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    The Legend of Mystic Force: The Two Swords of Camelot

    The Two Swords of Camelot

    "And as for the knights who gave their lives, their deaths were cause for neither mourning nor sadness. For they will live forever, their names and deeds handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, in the legends of King Arthur and his knights."

    Two thousand years ago there existed an ancient secret. A secret so powerful if it was put into the wrong hands the consequences would be catastrophic. Merlin, the great wizard was the person who was chosen to guard this secret. That was until someone very close to Merlin learned of the secret. Some scholars believe that there were two Merlins. In fact there was Merlin had a twin brother named Myrddin. Myrddin distanced himself from his family especially his brother. He was gifted with the same abilities as Merlin except he chose to use his magical gifts for evil. Merlin was always the favored one of the brothers, this made Myrddin jealous beyond words. He left his family without notice but he encountered his brother once again and swore to him that he would be back one day and that he would be the one who would be more powerful.

    The secret was revealed to be two swords. Two swords that if combined could bring it's masters powers that were unbelievable. Merlin kept the swords apart he hid the first sword the dark sword that brought evil in a cave. The black sword was known as Exitium, while the silver sword that brought upon peace and justice was known as Exalibur. Exitium gave its master an army of knights at his dispose. And the most important power the sword held gave its master was the power to be invincible. Excalibur was the only sword that could destroy Exitium. Exitium could only be destroyed when Excalibur was in the hands of the chosen one. The chosen one existed many generations into the future, he is yet to be revealed.

    Myrddin gained control of Exitium bringing upon his knights and invincible power. Almost 1500 years ago a battle was fought amongst Merlin, King Arthur and his knights and Myrddin and his knights. This was a battle that was never recorded, it was erased from history until now. King Arthur and his knights were on a crusade to find the Holy Grail when Myrddin and his knights appeared like magic. The knights fought a bloody battle resulting in many of them losing their lives. A battle was fought between brothers which both resulted in each others deaths. What was lost that day seemed to be forgotten, that was until the year of 2009.

    The swords were thought to have been destroyed but they were secretly hidden in hopes of no-one finding them. Two thousands years later, Ken Storm a famous archaeologist has discovered Exitium and it has mutated him into a dark and sinister being. He is now known as Vortex, not only has the sword changed his physical appearance it has given him super-human powers. He also has full control over an army of creatures known as Morlocks.

    The world is in danger once again as he sets his sights on Angel Grove and the only person that can stop him is Kimberly Hart, the former pink ranger. Unbenounced to her she is the direct descendant of Merlin, she discovers Excalibur and the 7 gems that came along with it. She know must call upon the direct descendants of the Wizards of Camelot to become a team known as Power Rangers Mystic Force!


    Red Mystic Ranger/George Boleyn portrayed by Sangosohma
    Yellow Mystic Ranger/Owen Walker portrayed by RainbowTempest
    Blue Mystic Ranger/Sophie Boleyn portrayed by JudeBoleyn
    Pink Mystic Ranger/Ava Gabrielle Winchester portrayed by Pink Diva
    Green Mystic Ranger/Kathleen ďKatĒ Summers portrayed by butterfly_kisses
    Solaris Knight/Alejandro Bustamante portrayed by BlueVoltronRanger
    White Mystic Ranger (Kimberly Hart)/Pink Diva


    All: Mystic Morpher, Solaris Morpher (Solaris Knight), Fierce Dragon Morpher (Red), Mystic Force Armor, Mystic Lion Staff, Magi Staffs.

    Red: Mystic Longsword
    Yellow: Mystic Hammer
    Blue: Mystic Bow
    Pink: Mystic Sais
    Green; Mystic Battle Axe
    Solaris Knight; Mystic Sword
    White: Snow Staff


    All: Mystic Racers, Red: Mystic Speeder.


    Red: Phoenix
    Yellow: Garuda
    Blue: Mermaid
    Pink: Sprite
    Green: Minotaur

    Titan Megazord: Combination of all 5 Zords, Mystic Dragon: Combination of 4 Zords excluding Red.

    Catastros (Black Stallion) controlled by Vortex.

    Solar Streak (Steam Train) controlled by Solaris Knight.


    Kimberly Hart (Mentor)

    Aiden Bell (Weapons Specialist and former archaeologist)

    Kelsi Carmichael (Owner of Carmicheal Cafe)


    Vortex (Ken Storm)/Available



    Kimberly Hart/Available
    Jason Scott/Available

    Character Profile:

    Age: (18-26)
    Physical Description:
    Ranger Designation:


    1. No God-Modding
    2. Roles are not Gender Specific except Blue and Pink.
    3. Roles are not reserved.
    4. Have Fun and Be Creative!

    My Bio:


    Ava Gabrielle Winchester



    Physical Description:

    Gorgeous. Ava will be one of the first to tell you that the one word is the best way to describe her, and with all due notice, she really is. Ava has never been one of those idiots who claim that 'true beauty is on the inside,' just because it's bullshit. No one really looks for a personality in someone, and you aren't drawn towards someone because their a lovely person on the inside . No, it just doesn't happen. So, this means that appearance is very important to our girl. Being with her reputation and everything else on top, she has to be beautiful, itís the rules, and she isnít one to break that rule. Ava goes out on more than one limb to make sure that she stays looking good. The kind of girl that spends an hour or more getting ready every morning, that would be her. It isnít so much that she has to make sure every detail is perfect, she could get away with going out one day looking like crap, but to her, thatís just making her another one of those pour little souls who havenít found the miracle of make-up yet, and any day she isnít that, sheís pleased with how she looks. The only downfall is the fact that she tends to put on the same face everyday, and nothing new, which she supposes could make some people call her unoriginal, but if it works, why change it?


