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Power Rangers - Faithful Saviours
It?s the year 2010 and the world is highly adept in technology nowadays and learning Self Defense Tactics against frequent monster invasions. However, the Power Rangers are always still around to help them if need be, or so they thought....

Disaster struck. An alien who goes under the alias of Kraken launched a devastating attack on various cities of America. Angel Grove, Mariner Bay, Silver Hills, Turtle Cove, Blue Bay Harbour, Reefside and Briarwood. Most of the rangers had either moved away or had lost their powers so they couldn?t do anything to help.

Eventually, these cities were captured. While the world lives a fairly normal life, these cities are falling victim to the alien force that is only known as the Black Armageddon. The world, finding a mysterious absence in Power Rangers soon lost faith in them and now universally despise them. The government refused to help them because they thought that was the Power Rangers job, they?re perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, just relied on the Rangers.

In downtown Doomerf City, Archeologists manage to stumble upon a strange relic that unleashes a mentor. Princess Rhianna. Her world was under attack and she commanded five warriors with the elements being combined with music. To this day, she learns of evil infecting the world once more and seeks out six teenagers to help her. She also learns to update the powers to suit today?s modern taste in music.

Uniform Descriptions: (will get an image of the uniforms eventually)
The Rangers?Helmets are decorated in their colour, and their visors are instruments or symbols you?d associate with their type of music. They look rather similar to the Mystic Force Uniforms with the capes, but the body just comprises of golden stripes in a cross similar to the Lightspeed Rescue Uniforms.

Rangers Available:
/Red Musical Defense Ranger (Preferrably Female. Rock Music, Light Metal. Fire Element)
/Blue Musical Defense Ranger (Blues Music Power, Wind Element)
Alan Flawnt/Green Musical Defense Ranger (Country Music, Earth Element) - Me
/Pink Musical Defense Ranger (Pop and Trance, Ice Element)
/Black Musical Defense Ranger (Thunder Element, Heavy Metal, Emo Music)

The remaining ranger roles aren?t Gender specific but it?s preferred to have at least two females on the team.

To Come in Later:
/Gold Musical Defense Ranger (Rap, Solar)
/Purple Musical Defense Ranger (Female, Soul Genre, Shares the Wind Element with the Blue Ranger)

Other roles:
Princess Rhianna (played by me)
Your Ranger can have at least one close friend that finds out and tries to help them, they can go here.
Jason Lee Scott - (yes, the original Red Ranger is helping the music rangers out)

Newscaster 1 - (Male) (if you want this role, PM me with a practice post. Basically, in this role, you twist whatever the Power Rangers have done to make it seem bad and do it in a tongue and cheek fashion, if I think you can pull this role off, you?re in)

Newscaster 2 - (Female) Same, but this one can be either be more serious about it or more humourous, whichever you choose.

DPD - Police Department of the City, they?re not on the villians side, they?re not on the Rangers? side either. I?ll control them mainly but if anyone needs them for an event contact me and I?ll arrange it with you.

Kraken - (Played by me)
Ravenor (Henchman of Kraken but is strong in his or her own right. Can be whatever Gender you wish but PM me to see if you can be evil enough with a practice post)
Horsemen - Half Horse, one part demon, one part vampire, the rest human. Footsoldiers. Played by everyone.

Red -
Guitar Blaster (can change into a sword mode)
Battilizer (it will come in later)

Saxophone Grappiling Hook (Can use it to pull enemies towards him/her)

Leaf Cannon (modelled like a Banjo, fire it and objects such as leaves you relate to the Earth element shoot out like Shrukiens)

Trance Stunner (looks like a cross between Tori?s Sonic Fin and Cassie?s Satellite Stunner, shoots out a blast that either stuns enemies or knocks them down for the count)

Black -
Axe Saber



Harmonic Morpher (imagine a small wrist morpher that?s shaped in the form of the Ranger?s element, upon pressing a button it turns into a keypad. Theypress another button on the morpher and it activates)

The Harmonic Cycles -
Originally magic carpet style weapons that the original rangers used to travel from place to place to tune of their music, Rhianna has converted these into motorcycles for the modern day Rangers to use. Basically they?re modelled like Ducati motorcycles, but each of them are modelled in a Ranger?s colour

Music Blasters:
Normal Guns. Just work the same as Blasters.


Red: Red Lion
Blue: Blue Dolphin
Green: Green Crocodile
Pink: Pink Monkey
Black: Black Panther
Gold: Gold Cheetah
Purple: Purple Hawk

Harmony Megazord

Ranger-Relation: (Optional but if you have one please state, can be a relative from all series that have aired apart from PRSPD)
(NOTES: No Applications for Gold Ranger yet, just PM me if you want me to consider you but I won?t be reserving)
Biography: Now with this, try and keep them as realistic as possible while accomplishing somethings. I don?t want aliens from the future or anything like that, just ordinary teens.
Special Ability: Your Ranger has an attack he/she can use while not in morph that relates to their type of music or element unmorphed. You can have one of these.
Ranger Friend That Knows Who They Are: They can find out who you are in the RPG.
Morph Sequence:
(NAME) opens the covering on their morpher, the instrument covering moves aside to reveal a keypad. He/She points it up in the air before bringing it back down again and pressing the button.

"Past Offense, Musical Defense!"

They press the button in the morpher and he/she is covered in a (RANGER COLOUR) Flash as their element and their music begin to surround them. They move their arms up in the air as his/her Ranger Suit begins to form on them as their element covers them like a towel. Their helmet then does the same, covering them in a (RANGER COLOUR) flash before (NAME) appears in the dimension in their full Ranger Suit. They strike a pose as he/she returns to reality.

This is not first come first served. Best Bio gets in.

NOTES: Think of this like the "Batman Begins" or "Superman Returns" of PR. Try and keep things as realistic as PR will allow you. I?ll post an example bio later.

Seeing as this is realistic, I will let your Rangers do evil things even though they are on the side of good, but expect consequences. But do anything majorly out of control and I will eliminate you from this RPG.

The age of the characters must be from 18-20.

Don't act like your god. You must take hits otherwise this will be a boring role-play which we don't

If you want a plotline that involves another player like a romance plotline, get their permission first.

3-4 sentences per post also

TBD- To Be Determined or Your choice

Have Fun

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your bio is your biography and your name does not go with the rangers general theme

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it helps him get the picture cause he has faithful saviors yet it is based on music

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