Writing Contest...piece one. Thoughts?

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Oui, someone help me. I’m surrounded by ijits.”
“Stop talk to yourself. People think you’re crazy.” His ear piece crackled to life as Jordan answered his plea for help.
Emmet shook his head, moving deeper into the room of people. Right hand twitched, eager to reach into his hostler and take out everyone, including his target. The sane part of him reminded him if he did that he’d be an enemy of the country. Too many people invading his personal bubble. Woman and their overly done make up, extravagant dresses and nostril destroying perfumes. Over indulged men standing near, patting him on the back. Joking with him as though he’s one of them. The itch to break their chubby fingers…blacken their judgmental eyes great.
“Do they bathe in this stuff or something? All of them smell like overly ripped fruit. Those are the best-case scenarios.” He muttered as a brunette walks his way. She made eye contact, arching her eyebrow, while slowly taking him in. Each step she took, he took one back until he found himself back against a pillar.
“Do I scare you?” She questions him…teasing rose colored lips ask. Black silk dress is worn nicely, hugging her in all the right places. Her caramel colored curls lay on her shoulders. Her doe brown eyes light up with mirth as he recognizes her as Agent Scott.
“Nah, just didn’t know you looked like that, when normally you’re a walking disaster.”
“Agent Scott chuckles, bringing her hand to cover her mouth masking her laughter.
“All a part of my cover…besides if I looked like this most of the time…how would you ever get any work done? Besides, they said you might need help and it seems that you do. You look as though at any given moment you might go Loki and try to take over the world.”
“As I’m Loki, then that’d make you the widow with red in your ledger in need of wiping out?”
“You’ve got me…but there is no Hawkeye in my pocket, so one might say you’d have to forgo the evil take over the world and watch my back.”
“Other words, I’m your eyes while you deal with them?” The last word is snarled as another woman moves close to him. Agent Scott moves within his personal space, pressing against him. Her arms winding around his neck. Wrapping his arms around her waist he holds her close. She brings her lips close to his lips. Whispered words never sounded sweeter. “You protect me, I’ll protect you. These men have no preservation skills when it comes to roaming hands. I’m your arm candy and you’re my dark brooding knight?”
“The cat woman to my Batman?”
“More like Batgirl to your Nightwing. I’m no thief.”
“There are men who’d say you’ve stolen their heart.”
“they were the ijits who gave it to me freely. No strings attach means feelings they caught wouldn’t be returned.”
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