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  1. The Truth

    I kept this to myself but will now let everyone know. I went into a depression not just because of Vinnie's death. A month or two after he died, my mom's younger sister(my aunt) who I was very close to passed away unexpectedly after being sick for a long time. I never actually dealt with it because I was so busy trying to stay strong for my family.
  2. Bloodline- Revamped 2017.

    author's Note: This is just an excerpt of a story idea that's been stuck in my head for awhile. it's not taking away from the awesome game that was once on this board. Just had down time at work and well this came to me.

    Ryan sat at her desk, music filled the room. She checked her email again. Nothing except spam and one from Clark. The very same Clark who she saw every day. She sighed, ran a hand through her hair. Then she placed her hands onto the keyboard, and began to compose ...
  3. Hi Guys!

    As most of you guys already know, I was offline again for awhile. This was due to personal issues. Yes, my family and I are fine. Well, despite our car being in the shop again. It broke down last Friday when we were returning from Sheetz(getting some dinner). Anyway, its all worked out now so we're back online. I will be around when I'm not busy.
  4. Bio Writing.

    Boy, I'm glad I am off tomorrow if not I'd be in a lot of trouble. I always thought writing characters was easy. At least for me, when I was younger it was simple. Now as I am older, I find that I am picky about what I write, how it's phrased, the structuring of the sentence and if it makes sense.

    I miss where it was easy to just throw a character together and see her or him come to life on her own. Now a constant worry is if there is enough depth. If my character is believable, is ...
  5. Just an idea.

    Guardian. Protector. First born. I was the Dove. Created by the unwavering love of the Eagle and Phoenix. Birds of legends, rangers of grand strength. It was decreed I was to be the one to surpass them. Their successor except I failed all. My own kin killed my parents, as I stood frozen in shock....their blood coats both our hands. His as he ended their life without remorse, mine because I failed to kill him. Now he's gone off grid and myself? I am done. Who I destiny no longer aligns with ...

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