    There is so much more going on it this young girls mind than anyone would believe. Everyone tends to think that Ava is just another one of those stupid popular girls who thinks of nothing but boys and money and all the great things of life, but there is so much more under that smooth-skinned exterior. First of all, letís just talk about a big trait. Kindness. As much of a bitch Ava can be, she has her nice side. To the people she loves and cares about, youíll never meet a nicer person. She loves to just have people she can be herself around, and her friends give that to her, so she tends to treat them back with kindness. Itís a long stretch to say that she is the nicest person alive, but she has her soft spots. Of course, as much of a nice person she can be to some, she is a bitch to others. She likes to describe it as being truthful, which does make sense really, most people just know itís an excuse. If she doesnít like you she makes it quite clear, and isnít afraid to make your life not worth living. She tends to take her anger out on the people she doesnít like, and becomes extremely critical. She enjoys pointing out the flaws in someone she doesnít like. A lot of the time, all the stuff she does to other people is really just her way of taking negative attention of herself, and if that makes her a bitch then so be it.

    Drama. Some love it, some hate it. Ava is one of those that claims to hate it, but loves it deep down. Yes, it can ruin peopleís lives, there is no way to dodge that one, but without it life would be boring. You just have to know how to be on the right end of it all, and then it isnít so bad. Of course, in every school there is that one person who creates all the rumors and all the stories just to create the newest scandal. In Angel Grove, that person is the one and only Ava. She has been doing it since she was little, saying something so obviously made up, and then watching as it passed around from person to person, always coming back to her where sheíd act shocked to find out. A lot of people try to do the same, but they just canít. It really is more difficult than you think, you canít just make up something and tell someone random, because in the end everyone will find out you were the one who started it all, then youíll just be the one left on the outside. Oh no, there is a key to the whole operation, and Ava has it. You have to know just what to say, and who to say it to, to make sure that it pushes those persons buttons just the way you want it to. Itís like dominos. She simply sets up each one in just the shape or line she wants it, and then all she has to do is push one, and all the rest come falling down without her ever having to touch another one. Itís brilliant really.

    Ranger Designation:

    Pink Mystic Ranger


    When Ava isn't busy with projects at the museum, she enjoys hiking, jogging and practicing yoga. She loves to read and is always interested in going to a lecture that is held at a local college if it pertains to history. She has recently taken an interest with The Arthuian Times, especially with Merlin and The Excalibur Sword.


    On December 31st, 1985, after seven hours of labor, Ava Winchester was born to William and Maria Williams, who already had a two year-old son named Nicholas. William and Maria, still a young couple at both twenty-seven at the time of her birth, had always been an odd couple the son of a politician and the daughter of a family friend's house maid but that had never bothered them, despite the unspoken fact that William had been written off his family when he married Maria. They lived a modest life in a small house in a decent neighborhood. While Maria taught Spanish at a high school, William was a quickly rising cop. Ava was a happy as a young child. Material things didn't matter to her then. She was close to her big brother, who played with her when she was a baby and a toddler.

    Things began to change when she turned twelve. She was in the eighth grade, the youngest and smallest in her class. Let's just say that Ava wasn't always a swan; she used to be quite the awkward and ugly duckling. Not only did she have to wear glasses, but her hair was a disaster site, her clothes were never brand name, and she was a very late bloomer concerning her figure. For the first time, she began to feel uncomfortable in her own skin, especially when she became the object of torment. It upset her because she didn't know how to deal with it, but she never told anyone about how she was mercilessly teased and picked on at school; Nick was in high school and Maria taught at a private school, which they definitely couldn't afford.

    The teasing only got worse when she entered high school. What was supposed to be simple teasing and laughs turned into absolute torture for Ava. She began to obsess about everything her appearance, her grades, her social life. It got to the point where she refused to wear her glasses and had to be taken to the doctor. She had thought it would end when she entered high school because of Nick, but then she'd realized that he had his own life to worry about.

    At fifteen years of age, Ava started her junior year of high school while Nick had left for college. She had gained a steady control of her life as she started to grow a little more. The teasing cropped up here and there, but she had already started to form the confidence she has now. Nick had taught her to be mentally strong; her father had taught her how to physically strong; and her mother had taught her how to be emotionally strong. If it had not been for her family, she never would have done well her junior year. Her life changed forever in one year.

    There had always been something wrong with Maria after she'd had a miscarriage when she was thirty-three, six years after Ava's birth; she'd been along well in the pregnancy when something went wrong. Maria had her ups and downs, but Ava always believed that her mother was strong enough to get out of those blues and shine through. In the beginning of her junior year, Maria fell into one of her moods; Ava and William helped Maria as they always did, and she patiently waited for her mother to shine through.

    However, Maria never truly recovered. A year later in November, she attempted to commit suicide and was sent to a psychiatric ward after being diagnosed with manic depression. Nick came back from college to help out with the bills, desperate to help his mother. It devastated Ava, who became terrified that she would fall to the same illness that took her bright mother away, not realizing that she had taken her mother's place in the household her junior year.

