1. Late Night Ranting. (Should be constructing next paper.)

    normally at this time of the night, I'm asleep but it's alluding me on this day. I'm five days from my next paper being due and I've reached a crossroad. I think my muses have finally quit as I struggle to compose my latest assignment. Instead, I'm sitting at my desktop whom I call beastly, typing this out. I am procrastinating but I can not bring myself to care at this precise moment. I am on vacation for the next couple of days from work, (holiday planning has gone wrong) except it has become
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  2. Another one bites the dust.

    1:08 am.

    I should be sleeping but it alludes me as usual. I work in the morning and with this new position, I should really be trying to get my hours in. My minds racing and even now I'm wondering if I have what it takes to succeed in this new role I've been cast in. At first, I was over the moon with excitement. Now I fear I may have taken on much more than I can chew. My life is no longer my own and I feel as if I live at work but on the plus side, it's more responsibilities. Just ...
  3. Writing Contest...piece one. Thoughts?

    Oui, someone help me. I’m surrounded by ijits.”
    “Stop talk to yourself. People think you’re crazy.” His ear piece crackled to life as Jordan answered his plea for help.
    Emmet shook his head, moving deeper into the room of people. Right hand twitched, eager to reach into his hostler and take out everyone, including his target. The sane part of him reminded him if he did that he’d be an enemy of the country. Too many people invading his personal bubble. Woman and their overly done make ...
  4. Bloodline- Revamped 2017.

    author's Note: This is just an excerpt of a story idea that's been stuck in my head for awhile. it's not taking away from the awesome game that was once on this board. Just had down time at work and well this came to me.

    Ryan sat at her desk, music filled the room. She checked her email again. Nothing except spam and one from Clark. The very same Clark who she saw every day. She sighed, ran a hand through her hair. Then she placed her hands onto the keyboard, and began to compose ...
  5. Bio Writing.

    Boy, I'm glad I am off tomorrow if not I'd be in a lot of trouble. I always thought writing characters was easy. At least for me, when I was younger it was simple. Now as I am older, I find that I am picky about what I write, how it's phrased, the structuring of the sentence and if it makes sense.

    I miss where it was easy to just throw a character together and see her or him come to life on her own. Now a constant worry is if there is enough depth. If my character is believable, is ...
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