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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance [Completed]

    Well here I go again with another fan fiction.

    DISCLAIMER: I just want to say that I do not own Power Rangers or work for Saban (wish I did). I do not own any of the actors or actresses that I will be posting on this fan fiction. This is only to show what the characters look like. In this fan fiction, I will be using some of my YouTube friends. I did get their permission for this. This fan fiction is based on, obviously, Power Rangers, and has the concept of the show Stargate-SG1; going to different planets. Also my fan fiction will have a mix of VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad, and other shows like that. I hope you enjoy this fan fiction. I have been waiting for a while to put this idea into writing. In this installment, I am going to give you the reoccurring characters along with a mini bio, so you can get to know the characters a little better. On some of the characters I'm going to have a star (*) next to their name. That will mean either more information about this character will be later given, once the story progresses and/or the character is not introduced yet in the story but will be. I just want to warn you, there are a lot of characters in this fan fiction so please refer to the first few installments and come back to them regularly, because I'll be adding on things when the story progresses. Before I begin, thank you for making my first fan fiction, Power Rangers Lightning Orb, a huge success with over
    10,000 views. You can view it in the archives here: Power Rangers Lightning Orb

    Also, I just want to take time and say thank you to all of you who are reading this fan fiction, Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance. As of now, this fan fiction has over
    10,100 views and I thank you.



    The Characters:

    The Power Rangers (and Their Parents):

    (left) Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Matthew Park (Grover)
    Ultimate Red Ranger - NEW LEADER
    age 17

    (center) Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park (adopted father) - 2nd Black MMPR, Green Zeo Ranger, 1st Green Turbo Ranger
    (right) Nakia Burisse as Tanya Park (adopted mother) - Yellow Zeo Ranger, 1st Yellow Turbo Ranger
    (bottom left) Milo Cawthorne as Ziggy Grover (biological father) - Ranger Operator Series Green
    (bottom right) Olivia Tennet as Dr. K (biological mother)
    Mini Bio: Matthew was found on the doorsteps of the St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral. He was found by two nuns and a priest and was brought into the Angel Grove Orphanage. As a young boy he was put into foster care when the orphanage became bankrupt. The first house he lived at, there were five other boys, older than him. He would always get made fun of by the boys and when ever they did something wrong, he would get blamed for it. The two people that ran the house didn't know what to do with Matthew. Obviously, he did nothing wrong, but the two didn't see it like that. They found him a new foster home for troubled youth. It turned out to be a nightmare for him because again, he was the youngest in the house, and was always getting picked on. This time, he went to his foster parents and told them that he was being picked on. After that, he stopped getting picked on. His foster parents found out that he wasn't a bad child at all and that in his last foster care house he was being blamed for things he did not do. So, obviously, this was not the right foster care house for him since he wasn't a troubled youth. They searched and searched, and finally found a good foster home for him. It was just him and his foster parents. They raised him and loved him like he was their child. By the age of twelve, a terrible accident occurred where his foster parents suddenly both got ill and past away. Matthew was heart broken. He was taken in by the police and by this time the Angel Grove Orphanage received a new owner and was opened again. Matthew went with them. For a few years, he lived at the orphanage until one day a man by the name of Adam Park, and his newly wedded wife, Tanya, came in. They saw Matthew sitting and watching the other boys play football. They asked if they could talk to him. Matthew came over and they started chatting. After a few months, the paperwork had been signed and they adopted Matthew. Adam and Tanya asked how he got that name and he showed them his baby blanket with the name 'Matthew' on it. Matthew became Matthew Park. His adopted father started teaching him martial arts and told him about his adventures being a Power Ranger. Tanya told Matthew about being a Power Ranger too. They couldn't keep Alpha 6 a secret from him, so they told him the whole story. They enrolled Matthew at Angel Grove High. At all the foster care homes and the orphanage, he had been getting the proper schooling so he wasn't behind at all. He just loved his new family. His favorite food is Chinese and he just thinks Martial Arts is the coolest. He is a green belt, so he's still working on his moves. He is a quick learner. He recently found out that he has a brother, named Jeremy and that his father was a Power Ranger. His parents came through a portal to protect them from a war taking place and told him and his brother that they'll be back when the war ended. Little did he know that he would end up seeing his father and mother before the war was over.

    (left) Freddie Smith as Jeremy Grover (brother to Matthew)
    Ultimate White Ranger
    age 21

    (center) Milo Cawthrone as Ziggy Grover (father) - Ranger Operator Series Green
    (right) Olivia Tennet as Dr. K (mother)

    Mini Bio: Jeremy was brought up and raised as a Ra'cha Warrior. At a young age he began his training as being a Ra'cha Warrior. Aeon wanted Nemesis to train him, since Nemesis was the greatest warrior in the Ra'cha Empire. The hours were long and painful, but Jeremy got better and stronger and he would endure the pain. At the age of 15, he was one of the best Ra'cha Warriors. Nemesis made him 1st Commander of the Inane Ra'cha. He was just under Alasphere. Not only was Jeremy a skillful fighter, but Jeremy had a gift. Jeremy could teleport to anywhere, anytime at will. He could also teleport anyone with him. He was a very useful asset to the Ra'cha Empire, but not any more. When he saw Matthew for the first time, he realized he had seen Matthew somewhere before. After having visions of him and Matthew he came to the realization that Matthew was his brother. After JBZ, a Chosen One, who was the Ultimate Yellow Ranger, saw inside of Jeremy's heart that he wants to change and become good. Also, JBZ saw the truth. There was a war going on and his parents, traveled through a portal, with Matthew to keep them safe. Little did Jeremy know that he was going to see his father and mother.

    (left) Kyle Riabko as Daniel "Danny" Oliver*
    Ultimate Green Ranger
    age 17

    (center) Jason David Frank as Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver (father) - Green/White MMPR, Red Zeo Ranger, 1st Red Turbo Ranger, Black Brachio Ranger
    (right) Catherine Sutherland as Katherine "Kat" Oliver (mother) - 2nd Pink MMPR, Pink Zeo Ranger, 1st Pink Turbo Ranger

    Mini Bio: Danny lived in Angel Grove and then moved to Reefside, California where his father worked as a paleontology professor. His father's life was very secretive and in the dark. He had no idea that his parents were Power Rangers. Everyday when his father would get home from a battle, his mother, Kat, would always say that he was working late. Not seeing his father so much made Danny bitter. He started becoming aggressive with teachers and students. He would always try and get into trouble, just so his father could take some time to take care of the matter, but it was always his mother bailing him out of these messes. He started to actually hate his father and became a school bully. He was a very smart student with getting straight As; his behavior, however was a different story. His bullying became a way of releasing his anger toward his father and he was making all the students afraid of him. He would make fun of people who were different than him. Besides being anger all the time, he does like a few things. He loves motorcycles. At the age of sixteen his father bought him a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He liked the motorcycle, but the bad news was that his father wasn't there for his birthday. Also, he's a ladies man, despite him being a bully.

    * More information will be given later on this character.

    (left) Argiris Karras as Destin Cranston
    Ultimate Blue Ranger
    age 18

    (center) David Yost as Billy Cranston (father) - original and only Blue MMPR
    (right) unknown actress as Cestria (mother)

    Mini Bio: Destin is a special one, because he is a hybrid. He's half human and half Aquatian. Right when Billy left planet Earth, he married Cestria. In the custom of marriage on Earth, they had the wedding that way. Soon after they had a son and named in Destin, which means 'still water'. They were a little surprised when he was born because he looked just like a human, but they noticed he had gills on the back of his neck. The gills would open up when his body touched water and close back up again, when he was dry. He went to school with all the Aquitians and he was called an Aquitian, but he was made fun of by mostly all the students. He was called freak and other unpleasant names. Destin would come home everyday from school and just cry into his parents' arms saying that the kids are just bullying him. Billy, Destin's father, had enough of this and went to the school board. Unfortunately, the school board agreed with the students that he was a freak. This turned into a heated discussion. The Rangers of Aquitar were brought into this and they reasoned with the board that no one should be bullied. The name calling stopped for a while. The high school that he went to was a school training people to be professors and lawyers, even at an early age. Destin didn't care for that; all he really cared about was playing sports. He would always hear his father talking about in high school being on the football team. He wished that, but he was stuck on Aquitar. He is not like his father at all. His father is a very smart intellect. Destin on the other hand is gifted not in intelligence, although he is somewhat smart, but is gifted in athleticism. He hopes to one day play professional football. His father would talk about his Power Ranger days and Destin would always wish to become a Power Ranger. Playing Professional Football and being a Power Ranger were his two dreams in life. Destin seems like a quiet guy, but can get loud when he wants to.

    (left) Sarah Barrable-Tishauer as Denise Taylor
    Ultimate Yellow Ranger
    age 20

    (center) Walter Jones as Zack Taylor (father) - original Black MMPR
    (right) Renee Griggs as Angela Taylor (mother)

    Mini Bio: Denise was born in Angel Grove. After coming back form Switzerland, Zack met up with his high school crush, Angela. They started dating and soon got married. Not long after that, they had a child and named her Denise. Denise was very smart at an early age. She would ace all of her classes because she was so smart. At a very early age, she attended high school, just like Justin Stewart did. Denise also loved to invent new things just as Billy Cranston did. With all of her smarts, she was picked on in high school. Mainly people were jealous because she was the youngest one in school and the smartest. Because of this, her father taught her Hip Hop Kido, which is widely popular now. It wasn't to help her beat up bullies, but to help build self confidence. She learned it and became real good at it, by the time she graduated. When she graduated, it didn't take her long to get a Bachelors in Information Technology. She got it when she was 19. She is currently working on her Masters in Information Technology. She is very gifted with computers. Also, with the friends she has, she enjoys going to the movies or out bowling.

    (left) Clara Bravo as Amanda Grayson
    Ultimate Pink Ranger
    age 13

    (center) Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson (father) - Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
    (right) Alison MacInnis as Dana Grayson (mother) - Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger

    Mini Bio: Amanda was born a year after Carter and Dana, along with the other Power Rangers, defeated Queen Bansheera. Carter and Dana started going out and soon got married, just as quickly, as they started dating. Amanda was born in Mariner Bay, where she was loved and cared for by her father and mother. Carter worked with his father-in-law, Captain Mitchell, to make sure the Queen Bansheera would never get freed from her prison. Amanda went to private schooling. She was an average student, getting good grades in school. She was also very polite to others and had many friends in school. The teachers and students liked her because she was kind and caring. When Amanda is not at school, she likes hanging out with her friends, especially her best friend, Kyle Johnson. They would watch movies and talk on the phone for hours together. Amanda loves pop music. She listens to all the pop stars, such as Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, and Issac Hart. Her favorite singer is Isaac Hart and she hopes to one day meet him.

    (left) Chord Overstreet as Issac Hart*
    Ultimate Black Ranger
    age 19
    (The actor is really 23 but for all purposes the character is 19)
    (center) Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Conroy (mother) - original Pink MMPR
    (right) Julian McMahan as Erik Conroy (step-father) a.k.a. Shellshock (a Hybrid Ra'cha - more info on villain page)

    Mini Bio: Issac Hart is a worldly known pop star. Adam Park, has a CD of his, from the previous fan fiction. Also, Amanda just loves him and enjoys his song, "Baby, Love Is All We Need".

    * More bio and information will be given later on this character.

    (left) Cainan Wiebe as Zeth*
    Ultimate Crimson Ranger
    age 15

    (center) Justin Nimmo as Zhane (father) - Silver Space Ranger
    (right) Melody Perkins as Karone (mother) - Astronema, 2nd Pink Galaxy Ranger

    * Information and bio will be given later on this character.

    (left) Sam Earle as Ezekiel "Zeke" Hammond*
    (center) Christopher Khayman Lee as Andros Hammond (father) - Red Space Ranger
    (right) Tracy Lynn Cruz as Ashley Hammond (mother) - 2nd Yellow Turbo Ranger, Yellow Space Ranger

    Mini Bio: Zeke moved to Reefside with his mother and father. He just started school and is now known at the school for breaking up fights. He broke up one fight. Danny was fighting a kid who just smiled at him. From the looks of it, Zeke just made Danny's 'hate list'.

    * Information and bio will be given later on this character

    (left) Sam Milby as Nathan "Nate Dogg" Kwan*
    (center) Thuy Trang (R.I.P.) as Trini Kwan (dearly departed mother) - original Yellow MMPR
    (right) Maurice Mendoza as Richard "Richie" Kwan (father)

    Mini Bio: Nathan Kwan went to school at Angel Grove University, along with Denise. They are real good friends. He is majoring in Psychology. Denise thinks it's because when his mother died in a car crash, involving a taxi, his father got so depressed, that his father tried to kill himself. Richie was sent to a Psychiatric Ward, where he can do no harm.

    * Information and bio will be given later on this character.

    (left) Tequan Richmond as Kyle Johnson*
    (center) Selwyn Ward as T.J. Johnson (father) - 2nd Red Turbo Ranger, Blue Space Ranger
    (right) Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie Johnson (mother) - 2nd Pink Turbo Ranger, Pink Space Ranger

    Mini Bio: After fighting the Psycho Rangers for the last time, T.J. and Cassie moved to Mariner Bay. They got married and had a boy. From kindergarten and up, Kyle went to a private school. There he met Amanda and became best friends with her. Even though he's two grades higher and two years older, Kyle still likes hanging out with her. They watch movies together and just talk for hours on the phone.

    *More bio and information will be given later on this character.

    Demi Lovato as Crystal*

    *Ranger Status, age, parents, bio, and last name will be given later.

    (left) Alexander Ludwig as Amos*
    (right) David Fielding as Zordon (father)

    *Information and bio will be given later on this character.

    [Allies and Villains are next.]
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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    SIDE NOTE: I do not own these actors or actresses. I am just using them to show you want my characters look like.

    The Villains:


    Mini Bio: A Ra'cha is what Earthlings call hornets. They are small alien insects. Once they sting a person or creature, there essence goes into that person or creature, and they take over that person or creature. The person or creature becomes a host to them. They can only use their power if they have a host. If not, then they are just annoying insects. Once a Ra'cha releases its essence in a creature or person, there is no way of getting the person or creature back until the Ra'cha matures. Once the Ra'cha matures it turns into a horrible and disgusting creature. When a creature is in this form and they are destroyed is the ONLY way of saving the host. Anything else, and the host is lost forever.

    Christopher Rushton as Aeon* a.k.a. Tristan; a Chosen One, the Ultimate White Ranger a.k.a. Chip Russo (chrisrushtonable)
    Leader of the Ra'cha Empire

    Mini Bio: Tristan was once the leader of the Ultimate Rangers. He was one of the two who opened the gate of Oblivion and sent most of the Ra'cha Empire, including Aeon, into Oblivion. A few months went by and he met a young woman named Celestial. He fell in love with her, but in all reality, she was a Ra'cha Warrior, who tricked Tristan to bring forth the gate of Oblivion, so Aeon and the rest of the Ra'cha Empire could escape. Luckily, Tristan's fellow rangers stopped this in time. They sent Celestial into Oblivion, and closed the gate to Oblivion before anyone could escape. Ten thousand years go by and Tristan opens the gates of Oblivion to free Celestial. He not only frees her but everyone from the Ra'cha Empire that was brought to Oblivion. As punishment, the rangers took away his memories and he was turned back into a toddler and sent to Earth. There he had no memory and later got the essence of Aeon put into him, by Aeon stinging him. Aeon is the most powerful Ra'cha Warrior and he is the leader of the Ra'cha Empire. Aeon is the oldest. He's a mysterious figure because he is always hiding in the dark and working behind the scenes. He gives advice to his commanders he has put in charge, and sometimes he steps in and finishes their job. For the most part, he just stays out of the way. He won't rest until he has conquered the whole Universe. Aeon has only fought once and lost to a group of young adults. However, he is not going to make the same mistake again.