    Going to college was the best escape Ava could ever have. She dreamed of making the world a better place; she would've gone to help treat depression if it weren't for her terrible fear of psychiatric hospitals. Her senior year of high school, she'd dived into schoolwork, doing so much as to get a scholarship to Harvard. Being social didn't matter to her so much as getting the best grades and being the top student; she went to a few parties here and there and had a boyfriend or two, but didn't really concern herself with that stuff. Her dream was to become an archaelogist and that was all she had time for, unless she wanted to stop and think about her mother. Nick had returned to college once their mother had come home, but nothing was ever the same.

    After graduating, she was given a job almost immediately. For the first year or two, she did small stuff that didn't amount to much, but she was patient and waited for the big one. After all the work she had done, at twenty-one, she was allowed a nice spot as assistant curator at the Angel Grove Museum, a dream come true. She'd be rubbing shoulders with some brilliant archaeologists and maybe even some of her former professors. For once, she was truly happy again and settled into a nice life in the big city.

    A social life began to form again, and she found herself living again. Friends came again, and she even began to date. Her new obsession is studying about the Arthurian Times, she is deeply enthralled with Merlin and the myth of his twin brother Myrddin and the possible second sword of Camelot. She has been to lectures and has researched heavily on this subject. Her newfound obsession is going to become more than just a myth when the legend of the two swords of Camelot will be unleashed and she will take her new role as the Pink Mystic Ranger to a whole new level.

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    name:kim conar james


    physical descripition:
    kim conar,never been on a date (it never matter to her the outside beuty even that she is beutiful she is a strong girl tall too)

    kim is a girl how like to make friends ,she has no fear accept for bugs,she like sciene (kind of genius) and learn more about space things,when it cames about her friends she could take all the harm instade them,she get angry a lot (and belive me that could heart so be carful)

    ranger desighn:blue mystic ranger

    she like camping, video games, haining out withn her friends, swimming, and photographing, rideing motosycles,and being at the muesum.

    born 1990 22 8 in bryword,she finished school when she was 13 years old,every year in her life she was haveing new thing (freaky stuff)she was seein the future,the people souls(like how they realy looks) in year 2006 she went to the forest and she saw the gait of the underworld (when she came clooser she saw the dead soldiers so she ran away,when she come back home she tell her friends what happend but noone belives her.

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    Name: George Boleyn

    Age: 25

    Physical Description:
    George is a very handsome man, tall at 5’`10, a strong build, with Dark, dark brown shaggy hair and brown eyes. His style is that of whatever he wants to wear, a suit, or a t-shirt, usually things from thrift stores, whatever he’s comfortable in he’ll wear it, but he will dress up for things if he has to.

    Personality: George is someone that is incredibly devoted to those around him, and would do anything for anyone if you asked them. He keeps secrets and would go to the grave with your secrets if he asked them. George used to be belittled by his father, and would do whatever he said, until things all changed one day, now he stands up and does the best he can for Sophie and his son, Making sure he’s nothing like his father or Uncle, and refuses to let any one in his family but his sister Anne see his son. He also has a very bad habit, Smoking, but he never does it around Billy or Sophie unless they’re all outside, otherwise he’ll go outside.

    Ranger Designation: Red Mystic Force Ranger

    Hobbies/Interests: -Sophie
    -60’s Music

    History: George Thomas Boleyn was born May 16th 1983 to Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn in Rochford England, Thomas was a businessman, and Elizabeth worked out of their home as a seamstress. The Boleyn’s already had a three year old daughter Anne and a year old daughter Mary when George was born. The three siblings grew up very close together, and were often inseparable, Anne always trying to prove she was better than Mary and always looking out for George, and as they got older that bond only grew stronger, as Mary began to drift away from them, but they still stayed close, George hated it when he started school, as he was sent to An All Boys Boarding School while both sisters were at an All Girls Boarding School and he felt alone at the school. No one quite understanding, him, until he was 13 years old.. when one of the not so behaved boys, introduced him to the seductive beauty of cigarettes, and George quickly became addicted.

    When George turned 14 Thomas packed up his children and wife, and they moved to Briarwood California where his job had relocated him too, it was a strange move as Briarwood was much more different than Rochford had been, and now he was in a regular High School where his sisters attended too, Anne was in her senior year, Mary in her sophomore and George in the freshman . It was much cooler having girls around you at school instead of being all boys and George couldn’t help himself, he was a little bit of a player, until he met her. He was at the local music store, browsing the Beatles Albums when his hand brushed someone else’s it was then he saw the brunette beauty and immediately no other girl in the world mattered, he introduced himself and she said she knew who he was and that She was Sophie Carey. The name stuck to him and cupid has stroked his arrow for eternity. Sophie grabbed an album and left smiling at him, and George told himself he’d learn everything he could about her and he did just that, finding out her favourite fruit was Strawberries he’d constantly send her baskets of Strawberries instead of the usual clichť of red roses. The Summer before his Sophomore year, and Sophie’s 8th grade year, he asked her out, and she agreed, and George couldn’t have been happier, although his family wasn’t too pleased, as George’s father’s company was about to be bought out, and the lawyer helping the rival company, was Sophie’s father, the two had to keep it secret, and Anne seemed to be the only one that approved of Sophie, but Sophie and George didn’t care, and secretly dated though the rest of their High School days. On the night of Sophie’s senior prom, the two consummated their relationship to the fullest extent, and Sophie became pregnant. Sophie was scared at first, but George knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sophie and proposed and were planning to elope, until George’s sister Mary told everything.

