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  1. Power Rangers RPG Forum

    Hi There.

    I didn't know where to post this at. So I am posting it here as a blog. This is the other site that I am on beside this one.

    Are any of you into doing or being a part of Power Rangers RPG? The RPG that I do is more like a putting story together with other people.

    I am invited you to come join the site that I am on. The site named is Power Rangers RPG Forum. I am the Global Moderator on there. I mostly do Power Rangers RPG (Role Playing Game)
    Katie Wallace
  2. Past Two Days of...Well Not Good

    Anymore I discuss these things with a friend of mine offline but this is different. You see, the local police here in my hometown have been on a Man Hunt for the past two days for a killer. I learned today that the guy killed his girlfriend because she was safely keeping their son from him. He was hurting the kid and she feared for his safety. He put multiple bullets in her and then took off toward this area. He was caught one street down from where I currently live. He was heading in this direction. ...
  3. New Update

    My family and I are preparing to move. It is truly crazy around here and two of us are sick with colds still. I am praying we are able to get over them soon. I hate being sick.
  4. #engaged

    So, turns out turning 33 isn't that bad...even when you show up to your own surprise birthday party unknowing the party is for you! Also, turns out, a surprise birthday party isn't as fabulous as a day could get either! How bout poppin' the question!?

    I said yes.

    My partner asked me to marry him, down on one knee after everyone was singing happy birthday, awaiting cake....

    The man of my dreams made me the happiest man I could ever want to become. He is the ...
  5. Updates

    Hey. I am here to give some updates. I know its been crazy lately but I do have a good excuse. My daughter graduated from high school on Friday. Today is my nephew's graduation party. I am also thinking about doing a live feed from both this party and my daughter's on the 10th. If things work out I might.

    I have to postpone the surgery due to several issues, but will be rescheduling it at a later time. My daughter comes first.
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