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    All Female Power Ranger Team

    My team would be:

    Starts with three:

    Jen - White Ranger (team leader/battlizer / uniform like DT or SPD, but made to look more feminine of course)

    Taylor - Black Ranger (Shadow Ranger / or Black Dino type outfit)

    Vida - Silver / Titanium / Mercury type

    Joined by:
    Tori - Red Ranger
    Kira - Yellow Ranger
    Lily- Blue Ranger
    Cassie - Pink Ranger
    Ashley - Green Ranger

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    I've never thought about such a team
    but i would surely want ronnie, kira, taylor, madison and tori to be in it !!!

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    At first i thought Kimberly,Kelsey, Jen, Alyssa, Tori, Z, Kat, Vida. Then realized I had too many. Then decided to take out Kimberly as she had no skill that would benefit the team. That left me with Kelsey, Jen, Alyssa, Tori, Z, Kat, Vida. Realized that Alyssa's fighting ability would be nothing compared to Tori. Then decided that Kat would continue her role as the tech designer. That leaves Jen as the leader/weapons expert, Kelsey is the main serch and rescue person, Tori the martial arts expert/control of water, Z the brute strength/multiplying ability, and Vida shape shifter/control of wind.

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    Excellent thread. I'm gonna do my team SPD style and have seven:

    Red-Jen: Like most red rangers, Jen would be the team's leader. She's the only female ranger to ever serve as the teams full-time leader so she immediately has better credentials in this field than her competitors. She has the determination, decisiveness, aggression, and skill needed to occupy this role. (Note: This would be the Jen from the end of TF and WF teamup who had learned how to control her temper better.)

    Blue-Tori: Tori would be the team's 2nd-in-command. At first, I considered Taylor for this role, but Taylor and Jen both have aggressive personalities and would probably clash occassionally.
    Tori's almost as skilled as Taylor but nowhere near as...irritable (for lack of a better word). She is an excellent fighter who can keep a level head under pressure. Her water powers also can come in handy. Also, she can take charge if necessary. She has a very pleasant, agreeable personality and can do virtually anything she's asked to do, making a perfect 2nd-in-command. She's also perfect for the color since blue typically is 2nd-in-command and, under Ninja Academy regulations, blue is the designated color for those with water powers.

    Yellow-Lily: Every team needs a funny/cheerful member to help them through tough times. Even though JF is far from over, Lily has already proven herself to be worthy of this role. While she is lightheartened during down-time, she's all business on the battlefield, and is a good fighter. Yellow is also the perfect color for her because it fits her personality and her cheetah spirit designates this color as well.

    White-Rose: Every good team also needs a good brain, and Rose is easily the smartest female ranger we've ever had. She's not the greatest fighter, but there's plenty of other rangers on this roster that take care of that. Also, her invisibility power would come in handy for covert missions. I don't have quite as good of reasoning for her color designation as the others, but I chose her to be white because I think she would look good in white, I have someone else in mind for pink, and the color goes well with her name (white rose).

    Green-Ronny: I never thought I'd put two people from OO on one of my dream teams, but the ladies from that season are definitely useful for making a diverse team. Ronny would serve as the team's mechanic and (if the team has a jet like OO or a special vehicle like LR) she'd be the designated driver. Aside from her mechanical skills, she is an excellent fighter with a lot of grit and determination. I picked her to be green because like other green rangers (Damon and to a certain degree, Trip) she is the mechanic and like other green rangers (Tommy and Adam) she is a skilled and determined fighter.

    Black-Kira: Kira's the team's all-rounder/wingman (or I should say wingwoman). She can carry herself in almost any situation necessary. While not the best fighter on this list, she's definitely capable of carrying her own weight and can work alone if need be. Like Tori, she brings common-sense and a level-head to the team, and in dire situations, you can count on her to get the job done. As with Rose, I don't have great reasons for her color designations, but I picked black because there's not much left besides that, I think she would look good in black (actually I think she would look good in anything), and she wore a lot of black with yellow in DT so apparently she likes the color.

    Pink-Kimberly: I think it would be a crime to not include somebody from MMPR on this team. I know most people think of Kim as an airhead, and in MMPR1 she was. But by MMPR2 and especially MMPR3, she had mostly gotten rid of her ditsy attitude and showed herself to be an excellent ranger who was capable of leadership. Let's not forget that she has more experience and served longer than any other female ranger (only Katherine comes close). Her experience and maturity have led me to designate her as the team mentor. Jen would still be field commander but Kimberly would always be around to offer words of wisdom. As the original pink ranger who defined the role many future pink rangers would take, I think it would only be appropriate to have her return as pink ranger.

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    My 5 would be...


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    Mine would be this:

    Red: Jen
    Black: Cassie
    Blue: Tori
    Green: Kira (she did wear a green dress in the episode History...she looked great in green)
    Yellow: Ashley
    Pink: Sydney

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    An interesting thread. I'm going to go with the seven original colours from MMPR.

    White (leader) - Kimberly (Complete with special battle armour like the original White Ranger)

    Red - Tori

    Blue - Rose

    Yellow - Maddison

    Black - Allysa

    Green (6th Ranger - added later) - Kira

    Pink (Special addition 7th Ranger) - Karone

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    Well imagine that:

    Red Ranger: Tori (she has the brains, looks, and a calm leadership - imagine her equipped with a Battlizer)
    Blue Ranger: Kendrix (we all need a prodigy for other suggestions)
    Green Ranger: Trini (if only the actress who portrayed her was still alive) or Cassie
    Yellow Ranger: Aisha (I feel I need diversity in here - interesting to see her and Trini on the screen)
    Black Ranger: Kat (think of her as Marvel's Black Cat lol)

    6th Ranger (Purple Ranger) - Jen: SHe could be like a last resort in terms of her power and ambition.

    Mentor - Karone

    Now that would make an interesting fanfic IMO.

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    Didn't Kakuranger have an evil all female ninja team?

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    I wouldn't want an all-female team any more than I'd want an all-male team.Unless they weren't the main team of the series.

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