    The parents were furious, and demanded the two break up and Sophie have an abortion, but Anne knew how much they loved each other and wouldn’t allow it, She arranged a small ceremony in the botanical gardens, on May 31st 2003, inviting Sophie’s best friend Owen, and a few other friends, including her boyfriend, and boyfriends gay brother Jonothan to the wedding. George didn’t know how to thank his sister, and the two were married in a small ceremony unattended by the parents who disowned them, and on November 22nd Sophie gave birth to their beautiful son, William George Boleyn. Sophie and George decided to Make Owen God Father, and his sister Anne God Mother. George was in Awe of his son, he’d often sit by his crib, while Sophie slept just sketching , a hidden hobby he’d always had, and soon several drawings filled the walls of the rundown loft apartment Anne had helped them get. It was an old place, but had all the space they needed, two bedrooms, a room for an art studio for George, kitchen everything, and with a little bit of George’s art it was fixed right up. Billy’s now four years old. Almost five, and constantly asking questions, he takes after both George and Sophie both, with his love of drawing and the imagination for his stories, and every day George is amazed by his son, and is glad he has the opportunity to mostly work at home drawing and painting for a local magazine and hoping to one day get a collection in Briarwood’s museum.

    Sister Anne:

    Son Billy:

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    Name: Owen Walker

    Age: 22

    Physical Description:

    Personality: Owen is fun, loving, quiet at times when he's around people he doesn't know, but if he's around close friends he lightens up and gets a little crazy, he can make jokes, but he can also be very serious at times. It seems he wears his heart on his sleeve and gains trust issuses after his break-up with Derek.

    Ranger Designation: Yellow Mystic Ranger

    Hobbies/Interests: Music, Singing and Songwriting

    History: On March 14th 1988, Owen Christopher Walker was born to Clark and Diana Walker of Briarwood, California. The couple already had a two year old son, Zachary Shepherd Walker. While he wasn't too psyched about having a little brother at first, Zac grew to love his brother and watch out for him like an older sibling should In the early years, Owen was a noraml kid. He had a bunch of friends, since he had such a likable personality. His best friend of course was Sophie Boleyn. Owen had met Sophie when they were both two at the local playground. The two of them instantly connected and have been nearly inseperable ever since. His grades we're average, not that he wasn't bright. Owen just didn't like to show-off and act like a brainiac. As he got older, Owen watched his brother Zac as he became interested in the drums. He would sometimes sit and watch as Zac took the set their parents had bought him and beat on them, eventhough at the time he had no real sense of rhythm. Owen couldn't explain it, but from the drums he heard this beat in his head. The beat slowly formed into a melody and then mixed in a harmony. And thus his passion for music was born. From that point on, Owen pursued the expansion of his musical knowledge while Zac continued to get better at playing the drums. In the 4th grade Owen discovered that he had quite the singing voice, and soon after that he loved to sing.

    A few years later, after Owen and Sophie had started middle school his brother Zac and his friends formed a band. Dubbing themselves "Everybody Else", the group consisted of Austin Williams on bass, Carrick O'Connell on guitar and lead vocals, with Zac on drums of course. Owen would sometimes watch them practice and he and Sophie went to all of their gigs. Austin's younger brother Derek, who was the same age as he and Sophie also tagged along. He became friends with them and they began hanging out. Then, about halfway through 7th grade Owen started noticing that he was different from other boys. While most of his classmates were starting to be attracted to girls, commenting on how pretty they were and how much they liked their budding bosoms Owen found that he didn't share these feelings. Instead, he found himself becoming more attracted to the other boys in his classes. And when he was in gym class, he would stare at them while they changed. At first he didn't understand why he was having these feelings, but after some research online he discovered what he was. Owen was gay. When he realized he was gay, Owen wasn't sure how those around him would take it, and kept it hidden for sometime. Then Sophie and him were talking one day and promised to share their biggest secrets, though Owen had a feeling his would be bigger, he agreed. Sophie admitted that she had a crush on the new guy thatíd just moved to Briarwood, George Boleyn, and Owen gave in and told Sophie he thought he was gay. Sophie was quiet at first until she grinned and asked him how cute he thought Orlando Bloom really was.

    Glad that he had finally gotten his big secret off his chest, Owen now focused on accepting himself and going on with his life as a gay teenager. Recently he'd noticed when hanging out with Derek that he was very attractive. Owen often had to catch himself so he wouldn't get caught staring. Part of him really wanted to ask Derek out, but another part of him was too scared of what might happen. What if Derek wasn't into guys? What if he was a homophobe and hated Owen from then on? He couldn't live with himself if Derek hated him. Owen told Sophie about his crush, but despite her encouragements he couldn't gather the courage to approach Derek. So unbeknownst to Owen, Sophie devised a little scheme of her own and went behind Owen's back and talked to Derek and the next thing Owen knew Derek asked him out. Everything was amazing between the two, and he hardly had time to say anything when Sophie began courting with George Boleyn, him constantly sending her strawberries, something Sophie adored that George had found out from Owen himself. But the blissful two year relationship between him and Derek ended shortly before his sophomore year started, Derek informed Owen heíd met someone else, and that there just wasnít a spark between them anymore and they broke up. Owen was devastated, especially when a week later Derek had a new guy on his arm. Owen closed in on himself, and would only really talk to Sophie, but even she couldnít understand as she was blinded by that stupid thing called love with George Boleyn.

