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King Kazma
09-15-2006, 02:06 AM
Rebirth: Nature’s law


Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. - Isaac Asimov

As Zordon awaited Andros' final strike that would indeed save the entire universe, he thought back to the first words of wisdom that he blessed the mighty morphin' power rangers with "may the power protect you", back on the planet of Eltare Zordon's friend's and family gathered...they had finally found a way to free him from the time warp that kept him from any physical movement for many era's, but it required a power source that had been forbidden due to the amount of damage it could cause - there was no time to think so the people of Eltare did what they thought would be best and opened the box containing the shadow power coin...placing the coin in the machine, they prayed and watched in sadness as they thought they were too late, Andros shattered the tube and the world was suddenly purified from the tainted ones that once wished to make life so difficult for them.

Much to the Eltarian's surprise, Zordon appeared in a flash of light in front of them; younger, stronger and with a huge smile on his face, the energy from his spirited body had fused with the shadow power coin thus giving him the physical body of his 19 year old self once again.

His friend's and family cheered as they realised they had their wise and happy sage back, but with his restored youth the possibilities for Eltare were endless, with his knowledge the planet built skyscrapers bigger than earth could ever hope, have weapon systems beyond belief and not to mention the amount of other technological advances that the planet made in the mere few months with their new leader returned...although Eltare was rebuilt it wasn't like home and people soon started to notice that Zordon was going against many traditions with his clothing styles and teachings, they began to fear him and wherever he went they would lock their doors as they spotted the menacing grin on his face.

Zordon had fused with the evil power coin that everyone had feared so much for centuries, with his new abilities he slowly turned the planet into a zone filled with faceless minions that he liked to call 'craterites', they were filled with as much darkness as him and had the ability to fuse together, making monsters of mass destruction, Zordon finally spoke his first words “the universe is mine” and with that he sent his minion’s across the galaxy to spread fear in the name of the one man that everyone thought was their saviour.

Andros and Ashley are giving a group of teenager’s a tour of space in the delta megaship mark 2. (courtesy of the intellectuals of K035) when they notice a dark shroud surrounding a planet in the delta star system, they make a quick landing with the ship and go to investigate only to find that the man that Andros had tried to save, the one man that risked his life for the universe was in fact reborn and now on the side of evil, Andros move’s on the from the initial shock of the situation and morph’s once more into the red space ranger to defend his wife and passenger’s from the craterite’s and Zordon but they are too much and Ashley has to watch as her boyfriend is slaughtered before her very eye’s, she snatches the red rangers morpher up and is dragged to the megaship by the teenager’s that she was touring with…luckily the manage to get to safety but need help…Ashley decides to travel to Eltare at the edge of the galaxy to speak to Dimitria who may be the only one with answers…can they make it alive? find out in Rebirth!.

Ranger’s available:

Red space ranger - Hayden Cortez: Austin St. John
Pink space ranger -
Blue space ranger -
Yellow space ranger -
Black space ranger -
Silver space ranger -


Ashley Hammond (http://savmahn.tripod.com/ashley8.jpg)
D.E.C.A V2
TJ, Carlos and Cassie at various points.


Zordon (http://www.snugfitbottom.com/uploaded_images/c12_jpg-730979.jpg)

Ecliptor 2 (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-vi-ecliptor.jpg) - Zordon gave him his life back and he now serve's as the number one general.

Psycho rangers (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-vi-psycho.jpg) - Reborn and remade to be completely obedient and their goal is to take over the universe by Zordon's side.

Craterites (http://www.rovang.org/wg/pics/craterite.jpg)

More to come...


Astro morpher (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/digitizer.jpg) All normal ranger's

Digimorpher (http://www.herovsalien.com/ch1997b1.jpg) - Silver ranger

Spiral sabre (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-spiral.jpg) - Red

Lunar lance (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-lunar.jpg) - Black

Astro axe (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-astroaxe.jpg) - Blue

Star slinger (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-slinger.jpg) - Yellow

Satellite stunner (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-stunner.jpg) - Pink

Super silveriser (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-silverizer.jpg) - Silver

Astro blaster (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/pris-ar-astroblaster.jpg) - All

Galaxy gliders (http://www.rangercentral.com/images/spred.jpg) - All


1) This is not first come first serve, best bio win’s. (original bio’s please)
2) Take your time making your bio, there’s no rush so make sure that homework is done before you start writing it ;):P
3) This will probably be my last newly formed RPG as I will be leaving RT sometime next year and I know I’ve created way too many in the past.
4) Please pm or contact my via IM if you’re interested in the silver role.

Profile needed:

Age: (18-22)
Ranger designation:
Special skills: (just something that your character could do to contribute towards everyone, i.e. cooking, mechanics etc.)
Appearance: (picture please)
History: (2 paragraph’s minimum also add a little about )

My profile:

Name: Hayden Cortez

Age: 20

Personality: shy, proud, noble, caring…Hayden has a lot of good and bad traits that have shaped him to be the strong character people see only in fairy tales.

