put the photograph back in her backpack, changed into a baby T-Shirt and jeans, and fixed the hotel bed in order to avoid a service charge. After packing her pajamas and toothbrush in her backpack, Chiharu grabbed the card key to her room and closed the door as she made her way to the front desk to return the keys. Making her way from the hotel to the bus stop that would take her fellow 'gifted' ones to Sky High, the hero school she had heard about, she stopped by a Sandwich shop and ordered a club sandwich and a bottle of orange juice, which she ate along the way. I hope the people at the school are nice Chiharu thought to herself as she munched happily on her sandwich.

Yellow Stranger
09-04-2006, 01:01 PM
The rays of the morning sun shone down on the small Japanese shrine as Japanese men of various ages stumbled out of a mansion, some due to hangover and the others. . . Out of pure shame of the acts they just commited. A few moments later, A handful of women walked out of the Mansion, looking just as ashamed as the men, only with bundles of Yen in there hands. One sighed as she pulled out a hankerchief, and whiped off her of some foriegn substance. It was no secret what these ladies occupation was. It didn't matter what you called them, Slut, Whore, Hoe, Skank. . . all that really mattered was they were selling the pleasure they could give with there bodies. Suddenly a sixteen year old male figured, dressed in Red Leather pants, with a Black shirt and Red Leather vest walked out of the mansion. One of the women looked to him and smirked. This boy was definatly unusual. Most men didn't come into the Mansion with a pair of handguns or a sword that would lead many to think he was making up for something he was lacking. Not that she knew what though. . . Why a Boy as dangerous looking as him would come into a whorehouse and just sleep was beyond her. He stared at them and drooled all right, but in the end, he refused any "Service" they tried to offer him. She sighed as he walked by, his hands in his pockets. "Are you sure there isn't anything we can do for you, Mikoto-kun?"

The boy, apparently named Mikoto, smirked and turned to face the woman. "Nah, I'm just grateful that a guy like me had a place to stay during the night. And they say whores don't have any manners. Now if you pleasure sellers will excuse me, I have places to go. . . Cops to aviod." He grinned and slowly walked off, waving to the ladies. One of the other girls looked to the woman who exchanged words with Mikoto. "Okaa-sama. . . Wasn't that boy a little strange?"

The head woman, Okaa-sama smirked. "Hmm, I don't know why he decided to seek shelter with us, but frankly, I appricated it. It's not often you get someone that treats us like we are actually people. Most men use us as tools to get relief. That boy. . . Was clearly grateful for our femine touch, and hospitality. For the first time, I felt like I was actually needed as a womanly touch, and not just because my sex organs are on the inside."


Mikoto sighed as he walked closer to the bus stop. Why he decided to come to Japan to head to Sky High, he didn't know. Oh Right, to head to the bus stop without fear being stabbed. It was a good idea when he first had it, but he failed to realize that such travel would be frowned apon with out a passport. Hey it wasn't his fault that no federal goverment employee in Califorina would issue him a passport. And he sure as hell wasn't going to stay in Califorina and draw attention to his family. He turned toward the Mansion before it was out of sight and sighed. He was glad he stayed there. He was an open fan of the female form, always taking the chance to ack at the form in any state of undress. But still, just because he was perverted didn't mean he just slept around with no caution. He smiled, The women were kinda glad to feel like they were needed for more than just sex. At least they got to fell human again. Mikoto sighed as he looked as took out his black gun and pointed it to his arm at pointblank and fired. He placed the handgun back in it's holster as he continued walking toward the bus. He sighed as bone reconnected, the muscles and sinew slowly grew back, and the skin slowly grew over that. At least the women still felt like humans, cause he certainly couldn't feel like that. Since when did humans heal like that. They didn't thats what. They also don't turn into a freaky monster when they get feral pissed off. And that's why he was going the Super Hero school. . . To see how other freaks of nature dealt with being freakishly abnormal. And maybe. . .he would find the purpose of his existance. He blinked as he reached the bus stop, seeing only a kid training his heart out. Mikoto shrugged, it seemed this kid didn't have the problems he had. Good for the kid. He sighed and leaned aganist a tree, looking at the kid as he trained. He raised an eyebrow at the kid's eyebrows. How much larger could eyebrows get. Geez it seemed like you could land some aircraft on those things.

"Hey kid, hate to break it to ya, but I doubt those eyebrows count as a super power."

09-04-2006, 01:42 PM
The sun began to rise, illuminating the village of Konoha with a beautiful orange glow. The Hokage monument particularly glowing with a spiritual shine as the rays reflected off the six faces made of rock, one likeness for every Hokage*. The sunlight now crept into the window of the current Hokage's office, revealing a man in his seat as well as a mountainous pile of paperwork laid out before him. His elbows rested upon the table with his fingers intertwined together, holding his chin up while his eyes remained close to signify a man deep in thought. His white robe and triangular shaped headpiece did a good job of shading him from the morning sun... though, perhaps it worked a little too well. As a knock came from the door, the man did not answer, he simply remained in his thinking pose until the impatient person on the other side decided to let themselves in.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" An angry female voice growled as an attractive, blonde and... rather well endowed woman burst into the room. She took one look at the man who appeared deep in thought and shook her head in frustration, clearly knowing he was asleep. Without hesitation, the woman brought her hand up to the man's forehead, and flicked him with her finger, causing him and his chair to fly completely backwards out the open window behind him, falling a a good few hundred feet until a somewhat muffled smack is heard, followed by a yelp of pain. A few moments later, the man leapt back through the window, his hat now in his hand as he rubbed the red lump now on his forehead. His signature blonde hair now out in the open.

"Old lady Tsunade... that was really uncalled for!" He grumbled before taking his seat again. Tsunade smirked to herself as she crossed her arms, pleased with her display.

"Maybe I should have picked someone with a bit more discipline to succeed me as Hokage, Naruto. Neji and Shikamaru were just as qualified. What's your excuse this time?"

Naruto sighed depely as he rearranged some of the papers on his desk in annoyance. "My excuse is that you did pick me and I am Hokage so that means I don't need you throwing me out the window every morning! Miss I'll-take-any-chance-I-get-to-drink-Sake-on-the-job."

The blonde woman's eyes narrowed, causing Naruto to quickly shield his face with a stack of papers, as if a few thin sheets of paper would protect him from a woman who could demolish buildings with a single punch. She took a deep breath and calmed herself, in return causing Naruto to do the same.

"You're right, Uzumaki. Today is different, though. It's the first day of school for three of our best young ninja... one of them being your son. It's about time for him to leave. Shouldn't you be seeing him off?"

Naruto shook his head, resting his head on his palm. "He specifically told me not to. He says he's not a child anymore and doesn't need me to hold his hand. It's very important to him that he trains and does things on his own. He knows I got here without any parents, he feels like he needs to live up to that..."

"You had no parents, he does. Good ones at that. Giving him proper attention may make him progress even faster than you did." Tsunade added, finally taking a seat in front of the desk.

"I know. Trust me, I know. I spend a lot of time with him, but once in a while you have to humor them. Which is why i'm letting him go and why I agreed I wouldn't hold his hand or anything.. besides, do you really want me alone to be the sole impression on the kid? I may be Hokage now, but I surely had some behavior issues back when I was his age..." Naruto smirked, thinking back to some of the good times.

"True enough." Tsunade chuckled.

"Kiyoshi and Guy will be with him. They are good influences, despite one being well.. like Lee and the other being like Sasuke... but other than that, they're real good kids! It's a shame they're not going to be training here, since they're easily our most gifted students... Oh well, I have confidence in all of them. I'm sure Kajou is up and ready for the bus as we speak."


A familiar sound echoed throughout the Uzumaki household. One may think it were a jackhammer, but in reality it was simply Kajou Uzumaki snoring. The door to the home opened up and a soft female voice spoke out from down the hall.

"Kajou, are you almost ready?" Kajou's mother, Hinata, said as she placed a small bag of groceries on the table. Soon, she inevitably heard the noise and went to knock on the door from which it eminated.

"Kajou, your father will be very upset if you miss this after making such a fuss about wanting to go." She ended with a knock, which surprisingly woke the sleeping teenager.

"Huh..." Was all the blonde kid in the panda nightcap could mutter before looking at the clock and subsequently freaking out. With a hurry, he packed everything he could, from shurikens, to kunai, to his favorite shirts. He tied his village forehead protector around his waist and last but not least, slipped on his orange and blue jacket, passed down to him by his father. He then burst out the door and shrunk a bit as his mother glared at him with her pupilless eyes, a trait carried by everyone from the Hyuuga clan in which she originated.

"Kajou, you must be prepared in the future! Your father and I will not be there to help you..." Hinata tried to scold, but it was not part of her nature, so it simply came out as soft advice.

"I know, i'm sorry, mother. Don't worry, I won't let you or dad down! I'll be back for the weekend.. This is just the training I need if I plan to become the next Hokage!" Kajou grinned before hugging his mother and running out the door. Hinata could only smile, knowing who it reminded her of.

As Kajou dashed down the street, his mind wandered through various things until one thing in particular caught his eye.

Oh man... I can't now... i'll be late...

Bah, i'll do it fast!

The blue-eyed boy jumped into the ramen shop and with a grin, stared up at the chef.

"One beef ramen, please!"

Before he knew it, he was past three bowls, and time was growing short. Now in even more of a hurry, Kajou comically lugged on with his overstuffed pack as a few of the other kids watched on.

"Isn't that one of the kids going to that superhero school? What's up with that?" One kid inquired to another. Kajou, having overheard, shouted back.

"To prove that I'm not only going to be the strongest ninja, but the strongest person alive, so I can protect my village from any threat! Just wait and see!" He laughed almost maniacally before finally reaching the spot he would meet his friends at. Predictably, Kajou collapsed the instant he got there, gasping for breath. The only thing he could see was Kiyoshi sitting up in a tree, quiet as always, and the voice of Guy counting to some obscenely high number for whatever weird exercise he was doing now.

"I... made it!.. hah..ha.."

*In case it wasn't clear, Hokage is the head ninja of the village. A position that only goes to the strongest ninja.

09-04-2006, 02:14 PM
"Wake up New York! It's gonna be another beautiful day here! The temperture reaching at least 82 degrees! You better make sure you have some tanning lotions and some water ladies and gentleman..."

A tan-looking hand reached out from under a beige cloth, formed into a fist. The fist then slammed the clock radio shutting it off. A loud moan and groan was heard from under the sheets as soon as the radio was turned off. In the background the light was blinking 7:30am. Yet another gorgous day in Manhatten. Something you don't see everyday.

'Man, this blows! 7:30 already? Dang! That went by way to fast!' AJ thought to herself as she managed to roll herself out of bed.

She scuffed herself to the bathroom and took a quick shower. As she got out of the bathroom, hair wrapped in her towel, she walked downstairs to be greeted by her father who was already for work.

"GOOOD Morning sunshine!" Warren said as he gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek.

"Argh." She replied back still asleep. Even though she managed to give herself a cold shower, it didn't help much. She's not much of a morning person at all.

"Come on AJ! Wake up. It's your first day of school at Sky High. Are you excited?" Her father said all chippery.

He knew how much she hated him being all excited especially in the early hours of the day. So he does it mainly to get her up and outta there before 8am.

"Daaad!" She said in a whiny voice. "You know how much I hate it when your all 'chippery'."

"I know! That's why I do it! Look, you only have 15 more minutes before the bus comes. So hurry up and get going. Your going to be late. Just grab one of those breakfast bars you like." He said as he handed her a strawberry nutrition bars and almost pushing her out of the house. "Don't forget to make some new friends!"

She just rolled her eye's when he mentioned that and headed towards the bus stop. As she was walking towards the bus stop, she saw a homeless guy sitting up against an old building. She looked at him and gave him a wave.

"Hey there Carl. How are you doing on this wonderful day?" She asked as she sat down next to him.

"I'm doing perfectly well AJ. And where are you going?" He asked.

"I'm heading for my first day of school. Hoo-ray for me!" She said in a sarcastic voice twirling her finger in the air showing some excitment.

"Ha...just remember to stay in school or you could end up like me!" He chuckled as he gave her a warm smile.

"Don't worry Carl, I'm staying in school. Besides you breathing down my neck, I have my father as well." She said. "But look, I gotta be heading out or I'm gonna miss the bus. Take care!" She headed off but soon return back. "I almost forgot!" She handed him a paper bag as well as a duffel back.

He opened the paper bag to see a sandwich, an apple, and some chocolate chip cookies stashed at the bottom. He smiled, happy to know he'll have a decent meal today. Then he focused his eye's onto the duffel bag that she left him. As he opened that, he took out some old sweaters and some old t-shirts from her father that he never wears. He had a smile on his face again when he saw all that.

At the bus stop AJ was sitting on the bench waiting for it. As impatient as she is, she was already tapping her foot, getting fidgty, just waiting for the bus to hurry. She was also hoping that someone from NY was going to be going to Sky High as well. But in the mean time, all she was doing was waiting.

Morose Angel
09-06-2006, 03:01 PM
“Time for breakfast, eh?” Drew rhetorically asks the morning sun as its rays rudely enter the cracked window of the backseat of the car he was sleeping in. Gazing sleepily out of the window through a single open eye, he considers the day that’s about to unfold. With a slight sigh, the green haired teenager sits up on the ripped seats and slips his black, red-patched jacket on and swiftly kicks open the jammed door. The 5’8” boy emerges from the vehicle and stands among several other broken down vehicles, stacked on top of each other. The young man disappears down the “aisle” of banged up cars and electricity crackles briefly, before a quick breeze flows through the lot and Drew is gone.

Not long after this, Drew shows his face at a nearby gas station, where breakfast was sought. After perusing the selection of $0.50 snack cakes, he settles on an oversized Zebra Cake and heads up to the line, standing behind a taller man with a blonde ponytail. As he deals with the agonizing wait as the guy takes his time deciding on a lottery ticket number, Drew glances out the parking lot as an alpine man of Latin descent and his shorter girlfriend bicker with great zeal right outside of the gas station. Still watching with glazed over eyes, he proceeds toward the counter as the person ahead of him leaves, “Arguing at this hour, how tiring…,” he drawls as if empathically exhausted by it.

The clerk looks up from the cash register while it chimes after being slammed shut, “I’m used to it by now, I try not to worry about the locals as long as they pay and Renaldo does.” As Drew exchanges his money for the cake, Renaldo raises his hand and smacks the girl across the face and turns around, to join two others, a black and a white guy, who laughingly welcome their friend. “He’s about to pay again…” Drew says with a smirk as he runs out of the store, leaving the clerk puzzled as he watches him go.

Renaldo walks away from the gas station in a strut, in-between his two cohorts. Drew hurries after them, as he shouts at their leader, “Hey, Renaldo! You forgot your change!” Renaldo turns around, arching a brow at the guy’s claim, only to meet a powerful right hook to his jaw thrown by the “altruistic” young man. Drew licks his lips in anticipation as he curls his arm back inward and turns to face the white guy on the other side, who was preparing to attack. With a harsh left, the green haired boy sends the older man backward and starts to turn to his third opponent. A practically ham-sized fist crashes into Drew’s mouth, striking him down to his knees and drawing blood. With a crazy glint in his eyes and a grin, he wipes the blood off of his mouth and gets up, jabbing his assailant in the nose.

Temporarily incapacitated, the black guy stumbles backward and the other two charge from both sides at the 15 year old. Renaldo takes a sharp kick to the stomach, as his ally locks horns with Drew, catching him off balance and they hit the ground after a few moments of struggling. While temporarily pinned, Drew weathers a punch to the face and then slams his own fist into the right eye and then the jaw of his attacker and breaks free. Still exhilarated by the fight, Blackwood swings at Renaldo, but misses and ends up in a head lock. About this time, a police vehicle stops in front of the gas station at first sight of the conflict.

As the officer approaches them, the captured party elbows Renaldo and then swings the back of his fist across his face and prepares for another round against the trio. Renaldo winces at the force of the wild punch and puzzles momentarily over a brief feeling similar to an electric shock during it. The cop shouts at them as he gets closer, “Break it up! I won’t tell you twice!” Drew’s opponents immediately back away and calm down, hoping that this didn’t turn into a criminal affair. Following a conversation among the four parties involved, the officer and the store manager, in which no one decided to press charges and then a stern lecture from the officer, Drew heads out on his way.

He gingerly unwraps the Zebra Cake, but it didn’t matter, because it was mashed up due to the fight and eats it ravenously. Satiated for now, he tosses it into a garbage can near a sign indicating that he was exiting Dexter, Michigan. Before the paper reaches the already accumulated pile of garbage in the can, electricity surges through the air and in a blur, Drew disappears.

Sometime later, the viridian haired boy steps up to the bus stop in New York City, now inexplicably with fresh, but similar clothing and wearing a backpack. Although no longer bleeding, his lip was still split, which drew less attention than the sprig of wheat in the left corner of his mouth. With a slight smirk, Drew sits down beside AJ and mock observes, “You’re not from around here are you? Careful, New Yorkers can smell fear.” He says, in an act that suggested HE was, despite the hundreds of miles he had left between him and where he slept the night before.

(Sorry for the delay, I was out of town over Labor Day.)

Abare Killer
09-07-2006, 10:48 AM
:abakill (OOC: Even though Yuki is in Japan, she won't go to the same bus stop just because it would make sense. So first the bus will come here, and whoever posts next can have it come to their stop. It should probably be someone at the other stop in Japan first, but it's not necessary. Just remember who else is at your stop and what not when you post [if anyone].)

As Yuki got to the spot she knew the bus would arrive at, she let out a sad sigh. No one else was there, but, she knew that it just meant that no one from around her area was going to the school. There was stil a chance that there would be other Japanese students, so she kept her fingers crossed. She came to a stop on the sidewalk and stood waiting for the bus. As she waited, she let her mind and her imagination wander, closing her eyes.

A smile came to her lips as she found herself wondering if there would be any cute guys at the school. Her cheeks began to glow bright red, and soon another glow began to surround her, not red but yellow-ish white. It started off faint, but it slowly grew more prominent until at last it was a full on sheild of light. Yuki felt this after a while and her eyes shot open.

"Ahh, darn it," she muttered in English. At this break in her thoughts, the light disappeared immediately, the particles dispersing until they faded out completely. She took a deep breath. Sometimes when she wasn't paying attention, her powers would go off and act on their own like that. It was one reason she was glad to be going to the super hero school, where she would hopefully learn to control them better.

A few minutes later, a typical looking yellow school bus drove up and stopped in front of her. She felt her heart skip a beat as she read the words "Sky High" on the side. The door opened, and inside at the driver's seat was a kind looking man who was rather large in size. He smiled at her.

"Going to Sky High?" he asked, but it was obvious by his tone and expression that he knew the answer. Yuki only nodded and began to climb the small stairs into the bus. Looking before her at the rows of seats, she saw that there were already a few students there. Not many, which was good, she thought. That way she could sit by herself.

Glancing behind her with a bit of a start as the door closed, she hurried forward to an empty seat and took off her backpack. She laid it next to her in a way that took up the rest of the seat. Satisfied, she turned towards the window on her right and gazed out of it. The bus began to move forwards, but what happened next nearly scared the life out of her.

What sounded like a small explosion behind them rocked the yellow vehicle, but Yuki noticed that she was the only one who looked surprised. Suddenly, the bus lifted up into the air, continuing upwards until it was high above the tops of the houses below. She turned wide eyed to the bus driver, but he turned around and winked at her, signifying that everything was okay. Yuki sighed, allowing her breathing and her heart beat to return to normal. This would sure take some getting used to. :abakill

Yellow Stranger
09-07-2006, 01:35 PM
Mikoto sighed and waved his hand in front of the Bushy browed kid. "Hey, Kid, Didn't your parents teach you it was rude to ignore people?" Mikoto blinked as the Kid yelled "88" and knocked Mikoto into the air. He winced as he hit a branch, blinking at a red haired Kid sitting in the tree. Geez, Was this kid here the whole time. . . What the **** are his powers? Did he gain Spider like powers. Should I tell the kid there is already a Spider-M. . . **** I'm Fal "Ow." Mikoto winced as he hit the ground. ****ing law of gravity.

He groaned and pushed himself off the ground, noticing a Blond haired kid with a goofy ass smile on his face as he laid on the ground gasping for air. What Lamers, I must of found the stop for the Short Bus or something. . . the Very ****ing short bus. Mikoto sighed as the bus pulled up. He blinked as the bus pulled to a stop and a Woman wearing a butterfly mask poked her head out of the door when it opened.

"Hoy, Mikoto-kun, Let's go. . . RanRan would frown apon you if you were late right?" The Woman poked her head back into the bus as Mikoto sighed and walked up to the bus, blinking and looking back to the other kids, didn't they hear the woman too?

"Hey, Retards, Time to get going!" He sighed and walked onto the bus. As he walked toward the bus, he took a glanced at the Small Back Seat. Good, some young punk didn't try to take it before he could get it. He sat down, putting his sword down next to him. He sighed, the last time he was on a bus, he was heading to Blue Bay with his Cousin RanRan. Blue Bay Harbor. . . The place where my humanity ended, and my struggle to fight my darkness started. He blinked suddenly as a Woman in Pink Leather poked his shoulder. He sighed and looked up, seeing she was wearing a butterfly mask. This woman was starting to get on his nerves, first she showed up out just go give him the Contact info, Then there was the stunt just a minute ago. "What do you want?"

The Woman smiled and pointed to a Dark haired beauty a few seats up. "You see that girl, her name is Ozu Yuki. You should try to befriend her, cause, you are going to need Allies, Mikoto-kun." Mikoto growled and turned his head to his side.

"Listen Lady, I don't need any. . ." He snapped his back around and blinked at the sudden lack of the strange Female. He growled and sat back in his seat, glancing at the Dark haired girl. "Ozu Yuki huh. . ."

09-09-2006, 08:22 AM
((OoC: omiez Mikoto likes to swearz0rs! lawls))

Guy was so intent on his training, he hadn't even noticed three other people gathering near the stop. In fact, he was only snapped out of his training by the yellow bus stopping before them. As he noticed this, he saw an unfamiliar boy with silver hair and weaponry. At him, Guy stroked his chin. He looked a little strange, and more than a little gruff. The latter was only intensified by the way he spoke to them. What a rude thing to say. After all, they did not know each other, what right did he have to speak to them in such a manner? And then, a memory flitted over his mind of the stranger addressing him. And he had not even noticed at the time. Perhaps that was why he was angry, because he had ignored him. But then, he had not been exactly nice in his greeting. His eyebrows were beautiful!

Shaking his head, he brushed these aside. He would apologize at once. "Kajou! Kiyoshi! It is time to go! Hurry before it leaves!" Guy called to his friends, before running into the bus.

He approched the silver haired stranger, who looked a bit annoyed, and took a breath. "My name is Guy Lee! I wish to apologize for ignoring your comment earlier! Sometimes when I am doing my training I do not notice what goes on around me. Please accept my apology and I hope we can get off on the right foot from here on out!" Guy spoke rapidly.

Once that was done, he turned around and marched forward a few seats, and sat down, unable to keep his large smile from creeping upon his face, and was all but bouncing in his seat from excitement. What adventures would await him in this new school? What strong people would he find there? What rivalries might develop? The opportunities and thoughts that came to mind were almost too much to contemplate.

And even more, what would he find in this dormitory? Would their be decent places for him to hone his skills and keep his training at its best? Would their be good food there? Would he...have to cook his OWN food? At this he gasped in horror. No, that certainly could not happen!

But then, perhaps cooking his own food could be another test! A new way to better himself. Yes, he would look at it that way. What was taking the other two Konoha ninjas so long? Would Kiyoshi wake up in time? And what was Kajou doing? Guy looked around to see what other residents there might be on the bus, and saw very few others than himself residing. He wondered what they could do, what their strengths were. Especially the silver haired stranger. He looked strong enough, with the weapons he carried. Perhaps he might be a new rival! The way he spoke certainly seemed like that of a rival's speech! Guy clapped his hands together. Excellent!

The first day and already he had his first true rival!

Adam Park
09-09-2006, 09:10 AM
"Damn were is that mother ****ing bus. I bet some werid wannabe hero's are holding it up. God damn it to hell" Kaze tapped her foot on the ground slighty breaking it with her non human strength. One thing Kaze hated was being made to wait it made her almost want to rip someones head off.

