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Kamen Rider Build
09-06-2006, 12:36 AM

Yall Thank Kain for finding me this video


Overdrive:A Power Rangers Journey

After Lothors defeat at the hands of the Samurai Storm Rangers,Reefside went back to it's normal ways.Albeit Zordon has been destroyed again,and the Power Chamber was destroyed.The 5 remaining Samurai Storm Rangers decided to move from Reefside to Mariner Bay and begin a whole new life there.But that was not meant to be as Queen Bansheera would arise from the grave that Carter Grayson and Ryan Mitchell put her in.Skull Cavern risen once again.Now with Bansheera back The Lightspeed Rangers tried to stop her again but were destroyed.There was a threat that destroyed 4 of the 5 Samurai Storm Rangers.Now only one remains

After Dana Mitchells father stepped down from his helm of Captain a new Captain took over.Ryan Mitchell was not dead.Making him the new captain he created a new style of morpher.The Overdrive Phones were originally meant to be for a new group of teens but since none fit the descrpition Ryan had to improvise.He found the remaining Samurai Storm Rangers and took him to the Aqua Base.The Rangers was given new Powers and New Zords thus ending the Era of Samurai Storm.Now The beginning of a New Journey is here.Who will win The War for Earth?The Rangers or The Demons.Plus who will be the 4 new Rangers

Here are the Specs of this RPG


Red:Joseph McLendon,played by Breaker
Black:James "JT" Taylor played by Gold Zeo Ranger
Blue:Leonardo Silvermane,played by Austin St.John
Yellow:Natalia Griffin
Pink:Marylou Devis,played by Andrassie

This Ranger will come in Later on
Silver:Lee Edwards,played by Kain

Here are the weapons

Red:Overdrive Staff
Black:Overdrive Hammer
Blue:Overdrive Gyro
Yellow:Overdrive Shovels
Pink:Overdrive Aqua Blaster
Silver:Overdrive Tracker/Laser
All but Silver:Overdrive Lasers/Sabers

Here are the Zords
Red:Overdrive Loader
Black:Overdrive Racer
Blue:Overdrive Flyer
Yellow:Overdrive Dozer
Pink:Overdrive Sub
Silver:Siren Fire Zord,Siren Rescue Zord,Siren Police Zord

Joseph McLendon

The aftermath in Reefside was tough.Joseph looked on as everyone tried to get their live's in order."Okay I can tell everything is going according to plan."Joseph said as he helped helped Tommy free someone from a collapsed building.The Samurai Storm Rangers have just destroyed Lothor,but lost their powers.After Joseph and Tommy freed the family Joseph pulled Tommy to the side and said"Tommy,I'm seriously thinking about moving from Reefside."

Tommy looked at his cousin and asked him"Joseph are you sure that's what you want?"Joseph smiled and said,"Yeah I think it is what I want but I am willing to stay if needed."Joseph decided to stay in Reefside and help finish repairing the city.

Some Time Later

"Mariner Bay here I come."Joseph said to himself as he left Reefside.I wonder if Mariner Bay will be any better than Reefside.Joseph thought to himself as he made his way to Mariner Bay.Joseph looked on as 5 Power Rangers rushed past him to stop a fire."At least I don't have to worry about saving the world here."Joseph laughed to himself.

Chromium Ranger
09-06-2006, 01:37 PM
Natalia Griffin

Natalia rubbed her eyes as a siren rushed past on the street below her window. Getting up slowly, she looked out the window as the power rangers rushed to stop yet another fire. She yawned and passed her roommate and best friend's room, knocking on the door. "Gen, get your lazy bum out of that bed and get ready. Work starts in an hour," Nat told her friend as she was buried under a pile of pillows and sheets. Gen just groaned and turned on her other side, mumbling nonsense. "Gee, and I wonder just how you were made manager of the diner," Nat grinned, slamming the door loudly, earning a curse from the occupant inside the room.

