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  1. My New Beginning

    I admit I had a shaky past but in my eyes those days are long over. I am over my old issues with those I did have issues with. If they aren't over their issues with me its their own problem....not mine. My life has changed a lot in the past several years. I am glad to still have my BFF by my side supporting me as well as my online family who I mainly see on FB.

    I do roleplay but only with one certain person. We mainly roleplay original stories for now. I am not ready to go fully ...
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  2. I Am Just Curious On Here

    I Am Just Curious On Here

    I am just curious. If you have any problem with me doing things on here. If you have any problem with the things that I am doing with RPG on here. Please leave me a comment on this blog. I want us to find a way to work it out so I can do the things better and be a better person on this site.
  3. The Official MMPR Reboot Movie Discussion Thread

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    Charlie Chaplin as Squatt and Baboo.
  4. Why is Chicken Parmesan called Chicken Parmesan?

    So, considering that the main cheese that many people use for this is Mozzarella, I have to ask this question just as I asked everyone else. Why is it called Chicken Parmesan instead of Chicken Mozzarella? The closest I got is that there is a little bit of Parmesan in it, and it sounded better. But honestly, I don't think that's the case, and here's why... America loves to be the country that renames stuff just for the fun of it. Don't believe me? What sport is the World Cup played in?... What do ...
  5. Castle Doran Productions

    1.- "The (Re)Introductuion" or "How i survived the Fairy Tale End"

    Greetings and salutations from the land beyond the Happily Ever After

    When real life hits it pounds, between getting more work and the plans i had for China it left me with the unfortunate chance of not being able to keep up with my posts. Some of you gave their best and i was honored by their craft in my games, so you have the right as well to know what happened and why. ...
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