"Heh i woudnt mind ripping one of those slackers head's off." Kaze grinned at the thought of senseless violence then blinked slapping herself. "If it wasent for you mother...i might be doing even more horrible things than i have done."
Kaze closed her eyes thinking back to the years of training she went thru to come this far.

It was cold and windy on that sunday night. The tree's swayed to and fro like a Secret dance onyl they knew. The Stones in the local graveyard seemed to howl the songs of the dead. There in the large standing tomeb was Kaze only a young girl after loosing her mother to her..dad. Kaze screamed holding her head as tears poured down her young face dripping onto the cool ground.

Kaze's body trembled in fear and hatred at the sight of her beautiful mother loosing her shimmering mahou and falling to the ground unable to move or speak. Kaze grinded her fingers into her head drawing blood as her eyes traced the ground. "I hate him...i hate him.."

Suddenly a light shone into the gravesite and a voice rung out "Hey you girl?"

Kaze looked up to see a elderly looking man dressed in blue slacks. He looked over her and smiled. "Whats a little darling like you doing in here alone? I think you need some company."

Kaze's eyes narrowed at him and the blood in her veins boiled. She looked at him as if he were her father and she sneered. "You bastard...you killed my mom..." Suddenly White spikes started to come out of Kaze's head and her voice turned deeper. "I WILL KILL YOU!" She shot up her deathly black eyes with only a hint of yellow glaring at him. She leaped at him topping him to the ground and proceeding to rip at his chest with her demonic claws.

He screamed for help but in the wind it only feel on death ears. She moved down biting at his neck and pulling out his voice box killing him almost instantly. She stood up her eyes showing malice until she blinked tasting the blood in her mouth. She reverted back and saw what she had done.

"What..what...Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" She screamed and ran off leaving the torn apart man there. Kaze sat in a new location under a bridge holding a Piece of glass to her neck ready to end it. Thats when her mother's voice seem to enter her head. "Kaze dont be so hasty all the time! you have alot to live for so keep going on." Kaze cried and dropped it covering her head. Thats when she heard more footsteps and quickly looked up holding her flute up as a sword.

She gasped at who it was. Standing tall with his long hair wet from rain his gaze stren on her was Ozu Makito one of her uncles. He sighed and held his hand out to her "Let's go home..kaze."

Kaze laughed at herself now back in the present "Man i was a ****ing baka. To kill myself over a show of my power besides that man deserved it." Kaze smiled at herself getting over thinking it was horrible to kill the ones she did. If they did something they deserved to perish her her whake. She was doing good deeds keeping violent people off the streets...even if it ment she be violent as well.

Ukiya Shun
09-09-2006, 01:06 PM
After what seemed to be an eternity of walking, Chiharu finally arrived at the bus stop, noticing that a girl already waited there. Putting the bottle of juice in her backpack, Chiharu was about to greet the girl when she noticed the furious look in her eyes. I hope she's not out here to kill me... Chiharu pondered as she broke her gaze from the girl to the street, as if to watch for a bus that may or may not come. During the wait, she let her mind wander into her memories of home.......

"Hey!!! It's Miss Freak! What are you gonna burn down this time, huh?" One male student sneered as his friends started snickering. "Pay them no mind, Chiharu-chan. Their insults mean nothing," Haruka, Chiharu's classmate, pleaded as she attempted to push Chiharu away from the male student. However, Haruka's pleas fell on deaf ears as Chiharu pushed her away and began to clench her fists tightly, her anger reaching a boiling point. "You.........bastards!!!" Chiharu screamed, her tears beginning to well up as she ran towards the male student to throw a punch. As her fist flew toward the student, however, flames began to build up on her fist. Chiharu's punch landed right on the student's cheek, causing his sideburns to catch on fire as he fell to the ground. In an instant, the male student began to panic as the rest of his hair caught on fire, resulting in a chaotic scene with students panicking and the teachers coming out of the classrooms to quell the situation. Haruka could only look on as Chiharu ran toward the school exit....

Chiharu's mind snapped back to reality as she breathed deeply, letting her mind and heart relax. Father, mother, Haruka......I promise, I will come back.... Chiharu vowed, looking down at the shiny gold ring on her finger.

09-10-2006, 04:38 AM
After finally catching his breath, Kajou sat up and ruffled some of the dirt out of his hair. He really needed to learn not to just lie around on the ground so long. Though the small confrontation between Guy and some weirdly dressed silver-haired guy began to distract him. At first, the stranger commented on Guy's eyebrows, making Kajou smirk to himself a bit. The Lee eyebrows were definately quite well known around Konoha and it was a habit of his fathers, as well as his own, to make fun of them.

However even with the comment, it was obvious he was being more malicious than jokingly friendly. Combined with the weird clothes and weapons he was carrying around, Kajou wasn't quite sure this was the type of guy he'd befriend quickly. If anything, he looked like a villan... Nonetheless, it wasn't his place to judge the book by it's cover, despite the fact that the odd man was probably doing it to him considering the look he was given a few moments before. When their eyes met once more, the young ninja simply stuck out his tongue and grinned before the bus arriving caught his attention.

"Wow! I have a good feeling about this..." Kajou smiled as he observed the bus. It looked normal enough, but something was telling him that it wasn't. Guy was the first on without hesitation, as apparently he was overexcited about everything as usual. The strange man began to walk on next, but decided to make a rude comment first. Kajou growled, shaking his fist.

"Hey you geezer, who's the retard here, you have to bring guns and swords to a school for superpowers!" He shouted. He desperately wanted to use Byakugan to detect just what this guy could do, but he decided against it. Hinting about any of his abilities so early wouldn't be very ninja-like, and he couldn't forget he was that above all else.

Calming himself, the blonde shinobi took a deep breath and reminded himself he wouldn't get into any unnecessary fights. He took one look up to Kiyoshi in the tree and shouted up to him to wake up before running onto the bus. The first thing he noticed was the man in the driver's seat. He looked American and fairly average. Seemed quite odd if this was supposed to be a superhero school, but then again it must have had to do with concealing true identity. Yes, that had to be it. Clearly these people were a lot like ninja in some sense of the term.

Kajou gave a smile to the driver and gave him a quick thumbs up. Looking around at the other students on board, it seemed that they had an early stop. Despite the fact that there were plenty of empty seats, Kajou wasn't one to be anti-social when there was a clear opportunity to make new friends. Who to sit next to was painfully obvious as he saw a beautiful Japanese girl sitting by herself. He hurried to the seat and noticed she had laid her backpack next to her. He figured she must want some space, however he wasn't gonna let her get away with not talking at all. Taking the empty seat across from her, Kajou comically tried to fit in with his oversized backpack. After grumbling and shuffling for a minute, he finally made it in with a sigh of relief. Turning to the girl, he gave a goofy but friendly smile.

"Hi there, Kajou Uzumaki! What's your name? This your first year too?"

Adam Park
09-10-2006, 09:36 AM
Kaze blinked as she heard the footsteps and turned to the girl. Thru her red hair kaze could see fear on her face then the akwardness when she looked at her ring. Kaze smirked and was about to say soemthing rude when she remembered what her mother said. "Be nice to others" Kaze sighed and stood up to the girl.

"Hey there Girl. If your gonna come sit come sit. I wont bite..for now." Kaze had to sneak something in it wasent in her nature to even be this nice but she didnt want to go agiasnt what her mother always said about first impressions. The girl looked weak though to Kaze so she probably needed this Superhero school more than anyone.

"Damn this bus is soo ****ing late dont you agree miss?..er..yeah i dont have your name..mine's is Kaze of the flute and yours?"

Abare Killer
09-10-2006, 10:20 AM
:abakill Yuki watched with interest as each new person entered the bus. First was a silver haired male, who went straight to the back seat. She watched him as he walked with his back towards her, but when he turned around to sit, she whipped forward again so he wouldn't know she had been looking at him. Something about his appearance intrigued her somehow. She quickly shook the feeling off as the next guy entered through the doors of the bus.

The first thing she noticed about him was his unique looking eyebrows. They were enough to make her eyes widen as she looked at them, but what he did next surprised her more. He went to the back and spoke to the interesting male, saying something to him that she probably would have understood better if she had seen what had happened outside before the bus came. Then he took a seat still behind her a bit. She looked forward again and bit her lip in confusion, but she didn't have much time to think about this before a new face entered the bus.

He made his entrance impossible to ignore as he sat across from her with his huge backpack, making it hard for him to fit. She couldn't help but stare at his antics, but she wasn't prepared at all when he spoke to her and introduced himself. Her cheeks began to redden and she felt them warming with sudden shyness. It was a few second before she was able to find her voice, and even then she was quiet, but polite.

"Good morning," she greeted. "I am Ozu Yuki. This is my first year as well." She leaned across her seat and extended her hand towards him, smiling at him in a friendly way. :abakill

09-10-2006, 11:01 AM
After the yell from Kajou to awaken, Kiyoshi walked on the bus with the others. Though he was considerably less vocal than his fellow ninjas as he just took a seat and quietly watched the going-ons of the bus. The young man of the Uchiha clan watched the bus and his fellow classmates rather intently, enjoying studying them if nothing else. He didn’t know what to make of many of them just yet, but he was intrigued none the less. ”I wonder if I’ll be able to pick up any new techniques from any of these people. Probably not, but there’s always a chance.” Kiyoshi thought to himself, but soon forgot about the thought. His true goal rested beyond learning new techniques, after all… part of the reason he wanted to go here to begin with.

He wanted to train his Sharingan. To evolve it past its two tomoe state, and to its fully evolved three tomoe state, like his father had around his age. When Sasuke had explained the different level of their clan’s eye to Kiyoshi as a child, he had deemed to himself that Mangekyo Sharingan was probably out of reach for the newest member of the clan, so Kiyoshi didn’t worry too greatly about it. Looking back to Kajou and Guy, Kiyoshi felt a bit out of place, since he couldn’t be as vocal to the others as they were. It was the more timid side of his personality that held him from talking to people he didn’t know.

Just the same, Kiyoshi continued studying, his eyes traveling from person to person, as he found himself quite intrigued by all the happenings on the bus. Everyone seemed so different than he and his friends, that Kiyoshi admittedly felt a bit out of place. ”We’re ninjas… they’re people with powers. I don’t really understand why we’re here. Still… it’s a great opportunity.” Kiyoshi thought to himself, smiling a little bit. Then, he finally decided… he had no choice. He had to work up the courage to speak to someone. Anyone, really, would do right? But, instead… Kiyoshi studied the silver haired kid, who seemed by far the strangest in the entire bunch. And, he wore his weapons out in the open, for all to see.

The desire to speak with him was probably his greatest, but, Guy had already done that and Kiyoshi figured he should try and speak with someone else. Despite his desire to not be anti-social… Kiyoshi found himself doing just that, as he sat alone in his seat, just watching everyone else. Finally, he got up, sitting in a seat near Kajou, and the girl whose name he’d overheard to be Yuki. “Hey, Kajou.” Kiyoshi spoke, looking then to the young woman. “Who’s your new friend? I’m Kiyoshi Uchiha.” Kiyoshi greeted, a lopsided smile on his face. Being vocal, and not shy was hard for him… and he couldn’t help but notice his voice cracked a bit. He half wanted to bring his forehead protector over his eyes, and hope that somehow… no one saw him there.

Morose Angel
09-10-2006, 12:19 PM
Drew wearily rises from his seat as the bus pulls up to the stop, judging it by its outward appearance, it didn’t appear all that spectacular. Then again, he didn’t expect to enter a world of wonder and whimsy anyway. But at worst, this would be a waste of time. As the door slides open with an audible hiss, the green haired teenager climbs up the stairs and takes his first look at his other schoolmates. They were a bit of a motley crew, to be sure.

Without an obvious pause to scrutinize them, Drew strides down the aisle, pulling his backpack straps tighter and briefly glances at everyone as he passes them or as they lay ahead of him. “That kid has the right idea, he came packing. What’s with these silver bands? They must be from the same Boy Scout troop or something.” After slipping down into a seat in the middle of the bus, Drew turns slightly to take off the backpack and gets a better look at some of the students, “Looks like the gender ratio is lopsided, these chicks are in for a long year—and with goofy looks like that, these guys aren’t getting any from them.”

Drew smirks as he rests his head back in the seat, letting the sprig of wheat lazily drift down diagonally to his shoulder, still held in his mouth.

09-11-2006, 10:58 AM
OOC: ha, sorry for not posting tho..been uber busy w/ work! working at least over 40 hours a week! it's kinda hectic...but i'm here and i'm gonna be posting away!!!!!!1111oneoneoneone11!!!


AJ noticed a young man, with a piece of straw hanging out of the corner of his mouth. She wasn't sure what to think of him though since it was unusal to see someone with a piece of straw.

"Actually, I just moved in with my dad not to long ago though. So yeah, I guess you can say I'm fairly new to New York. My dad told me I should come with him and stay."

Within a few minutes the school bus to the school showed up. She quickly grabbed her bag and placed it over her shoulder. She wasn't sure what to expect. When she reached the last step, she looked around and saw many teens with strange silver headbands, all marked with the exact symbol. She was quite confused yet interested in this. She wanted to know who these people were actually.

She walked beside the group and sat behind one of them.

"Hey there. I heard your name was Kiyoshi? Am I right?" AJ replied giving the boy a cocked eyebrow hoping she was right. "And who are you guys?" She then looked at the other two hoping to get their names as well.

09-11-2006, 11:30 AM
Kiyoshi looked up, smiling nervously at the young woman who approached him, scratching the back of his red mop. “Yes. I’m Kiyoshi Uchiha. That’s Kajou, and Guy. They’re my friends. We’re from Konoha.” Kiyoshi explained, doing his best to be vocal. A small smile traced his lips again, this one far more confident and sure of himself. He couldn’t stay inside his shell… a part of him was saying to be strong, and to be outgoing. Maybe it was more of his mother’s personality coming out in him, rather than his introverted personality from his father. Adjusting the headband that rested at his neck a bit, Kiyoshi did his best to be polite, and outgoing.

“What about you? I haven’t gotten your name yet.” Kiyoshi explained, holding a hand out to the young woman before him. “We’re all first years, so, we really don’t know too many people yet.” Kiyoshi couldn’t help but want to stay the shut in he usually was, however, and observe rather than interact. ”Stop being such a whiny kid! Don’t be emo!” shouted the inner Kiyoshi, and the Uchiha clan member did his best to be strong, listening to his other personality. “Have you been going here long? Or are you in the same boat as me? I don’t really know what to expect…”

Adam Park
09-11-2006, 12:45 PM
Kaze was quickly growing annoyed at the other girls slience when the bus finally pulled up. At this point she was rather furious and made that point by stomping on the bus making it vibrant with each step. She glared at the bus driver and then spoke "Your late! If this bus is late one more time i will ****ing rip it apart with my bare hands!"

Ignoring any remark by the bus driver she stormed thowards the back glancing over the students in there. Bunch of doofus's with headbands.Country boy and some other chick,mister emo in the back and

That's when she saw her,Ozu yuki her cousin. She growled and walked faster past her cousin hoping she didnt see her and to the back were emo boy was. She stood infront of him and glared as best she could despite she had gained her mother's natural beauty so glaring was never the best thing she could do.

"Move only someone like me deserves the backseat. No Old men allowed." She said folding her arms over her slender form her eyes not taking off of the Gray haired Boy. He was packing heat of course but she was too in the simple form of her silver-demon inscribed flute.

Yellow Stranger
09-11-2006, 01:52 PM
"No. . . Old . . . Listen here Bitch, this seat is mine, no ifs ands or buts! Besides, you can't glare with ****! Now either sit in the empty seat next to me, OR GO TO THE FRONG OF THE BUS WOMAN!" Mikoto snapped, pointing to the bigger seat across the aisle from him, and to the front of the bus at the same time. "I ****ing need this peice of **** seat so I can rest my sword with out fear of it flying backwards and ****ing impaling someone in the ****ing head."

"Ahhh Mikoto-kun, don't be so mean to her. She's Ozu Yuki's cousin, Ozu Kaze. Her favorite snack is Cherries and has the nickname Hunnybu." He blinked as the Butterfly masked woman popped her head up from the seat in front of him, giggling. He raised an Eyebrow, looking at the woman oddly. How could she state something like that with the Girl standing right next to him. He quickly turned to her again, who seemed to wrapped up in her anger against him to notice what the woman said. He turned to face the woman again, only to notice she was gone again. Shrugging, He turned to Kaze.

"Your nickname is Hunnybun?"

Abare Killer
09-11-2006, 02:07 PM
:abakill Before Yuki could respond to Kiyoshi, a new girl entered the bus. Yuki took this opportunity to remain silent, hoping that the others would continue to talk and that she wouldn't have to be too involved. From what she could tell, however, Kiyoshi seemed to be shy as well, so at least she wasn't the only one who was uncomfortable.

When a new boy stepped onto the bus at the same stop, Yuki felt her cheeks glow even brighter. He was very cute, she thought. But, to her slight disappointment, he didn't seem to pay any attention to her. So, she turned back to the other students around her and waited, hoping they would get to the school soon.

The next person who entered the bus made Yuki's heart skip a beat as her eyes fell on her. The all too familiar face of her cousin, Kaze, bearing the same scowl that seemed to be her trademark, was the last thing the young Japanese girl would have expected to see. Of course, the first thing Kaze did was yell at the bus driver, which Yuki could only have expected. She cringed at her cousin's foul mouth, but it was not a surprise at all. The next thing she did was entirely unexpected. She went back and started to yell at the interesting looking silver haired boy in the back.

Mentally rolling her eyes, Yuki decided that enough was enough. First, Kaze had the nerve to yell at the nice bus driver for absolutely no reason. But now she was trying to claim a seat as if it had her name on it. Although Yuki could tell by his response that the boy was perfectly capable of handling himself, she felt the need to say something to her cousin. Grabbing her backpack, she stood up and excused herself politely to the students near her and then she made her way to the back, gripping the strap on her backback tightly in her fist.

"Kaze, he was there first," she said firmly. "Go sit somewhere else and stop bothering people." While Yuki was usually sweet and shy, she could not put up with Kaze's attitude when she had to deal with it, and she usually only got angry when it came to her. :abakill

Adam Park
09-11-2006, 02:17 PM
Kaze blinked for a minute only cause she had never met a guy that could macth her in the foul Langauge other than a few soilders she beat out of a poker game. She enjoyed the challenge and spat right back.

"Listen mister. No one cusses at Ozu Kaze and gets the hell away with it. I will sit at that other place but only cause i dotn think i would wan to sit were a low class, bicthass,punk wearing ****face has been sitting his crusty ass in."

She then turned to her cousin and growled "And you why dont you sit down miss goodie twoshoes or i will make you sit down. " She then got a softer face and her tone changed "Besides were going to school and i think the buss cant leave with you sitting up"

Kaze sat down at her seat and folded her arms over her bosom. Her red hair quickly falling ove rher light cheeks. It was then that she noticed what that guy said and she glanced to him "How do you know my mother's nickname for me?"

Yellow Stranger
09-11-2006, 02:28 PM
Mikoto blinked at the girl. It was her MOTHERS Nickname for her? Great, so what am I suppose to tell her? That some strange woman in a butterfly mask is probably running around and spying on her family. You already pissed her off enough, and this Yuki girl doesn't seem like she deserves it either.

"A butterfly told me." And glanced at Yuki and felt his face get red, She was gorgous. He got up off the seat, only to bow onto one knee and grab Yuki's hand and kiss the back of it. "Such Beauty, I have never been graced to see such unearthly beauty! Tell me, The ever so humble Mikoto McKnight, your name, Kind Angel."

Abare Killer
09-11-2006, 02:38 PM
:abakill Yuki felt her anger melt away at the boy's unexpected actions. Her face flushed with nervous and flattered blushing and it felt hotter than it it ever had before. She managed a shy smile, but it was a moment before she could find her tongue.

"Y-yuki," she stammered. "Ozu Yuki. You are too kind," she added. "Arigatou." She bowed slightly to him and took a seat at the second to back row, dropping her backpack on the floor in front of her. For a moment, she forgot her cousin and her previous anger as she looked into the boy's eyes. So his name is Mikoto, she thought. She wondered why he had a Japanese name, but she was too flustered at the moment to ask. She could only catch her breath a little and hope that the bus would take off again soon.

(OOC: Once Ukiya Shun posts and gets on the bus, we can finally arrive at school. ^_^) :abakill

Adam Park
09-11-2006, 02:49 PM
Kaze blinks at the butterfly remark as she thought about it Butterfly...could it be... She shook her head and then blinked at the scene infront of her. Yuki getting a guys attention as always this touched a nerve in her and she growled gridning her teeth together.

"Why...Why does she always get there attention. Even when i try to look my best all she has to do is flash some smile and get them. Sometimes i wish she was dead..

Kaze Pondered if saying that was something she really ment or was it the demon in her stirring. Either way she had saw something fun in this mikoto and all that was stripped away in one interaction with her cousin. Kaze narrowed her eyes Drawing a black tint to them squared on the Two infront of her. In them sat the raw murderous rage her father gave to her targeted at those two and from that point she hated them with all of her half human half Demon soul.

09-11-2006, 03:03 PM
Kajou smiled happily as he took Yuki's hand, shaking it firmly. This was a good start. Just one minute on the bus and he managed to locate what seemed to be a friendly person. His next instinct was to inquire what her powers were, however he was unsure if that was appropriate or not. He didn't really even get much of a chance to say anything else anyways as Kiyoshi found his way over and, much to Kajou's surprise, made an attempt to be social. Though, he needed a little work from the fact that he could barely speak up enough. Nevertheless, he had his best friend to do it for him. Quickly jumping from his seat, Kajou put his arm around Kiyoshi and moved him closer to Yuki.

"Kiyoshi, Yuki. Yuki, Kiyoshi. That is Guy over there. Like he said, we're from Konoha!" Kajou spoke cheerfully. His expression then turned more serious, but retained a bit of a mischievious smirk as he lowered his voice. "Believe it or not, we're ninja. Top of the class graduates from the academy!"

During his short speech, the bus was approaching another stop and a couple more people decided to board. Amazingly, one of them overheard Kiyoshi's weak introduction and decided to join the group that was now growing increasingly larger. The young blonde shinobi had no issues with this as he gave the famous smile, turning toward AJ.

"Kajou Uzumaki! Ninjutsu specialist and future Hokage!" He raised his fist triumphantly, as if he had already achieved the latter feat. Kiyoshi was doing his best to introduce his friends, but Kajou knew him well enough to see that he was still shy about it. "Don't mind Kiyoshi, he's not used to talking to.. well, he's not used to talking. I'm sure that will change. Anyways, fair is fair. We said our names, now yours."

As Kajou awaited an answer, another girl boarded the bus with a bit of a scowl on her face, which only worsened as she passed by Yuki. Kajou raised an eyebrow at the awkward scene as this strange girl decided to approach the weird, silver haired guy from before. Somehow he knew this wasn't going to turn out well. Surely enough, it wasn't, as an argument quickly broke out. That guy sure had a mouth on him, kajou thought, almost wincing at his words. Normally, he'd try and do something to stop it... well, he wasn't kidding himself, he'd probably just get caught in the middle. He decided against interfering for now, as no good could possibly come it. Trying to stop them would probably just get them angry at him, as well.

What happened next was a bit unexpected. Yuki got up and approached them first. The other girl then revealed her surname to be the same as Yuki's.. They were related? What a small world... Though, related or not, he was getting fed up with the arguing, but luckily it calmed a bit before he could get there. The display by the now named, Mikoto McKnight, almost made Kajou want to gag.

"Geez, where'd you learn that smooth one? Pick-up Lines for Dummies?" Kajou muttered, shaking his head.

Morose Angel
09-11-2006, 04:02 PM
Drew looked up at the gregarious Ninja as he made his boisterous introduction. Perhaps he naturally adapted to saying his more withdrawn friend’s share while growing up with him. With an unhidden smirk, the less enthusiastic Drew answers Kajou’s call for introductions, “Drew Blackwood, library card holder, late fees $49.75! That’s not as impressive as being a future Den Leader, but I am wanted in two states for it.” Despite belittling his career choice, Drew privately wondered about the presence of three Ninjas from the same village.