    Chip Russo grew up in Angel Grove. He went to Angel Grove High where he met his two best friends Frankie and Birdie. There he became a bully, picking on people. Later, in the school year he found out some kids he was picking on were the Power Rangers. He soon started to like them and became real good friends with them. A short time after, he was captured by Dillon, who was possessed by King Orderly, at the time. He was soon turned into the Psychotic Dark Blue Ranger. After a long battle, the rangers defeated the Psychotic Dark Blue Ranger and Chip went back to normal. Right, after the Prismatic Rangers turned him back to normal, Chip got stung (that was a hint, if you had read my first installment) by Aeon. He became smarter. Chip became Aeon, along with retaining his memories of being Tristan. He captured the Prismatic Rangers, along with the Prismatic Crystal.

    Mark Salling as Nemesis
    2nd in Command of the Ra'cha Empire

    Mini Bio: Nemesis is Aeon's right hand man. Nemesis is the second most powerful Ra'cha Warrior. Nemesis' host was from the Deserted Planet, when it wasn't deserted. Tens of thousands of years ago the Ra'cha Empire came to the planet and instead of destroying the planet, they took the whole population of the planet to make slaves and into hosts. Nemesis found his host to be full of life and strong as well as very powerful. Nemesis is a great warrior and has fought for the Ra'cha Empire as well as his master, Aeon. He has conquered many planets and has many servants doing his bidding.

    Arlen Escarpeta as Alasphere
    3rd in Command of the Ra'cha Empire

    Mini Bio: Alasphere is Nemesis' right hand man. Alasphere is the third most powerful Ra'cha Warrior. Alasphere's host was from the planet Eltar, Zordon's home planet. For some strange reason, the Ra'cha only captured Alasphere's host and left the planet. They didn't attack or take anyone else. You might say that Alasphere's host is special because he was the only one chosen, that's if you were sick and twisted. Before taking him as a host, Alasphere had his servants brain wash him in thinking that the Ra'chas were the rightful rulers of the universe. Alasphere's host willing accepted that Alasphere use him as a host. He is one of a few who willing became a host. Alasphere holds great power. He is the one in charged of all the Inane Ra'cha (Empty Ra'cha). His job is to make sure that the planets that need to be taken over are taken over and the planets that need to be destroyed are destroyed.

    (left) Alyson Stoner as Jasmine Scott a.k.a. Princess Evermore
    age 18

    (center) Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott (father) - original Red MMPR, Gold Zeo Ranger
    (right) Lesley Pedersen as Emily Scott (mother)
    (Her parents aren't evil, just her.)

    Mini Bio: Jasmine Scott lived in Angel Grove, her whole life. After Jason, her father came back from Switzerland, he joined the Power Rangers in fighting the Machine Empire. During that time he meant Emily, Jasmine's mother. After Jason's rescue from Divatox, Emily and him got married and right away they had a child. They called her Jasmine. Jasmine studied martial arts at a young age from her father. By the time she was seven years old, Jasmine was a black belt. Her mother and father were very proud of her. When she turned fourteen, she started to attend Angel Grove High. That was when three students from Angel Grove High and one student from Angel Grove University disappeared. She was frighten that she would disappear next, but luckily she didn't. She ended up graduating with straight As and was the class Valedictorian. Both her father and mother were so proud of her. Right after she graduated, she wanted to take a vacation to see her cousin, Jeremy. Jasmine loves martial arts as well as staying fit and active. She enjoys watching movies with her friends and going shopping. Even though, Jasmine is a black belt martial arts student, she is very sweet and kind. She was chosen to be the Ultimate White Ranger, but during a battle a Ra'cha stung her and transferred its essence into her, possessing her. Destin cryogenic froze her, until they can figure out a way to save her, because the Ra'cha told them that she is not going to turn into her true form, when she matures. It's the only way to destroy a Ra'cha when they are in their true form, and she said she's not going to do it. When Aeon woke her, from being cryogenic frozen, the rangers found out that the Ra'cha that took over her body is Princess Evermore, Aeon's daughter. Princess Evermore walks in her father's shoes and is just as worthless and mean.

    Inane Ra'cha (minus the ax):

    Mini Bio: The Inane Ra'cha are mindless corpses with only one thing on their mind and that is to obey their masters. The Inane Ra'cha were once Ra'cha and creatures. The Ra'cha tried to put their essence into the creatures, but something went wrong where the creature's body rejected the essence, turning them into mindless zombies. To this day, some Ra'cha end up being Inane Ra'cha where they are just to fight and destroy anything that's in their master's path.

    The Four Evil Horsemen

    Kellan Lutz as Thanaton
    Ra'cha posing as Greek god of Death

    Mini Bio: He is one of the Four Evil Horsemen. He bares the tattoo of the Apocalypse. Thanaton has the ability to kill anyone, at will, when the other three Evil Horsemen are with him. He is not a good fighter because he would only have to think of a person dying and that person would die, when his fellow Horsemen are around. He has many followers who believe in him and his powers. He just adores being worship. He only answers to Aeon. His host lived on a planet that is light years away from Earth. With the big battle, Thanaton was sealed in a tomb. Only one person knew his location but he pasted away fifty years after Thanaton got sealed. Not only will Thanaton unleash his power to kill anyone at will, but if all Four Evil Horsemen are united, a dark and evil creature Apocalo will appear. As a special bonus, Thanaton is really Dark Crystal. The man who placed him in a tomb, placed him in the Vortex World, where he was later found by creatures which the Morphin Masters defeated.

    Nikki Reed as Nike
    Ra'cha posing as Greek goddess of Victory (Conquest)

    Mini Bio: Okay first off she's a girl. The Four Evil Horsemen is a universal name and Nike is the only female in the group of four. Even though having a victory is good, she makes it out to be bad. She uses her powers to influence the battles between good and evil, in favor of evil. She bares the tattoo of the Apocalypse. She only answers to Aeon. Her host lived, also as Thanaton's host did, on a planet that is light years away from Earth. With the big battle, Nike was sealed in a tomb. Just like Thanaton, only one person knew the location of where the tomb was and that they pasted away fifty years after Nike was sealed. If Nike is rejoined with Thanaton and the other two Evil Horsemen, it could mean big trouble for the universe. A dark, evil and powerful creature known as Apocalo will appear.

    Nicolas, Craig, and Ryan Karshner as Ares
    Ra'cha posing as Greek god of War

    Mini Bio: You guested it, the Ra'cha posing as Ares, got his host, or should I say hosts, from the planet Triforia, tens of thousands of years ago. Ares bares the tattoo of the Apocalypse. Ares has no power, but he is the greatest warrior out of the Four Horsemen. I say four because even though there can be three Ares at one, just like Trey for Triforia, the Gold Zeo Ranger, Ares is still one person. He only answers to Aeon and he is Aeon's favorite of the Four Evil Horsemen. Because of the threat, during the big battle, Ares was sealed in three separate tombs, far away from each other, so it would make it impossible to have them join back together. Only one person knew the locations, but he pasted away fifty years after all three Ares got sealed. If, however, he does rejoin with his counterparts and joins the other three Evil Horsemen, a dark and evil, powerful creature will rise, known as Apocalo.

    Chace Crawford as Limos
    Ra'cha posing as Greek god (or goddess) of Famine

    Mini Bio: Limos bares the last tattoo of the Four Evil Horseman. He confused the Greeks because he took on a Greek goddess' name. He's still a male Ra'cha, and so when writing it down they refer to Limos as either male or female. He answers to no one, except to Aeon. Limos is the youngest out of the four, but is the second best fighter. He has the power to make people go hungry. That is how Aeon got some of his followers because he would send Limos down and create a famine killing all life stock and crops. This would make creatures worship the Ra'cha. If they didn't, they'd parish. Limos host is from a planet which is lights years away in the Lost Galaxy. He was the last of the four to join the group, tens of thousands of years ago. During the great battle, he was sealed in a tomb. If Limos joins up with Thanaton, Nike, and Ares, a dark and evil, powerful creature will rise to destroy the whole universe, known as Apocalo.

    More Villains:

    style06com (Willie) as Stealth*

    Stealth was found in a secret lab, right after Ares, Limos, and Thanaton had freed Nike from her tomb. He was trapped, for twenty thousand years, in a diamond shape prison which was the color of teal. Stealth told the three evil Horsemen that he is a Hybrid Ra'cha and right after he was created, the Chosen Ones imprisoned him in that diamond. Limos freed him.

    *More information to come later in the series.

    Julian McMahon as Erik a.k.a. Shellshock*

    Shellshock was created in a lab where Aeon experimented on Ra'cha Warriors with animals. His animal was a turtle. The experiment was a success as Aeon created a powerful creature, but he turned against Aeon and followed another Hybrid Ra'cha. Aeon put all of them in a teal colored, diamond prison. As for their leader, he put into a planet, to be sealed away. For some reason, Shellshock escaped and found his way to Earth. He has been possing as a human for a while.

    *More information to come later in the series.

    The Air Force Allies:

    Scott Jaeck as Major General William B. Teller
    Commander of the Area 52 Command Base

    Mini Bio: Major General William B. Teller is the proud commander of a top secret base next to Edwards Air Force Base, or commonly known as Area 51. The base is deep underground and it holds the top secrets of the universe. It is where they brought in a device which could transport people and things to different planets. It was found in Greece by a team of archeologists, who now work for the Air Force. William B. Teller answers only to the President of the United States. The president along with a few other people know about this.

    Balthazar Getty as Colonel Dustin Gap
    Leader of the Area 52 Power Ranger Rescue Team (PRR Team)

    Mini Bio: Colonel Dustin Gap has been appointed by Major General William B. Teller to form a team to find the Power Rangers. A year ago, 2014, the Power Rangers from Angel Grove had disappear along with the Prismatic Crystal (side note: Prismatic Orb mixed with the Dark Crystal). He is a very respectable man who created a team to go out and search for the missing rangers. His team located triangular-like crystals, while searching for the Power Rangers, which harness Power Ranger powers. He is a very serious guy who can be annoying at some times, but he does his job well.

    Hayden Panettiere as Major Samantha Stevenson
    Area 52 Power Ranger Rescue Team Member (PRR Team)

    Mini Bio: Major Samantha Stevenson is the youngest member of the team. She was the first to know about the Power Rangers disappearing because she is cousins to Jacob Stevenson, the Red Prismatic Ranger. Because of her hard work and dedication in the Air Force, she was made major very quickly. She was the Colonel's first pick to go on this rescue mission since her cousin had disappeared. She is very resourceful. She was the one who actually found the triangular crystals.

    Aaron Hill as First Lieutenant Jacob Madison
    Area 52 Power Ranger Rescue Team Member (PRR Team)

    Mini Bio: Jacob Madison joined the Air Force not expecting to find out that there was a way to travel to different planets. He didn't sign up for that, but because he signed a contract he was bound to stay on the Air Force. First Lieutenant Jacob Madison is a great guy, he just doesn't like stuff that could be classified as science fiction. However, when he found out that the Power Rangers were missing, he begged Colonel Dustin Gap to put him on the team. His family lives in Angel Grove and his younger brother was the one who got flung in the air by Psychotic Sienna. He is willing to risk his life to save the Power Rangers, especially because Wes, the Silver Prismatic Ranger, saved his brother's life.

    Brandon Quinn as Dr. Michael Grant, Ph.D
    Area 52 Power Ranger Rescue Team Member (PRR Team)

    Mini Bio: Dr. Michael Grant got on board with the project because his late brother was the one who discovered the device which could let people travel to different parts of the Universe, including the Lost Galaxy. Unfortunately, his brother got killed from a freak accident. Michael has been carrying on his work and was selected by Colonel Dustin Gap to go on the mission to rescue the Power Rangers since he was a child genius who got his Ph.D when he was only twenty five. Also because he knew a lot about different cultures and was fluent in many different languages, such as Ancient Greek.

    Justin Hartley as Dr. Jonathan Fischer, M.D.
    Area 52 Command Base Doctor

    Mini Bio: Dr. Fischer has recently got his license as a doctor. He was called to duty shortly after, but did not expect to be assigned to a top secret base he knew nothing about, because in the real world, it didn't exist. What made him a great candidate for medic at the Area 52 Command Base is that he is quick on his feet. If someone is injured, he knows exactly how to heal the person, without even thinking about it for too long. He is the best at what he does, even at a young age with least experience from other air force doctors who have been practicing medicine for twenty years.

    <Bare with me, one more page of Allies and I will begin the story. Thanks for the patience, but it's very important for you to know these characters that are in my story.>
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    Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    Most of these are YouTube friends and one actor and one actress.

    The Chosen Ones:

    Mike (Schubes17) as Shababa
    Once the Ultimate Red Ranger - Current Leader

    Mini Bio: His name might seem weird, but don't say that to his face. His parents named him Shababa right before they were captured and killed by the Inane Ra'cha. Before the Inane Ra'cha could get to Shababa, his grandparents hid him on the planet Eltar. His grandparents found out that the Ra'cha Empire had already come to the planet. There Shababa was raised by a skillful warrior and was taught the samurai way. He didn't want revenge for what the Ra'cha Empire did to his parents, but instead he wanted justice. Soon, after his eighteenth birthday, he was chosen to be the Ultimate Red Ranger and battle against the Ra'cha Empire. He fought along side humans and creatures from all over the universe. It was a long and hard battle, but they defeated the Ra'cha Empire, sending Aeon, Nemesis, and Alasphere into Oblivion; a place which is neither here, there, or anywhere. Shababa soon vanished, leaving behind his triangular crystal which morphed him into an Ultimate Ranger.

    Shane (SlimShaney08) as Raz
    Once the Ultimate Green Ranger

    Mini Bio: Raz was born on KO-35, now home planet to Andros, the Red Space Ranger, Karone, his sister, and Zhane, his best friend, the Silver Space Ranger. Raz was born tens of thousands of years ago into a loving family. He became one of the most friendliest humans ever. A few years past and he was just a young boy, his parents got Ra'chas put in them and they became Inane Ra'cha, because of how their bodies were structure. Raz made it his mission to learn how to fight so he could take on the Ra'cha Empire. At a young age, he was given the power to become the Ultimate Green Ranger. He used this power to go after the Ra'cha Empire along with the other chosen ones. After a long and hard battle, they won. Unfortunately, Raz couldn't get his parents back again, because the Inane Ra'cha don't mature. He soon disappeared, leaving behind a triangular crystal which gave him the power to become an Ultimate Ranger.

    Jake (thejakemalloy) as Jordan*
    Once the Ultimate Blue Ranger

    Mini Bio: Jordan lived on planet Earth tens of thousands of years ago. He lived a very simple life as a servant to a Barbarian. He was mistreated, but what could he do, he was born into the lifestyle. When he was only nine, he was chosen to be a Power Ranger. He was taken from the place he lived and was trained in the way of the Power Ranger. When he turned 13, he was given power to become the Ultimate Blue Ranger. Even though he was young, he fought well against the Ra'cha Empire. After a long battle, the rangers won and Jordan used his powers to send Aeon, Nemesis, Alasphere, and the other Ra'cha Warriors into Oblivion. He stayed on Earth for a few years, making sure peace came to the land, and then one day he just disappeared, without a trace. He left behind his triangular crystal which let him become an Ultimate Ranger.

    * More of this character later.

    Tyler (IroningMyUnderwear) as JBZ
    Once the Ultimate Yellow Ranger

    Mini Bio: JBZ was a young traveler. He was from the planet Edenoi. Just like Prince Dex, the Masked Rider, he too has super strength, super speed, light wave generation, and telekinesis. When he turned twenty, he wanted to see other worlds. He got himself a ship and took off. Not before long, he received a distress signal back on his planet. They were being attacked by alien bugs. When JBZ got back to his home world, the alien bugs (the Ra'chas) were gone and they took all five of his brothers. He made a promise that he would find these bugs and destroy them. He traveled on his ship for a year before arriving on a planet far from his own (he had warp speed). He was greeted and welcomed. He was then chosen to become the Ultimate Yellow Ranger. With the power he thought out justice to the Ra'cha Empire. He was the one who helped Jordan in sending the Ra'chas to Oblivion. However, his brothers were all lost. Years went by and he suddenly disappears, leaving behind his triangular crystal which morphed him into an Ultimate Ranger.