Nat took a quick shower and changed into the godawful uniforms they had to work in and headed downstairs to drink her morning cup of tea. She had never like the bitterness of coffee, and tea kept her up just as well. She read the paper as she listened to Gen roll out of bed and get ready for work. After several loud thumps, Nat put down her paper and looked up at the ceiling. "Everything all right, Gen?" she asked worriedly. A sudden scream knocked Nat out of her peaceful state. She ran up the stairs, two by two and finally ended up at Gen's room, where she was staring into the drawer, unable to take her eyes away from the horrific sight. Inside was a dead rose with maggots crawling in and out of it. Disgusted, Nat swept the rose into an empty trash bag and threw it onto the pile of trash. "Gen, are you all right?" she asked with a motherly tone.

Gen Mace nodded and continued to get ready for work. "Thanks, Nat," she smiled sheepishly. "I'd better get ready for work. We need to be there in less than half an hour." Nat rolled her eyes and eased back into the playful banter the two shared. "Well, if you'd gotten up when I told you to, we'd be there already," she teased. Gen sighed in mock irritation. "Nat, Nat, Natalia Griffin. That's what's the best part of being the boss," she winked mischeivously. Nat threw a pillow at Gen's overdramatic performance and told her to hurry up. Finally they were on their way to work. They walked out of the small flat they shared and started walking through the city.

Gold Zeo Ranger
09-06-2006, 04:18 PM
James "JT" Taylor

After the carnage that was inflicted on the city that was once known as the beautiful Reefside, James found himself awakening from being knocked out by a large piece of debris that landed over his head. James was buried in the debris, but it wasn't enough to kill him or injure him in a major way. Before the attack on Reefside, James was in his garage fixing up his car that was once there, but is now totalled due to the attacks. Coughing a bit, James sits up, pushing a plank of wood off of him. He rubs his eyes and looks around to see nothing but devistation everywhere. His garage was totally destroyed and his car was on fire. Smudges of black was on James' face, his clothes were torn and dirty as he got up to his feet and looked around. "Man.. Whoever attacked Reefside really meant business.." said James with a rugged voice. He then walks outside of his garage and looks up at the sky, seeing nothing but mixes of smoke and the clear blue sky that was through the smoke. It was indeed a darkening day for Reefside. Suddenly James felt a vibration in the pocket of his pants. He looks down to his pocket and digs into it, pulling out his cell phone. "I'm suprised this thing still works.." said James, before his flips it open and puts it to his ear. "Hello?" asked James speaking into the phone.

Heavy breathing and a scream was heard over the phone. "HELLO?!" asked James raising his voice into the phone with a slight concern heard in it. Coughing sounded before the caller spoke into the phone. "JT.. Help.. I'm trapped in a building.. I don't know who to call. The firefighters are on the way, but I don't think I am going to make it before they get here. You are the only one that stays close enough to my building." cried the voice over the phone. James looked around a bit to see if there were any firetrucks going past his home, but there were none. "D*mn nothing.. Tamia you hold on, I'll be there in a second." said James. He then closed the cell phone and put it back into his pocket. James looked around a bit, not knowing whether to go right or left. He was apparently thinking about what method of transportation he should use to get to Tamia's home. Finally a thought came into mind. James ran into his partly destroyed home and ran into a room where things were scattered all over the floor. All except a dirt bike, that James was fixing up on his spare time. He has never riden it before.. Which would explain why it was in the house and why it was so clean. James hopped onto the dirt bike and turned it into the direction of the door. It was a straight shot from that room he was in and the front door.

"I hope this thing works." said James before he attempted to crank the motor. After the first try to crank the dirt bike, the motor began to run and James sped off out of the room, through the front door, and out into the yard, where finally he would reach the streets. "Hold on Tamia, I'm coming." said James as he was speeding through the streets of Reefside. After about a 5 minute trip, James was finally at Tamia's apartment building. The fire was blazing through the windows of an apartment in the building. "Man! Nothing is going my way today!" said James as he aproached the building. Just as James was about to enter the burning building, a loud voice of command stopped him. "Hey! Where do you think you're going?!" asked the Firefighter Captain. James turned around and saw that the Fire Department has just arrived on the scene. "Look man, my best friend is up there... Now yall was too slow and I told that girl that I was on my way up there. So I'm going up in there to get her. Yall was too slow.. Now if you'll excuse me.." said James before he turned around and hesitantly went into the burning building. "Hey.. HEY!!! Someone go in there and stop that guy, before he gets himself killed. If there is one thing I hate.. It's a guy without proper training in the field, trying to be a hero." said the Firefighter Captain. Meanwhile inside of the building.. James began to climb up the stairs, using one hand to hold his shirt over his nose and the other to feel on the wall. "TAMIA!!!" yelled James as he looked around. James' eyes were burning from the smoke and his body felt like he was just a few inches away from the fire.. It was hot in that building and if both James and Tamia didn't get out of that building soon, they were going to be in this weeks obituaries. "TAMIA!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!" James called out again as he went further up the stairs. "JT!!! I'M IN HERE.. HURRY!!!" shouted Tamia.

