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Red Turbo Ranger
11-06-2006, 03:04 PM
For any one who has questions or comments about this rpg.

Red Turbo Ranger
11-14-2006, 12:18 PM
Here is the plot/synopsis for any one that is interested in the rpg.

*Think of it as my little advertisment for the rpg*

Synopsis/Plot: Ever since Mystic Force, Earth has been pretty peaceful and calm, but just as no one in the "Surface World" knew about the Great War of the Mystics, no one knew about the Legendary Dragon Slayers. When a World parallel to Earth, called Rushor, was attacked five thousand years ago, five of Rushor's greatest warriors, known as the Oxor Clan but more known to everybody as the Great Warriors, fought against the darkest evil known to the universe, called Necrux Dragon Clan. Led by their leader, Mizor who is a Dragon of Dark energy, had the power to destroy any thing they wanted. The Greatest Warriors fought a hard battle against the Necrux Dragon Clan and eventually won, but lost their lives and powers in the battle destroying the Necrux Dragon Clan. Five thousand years later, a dark warrior, named Hazor, rises in Rushor and using his powers he resurects the Necrux Dragon Clan. Mizor decides to make his target Earth and heads there in hope of taking control of it. His plan seems perfect as no one can stop him, except the one warrior of light, named Zach, who uses his powers to bring back to the life the powers of the Dragon Slayers. Using his power he converts the Dragon Slayers normal energy power to what humans call "Power Ranger" power. Then Zach seeks five ordinary teenagers (between ages 15-19) to use the Dragon Slayer power and save the World by becoming Dragon Slayers. Though can theese teenagers defeat Mizor and the Necrux Dragon Clan, or will they crumble at the Powers of darkness?