Late Night Ranting. (Should be constructing next paper.)

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normally at this time of the night, I'm asleep but it's alluding me on this day. I'm five days from my next paper being due and I've reached a crossroad. I think my muses have finally quit as I struggle to compose my latest assignment. Instead, I'm sitting at my desktop whom I call beastly, typing this out. I am procrastinating but I can not bring myself to care at this precise moment. I am on vacation for the next couple of days from work, (holiday planning has gone wrong) except it has become a staycation instead.

^ I feel this has become my life, I do not abhor the idea of being glued to my desktop for the next few days, I simply wish my muse would return and grant me the peace of mind I desperately seek. I have made it a goal to receive high marks in this class but I feel that may not happen if I do not put 100 percent into the task assigned. Right now the sound of silence plays in the background as I try and calm my racing mind.

Writing posts for the games I am in here helps me center so the urge to write something other than whats expected.
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