Once up to the top, James dropped to the floor and began to crawl his way to Tamia, keeping his hand on the wall and his nose covered. James crawled into a room and began to sweep the floor with his leg to see if Tamia was in the room. The smoke kept James from seeing anything at all. James called to Tamia once more. "TAMIA!!!" he shouted again. "OVER HERE!!!" Tamia shouted back. James crawled over to the sound of Tamia's voice, but was halted for the moment, by an flaming plank of wood that fell to the floor and began burning it slowly. James saw the plank of burning wood and stood up to a crouching level. He then ran over to Tamia and hugged her. "I gotcha.. Now lets get out of here." said James followed by a few coughs. Tamia nodded before the two began to make their way out of the room and to the stairs. James used the same method he used to get upstairs, to go back down stairs. Tamia saw James and did the same. The two went down the stairs safely and were about to escape the burning building until a large piece of burning wood fell down, blocking the doorway. "We're trapped!" shouted Tamia. "The hell we are." said James before he stood up and began kicking hard at the wood, but it was no use, the wood wasn't budging. "Okay.. We're trapped!" shouted James.

Suddenly a large human figure with a mask on breathing like Darth Vadar, showed up to the right of James and Tamia. It was a Firefighter! "The hell you are trapped! Follow me this way.. I'll get you out." said the Firefighter as he lead the way to the exit. Both James and Tamia followed the Firefighter out to the back of the apartment building where there was an Emergency Exit. The three went through the door and out into the street where Paramedics have stationed an medical triage. Moments later James was covered up in a towel with Tamia, while sitting on the back of an ambulance looking up at the flames. The two were given clean oxygen, because of them being inside of the burning building for too long. The firefighter captain walks over to the two and looks to James. "What in the world were you thinking, son? You could have gotten yourself killed." said the Firefighter Captain. James took his oygen mask off and looked up to the Firefighter Captain. "Well it was a sacrifice I had to take.. My best friend was in there and I wasn't gonna let her die, because you're too lazy to get up off of your butt to come here on time!" said James standing up looking to the Firefighter Captain. "Listen here, you..." said the Firefighter Captain, until a female Police Officer held the two back. "There will be no fighting here.. This young man did a good justice.. Isn't that right, James..." said the Female Police Officer.

The voice of the female police officer's voice echoed a bit in James' head until it stopped and James was waking up in his bed, with Tamia over him with her hair very wild and a long sleeping pink t-shirt on that read "Goodnight" on the front. "James!" said Tamia. James was shaken a bit before he completely woke up. "What?!" asked James looking around. "You're gonna be late for work.. What's wrong with you.. Have a bad dream?" asked Tamia. James got up out of bed, shirtless, with his sleep pants on. He walked into the bathroom and turned the water on before he looked into the mirror. "Nah.. It wasn't a bad dream or nothing.. I was just dreaming about what happened to us and the city a few months back. That was some crazy stuff.." said James. Tamia began to make up the bed but continued to talk to James. "Well you know what they say.." said Tamia before James finished the statement with her. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." said both James and Tamia. "Yeah, yeah.. I know.. But I still can't get the fact that we were attacked.. By what though?" asked James as he prepared to brush his teeth. Tamia finished up on making the bed and sat on it. "Some say that it was another military trying to get revenge on the United States." said Tamia as she took a comb out of the drawer and began to comb her hair straight.