    Selena Gomez as Melody
    Once the Ultimate Pink Ranger

    Mini Bio: Melody was a slave, on Earth, to a different Barbarian than Jordan. She was forced to bring food to the Barbarian and dance for him. She hated the life, but there was nothing she could do. Years went by and she was chosen to become the Ultimate Pink Ranger. She learned about the Ra'cha Empire and thought it was awful that creatures would do that. She was taught to fight like a Samurai, and when the big battle happened she fought along side the other Ultimate Rangers and defeated the Ra'cha Empire, sending them to Oblivion. She never went back to Earth. She went and lived on a planet which desperately needed help getting back on their feet after the Ra'cha came and destroyed almost everything. Soon, after that, she vanished, leaving behind her triangular crystal which morphed her in becoming an Ultimate Ranger.

    (I apologize for it being a little bit big)

    Julie (wildchild72595) as Jewels*
    Once the Ultimate Black Ranger

    * Jewel's bio will be given shortly as the story progresses.

    John (giddybrown) as Kevin*
    Once the Ultimate Crimson Ranger

    * The bio of Kevin will be given later as the story progresses.

    Rasmus (mhrrasmus/SlikhaarLifestyleTV) as Karl*
    Once the Ultimate Titanium Ranger

    * Karl's bio will be given later as the story progresses.

    Emil (mhrrasmus/SlikhaarLifestyleTV) as Rio*
    Once the Ultimate Golden Rod Ranger

    *The bio of Rio's will be given later as the story progresses.

    Dan (GDProphetXVII) as Corey*

    *Corey's bio will be given later as the story progresses.

    Damian McGinty as Silk*

    *The bio of Silk will be given later as the story progresses.

    Mysterious Aliens

    The Centenarians*

    They are mentioned as the mysterious aliens who built the Transporduum, the Destination Logger, and the Ultimaduum Crystals. From the sound of it, they are very high advance beings if they built a device to open the fabric of time and space to travel to different planets. Also, for tapping into the Morphing Grid and creating a device which allows someone to become a Power Ranger. They are still a mystery because no one knows who they are or what they look like, except for the Chosen Ones and they aren't spilling the beans.

    *More bio later as the story progresses.

    More Allies:

    The Galaxy Rangers:
    - Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger)
    - Kai Chen (Blue Galaxy Ranger)
    - Damon Henderson (Green Galaxy Ranger)
    - Kendrix Morgan (Pink Galaxy Ranger)
    - Maya (Yellow Galaxy Ranger)
    - Mike Corbett (Magna Defender)

    Rangers of Aquitar:
    - Delphine (White Aquitar Ranger)
    - Aurico (Red Aquitar Ranger)
    - Cestro (Blue Aquitar Ranger)
    - Tideus (Yellow Aquitar Ranger)
    - Corcus (Black Aquitar Ranger)

    Mystic Rangers:
    - Chip - Yellow Mystic Ranger
    - Madison - Blue Mystic Ranger
    - Nick/Bowen - Red Mystic Ranger
    - Vida - Pink Mystic Ranger
    - Xander - Green Mystic Ranger
    - Clare - White Mystic Ranger (replacement)
    - Daggeron - Solaris Knight
    - Leanbow - Wolf Warrior

    The Prismatic Rangers:
    - Jacob Stevenson (Red Prismatic Ranger)
    - Mason O'Donnell (Orange Prismatic Ranger)
    - Callum O'Donnell (Yellow Prismatic Ranger)
    - Spencer Rodriguez (Green Prismatic Ranger)
    - Kerri Choi (Blue Prismatic Ranger)
    - Deanna Mallory (Purple Prismatic Ranger)
    - Sara Goodwin (White Prismatic Ranger)
    - Wes Grover (Silver Prismatic Ranger)
    - Fred Kelman (Gold Prismatic Ranger)
    - Michael Northfield (Black Prismatic Ranger)

    Juken Sentai Gekiranger (Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger):
    - Jan Kandou (GekiRed)
    - Ran Uzaki (GekiYellow)
    - Retsu Fukami (GekiBlue)

    The Millennium Force Rangers:
    - (left) Shane Jenkins (Green Millennium Force Ranger)
    - (center) Amy Bellos (Silver Millennium Force Ranger)
    - (left) Ryan Jenkins (Gold Millennium Force Ranger)

    The Birdrays from the Planet Endorica
    - Birdrala (Ruler of the Birdrays)
    - Starz
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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    part one

    Mariner Bay, California

    "Have fun at school today, Amanda," Dana Grayson said to her daughter as she got out of the car.

    "I will mother," Amanda said, getting out of the car, blowing a kiss.

    Like always, her mother caught her kiss and waved goodbye. She then drove off. She had to meet her husband and her father. They had just finished building Lightspeed again, the aquabase, and they were putting the finishing touches on it. Dana was really excited about the finishing of the new Lightspeed Aquabase. She wanted to make sure nothing will ever happen to her little girl. Amanada was in seventh grade at St. John Nepomucene Roman Catholic School. St. John Nepomucene is the patron saint of running water and because they were by a bay, it was a perfect name for a school. Amanda and her family, however weren't Catholic, but Amanda's parents liked the atmosphere of the school. They thought it was much better than a public school and they wanted only the best for their little girl. Amanda loved going to school there. She met a young man, there, by the name of Kyle. Kyle was two years older than her, but they got along great. They would go to the movies with each other and would talk on the phone for hours. Sometimes they would go shopping together at the Mariner Bay Mall. Kyle was from Angel Grove, but moved with his parents to Mariner Bay. He is very charming and Amanda thinks the world of him. When Amanda's mother left, Amanda met up with Kyle, who was waiting for her on the steps of the school.

    "Hey Kyle," Amanda said, walking up the steps to the front door of the school.

    "Hello Amanda," he responded, opening the door for her, "How's it going?"

    "Good," Amanda said, "My dad and I went out last night to get Isaac Harts' new CD. Oh I just love him and his voice."

    "I know the story," Kyle said, rolling his eyes, as they were walking down the hallway, "Isaac Hart and Amanda sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

    Amanda just gave Kyle a soft punch on the shoulder and started laughing.

    "You know you punch like a girl, right?" Kyle asked, teasing her.

    "I am a girl!" she responded.

    The first bell rang and they said their good-byes. Kyle was in ninth grade so he had to go up an extra floor. They told each other they would sit together for lunch. After that, Kyle ran up the stairs to his class, while Amanda went to her locker to get her books, and went into her class. The other reason why Amanda's parents loved the school so much, was that the classroom sizes were small. There was only fifteen students in her homeroom class. In fact, only fifteen in all of her classes. She was very lucky to get that one-on-one attention from a teacher. The second bell rung and everyone took to their seats. The door opened and a young, looking nun walked in.

    "Good morning class," she said.

    "Good morning, Sister Elizabeth," the whole homeroom class said, in unison.

    "Before we begin, let me take attendance," Sister Elizabeth said, taking out her roster, "Thomas Applegate?"

    "Here," Thomas said, raising his hand.

    She went down the list and called out the names. Amanda was last.

    "Amanda Grayson?" she asked.

    "Here," Amanda said, raising her hand.

    "Good we are all here," Sister Elizabeth said, "So I want you to open up your Science books to page 45 and Thomas, will you read for us?"

    It was the same thing, everyday, Sister Elizabeth would have them open up their Science books and she would have one of the students read. When the student was done reading, she would teach. That was the way she taught things in her classroom. Amanda liked her homeroom Science teacher very much. She was a nice nun, but can be firm when she wants to be. She's never mean to the students, such as hitting their hand with a ruler if they are bad, she would just quietly send them to the principal's office. No one ever wanted to go down there. Father Michael was the principal and he was tough on anyone who misbehaved. Amanda was a sweet girl and she never got in trouble for anything. She always keep her nose clean from trouble. The whole morning went like a whirlwind and it was lunch time. As usual Kyle was waiting for Amanda at their spot.

    "So how's your day going?" Kyle asked, picking up his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    "It went real fast," Amanda said, "The only thing was my math teacher, Sister Mary Rose, had to send a boy to Father Michael's office."

    "Ooh," Kyle said, as he was biting on his sandwich.

    "Other than that, it was just fast," Amanda said, taking a bit out of her pizza.

    "My day was fast as well," Kyle said, after swallowing the piece of his sandwich, "Father Michael came to my Religious Ed class and he was talking about how next year people will be making their Confirmation."

    "Sounds exciting," Amanda said, finishing the slice of pizza.

    "Yeah I guess," Kyle said, unsure of it.

    "It's a big thing, you should be excited," Amanda said, not sure what she was talking about.

    Both Kyle and Amanda talked about other stuff while they were eating lunch. They discussed about hanging out after school and going to the mall. They were so excited, and then as quickly as the day was going for them both, the bell rang. They promised each other they would meet after school. They both threw away their garbage and headed for class. Amanda had Religious Ed next and she wasn't looking forward to it. The teacher was very strict. Sister Marie Estella was her name and in her class students had to sit upright, pay attention, and no talking unless called upon. Amanda went to go get her books and went into the classroom. The teacher wasn't there yet and everyone was out of their seats making noise.

    "So did you get the new CD of Isaac Hart?" a girl asked Amanda, who sat next to her.

    "Yeah I did," Amanda said, giggling, "I just love the song 'Baby, Love Is All We Need' and love how he extends that note at the end."

    Both Amanda and the girl sighed.

    The second bell rang. Everyone was running toward their seats. Sister Marie Estella entered and everyone became silent.

    "Good afternoon class," Sister Marie Estella said, sitting down at her desk.

    "Good afternoon Sister Marie Estelle," the whole class said, back.

    The lesson began. It was about the twelve apostles. Sister Marie Estelle was writing on the blackboard when she received an announcement through the loud speaker.

    "Sorry to interrupt your class," Father Michael said, on the loud speaker, "but I need to have Amanda Grayson come down to the principal's office, immediately."

    "Yes, Father," Sister Marie Estelle said, looking toward Amanda, "Okay Amanda, you heard Father Michael. Get along now."

    Amanda was panicking. She didn't do anything wrong. Why did Father Michael wanted to see her? She was a good girl, and followed all the rules of the school. All the students in the class had their eyes on Amanda. They were shocked as well. They knew that Amanda was a good, sweet girl who wouldn't do anything wrong. She got up from her desk and started walking outside. Her heart was beating faster and faster with every step. She opened the door and was on her way down the hall to the principal's office. It was so quiet in the hallway. As she passed each classroom, the teacher would just glance for a second at her, as she walked by their room. That walk seemed like forever but she finally stepped into the principal's office. There she saw her dad, Carter Grayson, her mother, Dana Grayson, and two men dressed in uniform, as well as Father Michael.

    "Amanda," Father Michael said, "these are Sargent Bryan and Sargent James from the United States Air Force. They would like to speak with you."

    "To me?" Amanda asked, looking at her parents, who were unsure of what was going on.

    "Amanda Grayson," Sargent Bryan said, "We need you to come with us."

    "What for?" Amanda asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

    "No ma'am," Sargent James said, "we will explain everything in the vehicle. It's top secret."

    "Um..." Amanda stuttered, she didn't know what to say, "But I'm missing classes, and I'm suppose to meet my friend Kyle, after school."

    "Honey, I think you should go with them," her mother said, "They are from the United States Air Force."

    "Father Michael, will you make sure Kyle Johnson knows that I can't hang out with him after school?" Amanda asked.

    "I will certainly do that," Father Michael said, smiling.

    "This way to the vehicle," Sargent Bryan said, leading the way.

    Amanda followed, along with Sargent James and her parents. Every class that they walked by stopped. All the students, piled to the door to see what was going on. They saw Amanda Grayson, the school's perfect student, being lead out of the building by two men from the air force. Stories started to fly. Each teacher had a hard time getting their students to focus, except, of course for, Sister Marie Estella. Sargent James opened the door to a black Hummer. Amanda and her parents got in and the vehicle drove off. Father Michael didn't even need to tell Kyle that Amanda wouldn't be able to hang out with her, because by the next period, the whole building knew about what just happened.


    Angel Grove, California

    (same morning - let's turn back the clocks)

    "Matthew, you are going to be late for the school bus, honey," Tanya called up to his room.

    Matthew was in bed. He was sound asleep, dreaming about his new family. Matthew was adopted by Adam and Tanya Park and he loved every second of it. He learned his parents were Power Rangers and that Alpha 6 was part of the family as well. Tanya called him again, but he didn't respond. His father was in the other room and went over to Matthew's room. He opened the door as saw his adopted son spread all over the bed. He was happy to have a son. Right before they got married, Adam found out that if he ever planned to get married and have kids he wouldn't be able to. Probably because all that fighting that he did when he was a Power Ranger. He was relieved to find out about adoption. Right now, however, he needed to wake up his son so Matthew wouldn't be late.

    "Good morning bud," Adam said, coming over to his bed and waking Matthew up, by shaking him a little bit, "You are going to be late for the school bus and you don't want to make your mother mad."

    He gave his father a smile and then looked at his alarm clock. His expression turned to panic as he rushed out of bed, got some clean clothes, and ran into the bathroom. Not even two minutes later, he rushed out of the bathroom all showered and had fresh clothes on. Breakfast was on the table, all ready for him, and he ate his breakfast like there was no tomorrow.

    "Slow down, or you'll choke," his mother said, giving him that motherly concern look.

    "Can't, I'll be late for the bus," Matthew said, finishing the last of his breakfast.

    He got up, kissed his mother goodbye and ran out the door. It was funny because this was his routine practically everyday when it was a school day. His mother just shook her head laughing, watching her son, just barely making the school bus. Lucky, for her, that he made it on to the school bus. Just as the school bus drove off, Adam came down.

    "So did Matthew make the bus?" Adam asked, kissing his wife on the cheek.

    "Barely," she said, "He takes after you. You are always late."

    "I am not," he said, playfully shoving her, "I forgot the time that's all."

    "So, anyway, did you find any leads as to the Power Rangers disappearing?" Tanya asked, turning that smile to a concern one.

    "No," Adam said, "and plus my Zeonizer isn't that powerful. It doesn't have a tracking beacon to it."

    "Do you think that Queen Radiant is still alive and took the rangers as revenge?" Tanya said.

    "I don't know," Adam said, "but the strange part is, if she is seeking revenge, why take Chip as well and leave Frankie, Birdie, Ste, Blake, and Ricky behind?"

    While they were having their discussion on where the Prismatic Rangers and Chip went to, Matthew was finding a seat on the bus. He finally found one that was empty and sat in it. After a few stops, the school bullies came on. Matthew just loved them (sarcastic remark). If they weren't making fun of his friend, they were picking on him. He didn't really pay attention to their remarks. He was a more laid back guy who just took it in one ear and out the other. Mainly, the bullies would pick on him because he was the only one, currently, at Angel Grove, adopted. Jason and Michael did not count, since they disappeared right after graduation. He would always wonder where the Power Rangers went to.

    "Hey loser," Jeff Winder said, getting on the bus, and seeing Matthew sitting by himself, looking out the window.

    "Hi," Matthew said, not really paying attention, like he always does.

    "You're such a space case," Jeff said, sitting down, in the way back.

    The bus finally made it to Angel Grove High. The bus driver let off everyone and then drove off. Matthew went inside and walked toward his locker. There he saw his friend, waiting for him.

    "Hi Matt!" his friend said, waving to him.

    "Hi Edward," Matthew said, going up and dialing his combination.

    "So how's life treating you," Edward asked.

    "Good, I guess," Matthew said, opening his locker and grabbing his books, "I almost missed the bus today."

    "You always almost miss the bus, dude," Edward said, smiling.

    "Well at least I'm not out waiting for the bus a half an hour before it comes," Matthew teased, laughing.

    "Hey!" Edward said, giving his friend a light punch, "My watch was broken that day."

    "Yeah sure," Matthew said, smiling and walking with Edward to their first class, "You keep telling yourself that."

    They walked in to their homeroom class which was Social Studies. Ms. Young was in the classroom already, writing on the blackboard. There in a corner, he saw a poster of the Power Rangers and in big, bold letters, below their picture, there was writing which said: WHERE ARE THE RANGERS? He wished he could tell everyone that his father and mother are Power Rangers and looking for the missing rangers, but he couldn't. Only a few people know that his parents are Power Rangers. Bulk, Skull, himself, the Prismatic Rangers, and a few others. He knew he had to keep it a secret. Edward, his friend, sat down, and he sat in the desk next to him. The bell rang and class began.