As he reclines again in his seat, he speaks back at the Ninjas, inquiring, “Are you going to kidnap the principal? Well, I’ll volunteer to be one of the two dudes who are bad enough to save him.” He then glances back toward Mikoto, who looked as if he were trying to get a month’s worth of courtship finished in one breath. “The other one might be completely whipped before we even arrive, though…”

Regardless of their intent, he hoped these Konoha super ninjas would make the school year interesting, along with Dr. Love and all of his potential "conquests".

09-11-2006, 04:24 PM
ooc: Lol @ Bad Dudes reference.

Kajou glanced behind, noticing one of the quieter arrivals finally decide to speak up. A real jokester this one was. That was to be expected. There was always one guy who made it seem like he just waited around for people to say something so he could create a stand up act about it, and apparetly he decided to show himself early this time around. Kajou was good at bringing those sorts of people out with his energetic attitude, and he was well aware that he sounded silly at times. It didn't matter to him, though. He couldn't help but be excited about this day for some reason. Most likely because of the new challenges that awaited, and he was not one to be afraid of the unknown.

His best bet was to simply ignore this guy for now. Kajou was quick to irritate at times, but he promised himself he'd calm down this year. Chances were he'd have to if he wanted to make himself known for his skills, and not his mouth. Shaking his head a bit, the young ninja turned his attentions to Kaze, who looked rather infuriated at the recent event.

"What's with that face? Aren't you at all looking forward to this?" Kajou inquired, scratching his head a bit casually.

Ukiya Shun
09-11-2006, 04:33 PM
Upon entering the bus, Chiharu noticed several strange and interesting characters sitting inside. One had grey hair, wore a red coat, and carried a gun and a sword with him. Three of the kids spread out among various seats appeared to be ninjas, each wearing a headband bearing a metal plate with the very same symbol. Gosh.......so many people wanting to become heroes........guess I've got a lot of work ahead of me, Chiharu sighed as she headed for one of the empty seats in the middle of the bus. As she sat down on the seat, she put her backpack on her lap and unzipped the front pocket, pulling out her father's picture once more. Well, dad, I'm inside the bus that goes to the legendary superhero school. I'm gonna make you proud when I return, Chiharu thought as she stared at the picture.

Adam Park
09-11-2006, 04:43 PM
Kaze glanced to the one Speaking to her intent on cussing him out but something about his face turned her anger down. He reminded her of her Uncle Kai who always smiled alot to keep the mood up. She sighed deciding to put her hate for mikoto and Yuki aside and speaking kindly.

She moved a strand of red hair from her face and tried her best to smile "I am..just soemtimes i get ****ing pissed off." She sighed and looked over him. He seemed goofy looking but she could since he probably wasent as much fo a baka as she thought he was. Course she coudnt be sure at all so she left him at baka status.

"So umm whats your name? I thought i heard Kajou but i am not sure. Mines is Ozu Kaze." While kaze didnt really like using Ozu it was the only thing of her mother's she really cherished. She turned her body fully to the kid trying to atleast look at him when he was talking to her.

09-12-2006, 02:45 AM
She noticed that Kiyoshi had his hand out, ready for a handshake. So she took it and firmy gripping it, but not to tight, she introduced herself as well.

"Oh, ha, right. I almost forgot!" She said smiling. "My name is AJ Worthington. Yeah, you can say I'm new as well. Even though I'm going to be a senior. Either way, this should be fun. Don't be to modest on what's going to happen!" She replied giving the boy a friendly wink.

She then noticed a blonde hair boy, very cheerful and yet funny. She liked this boy's personality. Soon enough she found out alittle bit about Kiyoshi. That he's very shy. Then she found about the blonde hair boy. His name is Kajou and he's going to be the future Hokage of Konoha. She giggled at that for a minute, not sure on what that really means. She heard some stories about a village hidden in the leaves, but she never heard about this "hokage" word before.

After she was done interoducing herself, she noticed a really annoying young girl coming onto the bus. She even yelled at the bus driver for no apparent reason. She looked at the girl with confusion.

'Man, what's her deal? Someone's not a happy camper.' She thought to herself.

Abare Killer
09-12-2006, 01:21 PM
:abakill In the almost blurred confusion of everything that seemed to be happening on the bus all at once, it finally arrived at another destination. This time, as the students looked out the windows, they noticed that they were not at another stop. If they looked out towards their right, they would see the good sized school building set on the far side of a wide, grassy quad. It looked like any normal school, but when the students glanced out the other windows, they saw nothing but blue sky and clouds. The edges of the school where there should have been some other types of landscape there was only empty atmosphere. While the students knew that this was a school in the sky, some of them couldn't help but notice how odd it looked. It was as if someone had taken a school on earth, chopped it out of the very ground, and shot it up in the sky to float here.

Yuki stared out at the strange sight from the runway where the buses landed, momentarily forgetting her flustered breathlessness. While she had often tried to imagine what the school would look like, she was completely unprepared for the reality. This would definately take some getting used to. Suddenly, she was snapped out of her thoughts by the school bus' door opening creakily and the friendly voice of the driver.

"We've finally arrived!" he exclaimed cheerfully, apparently none the worse for Kaze's treatment of him earlier. "Welcome to Sky High."

Taking a deep breath, Yuki decided to get out of the strange atmosphere of the bus as soon as possible. Bowing slightly to her new aquaintence, Mikoto, she grabbed her backpack and pushed her way gently to the front of the bus, letting the heavy bag hang losely at her side. Her black eyes scanned the surrounding area, and she turned her body around a few times to take it all in. The sight of the sky just hanging right off of the edge of the platform took her breath away. Up here, the air was so fresh, clear of the smog and dust that so often polluted the air below. It had a clean quality to it that Yuki had never breathed before and never thought she would. Smiling slightly, she knew that she was going to enjoy spending time up here for school.

Now, she waited silently outside the bus, waiting for her fellow students to emmerge. She wanted to follow them when they got out, since she had no idea what to do as a new student. Somehow, the others must have a better idea, so as long as she stuck with them, she would be okay, or at least that was how her reasoning went. Smoothing her black hair with her free hand, she took a deep breath of the fresh air and waited patiently for the others. :abakill

Yellow Stranger
09-12-2006, 02:24 PM
Mikoto smirked as he sat back listening to the Shinobi, Kajou, mock his "Pick up" line. "Oh Now I know where I met you before, you were right next to me as I was picking up the Book? What was it you were picking up again? The Baby book of Shinobi's!" Mikoto smirked as he looked out the window and saw the Sky High Campus. What fucking moron decided to make the meaning of Sky High literal? The only thing that could make this worse is to find out the dorms are in Califorina. . . Then my life will offical suck again.

He sighed and sat up when the bus came to a stop and grabbed his sword. He reached Kajou's area when he sighed, It was going to take the kid forever to get his bag out. "Here, Let me help you with that." Mikoto stated as he grabbed the Ninja's bag and pulled it out with some minimal effort. "Did you have to bring your whole room?" He sighed as he got out of the Bus and placed the bag on the ground. He grimaced at the pure air, He was more used to the smog induced air, or air filled with the Aroma of food. This completly pure air was more like a shot of sour liquor than anything.

Adam Park
09-12-2006, 02:37 PM
Kaze sighed as the bus stopped and looked to Kajou "Looks like it's the end of the line kid." She blinked when she saw mikoto pull the bag out and growled.

"Damn him i could of done that too.." She looked to kajou and nodded "If you need anymore help kid i am the one to call not that gray haired son of a bicth." She smiled and headed off the bus looking around quickly.

"So this is were i start my journey to defeat him...My father."

Ukiya Shun
09-12-2006, 03:25 PM
Disembarking from the bus, Chiharu caught a glimpse of the destination: a large school building sitting amidst a sea of neatly trimmed grass. Wow....so this is Sky High.... Chiharu thought, amazed to see her new home. While admiring the surroundings of the campus, she let the reality of being here for a long while sink in, as well as the reality of having additional responsibilities, as she came all by herself. Wow...my new home.........can't even think about where to begin, she sighed, deciding to approach the Japanese girl with the long, silky black hair. "Uhmmm....excuse me, but are you a new student too?" Chiharu asked sheepishly, trying to make a good first impression.

Abare Killer
09-13-2006, 02:44 PM
:abakill Yuki smiled shyly at Chiharu. "Hai, this is my first year." She offered her hand kindly to the girl in greeting. "I am Ozu Yuki," she introduced herself. "What is your name?"

As she waited for a response, she glanced back towards the bus, which was still full of students. Once they got off too, she hoped that they would know what to do next. There were other students getting off of other buses around them, heading straight for the large school building. She guessed that these were returning students who already knew their way around. A small part of her envied them, but she knew that she'd get the hang of things eventually. After all, this was only the first day, and she had the whole year to get this down. :abakill

Ukiya Shun
09-13-2006, 03:03 PM
"I'm Akiyama Chiharu. It's nice to meet you, Yuki," Chiharu replied, shaking Yuki's hand. Hmm.....Ozu, Ozu.......why does that name sound familiar... she thought as she walked alongside Yuki. While thinking up of another question to ask, her mind began to drift back to the memories of home as she looked at the gold ring on her left finger once more.

"Principal Shibaura, what is the meaning of this?" Ren demanded, pounding his fist on the table as he and Chiharu met with the school principal. "Mr. Akiyama, I am expelling your daughter from school because we believe she poses a safety threat to the students, as well as the teachers. The school cannot afford to pay for any injuries she may cause the students because of her so-called "powers", Principal Shibaura replied in a calm tone, which contrasted with Ren's searing temper. "Well, it's not her fault that your students harrass her every time she steps into your doors. Come on, Chiharu. Let's go," Ren said, walking through the door as Chiharu followed suit. Upon reentering the empty hallway of the school building, Chiharu could no longer hold back her tears, and immediately hugged her father. "Dad.....what do I do now?" she sobbed as Ren hugged her back. "Don't worry, Chiharu. Your mother and I will do our best to find you another school," Ren reassured, unable to hold back his tears.

Chiharu's mind returned to reality as she looked back at Yuki, this time with a sad expression on her face.

09-13-2006, 04:49 PM
Kajou nodded and ran his hand through his hair idly.

"Yep, you heard right, i'm Kajou. Good to meet you, Kaze." He smiled, watching as Kaze gave an angry look to Mikoto. "Don't pay attention to that guy. He's clearly got a stick up his ass the size of an oak tree..."

Just as he was making that remark, the bus began to arrive at the school, capturing Kajou's attention. His eyes widened as he saw the floating island in front of them, obviously not expecting something quite that extreme. The only thing that made him turn away from the sight was the sound of Mikoto's voice once again trying to sound cool. The young ninja just glared back.

"Afraid you've got me confused with someone else, pal, but while we're on the subject of books, I recommend picking up one or two about Earth, because clearly you're not from it..."

Before he could resume ignoring him, the bus landed and the door opened. Kajou manuvered down the isle and motioned for Guy and Kiyoshi to follow. He then noticed Mikoto grab his own pack and then exit the bus, apparently trying to show off with a guise of 'helping'.

"Hey hey!" Kajou growled, running after him and yanking the bag from where he placed it with an equal amount of effort. "I ain't weak either. It's just a bit hard to navigate with all this stuff... and yeah it's a lot but in case you didn't remember, we're gonna be living here, so I didn't wanna risk leaving anything behind. Not that it's any of your business to begin with!"

Kajou rolled his eyes, not knowing just what this guy's deal was. His outfit was even more ridiculous than a ninja wearing orange, and his attitude was totally immature. Kajou knew he was a bit overbearing at times, but he was at least trying to be nice. This guy had no clue. However, meeting someone like that actually pleased Kajou to an extent. It was just someone he could set his sights on beating, and putting them in their place. After resuming his thoughts on other things, the blonde haired boy took in the sights, observing the various students, some of them showing off their amazing or not so amazing abilities.

"This will be... different." He thought out loud, tying his forehead protector to his shoulder and beginning his walk toward the school.

09-14-2006, 01:15 AM
“Nice to meet you, AJ.” Kiyoshi responded, timidly as he smiled. He felt a bit out of place, with such friendly people, and he didn’t really know how to respond to them. Just the same, he did his best to be polite to everyone he spoke to, save for the strange silver haired guy, who by all accounts, seemed like a prick. ”I bet he’d shut up if I showed him just how strong I am.” groaned the inner Kiyoshi, but the Uchiha clan member did his best to keep his rage in check. And thus, he survived quietly until the bus came to a stop, and Kajou motioned for him and Guy to follow.

Kiyoshi followed after Kajou closely, prodding Guy to do the same as the Konoha ninja looked around, curious to how this place even worked. A floating school, high above the clouds. No Ninjutsu or Genjutsu was capable of this, so the sheer technology it must have taken to do something like this seemed beyond Kiyoshi’s comprehension really. ”Things sure are advanced out here. Hopefully that means they’ll have good TV.” Kiyoshi thought to himself, though it was meant as a joke more than a serious thought. Figures, the only jokes he would make are to himself though. Idly placing his hand against his forehead protector, he loosened it a bit from around his neck so he could breathe more easily.

“Kajou, it looks like we’ve entered a brave new world.” Kiyoshi mentioned, patting his blonde friend on the shoulder, before looking back to where Guy had wandered off to. “Hey, Guy, c’mon. We’re gonna have to leave you behind.” Kiyoshi teased, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he watched intently all the things happening around them. It was so much fun to just study how different these people were, in comparison to Konoha ninjas. Their different traits and abilities. ”And I thought my Sharingan and Kajou’s Byakugan were menacing enough. Some of these people are just insanely powerful.” Kiyoshi thought to himself, seeing a fast blur pass by them, that he probably would’ve been able to interpret what it was if he had his Sharingan activated, but he assumed someone rather fast.

But, suddenly, Kiyoshi felt out of place again, amongst such powerful people and he was but a mere ninja. Pushing these negative thoughts away, Kiyoshi did all he could to get confident, remembering he was one of the top Chunin for his age! He was one of Konoha’s finest, as were Kajou and Guy. Even if they seemed to be at a disadvantage, they were strong, and they had what it took didn’t they? Reminding himself of this, Kiyoshi confidently grinned. “We’re definitely going to make an impact here, aren’t we?” Kiyoshi asked.

He knew they would, not only for being different, but Kiyoshi wanted to be remembered for his strength and determination. While Kajou had his goal to succeed his Father as Hokage, Kiyoshi still had his own. He wanted to make his father’s dream come true, and revive the Uchiha clan and do them proud after Itachi disgraced and destroyed it.

09-14-2006, 02:00 AM
Soon enough the school bus landed. Something obviously caught AJ's eye since the fact they were floating in the 'sky'? She wasn't sure what to make of this.

"Whoa! This is so cool!" She said outloud to herself as she looked out the window.

AJ grabbed her backpack and headed off the bus. She noticed Kiyoshi, Kajou and Guy get off the bus, and she had her eye's on the silver haired guy not sure what he's up too. Same with the annoying girl that apparently has no manners whatsoever. As she stepped off the bus, she noticed two people standing there. Two young girls. She shrugged her shoulders, indicating a oh-why-not type of look on her face.

"Hey there you two. I'm AJ. AJ Worthington. I don't think I got the chance to introduce myself to you on the bus so I'm gonna be doing it now." She said as a smile crossed her face. "Are you two new students? What's your name?"

Abare Killer
09-14-2006, 12:58 PM
:abakill (OOC: From what I can tell, we just need Pat and Tim to post. Once they do I'll have the person come talk to us new students. Until then, don't wander too far off. lol)

At the new girl's arrival, Yuki felt her shyness coming back in full. It was one thing to talk to Chiharu, who seemed just as shy as she felt. But this girl was full of energy and she seemed very outgoing, too much for Yuki's tastes, and she found herself unable to handle it. Looking around desperately, her eye finally caught Mikoto standing not far away from the bus. Bowing slightly and shyly to the two girls, she hurried past them and over to him. While she had just met him, she felt less shy around him somehow.

She found herself blushing and looking up at his taller figure. "So, I wonder what we are supposed to do next?" she mused aloud, smiling slightly. At her side, her backback still hung by the strap in her tightly clenched fist, as if she thought it would disappear somehow if she loosened her grip. Her eyes wandered around at the other students, and she found herself shuddering slightly at the thought of how many there were. She wondered what their powers were, and what their individual stories were. They were all here for a reason, maybe the same as hers or maybe different. Either way, it was going to take all the Yuuki in her heart to survive this year.

(OOC: Yuuki = Courage.) :abakill

Morose Angel
09-15-2006, 07:08 PM
As was his habit, Drew hangs back in his seat on the bus until the majority of students had filed out. He preferred not to deal with the hustle and bustle of leaving with everyone else, instead maintaining his leisure. When all but a few stragglers were gone, Drew gets off of the bench seat and moves down the aisle, peering out at his new school through the bus windows. He expected something along these lines, given the description of the place, just as many others—but seeing it was different from hearing about it. Whether he was awed by what he saw or not wasn’t readily determinable from his facial expression. Without another moment of hesitation, Drew descends the bus stairs and joins the other students outside.

Tucking his hands in his pocket almost as soon as the fresh, thin air hits his skin, Drew presses forward. He pauses only briefly, hanging back on his heels as he stands beside the wrathful, hot-blooded she-devil Kaze. “Interesting display on the bus today. Amuse me more and more,” Drew urged, quite aware that this would agitate her, likely counting on it. Not waiting for her reply, the green-haired teenager moves along, only to come to a stop once more near Yuki and Kaze’s male counterpart. “Listen, for the big climax, I hear there’s a pool under the gym floor. Don’t Charleston too close to it.” Drew offers, nonsensically teasing them.

Again ignoring any remarks that follow his statement, Drew moves forward, tightening his jaw around the sprig of wheat and heading for the entrance to the school, where he expected to start a monotonous school day.

Adam Park
09-16-2006, 06:30 AM
Kaze was transfixed on her goal before blinking hearing Drew speak to her. She growled a bit at what he said and raised a eyebrow to him.

"Damn Country Boy" She sighed though he seemed like a lazy ass that might be some fun later on. Course she wasent worried about that now all she wanted to do was train and become stronger and Stronger. She glanced to her Cousin and the Gray haired boy and mearly growled at them as she walked past them.

"Enjoy your little show of goodie twoshoeness Cousin" And thats all she said not even wanting to speak to the guy.

Yellow Stranger
09-16-2006, 11:50 AM
Mikoto looked to Yuki and shrugged. "Who knows, I'm just a first year Freshman." He sighed as he looked around, ignoring the responses from Kajou and Kaze. I don't know what that damned Butterfly masked freak wants of me. . . This school must of done a quickie background search, cause I doubt a fucking monster like me would be able to get into a school like this. He sighed and pulled out a wallet and opened it to look at a picture of a Young 17 year old woman, With Shoulder length brown hair. She was wearing a Yellow Jacket with the Image of a Yellow Pteradactyl on it. She had a Gradution Gown folded up in her arms, and a Dipolma in the other. His mother stood on side the Girl wearing a simliar outfit, while his Uncle Conner stood on the other side, patting the girl on the shoulder. I'm sorry RanRan, You were had graduated a year early, as Valedictorian even, and then. . . That happened. Has it really been two years since then?

09-16-2006, 01:46 PM
((OoC: Sigh,like I said I've been really busy sorry for holding you all up. and sorry for it being so short, not much I can do right now.))

Guy was so excited, he was lost in his own little world. Normally he was fairly outgoing and would talk to people, but he was so wrapped up in his thoughts and daydreams, that he wasn't able to on this bus ride. When it finally came time to exit, he hadn't even noticed, and he had to be called by Kiyoshi. When he was however, he bounded out of the bus, and joined his friend. "This place is simply amazing!" He shouted in awe, making his presence known to his fellow ninjas for the first time since they exited. "I have never seen anything like it before!"

And indeed, it was a spectacular sight. It looked just like any other high school campus would, however, it just ended, and all taht could be seen was the endless vision of the sky. "This is far greater than I could have even imagined. I had no idea it would actually be in the air like this, amazing!" He looked around, extremely excited by everything. All of the students walking into class, those he had seen on the bus, it was all so stimulating. He wondered what everyone could do, and how many he would get a chance to test his strength against.

Abare Killer
09-16-2006, 03:36 PM
:abakill (OOC: Thanks for posting, Tim, and it's alright that it's short. I understand that you're busy. Just post when you can. ^_^)

While a few students began to stray away from the bus, Yuki stayed where she was, not wanting to get lost or anything. She blinked in surprise at Kaze's comment, but before she had a chance to respond, a smartly dressed adult woman walked up to them, gently urging the wandering students back to the rest of the group. Her face seemed kind enough, but her eyes were stern and appeared to look through a person, seeing into their very soul. Yuki shuddered when the eyes momentarily fell on her.

"Students, welcome to Sky High," she said in a loud and cheerful voice. Her tone was strong though, and it was obvious that she had firm authority. "I am Principal Randall. You are all here because you have special powers that set you aside from normal humans. At this school, you will be taught how to be a super hero, and you will have help in training your powers." She went on to explain different things about their school, and at the end, she called roll from a sheet on the clipboard she carried and handed out class schedules to the names she called.

"Now, have a great first day of school, and if you get lost trying to find your class, ask another student, and they should be happy to help you." She smiled at them and said a few more choice words before turning around sharply and heading back to the school building.

Yuki looked down at her schedule, scanning the list of unfamilar classes, teachers, and room numbers. Sighing, she stayed near Mikoto at first, waiting to see if he had any classes with her. She would rather not be alone in this new school, although Mikoto was still practically a stranger to her.

(OOC: Yeah, I made up the name of the principal. >_> This takes place long after the movie, so it's a different principal. Oh, and we will all be in the same first class at least, just to allow for character interaction. After that we can decide where to go from there. If you have any questions, post them in the footnotes thread.) :abakill

Yellow Stranger
09-17-2006, 05:26 PM
Mikoto yawned as the old hag of a princpal called there names. Okay, she really wasn't old, but just looking at her you could tell she was Hag. Probably had a Xena yell and everything. He sighed as he listened to the others being called. Kajou. . . I suppose he has to be a decent Ninja to be considered going here, but he seems like an oblivous idiot. That Guy character. . . He's strong, that blow to the chin proved it, but he's less there mentally than that Kajou character. The other Shinobi I couldn't get a firm opinion on, HE barely heard the kid talk. That AJ girl looks hot, but What the heck are her powers? Chiharu, she looks more like someone you should feed everyday and yell "Good morning Bro" to you, instead of fighing crime. Kaze seems to have a chair leg shoved up her ass, and Drew . . . HE just reacts. . . The only one I don't have a real problem with is Yuki, though I wish I knew what her power was.

"Mikoto . . . McKnight? Please tell me this is a Bad Dream?" Mikoto blinked as he heard the princpal call out his name. He walked up to the Princpal and extended his hand for a schedule.

"I assure you, woman, that it is my last name." He blinked as the Woman sighed and muttered something about Who the hell let Conner reproduce? Mikoto chuckled and took his Schedule. "First of all, I'm Eric's Eldest son, and Second, Uncle Conner's kids were actually s. . . Nevermind." He sighed as he walked back to his old spot, blinking as he noticed the Butterfly woman again. Just who the hell are you lady?

"Thinking about RanRan, arn't you?" Mikoto growled, and then suddenly blinked as he looked to the ground. Wait a fucking minute, I never told her about RanRan. He lifted his head to say something but she was gone. He sighed and looked at his schedule, glancing down to Yuki's at the same time. He grinned as she pondered about the items in question. "ITtseems we got a couple. . . "

09-17-2006, 06:56 PM
Kajou looked around and took a deep breath, turning back to Kiyoshi and grinning.

"You bet we are. It's up to us three to spread the word about Konoha ninja, now. I have a feeling we've got a skeptical few already..."

Kajou narrowed his eyes as he watched Mikoto continue to try and act cool. Apparently he was doing a better job than he thought, because the Yuki girl walked right up to him, much to Kajou's surprise. Shaking his head in disbelief, the young shinobi elbowed his friend in the shoulder to get his attention.

"Kiyoshi, do you believe this? That guy's line actually worked or something. That Yuki girl is going right for him... Maybe i'm too young to understand women but if this is how they pick their friends, I don't know if I ever will understand..."

His train of thought was soon interrupted by the Principal, who introduced herself and proceeded to do a role call. Kajou, with his usual energy, grabbed his schedule with a smile when his name was called and quickly looked it over. His excited expression turning a bit sour shortly after.

