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Here is a introduction blog about me Katie Wallace.

My name is Katie Wallace. I have low mid functioning Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism). My mom told me that when I was 3 years old, I was diagnosed with Autism. She explained to me that when I think of something it takes a long way to get there, because one of my bridges has fallen down (wire) in my brain.

During my senior year in high school, my wish was to become Homecoming Queen. This was an almost impossible dream, since a student with a disabilities or handicaps had never been elected Homecoming Queen. Well, my dream came true, I became the first “special needs” student in my state (VA) to become Homecoming Queen. I was in all the newspaper as well as the Sunday papers in Richmond, VA and Danville, VA. I was also featured on the NBC affiliate, channel 10, in Roanoke, VA and mentioned on the ABC affiliate, WSET, in Lynchburg, VA. I also give a speech at the Autism Society of America Chapter Richmond, VA.

I am still working on my main goal, which is to be an ambassador for people with Autism, special needs, disabilities, and handicaps.

I complete a program called the Partners in Policymaking and it’s through the VA Board for People with Disabilities. This program is designed to increase empowerment and improve advocacy and leadership skills.

I have also given speeches throughout the nation, in such places as Washington, D.C. and Merced, CA. My speech is entitled “Normal, Just Different” and it focuses on how people like me are just like everyone else. We may need a little more helping, that’s all.

I have also won a state level and an international award called the “Yes! I Can!” award sponsored by the Council for Exceptional Children. I won in the category for self-advocacy. This is a very prestigious award from which the winners were picked from thousands of candidates all over the world.

I also compete in the Special Olympics at both the state and local level. I compete in the bowling, bocce and basketball competition and I have won many ribbons, a gold, silver and bronze medals over the past several years.

In April of 2008, I wrote an autobiography book about me living with Autism. I titled my book “Normal, Just Different”, the same title I use for the speeches I give. I am still hoping that my book will get published and sold. This book will help to express my experience with Autism from my mother (covering letter) and my point of view. It’s will help so many parents that have kids with Autism, teenagers and adults that have it too. Note: I will keep you post on that.

I have audition for the TV Show “Glee” on Myspace. It’s look like I didn’t make the cut for it.

I've been on the old RangerVision back in the past. I think my old username on there was Halifax Queen or Purple Power Ranger. I don't remember which one I use the last time I was on there. Now I am on the new RangerVision. I am known as Ms. Katie Wallace "Chosen One".

I been a major Power Rangers Fan ever since I was 7 years old.

What my favorite thing to do on RangerVision is the Role-Playing Games. I like to create RPG. I also like to play in RPG depending on that certain RPG.

I am also on Facebook. You can send me a friend request. Just let me know that you are from here. My Facebook page is

Note: To those of you that read this blog. You can ask me question about things that may interesting you about me. I would be more happy to answer your question.

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