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  1. Late Night Ranting. (Should be constructing next paper.)

    normally at this time of the night, I'm asleep but it's alluding me on this day. I'm five days from my next paper being due and I've reached a crossroad. I think my muses have finally quit as I struggle to compose my latest assignment. Instead, I'm sitting at my desktop whom I call beastly, typing this out. I am procrastinating but I can not bring myself to care at this precise moment. I am on vacation for the next couple of days from work, (holiday planning has gone wrong) except it has become
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  2. Another one bites the dust.

    1:08 am.

    I should be sleeping but it alludes me as usual. I work in the morning and with this new position, I should really be trying to get my hours in. My minds racing and even now I'm wondering if I have what it takes to succeed in this new role I've been cast in. At first, I was over the moon with excitement. Now I fear I may have taken on much more than I can chew. My life is no longer my own and I feel as if I live at work but on the plus side, it's more responsibilities. Just ...
  3. Some Decisions Made

    Hi everybody. After the explosion made and I was unjustly treated several days ago I was forced to make some decisions. The most obvious is I won't be returning to roleplaying. Instead I will be opening a new writing site. I will later be recruiting staff. While I will be continuing watching PR as long as the seasons are good, I won't be posting on here much or on RC.
  4. My Truth

    I won't sit back and say I wasn't angry about last night. I was very angry. Truth is I felt I was given the shaft over a really good idea. I needed to do it tool

    I will also now say the other reason why. For the past few weeks my health has been going downhill and after my last doctor's appointment I had to get more bloodwork done to find out what was going on. I can say now that its not what they thought it was. In fact it has actually been the upside. Now I have to go in for another ...
  5. RPG Curious

    Hi There. I've been curious about some things. One of them is about the RPG that I created and doing with other people and the Other deal with the site that I created. I wonder if I did something wrong to the both of them that not getting some people to join them.

    To the people that are on here: I am just curious. Did any of you join my RPG in the past? If so, what is the name of your characters that you play in my past RPG?

    I am also just curious. Just please take ...
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