    The classes seemed to be going slow for Matthew today. Science, in particular. He didn't know what it was but school seemed very boring today. At lunch time, he sat with Edward. They were discussing about who would totally beat each other up, in fight; the Red Prismatic Ranger or the Gold Prismatic Ranger. Edward told Matthew that the Gold Prismatic Ranger could totally defeat the Red Prismatic Ranger with his Golden Dagger calling 'Lightning Strike'. Matthew, however, was in a disagreement because he believed the Red Prismatic Ranger would totally defeat the Gold Prismatic Ranger since the Red Prismatic Ranger had the Sword of Light on his side.

    "No way dude, Fred would totally defeat Jacob," Edward said, "and besides Fred is a lot older than Jacob."

    Because of Queen Radiant taking away their power for a short while, everyone knew who the Prismatic Rangers were.

    "You're crazy," Matthew said, laughing.

    They would always pick two rangers and see who would be victorious if they fought each other. That was the only way they could keep from worrying about the Rangers gone. More for Matthew than Edward. They were having a blast. Soon the bell rung and they got up and went to their classes. The afternoon went by so much faster for Matthew. His last class was Gym. They had their tests today and had to run the mile. Matthew did alright with having the sixth best time out of a class of thirty students. He headed in to get washed up and changed for the bus. When he was in the locker room, he was getting dressed. Jeff was in his class and started to make fun of him. Matthew kept ignoring him, but Jeff didn't like that and pushed Matthew up against the locker. Just then the gym teacher walked in and wanted to know what was going on. Jeff let go and told the teacher nothing. Matthew told the teacher the same thing. The gym teacher left and Jeff just looked at Matthew, before walking away.

    On the bus, Jeff wasn't on it, because he had detention. Matthew was relieved. He didn't know what Jeff would have done, if he went on the bus with him. As the bus was nearing Matthew's house, Matthew could see a big, black Hummer in the driveway. His first reaction was that his parents heard about what happened to him at school and they were going to take him back to the orphanage, which was absurd, but in Matthew's mind, it made perfect sense. He got off the bus and hid in the bushes. Adam saw that he got off the bus and hid in the bushes and went out for him.

    "Please don't send me back to the orphanage," Matthew said, in tears as Adam found him hiding in the bushes.

    "Send you back to the orphanage?" Adam asked, looking puzzled, "Now why would we do that?"

    "You didn't hear?" Matthew asked.

    "Hear what?" Adam asked, looking a bit more concerned.

    "Jeff Winder pushed me into the gym locker and was about to punch me, when the gym teacher came in," Matthew said.

    "Did you do anything to him?" Adam asked.

    "No," Matthew said.

    "Good," Adam said, "but regardless if you did do anything, we would never send you back to the orphanage."

    "Then what is that black Hummer here for?" Matthew said.

    "They are from the Air Force," Adam said, "They said they need you to come with them for a top secret mission."

    "What kind of mission?" Matthew asked.

    "I don't know," Adam said, "They said we would have to sign some confidential papers when we get there."

    Matthew and Adam both went inside and Matthew greeted the two officers. The officers told them they must get a move on and so they went outside and let Matthew get in, along with his parents. The officers closed the door and got into the vehicle. They started driving off. Matthew never been in a Hummer before. He didn't know why he related a Hummer to the orphanage. He was excited that he was called for a top secret mission. His parents were wondering what the government could want with their son. Anyway, they were going to find out.


    Chicago O'Hare Airport
    Chicago, Illinois


    "Jeremy, thank you so much for a great time at your house," Jasmine said, hugging her cousin goodbye before getting out of his car.

    "I had a great time to," Jeremy said, "Tell your dad I said hi and we should hang out together again."

    "I will do that," Jasmine said, getting out of the car with her luggage.

    Jasmine spent two months with her cousin Jeremy, who still to this day cannot stop talking about meeting the Power Rangers all so many years ago. When Jasmine told Jeremy that her father was the Red Ranger, he flipped out. He was wondering how the Red Ranger was doing some similar moves that his uncle does. Anyway, he said good bye to her and drove off. She went in and got her ticket for the plane ride home. She made it passed security and went on her flight. A few hours later, she landed in Los Angeles International Airport. Her father told her he would pick her up and drive her home. She was excited to see her father. It had been two months since he dropped her off at the airport to visit her cousin. Jason wished that he could have made it, but he wanted to investigate on the whereabouts of the Power Rangers as well as Chip Russo. He wondered why anyone wanted to kidnap the Power Rangers as well as Chip. Since, the power transfer, he still had his Power Coin. It was just duplicated. That was why he could morph when battling General Venjix on the moon. Jasmine got her bags and was real excited to finally see her father after two whole months. As soon as she got her bags, she went outside to go see her father. There he was, but two air force officers were next to him.

    "Honey," Jason said, hugging her daughter, "First of all, it's good to see you. Second, these men are from the air force. They have told me that they need you to come with them on a very important top secret mission."

    "But I just got back," Jasmine said, "I was planning on hanging out with my friends."

    "I know you were, sweetie," Jason said.

    "I'm sorry Ms. Jasmine Scott," a Sargent said, "We have the helicopter waiting."

    "Why didn't you get me while I was inside?" she asked, "It would have made more sense."

    "We need your father to come as well, and he just arrived a few minutes before you came out the door," the other Sargent said, escorting them in the airport.

    "What about mom?" Jasmine asked, going back through the airport.

    "The less people know about this, the better," one Sargent said.

    They all got on a helicopter which was waiting for them outside. There they flew off. Jasmine had no idea where they were taking her father and her. She couldn't believe she was going to some place and that she was involved in a top secret mission. Jason was wondering the same thing. He was thinking it might have to do with the disappearance of the Power Rangers and Chip Russo. He wished he would have been more involved when they were around but his wife told him that she wanted him to give up being a Power Ranger for at least a while and let the new Power Rangers take care of the threat. Now, that the Power Rangers are missing, she said, he can help in any way that he can.


    near Edwards Air Force Base (Area 51)
    83 miles north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

    8:00 P.M.

    The helicopter landed down at a remote area. There were air force guards all over the place. Jasmine and her father were wondering why there were so many guards around. Then, they saw in a distance, a base. They couldn't believe it. They were right near Area 51. So many things were going through their minds. They didn't believe that Area 51 would ever exist, but it did. Also, they were wondering what secrets the government has been hiding from them. Over a few feet away, they saw a desk with a chair. One Sargent told Jasmine to have a seat. He told her that what she was about to see and hear is classified information and that she must not tell anyone. She was given a form to sign, that if she did tell anyone, it would be high treason. She thought for a second, and agreed to it. She signed the document, stating she will keep quiet about everything she sees and hears. They had her father, Jason, sign the same thing, stating he won't share anything he sees or hears. After they signed it, the helicopter left them.

    "Is the area secured?" One Sargent asked, through a head set.

    When he got the clear, he brought them to a small boulder. Jasmine was a bit curious as to why the guards where just standing next to this small boulder. The Sargent, he opened a piece of the boulder and there was a secret key pad. He punched in some numbers and the boulder started to move. When the boulder had move a few feet in distance, there Jasmine and her father, Jason, saw a metal door on the ground, reading: AREA 52.

    "Jasmine and Jason," the Sargent said, "I welcome you to Area 52."

    (to be continued...)

    Next Installments Coming Up:
    Jasmine meets up with Matthew, Amanda, and three others who have been selected to meet at Area 52. There they meet some new friends, The Chosen Ones, and find out that they must rescue the Power Rangers. They get new powers and learn about the battle they are going to be facing in the future. Will the rangers succeed? Find out in the upcoming installments.
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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    part two

    Area 52
    82 miles from downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

    8:15 P.M.

    Jasmine and her father saw how huge the metal door was and when it started to open, they were drawn back a little. It opened up and there were stairs leading down, deep underground. The two officers which took them to Area 52 went ahead and went down the stairs. The guards told Jasmine and her father, Jason, to do the same. They obeyed and went down the stairs. As they headed down, they saw that the metal floor, which now was the ceiling, was closing. When the metal ceiling had closed Jasmine and her father got startled for a second because there was a loud noise. One of the officers told them it was the boulder being put back in place. Jasmine thought it made sense and continued going down the stairs. When they reached the bottom, there was a long, bright hallway. There were two guards every few feet, just standing there. Jasmine thought it was a boring job to just be standing in place, guarding. Soon, they came at the end of the hallway. One of the officers swiped a card through a slot and then placed his hand on a little control device. Third, a laser shot at his eye and started scanning it. When the scanning was complete and a green light appeared, the wall opened up. There was an elevator with the writing, Area 52 on it. The elevator doors opened and the officers signaled for Jasmine and her father to enter first.

    "All that to open up an elevator?" Jasmine asked one of the officers, as she went into the elevator.

    "This is a very top secret place and you can't be too sure these days," the officer said, getting into the elevator with the other officer.

    "Right," Jason said, looking at the elevator.

    The doors closed and an officer pushed a button. Soon, the elevator started to go down. It was going down so fast that Jasmine's ears started popping. The same did with Jason's ears, but it seemed he didn't mind. Jasmine was looking at a screen above the door saying how many feet they were going down and it was a lot. Jasmine couldn't believe how underground this Area 52 base was. After two minutes, the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Jasmine and her father couldn't believe that there was an actual underground base out in Nevada. They couldn't believe that there was really an Area 51 either, but there was. The two officers which accompanied them told them to follow them. They went down many hallways and soon they saw a door. One Sargent opened the door and there were a few stairs leading up. On the top, Jasmine saw five other teenagers, like herself sitting in chairs at what looked like a conference table.

    "Jason!" Kat Oliver shouted, standing in back of her son, Danny.

    "Kat?" Jason Lee Scott asked, surprised to see her there.

    "Hey look it's Jason!" Adam Park shouted.

    Both Adam and Tanya went up to give Jason a hug.

    "It's so good to see you," Adam said, "How have you been?"

    "Doing good," he said looking at Zack, "Hey bro how's it going?

    "Going good man," he said, giving his old friend a hand shake, "As you can see I have a daughter."

    "She's got your eyes," Jason said.

    "Thanks bro," Zack said.

    "Everyone I like you to meet Jasmine," Jason said, putting his hands on his daughter's shoulders.

    "She looks just like you," Carter said, shaking the hand of Jason, "good to see you again."

    "Yes, she looks just like you," Billy Cranston said, coming up to shake hands with his old friend.

    "Billy!" Jason said, excitedly, "It's good to see you. How are things with you in Aquitar?"

    "Things are bad," Billy said, "This is one of the reasons why we are here."

    "Um, excuse me," Danny Oliver said, "How do you all know each other?"

    "You didn't tell him?" Jason asked Kat, who just shrugged.

    "It was Tommy's idea," Kat said.

    "My father's idea?" Danny asked, wondering what was going on.

    "Um, honey, your father and I, as well as the other parents that are here," Kat started, "we were all Power Rangers. You're father was one of the greatest."

    "Don't forget that I was the first original red ranger," Jason said smiling.

    "You mean dad and you were Power Rangers?" Danny asked, "Am I the only one who didn't know?"

    "Now honey don't get mad," Kat said, "We only did that so you could have a normal life. Your father wanted you to be safe."

    "Speaking about Tommy," Zack said, "Where is he?"

    The door opened and and officer walked up with Tommy.

    "Sorry I'm late," Tommy said, smiling, walking to his wife, kissing her on the cheek, then patting his son's shoulders, "So who called for my son to meet here?"

    "All your questions will be answered," one of the guards said, "If you'll follow me parents, Colonel Dustin Gap, the head of the Power Ranger Rescue Team, will talk with you."

    Jason, Adam, Tanya, Tommy, Kat, Billy, Zack, Carter, and Dana all hugged or kissed their children as they went with the officer to the next room. When they had left it was dead silence in the room, until Danny opened his mouth.

    "So honey, you free for next Saturday night?" Danny asked, eying Jasmine, as she was seated across from him.

    "Don't call me honey," Jasmine said, "and I am not free Saturday night. I'll be washing my hair."

    "Give me a break," Danny said, laughing, "That is the oldest line in the book."

    "Would you just leave her alone?" Destin asked, sitting next to Jasmine, "She said in a polite way, she's not interested."

    "And who are you, to speak for her?" Danny asked.

    "I am Destin Cranston of the planet Aquitar," he said.

    "Aquitar?" Matthew asked, "Is that where the Alien Rangers come from?"

    "Yes," Destin said, smiling at Matthew, "Have you heard of them before?"

    "My father told me stories of how Master Vile turned him and the other rangers into kids and they needed the help of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to help save them," Matthew said.

    "That's them," Destin said.

    "You don't look like one," Matthew said, from what my father described of them."

    "No I'm a Hybrid, half human, half Aquitarian," Destin said.

    "So you're a fish boy," Danny said, "Where are your gills?"

    "Cut it out," Matthew said, "Don't call him that!"

    "Who made you in charge?" Danny asked, standing out of his chair, ready to fight.

    "All of you, enough!" a man with grayish hair shouted.

    All of them stood in attention as the man was wearing a green uniform with a lot of badges and medals.

    "Be seated please," the man said, "I am Major General William B. Teller. I am truly sorry for taking you out of your normal routine and bringing you hear at such a late hour."

    "Where is here?" Amanda asked, being the youngest one in the group.

    "You are deep underground in a secret base," the major general said, "We like to call this Area 52. You filled out the confidential papers, meaning that you cannot discuss what you hear or see here, so we can begin. You were all called in because of these six crystals."

    Just then a man in a similar uniform without the fancy badges and metals came out with a tray with what appeared to be six triangular-shaped crystals. They were crystal clear, except for a little color inside of them. The six young adults saw the crystals, each having a different color in them; white, red, green, blue, yellow, and pink.

    "Wow!" Denise Taylor exclaimed, standing up. She was very pretty. She had a dark complexion with curly brown hair.

    "We have called you here, because we need you to save our world," Major General William B. Teller said, "Last year, some of you may recall, the Power Rangers from Angel Grove suddenly disappeared, along with a young man named Chip Russo."

    "Do you have any idea where they have gone to?" Amanda asked.

    "No but we do have a theory," the young man who brought in the crystals said.

    "And who are you?" Danny, rudely asked.

    "I am First Lieutenant Jacob Madison," he said.

    "So what is this theory?" Denise asked.

    "A few years back, an evil empire known as the Ra'cha Empire escaped from Oblivion, a place that's neither here or there or anywhere..." First Lieutenant Jacob Madison started to say but got rudely interrupted by Danny again.

    "Sounds like something from Dr. Suess," Danny said, smirking.

    "What is your problem?" Destin asked.

    "My problem is you," Danny said.

    He was about to say something else when a voice stopped him.

    "ENOUGH!" a loud voice called out.

    The red triangular-shaped crystal started glowing and a red light came forth. When the light had faded, there stood a young man with blonde hair, with a mushroom haircut, standing before them. He was wearing a red robe.

    "Who's that?" Denise asked.

    "His name is Shababa," Major General William B. Teller said.

    Danny started to laugh, while the others just coldly looked at Danny.

    "It's not funny!" Shababa shouted, in a weird voice, almost like crying and laughing together, "My parents gave me that name, right before they were murdered by the Ra'chas."

    "Okay, who are these Ra'chas?" Matthew asked.

    "The Ra'cha Empire are insects which can sting a living being and take control over the beings' body as well as mind," Shababa started, "They have lived twenty thousand years ago. My friends and I were chosen to do battle with them."

    "Where are your friends now?" Jasmine asked.

    As soon as she said this, the green, blue, yellow, and pink colored triangular crystals, started to glow. Flashes of light came out of the crystal and next to Shababa. When the lights had faded, there stood four other people similar to Shababa, only one of them had a crystal on his forehead. The one next to him had on a green colored spacy outfit. He was tall and had a baby face. The one next to him looked young. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and he wore a black ninja outfit with a blue sash around his waist. Standing next to him was another tall person. He was the one who had a crystal on his forehead. He wore a brownish yellow robe and wore a yellow sash around his waist. The one at the end was the only female. She had long black hair and looked Hispanic. She had on a simple white dress with a pink belt around her waist.