    Owen stayed single for the rest of high school and shortly after graduation, Sophie and George got married. The day of the wedding Owen found out it was because Sophie had become pregnant the night of the prom and was due to have a child in November. She did just that and on November 22nd 2003, Owenís god-son, William George Boleyn, or Billy as they call him, was born. It was a little sad, as Sophieís family had completely disowned her, but Sophie seemed happy no matter what, and it was at the wedding, Georgeís sister Anne had brought her boyfriend, and his little brother who was Sophie and Owenís age, and his name was Johnathan. The two hit it off quite well, and Owen started calling him Johnny, and Owen is the only person who can. It took some time, 3 years to be exact before Owen agreed to go on a date with him, and the two have been dating for a few months now. Owen really likes Johnny but heís afraid to get too close in case he gets hurt again like Derek hurt him. Owen's now happily dating Johnny after a few years of getting his heart broken. He regularly attends college at Briarwood University studying to teach music and keeps up his god-fatherly duties of babysitting Billy so Sophie and George can have some alone time. Life is Good.

    Owen's Ex-Boyfriend Derek:

    Owen's Current Boyfriend Johnny:

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    Name: Sophie Boleyn

    Age: 23

    Physical Description:
    Sophie is an extremely beautiful girl, long black hair, honey brown eyes, full lips and almost unnatural pale skin. She’s a little on the short side, at 5’5Ĺ” but has very voluptuous curves. She’s usually found wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans with low tops and her “G” necklace, and very little makeup except for some eyeliner and lippy, as George has said she’s gorgeous enough with anything to help., she’s always got a pen near by her and a pad of paper, and ever since the birth of her son Billy, she’s had a glow about her, that most people say women get when they’re pregnant it just stuck with Sophie.

    Personality: Sophie’s the kind of girl that’s quiet, and reserved and proper, at least when Adults are around, growing up in a life where she was pressured by her parents to be the best, she did whatever she could to break free of their rules and their leash, due to the choice she made for love, she lost them completely, She misses them occasionally, but knows if she hadn’t made the choice then she wouldn’t be 100% Happy like she is know, She’s feisty, and strong willed, and if she believes in something she won’t back down. At times she can be very hippie like, and is a firm believer in anything the Beatles have stated, especially “All You Need Is Love”

    Ranger Designation: Blue Mystic Force Ranger

    -The Beatles
    -Has She Mentioned Strawberries?

    History: Sophie Emmaline Carey was born April 10th, 1985 to Jonathon and Emmaline Carey, a lawyer, and a housewife, in Briarwood California. The couple already had two other sons, Edward and Emmett, and Emmaline was happy to finally have the little girl she’d wanted. Jonathon was the pushy type of father, always wanting his children to do the best they could, and thought that playtime was boring, rules were meant to be followed not broken, and he made sure to enforce the rule, sometimes going to great lengths to punish his children. Sophie’s first memory of horrible punishment was when she was five years old, and demanding that she didn’t want to start going to school, Jonathon won in the end however, but taking young Sophie’s hands and holding them over an open flamed candle for several minutes. To Sophie it seemed more severe than what he did to her brothers, just spankings and then to bed without dinner, but Sophie was the only one who thought that way. After that, Sophie did whatever she could to be on her best behavior, never letting a hair out of line. One day she met a young boy at the playground. Owen Walker, and the two became good friends.

    In school, Sophie always made sure to make the best grades for fear of angering her father, and never wanting to go near a candle again. Her favourite class in school was by far writing and literature, getting to write her own stories. A Love that would stick with her forever, but something she’d have to keep secret.When Sophie and Owen were in Middle school, Down the street from her, a new family moved in, The Boleyn’s they had two girls and a boy and the boy was just two years older than they were, Sophie couldn’t help but notice he was really cute, and a month later Sophie admitted to Owen that she thought she had a crush on him, though she’d never think he’d notice her, and Owen dropped the bomb that he was gay. Sophie was a little surprised, but she didn’t care, she just told Owen never to tell her father or she’d never be allowed to see him again. Sophie actually liked the fact she had a guy friend she could talk to about how hot other boys were without them getting all angry. Often Sophie would accompany Owen to his brothers band rehearsal, after all she did love music, and Owen was completely smitten with Austin’s younger brother Derek, when Owen mentioned it to her, Sophie came up with a scheme to get the two together and talked to Derek about asking Owen out, and soon the two were dating. While Owen was away with Derek, Sophie found herself wandering the shops of Briarwood, or sitting at a cafť writing, but one day she went into the music store, looking for a Beatles album when she brushed against someone else. When she looked up it was George Boleyn and she blushed like mad. They talked briefly and she introduced herself before grabbing the CD and leaving, She didn’t know what to say, and he’d actually flirted! Sophie decided to play hard to get and went home. That night she told her mother about him and her mother said to be careful, due to her Father’s job as a lawyer trying to help another company buy out the company George’s father worked for. Sophie sighed, figures she meets a guy she likes. And she cant go for him. George however wasn’t going to give up so easily and everyday he’d send Sophie a basket of her favourite food to ask her out, until finally just before she started her Freshman year, she agreed to date him in secret.

