Bloodline- Revamped 2017.

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author's Note: This is just an excerpt of a story idea that's been stuck in my head for awhile. it's not taking away from the awesome game that was once on this board. Just had down time at work and well this came to me.

Ryan sat at her desk, music filled the room. She checked her email again. Nothing except spam and one from Clark. The very same Clark who she saw every day. She sighed, ran a hand through her hair. Then she placed her hands onto the keyboard, and began to compose a new email.

To: J. Scott
From: Ryan A. Oliver
J. Scott,
Two years. I’ve spent two years emailing you and nothing. I have patience in spades J. Scott. It’s wearing thin with you. What’s going on? Did I do something to offend you? Why won’t you talk to me? I miss you. Even if you didn’t like me the way I did you, we were friends. Friends communicate. Why the radio silence. Technically this isn’t a radio but same difference. With all the technology in the world, we could have kept in touch. Except you choose not to.

Three hours after she sent the email and no response. She’s opened and closed her email account a numerous amount of times. Each time ends with the same result. No response. She’s shaking with anger. Her lips pursed, eyes narrowed, her breathing shallow. Clark raps a short knock on her doorframe. He enters the room as Ryan turns to him. He smiles, she offers a shaky smile.
“What’s new?”
“J. Scott.”
No explanation needed after that, instead they both fall into a comfortable silence. Clark reads a book while Ryan continues to stalk her email account. She gives up and choses to walk the length of her bedroom. Her right hand occasionally tugging at the end of her right braid. Clark sat crossed legged on the bed, watching her curiously. He knew she’d talk when she was ready, it was only a matter of time.
“Am I forgettable?”
“Ryan, he’s the idiot that left without telling you anything. He’s not a friend. If he was he would have kept in contact with you.” His mouth instantly shut closed at her glare.