    "These are just a few of my fellow rangers," Shababa said, pointing them out, "The one next to me is Raz, he's from KO-35. The one next to him is Jordan. He's from Earth. Next to Jordan is JBZ from the, once beautiful planet, Edenoi. Over next to JBZ is Melody. Just like Jordan, she's from the planet Earth."

    Jasmine looked around and saw that there were only five of them and six crystals.

    "Where is the sixth member," she asked, "the one that goes with the white crystal thing-y?"

    "He died," Shababa quickly answered.

    "Well obviously you are all dead since you lived twenty thousand years ago," Danny said.

    "No, I mean he didn't make it to the next phase of being an Ultimate Ranger," Shababa explained, "You see once you become an Ultimate Ranger, your spirit lives peacefully in the Ultimaduum (Alt e MA D oom) Crystal."

    "Is that what these things are?" Matthew asked, pointing to them.

    "Yes, Matthew Park," Melody said, smiling.

    "How did you know my name?" Matthew asked.

    "Simple," Raz said, going to the Red Utimaduum Crystal and touching it.

    Just then the crystal lite up and just above it a hologram appeared with Matthew's picture and his information.

    "Whoa," Matthew said, not believing what he was seeing.

    "This is why we called you," Major General B. Teller said, touching the other five crystals and showing a hologram of the rest of them, "We need you all to become Power Rangers."

    "You want us to become Power Rangers?" Matthew asked, not sure if he heard the major general right.

    "Yeah, stupid," Danny said, throwing a piece of paper at Matthew, "Are you deaf or something?"

    "Knock it off!" Jasmine said, crossing her arms.

    "And another thing," Danny said, ignoring Jasmine, "You're adopted, right?"

    "Yeah?" Matthew asked, not knowing how he knew, "How did you know?"

    "You don't look anything like your father," Danny said, "so anyways, how is it that we all have biological parents who were Power Rangers and you don't, and you still got picked?"

    "I don't know," Matthew said, feeling really hurt by the comment.

    "Why are you asking him?" Amanda said, "The crystals are the ones who chose us, take it up with them."

    "Everyone knows crystals can't talk," Danny said.

    Everyone just stared at Danny as if he won the prize for the dumbest person in the world.

    "Um..excuse me," Denise said, "I think she was being facetious."

    "And why are you picking on Matthew?" Destin said, smiling at Matthew, "If the crystal chose him, then the crystal chose him."

    "Who asked you, fish boy?" Danny asked, calling him that name again.

    "Enough all ready!" the major general shouted, "You need to put your disliking one another aside."

    "Oh I think I'm pretty cool with everyone," Jasmine said, "except for Danny."

    Danny was about to say something, but Jordan cut him off.

    "Listen, you are the only chance at saving the universe and rescuing the Power Rangers from the Ra'cha Empire," Jordan said.

    "But you're just a kid!" Amanda said, "Just like I'm a kid."

    "I was one of the ones to seal Aeon, Nemesis, and Alasphere into Oblivion," Jordan said.

    "Are they Ra'chas?" Denise asked.

    "Yes, the most powerful Ra'chas in the Ra'cha Empire," JBZ said, "Aeon is the leader of the Ra'cha Empire."

    "Well if it is to save our universe and rescue the Power Rangers, I'm in," Jasmine said.

    "Same here," Matthew, Destin, Denise, and Amanda said together.

    "So how about you?" Raz asked Danny, "Will you help save your universe?"

    "Why can't you guys do it?" Danny asked the five of them, standing in front of them.

    "Well for starters, we don't have the Ultimate White Ranger with us," Shababa stated.

    "Oh," Danny said, "Okay, I guess I'm in."

    "Okay, now First Lieutenant Jacob Madison is giving you your own Ultimaduum Crystal," Major General William B. Teller, "We found out from Shababa and his friends that all you have to say is 'Ultimate Power Activate!' and it will morph you into your suits."

    "Jasmine," Shababa said, "You are the leader, and since the White Ranger is dead, I will be mentoring you as well as Matthew."

    Jasmine just nodded her head. All six young adults raised their Ultimaduum Crystal to the sky.

    "Ultimate Power Activate!" all six of them shouted.

    Lights started to flash all around the crystals. The lights shimmered down on the six kids and they started to receive their suits. It was just like the flashing lights in VR Troopers. When the lights had faded, they were in their suits. The suits were amazing. Jasmine was wearing a white suit with a mini white skirt. There was a belt around her waist and it had the White Ultimaduum Crystal in it. She had a vest on which was a darker shade of white. It was unbuttoned. On the back of the vest was a picture of the Ultimaduum Crystal. On her shoulders she had the Power Rangers Logo, the Lightning Bolt. Her boots were white with gold trimming on them. Her helmet was somewhat like the Yellow Wind Ranger's, with a six pointed star in the shape of triangles above her visor, and plus she had a microphone hooked to it, down to where her mouth was. Her gloves were white, but one one of them, there was a little key pad with forty one different colors and a big white button on it. Denise and Amanda had the same sort of Power Ranger uniform with the skirt and everything, only that there colors were yellow and pink. Matthew, Danny, and Destin had the same suits, minus the skirt. Matthew was red, Danny was green, and Destin was blue. Destin was a little different though. On his neck in the back, he had openings for his gills.

    "This is so cool," Matthew said, "I never felt so much power before."

    "I agree this is so cool," Destin said.

    "You are now the Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance," Major General William B. Teller stated.

    "So when do we go kick some Ra'cha butt?" Amanda asked, excited about being a Power Ranger.

    "All in good time little one," the major general said, laughing, "First we need to show you something."

    He had the rangers follow him. First Lieutenant Jacob Madison and the five Chosen Ones followed. There, they met up with their parents who were just amazed at them becoming Power Rangers. They went over to their respectable parent(s) and the parents just admired the suits.

    "Wow, you are starting off just the way I did," Tommy said to his son.

    "You were once a green ranger?" Danny asked.

    "Yes," Tommy said.

    "All right everyone," a man said, who was in the group. He had black hair with a hint of gray, "For you rangers who don't know me, I am Colonel Dustin Gap. I talked with your parents and explained to them that you are the next generation of Power Rangers. What you are about to see is clearly top secret. Only the people who work down here, a few people in Washington, and the President of the United States knows about what we're about to show you."

    A young woman walked up. She was beautiful. Danny was drooling over her as she stated her name.

    "My name is Major Samantha Stevenson," she said, "What we are about to show you is the most advance thing on the planet."

    She walked over to a huge wall and pushed a button. The wall opened up and standing in front of them all was a huge looking device. For better understanding of what it looks like, it looks like Dr. Octavius' machine in Spider-Man 2. It had a huge platform with four looking half horseshoes coming out of it each with ten different color gems on it. In the middle was a huge pole with a larger colored gem on top in the shape of a giant orb. The rangers, as well as the parents couldn't believe what they saw. Major Samantha Stevenson went over to a device a few feet away.

    "I'd like to present to you the Transporduum (transport D oom)," she said.

    "Enough all ready with the uum's!" Danny shouted, "Why couldn't whoever invented it called it the Transport Thing-y or something."

    "The Transport Thing-y?" Jasmine laughed.

    "Anyway on that note, who built it and how does it work?" Denise asked, wanting to know.

    "The people who made the Ultimaduum Crystals, made the Transporduum," Melody said, "They wish to be nameless, unless we seriously need their help."

    "And this is how it works," Major Samantha Stevenson said, standing next to this device she walked over to. It was a device which had forty-one colors on it; the same forty-one that was on the Transporduum. Also, it had a circular button with a hand print. On the top of the device had five clear blocks which attached to the device.

    "This is the Destination Logger," she said, "When you enter a series of colors and put your hand over the hand print, the Transporduum will light up the colors you pushed in and it will start spinning around, until it spins faster than the speed of light, which then, it will tear open a hole in the fabric of time and space. When it does you can travel to different planets. That is how we found the Ultimaduum Crystals, by entering a series of colors, we found at a secret place on Aquitar. Watch I'll show you. I'll dial a planet that we set up another base called Area 52-B."

    Major Samantha Stevenson entered five colors. The last color she pushed was the color of the orb on top.

    "What color is that on top?" Carter asked, amazed at all this.

    "That would be called, Outer Space," the major said, smiling, "When traveling to different planets, you'd always want to push that button last."

    "How many different combinations are there?" Adam asked.

    Before Major Samantha Stevenson spoke, Denise spoke up.

    "There are 92,358,240 different combinations," Denise said, with everyone just staring at her in amazement, "There would be more if you didn't have to use the color Outer Space every time."

    (Any math majors out there, see if I'm right, please.)

    Major Samantha Stevenson put her hand on the hand print. First the colors appeared in the five clear squares, then the gems on the Transpordum lit up and the orb on top lit up. It started spinning around and around. Faster it went. After a few seconds it started going faster than the speed of light and a big white flash occurred. When the light faded away, everyone saw a green meadow. It was very peaceful. Major Samantha Stevenson was about to say something when they heard gun shots being fired. The air force, which was on the planet, were shooting at Inane Ra'cha."

    "What are those?" Amanda asked, becoming scared.

    "Those are Inane Ra'cha," Colonel Dustin Gap said, "Mindless Ra'cha with only one purpose to destroy what ever is in their master's way."

    "Sorry to throw you in the line of fire," Major General William B. Teller said, "but our men need your help."

    "Now?" Danny asked, "We barely know what to do."

    "Your suits will guide you," Major General William B. Teller said, "Now go!"

    The rangers took one look at their parents before stepping through the Transporduum. It was as if walking through a large door. Not even a second and they were on another planet. The rangers thought it was cool but they knew they were in a rough battle. Talk about getting wet behind the ears. This was more like getting soaked. All six rangers stood in a line next to each, looking at each other.

    "All right team," Jasmine said, "Let's get these mindless zombies."

    ( be continued)

    Next Installments:
    Destin, Denise, and Danny talk about how the government found them and brought them to Area 52. Also, the rangers learn about how the government found the Transporduum and the Destination Logger. The rangers battle against the Inane Ra'cha and face their first monster. The rangers also discover Zords and weapons. Will these be enough to fight the Ra'cha Empire? Find out in the upcoming installments.

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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    part three

    Area 52-B
    Somewhere In The Universe

    "Who knows how to fight?" Amanda asked, hidng behind Denise.

    Amanda was a very smart girl, but her parents never taught her to fight. Plus she was a thirteen year old and was scared of a lot of things.

    "Don't worry Amanda, I'm a black belt," Jasmine said, looking at the Inane Ra'cha.

    "Dang girl, you're a black belt?" Danny asked, getting more interested in wanting to date her.

    "Would you shut up," Jasmine said, "All right, those people who can fight let's get in front of those who can't."

    Jasmine, Matthew, and Denise got in front of Amanda, Danny, and Destin. The three of them looked back at the three rangers and told them to stay behind them. One of the Inane Ra'chas was coming for Matthew. The Inane Ra'cha went out to punch Matthew, but Matthew grabbed a hold of its hand, twisted himself, knocking the Inane Ra'cha to the ground. Destin who was behind Matthew thought that was impressive. Matthew had his back turned to a Inane Ra'cha and was thanking Destin for the remark. The Inane Ra'cha was coming for Matthew. Destin pushed Matthew out of the way and tackled the Inane Ra'cha to the ground. Matthew just stared at Destin.

    "I thought you couldn't fight?" Matthew asked, blocking a punch form another Inane Ra'cha.

    "I can't" Destin said, "but I know how to play football."

    "Okay, use that when fighting these things," Matthew said, punching in the gut an Inane Ra'cha coming after him.

    Denise saw a soldier getting knocked out by an Inane Ra'cha. She shouted at the creature. The creature turned to her and started running towards her. Denise started to do some dancing. Amanda, who was behind her thought it was weird that she was dancing, but as the Inane Ra'cha came closer, she kicked it in the stomach making it fly back. Jasmine started running up to one of the Inane Ra'cha and kicked it in the gut. The Inane Ra'cha fired back with a punch. Jasmine went to the ground since the punch was so powerful, leaving Danny defenseless, who was behind Jasmine (naturally). The Inane Ra'cha came after Danny. It went for a swing at Danny. Danny ducked and the Inane Ra'cha's punch went back and hit its own. The face started to light up as if someone turned on a light bulb. The Inane Ra'cha turned into a pile of dust and fell to the ground (sorry I know that's sort of like Lord Zedd's putties, but this is a fan fiction).

    "I think I found how to defeat them," Danny said, helping Jasmine up and punching an Inane Ra'cha in the face, as it was coming toward him.

    Just like the Inane Ra'cha who punched itself it the face, its face lit up like a light bulb and it turned to a pile of dust, as well. Everyone couldn't believe that out of all the people, Danny found out how to defeat these creatures. Also, they couldn't believe for starters that they figured it out so quickly. All the rangers now where going for the heads of these Inane Ra'chas. With Denise's help, Amanda was finding the courage to fight these creatures, the best way she knows how, even if it was by slapping them. Matthew and Destin were tag teaming. Matthew would kick the Inane Ra'cha to the ground and Destin would tackle it by hitting its head. One Inane Ra'cha attacked Matthew, knocking him to the ground. Destin grabbed the Inane Ra'cha, picking him up and punching his face. Soon all the Inane Ra'cha that were there, turned to dust.

    "Yeah! We did it!" Amanda squealed jumping up and down.

    "Thank you for saving us," one of the guys said, who didn't look like he was part of the Air Force.

    Jasmine, Denise, and Amanda were all drooling over this guy. He had short brown hair and a little beard growing. He looked sort of like JBZ and the girls thought he was hot.

    "Allow me to introduce myself," the young man said, "I am Dr. Michael Grant. My father and his team of archeologists were the ones who found the Transporduum and the Destination Logger. I, myself, am an archeologists. I am also on the Area 52 Power Ranger Rescue Team, where we found the Ultimaduum Crystals that are giving you your powers."

    "Has there always been an attack at this base?" Matthew asked.

    "No," Dr. Michael Grant said, "This is the first time."

    "How strange," Destin said.

    They all looked as though they had their thinking caps on, until Danny spoke up.

    "How do we power down from our suits?" Danny asked.

    "For once, you asked a good question," Jasmine said.

    Matthew and Destin started smirking, which made Denise and Amanda start to as well. Danny didn't say a word; he just stared at them for a moment.

    "Well," Dr. Michael Grant said, "You say 'Ultimate Power Deactivate' and you'll deactivate the power."

    "That's easy," Matthew said.

    "Ultimate Power Deactivate!" the six of them shouted.

    The six of them started glowing their suit colors. When they were covered in the light, the light faded and they were out of their suits, holding their Ultimaduum Crystals.

    "Also, we need to have a better way of morphing," Danny said, "We might lose these crystals."

    "Wow, Danny," Jasmine said, mockingly, "That's two things you said that weren't stupid."

    "Hey!" Danny shouted.

    "I think I know of a way to make it easier for you guys," Dr. Michael Grant said, "but we need to go back to Area 52."

    "Are you sure it's safe to go back," Jasmine said, "I mean your base was just attacked by Inane Ra'cha."

    "For now I think it's safe," Dr. Michael Grant said, "If they need help, they will contact us. The headset and the glove with all those buttons on your suit; we added those features. They allow you to activate the Transporduum without using the Destination Logger."

    Dr. Michael Grant showed them. He put on his headset and glove which he stated were his. He started pushing the color gems on his keypad that would take them back to Earth. As he was pressing them, this time, the gems on the Transporduum were lighting up as he was pressing the buttons. He pressed the last button, Outer Space, and pressed the white button. The gem on top started glowing and the Transporduum started to spin around until it spun faster than the speed of light. A big white flash occurred and soon all the rangers could see was their family members waiting for them as well as every one else. They all stepped through the Transporduum and back on Earth.