    It was nothing like Sophie’d ever imagined it was a fairytale and more, and her family was none the wiser, or so she thought. Everything seemed to be going perfect in her and Owen’s lives, until Derek broke up with him just before their sophomore year. Owen was heartbroken, and Sophie and George did everything they could to get him back on his feet, but he wouldn’t budge, and it didn’t help that Derek began dating someone else a week later. Still, Sophie stayed by her best friend no matter what he needed. In her Senior year, things began to hit the fan, Thomas Boleyn and Jonothan Carey were constantly arguing and fighting with each other, and neither of the mothers spoke to each other, as the companies were getting more and more stressed out. George and Sophie stayed together though, and decided to take that final step in their relationship the night of the prom, but three weeks later, they never expected to find out that Sophie was pregnant. George proposed to Sophie and she agreed and they were planning to elope, George confided in his sister’s Anne and Mary, but was never expected to be betrayed when Mary told the adults everything. They demanded that the two never see each other again, and Sophie have the child aborted, But George’s eldest sister Anne came up with a plan, She planned a small wedding for the two, attended by friends from school in the local gardens and brought her date’s younger brother Jonathan with them, after all the Best Maid needed someone and Anne knew Owen was gay. George and Sophie got married on May 31st 2003, and a few months later in November, after several hours of labor, Sophie gave birth to their son Billy, Sophie didn’t have to think twice about naming Anne and Owen God Parents and Anne helped them get a place to stay downtown that had plenty of room for the three. It took a few years, but Johnny, as Owen calls him, and Owen are finally dating, and Sophie’s glad her friend is starting to get over Derek’s Heartbreak. It’s hard to believe that she’s the mother of a perfect four year old son, and working as a journalist and writing short stories for a local Magazine aimed for young adults, and also attempting to work on a book, but her dreams of being a published author, perfect mother and perfect wife might have to go on hold when she’s chosen as the Blue Mystic Force Ranger.

    Son Billy:

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    Name: Alejandro Bustamante

    Age: 21

    Physical Description:

    Tanned skin, maintains physical condition by playing Soccer and a strict martial arts discipline, from time to time he prefers casual and sport attires: Red shirt or jersey, jeans and sport shoes. When a special occasion (or date) appears, he opts for more formal, designer wear, revolving around red combinations.

    Quiet and reserved, he has always been a strongly convicted person, upholding honor and justice, also due to his buddism background, he would always be reading, training and strategizing different battle scenarios so he can come up with a better solution, he believes that even the most dire hardships is no reason to look at life's brightest things.

    Once you get to know him he becomes an outspoken and very reliable person, always prepared to give it his all to protect his friends, teammates and specially the innocent.

    Ranger Designation: Solaris Knight

    Make no mistake, his passion is soccer, he has learned that with each move, each strategy he makes on the field he gains an upper hand on his opponents, how he must calculate what the other player's reaction would be, where the goalie will try to stop his shoot, all aspects of the game he tries to translate into the real world, after all, it is the same mission: to be the best

    He also shares an interest in Martial Arts, he practiced Aikido and Iaido from a short time, he likes history documentaries and books, specially about the dark and middle ages.


    Alejandro Bustamante, born to Santiago Bustamante, one of the prominent senators in the Spanish government, but from a mother worlds apart from him, being a "common waitress" as people jealous of them would say; all his life was handed to him in a silver platter, sent to a boarding house by his own parents, he learned to be independent and to develop strong bonds with his friends, he showed remarkable skills in Soccer and often idolizing Oliver Khan and Iker Casillas, and also a strong discipline gained by training Aikido. But in these sacred halls something went wrong, and a dear person of Alejandro had to pay the ultimate sacrifice, and for him to carry that dark secret.

    The years passed and he developed a special interest in the past: Civilizations, history and legends, he had all the means to be an explorer and Historian, specially since learning that within his bloodline was the Caballeros Argentos line, a cabal of knights who aided Artorious when Britannia needed Spaniard help. He continue to grow but something was stirring inside him, and once he entered high school, he finally understood, he didnt need any of the excess his surroundings had, he wanted to help people but being besides them, learning how to earn your own things and gain success by your own means.He presented his case to his parents, but they wouldnt believe him, the argument went on for hours, and as final present he told him that if he wanted his wish granted, he must finish high school and earn his own ticket.

    By the time the day he was waiting for he knew where exactly he would begin his journey, he decided to have a change of scenery, getting away from there, and so he chose to live in America, a city he heard about when his friends went there to visit: Angel Grove.

    As a final present for Alejandro, his father told him to speak with Dr. Segovia, he was the curator of Angel Grove Museum and he could study and work there with him, Antonio said goodbyes and was on his way to not only learn more about history, but to preserve and uncover more of it. Little does he know that his journey would take a lot more interesting.

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    Name: Kathleen ďKatĒ Summers

    Age: 19

    Physical Description:

    Kate is in no way a girly-girl. She does not find any fun in wearing a dress or high heels, nor does she enjoy shopping. Because of this, she makes do with whatever pants she can pull from the bin at the thrift store. Her favorite outfit is a pair of ripped and patched jeans that she got for fifty cents and a blue tank top she got for a quarter. When itís cold out she will usually pull on the leather jacket that used to belong to her dad.

    Personality: There is but one way to describe Kate: Hard. Her life has given her no reason to be a happy go lucky person; instead it has forced Kate to guard herself against all the hurts that are out there. She has hardened her heart to people and has built defenses around herself that she does not easily let others break through.

    Often times, Kate can come across as a bitch as she always has a biting or sarcastic remark on the tip of her tongue. Though one really has to blast through Kateís defenses to see it, there is a softer side to the young woman. Charged with the care of her younger siblings, Kate will do anything to protect them. Like a mother lion protecting her cubs, Kate will not hesitate to take down any threat to her family. With the city getting more dangerous every day, Kate fears that she wonít be able to keep her siblings safe much longer and that they will soon have to move away in order to keep them from harm.