"Ah man, so many boring classes..." He muttered, eyeing Kiyoshi and Guy's schedules as well once they had them. "Well, at least we've got the same schedule, it seems."

As the students talked amongst themselves, Kajou eyed his 'competition' thoroughly. He knew nothing about any of their powers, yet almost everyone knew he was a ninja. It was a slight disadvantage to begin with, however he and his friends were far from the ninja those people might know from movies. Chances were they didn't have any clue what they were up against. The thought alone made Kajou smirk. Just what did he know about them anyways? Yuki? Nothing, however her sweet and generally shy attitude didn't make her seem very threatening. Kajou was not one to underestimate opponents though. AJ? Also nothing, but she seemed nice as well, hopefully a future ally. Kaze... that one needed an attitude adjustment, but the fact that she didn't completely chew him out when he spoke to her made it seem like maybe she wasn't totally hopeless...

Ah who else? That jokester from before was apparently named Drew. He didn't seem like someone who was taking all this seriously. Might be a bad move for him. Then there was Mikoto, of course. If you're carrying that sort of weaponry to a superhero school, just what sort of 'powers' does that mean he has? Not to mention he had the worst attitude yet. His arrogance just made him look foolish, in Kajou's opinion. Now what was he doing? Looking around wildly at the air? Maybe this guy has a few more screws loose than he had originally thought...

Oh well, he'd learn about them all in good time. Turning to Guy and Kiyoshi, Kajou grinned.

"Lets make dad proud."

Adam Park
09-17-2006, 08:54 PM
Kaze looked to the principal and she walked over to her grabbing her class list. She glanced over it seeing the classes and sighed a bit.

Are these classes even worth taking..

She glanced at everyone else not bothering to compare since none would come to her. Not that she minded anyways she was ok not sharing. She glanced to mikoto and Yuki. She knew she woudnt get trouble from either of them one packing guns and one shooting light. She glanced to AJ and Chiharu who bothed looked rather harmless to her.

She looked to drew who she just sighed off as a country boy. She then looked to the Ninja while she didnt view them as a threat she figured they were interesting and she really didnt have much of a reason to hate any of them espically Kajou the one who acted like her uncle.

"This will be a interesting experince i guess..."

09-18-2006, 01:31 AM
While she was waiting, AJ just gave Yuki a confused look. She wasn't sure what it was about her, but she was getting this vibe that, that girl doesn't really like to talk a whole lot. But she shrugged it off anyways.

After a few minutes went by, the principal came and introduced herself. AJ waited patiently while she was telling everyone about the school and how to control their powers. Then she heard her name and she grabbed her schedule.

Oh man? These classes like boring and dull. Damn. She thought to herself.

While she was looking over her schedule, she was thinking of all the other students. She wasn't sure what to think really. Everyone seem to have some sort of barrier up, not wanting anyone to know the jist of their powers. Which even made her even more concern of just what their powers are. When she saw what her first period class was, she was hoping that she was in the same class as everyone else. In the mean time, she was waiting, wondering where that 'class' was.

Morose Angel
09-18-2006, 10:38 AM
Drew accepted his schedule without any verbal resistance to the process, but whistles in mock appreciation of Randall’s figure while walking away quickly to deflect the punishment to some other poor sap. Once he had returned to the teeming masses of students, new and old, he looks at the people surrounding him. This had to be the strangest group of students the school had ever had.

First, there were the three ninjas—why were they in attendance to a school for superpowers? Did they have a hidden agenda? Either way, they seemed to Drew incapable of sinister machinations. Kajou—at least at first glance, appeared to be merely a walking smile and Kiyoshi, silent and unsociable, but possibly concealing deadly skill. Finally, there was Guy—probably the smartest out of the bunch, tragically. They weren’t the oddest, even if their motivations for attending were unclear.

That distinction goes to Mikoto and Kaze. Mikoto, with his strange gear, hair and manner—but at the very least, he may indeed be a “bad dude.” Kaze most likely has some twisted desire for acknowledgment, but goes about gaining it in negative ways. That or she was just an outright bitch. Drew didn’t much care either way. The more normal of the notable attendees were AJ, Chiharu and Yuki. AJ seemed amicable enough and certainly hot, but that was as far as Drew’s insight went. Chiharu seemed very much like a harmless young girl; at least she probably had a gentle nature. Then there was Yuki—she was sweet and cute, but showed some surprising backbone.

“I kind of like her,” Drew thought succinctly as he removed the now spent sprig of wheat from his mouth and tossed it in the trash bin. It was a comfort to him, that while he was able to gather some information on his peers, they knew very little about him. It was several minutes before the green-haired teenager finally lowered his hazel gaze to the schedule, because the classes were inconsequential to him, he just had to know which ones to go to.

Ukiya Shun
09-18-2006, 02:27 PM
As Chiharu watched Yuki talk to a tall young man wearing a red coat, she walked along, making mental notes of the people who would be her future peers. First and foremost, there was AJ, the girl who came to greet her. She seemed to have lots of energy, and was quite happy to be here. Chiharu then looked at the tall man with the red coat. He's kind of arrogant...but I guess he's got the skill to back up his words she thought to herself as she focused especially on the weapons strapped to his body. She then turned her attention to the three young ninjas, who seemed to have known each other their whole lives. Man....must be nice to have friends to look out for you, Chiharu pondered to herself as she looked on, remembering how Haruka used to look out for her back in her old school. Remembering her rudeness in front of Yuki, she then runs up to her. "I'm so sorry. It was so rude of me to have zoned out in front of you," Chiharu told Yuki apologetically.

09-18-2006, 11:49 PM
Kiyoshi was looking over his schedule when he finally decided to respond to what Kajou said. “It’s pretty weird, that people are buying that jerk’s cool act.” Kiyoshi sighed out, but did his best to ignore it. “It’s too bad, that Yuki girl was really pretty. And she’s going for mr. moron….” Kiyoshi said, shrugging his thoughts away with a sigh. He couldn’t help but wonder if all girls were so… strange. Maybe they really were too young to get it, but he didn’t think that was the case.

Pushing away his worries once more, Kiyoshi began wandering around, staying close to his friends, just looking around really out of his curiosity. He couldn’t help but still be as amazed as Guy was by this place. Kajou didn’t seem to be as interested as the other two, but this was still amazing. Closing his dark orbs, Kiyoshi smiles a little bit as he placed a hand on top of Kajou’s shoulder. “Well, you’re right. Let’s make Konoha and Uncle Naruto proud, Kajou!” Kiyoshi said, confidently and louder than he usually spoke. Maybe it was all the excitement, but he felt more outgoing than ever.

09-19-2006, 08:42 AM
"I see," Guy said as he looked over his schedule. There were mathematics and history and various things on here. He had not expected this. He wasn't sure exactly what he HAD expected, but this being a "Super Hero" school, he had expected more... hero training courses. There were some, but he was expecting perhaps a whole day of it. But that, he thought, was just silly. How could that be possible? Heroes of the world had to be well educated, after all. Still, the first classes before the training courses would be hard to sit through. He was a bundle of kinetic energy waiting to be released.

Guy blinked, and then looked up. "Who is Yuki?" After all, he had been off in his own little world on the bus. "And who is Mr. Moron? Is he the silver haired boy? I do not believe I ever caught his name," he noted. As he said this, he noticed the other two looking at him oddly. "What?" With that, he finally took a look around, at last noticing those on his bus. The green haired fellow looked quite interesting to him, and most of the girls looked quite normal. The silver haired boy looked as bored and arrogant as before. To him, the only other person that seemed to stand out was the girl that had snapped at the bus driver. She too, seemed interesting along the same lines as the green haired boy, and the silver haired.

But perhaps he was underestimating the other three girls. That could be a grave error. And as he thought this, he made a mental note. Best not to take anyone here for face value. After all, his major advantage in the Chuunin exam was that no one expected much from him. At least, not those who did not know his father or his father's sensei.

"Did you two happen to catch any names?" Guy asked, wanting to know the people that might very well wind up as new friends, or new rivals. "I would like to know who my competition is, after all!" The fire in his eyes that had turned to wonder when he first landed was back. He did not know how the other two felt, but he was unable to contain his excitement at seeing what he was up against.

Abare Killer
09-19-2006, 03:45 PM
:abakill (OOC: Sorry I didn't post earlier guys, it was a freaking long day. Here we go though. Just follow along into class and we'll go from there.)

After a while, Yuki noticed some students from their bus (although ones she didn't recognize) heading towards the school building. She gave Mikoto one last glance before following them slowly, her eyes half resting on her schedule and half watching where she was going. Eventually, the students found their way to the door of the classroom that Yuki's first period was apparently in. Taking a deep breath, she followed them inside and sat at a front desk, taking her backpack off and setting it down below her. While she was really shy, she liked to sit near the front of the classroom, although she couldn't explain why.

She took out a notebook and a pencil. This class was English, which Yuki knew meant the study of novels, grammar, and essay writing, not the language itself. She loved reading and this class would be interesting. She turned around in her desk and watched as the other students came in, looking for the ones she had seen on the bus. Her thoughts wandered again to what their powers might be, but she was more interested in their personalities and whom she could perhaps make friends with.

Kaze, she already knew too well and hoped to stay away from if it was possible. Kajou seemed nice, at least he had been the first to talk to her. He was already friends with the other Ninjas though, and she didn't want to impose on them. Mikoto was still a strange and intriguing character, but she found herself questioning whether what he had said to her on the bus was sincere or whether her own innate desire for something like that had clouded her judgement. Right now though, she decided not to think about that. Chiharu seemed nice, but Yuki felt more comfortable around guys, probably because she had been raised with three uncles nearby almost constantly, as well as being close to her father and grandfather. AJ seemed to hyper and talkative for Yuki, and she intimidated her somehow.

And Drew, well, he was cute, but Yuki hadn't seen enough of him to really judge yet. She didn't really understand the comment he had made earlier to Mikoto, but she shrugged it off as being random teasing. This first day was already full of interesting and unique characters the likes of which Yuki had never encountered before. She wasn't sure what to think of how this year would progress, but whatever happened, it was sure to be an adventure.

Turning back to the front, Yuki noticed the teacher sitting at a large desk placed on the left side of the room. It was a young woman, maybe in her late 20s, with a nice but firm smile. She was watching the students enter as well, her eyes fixing on each one as they came in and chose a desk. Yuki hadn't noticed if she had been looked at when she came in, but now she suddenly met eyes with the woman. She nodded her head cordially at her, and the young Japanese girl returned the gesture politely. Something seemed slightly off about this teacher, although Yuki could not quite place it.

(OOC: The teacher is psychic and can read minds, so keep that in mind as you come in, and anyone can play her as needed.) :abakill

09-20-2006, 05:11 AM
(OOC: ha...i think it's funny that so far, 2 guys think my character is hot! ^_^...it kinda makes me laugh! lol...)

AJ decided to head out and try to find her first period class. It was english. Not her favorite subject, nor will it ever. Even though she loves to write poetry and even write some stories, she never seemed to really 'love' it.

"English. Great. I'm here to learn about english. Alrighty then. Can't really complain about it. I still have to go." She said outloud but mostly to herself.

She noticed Yuki and the other's going in the same direction. She was wondering if they too are in the same class as her. Ever since she meet them, all she could do was think about what their powers are. She mostly noticed the silver-haired guy. All she could think of was, why he had massive weapons like that.

"Huh, I'm surprised the school allowed him to bring them in." She thought to herself.

Even though it was a school for the gifted, she wanted to know what his powers were or if he even had any. Maybe he was a skilled gunman or whatnot. She couldn't stop looking at him, not in a bad way, but mostly because she was intrigued with him.

As she walked into the classroom, she noticed Yuki taking the front row. AJ was never much of the person to sit in the front row. She preferred the back row, away from the teacher. She felt 'safe' back there and besides that, if the class is boring, she can find a way to fall asleep back there without the teacher noticing. When she found her seat, in the back row, beside a window, she noticed the teacher. She seemed like she was in her 20s and like an easy-going kind of teacher. But she couldn't be sure until the teacher introduces herself or whatnot. She placed her backpack on the floor beside her and took out a pen, wondering if this class is going to be boring or fun. She was also watching the other's coming in, picking their seats as well.

09-20-2006, 07:40 PM
ooc: Well you made her look like Jessica Alba. Not sure why other characters thinking she's hot is out of the ordinary.

Free time was running short and the students were now heading to their respective classes. Glancing back at his schedule, the young energetic ninja merely signed with dissapointment. English was first on the list, and by far one of his least favorite subjects. Though if one were to ask what his least favorite academic was, he would probably reply with 'all of them.' Truth of the matter was that 'Lunch' was not the first class, therefore he was dissapointed. Nonetheless, he was still excited about this school and wasn't gonna let a couple hours of boring take away any of that.

Calling out to his friends as usual, Kajou dashed on ahead and made his way into the first room. Glancing around he was amazed at how... sanitary this school was. Not that Konoha wasn't, but this place looked like it had been vaccum sealed and preserved for it's freshness, only to be reopened a few minutes before the new students arrived. On one hand it was real nice, on the other, it made him feel like he was polluting the air just by breathing. Turning away from the cleanliness of the rooms, Kajou gazed at the open seats, noticing Yuki in the front and AJ in the back. He wanted to sit next to one of them, but also needed room for his friends as well. Deciding he'd just sit in the middle row, the blonde student took the seat behind Yuki and smiled to her in a friendly manner.

Looking now toward the front, Kajou finally noticed the teacher behind the desk. She had wonderfully long brown hair which accented well with her green eyes and slight tan. Her smile gave off the impression that she was kind but could possibly turn strict when needed to be, despite her rather innocent appearance. In all honesty, she was.. a hot teacher. Suddenly the woman's eyes darted towards Kajou and she smirked.

"It's ok, I get those sort of thoughts a lot. Just keep them quiet from now on." The woman said aloud, without a hint of embarassment. Kajou, on the other hand, quickly turned red.

"W-what? You a mind reader or something?" He coughed, scratching his head nervously.

"As a matter of fact, I am... but you don't need to be a mind reader to see the dumb grin on your face.. Mr.. Uzumaki." She replied, glancing at the role sheet. "Don't worry. I don't make a habit out of reading my student's minds..."

Kajou slumped in his seat, realizing maybe he needed to work on being more subtle in general, his smile fading from a boyish fantasy grin to an embarassed smirk. Five minutes into the first year and already he was making a fool out of himself, and he didn't even need to open his mouth to do it. This, was going to be a long journey. As the other students began to file in, Kajou's thoughts began to wander some more. He was anxious to get some training in, possibly against other students, but part of him was worried about their powers. Arguably, his 'abilities' could very well be the weakest in the whole school. He didn't know, but what good would ninja techniques be if someone could set themselves on fire? Then again, that was the whole idea. To come to a place where he'd easily be outmatched, in order to train his skills to the fullest, and prove true ninja are a force to be reckoned with...

Yellow Stranger
09-22-2006, 02:28 PM
Mikoto sighed as he walked through the walls of the school, glancing at the Clean hallways. Who ever the Janitor was completly anal about cleaning the place. He shook his head as he entered his first class, if what happened on the street of Califorina happened to him here, the Janitor would probably hate his guts. He glanced about the room as he entered it. Let's see, Yuki, Kajou, AJ. . . . Geez, are they trying to keep kids on certain buses together? What for? "Character interaction?" I don't need to hang around the same people to become a better man damn it.

"You must be Mikoto McKnight, Randall just told me you would be a problem child. Now stop ranting nonsense, and just down. And in the center of the front row young man and lay your weapons at your feet, if you try to use them on your fellow students, it will be obvious to everyone." Mikoto winced as the teacher as he layed down his weapons, a Large Broadsword and a pair of pistols and sat down. Suddenly he went wide-eyed and stood up.

"Hey wait a minute I Wasn't. . ." The teacher suddenly snapped her head toward Mikoto and smirked.

"I am Psychic." Mikoto sighed and slapped his head as he sat down. It was going to be a long year.

Adam Park
09-22-2006, 05:09 PM
Kaze walked into the school and looked around thru her hazel eyes. The place seemed very good..too good for her tastes. She was sur eYuki would love it being the clean cut bicth she was. Kaze smirked and walked forward her shoes clicking on the white floors making some others wince at it. Kaze loved the sound infact she liked all sound which was really suprising to her.It seemed she loved it even from the time she was little. Something about it soothed her.

She blinked as she saw the open door to her first class and she sighed peering in. She glanced at almost everyone from the bus and growled clenching her fist. The whole lot of goodie goods are here. Including my sweet as strawberries cousin and that bastard who thinks he is too good.

Kaze stepped in and was met with the teacher looking down at her. The eyes of the teacher met kaze's and she coudnt help but feel a bit powerless infront of the woman who seemed to ooze with Psychic power. The teacher smiled warmly and touched Kaze's face rubbing across her chin as she spoke.

"You should learn that being a goodie good isent all that bad. Friends are more important than power."

Kaze was caught in the words until she shook her head pushing past. "Friends wont help my mom" She stepped to the back sneering at mikoto as she did. The Teacher sighed folding her arms over her chest reading the strong feelings of hate all over the girl. It was bad and something that must be changed.

Ukiya Shun
09-23-2006, 05:25 PM
As Chiharu entered the classroom, she began to notice the same faces she saw in the bus. Guess this means we'll be spending a lot of time together. Here's hoping that they'll be my allies, she thought as she took a seat at one of the empty desks. Upon sitting down, Chiharu had a nagging feeling on her gut of being observed. She then looked up and found that she was being observed -- by the teacher, of all people. The teacher merely looked back at her, rubbing her chin carefully. "I sense a lot of pain in your past, a lot of rejection and hurtful words thrown at you. Be afraid no more, young one. There are many here who have experienced the same hurt and suffering. You will find a home here, as well as friends who care about you," the teacher said softly, in a sage-like voice, as she gently caressed Chiharu's face. Wow....the teacher's a psychic. All the more reason to work hard while I'm here, Chiharu thought to herself, watching the teacher move on to another student.

09-24-2006, 01:32 PM
Guy walked in to the class, and saw Kajou already sitting there. Obviously, the fifth hokage's son was just as excited as he was. Guy turned back to Kiyoshi, grinning. "Come on, there are seats right by Kajou that are unoccupied!" Kiyoshi walked in, much more calmly, and followed Guy to seats on either side of their friend. "So, this teacher can read minds?" he asked, noting how various students were having trouble keeping their more appropriate thoughts to themselves. Well, that was not going to be a problem for Guy. No sir, the only thing on his mind was the desire to improve himself in as many ways possible. Optimism, excitement and determination were the only things readable from him, so he had nothign to worry about. These other people, he noted were going to have a harder time.

Kiyoshi blinked a few times. The idea of havign his mind read was flustering, considering how much he kept inside. Guy, not a mind reader himself knew that was probably what his friend was thinking, but he figured that their teacher would not tread all willy nilly through her student's brains. Or if she did, she would not go telling everyone what they were thinking. Not if it were that personal, anyway.

Guy looked up at the teacher and grinned. She nodded to him, and he was not sure if she had read his mind like she had the others, or not, but she did not say anything either way. He leaned over to Kajou and Kiyoshi. The teacher sat down at herk desk again, at last, and waited for the last of the students to file in.

At last, Guy was settling down a little. He realized he would have to keep his energy to a minimum if he were actually going to make it through the day. Besides, it was the first day, he should make a nice impression on his teachers.

Morose Angel
09-25-2006, 09:10 AM
The bell for the beginning of the first period sounded, with all students present except for one. Still, two minutes passed, before class would be in-session, a reasonable grace period for students who may lose their way going to a new class. Unhurried footsteps are heard at the beginning of the otherwise empty hallway, leading lethargically up to the classroom door.

The footsteps pause in front of the door and after a few more precious moments were laundered, before the door is finally opened. The 5’8”, green-haired teenager darkens the doorway for a moment as he looks over his classmates, smirking as he finds most of the notable students he encountered on the bus there. Completely unabashed, Drew proceeds forward casually to find his seat, as if he had arrived properly on-time. Naturally, the instructor wasn’t going to let this go without a word or two…

With a single glance, whether it was through supernatural ability or through memorization of her first period roster, the English teacher identified him. “Drew Blackwood. Why are you late to my class?” Drew turns toward the instructor, with a look of amicable surprise, as if he had just noticed her and answers, “Sorry, I got lost—you really need to label these classrooms better, am I right?” Drew queried, as he looked back at the likely less than supportive gallery of students behind him.

Given his fairly disingenuous attitude, his new instructor wasn’t quick to accept his excuse. Wearing a slight smirk, the cool-headed teacher informs him, “That’s not the answer that your mind gives, Mr. Blackwood. For future reference, that bell means that you should already be in class by the time it rings; it doesn’t mean that you should start walking to class.” Drew’s green brow rises at the woman’s apparent probe into his mind, as the class behind him no doubt enjoys the embarrassing scolding.

Drew loses control of the situation for only a moment, however. With a devil may care smile, Drew seeks to engage the psychic once more. Looking her directly in the eye, Drew stays where he had stopped to acknowledge her early. Apparently accepting this “challenge”, the telepathic English teacher leans forward slightly, clasping her hands together. After a moment, she recoils slightly, appearing to reject what she was seeing, “Mr. Blackwood, your female classmates will not be wearing swimsuits of that color.”

The mischievous young man grins and tilts his head, as he asks her, “How about this?” The psychic’s cheeks quickly flush as she informs Drew, “I do not own one like that either, Mr. Blackwood. You may take your seat.” Satisfied that his mind was once more secure and that he had won back his honor, Drew strides over to one of the few available seats, one between Mikoto and Yuki in the front row. As he takes his seat, Drew leans forward with mock eagerness, wearing a “ready to learn” expression.

Abare Killer
09-25-2006, 02:09 PM
:abakill (OOC: Alright, let's move on to lunch now that everyone has posted. Feel free to react to anything that has happened since your post and then fast forward through class to lunch, as I'm going to do. You don't have to though.)

Yuki watched in awe the scene between Drew and their teacher. She didn't know exactly what the green haired boy had been thinking that caused the English teacher to react that way, but the young Japanese girl was fairly certain that she didn't want to know. However wrong it was to disrespect and challenge a teacher in the way that Drew had, it took guts, and Yuki couldn't help but respect him for his efforts. Her eyes followed him as he took the seat between her and Mikoto, and she found it hard to draw them away from him. She finally tore her gaze away from this strange, interesting student and she shifted it to the now flustered face of the teacher.

After a few moments of calm breathing and trying to regain her focus, the teacher began class in a normal fashion, acting as if nothing strange had happened. Yuki respected her as well for being able to recover so quickly from the unexpected event. Class ran normally, and it seemed like it would be interesting. Time seemed to sift by quickly, and before the students knew it, their second class was over and it was time for lunch.

Yuki hurriedly threw her supplies into her backpack and headed out of the room with the other students, but not before venturing one last glance back at Drew. Taking a deep breath, she pulled her backpack over her shoulders and followed the other students to the cafeteria. She got in the long lunch line, mentally groaning at how long it seemed. But, at least now she would have some time to think as she waited to buy her midday meal.

(OOC: Lunch should be fun XD. If you guys have any ideas of things that could happen during lunch, post them in the thread.) :abakill

09-26-2006, 03:48 AM
Kiyoshi quietly walked to the cafeteria, his mind sort of in a haze after their first bit of education. This definitely wasn’t Konoha village, and that was beginning to sink in with how things were done in this place. Kiyoshi had no problem with academics, or anything of the sort, it was just being in a strange environment was beginning to take its toll on him. But, soon he forgot his worries, and found new ones when he bumped into a young girl. Both fell, Kiyoshi instantly feeling horrible. “I.. I’m sorry.” The red headed ninja mentioned, bowing his head politely before his eyes every met the girl’s.

“It’s okay. It was my fault!” the girl interjected, smiling a bit as she nervously picked up her books. Blonde, greenish blue eyes, and clearly of the same age group as Kiyoshi, and possibly of asian descent like he was, but likely mixed. “You’re new here, right?” she asked. “Sakura’s my name. Your’s?”

“K-Kiyoshi. I’m really sorry about that.” Kiyoshi said as he stood, helping Sakura to her feet.

