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Hi There.

I didn't know where to post this at. So I am posting it here as a blog. This is the other site that I am on beside this one.

Are any of you into doing or being a part of Power Rangers RPG? The RPG that I do is more like a putting story together with other people.

I am invited you to come join the site that I am on. The site named is Power Rangers RPG Forum. I am the Global Moderator on there. I mostly do Power Rangers RPG (Role Playing Game) on there. I do have some open spots in the RPG. Just let me know if you want to be in the RPG that is on this site.

You can do so many things on there like Power Rangers RPG, Other RPG, Games, Talk about things like Power Rangers, and Other Things, Fan-Fiction and Graphic Arts.

If there is anything that you need me to do for the site. Just let me know.

The more people that can join this site. The better the site will get more active.
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Katie Wallace