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Gold Mystic Ranger
11-05-2006, 02:48 AM
Story: You wake up in the Digital World after blacking out at (insert wherever you were here) You look around and realized you're not on Earth anymore. You also notice that you've got a weird device in your hand. This is where you meet your Digimon, you may or may not know that he/she is your Digimon, but in the end, the first Digi ya meet shall be yours.

Alex (Gold Ranger)
Hikaru Satoshi (MagiShine)
Eddy Stuart (FireRanger)
Derrik (OmegaPink)
Sam Grey (GreenMysticRanger)
Zan Mahmood (Red Dragon)

Leomon (Gold Ranger)
Terrermon (MagiShine)
Veemon (Fireranger)
Tapirmon (OmegaPink)
Guilmon (GreenMysticRanger)
Agumon (red dragon)

Trust (Gold Ranger)
Hope (MagiShine)
Determination (FireRanger)
Mystery (OmegaPink)
Destiny (GreenMysticRanger)
Courage (Red Dragon)

- No GodModding. You and your Digimon can get hurt.
- Relationships are allowed but don't make the whole RPG about it.
- Pay attention to other peoples post. Don't wander off.
- I want good roleplayers here.
- I only want people who knows a lot about Digimon to join this RPG. Don't join if you never saw Digimon.
- No rushing the plot.
-If you wish, please put all of your Digimon's Digivolutions.
-Shadow Digimon shall be your Digimon's evil copy.
-Please have fun.
-No cussing or sexual remarks.

This is not the RPG thread. This is for questions and discussion only. Thank you.

red dragon
11-05-2006, 03:06 AM
is there gonna be some one to guide us, like genai what was his name.

Gold Mystic Ranger
11-05-2006, 07:08 AM
Our digimon shall guide us.

red dragon
11-05-2006, 06:54 PM

imported_imported_fire ranger
11-19-2006, 12:44 AM
why is no one posting? dont let the rpg die already!