Jordan Cullen

Reasons I Was MIA & Changes Coming!

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I am glad to be back but thought I'd write this down to explain why I disappeared for so long. First of all, my desktop is broken down so last week I bought a brand new laptop which I am sharing with my daughter. Second of all, I decided to go in a different direction as far as my Diabetes. No I was not placed on insulin(thank you, God!). My next appointment is the 19th but have another on the 20th for different reason. Woman stuff.

I have made some changes in my life after my diagnosis. I embraced my Christian faith a lot more. I thank Vinnie for helping me with that. He was also a Christian. I managed to bring his heart back to God just before he passed away. I can now smile each time I think about him.

More changes are coming in my life. You see, Katherine(my daughter) is graduating from high school with high honors. She already has a job waiting for her after she graduates. I am so proud of her. She will continue living here at home. Kristin(my other, older daughter) will be attending the main campus of Lock Haven University. It was a sort of secret due to family stuff until we knew it would happen for sure.
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