“Things happen. Anywho, I’m off to lunch. See you there maybe.” And with that, the girl bounded off for the cafeteria. Kiyoshi just scratched the back of his head a bit. He couldn’t help but feel like he’d made a fool out of himself.

“Oh well. You suck, Kiyoshi.” The Chunin reminded himself, stuffing his hands into his pockets with a sigh as he began walking back toward the cafeteria. He secured a table big enough for his two friends, and left some extra seats just in case any of the other classmates he’d met desired to sit with them. Just the same, he couldn’t help but hope that the silver haired guy didn’t sit with them. ”God, I’d ring his neck, and have him find out if Kunais are tasty if I had to sit with that guy.” Kiyoshi’s inner self threatened.

But Kiyoshi did all he could to keep a calm demeanor instead. Maybe that guy wasn’t all bad, after all. He didn’t know him well enough to make such assumptions right? It just seemed off, since everyone else seemed kind and likable, and then there was him. But, the warrior of the Uchiha clan pushed his negative feelings away, and instead rested his chin against his arms as he leaned against the table, waiting for Kajou and Guy to find him.

(Yay for NPC interaction? >>)

Ukiya Shun
09-26-2006, 11:09 AM
Chiharu walked into the cafeteria, and found that there were several lines for food. Hmm.....I think I'm gonna go on this line, She thought to herself, walking to the back of one line. Chiharu merely went along as the line slowly moved, inching her closer and closer to the booth that sold food. As she finally got to the front of the booth, however, the lunch lady signalled that she had no more food. "No more Pastrami!!!!" the lunch lady yelled at the students at the back of the line, prompting the students to dissipate and move to another line. Just my luck. And the other lines are also long. What the heck am I gonna do? Chiharu wondered, slightly getting irritable as she looked at the other lines in the cafeteria. She decided to walk around to find a seat, and immediately found one big table, where a young red-headed ninja sat alone. She immediately sat on one of the empty spots and opened her backpack, pulling out a Kamen Rider 555 manga and started reading it after deciding to sit her hunger out.

09-28-2006, 01:47 PM
During the english lesson, AJ couldn't focus. Her mind was wandering. From school, to boys, to even her father. But what was really on her mind was all of her classmates powers. All she could think of was, who's power's are most dangerous. What are everyone's power. As she doodled on her notepad, so much kept coming up. From the incident on the bus, to even now. Before she knew it, the bell rang indicating it was the end of class.

As she looked at her schedule, she saw that she had lunch. Excited about it, mainly to see all the other students, she grabbed her backpack from beside her chair and headed towards the cafeteria. Looking around, not paying attention, she ran into a young boy. About 5'9-ish, brown hair, hazel eye's, with fair skin. Scrambling for their books, the two both grabbed the same book, touching each other's hand. The two looked at each other, gazing into each other's eye's for a split second, before they both snapped back to reality.

"Um...I'm sorry about that. I wasn't paying attention of where I was going." AJ said, still grabbing all of her books.

"No, no, no. It was my fault. I should have looked where I was going." The young man replied back, still not looking away from her.

"Hi. Yeah, umm, do I know you?" AJ asked starting to act all girly girl on him.

"Ha, no, I'm sure you don't. My name is Foston." He said as he extended his hand.

She looked at him, still gazing into his eye's, not wanting to look away.

"Hi Foston. My name is AJ." She said with a girly tone of voice as she reached for his hand. A slight smile came across her face while she said that.

"Hi then. Heading my way? I'm going to chemistry."

"Oh, no, I would love to head that way, but I'm going to lunch." She replied still staring into his eye's.

"That's alright. Maybe I'll see you around." Foston said as he stood up and started down the hallway.

"Of course." AJ said walking backwards, watching him walk to his next class.

When he disappeared around the corner, AJ just broke out. She just started dancing in the hallway, doing some funky things. Acting like any other girl. She then calmed herself down, remembering why she was in here in the first place. She headed towards the cafeteria, ready to meet some more people. When she got there, she couldn't believe how big it was. It was astounding. She saw Yuki, Chiharu and the others, but she wasn't sure where to sit. She wanted to meet everyone. She noticed Yuki in a line and Chiharu sitting down reading a book. AJ decided it was time to let the whole school know who she is. She walked over to the first table that had alot of people and sat down. Not even caring if they wanted her there or not.

(ooc: I'll play those other NPC's in my next post since it would prolly be uber long or what not! lol...^_^)

10-07-2006, 11:29 AM
Guy yawned ferociously as he stepped out of class. Academics were much more tiring than any training he could think for himself. He smacked his lips in an attempt to wake himself up, and then trotted down the hallways somewhat behind Kiyoshi. After a few moments, he had found himself lost in the hallways, however. "This is...not good...!" he said, swallowing nervously. He frantically looked around, his bushy eyebrows seeming to bounce with every move his eyes made.

He had found himself in a most disturbing place. It was...a lavatory! not just any lavatory, one full of...women! Two girls stood in front of a mirror, while two of the stalls were occupied. As they finally saw Guy, the two in the mirror shrieked, and before Guy could even open his mouth to explain, he was thrown out with immense force, without ever being touched! Telikinesis! Guy marveled inwardly, before being slammed into a nearby wall.

Groaning, Guy stood up, and dusted himself off. "I suppose...I will have to be more careful to watch where I go," He noted, nodding his head. "Now I must hurry to the cafeteria so that I do not miss any of the food!" Raising his fist in determination, Guy rushed down the hall, leaving others to only look confusedly down the hall after him.

At last, Guy reached the cafeteria, and immediately entered the lunch line. "Good afternoon!" he chirped to the lunch lady, who sort of grunted, and then threw the day's meal on his tray. "Thank you," the ninja continued not losing any of the cheeriness, despite the lackluster food before him. Once armed with this nourishment, he sat down with his fellow Konoha ninja.

"The students here really are quite strong," Guy said, before taking a big helping of his lunch. "I was just thrown out of a room without even being touched!"

((OoC: Sorry for not posting.................I don't have a reason or excuse. u_u ))

Yellow Stranger
10-07-2006, 12:45 PM
Mikoto sat down, the day had seemed pretty uneventful to him. Sure he had seen a lot of superpowered freaks during the day, but compared to most days he had lived in the past two years, today was a dream come true. He picked up the nearest fork got to work at the large pile of food in front of him. Suddenly he heard something fall to ground nearby. He looked down to his side and slowly picked up a Graphing Calculator. Man, It looks like one of those really expensive Calculators. Hmm Is this a named engraved on this? Kamishiro Kasumi. He blinked as turned his head suddenly to be face to face with a pair of Breasts. He glanced up and smirked as he saw a Female glancing at him. She was fairly curvy, and while her clothes gave away the fact she was rich, she still at least looked somewhat like a citizen of this world. Mikoto had to admit, she was hot, and it seemed she was right around his age too. He glanced to shoulder bag she was carrying, notcing a fancy cursive "KK" embroed onto it, in the same style of the KK's in teh engraving of the Calculator. "Umm Miss, you dropped this?" The girl blinked and looked down at the device, an look of recongition of filling her face.

"Throw it away. It dared leaved my hand, it does not deserve to be used anymore." Mikoto blinked as her statement. He knew about the Kamishiro's, the Heir's to a Fincial Familty that had basically gone broke, only to ascend into riches again through clever Marketing and lots of Ramen. Though rumor had it that wife of the CEO, Kamishiro Tsurugi, had a lot to do with it.

"Wait a god damned minute? Do you know how much this fucking costs? How the hell can you even consider throwing this away like yesterday's shit?" He growled, standing up and looking Kasumi in the eye. She smirked and started to walk away, before turning to Mikoto once more.

"Jiiya said this: The world is like a recipe. All the ingredants must work together to enchance the flavour of the main dish. That ingredant failed to do it's job." She turned around on her heal and walked off. Mikoto shook his head as he sat down. Smirking, he placed the Calcuator into his pocket and continued eating. That Kasumi girl was intresting, but what really intrigued Mikoto was what power she could have. Was it the power to be oblivous to everything or was it something else? Placing his bet on the first option, He finished his light snack and leaned back.

Ukiya Shun
10-07-2006, 06:56 PM
Although she noticed another ninja sit right at the table she sat at, Chiharu continued reading her Kamen Rider 555 manga, her eyes reflecting how passionate she was. Without warning, she felt a finger tap her shoulder. Chiharu immediately turned to see who tapped her shoulder, and saw a young woman with long, silky black hair standing behind her, holding a tray with lots of food on it. "Hello there, miss. You seem pretty hungry. I was just wondering if you would like to share some of this food with me," the young woman inquired. While Chiharu slightly felt embarrassed, she decided to let necessity sink in. "Sure. I could use something to eat," Chiharu admitted as she put away her manga. The young woman sat down on the seat adjacent to Chiharu, and decided to introduce herself. "I'm Kusaka Aoba. Nice to meet you," the young woman, named Aoba, introduced herself as she handed Chiharu one of her chilidogs. "I'm Akiyama Chiharu. It's a pleasure meeting you, Aoba-san," Chiharu smiled, happily accepting the chilidog given to her by Aoba.

Adam Park
10-08-2006, 09:39 AM
Kaze sighed hating the school more and more as minutes went on. She was bored to tears of the Goodie twoshoes sitting around her in her classes all eager to learn.Made her sick of course one thing she could enjoy about this school was Lunchtime.

Kaze sat at a table alone from any other's but this was a good thing as the entire table was filled with Food. Cakes,burgers,taco's,Noddles,Candy and of course Fruit all good for a growing demoness's Body.

Kaze began to eat at a face pace getting to a bowl of ramen and Slurping it down in a matter of seconds. This behavoir caught the Attention of a Young man sitting to the side wacthing her eat. He gasped and walked over his brown spikes flopping with each step as he sat next to her.

"Wow you must be Hungry!"

Kaze stopped from biting a Green apple and glanced to the kid "Yeah i might just bite you."

The Boy blinked and smiled sharp animal like teeth coming into view "Wow i didnt think anyone would be into Biting at this school"

Kaze blinked and smiled finding this one interesting she put her Apple down "A Vampire?"

The boy shook his head "No i'm a Wolf Changling. Super strength and all although i guess changing into a Wolf isent much of a Hero power"

Kaze rubbed her chin and smiled "Keep working hard..train..and i am sure you can be a top notch Hero." Kaze spoke in a rare show of kindness gathered from her mother.

The boy smiled and raised up bowing to her quite low before standing straight up "Thank you Kaze! My name is Lance Beo And i am sure i will become a Hero!" He said this quite loud were anyone could hear which made Kaze wince knowing eyes would be on her and him.

10-12-2006, 05:56 PM
As Kajou exited class, his blank stare could only indicate that academics were not his cup of tea. The young ninja's mind was now a smoking ruin thanks to the destructive power of lectures, facts, and worst of all, homework. However it was time for the best 'class' of the day, lunch. He figured he was at least good at that. As he walked down the hall with his friends, he stopped for a moment at the water fountain. Pressing down the button, Kajou was a bit frusterated to see that no water escaped the nozzle.

"What in the..." He muttered, peernig into the hole. Of course, anyone could see what was about to happen when suddenly the water came gushing out with unusual pressure, soaking the poor ninja, making him babble senselessly until it finally came to a stop. Kajou was not amused, but someone seemed to be as a soft giggling came from the other side of the hall. He was used to making a fool of himself, but for some reason it was more embarassing here, since it was a whole new school. So he desperately tried to think of an excuse.. that was, until he noticed a young girl about his age with raven black hair, emerald eyes and a perfect face. This made the young ninja just blush and chuckle nervously.

"Uh.. you see, I meant to do that..." He chuckled, scratching his head. The girl just giggled again before winking to him and turning to walk down the hall. Kajou just stood there, still dripping a bit of water from his chin as his goofy smile turned back into the annoyed stare. He turned his gaze to the fountain and glared at it, as if it had caused him to look stupid in front of a girl. As he turned to see her again, she was gone, making him raise an eyebrow curiously. There was nowhere she could have gone that quickly. Maybe it was some form of teleportation.

Shrugging, Kajou dried himself off and made hsi way to the cafeteria, grabbing a tray and moving to the lunchlady. He naturally ordered two of everything before locating Kiyoshi and Guy, sitting down and blending his food away like some sort of garbage disposal.

Morose Angel
10-14-2006, 09:34 AM
The rest of the class period passed without incident for our “hero”, as he was left to his private thoughts or fantasies. The next class passed relatively smoothly for Drew and he was on his way to lunch, at his own leisurely pace, of course. When Drew arrives at the cafeteria, he sees the rather long line, a line of such proportions that many would call it a loss and skip lunch. Not Drew, no, there was a way around this!

As the green-haired teen approaches the line, he looks down it and spots Yuki moments away from making her lunch selections. Drew grins as he quickly moves sideways past the line of people, prompting some shouts of protest and grunts of frustration. When he arrives behind Yuki, the hungry boy throws an arm around her in an overly familiar fashion and says, “Thanks for saving me a spot, Yuki.” This only marginally reduced the annoyance of his linemates, but Drew ignores the atmosphere and grabs his tray and eating utensils.

The electric hero-in-training spots the burgers and reaches past Yuki quickly and snatches one. Drew had yet to pay for it, but he doesn’t hesitate to partially unwrap it and bites into it, taking the edge off of his mammoth hunger. While he chews, Drew looks at Yuki with a “smile” in his eyes.

Abare Killer
10-15-2006, 04:00 AM
:abakill (OOC: XD Very nice, Patrick. That post made me smile.)

Yuki nearly jumped a mile when she felt Drew's arm around her. She whipped around quickly to stare at him wide-eyed in disbelief as he joined her at her place in line. Behind her she could sense the hostility and annoyance of the other students in the line, and Yuki cringed at the thought that some of it was directed towards her. She turned around and put a hand up, bowing slightly in apology before turning back around and grabbing her own lunch. Her cheeks were flushed red as she paid for her food and said nothing to Drew, although she could hardly take her black eyes off of him.

She was shocked to see him begin to eat his lunch before paying for it, but the look in his eyes kept her from saying anything. Biting her bottom lip, she took her tray and went over to an empty spot on one of the long tables, unwillingly tearing her eyes off of the strange boy. She began to eat in silence, wondering if he would follow her over to the table. There was one empty seat next to her, although the rest of the table was already full of students.

(OOC: Alrighty, now that we're all here, please let me know if you have any ideas of anything special or interesting that can happen during lunch. We really need some action going on here so that it stays interesting.) :abakill

11-26-2006, 10:11 PM
"Wow, you eat like you haven't seen food in weeks..."

A young voice called out to Kajou from behind. Turning, the young ninja noticed a somewhat portly student with a friendly smile upon his face. Kajou simply looked at him for a moment, not really responding because his mouth was so full. The boy had on a white shirt with blue stripes, as if he was making an attempt to look slimmer, but it didn't do him much good. His curly brown hair topped off his round head well and upon his nose sat a rather thick pair of glasses. Still, he didn't seem to be shy about his appearance in the least. He made his way to Kajou's table and sat next to the blonde student.

"Tommy Lincoln, nice to meet you. You must be one of those ninjas I heard about. Pretty interesting choice to come here... Mind if I ask why you decided on a school for super heroes?"

Kajou's chewing slowed and eventually stopped as he stared back at the kid with cheeks full, a bit unsure of why he was randomly approached while he was busy eating. Nevertheless, the kid was just being friendly, and Kajou wasn't one to turn a kind act away. He swallowed his food and thought for a moment.

"Um, well, basically to test my skills. Fighting other ninja is fine and all, but coming here made it that much more unpredictable. Everyone has a different ability... so you never know what you're up against. Pretty good training if you ask me." Kajou smiled, taking another bite of his hamburger.

"Makes sense to me. I didn't catch your name yet."

"Kajou Uzumaki!" He beamed as if he were especially proud of who he was. Tommy just nodded, realizing he had heard the name already.

"Not sure i'll be much of a challenge for you, though. All I can do is increase my body mass at will. It's kinda lame, but I suppose I can make use out of it with practice." Tommy chuckled softly, starting on his lunch. Kajou scratched his head, imagining just how such a power would work. However, he was soon interrupted by a grumble in his stomach.

"Oh man.. I knew that milk I drank earlier tasted funny... Sorry, i'll be right back!" Kajou jumped out of his seat and dashed out of the cafeteria toward the bathroom. Tommy smiled and shook his head, amused by the attitude of the young ninja. He didn't seem very threataning at all, but perhaps that was all part of his ninja training...


High above the school, a small shadow was cast from above. It emanated from the figure of a man, levitating in the sky, one hand in a pocket of his gray trousers, while the other held a water bottle up to his thin lips, a very malicious smirk creeping across them. His eyes were hidden by the brown cap that sat upon his blonde, bowl cut hair, and his blue striped tie flowed slightly in the slight breeze.

"Oh my... Lovely, just lovely. A magnificient miracle of human architecture, yes indeed..." His voice softly spoke out as he gazed upon Sky High. Eventually he landed in the courtyard where various students were enjoying their lunch outside. He had mostly been unseen, but a few students raised an eyebrow. To anyone else, he looked about the age of a senior, however it was clear he was not recognized. Something about this man was giving everyone the chills. He took another sip of his water bottle, then tossed it aside, walking toward the front entrance. Such careless littering angered one a brunette student as she got up and walked over to the man, tapping him on the shoulder, with a look of pure ire about her. The blonde man stopped and slowly turned his gaze to her, which immediately changed her expression to fear. She didn't know why she was so afraid, but she tried to stand her ground nonetheless.

"W-would it kill you to recycle? Or at least place your trash in the proper bins?!" She stuttered a bit, but took a deep breath and handed him back the bottle. A thin hand reached out and took the bottle as the grin upon his face grew even wider. He then placed his hand upon the forehead of the girl and her eyes shot open in horror. Her obvious terror was so great that she could not even form a scream as she fell to her knees. Moments later, a purple mist began to flow out of her mouth and eyes as the man took his other hand and formed the mist into a ball of violet energy, which then absorbed into his body.

"My my... how careless of me to leave my trash lying about... Thank you for watching over me. I'll take care of that right away..." His voice spoke eerily as he lifted his hand into the air, causing the girl to float up. She was visibly weakened, but still concious as she caught a glimpse of yellow eyes under the hat just before she felt an invisible force launch her through the air. A loud banging sound echoed throughout the courtyard as the girl flew into the trash can, causing various screams of the other students around. One muscled male student stood up and clentched his fists, his arms turning into stone as he dashed over to the strange man.

"Just whodya think ya are?!" He yelled, towering over the thin intruder. However, he simply glanced upward at the new arrival.

"You can call me Alcajeldoc." The stranger replied simply as he grinned evilly...


Kajou exited the bathroom and took a deep sigh, shaking his head at his random sickness.

"Never drinking milk again..." He muttered as he began to head back down the hall. Suddenly, a shadow covered the front entrance doors before a body came flying through them, sliding across the tile floor and landing at Kajou's feet. It was the large rock armed student, and now he was completely unconcious. Kajou's eyes widened as he knelt down and shook him, but he didn't come to. Glancing toward the courtyard, Kajou ran down toward the doors and looked outside to see streams of purple mist flowing from weakened students into a blonde man in a brown cap.

"Hey! What's going on here?!" The ninja shouted as Alcajeldoc turned to him with a smile.

"Just cleaning up..." He chuckled, turning toward Kajou and absorbing the energy before slipping his hands into his pockets. Kajou growled and carelessly dashed toward Alcajeldoc, throwing various punches at him. However Alcajeldoc simply stood there as every blow was stopped by a shimmering violet forcefield that came up every time a hit was about to land.

"My, you're just like the others. I'm sorry, this isn't very entertaining." Alcaj yawned, looking into Kajou's eyes and causing him to suddenly fill with fear. Kajou's mind shouted him to move, but dark wolflike creatures began to leap out of the ground, slowly coming toward him. He had to do something fast.. without much more thought, Kajou used all his strength to dig into his pouch and pull out a small kunai ninja knife. A second later, he screamed loudly as he jammed it into his leg, but it was enough to take his mind off of the trance. Flipping backward, Kajou placed his index finger in front of his eyes and gazed forward.

"Byakugan!" He shouted. Veins bulged out around his eyes as his pupils completely dissapeared, causing his eyes to become completely white with the power of the Byakugan. Alcajeldoc stared back as he could feel the fear leave the young student, and his gaze of terror no longer having any effect.

"Oh.. you have an interesting technique there... Maybe you're not so boring after all. Nonetheless, you're still afraid, I can feel it... Moving, but afraid... I'm sorry, that won't be enough if you wish to face me." Alcajeldoc smirked. Kajou smirked back and twirled the kunai in his hand. Using Byakugan, he could see the energy that surrounded this guy. It was an enormous devouering darkness, and if it was any indication of his power, then Kajou had no chance. That wasn't his way of life, not his way of the ninja. He was going to fight anyways.

Kajou tossed the knife at Alcajeldoc, but it simply deflected off of the shield once again, however when Alcaj looked back, Kajou had dissapeared. Chuckling softly, the strange intruder glanced around, only to finally see a punch coming from behind. He didn't even flinch as he let the sheild take care of it again. Kajou stopped his attack and flipped backward, sticking his tongue out at Alcaj. Raising an eyebrow, the brown capped man glanced at his back to see a strange strip of paper attached to it with a kanji symbol. Suddenly, the paper detonated, causing a fiery explosion to encompass three full yards. The smoke flowing into the whole courtyard.

"I love exploding notes, heehee..." Kajou smirked, dusting his hand off, but his victory was short lived as Alcajeldoc remained, completely unharmed. Kajou's white eyes narrowed again as he used his extreme speed to warp around Alcaj, throwing various punches and kicks, but none did any good. He could see the purple shield enveloping Alcajeldoc with his Byakugan, and there were no holes, and it looked like he had no weakness.

"I'm afraid we're done playing for now. Perhaps another time." Alcajeldoc spoke calmly.

Before Kajou could make any more attacks, an invisible force lifted him off the ground and he found himself being tossed through the entrance and through the halls, eventually flying back into the wall, breaking right through it, landing in the cafeteria.

Tommy stood up from his table and rushed to the young ninja while various other students gazed over in confusion.

"Kajou!? What happened!?" Tommy tried to get a response.

"Some guy.. outside.. Get the principal, hurry..."

11-29-2006, 12:23 PM
Guy had been enjoying his lunch quite a fair deal, despite it not really being all that good, and was even more enjoying watching the comings and goings of everyone else. He had never seen so many young people with talents packed together like this. His excitement, however, was cut short when Kajou literally came crashing into the table beside him. "Kajou! What has happened?!" He shrieked despite himself, and when he heard Kajou's reply to Tommy, the ninja spared no time in his reaction.

"I will alert the principal!" Guy announced, and rushed out of the cafeteria, and down the myriad paths of the school, until he finally reached the office, where it seemed the Principal was already exiting. "Ma'am! Someone has attacked my friend!"

"So I've heard," Principal Randal replied, sounding surprisingly calm and collected despite the current state of affairs. "Thank you for informing me, now if youl'l excuse me," she said, walking past Guy, who was left to blink confusedly for a few moments. It wasn't until Ms. Randall was out of sight that Guy realized that he had not been offered to follow. Not that that was going to stop him, he had to see whoever it was that had attacked his friend, and do his best to stop him.

With his best speed, the ninja again rushed down the hallways, even reaching the courtyard before the Principal, and instantly began looking around for whoever might have attacked Kajou.

Upon seeing a distinctly suspicious looking character, Guy raised his hand and pointed accusingly. "YOU! What are you doing here?!" He demanded. "Are you the one who attacked my friend? I, Konoha's Green Beast, will not stand by and watch you hurt others!"

"Mister Lee!" A voice from behind Guy called, causing the ninja's attention to be drawn behind him. "Step behind me, please. This man is dangerous. I will not have my students, especially not first year students risking their lives in foolish fights."

"But--"Guy Started to protest, but a stern look from the Principal was the only argument the ninja needed to rush behind Principal Randall, though he stayed ready to protect himself, not really knowing what power this enemy had, or the Principal had for that matter.

Yellow Stranger
11-29-2006, 01:26 PM
Mikoto blinked as Kajou flew through the wall and into his fellow ninjas table. He groaned as Guy ran out the principal. "What kind of Moron comes and attacks a Super Hero school? Seriously what kind of fucking logic is that?!" He sighed and leaned back, the principal would take care of every soon. Sighing, the Butterfly woman walked up and sat down in front of Mikoto, though where she came from, Mikoto didn't have a fucking clue.