“He was my first kiss and I thought I meant something to him. Stupid huh? All this over a kiss and two years of friendship then he graduates and nothing?”
“Nope, it’s his lose, besides little sister …I’ll let you in on a secret.” Her eyes lit up at the word secret. He had to resist the urge to laugh. Mention having a secret and she regresses back to being five years old.
“Well?” She asked as she joined him on the bed, curling up next to him. Looking up at him from underneath her lashes.
“He’s probably scared to face your father. Your dad is one scary man. Well for a paleontologist, I mean.” Clark teases. Ryan rolled her eyes and laughed. “Yeah, he probably is but my dad is a teddy bear.
“Ryan, to you he’s a teddy bear but to Alex, me and any other blocks when he’s being over protective he’s truly frightening.”
“He’s the idiot that lost out.” Ryan looked up at the new voice that entered and launched herself across the room into his opened arms.
“Miss me, Lexi?” He asked teasingly as he squeezed her tight. Clark raised an eyebrow but Khale just stuck his tongue out at him.
“A bunch.” Then she smacked his back lightly. “No call, no nothing. You have social media. Smoke signal would have worked. I thought you were doing the same thing as J. Scott and…” Ryan’s smile falters and she blinks then smiles again. “Well you know.”
“Lexi, I would never willingly ignore you. Besides it’s not my fault I got stuck vacationing in the one place that doesn’t have wifi. Short stuff, you know my data plan sucks but I promise to not do that again. Clark, she hits harder than you.”
Clark doesn’t retort instead he stands up and stretches his arms over his head, blue shirt rising up slightly. “Scary part is that’s not even an eight of the power she holds behind her teeny tiny fist.” Ryan side eyes Clark but lets it go and drags Kay further into the room. Footsteps approach the room and Alex raps his knuckles twice against the door frame.
“Hey guys.”
Ryan makes to launch herself across the room to her other brother’s arms but he holds a palm up, walking towards the bed. He sits down and scoots back against the headrest. Ryan moves from being near Kayden and cuddles up next to Alex. Kayden silently mourns the loss of her warmth. Clark chuckles and plunks down on the edge of the bed. “Hey, what’s happening tonight?” Clark ask. Both Kayden and Ryan look at him with arched eyebrows.
“Not much, Clark.” Alex replies as he feels Ryan poking him. “Yes, oh annoying one?”
“So…anyone else excited to be starting senior year?”
“Fuck no.”
You’re not Captain America.”
Bite me.”
“Boys, I think we should get dinner don’t you think?” Ryan questions from her spot besides Alex. Her stomach grumbles loudly. “Reason one, I’m hungry as you can hear.”
Aren’t you always hungry Ryan?” Kayden quips from where he sits on the bed.
She turns and sticks her tongue out at him, then pouts. “Well I’m a growing girl.”
“Ryan, you’re five- two how much more are you really going to grow?” Clark ask teasingly.
To be five-two and a half.”
Three groans echo throughout her room but Ryan just giggles as she moves from her spot and out of her room.
Kayden follows the bouncing energy they call Ryan. Clark and Alex follow at a slower pace. “Back to school tomorrow morning brother?”
“Yeah, think little sis will make it on time?”
“Ryan, is she ever on time?”
“She probably inherited it from her dad.” A new voice speaks up. They both turn enter the living area where Ryan’s being squeezed by a familiar face. “Aunt Kimberly”.
“Hi boys, just thought I’d stop by and see how my favorite teens are doing.”
“Dreading the new school year.”
“Worried about the new year.”
“Don’t see the point. I got my mechanic skills.” They all turn at Kay’s voice as he enters the room with a plate stacked with ham and cheese sandwiches. He walks over to where Ryan’s being hugged and hands her a sandwich then takes a seat on the recliner.
Ryan pulls politely away from Kimberly and takes a seat on the couch, nibbling on her sandwich. Clark sits down next to Ryan, Alex next Clark. Ryan leans into Clark’s embrace and he wraps his arm around her. He eats with his left hand.
“Alex, do you have any plans on playing soccer this year?”
“Maybe I haven’t decided yet.”
“Ryan, are you joining the cheer team?”
Ryan makes a face at the mention of cheerleading and shakes her head. “Nah, I rather spend senior year enjoying myself than being a slave to cheer society. Nothing wrong with it, except it’s not me.”
Kayden, Alex, Clark all share a look then break out into laughter. “it is you. You’re the very embodiment of cheer. Your perky, sunny and all around sweet heart.”
“With a great right cross.”
She looks over to Alex with mock indignation but he smiles. “You know they are right.”
She rolls her eyes at them but secretly agrees. “I’ll go out for the team again if Clark goes back to football.”
“Oui, no way in hell.”
Ryan pouts and bats her eyes. “Not happening little sister. Not on your life.”
“You’d sacrifice my life …to not play football? Am I that expendable? Ow. That hurt. Right here.” Ryan teased placing her hand over her heart.
“Ryan, always the drama queen.”
“Another wound me. Quick Kayden defend my honor if you call yourself my brother.”
“Short stuff we both know I don’t view you as a sibling.” He teases with a tint of red across his cheeks.
Ryan looks at him confused but smiles. He shakes his head and goes back to nibbling on his sandwich. Alex and Clark both look at Khale, both amused at the antics between Ryan and Khale.
“Oblivious to what?”
They both chuckle as she looks between them both, questions bright in her brown eyes.
The clock strikes nine.
“Time for me to go, Ryan. I’ll see you at school.”
Ryan gets off from her spot between Clark, Alex, walking to Khale. He wraps an arm around her shoulder as she walks with him to the door.
“Tomorrow morning we’re having breakfast here. Come join us.”
Kayden looked down at the raven haired, brown eyed vixen.
“You really want me here, Ryan?”
“Yes, Kayden you are one of my best friends. Of course, I want you here.”
“Then I’ll bring strawberries for the waffles.”
He reaches forward opening the door but Ryan places a hand on his wrist. Stopped momentarily shocked at her stopping him, Ryan rises on her toes, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Sleep well, Kayden.”
“Goodnight Short stuff.”