Power Rangers Justice Force
Soon after the justice league defeted Cadmus the legion of doom was formed and stole remaing tecnhogoly and kept it in a unknown location.luthor tried to take over the legion of doom by killing gorilla grudd by sending him into great space.when he did grudd vowed for revenge.a great battle took place for control of doom but luthor won and use powers to try to reborn brainac with the shard grudd found but when he activated it darkseid was reborned and destroyed the legion of doom.Luthoe awoken to see the doom base was destroyed with many villans inside he gathered the remaining to seek help from the justice league.they all went and battle darksid bravely but failed until luthor some how destroyed himself and darkseid.The war ended until now in 2008 a evil has rosen.Batman was on a simple robbery misson when he arrived on the scence he was attacked from behind by weird metal like cretures with staffs and someone who looked like luthor and darkesid and was teleported away by the time the others heroes arrived they were they started to explore for clues when the heroes began to serch werid braces went around thers feet and started to asborb there powers.The orignal heroes manged to ecsape but the others heroes were pulled under the deep earth.the remaining heroes were weak and found there way back to there base.and heard the news 'Justice League was Destryed by new villans'.It angered them when they got a phone call.It was waller from cadmus she said'i got a solution to your problem i have 5 soltuions actuallys i orignally had six but one was stloen by someone in a dark suit meet me at the docks in a hour'.they went to the docks and were told that cadmus made special powers that made them power rangers but she said'you guys can not use the powers because of your super powers,you will have too chose 5 peole to use the powers to defet the new threat because half of your powers were drained'.

Morphing sequnce-the rangers hold out the morphers to there chest and say lets go justice and there powers arise from the ground on them.


Powers Ups-1.Hero mode-each ranger gains the power of the hero(like super dino mode)
2.super justice suit-only the red ranger has this it give the ranger the power of all the heros

allies-1.superman 2. green lantern 3.wonder woman 4.hawkgirl 5. flash 6. jon"martain guy" 6.waller 7.batman starts off evil

villans-http://content.answers.com/main/cont...arkseid_7s.gif half of darkseid and half of lex luther=darkthor
http://www.rovang.org/wg/pics/twinman.jpgminons of darkhor

roles-red ranger-
pink ranger-
green ranger-
yellow ranger-
blue ranger-
black ranger (starts off evil)-
justice league heros(tell me who you want to be)-
genrals(there is 3 make up your own)-
minons-everyone can be

profilesheet-for ranger
ranger designation-
romance-if any
history-why he/she was chosen
appernce-picture or describtion
future plans-

pic-can be anime
for justice league-

pic-heros pic describtion

1.no god modding
2.no deaths unless it goes by me or other person
3.keep the flaming to the minium
4. romance if asked
5.have fun