"Well, aren't you going to help?" The Butterfly woman asked, glancing at Mikoto with a pair of eyes that shown of concern. Mikoto groaned, not believing he was getting a lecture from this stalker again. Ever since his power awoke, this woman has constantly stalking him. He growled, running his hands through his silver hair before glancing to the woman.

"Listen lady, I don't even know your fucking name. How come you have been stalking me for months now and you don't even have the fucking courtesy to give me your name. You just pop up randomly, no matter where the hell I am, and give me some lecture to make a better person. Has it ever fucking occurred to you that I don't want some piece of shit lecture. Oh and let's add how the fuck do you know so much personal information about me?" The woman just smiled sweetly and glanced to Mikoto.

"So. . . You are afraid, of yourself and your destiny that awaits you outside. Strange I thought this was super hero school and only a moron would attack it." Mikoto growled at the woman's statement. Fear. . . of some moron who would attack a super hero school. That was just crazy, why would he be afraid of the idiot who had to pick a fight with the most Hyperactive, anti-ninja ninja he knew. He smirked as he stood up, and pulled out his pair of pistols and twirled as he smirked the woman. "Watch me!" He turned and run out of the cafeteria and headed toward the Entrance. The woman sighed as she stood up and removed the mask, let her auburn hair fall along the side of her face, her mature feature sighing.

"He's . . . Does not know the true meaning of Yuuki. . . Mikoto-kun, be careful, I need you to watch over my precious honeybun for me." She sighed as she glanced at Kaze, before putting on her mask and walking after Mikoto, walking through a student. "A phantom such as I. . . cannot help her."


Mikoto stepped outside, only to see Randall standing in front of Guy and some teen standing there with a grown cap on. He smirked as he heard Randall say something about "Student, especially first years, risk their lives in a foolish fight." He stepped forward, next to Principal Randall, holding up his White Pistol at the "Mad Hatter". "So I guess, Principal Randall, that means I'm up." Before the Principal could protest, Mikoto pulled the trigger, sending a bullet flying at the invader.

11-30-2006, 09:16 AM
It was basically like clockwork that Kiyoshi moved, his eyes locked onto Guy in front of him as he all bit skidded to a halt as they arrived to see Kajou downed. He couldn’t question much really… he had no words to describe his confusion, so he remained quiet. He didn’t know if his next movements were on instinct, or if he did it freely of his own accord, but as he studied the man who had laid out his friend, his Sharingan eyes activated. But, he soon after heard the principal explaining how it wasn’t their place to get involved. “…to hell with that..” he muttered to himself, displaying to an extent, the inner Kiyoshi. He wanted to fight, and protect his fallen friend. But if Kajou was laid out, maybe Kiyoshi really didn’t stand a chance, either.

As if on instinct, Kiyoshi’s hands idly rested in his pockets, fingering the open loops of a few Kunai until one was linked onto each of his fingers, other than his thumbs. His eyes then continued to study this strange situation, as he saw that the Mikoto guy was apparently up and around again. “Wonder what his MO is.” But that all became apparent when Mikoto fired. Still holding onto his kunai, Kiyoshi waited to see how Mikoto handled this. “Guy. If it looks like the guy needs help, you and me jump in. To hell with us first years being of no use.” It was definitely the inner Kiyoshi speaking now. He was assertive and sure of himself… ready at any moment to fight.

Abare Killer
11-30-2006, 11:51 AM
:abakill (OOC: As we normally tend to do, we'll let everyone post before we move the story along, unless you guys think we shouldn't. Patrick might take a while to post because he's currently away, but I think we can be patient lol.)

Yuki stared in shock as Kajou came flying into the room. The entire cafeteria fell silent, wondering what was going on. A few students went over to the fallen ninja and looked at him in confusion, talking amongst each other about what could have happened. Several other students, Yuki included, went outside to try to figure out who did this to Kajou. The young Japanese girl got to the scene just in time to see Mikoto fire his bullet. She couldn't comprehend why he had gone to such drastic measures against this guy, but maybe if he was dangerous enough to deserve it.

As she was walking up, Yuki let some of the bright sunlight swirl around her hand until it formed a perfectly shaped light ball. She held onto it as she watched in case she would be needed.

(OOC: Yeah, not much of a post. Gomen, I know I'm not taking all that much initiative in my own RPG..I suck at running these. Thanks for your help though, guys.) :abakill

12-01-2006, 01:46 PM
As she was sitting there talking to a bunch of other kids at the table, AJ turned around abrutley to see Kajou fly through the room. She was both stunned and shocked. As quickly as she could, she followed everyone outside to see a strange looking man standing outside the door. AJ got this sense that he's alot more stronger than he appears and alot more scarier.

She managed to see Mikoto fire a bullet straight towards the mysterious man. Apart of her wanted to join in but the other part of her wanted to see what will happen. AJ was thinking of blowing that bullet away before it hit the man, making sure nothing will happen again like what happened to Kajou. She didn't want any trouble, but she wanted to see some sort of action at the school. Adrenaline was rushing through her veins, so fast, she couldn't contain herself. She wanted some action right now.

(OOC: sorry for being short, but i was debating if she was gonna attack Alcaj or not like showing some of her powers but i decided i'll wait later on.)

12-03-2006, 07:45 AM
Alcaj slipped his hands into his pockets as he began to walk slowly toward the school entrance, but the appearance of a large-eyebrowed student clad in green stopped him from advancing. The ninja boy introduced himself, and then demanded to know Alcaj's intentions. Alcaj simply smirked, his yellow eyes gleaming with a mischevious delight.

"Yes, it was I. Though, that's about all you really need to know, so that is all I will tell you..." The strange man chuckled, raising his hand as if to make another attack, but the principal's arrival followed by a mess of new students made him stop in curiosity. The principal held them back from attacking and it was the wisest decision that he had seen anyone make yet. Little did they know, Alcaj was really only there to observe, however fools kept getting in his way and he wasn't one to be very patient for people like that.

"Principal Randal, i've heard so much about you..." Alcaj bowed with a grin. "I am Alcajeldoc. A pleasure!"

Though before any response could be made, one of the students decided to test their courage and attack. A bullet flew directly toward the yellow-eyed 'monster' and suddenly it dissapeared. Alcaj glanced over to Mikoto who had his gun held up and an expression that seemed rather bored more than anything else. Alcaj took another steop forward and pulled his other hand out of his pocket, opening his fist to drop the bullet into the air, where it began to levitate harmlessly.

"You really should be careful with those things. You might hurt someone... or yourself, even."

He raised his thin hand to the bullet once more, and flicked it with his fingers, causing it to fly back toward Mikoto with the same force it had been shot at. Kajou had regained some of his strength and ran back out next to everyone, his eyes full of anger. His body ached but what hurt most was his pride. Having been beaten so easily by that smirking lunatic. Alcaj apparently was only just beginning as he suddenly appeared in front of Mikoto, grabbing him by the jacket and tossing him out into the courtyard. Alcaj walked slowly toward him again and held his hand out, a purple mist enveloping it and forming into a long steel katana.

"You like to play with conventional weapons I see. Very odd for a so-called 'super hero' but interesting nonetheless."

Alcaj smirked again and began to slash the blade multiple times at Mikoto, not really aiming or trying hard to do anything at all, he only intended to slice him up in any way possible.

"Stop this at once!" The Prinicpal had had enough and began to walk forward, but the blonde stranger shot him a quick gaze. Instantly, Principal Randal fell to her knees, entranced in a look of sheer terror.

"Ah ah ah.." Alcaj waved his finger at the other students. "Everyone will get their chance to play..." He grinned, leaping backward a few yards and holding out his hand, charging a violet colored energy into his palm and releasing a beam straight toward Mikoto.

Abare Killer
12-03-2006, 09:58 AM
:abakill Yuki watched with horror as the strange boy assaulted Kajou and Mikoto with an amazing show of power. She had never seen such power before. It was amazing and yet terrifying at the same time. How in the world did someone like that get to their school? And what was he doing there? The girl was almost frozen with fear as she watched the attacks, and she felt unable to do anything.

When Alcaj began to form a strange violet energy beam, Yuki was suddenly reminded of her own powers. Maybe she would at least be able to block the attack, which looked like it would certainly kill Mikoto. She could hardly imagine how he had survived all the damage he had already taken.

Concentrating, she put her palms out in front of her facing each other. Light began to swirl together in between them, forming a ball about the size of her head. When it was big enough, she thrust her hands forward and threw the ball in between the boy's energy and Mikoto. She held her breath and hoped that it would do some good.

(OOC: Feel free to join in, guys. The best way to get involved in what's going on in an RPG is to just jump in!) :abakill

12-03-2006, 11:54 AM
Kiyoshi watched as this strange man seemed to effortlessly stop Mikoto’s attack… and whatever he did to the Principal, he didn’t know for sure. But Kiyoshi didn’t like whatever it was. Idly holding onto his Kunai, he decided to get right in there and try and make a difference. “Guy, let’s get in there. I’m not sitting on the sidelines, even if this bastard did manage to lay out Kajou.” It was still the inner Kiyoshi out, and… that was probably the best thing for this battle. Leaping forward, Kiyoshi threw out eight kunai, one had been resting on each of his fingers. Through the use of his Sharingan, he aimed for every vital point he could, with so few weapons. The throat, wrists, ankles, and the eyes, and one for the heart. If he’d learned anything as a Ninja… sometimes killing was the only option.

Once his kunai supply was diminished, he tossed his backpack off, grabbing out a large, folded up piece of a metal. Once it was extended, a giant shuriken became his new ally, which he held tightly in his right hand. Then, using his left hand to bring it in front of him, Kiyoshi met it with his right, creating a number of finger gestures. “Rat. Ox. Tiger. Horse..” he mumbled, then took in a deep breath. Then, expelling it rather harshly, Kiyoshi let loose a massive flame from his mouth. One of the many signature techniques of the Uchiha clan, a Fireball jutsu. Simple, but hopefully effective. Kiyoshi then decided, if there was any real chance… they had to go all out.

As his flames flew forward, he pulled his right arm back and then hurled it forward as he let loose the massive Shuriken in his hand. Eight kunai, a fireball, and a giant Shuriken. And deep in his mind, all Kiyoshi could do was hope something out of that hit. Keeping his Sharingan eyes fixed on Alcaj, he waited….

(Can't pass up a good fight, even knowing I'm gonna be raped.)

12-03-2006, 12:47 PM
Watching from what the other's were doing to Alcaj, AJ couldn't pass up the opportunity to fight. With so much adrenaline pumping through her veins, she couldn't contain herself whatsoever. As she saw Yuki throw a light ball as well as Kiyoshi going all out on him, using his kunai, shurikan as well as some sort of fire techinque, she was all pysked out.

Thrusting her hands out foreward, concentrating all of her might, she manage to throw a strong wind towards the powerful stranger. She didn't care if it hit him or not, but trying to get his attention. Without thinking, she jumped up in the air, still adrenaline pumping, AJ then did a spin kick, but creating another wind gust with her leg.

As she landed back on the ground, she was breathing heavily, for using up alot of her energy on her attacks. Still uncertain if anything happened, but praying something did though. She watched with concern, not looking away from the stranger.

12-04-2006, 12:32 PM
Guy's eyes widened (if such a thing were possible for such round globes) at all the skills the others were showing. If only he had genjutsu to control like Kiyoshi, or protective abilities like that Yuuki girl, or control over wind like this AJ. All that I have to rely on is my speed and strength...but will that be enough on someone as seemingly inhuman as this...Alcajeldoc? Guy pondered, his fists quivering in frustration. He would have to try, this fiend had attacked his friend, and possible new friends, as well as his principal.

"I must...try!" Guy yelled, throwing his own shurikens and kunai at Alcaj, before seemingly vanishing in a pile of dust, only to reappear behind Alcaj, throwing a number of punches and kicks at incredible speeds before jumping into the air, and attempting to perform the Leaf Great Wirlwhind, which was a spinning kick with both legs in succession, the second to be aimed lower in case Alcoj were to duck.

Yellow Stranger
12-04-2006, 01:09 PM
Mikoto winced, first stumbling back due to the bullet begin sent back at him by Alcaj, falling back by the force of the bullet. Unfortunately for Mikoto, Alcaj had grabbed him before he could hit the ground and threw into the court yard. He growled as he pushed himself up, glaring at Alcaj before his foe suddenly materalized a katana and proceed to make a few good slashes into Mikoto before leaping back. As Mikoto's blood literally poured onto the ground below him, he glared up as the blond freak, Mikoto's eyes starting to glow an unsettling red. He stood up, his blood still traveling down his chest at a moderate pace, when Alcaj sent a dark beam straight at him. His eyes suddenly turned back to their normal blue color when Yuki, Kiyoshi, Guy and AJ all jumped in on the battle. He sighed as he looked down at his chest as it healed, already more than half the wounds had closed up. "Look at all those dumbass, DIDN'T YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU NOT TO INTERFERE WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S FIGHTS!" Mikoto yelled as he pulled his large sword off of his back and charged toward Alcaj, taking a bit of care to get in the way and possliably hurt Guy or Kiyoshi, he was pretty sure they didn't have HIS power after all.

12-05-2006, 06:54 AM
The yellow eyed stranger raised an eyebrow as a sphere of light collided with his energy beam, nullifying most of it's power. Glancing to the side, he noticed a young girl with her hands out signifying her inclusion in the fight. With a slight smirk, Alcaj turned toward her.

"Your power.. how intriguing... to be able to stop such an attack, I tip my hat to you." He grinned, bowing slightly, placing his hand on his cap politely. Then out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a barrage of kunai flying toward him. With a casual hand raise, they all stopped in midair, and fell harmlessly to the ground. The fireball came next, engulfing Alcaj completely, but when the flames died down, he stood there unharmed, and just in time to catch the large shuriken in his hand as if it were an oversized frisbee. Then the attacks from AJ and Guy came simultaineously, both doing a spinning kick with impressive force at their attacker. The shield did not come up this time, and Alcaj took full force of both of the attacks, flying backward almost a hundred feet.

"YES!" Kajou jumped proud that Guy had made a successful hit, but his smile faded as he watched the monster in the form of a teenager just float back upward, lighty returning to his feet, shuriken still in hand.

"Oohhh, wow!" He cackled. "Not that bad..."

Alcaj watched as Mikoto was running back toward him, the wounds of his healing rather quickly as he recklessly charged forward with his sword. Alcaj closed his eyes and sighed softly, winding back the shuriken as it engulfed in a violet energy.

"I suppose i'll just have to deal a blow you cannot regenerate..." He added matter of factly, tossing the shuriken forward. It was Alcaj's turn to get the surprise as the shuriken was knocked away by a similar purple energy. Principal Randal suddenly appeared between Mikoto and Alcaj, holding a long sword at her side. She glared angirly at the intruder, tossing away her glasses.

"Ah, I should have suspected you wouldn't be down for long..." Alcaj's smile faded, reforming his katana. Both fighters suddenly dissapeared, only to reappear in front of each other, blades clashing. They began to fight quickly, vanishing before the other student's eyes almost as if they were teleporting, but Kajou activated his Byakugan once again, noticing that they were simply moving too fast for normal eyes to see. The force of the swords clashing was even starting to cause rumbles of energy to flow out, the ground shaking from the extreme power both of the fighters put out. After what seemed like a suspensful eternity, both landed back on their feet across from each other. Randal's right shoulder suddenly erupted in a gash of blood, which she tried to stop with her other hand, panting from loss of energy. Alcaj stood on the opposite side, completely unharmed.

Well, almost completely. His cocky grin faded slightly as he put a finger up to his cheek, wiping off a small drop of purple blood from a tiny cut.

"I must be getting careless... I suppose i'll stop holding back so much for you..." He muttered, his tone a bit more serious this time around, as opposed to the playful comments he made before. It seemed as if he finally was taking things seriously, and Kajou didn't like that one bit. The young blonde ninja cletched his fists, prepared to go back into battle until he saw Alcaj's hands hover in front of his chest. The sky began to darken as a pure, evil violet energy formed in between his hands. Principal Randal backed up to her students, turning toward them.

"Run! I'll try and stop him but please don't get more involved!" She yelled, turning back to Alcaj. The energy causing the ground to shake, and even crack open as the power ball grew larger.

Then all of the sudden, he stopped. Alcaj placed his hand to his ear and then emitted an audible sigh.

"Tch... always ruining my fun..." He muttered, raising a hand straight to the sky as a large purple and black swirling portal formed. He then began to disintegrate into small pieces which flew into the portal. "A little parting gift, my new friends..." His voice echoed out as five hulking black beasts dropped out of the portal. They were at least ten feet tall while slumped over on their hands. Their huge black bodies were lined with strange glowing purple glyphs and their faces weren't even faces, but large circular slabs which also carried strange symbols. They howled with an eerie ghoulsh growl before noticing the students, and then they began to shuffle forward menacingly.

Kajou growled, having had just about enough. Leaping onto the field, the ninja boy ran at one of the creatures, which noticed him instantly, winding back it's large fist. Kajou jumped to the side, barely avoiding the punch which sank into the ground as if it were butter. He then ran up the long arm of the creature and drew a kunai, slamming it into the 'neck' and causing it to howl in pain, slumping over as if it were dead. With confidence, Kajou jumped off and smirked. However one of the other creatures howled into the air, and with that noise, the supposedly dead monster got back up onto it's hands and feet slamming Kajou with its first, sending him flying back to the steps.

"Oww.. damn it... I dunno about you guys, but all of this is really pissing me off!!!" He growled, standing back up and placing his hands in front of him, crossing his fingers in a T like shape.

"Kagebunshin no jutsu!"

Suddenly, two more Kajou's poofed out of nowhere, standing next to the real one as pure clones.

"Shadow clone technique! Time to even up this fight a bit..."

Ukiya Shun
12-05-2006, 11:31 AM
Witnessing the mysterious intruder leave behind strange, demonic creatures as he made a quick exit, Chiharu felt her anger grow even more since the intruder walked into the school halls and started beating down her classmates. Aoba, who also stood by and watched the fight, began to notice Chiharu's curled fists turn red, with a spark starting a small flame on her hands. "Wait! It might be too dangerous!" Aoba cried, putting a hand on Chiharu's shoulder, hoping that she might calm down. "No. This guy just walks in, trashes our school, and leaves? I'm not letting this go, Aoba," Chiharu replied, her usually serene look replaced by a look of sheer fury. Aoba could only watch as Chiharu rushed to Kajou's side, who made clones of himself in order to combat the new threat. "I apologize for not showing up when you needed me," Chiharu told Kajou, revealing her other hand and snapping them to produce a flame.

Adam Park
12-09-2006, 09:03 AM
Kaze sighed as she walked back into the Cafe having tooken the Lunch time to stroll around the area. She blinked as she saw the carnage in the place and then her eyes laid on the creatures attacking. Kaze smiled pulling her flute slowly from her side bag.

"Well Well Well something finally happens that i can get into." Kaze walked forward bringing the flute to her lips. Dark black lines started to form over her body and her eyes flashed and then darkened. She gave off a demonic aura that could only be seen by those of her species. She walked up behind one of the creatures and tapped it's shoulder.

"Excuse me may i see your Student Id?" The Creature turned fast trying to swap at Kaze but all he met was a wall of air that held it's hand steady. Kaze's deadly gaze laid on the monster as Sinfully beautiful music played from her flute. As her fingers flowed over the holes her eyes stayed on the monster showing nothing but Deep dark pits were malice stirred to be revealed.

Kaze drew her lips off the flute and with a Mighty swing punched the creature in the face sending it flying into a wall. She looked to the other students a few seemed to cower under her current look. She only smiled and stalked to the monster she threw. Her tounge licking slowly over her growing Demonic fangs.

"Let me show you true Hell Monster.."

Morose Angel
12-09-2006, 01:31 PM
The sounds of superhuman combat were clearly audible within the lunch room and often shook it quite a bit. Many students were huddled within, hoping that the conflict would be resolved without their involvement. Whether they were frozen with fear or frantically running around, everyone was affected by it. Well, everyone except for Drew Blackwood. Even as a couple of the golems lumbered within view through the hole in the cafeteria wall, Drew remained seated, ravenously eating.

The abandoned trays around him provided third and fourth helpings for the metabolic dynamo, which he gratefully took with a, “Don’t mind if I do” each time. Eventually, his hunger appeared to be sated and he leaned back into his chair and placed his small stirring draw at the corner of his mouth. As one of the beasts rampage into the cafeteria, toppling a column of carefully aligned tables and menacing the students, the green haired teen lazily looks over at it. The monster backs up an attractive junior girl against the wall, snarling bestially and poising its claws to rend her flesh from her bones.

“I guess this is my cue,” Drew breathed as he pushed his chair out and got to his feet. The disinterested boy strode toward the scene with his hands tucked in his pocket, as the girl looks at the creature with brave defiance. As he walked toward them, Drew casts his gaze skyward and states, “Up” and the lights flicker out. A current of electricity appears, crackling and undulating on his form, drawing everyone’s focus in the dim room. The air particles seem to take on a slight charge as well and the room became noticeably warmer. Drew’s slightly long green hair slowly raises in columns due to the static charge, as multiple currents flow over him and snake out of his irises like wisps of smoke.

The cafeteria lights come back on and the electrokinetic teen crosses the room in a complete blur. A large portion of the charge concentrates around Drew’s fist, but soon disperses after doing its damage to the monster in a haymaker that seemed to have come out of nowhere. The golem flies back a couple of yards, as Drew stands sideways in front of the girl it was about to attack. “Sorry for the last minute substitution,” the electrically charged boy apologized as he approaches the creature in a slow walk, chewing casually on the end of the straw in his mouth.

With a savage roar, Alcajeldoc’s spawn leaps forward and swings a meaty claw at Drew’s head. The speedster flickers out of the way and delivers a nearly invisible jab with his left and then dodges another attack and throws a right hook. Drew continues this pattern of dodging and then attacking at super speed, pressing the creature further down the cafeteria aisle with each exchange, occasionally throwing another slightly charged punch. This served to merely keep the monster at bay, as Drew made no attempt to finish him yet.

Yellow Stranger
12-09-2006, 02:07 PM
Mikoto winced as one of the monsters suddenly slammed him into the wall multiple times before turning it's attention to one of the more Frail students. He feel down in a slump and glanced up to see Kaze join the fray. While she wore a fearful and malicious expression on her face, he couldn't help but not fear Kaze for her attitude. He was more or less shocked over the aura emitting from Kaze.
Demonic Aura. . . That's not possible. . . They wouldn't openly accept a Demon at Sky High right? That's why I had to omit that fact from my application. Now that I think about it, that Butterfly bitch wanted me to get "Close" to Kaze for some reason. What isn't she telling me here?! Mikoto growled standing up, grabbing his large sword.

"Hey Somebody, get old wench to safety, It doesn't look like she can a hit anymore." Mikoto smirked as he rushed forward, impaling one of the remaining 3 golems, slightly disturbed by the complete and utter lack of blood of any kind. He growled and swung his right arm to the right, ripping the blade out of the creature, noting that the golems were able to enclose any gaps made in their body. He jumped back and watch the golem stumbled toward him. Good, they may be enclosing any holes in them, but it doesn't they heal like I do, I CAN wear them down. He rushed forward once again, knocking the golem high in the air, slipping his sword into it's place in the same motion.

While the golem was making its ascent, Mikoto pulled out his twin pistols again and began to open fire at the flying monster, riddling it with bullets, but firing WAY more bullets than a pistol clip should contain. Finally Mikoto put away his handguns and pulled out his sword once more, jumping up into the air as the golem made it's descent. As soon as he was above the falling creature he shifted all his body weight into the already heavy blade into the ground, onto of the creature, sniffing out it's flame of life.

""Was that all you had? Pssh, Wasn't even worth the invitation to the party."


Lilith sighed with relief as a green haired speedster started fighting the golem in front of her. She was going to fight the creature, but it would of been foolish, she wasn't trained to fight a creature like that. She was just a powerless student on the Sidekick track, doomed to be the "Kid" sidekick to some fruitcake super hero. She always thought of that of an injustice. She had one of the sexier bodies any female would with to have, but because of her heritage and lack of combat ready powers, she was forever doomed to wear a even cheesier costume that a hero would wear, and forever be ignored. She casually sat down as Drew continued to fight the golem, one thought entering her mind.

