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  1. Updates

    Hey. I am here to give some updates. I know its been crazy lately but I do have a good excuse. My daughter graduated from high school on Friday. Today is my nephew's graduation party. I am also thinking about doing a live feed from both this party and my daughter's on the 10th. If things work out I might.

    I have to postpone the surgery due to several issues, but will be rescheduling it at a later time. My daughter comes first.
  2. RPG Curious

    Hi There. I've been curious about some things. One of them is about the RPG that I created and doing with other people and the Other deal with the site that I created. I wonder if I did something wrong to the both of them that not getting some people to join them.

    To the people that are on here: I am just curious. Did any of you join my RPG in the past? If so, what is the name of your characters that you play in my past RPG?

    I am also just curious. Just please take ...
  3. Bio Writing.

    Boy, I'm glad I am off tomorrow if not I'd be in a lot of trouble. I always thought writing characters was easy. At least for me, when I was younger it was simple. Now as I am older, I find that I am picky about what I write, how it's phrased, the structuring of the sentence and if it makes sense.

    I miss where it was easy to just throw a character together and see her or him come to life on her own. Now a constant worry is if there is enough depth. If my character is believable, is ...
  4. A Tough Year

    Yes I mentioned in my previous post I have changed in the last few years. Their is a reason for that. My change began since I started going to church many years ago. Then I needed to get away from the wrong people for me. I've also been dealing with health issues which is my main focus right now. A year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Thankfully its non-insulin dependent. I am on a special diet and on medication for it.

    Yes, my previous post regarding my mom's cancer is true. I ...
  5. My New Beginning

    I admit I had a shaky past but in my eyes those days are long over. I am over my old issues with those I did have issues with. If they aren't over their issues with me its their own problem....not mine. My life has changed a lot in the past several years. I am glad to still have my BFF by my side supporting me as well as my online family who I mainly see on FB.

    I do roleplay but only with one certain person. We mainly roleplay original stories for now. I am not ready to go fully ...
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