    On A Spaceship
    Hovering Over The Planet Where Area 52-B Is

    A young man was viewing the battle that took place at the Area 52-B base. He was enjoying it, seeing how the Inane Ra'cha were doing battle with the Air Force of planet Earth, until he saw the Power Rangers come out. He heard stories of how the Power Rangers were mighty warriors who sent the Ra'cha Empire to Oblivion. He hated the fact that rangers would dare send the most powerful creatures to Oblivion. It was a slap in the face. He didn't want that to happen again since he was raised by the Ra'cha.

    He could remember how two Ra'chas took care of him and how Nemesis trained him to be a warrior. Everything before that was a blur. He would sometimes ponder at night for hours of where he lived before knowing about the Ra'cha Empire. Right now, he was viewing the Power Rangers and knew something was different about the rangers. Three of them were hiding behind the other three, while the other three fought. He thought that was odd since Nemesis told him that they were all mighty warriors. He also knew they were down half a team. He was wondering where the others were. He watched some more and realized that they weren't the same fighters that he was told. He was taught all of the rangers' moves and none of them matched the rangers' moves that sent his master and the rest of them to Oblivion. He had to tell this to Alasphere. He closed his eyes and all of a sudden he vanished. The young man reappeared next to a large door. He was still on the ship, it was just he was at the other end of it. He knocked on the door and waited for a response. He opened the door and walked in.

    "I am sorry to disturb you, master," the young man said, bowing, "but we have a bit of a problem."

    "What is it Jeremy?" a man asked, with a beaming voice. The guy had a dark figure and serious looking eyes. He had servants pampering him, but he dismissed them.

    "The Inane Ra'cha that you told me to send to the planet where the Earthlings have their camp," Jeremy started, "they were defeated."

    "By who??!!" the man asked in a rage.

    "The Power Rangers, Alasphere," Jeremy said, bowing further.

    "The Power Rangers, impossible," Alasphere said, "They have to be dead. It's twenty-thousand years."

    "These Power Rangers didn't seem like the ones Nemesis told me about," Jeremy said, getting up from bowing, "Nemesis taught me how they fought and these Power Rangers don't have the same techniques as the other rangers do."

    "How interesting," Alasphere said, "So the Ultimaduum Crystals found new owners. Jeremy, tell me where did these Power Rangers come from?"

    "They came through the Transporduum," Jeremy said.

    "They must be Earthlings then," Alasphere said, "The Centenarians who build the Transporduum and made those Ultimaduum Crystals are too cowardly to use the crystals themselves.*

    (Check for an update below Chris Rushton)

    Alasphere paused for a second.

    "I think we need to contact Nemesis, but most of all we need to contact Aeon," Alasphere said, "Leave me, Jeremy."

    Jeremy just bowed his head and walked out. He had never heard Alasphere talk about the Centenarians before. He heard Nemesis talk about them, but not Alasphere. He was wondering what his masters were going to do with this threat. He had one idea that Nemesis was going to come and wipe them all out. Also, he had another idea. When Nemesis was teaching him the way of the Ra'cha he told him about the Four Evil Horsemen. Nemesis told him that when the Four Evil Horsemen come together, a great and powerful creature will appear, Apocalo. He knew for sure that if Apocalo came, the Power Rangers would all be history. Jeremy teleported back to his screen and started studying the new Power Rangers fighting techniques.

    "Nemesis," Alasphere called on a screen.

    A young man with a tan complexion and short black hair came on the screen.

    "Yes, Alasphere," he said, "What is it?"

    "It appears that the Power Rangers are back," Alasphere said.

    "What???" Nemesis shouted, which Jeremy could even hear from all the way on the other side of the space ship.

    "Wait," Alasphere said, putting his hands up, hoping that will calm Nemesis, "Jeremy told me that he believes that these are different Power Rangers. He said there was only six of them and their fighting techniques were not as the rangers twenty thousand years ago."

    "Oh so who are these guys?" Nemesis asked.

    "I think they are Earthlings," Alasphere said, "They traveled through the Transporduum."

    Nemesis started to laugh.

    "So the legend is true," Nemesis said, still laughing.

    "What's so funny?" Alasphere asked.

    "Legend has it that once you become an Ultimate Ranger, your spirit goes into the Ultimaduum Crystals," Nemesis started to explain, "Shababa must have got new rangers. Thank you Alasphere for telling me this news. I will tell it to Aeon."

    "What do we do in the mean time?" Alasphere asked.

    "Well, we must locate the Four Evil Horsemen," Nemesis said, "and we must open the gates to Oblivion to gather monsters to attack the Power Rangers."

    "But Nemesis, isn't that why the monsters are in Oblivion, because the rangers defeated them?" Alasphere asked, "Not to mention those Power Rangers from Angel Grove destroyed the Vortex World as well as the Red Fog."

    "That is why we are going to do something that no evil being has thought up before (besides the Lube in Super Sentai Maskman)," Nemesis said, "We are going to combine monsters to make them more powerful."

    "Who do you think we should start of first?" Alasphere asked.

    "I have always admired Ecliptor and Darkonda forming Darkliptor," Nemesis said, smiling.

    "But Nemesis, Darkonda is a murderous traitor," Alasphere said, "He'll betray the Ra'cha Empire."

    "I know," Nemesis said, "Make sure that you let Ecliptor be in charge of the mind instead of Darkonda."

    "As you wish, Nemesis," Alasphere said, turning off the screen.

    Area 52
    Base Underground Near Area 51

    "Ouch!" Danny shouted, as he was getting poked with a needle, "Is this really necessary?"

    "Yes it is," a young man with blonde hair said, "After every time you come back from another world, you must get a physical to see if you hadn't brought some unknown disease back."

    "Well what was the shot for them?" Danny asked.

    "Your records indicate that you haven't had your yearly flu shot yet," the man smiled, "Well, you are all set. The officer will take you to your room to get some rest."

    Danny got off of a table he was on and went with the officer who showed him his room. He couldn't believe he had to room with the two guys he couldn't stand, Destin and Matthew. What was up with those two anyway? He still thought it wasn't fair that Matthew was chosen to be the red ranger. He thought about what color Matthew was. Even though, his father was the green ranger, he wanted to be the red ranger, second in command. After all, he was the one who found out how to defeat those Inane Ra'chas. He, then, thought of Destin. What kind of name is Destin? He thought who would name their child still water. He just hoped that he wouldn't have to see Destin in the water and see his gills. The very thought of someone having gills made him shiver in disgust. When it came down to it, he was jealous of Matthew and Destin. They all got to spend time with their dads, and he didn't. It, now made him mad at his father. They came along the hallway and the officer knocked on the door. He opened it and both Matthew and Destin were getting ready for bed. They saw Danny come in, giving them each scolding looks. Both Destin and Matthew gave scolding looks back at him.

    "This is going to be an interesting night for you boys," the officer mumbled to himself leaving them alone.

    They had their own private bathroom, so Danny went in to get ready for bed, without saying a word to either Matthew or Destin. While Danny was in the bathroom both boys were whispering to one another, asking what is Danny's problem. Destin came to the conclusion, he has dad issues. Matthew agreed with him and Danny came out. Both boys became silent as Danny hoped into a bed which was empty. His bed was by a wall, so he just rolled over and looked at the wall. There was dead silence until Destin spoke up.

    "Danny," Destin said, almost asking.

    "What?" Danny responding, not even rolling over and looking at Destin.

    "Did you really find out how to defeat the Inane Ra'cha?" Destin asked.

    "That's your question?" Danny asked, rolling over and looking at Destin, "You don't think I'm capable of finding things out on my own? Well for your information, I did. When that creep went to go punch me, I ducted causing it to punch itself in the face and that's how I found out. Are you happy now?"

    "Not really?" Destin asked, "I would like to hear how you came to Area 52."

    "Why are you so interested?" Danny asked, "What are you a freak or something, wanting to know about my life?"

    "He just wanted to know how you got here, that's all," Matthew chimed in, "and it's not very nice to call people that."

    "There are worse names I can call him," Danny said, smiling.

    For some reason, this conversation struck a nerve with Destin and he jumped out of bed and grabbed Danny's shoulders, pinning him to the bed. Danny was about to say something mean, but saw how angry Destin was.

    "Listen here, you jerk," Destin angrily said, "All my life I had been called freak and other things. They bullied me in school my whole life because I was different from them on the outside as well as the inside. I do not appreciate being called that name and if you ever call me that again, I will break your pretty little nose. I am interested in where people come from, so I can see what's it like to be living here. That is all. If you don't want to tell me how you got here, that is fine, all you had to do was say not now or no, I'm not interested."

    Destin let go of Danny and went back to his bed. Matthew just looked at Destin and then Danny. He didn't say a word. Danny breathed a sigh and started sharing.


    Reefside, California

    early that day

    Danny was walking into the school building. He had his favorite jeans on, with his Abercrombie & Fitch shirt on. He was dressed to impressed. He noticed some members of the science club hanging around their lockers. He thought he would pay them a visit so he went over and everyone just stopped what they were doing and looked at him. Every day he went by them to terrorize them in giving him money or just dropping their books. They didn't want to fight back because they knew Danny was stronger than they were.

    "How's it going nerds?" he asked, laughing.

    "Going good Danny, how are you?" one of them responded, in a very shy voice.

    "Terrible," Danny said, smirking.

    "Why's that?" the shy kid asked.

    "Because, you guys haven't paid me yet," Danny said, opening up his hand.

    Quietly, each person reached into their pocket and grabbed all the money they had on with them. They all gave it to Danny who made out with $35 dollars. He thanked them. The shy kid was holding a book and he slapped it out of the kid's hands and just laughed. As he was walking away a girl came up to him and told him that he was mean. She was laughing, so she didn't really mean it. Danny put an arm around her shoulder and started walking down the hallway. The group of kids he bullied, helped retrieve the shy kid's book. One guy who saw this, came over and asked why they don't stand up to him. They just shrugged their shoulders and left. The young man, obviously, was new to the school and just shook his head and walked to his first class.

    "So are we going to hang out this weekend?" Danny asked, the girl he had his arm around, as they were walking down the hall.

    "You know I can't," she said, "My friend is coming all the way from Spain to see me. I'll be hanging out with him. You're more than welcome to drop by and say hi."

    "No thank you," Danny angrily said, taking his hand off her and walking toward class, alone.

    "Danny," the girl said, in the middle of the hallway, while everyone was looking at her.

    That afternoon, Danny was in the locker room ready to change his clothes after being in gym, when he saw the guy next to him, smile at him. This, for some reason, set Danny off. He grabbed the guy by his shoulders and pushed him into the locker. He then put his arm over both of the guys arms, in pinning him.

    "What are you smiling for, freak?" Danny yelled.

    Danny punched the guy in the stomach and was about to kick the guy, when the new guy came and grabbed a hold of Danny's arm, and tried to stop him from hurting the poor guy some more. Danny was taken by surprise with this and was about to hit the guy, when the gym teacher came in. He saw Danny about to clobber the new guy. He also saw the guy that Danny punched, laying on the floor coughing. He asked two of the guys to help the guy up and send him to the nurse's office. He then went over and grabbed Danny's shirt and the new guy's shirt and dragged them to the principal's office.

    Both boys were waiting outside, the principal's office. Danny noticed his mother walking down the hall. His father was no where in site. She has been down this hallway many times. She doesn't know why her son misbehaves like he does, but it has to stop. She approached Danny who just was looking at her. She didn't say a word to him, but sighed and walked into the principal's office. The principal and her were talking for a while. The principal came out after fifteen minutes and told Danny to come in and have a seat next to her mother.

    "Well Mr. Oliver," the principal started, "It seems you have drawn the line with this one. First off all, the guy you punched, you bruised his ribs. That is a serious offense. Second off of all, I can't believe you would start a fight with our newest student, Ezekiel Hammond. From what he told me, he was stopping you from kicking that guy that you punched. You are a very violent guy, and I have notified the police. You have been suspended permanently from this school and it's out of my hands and I'll have the police deal with you."

    "Mom, can't you do something?" Danny asked, whining a little, "The police?"

    "Daniel," she said, "What do you want me to do? You bruised that poor guy's ribs. Any harder and you could have broken them."

    There was dead silence for a good five minutes. Just then there was a knock on the principal's door. He went over to go open it up and saw two air force officers outside his door. He was surprised that the cops would call the army.

    "Hello, we heard that Daniel Oliver is here at your school," one Sargent said, "Can we see him?"

    "Um..." the principal stuttered, he didn't know what to say, "Daniel is in my office right now with his mother. Please come in."

    "You lied," Danny said, seeing the two guys in Air Force uniform, "You said you called the cops, but you called the air force?"

    "Daniel Oliver," the other Sargent said, "I am Sargent Williams and this is Sargent North. We are from the United States Air Force. We need you to come with us."

    "What for?" Danny asked, very rudely.

    His mother just shook her head and gave a face palm.

    "It's for a top secret mission that we can't discuss right here," Sargent Williams said.

    "But I called the cops," the principal said, "This guy serious hurt someone."

    "We know," Sargent North said, looking directly at Danny, "We intercepted it. So Danny we need you to come with us."

    "What if I refused?" Danny asked.

    "Then, we can call the cops and have them deal with you," Sargent Williams said.

    "All right, all right, I'll go with you," Danny said

    Danny was escorted out by the Sargent Williams and Sargent North. His mother followed behind looking up to the sky and saying thank you. It was another close call. She remembered, he almost got suspended and had the cops come, when he was fighting with another kid, but they just suspended him for a week, since he didn't actually start the fight. The other kid said a rude remark about Danny's mother and he got all defensive. In the back of her mind she thought that was so sweet what he did. She knew by that he did care for his family, but in the front of her mind, she knew it was wrong what he did. Now, she didn't know where the two officers were talking her son, but she was sure going to go with them. Ezekiel, who was sitting outside, waiting for his parents to arrive, was just surprised that the principal would call the United States Air Force on this one.*

    (Check out Ezekiel Hammond's profile)

    Danny stepped outside and saw a red Hummer and got into the vehicle with his mother. The two officers went into the front and the Hummer started driving off. Kat, Danny's mother, told him how lucky he was for not dealing with the cops and this should be a wake up call to him. She told him that one day he's not going to be so lucky and wind up in jail, if he doesn't stop his destructive behavior. Danny didn't say a word, but Sargent Williams told Danny that if he ever endangered anyone's life, he would have no problem sending him off to solitary confinement. Danny just quietly stared at Sargent Williams and then looked out the window.


    Area 52
    Base Underground Near Area 51

    passed midnight

    "So that's how I got here," Danny said, "Happy now?"

    "Yes, thank you," Destin said.

    "So this is sort of like a probation for you," Matthew said.

    "Yes," Danny said, in a straining voice.

    "Hey Destin," Matthew said, "How did you come to our planet?"

    "Augh!" Danny moaned, taking his pillow and dropping it on his head, "It's past midnight, and I would like some sleep."

    "I'll tell you tomorrow, Matthew," Destin said.

    All three boys went fast asleep, while the girls, in another room were chatting away.

    "We kicked butt today," Denise said.

    "Yes, we did," Amanda said, going into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

    "Jasmine, do you think we will be able to stop this Ra'cha Empire for good and rescue the Power Rangers?" Denise asked.

    "I think we can," Jasmine said, "but I worry about Danny. But let's not discuss that, okay?"

    "Okay, how about we talk about that doctor? Wasn't he cute?" Denise asked Jasmine.

    "Yes he was," Jasmine said, smiling, "What was his name again?"

    "It's Dr. Jonathan Fischer," Amanda said, coming out of the bathroom, "and he's a bit too old for me."

    "So Amanda," Denise said, "do you have a boyfriend back in Mariner Bay?"

    "No," Amanda said, "and how did you know where I'm from?"

    "It was on your Pink Ultimaduum Crystal," Denise said, "I have a photographic memory."

    "I'll say," Jasmine said, "I wish I had a photographic memory."

    "How is it that you are so smart?" Amanda asked.

    "I study alot," she said.

    "Hey Denise," Jasmine said, "You never told us what you were doing before these United States Air Force people picked you up."

    "I'll tell you girls tomorrow over breakfast," Denise said, "It's just amazing hearing your stories. I can't believe they found you at an airport, Jasmine. How creepy is that?"

