Jordan Cullen

My New Beginning

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I admit I had a shaky past but in my eyes those days are long over. I am over my old issues with those I did have issues with. If they aren't over their issues with me its their own problem....not mine. My life has changed a lot in the past several years. I am glad to still have my BFF by my side supporting me as well as my online family who I mainly see on FB.

I do roleplay but only with one certain person. We mainly roleplay original stories for now. I am not ready to go fully back to fandom RPGs yet.

The best news yet is my mom is cancer free since her surgery!
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  1. Vinnievmpr's Avatar
    Nice :-)
  2. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Thanks. It has been rough lately but I am happy she is gonna be okay.
  3. LuigiEspadachin's Avatar
    I'm going through something similiar with my Mum at the moment. I'm glad your Mom is cancer free though
  4. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Thank you. I will keep your mother in my prayers.