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1.- "The (Re)Introductuion" or "How i survived the Fairy Tale End"

Greetings and salutations from the land beyond the Happily Ever After

When real life hits it pounds, between getting more work and the plans i had for China it left me with the unfortunate chance of not being able to keep up with my posts. Some of you gave their best and i was honored by their craft in my games, so you have the right as well to know what happened and why.

First of all, Allow me to introduce Mrs. Kiva:

Her name is Sue, and now we began a new chapter. Getting things back to normal and the move in process aside i will re start where we left off, that is if the other players choose to. I will leave this Blog thread for news, weekly recaps and spotlight on the rangers from Any of the Games in this site.

Leave a comment if you are still in or not, and it will be understandable if you choose not to, but for re starting purposes i do need to now in a timely manner.

See you then.
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