    "I know, tell me about it," Jasmine said, giggling and then the other two girls started giggling.

    "Well good night," Amanda said, and all three girls went fast asleep.

    Unknown Area
    Somewhere In The Universe

    A young man wearing a black hood and robe was watching where the Power Rangers defeated the Inane Ra'cha. He's face was covered by the shadow of the hood he was wearing. An electric spark came out of his fist. He was angry.

    "Just you wait Power Rangers," the young man said, "Aeon is coming to get you."

    (to be continued...)

    Next Installments:

    The Power Rangers face Dark Ecliptor and have the battle of their lives. The rangers learn more of where the other rangers were before they were brought to the base. The team tries to work together to battle, but they fall short. The rangers discover Zords, weapons, and go head to head with Jeremy. They later discover about the Four Evil Horsemen. Will the rangers defeat the Ra'cha Empire? Find out in the installments coming up.
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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    part one

    Area 52
    Base Underground Near Area 51

    8:00 A.M.

    It was early in the morning and the girls were first to wake up and get dressed. They were all escorted down to the cafeteria where even their parents weren't up yet. They were just so full of energy and wanted to find the Power Rangers and Chip who were missing. They felt it would be so cool to rescue the Power Rangers and send the Ra'cha Empire back to Oblivion. All three girls got exactly the same thing; scrambled eggs, toast, sausage, and a carton of juice.

    "So Amanda, how did you sleep?" Jasmine asked her, as she had a fork full of eggs in her hand.

    "I slept really well," Amanda said.

    "Okay, so Denise tell us of where the Air Force found you," Jasmine said.

    "Wow, you girls, really want to know," Denise said, "Um..where do I begin?"

    "It's always good to start at the beginning," Amanda said, laughing.

    "Okay," Denise said, gathering her thoughts, "Let's see, I was at school..."


    Angel Grove, California

    yesterday morning

    "Don't you just love the fresh air in the morning, Nathan?" Denise asked her friend as they were walking toward the Student Union Building at Angel Grove University.

    "Yeah it's nice," Nathan said, quietly, walking with her.

    "What's wrong, Nathan?" Denise asked, knowing that there was something wrong with her friend.

    "Nothing much, it's just this project that I'm working on for class," he said, "I have to write a paper about what do you think went on in the minds of the people who were trapped in the Twin Towers when the planes hit them. It's for Psychology Class. It's just making me a little depressed."

    "Why's that?" Denise asked, but then realized what the matter was, "Oh I am so sorry, it just slipped my mind."

    "That's okay," Nathan said, giving her a little smile, reassuring her it was alright.

    "Do you need any help?" she asked.

    "No, I'm fine," he said, getting to the building with her, "Thank you anyway."

    "I'll see you at lunch, right?" Denise asked.

    "Yeah," he said, smiling.

    Nathan walked into the Student Union as Denise pressed on to the next building over, which had her first class of the day. On her way, she was thinking of Nathan and how she really cared for him. She still felt bad that she forgot about what happened the day before. Nathan's mother got killed in a taxi cab, while headed to an important meeting at her work. His father was heartbroken and became very depressed and had to get put in a Psychiatric Ward for trying to kill himself. Denise thinks this is why Nathan is getting a degree in Psychology to better understand the human mind. She made it to her class and sat down. The teacher came in and they began the lecture. She enjoyed how they had morning classes so she could head into work in the afternoon. Usually when someone goes for their Master's they take night classes because they work during the day, but not her because she works 2nd shift. The class was interesting as usual, but the work load that they had was unbearable for a normal person to do. The day went by fast and soon it was lunch time. Denise went into the lunch area and saw Nathan standing in line for tacos.

    "How can you eat that stuff?" Denise asked, in a disgusted face, as she approached Nathan.

    "Well it's better than what you eat," Nathan replied smiling, "All those organic foods you eat, yuck."

    The both laughed. Denise said she'll find them a table. She found a nice table and sat down. Not long after, Nathan came to sit down. He had three tacos and a drink. Denise just shook her head, smiling, as he pulled out her organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Looking at it, Nathan stuck his finger in his mouth and pretended to gag. They started laughing and Denise threw a piece of paper at him. They started talking about how classes went in the morning for them. Denise asked Nathan if he would like to come to her Hip Hop Kido match that was the following Saturday. Just as Nathan was going to give his answer, two people dressed in Air Force uniforms came up to both Denise and Nathan.

    "Are you Ms. Denise Taylor?" one of the officers asked.

    "Yes, I am Denise," she said, looking at both of the officers, "May I help you?"

    "Ma'am, my name is Sargent Richardson," the one officer said, "and this is my partner Sargent Davidson. We need you to come with us. You are not in trouble with the government, but the government needs your help."

    "The government needs my help for what?" she asked, looking surprised.

    Nathan was surprised as well.

    "It's top secret," Sargent Davidson said, looking over at Nathan.

    "I'm not going to tell anyone," Nathan said.

    "It's still top secret," Sargent Richardson said, looking at Denise, "So Ms. Taylor, will you come with us?"

    "Can I contact my mother and father?" Denise asked.

    "We have already contacted your father and he will be meeting us outside your home," Sargent Davidson said.

    "Will I ever see my friend again?" Denise asked, pointing at Nathan.

    "Yes, as soon as the mission we need you for is over, you can contact, mister..." Sargent Davidson said, looking over at Nathan.

    "Mr. Nathan Kwan," he said, smiling, "My friends call me Nate Dogg."

    "Nate Dogg will be waiting for your call," Davidson said, looking at Nate Dogg, "Won't you, Nate Dogg?"

    "Yes ma'am," he said.*

    (See profile on "Nate Dogg" Kwan.)

    Denise went with the two officers. She glanced back at Nate Dogg and saw him with a weird grin waving good bye. Denise walked out of the building with everyone staring at her. When they got to the parking lot, she saw a dark blue Hummer parked and was told to hop in. The two officers got in and they drove to her house. Denise's father, Zack Taylor was waiting outside and he soon got in with her. Both of them were puzzled as to why the government wanted to see Denise and where they were going. They just looked out the window as the drove off.


    Area 52
    Base Underground Near Area 51

    9:00 A.M.

    "Oh wow," Jasmine said, "That had to be awkward for you to get all those looks."

    "That's the same thing that happened to me," Amanda said, "everyone was staring at me, like I did something majorly wrong."

    "Well you are here with us, Amanda," Denise said, putting her hand on Amanda's shoulder, "You're a Power Ranger."

    "And pink is my favorite color too," she said, smiling.

    The girls were chit chatting as the three boys came in. They looked exhausted as if they didn't get enough sleep. Matthew and Destin were talking among themselves as Danny came up in the rear. He saw the three girls almost done with their breakfast. He came over to them. Jasmine put her hand on her head and elbow on the table as to try and hide herself from Danny.

    "Well good morning ladies and Jasmine," Danny said, smiling.

    "Ha ha very funny," Jasmine said, "What do you want?"

    "I just wanted to say good morning to you," Danny said.

    He just shook his head and went to go join Matthew and Destin. The three of them got their breakfast and sat down. Matthew wanted to know how Denise came to Earth to be picked to be the Ultimate Blue Ranger. Danny said some sarcastic remark about if he had to hear this as well. Destin said, that Danny was more than welcome to listen or he could sit somewhere else. Danny, got up and sat in the far corner. He was very angry and he was contemplating whether solitary confinement was better than hanging out with these people. He looked around at the five of them; the three girls and the two guys. It seemed as though he didn't belong with either groups. Not, like he wanted to join the groups in the first place. He just quietly ate his breakfast, sulking.

    "So tell me how you got here on planet Earth?" Matthew asked.

    "Well, it all began in the year 2010..." Destin started.


    Sector B6-29


    "So Destin," Billy Cranston started to say, walking down the hall of Sector B6-29, with his son, "what would you like to do on your 13th birthday?"

    "I just would like to play catch with you," Destin said, looking up at his dad.

    "Just catch?" he father asked, "Is that all? You are an easy son to please."

    Both of them were walking by one of the closets, when they started hearing a funny noise. Both Destin and his father, Billy stopped. They were wondering what was making that noise. They both went into the closet. They couldn't see anything but shelves full of gallons of liquids. They heard the noise again. Destin pressed his ear to a wall and could hear the noise coming from the other side of the wall. He told his father where the noise was and his father took a listen to. Soon, they heard a man talking.

    "Jesus, Mary, Joseph!" the man exclaimed.

    "Where do you think it leads to? another man asked.

    "I don't know, but I believe we have discovered the greatest thing Earth has every known," the man who spoke first said.

    "Earth!?" Billy exclaimed.

    As he said this, he wanted to hear them better, so he pressed his ear more on the wall and all of a sudden, the area of the wall he was leaning into, moved inward and the whole wall opened up like a door. Destin and Billy couldn't believe their eyes as what they saw. Billy was the first to look at it, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was Greece that he was seeing through this huge circle.

    "Billy Cranston?" a man asked, looking right at Billy.

    "That's my name," Billy said, unsure of who the guy was, "Who are you?"

    "My name is Dr. Joseph Grant," he said, "When you left for Aquitar, your parents wrote a book about you. I can't believe I'm actually talking to you. So I'm assuming that's the planet Aquitar?"

    "Yeah," Billy said, still unsure of all of this, "What's this device? And how are we talking to one another?"

    "I don't know," Dr. Joseph Grant said, "We just found this in Greece and one of my colleges accidentally pressed five buttons on this strange device and placed his hand on this other button, and here we are talking to you."

    Destin saw a device with buttons on it and a huge button with a hand print on it.

    "Did it look like this?" Destin asked, pointing to it.

    "Yeah," Dr. Joseph Grant said, "and who are you?"

    "I am Destin," he said.

    "He's my son," Billy said.

    "Oh how wonderful," Dr. Joseph Grant said, "He looks just like you. Well this is a great discovery."

    "Yeah," Billy said.

    "Hey dad?" Destin asked, "What is all this on the wall?"

    Billy glanced and he saw all these triangles on the wall. Most of the triangles were paired in fives. It had the same color for the last of them. Also, Billy noticed that the colors on the wall matched the colors on the device his son found. Next to the five colors were numbers which looked like coordinates. Billy recognized a few of them, one being Earth. He went back to talk to Dr. Joseph Grant.

    "I think my son has found something," Billy said, "There is a wall here full of five sets of triangles with coordinates on them. I recognize a few because one of them is Earth and the other is Aquitar. Did that person accidentally press all the blue-like buttons and then a grayish-blue one?"

    "As a mater of a fact, yes," Dr. Joseph Grant said, looking surprise, "Why do you ask?"

    "Well those five colors match the coordinates for Aquitar," Billy said.

    "Well I'll be..." Dr. Joseph Grant said, drifting off.

    All of a sudden an alarm went off.


    Area 52
    Base Underground Near Area 51

    Year 2015 10:00 A.M.

    The alarm was so loud that the six of them had to shut their ears. Soon Colonel Dustin Gap came running in.

    "We have an emergency," Colonel Dustin Gap said, "A monster which no one has seen in years is attacking Area 52-B Base."

    The six rangers ran with Colonel Dustin Gap to the room with the Transporduum and the Destination Logger in it. Dr. Michael Grant and Major Samantha Stevenson were in the room. They were holding gloves which looked similar to the glove he was wearing but smaller. They also had ear pieces with microphones attached to them.

    "Okay, to make this short," Dr. Michael Grant started, "since the second base is being attacked, these are your Ultimaduum Morphers. The Ultimaduum Crystal that you possess is inside these morphers. To morph you just call through the microphone, 'Ultimate Power Activate' and press your respectable color and hit the big white button. This will instantly morph you in your suits."

    As he was saying this and handing out the Ultimaduum Morphers to the six of them, Major Samantha Stevenson was pressing the buttons in order to activate the Transporduum and send them to Area 52-B. The Transporduum started spinning faster than the speed of light and a huge white flash occurred. When the light had faded, they saw a monster causing destruction on the base.

    "Also, the Chosen Ones are in the crystals," Dr. Michael Grant said, "If you need their guidance just call their name through the microphone and they will guide you. Now go."

    All six rangers stepped through the Transporduum and were back on the planet which held Area 52-B. They saw how disgusting the creature was. The creature saw the rangers and stopped what he was doing.

    "I am Darkliptor," he said, smiling, "and I have been given another chance in destroying you Power Rangers."

    "Not on our watch," Jasmine said, "Are you ready guys?"

    "Yes," they all said, holding out their wrists that have the Utimaduum Morpher on them, "Ultimate Power Activate!"

    They pushed their respected color and the white button and started to morph. They morphed in a different way than before. Jasmine was standing in front of her White Utimaduum Crystal. White beams of light were coming out of it, hitting Jasmine. Jasmine started to glow white and when the glowing faded away, she was in her Ultimate White Power Ranger suit, just like the one she had when she first started fighting the Inane Ra'chas. Matthew had his Red Ultimaduum Crystal behind him. Red flames were coming out of the crystal and hitting Matthew. These flames weren't hurting him at all. The flames engulfed Matthew and when the flames died down, Matthew was in his suit he had on before. Danny was standing in front of his Green Ultimaduum Crystal. Green leaves were coming out of his crystal and surrounding him, creating for him his suit he had on when he faced the Inane Ra'cha for the first time. Destin was standing in front of his Blue Utimaduum Crystal. Water was coming out of the crystal in the form of a tidal wave. The tidal wave past Destin and Destin was in his suit, he was wearing the first time he called forth the powers. Denise's Yellow Ultimaduum Crystal was behind her. Bolts of lightning were coming out of the crystal. The bolts of lightning were hitting Denise, creating her suit, she wore when she faced the Inane Ra'cha. Amanda, was last, but not least. She was standing in front of her Pink Ultimaduum Crystal. The crystal was blowing wind at her, creating a tornado. The tornado went around Amanda and when it had died down, she was in her Power Ranger suit just as before.

    "I never knew we had elements tied in with our powers," Matthew said.

    "You have a lot of things," Shababa spoke through the head peace, "You'll find out more about your suits later, but right now you need to destroy Darkliptor."

    The rangers saw Darkliptor just standing there looking at the six rangers.

    "What are you waiting for? Christmas?" Danny asked, "Make your first move."

    "I will make my first move," Darkliptor said, smiling and raising his sword, "Inane Ra'cha attack!"

    Out of no where came all these Inane Ra'cha. For a few seconds they stood next to Darkliptor and then they started charging at the Power Rangers. The six rangers started fighting the Inane Ra'cha, yes even Danny, Destin, and Amanda. With the Inane Ra'cha, they knew all they needed to do was punch the face and the Inane Ra'cha would turn to dust. They started battling with the Inane Ra'cha. Jasmine was kicking butt by knocking the Inane Ra'cha to the ground and punching their heads. Matthew was doing fine as well. Danny, on the other hand, wasn't doing that great. This batch of Inane Ra'cha were a little bit smarter. They got a hold of Danny, making him unable to break free of their grip. One Inane Ra'cha started punching Danny in the gut. Destin saw this and went over and knocked the Inane Ra'cha that was punching Danny, down to the ground. He then tackled one of them that was holding Danny. This made one of Danny's hands free and with that, he went around and punched the other Inane Ra'cha which was still holding him. The Inane Ra'cha's face started to glow and soon it turned to a pile of dust.

    "Man, I love that part," Danny said, not thanking Destin.

    Amanda and Denise were fighting together, knocking the Inane Ra'chas out one by one. Amanda was starting to get the hang of it and started to branch off fighting some Inane Ra'cha on her own, but having Denise close by if she needed any help. Jasmine was battling an Inane Ra'cha and left the rangers sights for a moment. She then came back punching the Inane Ra'cha in the face. The Inane Ra'cha's face started to glow and it turned to a pile of dust. Soon all the Inane Ra'chas were turned to dust.

    "Now it's your turn, Darkliptor," Jasmine said, jumping up and kicking Darkliptor to the ground.

