Back again.

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I'm back. Years later and I've returned. Feels like I've come home and I'm excited to return. I originally thought about bringing back an old game of mine that Adamantium ran along side of me. Now It's just me and while I loved Bloodline, the bloodline cast, I'm going to leave that game back where it belongs with its cast and the memories. Moving forward I will bring a new game that will have similarities to it but it'll be a new adventure and i hope everyone will look into it. As for blooldine i will be doing a fanfic that seems to be calling out to me.
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  1. TheRealColeEvans's Avatar
    I'm out from the shadows once again...

    It's great to be back
  2. Zodiac~Guardian's Avatar
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  4. RavenDCloud's Avatar
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  6. Luka Millfy's Avatar
    Its good to be back!
  7. RavenDCloud's Avatar
    it is.