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    serk1284 Guest

    Talking Best Super Sentai Series Ever (Part 4 of 4)

    Here it is folks, the ultimate poll. Which do you think is the best Super Sentai series ever!? Let's settle this once and for all!

    Due to the size of this poll I've split this poll into four posts.

    If your favourite series is not listed above, click [ame=""]here[/ame] to vote for either:
    • Goranger
    • J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai
    • Battle Fever J
    • Denziman
    • Sun Vulcan
    • Goggle V
    • Dynaman
    • Bioman
    • Changeman
    • Flashman

    Click [ame=""]here[/ame] to vote for either:
    • Maskman
    • Liveman
    • Turboranger
    • Fiveman
    • Jetman
    • Zyuranger
    • Dairanger
    • Kakuranger
    • Ohranger

    Or click [ame=""]here[/ame] to vote for either:
    • Megaranger
    • Gingaman
    • GoGoFive
    • Timeranger
    • Gaoranger
    • Hurricaneger
    • Abaranger
    • Dekaranger
    • Magiranger
    • Boukenger

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    Gekiranger, hands down. Go onger had it's good parts when it got into the series. Shinkenger, honestly speaking I'll have to force myself to watch more episodes of that one. The basic concept doesn't sit well with me and the fact that one ranger, even if he's Red, is miles above the others in ranking is just not cool. Not to mention the zords, the weapons and the morph sequence itself.

    Gekiranger, it was easy to stay tuned and I remember there were a hell of a lot of occasions when the show pleasantly surprised me. For me, it's Geki, even against Boukenger...

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    Shinkenger but Gekiranger is right there behind it.

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    serk1284 Guest

    Exclamation New poll

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the input so far!

    Using this poll on these forums is a bit tedious, but I've just found a way to create a poll with 33 options, so I'd like to ask everyone (including both people who have already voted or would like to vote) to ignore this poll, and instead use the new one I set up to cast your vote by clicking here.

    Sorry for the confusion. Please continue to discuss your favourite series in this thread, but to cast your vote, please use my new poll! Please spread the word about the new poll and tell your friends!

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