Weapon’s/Gear: Astro morpher, astro blaster, spiral sabre, galaxy glider and later on…battlizer.

Special skill’s: Expert with shuttle computer systems.

Appearance: http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/532/haydenfi0.png

History: Being the son of the navy commander Ian Cortez has it’s perks and it’s downers, all of them have been experienced by Hayden who from the age of 4 spent everyday of his life inside a top secret military base watching his father give out orders to soldiers, he would be awoken at 4 am along with the troops and have to sit and watch them firing rounds at targets, jogging around the base and skipping for hours on end, dispite the fact that he didn’t really get to play or sleep like normal children, Hayden didn’t know any better and thought it was part of a normal child’s life…until one day one of the nurse’s in the base bought her young daughter into the base to keep an eye on her due to the lack of babysitters in the small city, Hayden watched and noticed how the little girl acted so boisterous and loud despite the amount of times her mother told her to be quiet and that’s when it clicked that most children have lives outside of their parents work place.

Hayden finally snapped, he became so unruly that he was locked in his room for hours, this was a good thing for him though as he got to play with his only toy in the world so he continued to misbehave until one day his father took him to a large park and let him run around like a normal father would, Ian finally understood that his son needed to have a normal life so he hired a babysitter and let Hayden go to a public school…by the age of 17 he was a mature and popular student at his school with girls following him wherever he went, despite all the attention he still never had a girlfriend due to his shy nature and picky taste’s…Hayden wanted a girl who could stand on her own two feet, a girl that didn’t need to be rescued all the time.

When he finished high school, Hayden went on to work in the military base with his father and due to his amazing talents with computers was soon moved to NASADA space center where he helped send the power rangers into space in an attempt to save the world from the impending doom that they were face to face with, a few months after the space rangers defeated Astronema’s force’s, Hayden got an offer from his old friend Ashley Hammond to come aboard the new Delta Megaship and have a short tour in outer space, 5 other tickets were sent out to her other acquaintances…Hayden is now prepared for the journey of a lifetime.

King Kazma
09-16-2006, 11:07 PM
No taker's? :( oh dear.

Darkness Warior
09-18-2006, 03:14 AM
I sent you a pm, a couple of days ago, but guess you did not get it? anyway reserv me black, I'll have the profial up by the end of today

and hear it is

Name: Natasha Carlson

Age: 22

Personality: Bubbly, easily excitable, extremely random

Ranger designation: Black Space Ranger

Weapons/Gear: Lunar lance, Astro morpher, astro blaster, Galaxy Glider

Special skills: a 2nd degree black belt in tishindo, and 4th degree black belt in jujitsu, and a champion surfer

Appearance: http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d136/Folcan/al30f.jpg

History: if there was one word that could describe Natasha it would be wired, throughout her life, she has always stood out, weather this is a good or bad thing that is up to whoever is observing her, to people under 18 she is a funny, person who is always able to bring a smile to a persons face, but to people over 18 she is an immature little brat, that refuses to grow up.

Natasha was born in a moderately rich suburban family, her father was a journalist for News week and because of this was sent around the globe and was often not at home, around the age of 6 Natasha’s ‘weirdness’ started to show she started to eat past, as well as start collecting bugs as pets, now this in itself was not weird, her mother throughout so she decided that it was just a stage, but as Tasha got older she got weirder and weirder, she started to break into schools, she did not take anything, but she did rearrange the furniture and then sat at her desk for however long it was until the school day started, so whenever her teachers came into school, she was always found sitting there, her teachers throughout this was a sign of eagerness, but whenever they called on her in class she would stutter out an answer, extremely aware that she was in the spotlight.

Living right next to the beach also has had an affect on Natasha, weather for good or bad again that is for the person asking to judge, when she was 5 she started taking surfing classes, and soon became a local ledged on the waves, she had a natural talent, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and that end came in the shape of a dangerous rip tide, pulling Natasha out to see, and having her left leg being bitten almost in half by a white shark, because of this incident she has never gone near the water, or even a surfboard for 7 years.

Eventually this nervousness to speak out became to much for her, and she had to drop out of high school, but her education did not stop there, she devoured books, and quickly was up to the standards of sophomores in collage by the time she was 17, she eventually just decided to leave the earth and she new just how to do that, she had herd that in the (where is this taking place?) that a space ship would be leaving for the outer planetary systems, Natasha couldn’t wait and enrolled in the NASADA program, where she slowly learnt and mastered two martial arts, she has also started to over come her fear of the water, and slowly but sorely becoming moor and moor familiar with it.

When she herd that the legendry space ranger Ashley Hammond, was recruiting for a mission into space she jumped at the chance, this was after all the reason she had joined NASADA so she plunged hole heartedly into her training,