Why Sector 12 so much?

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So nobody specifically has asked me this, but I'm sure that people who've been for a while have seen me post countless Roleplays and Fan Fiction ideas with the main common denominator being that somewhere the name Sector 12 is bound to appear. And I'm sure some have asked yourselves why I do this, and if you haven't then oh well I'm answering anyways. The simple answer would be a combination of "trial and error makes for success" and "my belief on how a realistic ranger team would be formed". But deep down, we all know that there has to be something more than that.

Now I've never told anyone this, to my knowledge; and if I did then it was very brief and only to select few... but I grew up in a strong military family. My biological father worked for the US Army National Guard, my step-father also for the US Army as an Enlisted Soldier, his sister a US Navy Seal, my father's brother an Air Force pilot, and finally my older brother a Marine. So in short, I was raised on MREs, military folds, and constant moving around. And personally, I always loved it. It's one of the reasons why seasons of Power Rangers like In Space, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, SPD, and RPM work best for me. To me, if humanity is going to develop anything like a morphing device that give us spandex style suits with tank defense systems or even shape shifting robots that can combine into an even bigger robot; it's going to be the military and not some force of magic.

So with that in mind, once I got hooked into Power Rangers roleplaying and felt comfortable enough to make my own series of games followed by fan fictions, my intentions were always to go off of the realistic factor. Admittedly, some of these games would implement a bit of the magic that is always present in Power Rangers, but the core has almost always been to build a military or even police theme game. The only exception off the top of my head being a Ninja Storm RPG I started back when RangerTalk was still popular. I also admit that my execution of those games haven't entirely been successful other reasons; some out of my control and others in my control. The reasons in my control I'll discuss later, but not in this topic... though some of them have already been told.

Now, like everybody else who makes RPGs, I had a concept I wanted to do but I didn't know what I wanted the name to be... and then, Michael Bay came to my rescue. It was during a family movie night when I noticed the Sector 7 deal within Transformers and I thought to myself, "That's a cool name for a secret military division"... and since a Megazord and Transformer are both robots (though Transformers are more metallic aliens than robots) I thought what better way than another military that makes a team who also pilots robots. And since 12 is my favorite number, it got the vote. Then the name Sector 12 was born.

So my first Sector 12 game ever created on these forums was code named Jet Force, and admittedly it was a very fun game. I believe that it made it to the 5th episode before it had to be closed down. It also helped that with Jet Force I had a Co-Runner that was there to help me. But when it finally did tank, I didn't feel as if I was ready to stop making games. I was hooked, and since the theme seemed to work but the execution didn't I decided to give it another shot. I kept the Sector 12 idea, and instead of ignoring the Jet Force past, I started using different Sector 12 divisions... each with a different set than any before. And that, in my mind, is where it all started to go wrong.

Instead of focusing on running just one roleplay while maybe participating in others, I got overzealous and looked to start multiple roleplays and fan fictions all at once. And not to mention, I still had a son to take care of. So the work load became to overbearing for me and it all just started to drown me out. But since I'm never one to just stop what I'm doing completely, I wanted to see if I could actually run a RPG and get it going properly. That's when I decided that since I'm going for a redemption, I might as well redeem the game idea that got my into running RPGs in the first place. So that's what my latest game is for. To see if I can make this into a series of events rather than spawn it off into multiple games... although if others would like to take the Sector 12 idea and do their own spin-off games that wouldn't bother me too much so long as I'm at least credited.

So there it goes, the never asked for but now explained reasoning behind why I go back to the same game title so much. Keep in mind, this blog post is in no way meant to get anyone to join. It's merely a way to explain why I did/do the things I did/do. You don't even have to look at the new game if you don't want to, and you definitely don't have to read this. I just felt like sharing.

Also: For those waiting on Recipe Blogs, I do apologize for not having something up yet. Unexpected payments came up from my last check that stopped me from obtaining ingredients I will need to make the things I cook. So until I can go do a big grocery shopping trip, I'll have to try and get some short recipes and easy up and out to you all.


  1. White Ranger Power's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your story, man. I have to say that I wasn't one of the people curious as to why you did this, but I'm glad to know now. I'm grateful for this nugget of insight pertaining to who you are and what you're interested in.