Bio Writing.

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Boy, I'm glad I am off tomorrow if not I'd be in a lot of trouble. I always thought writing characters was easy. At least for me, when I was younger it was simple. Now as I am older, I find that I am picky about what I write, how it's phrased, the structuring of the sentence and if it makes sense.

I miss where it was easy to just throw a character together and see her or him come to life on her own. Now a constant worry is if there is enough depth. If my character is believable, is there enough depth? Does the back history make sense? Will he or she draw people in? I didn't think it'd be this much pressure but oddly enough I still love it. I love the challenge and I miss roleplaying and seeing characters come to life. Friendships forming and all the obstacles that the characters face, overcome together or separately.
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