"Somedays it doesn't pay to wake up."

12-12-2006, 08:33 AM
Guy's jaw dropped a Alcaj simply stood up from his attack. "How can this be?!" he demanded, getting ready to run forward again before the Prinicpal attacked, was attacked, and finally, Alcaj summoned a horde of monsters. The young ninja's eyebrows twitched in righteous fury as they began rushing inside.

"DYNAMIC....ENTRY!" He shouted, taking a running leap across the school yard, only to slam his foot hard into one of the creatures, knocking it into the dirt. He then jumped slightly, and turned around to face the two creatures he had just engaged. "Ahah! Hideous monsters, you will not harm any of these people! My name is Guy Lee, do not forget it, foul beast!" He warned, ducking under a leap that came from one of the creatures, and then sending a kick hard into its stomach, sending it soaring into the air.

With that, Guy seemed to appear instantly behind the creature while it was airborne, and at the same time still be standing on the ground for a few moments. Unable to protect itself, Guy was able to wrap his arms and legs around the creature, and send both of them downward, upside down. As the two neared the ground, Guy jumped off, leaving the monster to slam hard into the dirt and rock below, causing a cloud of debris to fly into the air, which was enough to distract the other monster in time for Guy to sneak up behind it and dig one of his kunai deep into its skull, and jump away.

When that was done, he exited the dust cloud, and jumped in the air in celebration. "Kajou! Kiyoshi! That's two! TWOO!" He said, only to be tackled to the ground by another monster.

Abare Killer
12-13-2006, 04:26 AM
:abakill Yuki was frozen in her place for a moment as Alcaj acknowledged her. She could hardly believe it when he actually tipped his hat to her. So far, her power was the only one that had at least been able to stop one of his attacks, albeit not hurting him. It was pretty amazing. Yuki's eyes were drawn to her own hands, and she stared at them with new intrigue.

Of course, Alcaj was not even close to being finished, and by the time he himself left, he had done something strange that hurt the principal, avoided any and all attacks attempted on him by any of the other students, and left strange, black creatures in his stead. The Japanese girl sighed. This already promised to be a long day, and it wasn't nearly over yet.

While some of the creatures and students ended up back in the cafeteria, most of them were still outside. One of the creatures seemed to have its eye, if it even had eyes, on her. It started towards her in a creepy, gangly way. Yuki began to back away slowly while she held her hands out, palms upward, and gathered light in them. One grapefruit sized ball appeared in either hand before Yuki stopped.

"Let's fight the darkness with the light!" she cried, throwing the two balls at the creature in succession and forming two more smaller ones quickly. She kept up this pattern as the creature made painful sounds and tried to ward off her attacks. It was still moving steadily towards her as she continued to attack it with her powers, and when it was close enough, it swung a huge arm at her and hit her in the chest, sending her flying backwards into the cafeteria.

Getting up painfully, Yuki looked over to see Drew doing battle with another of the black beings. She didn't have long to look though before the monster she had been fighting began to charge into the cafeteria after her. Focusing, Yuki decided to try one big attack of light and see if she could finish it off. She put her hands before her, palms facing each other, and allowed light to swirl in betwen them. Her palms seperated more and more as it grew bigger, and when it was about twice the size of a basketball, she released it, letting it fly towards the creature. Luckily, it hit head on, and the black thing was sent flying back out of the cafeteria. It collapsed onto the ground, dead.

Yuki sighed with relief amongst her panting and gasping for breath, nearly collapsing herself into a nearby bench of a table. She looked around the room at the students fighting while she tried to regather her strength.

(OOC: As Will said, the creatures can revive each other, so any that we beat will just come back until we can realize this. Then I guess we'll have to all work together to defeat them at the same time. This will be interesting! Oh, and great posts so far, guys!) :abakill

12-13-2006, 01:34 PM
AJ watched in both shock and horror as to whhat Alcaj just did. Her eye's widen when she saw these stranger creaturs in front of her. She wasn't sure what to make of them. But as stubborn as she is, she didn't even dare to back down from a challenge.

As one of those 'things' came towards her, she just gave a crooked smile and just shook her head.

"I can't believe he left and then leaving these nasty's here." She said outloud, but mostly to herself. "Suits me just fine!"

AJ thrusted her hands outward, in doing so, a strong gust of wind knocked the creature back. It didn't harm it in anyway, but it gave enough distant between her and the monster. With all of her might, AJ then created an air ball, throwing it at the monster. The monster was then being tossed around and landed hard onto the ground. It didn't move for a few seconds, relived, AJ looked around, watching all the other's fight off the strange creatures.

12-13-2006, 02:34 PM
ooc: Alcaj sent only 5 monsters, guys. You've been fighting more than that. I think this makes 7. So basically i'm just going to assume that some are being fought twice and have simply been revived in the process. Try to keep track a little better in the future, please.

Kajou clentched his fists tightly as he watched the battle rage on. He couldn't believe that Alcajeldoc guy could come here and do all this so easily. Was this truly what sort of power was out there today? He seemed to be enjoying it all like a game, and even the principal could only barely scratch him. It seemed like if the guy hadn't been stopped by some outside source, everyone would have been destroyed by that last attack he was charging. Kajou gazed at all the monsters as they were defeated and revived over and over and just shook with anger. Alcajeldoc would pay for this...

"I've had enough!" Kajou growled, turning to his two clones and nodding. Just as they were about to hop on the battlefield, Principal Randal collapsed to her knees and nearly fell unconcious before Kajou was able to catch her. She clutched her deeply wounded shoulder and looked over to the young ninja that assisted her.

"Those creatures... You have to... all at once..." She coughed, before finally passing out from loss of blood. Kajou frowned and ordered one of his clones to carry her inside to the nurses office asap. He knew what had to be done. A demonic howl filled the air once again as all the creatures stood back up. Kajou and his clone dashed to where Mikoto was and leapt into the air, doing a dual flying kick into the 'face' of the golem, sending it flying into its back in the middle of the courtyard. The clone poofed away and Kajou looked up to Mikoto seriously.

"We may not like each other, but lets put that aside for a moment. All of these things need to die at the same time or else we'll never stop fighting them. Can you help me?" He turned to the battlefield and looked at his friends and classmates. "Everyone do your best to pile the monsters where that one is! Don't finish them off! Just round them up!

That's when we take them all out, together!!"

Yellow Stranger
12-20-2006, 02:41 AM
Mikoto sighed, punching another golem away, starting to feel a bit worn out. He sighed and looked to Kajou, seeing the serious look on his face. He hated to admit it, but the hyperactive ninja was right. If they didn't work together, they would end up fighting until they were dead. And dying wasn't something he was looking forward to yet.

"All right kid, call this a temporary truce alright." He charged forward, punching the golem he was just fighting in the stomach area, making it clear to any observers that Mikoto was more a street fighter than anything, before he grabbed the golem and tossed it toward the a site that was roughly around the middle of the radius the fights were taking place.

Abare Killer
12-30-2006, 04:55 AM
:abakill Hearing Kajou's words, Yuki realized that he was right. If the creatured had to be defeated all at the same time, the only way that would be possible is if they worked together. She eyed Mikoto and Kajou for a moment before turning to face one of the dark creatures that was near her. She tried to kick it towards the center where Mikoto had send the other one, but it was unaffected by her feeble efforts. She wasn't physically strong enough for that kind of combat with these beings.

Stepping back a bit, Yuki put her hands out and began to focus once again, drawing light into a ball before her. The creature moved towards her menacingly before swinging one of its huge arms at her. It knocked her hands away, and the light dissipated as her concentration was broken. Groaning a little in frustration, Yuki threw a few smaller light balls at it to send it back a bit before trying again to form a larger one. Before the creature could recover, she succeeded and shot a larger ball at it. It flew back towards the other one.

(OOC: Not the best post in the world, but it's something. Keep in mind that there are only three left to round up. Please post as soon as you can, guys.) :abakill

01-01-2007, 10:12 AM
((OoC: I'm a douchebag stupy head. :/ ))

"Oh, I see!" Guy said, running back into the fray. After all, he wondered how so many monsters had jumped on him if there were only five, and the others had dealt with some. "I will aid you, friends!" He assured them, jumping into the air, and coming down with great force, aiming the back of his foot to slam hard into the golem's head.

However, the monster seemed to have improved after reanimating, and jumped out of the way, causing Guy to simply hit the ground, and thus kicking up a cloud of dust. "Curses, now I cannot see them..." he whispered, and closed his eyes. As he did so, he faintly heard the sound of growling coming from behind him. His ear twitched, and with lightning reflexes, he slid to the left, just in time to avoid the creature's pounce. As he did so, he pulled two katars out of its pouch, and threw them at the creature's side, and then proceeded to slam his elbow into its head, knocking it onto the ground with a yhelp.

"It seems to have stopped," Guy told himself. Nodding, he picked the creature up with the rings of his embedded katars, spun around, and then launched it into the pile with the other monsters.

"There!" He said, and gave Mikoto and Kajou a thumbs up, complete with a smile showing his pearly whites.

01-10-2007, 10:56 PM
(ooc: I guess there's only one more left then? I'll finish it off and throw it in the pile! ^_^...sorry for the inactivity here, just wasn't in the mood to write...lost all inspiration whatsoever ._.)

As AJ was fighting the last golem, she was struggling to keep up with it. For some odd reason, the golem was alot stronger than the last time. She did a sweep kick, but at the same time, sending a strong force of air in an arc movement to knock down the golem. The golem fell on it's back with a thud, and seeing her opportunity, AJ jumped into the air, arms thrusted back, fingers locked together. As she was free falling towards the monster, her hands started to envelope with air and she thrusted her arms downwards, smashing the monster in the stomach. The monster yelped out in pain, laying there with agony.

As she got up, she grab hold of the monsters' foot and spun it towards the pile of the other golems. Smacking her hands together to rid of the excessive dirt, she gave a crooked smile moreso to praise herself.

Yellow Stranger
01-19-2007, 05:47 PM
(OOC: Del gave me permission to use Kaze to help kill the Golem's, as well as Pat with Drew.)

Mikoto blinked as he prepared to finish of the golems, watching as Drew kicked another one out to the pile. As he watched the Golem twitch from the electrical charge Mikoto saw being exerted from the kick, he raised an eyebrow at Drew. . He didn't recall Drew being around when they came up with a plan. He shook his head as he patted his sword against his shoulder, Drew seemed like an intellegent kid, he most likely came up with the same conclusion they did after a while, or someone in the school did. He looked at the golems and smirked as watched the rest of the golems receive after effects of the electrical kick, seemingly paralyzed. But at the height they were at, there was no way he would be able to get that high, unless. . .

"Kaze, I need your help!" He yelled out, running over to the Girl, still pondering why she had a demonic aura. He gulped slightly as she coldly glanced to him, as if he had murdered her mother or her first born.

"Well isn't the "Ladies Man?" Wasn't Yuki a good enough ride for you womanizer bastard? It's men like you who . . ." Mikoto groaned as he listened to her. He, no the entire GROUP, didn't have time to listen to some jealous girls rant.

"Listen, I don't know what the fuck I did wrong, and I will probably find it a piece of shit reason to be jealous in the first place. Now I need your help, or else we all fucking die Kaze. Let's fucking put aside our differences and help each other out, at least for what, 3 FUCKING MINUTES!" He sighed with relief as the girls face softened slightly.

"Alright, just tell me what you fucking want done so we can get this shit over with." Mikoto grinned as he turned around, to face the Golem pile. He smirked as he looked over his shoulder.

"It's simple Babe, Just launch me into the air near those Golems, and I'll kill them and win your heart!" His playful side emerging though. His "Charm" worked wonders as he watched Kaze violently twitch, her eyebrow being them most noticeable. She suddenly brought her flute up to her mouth and fluidly played a few notes, as a massive gust of wind sent Mikoto flying into the sky, easily clearing the top of the building. He lifted his sword above his head as he reached the peak of his Vertical accenstion, shifting his weight downward as Gravity took ahold of him and sent him racing back toward the ground at an even faster rate of speed it took him to ascend. He suddenly crashed into the platform that held Sky High, cutting through all five Golems in a matter of microseconds. He winced as well, feeling intense pain in his legs after such a landing from such a height. He was suddenly thanking the fact he was a demon and rapidly healed or else he would probably be dead from such a stunt. He looked up and smirked as the Golem's turned into small bits and flew up into the portal, before it seemingly disappeared.

"And don't come back with out chicks, you assholes." He winced as he stood up and turned to the Violently twitching girl. "We have somethings we need to talk about."

01-25-2007, 09:32 PM
Kajou watched in amazement as Mikoto, Drew and Kaze made quick work of the piled golems. He was a bit dissapointed he didn't get to make a final blow, but everyone was safe now and that's what mattered.

"Wow! Uh, good job..." He smiled, giving Mikoto the thumbs up. "Too bad that guy didn't stick around, after seeing that, I think we might have been able to take him..."

Though as he thought about Alcajeldoc, his smile faded. He was gonna get that guy for ruining his first day of school, if not the whole year. He even managed to beat the principal with ease, someone he heard was stronger than anyone else in the school's history. Was such a villan really out there already? Did they have any chance at all? Walking back toward the entrance, he stood by Guy and Kiyoshi, sighing.

"I wish dad were here. He'd know what to do..."


Alcajeldoc tapped his finger on his chin thoughtfully as he watched the end of the battle through a strange circular viewing void hovering in the air. As the golems fizzled back out into the portal, a logn smirk crept across his face.

"My my... They did better than I expected. I think this is going to be fun..." He spoke out loud. Suddenly, a faint ringing echoed out through the air. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a small celluar phone and flipped it open.

"Yah, this is Alcajeld-" He pulled the phone away from his ear as he was interrupted by an unintelligable scream from the other side.

"Geez, don't be so mad. I didn't kill any of 'em.. I don't think." He glanced upward as if trying to remember.

"Fine, i'm coming back. I hope you're ready to begin, i'm tired of waiting..."

Adam Park
02-05-2007, 02:59 AM
Kaze sighed and glared ay Mikoto. She just could not get over him calling her jealous and it bored her even more that it was true that she was. She growled and folded her arms as he came over to her.

"Fine..we can talk...not for to long though" She turned her nose up and looked to the other Students who she thought had been totally useless in the battle. She was already starting to see who were the Real "Heroes" here.

Abare Killer
02-15-2007, 04:57 PM
:abakill The school now high up above them and far away, the students of Sky High were on Earth in Los Angeles, California. After the troubling events of the afternoon, school had be cancelled for the rest of the day. The students were taken to the Sky High dorm building in LA, many of them for the first time. As it was the first day of a new school year, even returning students would be assigned a new room and roommate. They were told that inside the building a sign would be posted with this information.

The building was very large, and it looked almost like it belonged on a college campus. It was made of dark red bricks. In the center was a wide, square room that stuck out in the front and back from the rest of the building, although the students could not see the back from their position. There was a somewhat long passageway leading up to the front door, with a wide flight of stairs and an awning at the top held up by two mock Roman Ionic columns. On the left and right, two long wings spread out. One wing was for boys and the other was for girls. The walls in the front and back were lined with windows in even rows. It appeared a rather solemn place, and it was hard to tell what it would be like to live there. The new students to the school were about to find out.

Yuki stepped up the stairs slowly, making sure to stay close to the other students that had gotten off on her bus. She was glad that they were the same students who had been there in the morning, although she didn't exactly know any of them. Somehow though, after helping each other destroy those monsters that afternoon, Yuki felt like they had some sort of a connection with each other.

She tried not to think of that right now though, and her thoughts wandered to what was happening now. They were about to be assigned roommates, and Yuki could only pray silently that she would not be roomed with Kaze. Cousin or not, Kaze was the last person Yuki could imagine having to stay with for a whole school year. She shuddered at the thought.

(OOC: Sorry this took longer than I thought. I kinda needed some help. Thanks to Tiz, Patrick, and Del for their advice. This is short, but hopefully it will be enough for us to move on. Please refer to the footnotes thread before posting again.) :abakill

Yellow Stranger
02-17-2007, 06:26 PM
Mikoto winced as he got off the bus, The freaking Dorm had to be in Califorina after all. He just hoped that news from Reefside wasn't really that well known up here. Last thing he needed was a bunch of Zealots coming at him, wanting to slay the unholy demon. He followed Yuki and the so "called" gang to dorm building, glancing about. It was a nice building and all, but was the noise pollution policy. It had to be somewhat loose, or sonic Based Super heros would NEVER be able to get any practice. He sighed as he walked into the front door of the building, It was just about as sickingly clean as Sky High was. He shrugged it off, making a mental note to meet the janitor and find out his likes and dislikes, well besides have to clean up in a mess in the hall. He walked up to the large sheet of paper on the wall in front of him and groined. That was who he was going to be roomed with. Sir "Punalot"? Great, well it beats a hyper active Ninja, that's for sure. He quickly turned to the recepionst desk and signed in, given access to his room key. He twirled his key nonchantly as he walked toward his room, finding it after a short time looking around the place. A smirk grew on his face, it was one of the rooms nearest to the cafeteria. He walked into the room, grinning at what he saw. It was a bit more fulfilling than your basic dorm room, with a Mini Fridge and Microwave. He smiled as he sat on his bed, and leaned his sword on the wall next to window, just barely out of sight. He opened one of the two desk drawers and placed his handguns inside of them, while placing his red leather jacket on it's chair. He layed down on the bed on the same side of the room when. . .

"Hello Mikoto-kun." Mikoto jumped up and glanced over to the door to find the Butterfly masked woman standing there. Wait a minute, he didn't even hear the door open.

"Okay Lady, I highly doubt you are staff around here, so start talking, especially since you've been stalking me for a good couple of months now."

02-17-2007, 08:59 PM
Kajou sat alone on the busride to the dorms. All he could think about was the battle, and that weasely guy who was ruining what was supposed to be a fun, new experience for him. Even Mikoto's attitude didn't bring down the excitable ninja, but their attacker had killed his energy, both physically and emotionally. Still, he had to realize there was a positive look on things. It was only the first day of school and they managed to pull together as a team and fend off a threat. Kajou thought about his parents more, trying to channel their strength and will to determine just what they would do in this situation? For one, they wouldn't mope around all day. So first things first, Kajou took a deep breath and exhaled the negative energy he was bottling up. Surprisingly enough, he was beginning to feel better already. He thought on other things in order to get his mind off the recent events, but one thing just wouldn't let go. Something that bothered him more than anything else. Alcajeldoc didn't leave because he wanted to, at least that was the impression he gave. It was almost as if he was called back.

So the real question was, who would a monster like that answer to, and what if they were even stronger? Simply enough, that meant more than just trouble for the Sky High students, it meant trouble for the world. Principal Randal was beaten, and her position as principal was partially based on her strength. So if Alcajeldoc could take her out so easily, then there was almost no one who could face him evenly. If that was the case, anyone even slightly stronger than the yellow eyed monster would finish everyone off for good. Such a thing couldn't be possible, could it?

Shaking his head finally clear of any thoughts concerning Alcajeldoc or the previous battle, the young blonde ninja observed the sights as they landed in Los Angeles, California. The dorm building was pretty impressive, and Kajou was beginning to get some of his energy back.

"Wow!" He grinned, eagerly waiting for the bus to stop so he could check it out from the inside. Wasting no time, he dashed inside once the bus doors opened and stood in awe at the quality. It was definately nothing you would see in Konoha. The next order of business was to check the roomate list. He prayed to get Kiyoshi or Guy, and not Mikoto. He frowned as he saw the bad news that he wasn't roomed with either of his friends. The good news was, it wasn't Mikoto with him. Instead, it was a name he didn't recognize. Victor Reese? Shrugging, Kajou gathered his things and headed toward his assigned room.

Morose Angel
02-18-2007, 03:40 AM
Drew stepped up to the exit of the bus and briefly scanned the outside. The building looked inconspicuous enough, probably not zoned for superhuman activity, but the government didn’t need to know all the little details. The green haired mutant hops off the bus behind a couple of talkative girls and in a flash, takes the pastry out of one of their hands with nimble fingers. While stuffing this energy replenisher in his mouth, the speedster quickly moves around the girl, who whirls around to see who had taken her snack.

The junior superheroine’s eyes blaze with fury as they fall upon Kiyoshi, who was unlucky enough to be behind Drew, “Hey! What’s the big idea?” The girl demanded, as she maintained her accusatory stare on the reserved ninja.

While swallowing the pastry, seemingly without chewing, Drew smirks in amusement at Kiyoshi’s plight and steps into the dormitory building. Once inside, Mr. Blackwood strolls casually to the list pinned to the wall and reads down the list. When he reaches his name and scans to the left, he sees Mikoto’s name and whistles, “It looks like the two bad dudes are united. The dorm is safe from Ninjas, despite having already been infiltrated by them.” Following this declaration, the electric warrior heads over to the reception desk and lays his hand on the electronic buzzer, to attract the clerk’s attention. A barely perceptible current of blue electricity leaps off the boy’s hand and into the device, causing it to power on and off suddenly.

When the clerk approaches Drew, he lifts his hand off the buzzer, but it continues to wail, having gone completely haywire. Drew quickly obtains his key, as he looks upon the buzzer without guilt and suggest, “You should get someone to look at that, it could get really annoying!” Having imparted this grain of wisdom, Drew Blackwood quickly heads down the hallway to his dorm room, escaping the buzzer, while leaving the annoyed masses in his wake.

Once at the dorm room, Drew pops open the door and steps inside, looking around. The teenager takes a seat on the other bed in the room and greets Mikoto, “Looks like we’re going to have plenty of time to plan.” He then turns away from Mikoto, as he asks, “So who is this babe that’s been following you around all day?” The electrokinetic superhero-in-training’s hazel eyes fell upon the phantom, butterfly-masked figure as he asked this question.

Abare Killer
02-18-2007, 06:14 AM
:abakill Yuki went inside and slowly walked up to the poster with the room assignments, silently praying to the heavenly saints that she would not see her name next to Kaze's. Her heart was beating loudly in her chest when she finally saw the poster. To her horror, but somehow not surprise, the list showed the name Ozu Yuki and Ozu Kaze opposite the room number F16. She wondered if whoever made the room assignments gave them the same room because they were family. She secretly wanted to maim that person, and curses she could cast on them ran through her head as she walked over to the desk to get her key.

The buzzer there was ringing out of control, and the unfortunate clerk was desperately trying to calm it down. Grinning a little, Yuki shot a small ball of light at it, causing it to fall off the counter and smash. It was destroyed, but at least it had stopped. The clerk gave her an odd look as he handed her a key to her room. She smiled shyly at him before hurrying down the hall to her right that was labled "Female Wing".

The first opening on either wing was a set of double doors with a sign above it labled "Cafeteria". One was open right now, and Yuki walked over to it to glance inside. The cafeteria was good sized, bigger than the one at the school itself. On the back wall opposite of her there was a counter with trays stacked at one side. Behind it, she could barely make out what looked to be a kitchen. Both of the side walls in the room had a few vending machines for snacks and soda. The rest of the cafeteria was taken up by long tables with stool-like seats attached to them. It looked nice enough, although eating there would never feel like home. Yuki was glad that they got to go home for the weekends.

Sighing softly, she continued down the hallway to her room. Inside it looked like a typical dorm room in some ways. There were two beds, one on either side of the room. In between them sat a large desk with one chair. In the corner was a small round table and two chairs around it. On top of the table a microwave rested, and to the side of it there was a small refrigerator. Yuki grimly imagined the arguements her and Kaze might have about what would go inside of it.

Choosing the bed on her left, she sat down on it and dropped her backpack next to it. This school year already promised to be interesting, if nothing else. Yuki could only wonder if she would even survive it. :abakill

Adam Park
02-18-2007, 07:52 AM
Kaze stepped off the bus folding her arms and walking into the Dorms. Of course everyone avoided her so she just stayed quiet keeping her face hidden under her Red bangs. She got to the assigned list and blinked at her roommate.

"Why am i stuck with that...whore!" *Kaze punches the wall causing a Dent to form. Various student's whispered around her at this act most saying she was evil and ugly. She growled her eyes turning a dark black "You all got something to say!"