James finished brushing his teeth and washing his face. He then walked out of the bathroom and over to the closet as he began to get his clothes out for work, but at the same time he continued to talk to Tamia. "Nah Tamia, I don't think that some military inflicted that much damage on Reefside without anyone knowing anything about it.. Uh uh.." said James as he got his clothes and went back into the bathroom to change, closing the door behind him. "The what do you suppose it is, JT? Another monster, just like the ones we saw in Angel Grove.. The ones that the Power Rangers used to fight in thier big machine. I don't believe it JT." said Tamia as she continued to comb her hair. "I don't think it's a big monster either.. But I do think that it's one of those evil creeps that used to be around here. Have you heard of the Power Rangers of Reefside?" asked James as he continued to get dressed. Tamia finished combing her hair and put the comb down. She then grabbed the remote and turns on the Television. "No I have never heard of the Power Rangers of Reefside before.. I didn't even know that there we Power Rangers outside of Angel Grove." said Tamia. "Yeah, there are Power Rangers here in Reefside. My brother used to know this guy.. He was really good friends with him.. I think his name is Tommy, Tommy Oliver.." said James.

Tamia perked up a bit at the sound of Tommy's name. "Yeah I've heard of him before! He's a doctor now.. Did you know that he grew up in Angel Grove?" asked Tamia. The bathroom door swings open as James is fully dressed for work, wearing black jeans, a tucked out white polo shirt with the company name on it, and some white Reebok Classic sneakers. James walks over to Tamia and sits beside her on the bed and ties up his shoes. "Yeah, my brother hung out with him in school.. Anyways.. People say that this Tommy guy knows the Rangers.. Some say that he was even a ranger before. But none know if it's true or not. I think that the same evil guy or one of them that the Power Rangers used to fight around here in Reefside, has come back to take over and isn't too happy that the Power Rangers defeated him." said James. Tamia hits James in the arm. "JT that's crazy, man.. You need to stop watching all of those horror flicks." said Tamia. James stands up and grabs his keys and wallet off of the nightstand that is bedside his bed. "No.. I'm serious. Anyways I gotta go to work. Gimme some love.." said James as he held his arms out for a hug. Tamia gets up off the bed and hugs her friend goodbye. "So JT, what time are you gonna be home tonight so we can go chill at the opening of the new movie theater?" asked Tamia.

"I think I'm getting off at around five o'clock.. I'll give you a buzz when I'm on the way home." said James as he walked out of the room. "Alright then JT. You have a good day at work." said Tamia. "You too" James replied before he walked over to the door leading to the garage and opened it. Once out in the garage James looked at his black tricked-out Mitsubishi Eclipse. "Woo hoo hoo.. Ah man, baby thank you for insurance! I got my baby back and it is now better than ever.. HA HA!!!" said James in rejoice as he pressed a button on his car key and it caused the car to start up by itself. The music began to thud through the speakers and the inside of the car as it started up. James turned around and closed the door to the house and locked it. He then walked over to his car and opened the door. When he did this, the music that was already playing inside began to sound more clearly and loudly. James got into the car and closed the door behind him. He then put the key into the ignition, pressed the garage door opener, put his shades on that he got from the storage compartment, and drove out into the driveway. The sky was clear and blue and the weather wasn't too hot or cold, it was just perfect. James rolled down his windows and pushed the garage door opener once more to close it. He the sped off into the street to go to work. As the engine roared while James was driving the car, James grinned. "Yea baby! I hooked this thang up! Woo!" shouted James as he drove off, going to work.

((I know it's long but it's been a while since I rped and I loved the story. Lol))

09-06-2006, 07:55 PM
Marylou Devis

Marylou woke up with a start after a nth dream of her foster father beating her. She didn't dream about it as often as when she was younger but she had always been afraid that one day he will find her and charged her for running away. Obviously it was only a stupid fear because she knew that the Jackman had not even warned the police, she really wondered why they had come look for her in the orphalina while they didn't even like her.

Looking at her alarm clock Marylou noticed that she should already be awake for more than 15 minutes, she thus went in the bathroom and took a shower. Returning in her room, she opened her closet and brought out a jeans Levi's 501, a pale pink halter top and a white pair of Buffalo shoes with pink flames.

