Jordan Cullen

The Truth

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I kept this to myself but will now let everyone know. I went into a depression not just because of Vinnie's death. A month or two after he died, my mom's younger sister(my aunt) who I was very close to passed away unexpectedly after being sick for a long time. I never actually dealt with it because I was so busy trying to stay strong for my family.
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  1. Ms. Katie Wallace "Chosen One"'s Avatar
    I am so sorry to respond back to you. I am so very sorry for your loss. At least your aunt is with Vinnie in Heaven and they are both looking over you and your family. Your family are in my prayers.
  2. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Thanks very much, Katie! It means a lot. Lately it has felt a lot like both are watching over me. I was finally able to delete Vinnie's cellphone number from my cellphone yesterday.