    Ranger Designation: Green Mystic Ranger

    - Fighting
    - Reading
    - Hanging out with her siblings
    - Music
    - Learning anything and everything she can

    History: Born Kathleen Joanna Summers, Kate was a happy and smiling young baby. Her parents, Kyle and Lauren, were barely married a year before the newest addition to their family came, but they couldnít have been happier. Always wanting a large family, the young couple waited in anticipation for Kate to arrive, and when she finally did, the celebration was wild. Relatives from both sides of the family showed up to welcome the newest member of the Summers family.

    Growing up, Kate was doted upon by her parents. She was loved and well cared for, there was nothing she ever was in need or want of. However, Kyle and Lauren still wanted their big family. Though they tried, it took years for them to finally conceive another child.

    Kate was eleven years old when her little brother, Derrick, was born. Though she was jealous at first of all the attention the new baby was getting, Kate soon learned to love her new brother and Lauren taught her all about caring for the baby.

    Two years after Derrick was born, another little girl joined the Summers family. Daisy was a giggling baby that never stopped smiling. It seemed as if the Summers were on their way to the large family that they had always wanted. But the happiness wasnít long to last.

    Kate was fifteen when the family traveled from their small home in Cedar Falls, Iowa to California. They planned on driving an RV all the way to the California coast, stopping along the way to visit all the tourist sights. They had barely crossed into California when their RV crashed. The three kids, all buckled safely into the back, survived with minor scratches. Kyle and Lauren, however, were not so lucky. They died on impact, leaving their three children behind as orphans. Far from home and family, the children were placed with Social Services until their grandparents could come and get them.

    Sadly, however, it was discovered that Kyle and Lauren had failed to write up a will which would have granted guardianship of their three children to one of their many sets of relatives. A custody battle ensued between their two sets of grandparents. Being already placed in the custody of California Social Services, the children remained there until the judge granted guardianship to someone. However, watching the way the families battled, the judge ruled that Kate and her siblings would stay in California and be put up for adoption. He also placed a contingency on their adoption: all three had to be adopted together.

    It wasnít too long before families started to become interested in adopting Derrick and Daisy, but one look at the fifteen year old who came with the package and they quickly turned away. Kate soon began to lose her self-esteem as she realized that people no longer wanted her. Her family was gone and nobody would ever love her again. She began to withdraw from people, only coming alive when her siblings needed her to help them.

    Finally, a family came forward to adopt the three Summers children. Their name was Loveless, and they couldnít have been more like their name. While the Lovelessís put on a kind and happy face to the public, their home life was a far different story. Kate had thought that she and her siblings would find happiness with their new family, but all Kate found was pain. Mr. Loveless was a relentless drunk who was constantly in search of a reason to beat Kate. He belittled her, called her stupid and worthless, and hit her constantly. Mrs. Loveless was little better than her husband. She treated Kate like her own personal servant, running the girl ragged doing chores and knocking her around when she didnít do them right.

    Kate hid out in the gym every day after school to avoid going back to the house where she would, doubtless, run into another beating and list of chores. It was while she was hiding in the gym that she first saw the martial arts club meet. She watched them practice, fascinated by their graceful movements. It wasnít long before she asked to join and was learning how to defend herself. The more she learned, the more Kate began to piece together her escape from the Loveless home.

    They had been nearly two years with the Lovelessís when Kate finally snapped. Mr. Loveless started beating her and Kate, finally, began to fight back. She knocked him out, grabbed her siblings, and ran. Now the three of them were on their own: Kate barely seventeen, Derrick just seven, and Daisy five years old.

    Unsure of what to do, Kate took her siblings and ran for whatever city she could find work in. That just happened to be Angel Grove. The three lived in a rundown, low rent apartment building, living off the little money Kate made as a waitress. Barely making minimum wage, Kate did all she could to make ends meet. It was difficult for her to care for her little siblings while working over forty hours a week in order to make money for them to live off of. Then Kate heard about an underground fighting ring.

    Some customers in the restaurant Kate worked at were talking about their latest fight and where the next one would take place. Kate listened in on their conversation, taking note of the location and time. As soon as she was off work, Kate made her way to where the fight was being held. She put down all the money she had earned in tips that day on herself, much to the enjoyment of the other hardened fighters, and stepped into the ring against a man who was more than twice her size. It was the hardest fight of her life, nothing like sparring at the fight club or taking down a drunk like Mr. Loveless. She fought harder than sheíd ever fought before and, though it took nearly an hour, she finally brought him down.

    The fight club was made up of many hardened men, most of them ruthless criminals who would as soon as slit your throat as look at you. Kate fought hard to gain what little respect she could from them. The fact that she brought down one of their most powerful fighters helped to earn Kate a spot within the club. She quit her job at the restaurant. Now a full-fledged member of the underground fighting ring, Kate fights every night to bring in money for her and her siblings. The life has hardened her and reinforced her defenses to the point where, even Derrick and Daisy sometimes canít bring back Kateís true self.

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    Name: Jasmine Brond

    Age: 21 (appears)

    Physical Description:

    - wears dark colors
    - brown hair
    - blue eyes
    - petite
    - 5.5
    - 123 pounds

    Ranger Designation:
    Blue Mystic Ranger

    -enjoys helping others
    -likes to play sports
    -she's the athletic type
    -continues her father's legacy

    Jasmine has a very soft heart. Jasmine is very trustworthy and she will always have your back. She tends to fail though hardly ever. Its just she has had a harder time growing up and she doesn't wanna get hurt again. But she will always treat people the way that they wanan be treated. She tends to by shy sometimes, but tries not to be, she would like to make a new friend once in a while.Though it may appear so. When the night comes around she becomes another person. Though she cannot help it, since she was bitten by a vampire when she was 10, she has had a double personality. Though its a side she never wants to come out. She'll tease you and draw you in. Though when she awaked in the morning, she has no regulation, well depending whats he did that night... BUt she stills cares for others. She never wanted this to be her life. But apparently its come to that. BUt inside she knows that there is something out there for her, something she is destined to do.