Once dressed she went downstairs to have breakfast and found Marissa always at table.

"'Morning Nana."

She says putting down one kisses on Marissa's cheek, she took a bowl of coffee in which she added some milk and put two taost in roasted.

"Good morning Mary, you're late this morning."

"Yeah I didn't hear the alarm clock but I don't much have to do today anyway."

"You heard the fireman or not?"

"Yeah as I was going out of the shower, I hope that it's not too grave" Marylou had took her toast and sat in front of Marissa. "I'm going to go in town, you want that I do something for you?"

"Yes that you buy to yourself a dress"

Marylou smiles to the remark, obviously she had dresses and skirts in her closet but Marissa was of the old school and always said ' pants are for the boys '. Taking a last sip in her bowl Mary put down the whole in the dishwasher, gave a goodbyekiss upon the cheek of Marissa, she grabbed then her bag shoulder strap which she left at the foot of the staircase and says before going out.

"I would return at about 5:30 pm, I have my cell if ever you want to join me, see you!"

Closing the door Marylou perceived of the corner of the eye the bus which she had to take past by her, she thus began running to join the bus-stop before it passes, it's breathless that she reached there, resuming her breath before taking her ticket, she smiles to the driver. Finally she left to settle down in the end of the bus which took the direction of the town center.

King Kazma
09-07-2006, 03:13 AM
Leonardo 'Leo' Silvermane

The sound of piano music played sweetly through the large house, the clanging of pots and pans could be heard from the kitchen as the cook tried to prepare a breakfast fit for a king and the large flashes of light shot through the windows as sirens were going off "what the?" Leo questioned as he crawled to the end of his bed and pulled the alarm clock up to read '5:41 am' "man this is stupid...i should of bought a house in a quieter estate" he mumbled as he rolled off the bed and attempted to look around so he knew where the doorway was.

Leo was never really the 'prince' type and even though he had a large house and lots of money, his attitude still hadnt changed, nor had his mannerisms "breakfast ready?" he yelled to the butler who had already been up one hour and was shocked to see Leo walking around without clothing on 'sir you should get dressed' the butler suggested, Leo merely giggled and began slipping down the carpeted stairway in nothing more than a pair of blue boxers "that music is great..play it louder!" he yelled to the butler who sighed before turning the volume up.

He finally reached the last step and began pretending to do the waltz to the serene and sweet sound of the piano playing throughout everyroom in the house, Leo grabbed the maid and began swinging her around "sorry you have a job to do, so do i" he laughed before letting go off the maid who was blushing quiet frantically and heading for the dining room...Leo spotted a large chair at the end of the table along with a big folder full of daily schedules "really? work at 5 am!?" he yelled before sitting down and beginning to flick through the documents with a cup of fresh coffee in his hands.

2 hours later

"Crap im gonna be late!!" he screamed as he fastened up his shirt and ran out the front door, he then realised he had forgotten his breifcase "oh my god!" he continued to scream as he ran back in and took the case from his little brother "later bro.." he giggled as he jumped into the stretch limo and ordered the driver to head for the city - he had an important meeting that started at 8 and he wanted to be early so that he made a good impression "today is the day...the day we dominate the modelling world" he reassured himself.

Kamen Rider Build
09-07-2006, 04:46 AM
Joseph McLendon

Joseph continued his way into Mariner Bay."Man I wish Sarah could be here to see this."Joseph said to himself as he continued through the city to his house."Okay this must be the place.Cabbie stop here"Joseph said as he found his house.Joseph got out of the car and noticed his house already had appliances in it.This can't be my house.Joseph thought to himself as he brought his clothes inside.Just as Joseph started unpacking his phone rang.Joseph picked up the phone and asked"Hello,who is this?"

The voice said this in a phone"Are you Joseph McLendon,and if you are please step out the door.So Joseph did what was asked and walked outside."Who exactly are you,and what do you want with me?"Joseph asked the figure wearing a captains suit.The man in the suit lifted his head and it was Ryan Mitchell."Joseph I know you are a former ranger,and a master mechanic,so will you come with me please?"