They seemed to move out with that and she sighed her eyes returning to normal. She looked down and moved to the Female area looking at her dorm room she sighed and stepped in looking at Yuki and scoffed moving to the Bed on the Right and sitting down.

"Look dont talk to me and you may just survive Got it!?" *Kaze then flopped back in the bed turning her head away from Yuki.

02-18-2007, 05:45 PM
Kajou glanced at his key as he drudged onward, his oversized backpack no longer hindering his walking speed, though it was still amusing to see. Eventually he located the correct room and turned the handle. As the room revealed to him, a stupid grin crept across the young ninja's face.

"Heh, this totally beats my room at home, and my mom isn't even here to force me to make my bed!" He spoke aloud as he entered and dropped the heavy carryingbag onto the floor with a thud. Kajou looked around at the other appliances that had been provided for them, noticing a mini-refridgerator and a microwave. Curiously he approched the fridge and cracked it open, but much to his dissapointment nothing was inside.

"Empty as always I assume?" A voice spoke out, nearly taking Kajou by surprise. Turning his head, he noticed another student standing in the doorway with short messy brown hair and sporting a long black coat. Kajou just nodded, a bit more curious as to who this guy was, as if it wasn't obvious already. "You're Kajou, I know that already. I saw you earlier today at school. I heard you fought with that guy one on one. The rumors going around about him, I have to say, you're pretty tough if you're still in one piece."

Kajou stood up and smirked, not about to denounce any positive word about himself. "Yeah well... he was tough, but I definately gave him a good fight!"

"I don't doubt that. Wish I could have been of some assistance but by the time I figured out what was really going on, everything was over... ah well. Sorry, i'm being rude. I'm Victor Reese, but everyone just calls me Vic or Amp." The student smiled, holding out his hand to the shorter blonde kid. Kajou nodded and returned the handshake with a smile.

"Amp huh? Is that related to your power?" Kajou questioned.

"That would be correct. I can amplify and focus any soundwaves to make them as loud and as direct as I want. A truly focused soundwave can cause whole buildings to crumble." Vic replied, entering the room and setting down his own belongings on the other bed.

"Wow! I can't wait to see it. Well, good to meet you Amp. Maybe we can spar sometime soon!" Kajou added eagerly, always willing to test his powers against someone else. Amp chuckled and closed his green eyes for a moment.

"Maybe we can..."


The darkened hallway seemed to span for eternity, but even so, Alcajeldoc traversed it calmly. His katana rested upon his shoulder while he idly scratched his forehead with his other hand. What a drag this was, to be called back so soon. No doubt he had something to say about it. Once he reached the door at the opposite end, he turned the handle and opened it slowly, proceeding into another dark room, his yellow eyes glowing slightly in the dim light.

"What's up,


Yellow Stranger
02-18-2007, 06:17 PM
Mikoto smirked as he sat up, glancing at the Woman, who seemed to be shivering and looking around nerviously. "What's the problem, Finally got caught in your stalker act. Geez Lady, What do you want, because If it is why I am usually stalked then I'm going have to kick your ass so hard."

The Butterfly masked woman sighed. "It's not that. . . But. . . He shouldn't be able to see me at all." Mikoto suddenly raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean "He shouldn't be able to see you"? You only parade around in Pink Leather and a large obvious as hell Butterfly mask. It's like you are attracting attention to yourself lady." The woman sighed as she walked over to Drew, and went to put her hand on his shoulder, before it went through his body, like she was a ghost. "Woah, what the hell lady, You were able to give me that card no problem . . ." The woman sighed as she took off her mask, revealing her brown hair and eyes glancing between the two boys.

"Uhh Well first things first, Hello my name is Ozu Houka. I'm a Mahoutsukai who got attacked by some demons a few years ago. I managed to cast a mental projection spell before I fell into a coma but. . . I kinda messed up the spell. I don't know why but there's something about you Mikoto-kun that picks up the signals in a way to allow me to really interact with you. But as for umm umm Spikey-kun, . . . Ano I have no clue." Mikoto sighed absorbing the information, She sounded like a powerful Magicain but yet she was so increably ditzy, this Ozu . . .

"Wait a Minute, Did you say Ozu, Like Ozu Kaze and Ozu Yuki!" Houka blinked bringing her finger to her chin and tilted sideways a bit before nodding.

"Hai, Kaze-chan is my daughter and Yuki-chan is my niece." She proclaimed with a smile. Mikoto groaned as he layed back down on the bed grumbling something about how god must hate him or something like that.

Morose Angel
02-19-2007, 04:45 AM
In the large, dimly lit room was a single desk on the other side of the room, with just a desk lamp. Behind the desk was a grim, unfriendly looking fellow in an expensive suit. He appeared to be an African American man in his mid-40s, with strong forearms and hard features. The boss’ hands were clasped in front of him, with his left hand, which was adorned with a ring with a large, green gem, overlapping the right. As Alcajeldoc approaches the desk, the boss lifts the left hand and sharply turns the desk lamp onto the maddened boy, like a spotlight.

“More than straying from your mission and failing to meet your objective, revealing yourself has caused the most damage,” the middle-aged man began. While shifting his hands back together, he goes on, “You’ve jeopardized our pl—no, our everything by raising their alert level.” He then looks down into the gem absently, before going on to say, “But it was better that you failed before you began. Our true nature has still not been revealed.” Though he still appeared serious, the wrinkles on his forehead relax and he pushes his chair back and rises to his full 6’5” height, exuding an even more powerful aura of strength and authority like this. “And we’ve figured out how to parlay your impatient actions into an advantage for us. We’re improvising more than I expected, but that’s fine as well,” the boss tells Alcajeldoc, as he moves around the desk and walks up to him.

With a firm hand placed on the smaller man’s shoulder, he says, “Just listen more closely to orders now—I’ll make sure that you get plenty of opportunities for battle. Plenty,” as an unnatural, but wry smile spreads over his face.


Drew turns around and raises his feet onto the bed, lying down as Houka tells her story. His eyes fall closed, as he appeared clearly less concerned about this whole affair than Mikoto. “Maybe I’m a mahoutsukai too,” Drew muttered, offering a half-hearted explanation for his ability to pierce her invisibility, “Or maybe I’m just that ‘bad’”. As Houka mentions being Kaze’s mother and Yuki’s aunt, he opens one eye and looks to her, “That’s impressive, you’re an official MILF. Too bad that you can only touch the demon over there,” Drew says, while jerking a thumb over at Mikoto.

The green-haired mutant rises back up, folding his knee under her his elbow as he says, “Being intangible has some advantages. You couldn’t, by any chance, carry a camera, could you…?”

02-19-2007, 05:09 AM
Kiyoshi idly yawned as he got off the bus to the dorms, holding his back pack over his left shoulder and he wandered to his room. Him and Guy were supposed to be sharing a room, which meant he at least had someone he could talk to. That seemed good to the red haired Shinobi as he opened the door and took a seat on one of the two beds in the room. His mind wasn’t really on the battle from before despite he knew it should be. He didn’t find himself caring about it a whole lot, despite his failure to be of use to the others. Unpacking his things, he set his large shuriken over his head board and then laid out his kunais and smaller shurikens on a nearby desk. Kiyoshi was proving to be quiet, even by his standards.

Maybe it was the fact that he didn’t know where his place was now, since he’d proven he wasn’t as strong as anyone else that was going to this school. He couldn’t stop those monsters, or their leader from before… so why was he there when Kajou proved how much better he was than him? Shaking his head a little bit, he growled in anger at himself. “I’m acting like Dad did at this age. And we all know what that got him.” Kiyo groaned, shaking his head. “Gotta stay positive.” He ordered himself. ”Yeah, stop being a little baby.” his inner voice told him. He nodded to it a bit and began wandering around the dorm room.

He admitted, it was rather nice, though wasn’t much in his style when it came right down to it. He had some things to discuss with Guy, however, pertaining to this school and that was beginning to be his main focus when he really got his mind working. Sliding his Konoha headband off, he tossed it lightly against his bed as he stretched out. “This is gonna be a rather interesting year…”

(Haha. Betcha thought I wasn't ever gonna post again. >>; )

02-19-2007, 08:17 AM
Alcajeldoc smirked back at the Boss, rather amused at how careful the large man was being with him. Was it so obvious how much power Alcaj carried that he had to be handled like a fragile vase? So what would his response be to all this? He could explain himself rather easily. His mission was a bore, and he improvised. He figured out just how much strength they had, which was next to none. The only one who could even nick him was their only original concern, Principal Randall, and even she at full strength was but a fly to the strength Alcaj harbored.

"Sounds like you're on top of things, Boss." He smirked wider, knowing his remark was more than slightly cocky. Though, even Alcaj didn't wish this man to be angry at him, not because he posed a threat, but because he needed the Boss as much as the Boss needed him... at least, that's what he made it seem like.

"Sorry, Boss..." He added, glancing up to the larger man, though his smirk remained hinting insincerity. "It was just so boring there. I don't think any of them will be a problem. The only one with any power is the Principal and she was merely an insect to be swatted away. If you ask me, we've already won... but i'll let you run things from here... So then, what are the plans now?" Alcaj continued, a hint of madness in his eyes. It was clear he wished to fight more, and there wasn't really any telling what would happen if he were to get too bored again...


Kajou let out a heavy sigh as he finally got all his belongings settled into his room. It was a bit awkward to think how this would be his room from now on, especially with some guy he didn't know, but he was beginning to see it as sort of like a vacation, what without his parents there and all. Truthfully he was a bit homesick already, but this was what he wanted, and especially now that there was a force out there he could truly aim to defeat. It made him wonder just what Kiyoshi and Guy thought about all this, and he decided he'd pay them a visit.

"I'm going to see my friends. I'm sure they'd like to meet you too!" Kajou smiled, giving Vic a thumbs up. Victor was laying on the bed with his nose in a book as he glanced backward and waved his hand casually.

"Perhaps a bit later, just want to rest a bit now that everything is settled..." He replied. Kajou nodded and headed out the door, trying to locate Kiyoshi and Guy's room. Eventually he found what seemed to be the right one and knocked.

"Kiyoshi? Guy? Wanna go get something to eat? I dunno about you but i'm starving.. I hope the cafeteria has ramen..." He mumbled, clutching his stomach.

Adam Park
02-19-2007, 08:35 AM
"Ah Ramen is for Losers"

Came a Voice from the right of Kajou. A 6 ft Teen walks up to Kajou smiling at the ninja. He wore a White wife beater and Brown pants along with a Black beany hat on. He was a white man of course with Blonde hair falling out of the hat. He was clearly well defined for his age and wasent afriad to flaunt it.

"Let me guess your a newbie?" He spoke leaning on the wall next to Kajou a smile plastered on his face.

"Then let me introduce myself...My name is Bug and dont think i squash like one" He Grinned a very disturbing grin but then masked it by patting Kajou's back.

"Sooooo how you getting around kid?"

02-20-2007, 10:53 AM
With the rest of the school cancelled due to the riot, AJ couldn't believe that the dorms to Sky High was back on Earth, mainly in Los Angeles, California. She was glad to be on solid ground,even though her power is air. She felt it was necessary to walk than to learn how to fly for right now. After she got off the bus, she noticed that everyone was assigned a room mate. AJ looked at the sheet, wondering who her roomie was going to be.

As she scanned down the list, she saw that she was rooming with a girl name Lesly Procter. AJ's eye's widen when she read what grade she was in.

"I can't believe they roomed me with a freshman! That's not fair! I should have a senior in my dorm. That sucks." AJ mumbled to herself.

As she walked into her room, she saw Lesly there unpacking. The girl was over 5 feet tall. Maybe 5 foot 5. AJ was never good with heights and ages and all them. The girl also had dark brown hair that was pinned up in a pony tail and her eye's were of a dark blue-ish green color.

"Hi there!" Lesly piped up once she saw AJ walking into the door.

"Hi. Let me guess, you Lesly correct?"

"Yeah, and you must be my new room mate, AJ. How are you doing?" Lesly said as she held out her hand.

AJ looked at the girls hand and walked over to her bed. She placed her back pack on the bed and started unpacking.

"Well, I heard what happened during lunch time today." Lesly said as she dropped her extended hand.

"Yeah, I was there. But can we change the subject here. I don't really want to talk about that now. Look, I'm not in the mood to chat. I'm sorry, but I'm going to head out and walk around. Okay?" AJ said as she grabbed her keys and walked out.

Abare Killer
02-22-2007, 12:53 AM
:abakill Yuki sighed audibly. This wasn't a good start. They hadn't been sharing a room for more than five minutes and already Kaze was yelling at her. Standing up, she decided to walk around a bit and see if she could find something to do. She certainly didn't want to spend any more time in this room with...her than she had to. Without saying a word, she left the dorm room and closed the door behind her.

Once outside, she began to slowly walk towards the boy's hallway. She didn't really know why, but for some reason she wanted company right now. When she was almost there though, a wave of nervousness seemed to wash over her, and she immediately turned around and started back the other way.

What am I thinking? she asked herself. It's not like I really have any friends here... Sighing, she went inside the open door to the cafeteria on this side, not wanting to go back to her room and face Kaze again.

There were a few students scattered around there already, some looking over the snack machines and others sitting at the tables and eating. There were even a few students standing in line in the back while a tired looking lunch lady in her mid 40s took their orders and their money. Yuki felt a little hungry, but not enough to actually get something to eat right now. Instead she took a seat on the end of the table nearest to the door and leaned her head down on the table, letting her loneliness sink in.

(OOC: Yeah, random post. I just wanted Yuki to do something at least.) :abakill

02-23-2007, 01:42 PM
Kiyoshi opened the door to Kajou, blinking a little bit. “Oh, hey.” He mumbled, scratching the back of his red locks. “Dunno where Guy is… I figured he was with you.” Kiyoshi admitted, walking back into the dorm long enough to grab his Konoha headband and tie it loosely around his neck. “Well, I’m hungry. We can always find him on the way I guess.” Kiyoshi offered, yawning a little bit.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Kiyoshi walked out of the dorm and looked more at the ceiling than his friend. “I kind of wish we were back home. I feel like I’m dragging you guys down… based on what happened earlier, and all. Maybe I should just go back home…” when he said that, it was then that Kiyoshi finally noticed this other student who was out there. He hadn’t seen him before, but couldn’t say that he really cared that the other person had overhead what he’d said, either.

02-24-2007, 01:31 PM
Guy had decided something. Something very important.

Los Angeles was big. Very big.

And as this realization crossed his mind, he turned around to speak with Kiyoshi, but he was not there. This, the ninja decided, was very much a bad thing. And so, he made his second decision in five minutes.

He was lost. Very lost.

Also, he assumed, he couldn't simply go around asking people where the Sky High dorms were located, after all, it was a secret school. "I've got it. I'll find the school in the next ten minutes, if not, I have to do fifty one handed push ups!" As he said this, he threw his fist into the air. One could almost see the fire in his eyes. With this newfound decision, Guy marched forward, not even noticing the strange looks he was receiving, what with his bushy eyebrows, his green jumpsuit and chunin vest, along with his eccentric attitude.

Ten minutes went by, and Guy promptly found a park and dropped to the ground to do push ups. As he hit twenty-five, he heard someone address him, which made his concentration falter, which in turn led him to fall flat on his face. Groaning a little, he sat up to look at whoever had spoken to him. It was a girl!

And not just any girl, quite possibly THE most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Immediately, he shot up, and flashed the young woman his shining smile. "Oh, um, I was just wondering what you were doing."

"Oh, that is easy!" Guy exclaimed. "I was training. I had set a goal for myself, and did not meet it, therefore I had to do fifty one handed push ups!" proudly boasted the ninja.

"Oh," the girl mumbled, only now noticing Guy's very bushy eyebrows. From the back he had looked so cute, too.

"I know! Perhaps you would like to join me!" he said excitedly. The girl only shook her head. "No? Well then, maybe we could perhaps go and get a meal! I was unable to eat my lunch today, after all."

"No, that's ok, really," the girl insisted.

But Guy was hopelessly smitten, and had to find a way to show it. As quickly as possible, he gathered a number of flowers, and handed them to the girl, before blowing her a kiss.

As if she were being attacked by something, the girl let out a squeal and began to run away, but Guy persisted, and the girl persisted in zig-zagging, as if even being in the line of his vision would cause her to be attacked by crazy hearts or something.

Dejected, Guy went back to finishing his push ups, and once those were done he walked the streets of LA, hunched over and looking over all, very depressed, until he found himself in the right place, standing with Kajou and Kiyoshi and someone he did not know. Immediately he perked up. "Excellent! I found you!" he exclaimed excitedly. "This city is humongous," He explained. "It was only luck that I managed to find you all again," He explained, completely convinced of this.

02-25-2007, 10:05 PM
As Kajou waited for his friends to answer the door, a voice suddenly called out to him, providing a rather unnecessary comment to Kajou's spoken aloud thoughts. He was then approached by a very large and strange man. From what he could tell, he was also a student, though it was debatable. It could be a bum for all he knew.

"Let me guess your a newbie?" The guy added soon after.

Let me guess, you're a lobotomy patient? Kajou thought to himself with a bit of an annoyed look. Who was this guy to just walk up to him and rag on his favorite food for no reason? Still, he promised himself he wouldn't get into any more trouble, at least for today...

"Uh-" Was all Kajou managed to reply with before the guy continued to talk, introducing himself then offering a cryptic question he couldn't really grasp how to respond to.

"Uh, Hi Bug. I'm Kajou." He finally replied somewhat monotonously. Kiyoshi had now walked out of the door, and he started with a comment that Kajou never liked to hear. He wanted to give up and go home just because of what happened earlier? Ignoring the new guy for a moment, Kajou turned to Kiyoshi and placed his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Kiyoshi, there wasn't anything you could have done. None of us were strong enough to take that guy. You, me, Guy, we're all on the same level. Maybe no one else believes it but I bet we're the strongest here. You're the son of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno! You've got the Sharingan, a bloodline I sure wish I had, and on top of that, you're the most skilled fighter I know. My dad and yours both became strong because they had each other to measure themselves by. They never let one another get ahead. So if you think i'm getting ahead, then you get stronger.

Just like I do after seeing you fight. It's me that has to keep up to you right now!"

Kajou smiled, hoping his words were of some reassurance. Finally Guy arrived, only natural that once off the bus he decided to go wander on his own and get lost rather than settle in his room. Nonetheless, they were finally together.

"Oh, Kiyoshi, Guy, this is Bug. He is... a guy that came up to me in the hall. Anyways, you guys hungry?"

Yellow Stranger
03-18-2007, 11:52 AM
(Sorry, I've just had writers block on this post for quite a while)

Mikoto raised an eyebrow at Drew's demon comment. There was no way he could of known about his secret, could he? He stood up and shook his head. No there was no way he could of, more importantly he need liquid nourishment, he hightly doubted that this place had proper drinks for someone of his and . . .

"Kaze. . . Crap, Houka come on, let's go." He stood up and headed out the door, before turning to Drew. "Hey dude, If anyone comes to take a head count, cover for me and Kaze alright?" He didn't give Drew any time to respond as he bolted out the door. Houka sighly giggled before following Mikoto, phasing through the door. She blinked as she caught up with Mikoto, phasing through a couple students as she did so.

"Nani? What's so important Mikoto-kun?" Mikoto sighed as he heard the question be asked. He glanced around, making sure no students or staff were within hearing range.

"You are her mother, you should know about how. . . Unique she is compared to rest of these students." Mikoto sighed, putting hands through his hair as he checked the listings again, this time looking for Kaze's name. "Great, what moron's, placing her with her family. Who the hell was in charge of pairing these students, Uncle Conner?" Houka rubbed her chin as considered what Mikoto was saying.

"Eh the only thing unusual about Kaze is that she's a demon." Mikoto chuckled as he rolled his eyes, walking through the girls hallway, ignoring the looks he was getting from the girls. Especially when it looked like he was talking to himself.

"Congratulations, Tizzy why won't you tell her what she has won?" He got even stranger looks when he brought up the "Female" and even a strange look from Houka as he mentioned this "Tizzy". He looked to Houka and sighed rubbing his head. "Never mind, But you know how that fact caused for her and liquid consumption? Like a VERY unique form of Lactose Intolerance? Especially when there is Chocolate involved?"

Houka blinked, before going wide eyed and nodding vigorously. "Oh, So you are going to get something proper for you and Kaze-chan?" Mikoto nodded as he reached the door, turning to Houka and being careful to speak quietly. "Yeah, thankfully the rooms have Mini-Fridges or we would be screwed. Now shh, I can't talk for a while." He sighed while he knocked on the door. "HEY KAZE, OPEN UP!"

Adam Park
03-19-2007, 07:33 AM
*Bug Blinked a bit and smiled seeing the other students. He grinned and wrapped a arm around Kajou.*

"Say why dont i escort you guys to the lunchroom? Being the big Bug on campus i can get you some free snacks!"

The Door to Kaze's Room slowly opened to the soft tune of a flute. Sitting there on the window sill was Kaze although she seemed a bit diffrent. Her eyes were masked by her red bangs. She didnt have her normal Hat on or attire opting for a normal White Tee with hip hugging Blue Jeans. She removed her lips from the flute and gently opened her eyes looking to Mikoto.

It was then that her normal tone shined thru as her eyes slanted showing her hate again.

"Mikoto..My Cousin isent here right now. Maybe you should try the Lunch room."

Yellow Stranger
03-19-2007, 07:41 AM
Mikoto chuckled as he walked into Kaze's room shutting the door behind him. He walked around a bit, tapping the walls while ignoring any protest the Female Demon had. After being relieved that whatever they would way would be private, he turned to Kaze.

"Oh sorry about that, just wanted to make sure you didn't get caught. But yeah I'm not here to see her, I'm here to grab you and head into the streets to get you some drinks that won't make you tipsy. Which is very easy if your "Lactose Intolerant" right?" He smirked as he looked to Kaze. Before she could mention any thing he shut his eyes and concentrated, a demonic crimson aura rising off from his body.

"You are not the only demon attending Sky High, "Princess""

Adam Park
03-19-2007, 07:44 AM
*Kaze was highly annoyed when he came in then blinked when she heard him mention the Tipsyness. She did have that from time to time which annoyed her cause it clouded her mind. She then gasped as she saw the Aura off him*

"So..i'm not alone here..So what are you trying to connect with me because were demons?" *Kaze said hopping off the window sill placing her flute to her side.

03-20-2007, 11:13 AM
AJ was walking around Los Angeles. She couldn't believe that the dorms are on earth while the school is in the sky. As she was walking around, she hoped to find some of her classmates, or at least someone she knew. Even though everything that just happened at school, still didn't make sense, she wanted to more about that guy that attacked the school. She also wanted to see if she can improve her power. Hopefully she will be strong enough to help defeat that guy.

(ooc: ok, so this wasn't really a thrilling post or anything, but eh, at least i posted...i kinda forgot i didn't posted in awhile though! Teehee ^_^)

04-13-2007, 10:02 AM
Guy nodded at this not so formal introduction from Kajou to Bug. "My name is Guy, Bug, I am pleased to meet you," he said, bowing his head slightly. "I for one would certainly love some food," He declared. The ninja then looked over to Kiyoshi. "Would you also be interested?" he questioned, with a grin upon his face. Guy was finally meeting people, that was good.

"Personally, I am very hungry...I do not think I have eaten anything since breakfast, my lunch was cut very short." He sighed, annoyed at remembering this little bit of information. "I wonder if they have curry at this cafeteria?" he said, looking toward Bug. Said food had been his father's favorite and so was passed onto him.

04-16-2007, 09:05 AM
Kiyoshi hadn't said much, and had done all he could to ignore this... "Bug", but when Guy addressed him he shrugged his shoulders a bit. "I could eat. He mentioned, brushing a strand of red from his eyes as he let his eyes wander from person to person, his eyes then canting to the roof as he tried to find something to preoccupy his mind with. Eternally the dreamer, eternally bored. Such was his life, and he didn't know why he never tried to change anything about that fact. Shrugging his thoughts away, he prodded Guy's arm lightly. "I wouldn't hold out too much hope for curry. I mean, we're not back home, I don't think it's a very popular dish here.

But a grin then traced Kiyo's lips and he waved his hand dismissively. "Still, it's worth hoping a bit, no? Even if you get let down, gotta hope for the best, I suppose.