    Jasmine was born into a your typical american family. She had an older brother Erick, and her dad was a fireman while her mom worked part time in a charity facility. Her family as very happy together and they loved each other very much. They all got along and hardly had any situations. But as Jasmine was growing up, she tended to have a problem, she never knew why, but other kids never liked her. She never had any friends and they weren't very nice to her. She was always nice to them. But no sooner one perky girl admitted that she, Jasmine dud have something they all wanted, her life. They were all just jealous. Jasmine knew there was more to this and didn't learn of it until she was older. Her father, really wasn't a fireman, and hunted vampires. Many families new of this and basically called him crazy and there was no such thing. Jasmine wasn't sure wether he was or not, Erick though believed what the others told him. He would always get mad at his dad for being so stupid and believing in the superstitious things. BUt Jasmine trusted her dad. She knew her father wouldn't do something that he knew wasn't rue. She had heard of strange happenings where she lived but she never really thought about it up to this point. Her mother no sooner left her dad. Her mom couldn't take it any more. Jasmine stayed by her fathers' side, while her brother no sooner left as well, just fed up. Jasmine continued to be alone at school, though she got really good grades, her own teachers weren't very cool with her either. But in time she soon got used to it. She got interested in art ad painting. She loved it and felt it a great way to express how she was always felt. Her dad enjoyed her paintings her supported her every step of the way.

    Jasmine no sooner asked her dad one day if she could join him on a hunt one night. She for herself wanted to see if the sayings were true. He hesitated. She kept urging and urging until he finally gave in. Though he told her she must stay in the car at all times, even if something happened to him. SO when that night came she hoped in the car with him. She could tell that he was debating on wether or not to keep her home. She persuaded him once again and they soon took off. As the time came her dad got out of the car. She sat playing with her game boy waiting for him to return. She was tempted many times to go out of the car, but she didn't. Hours went by and he hadn't returned. As she finally decided she should go look for him and dark shadow appeared, and what seemed to be walking to the car. She htought it was her dad and she ran out to greet him. As she got closer, she realized it wasn't her dad. The next thing she knew she was taken away and blank. She awoke the next morning in a hospital. Her mom at her side. She looked over and asker her mom what happened. Her mom said that no one knew, they found her in the alley in the early morning by a local runner, her father had gone missing.

    Jasmine was heart broken and she knew her mom was goanna take her in. As she did so Jasmine discovered to weird little markings on her neck. She ignored them for a hwile until she was 16 when she realized what they were. She gained some of her father's belongings (for he was now presumed dead) and learned much about the vampires, werewolves, and much more. She was really facinated by it all and wanted to carry his legacy. Her mother denied it but Jasmine didnt listen, and still to this day no one knows her secret of being a vampire. As time went on Jasmine went to college and pursued a career in art. She still painted a lot and her mom was proud on her decision on that. But secretly she still wanted to continue the legacy, and she kept her secret of being a vampire, not even her mom knows. As she now attends a nearby college, at night she hunts the creatures who plan on hurting the innnocent. She wants to protect those from falling into the trap such as she did, though everyday she hated herself for getting out of that car. BUt in the day she works as a waitress to earn some extra money, she is happy, but tries to look to hte future and not the past.

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    Hey y'all sorry for the delay in the casting! I have made decisions on most of the cast!

    Blue: ddr: I'm sorry and forgive me if this comes off rude but the bio is not up to standards in what I'm looking for. If you would like examples for future games please use the other bios as references, good luck. Ybranger and JB, both bios are well written and very original. YB, I love the fact that Jasmine is very sweet and selfless when it comes to others. I love her character, the only thing that doesn't fit with the rpg is the fact that she is a vampire. It's a creative idea and I love creativity I just don't feel it would fit with the storyline, I'm sorry I will have to go with JB this time. Thank you for your interest though JB: I simply and honestly love Sophie! She's a strong and driven young woman who I think will fit perfectly as the Blue Ranger, so welcome to the team! Btw I love strawberries too!

    Red: Boys did you have to make it so hard on me? Haha, Sango: George oh George! I love the fact how he is such a doting and devoted father and husband and he stands up for himself and the people he cares about the most. BVR: Alejandro is such an interesting guy, I love the fact that he is into history especially that of the knights. This is what made my decision very hard, but I've decided to give the role to Sango his connection with JB's character makes it a perfect fit. So congrats Sango, welcome to the team! As for Alejandro, I still want him apart of the game, how would you feel BVR if I offered you the role of Solaris Knight?

    Yellow: RT: Owen is an amazing character, I love the fact how is he so fun and outgoing, but can also be quiet and reserved. I think Owen would fit the role of Yellow perfectly, so welcome to the team!

    Green: butterfly_kisses: Kat I think personally is one of the strongest characters I've seen recently. I think that the fact that she is willing to do anything to protect her family even if her life isn't going perfect is something to say about her. I think she would fit perfectly as the Green Ranger. Welcome to the Team!

    The cast is completely full, we have the role of the Solaris Knight has been accepted by BVR! We will start on Monday!

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