    Matthew joined in and started fighting Darkliptor as well. Both Jasmine and Matthew were going back and forth. Denise stepped in and started to fight him as well. Soon the other three joined in the fight and started fighting the best way they knew how. Amanda jumped up and was about to tackle Darkliptor when Darkliptor grabbed her. She squealed, yelling at him to release her. When he refused, as hard as she could, she stomped on his foot. He released Amanda and Amanda went to join her teammates.

    "You have Ultimaduum Blasters," Jordan said, to Destin, "Use them."

    Destin saw on the sides, two guns appeared. He didn't see them before on his suit. He took out the two Ultimaduum Blasters and fired at Darkliptor. Blue rays fired at Darkliptor, causing him to fly back a little ways. Danny saw these Ultimaduum Blasters and thought they were cool. He looked down and sure enough he had two of them on the sides of him. He had never seen them there before. He pulled them out and fired at Darkliptor causing smoke to come out of him. The rest of the rangers decided it was a good idea and did the same. There shots at Darkliptor started to make him weak. Danny thought he would fire again and when he did, this caused Darkliptor to fall to the ground and blow up. Fire was left from the explosion. A group of air force officers came with an extinguisher and put the fire out.

    "Well, looks like I have figured out how to defeat that creature," Danny said, smiling.

    "No you didn't," Amanda said, putting her hands on her hips, "Destin was the one who fired first."

    "What do you know?" Danny asked, "You're just a little girl."

    "Would you be nice to her?" Matthew asked, seeing how Amanda was getting mad at Danny, "She may be the youngest member on this team but she is the nicest person I have ever met and she brings a lot of spirit to this team."

    "Nicely said," Jasmine said, giving Matthew a high five, then looking at Danny, "I can't believe you. First you take all the glory for yourself and then you pick on this little girl, not to mention you have been mean to Matthew and especially Destin. What is your problem?"

    "My problem is that I'm stuck with all you freaks," Danny said.

    As Jasmine and Danny were arguing a young man appeared. Matthew was the first to notice him. He had black hair and was wearing a black suit with a cape. He had a sword in hand as well. Matthew looked at him and couldn't put a finger on it, but Matthew thought he had seen that guy before, somewhere. The young man was Jeremy, but the rangers didn't know who he was. Matthew started signaling the rangers to look at the direction he was looking at. Jasmine and Danny stopped yelling at each other and saw the young man, with a smirk on his face.

    "Who are you?" Danny asked.

    "Are you another Chosen One?" Amanda asked.

    "Amanda, he is not one of us," Melody said, "In fact we have never seen him before."

    "I am Jeremy," he said, "I am 1st Commander of the Inane Ra'cha of the Ra'cha Empire. All of you are going to be destroyed at the hands of Darkliptor."

    "Um, excuse me dude," Destin said, coming out in the front, where he could really be seen, "If you look in front of you, you'll notice burnt ash from us destroying Darkliptor."

    "Foolish ranger," Jeremy laughed, "Obviously you don't know the power of the Ra'cha Empire."

    He raised his hands and formed them as he was praying and said a few words.

    "Powers of the Ra'cha Empire," Jeremy started, "bring Darkliptor back to life and make him grow!"

    All of a sudden the sky turned pitch black and lime green colored lightning came down. The lightning brought back the creature Darkliptor and the lime green lightning was still around him and made the creature grow. The rangers drew back as they noticed how big Darkliptor got. Jeremy started laughing.

    "What do we do now?" Matthew asked, looking up at Darkliptor.

    "Call forth the Supreme Zords," JBZ said, talking to Denise.

    "JBZ said, we need to call forth the Supreme Zords," Denise said.

    "How do we do that?" Jasmine asked.

    "You need to raise your hand in the air and shout 'Supreme Zords come!' and they will automatically come," Shababa said, talking to Jasmine.

    "Supreme Zords come!" Jasmine shouted, raising her hand in the air.

    Suddenly, the backs of their vests started to glow. The picture of the Ultimaduum Crystal was taking shape of their Zords on the back of their vests. All six of them looked like warriors. The pictures of the Supreme Zords came out of the vests and formed the Zords up in the sky. All six of them were in different shapes and sizes. It was as if you were looking at the Lightning Sphere Zords, but they were different colors and had the shape of the Ultimaduum Crystals on them. The six Zords were as colored; pink, yellow, blue, green, red, and white. The rangers all jumped into their new Zords. There were many buttons and two joysticks to control the Zord.

    (I know these Zords seemed lame, but just keep reading as to what happens. I think you are going to like this.)

    "Those puny Zords won't stop me," Darkliptor said, laughing.

    "All right rangers, let's get him," Jasmine said, walking up to Darkliptor and punching him.

    The punch didn't seem to phase him.

    "Is that the best you could do?" he mocked, punching her back and sending her flying.

    "I'll stop him," Danny said, running up to him and kicking Darkliptor.

    "I'm right behind you," Denise said, jumping on Amanda's Zord and flying at the monster, but instead, she landed on Danny's Zord.

    "Watch where you are going Denise!" Danny exclaimed, getting up from the fall.

    Darkliptor knew it was his chance and fired a blast from his sword at Danny and Denise's Zords. Destin, seeing this, rushed in with his Zord and kicked Darkliptor. It didn't phase Darkliptor and he kicked Destin's Zord back, which caused sparks to fly out of his Zord and making him fall to the ground.

    "It seems like we need more power," Danny said, trying to get up from Denise falling on his Zord and Darkliptor blasting it.

    "You need to form the Supreme Ultrazord," Raz said, finally helping out after being so quiet.

    "Guys, we need to form the Supreme Ultrazord," Danny said.

    "I know Danny," Amanda said.

    "So do I," Matthew said.

    "How do you guys know?" Danny asked.

    "I believe that when we are in our Zords, the Chosen Ones talk through these speakers," Denise said, checking out the surround sound in her Zord.

    Jasmine was about to ask how to combine the Zords to create the Supreme Ultrazord, but she saw a triangular shape button that read 'ULTRAZORD' so she pushed it. All of a sudden, the Zords seem to start to glow. The Red Supreme Zord was shaped mainly like a square. The body of the Red Supreme Zord opened up to reveal a secret compartment. First the head went in, along with the arms. Next the legs and feet folded in until it just looked like a square. The Blue and White Supreme Zords had a secret compartment as well where the hands went into the compartment. The Zords looked almost like the Black and Yellow Shogun Zords where the Blue and White Supreme Zords became the legs and feet of the Supreme Ultrazord. Next, the Yellow and Green Supreme Zord's heads lowered down. The feet twisted up to reveal hands popping through. The four Supreme Zords hooked on with the Red Supreme Zord. Last but not least the Pink Supreme Zord looked like a triangle. It opened up to reveal a secret compartment where the head, arms, legs, and feet went into. It looked like a triangle. The Pink Supreme Zord went on top of the Red Supreme Zord to form the head. If you were looking at the Pink Supreme Zord as it was, there was no face. Half of the top of the Pink Supreme Zord's side opened up, just like Pyramidas' face opened up when the Zords were combining into the Zeo Ultrazord, to show a face. There you had it, the Supreme Ultrazord.

    (I know what you are thinking, but please keep reading, you are going to like it.)

    "This is so cool!" Destin said, looking around and seeing the main room where all six of them were standing.

    "Yeah great," Danny sarcastically said, looking at who he was standing next to, Destin and Matthew. He was right in the middle of them both.

    "You know what?" Jasmine said, not paying any attention to Darkliptor, "You are a real jerk. You know what your problem is? You are a little baby who has daddy issues and who takes it out on everyone around you. You need to start growing up and acting your age."

    "Um, guys..." Matthew tried saying, looking out and seeing Darkliptor charging after them.

    "Shut up Matthew!" Danny shouted, looking still at Jasmine, "Well you know what you are Jasmine? You are a spoiled little brat who doesn't have daddy issues because you are daddy's little princess; a stuck up brat who got everything she ever wanted when she was young and still to this day. Like look at you, you are even leader of this stupid team. I wish I could go back in time, because I would never sign up for this."

    "Um, guys..." Destin said, but it was too late for Darkliptor slashed his sword at the Supreme Ultrazord causing it to crash to the ground.

    Red lights were flashing on and off and a noise like an alarm was going off. There was a screen they saw which said to evacuate. All six of them did and the Supreme Ultrazord started to spark up and just like that, it exploded into many pieces. The rangers looked at each other and looked at the rubble. They couldn't believe it; the Supreme Ultrazord was destroyed. Both Jeremy and Darkliptor were laughing.

    "The end is near for you, Power Rangers," Jeremy said, laughing.

    ( be continued)

    *I have decided to stop putting up things that are going to come, because my mind is changing consistently with this fan fiction. Sorry for the inconvenience but I want this fan fiction to have the surprise effect. Please let me know if you have any problems with this.*
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    Arrow Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

    part two

    Area 52-B
    Somewhere In The Universe

    "Now what do we do?" Amanda asked, looking at the Supreme Ultrazord totally destroyed.

    "I don't know," Jasmine said, "but all I know is that it's Danny's fault."

    "My fault?" Danny exclaimed, "If you had been paying attention instead of yelling at me, we wouldn't be in this mess right now."

    "Would both of you quit it?" Matthew asked, "We have more important things to worry about right now."

    "Matthew is right," Denise said, "How on Earth are we going to destroy Darkliptor?"

    Just then five flashes of light appeared. It was the five Chosen Ones. They didn't look pleased at all. And they had every right to be. They were so disappointed at the six of them. They figured the Ultimaduum Crystals were off if they chose those six. They always fight and argue. Well the five of them verse Danny does. They told them that they would take care of Darkliptor themselves. Danny was a little shocked at this, because if they could fight the monster, why did they need their help. Raz told Danny and the rest of them that their powers are limited and told them that this was one of the few times they could help the rangers out. The Power Rangers stood back and saw what was taking place with the Chosen Ones.

    "Ultimate Power Activate!!" the five Chosen ones shouted.

    They all started to glow their respected colors and in a flash received suits just like the rangers' suits, except for JBZ. He didn't have a mini skirt on his suit, since he was a boy. Shababa raised his hand to the sky.

    "Powers of the Ultimaduum Crystals," Shababa started, "Make us grow!"

    The sky started glowing red and five beams hit the five Chosen Ones and made them grow to Darkliptor's height.

    "Oh, more for me to destroy," Darkliptor said.

    "Don't bet on it," Shababa said.

    "You are going down," Raz said, kicking Darkliptor, sending him flying.

    "My turn," Melody said, "Jordan lend me your shoulders."

    "You bet!" Jordan said, getting into position.

    Melody jumped up and went on Jordan's shoulders. She then flew in the air toward Darkliptor who was getting up from the previous fall.

    "Ultimaduum Air Power!" she shouted, turning into a might hurricane.

    The hurricane went right through Darkliptor. Smoke and sparks started to fly out of him as he was losing his balance.

    "I think we need to turn up the heat with this creep," Shababa said, "Ultimaduum Fire Power!"

    Shababa's hands started to become on fire. He ran up to Darkliptor and started punching him with his right and then his left. More sparks and smoke were flying out of Darkliptor. He couldn't take anymore and fell to the ground in two huge explosions, one right next to the other. The Power Rangers on the ground saw this and started cheering, as the five Chosen Ones returned to normal size, they fell to the ground. The Chosen Ones told the Power Rangers to only use that kind of power in an emergency because it will drain the power. The rangers saw how weak the Chosen Ones were and they were just spirits. As they were talking to the Chosen Ones, Jeremy showed up again.

    "You rangers will pay dearly for what you have done," Jeremy said, "You don't have any more Zords so the next time we will win."

    Jeremy closed his eyes and then vanished right before them. Matthew still thought he had seen Jeremy before. He was just staring off into space when Amanda brought him back to reality after waving her hand across his face.

    "So Shababa how are we to fight these creatures when they grow?" Destin asked.

    "There are other Zords," Shababa said, still feeling weak.

    "For safe keeping, we have placed the Zords on various planets so they wouldn't all be discovered at once," JBZ said.

    "But we wouldn't even let you get new Zords," Shababa said, "since you destroyed the previous Zords. You guys are pathetic. You can't work as a team."

    "You mean, Danny can't work as a team with us," Jasmine said.

    "Well Danny is not the only problem here," Raz said, "You guys are problems as well for not accepting Danny into the group."

    Danny just smiled, crossing his hands over his chest.

    "But Danny, you need to be accepting of your fellow rangers," Jordan said, "You guys are now on a team. You need to work as a team."

    The Chosen Ones were right and the rangers knew it. They started talking among themselves. They had a long way to go before becoming a true Power Ranger team. The talking went all right for a while and then Jasmine out of no where starts getting mad at Danny. This in turn makes Danny angry and he storms off. Matthew looks at Jasmine and asks what that was all about. Now Matthew and Jasmine start yelling at each other. While this is going, the Chosen Ones and the other Power Rangers hear a noise. It was the Transporduum. Danny was just pushing random colors, and apparently the five that he pushed worked. He remembered that the color Outer Space was the last one. The Transporduum started spinning faster than light and a flash of white light came. There he saw a bunch of trees. Some of the guards tried to stop him, but because he was in his suit, he pushed them aside like they were flies.

    "I had it to here with you freaks," Danny said, "I am not going to a part of this stupid team AND I am not going to be locked away in solitary confinement."

    He walked through the Transporduum and was gone. Raz disappeared as well. It seems wherever the Ultimaduum Crystals go, the Chosen Ones go as well. The Transporduum shut down, before the rangers could get over there in time.

    "I missed the coordinates," Destin said, being the first to arrive at the Destination Logger.

    "Don't worry," Denise said, "I remember the colors on the Transporduum which lit up. It was Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Yellow, and Outer Space"

    "What?" JBZ exclaimed.

    "You know where he's gone to?" Matthew asked.

    "He went to the planet, Manta," JBZ said, "It's a dark and evil planet run by Ra'cha Warriors and followers."

    "This planet is very evil," Melody said, "It's so evil, it was used in a spell Rita and Lord Zedd used to summon the Hate Master."

    "Wow," Destin said, "If it was used in an evil spell like that, then it sure is an evil planet. We must rescue Danny. He doesn't know what he got himself into."

    "Why bother with him?" Jasmine asked.

    "What is the matter with you Jasmine?" Amanda asked, "I know you don't like Danny, but I know even you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him."

    "Um...I guess you are right," Jasmine said, making everyone feel better, "Let's go get him."

    "You must work as a team, in order to save him," Shababa said, "You are not just saving him because he is the Ultimate Green Ranger, but because he is one of your teammates."

    With that Shababa, Jordan, JBZ, and Melody disappeared and went back into the crystals, so they could rest and recharge themselves. The rangers told the officers that they must rescue their friends. The officers told them that it is unwise to go without letting Major General William B. Teller. Matthew told them there isn't any time. Denise pushed in the colors and the Transporduum started spinning faster than the speed of light. Soon a white flash appeared and they saw a forest. Matthew was the first one to walk through. Destin was the next. He told Jasmine and the rest of them he knew what to push to get back to Earth. After Amanda and Denise followed. Jasmine was the caboose. Soon, the Transporduum stopped spinning and the officers no longer could see the rangers. They immediately pressed the buttons for Earth to contact Major General William B. Teller.

    On A Spaceship
    Hovering Over The Planet Where Area 52-B Is

    "Alasphere," Jeremy said, bowing down, "I have some news to report."

    "Get on with it," Alasphere said.

    "The rangers' Zords were destroyed," Jeremy said, "but the Chosen Ones, the real Power Rangers, destroyed Darkliptor."

    "What?" Alasphere asked, "How can this be? I thought they were just spirits."

    "And another thing," Jeremy said, "The Ultimate Green Ranger, they call Danny has gone to the planet Manta. The other rangers have followed."

    "Why are the rangers going there?" Alasphere asked, "That is where Nemesis is right now. I need to tell him this. Go to Manta and help Nemesis in destroying the Power Rangers."

    "Yes, Alasphere," Jeremy said, bowing. He closed his eyes and then vanished.

    Somewhere On Manta

    "Well this sure is a creepy place," Amanda said, as all the rangers were at the Transporduum.

    "You are telling me," Denise said, looking around.

    "All right guys, Danny couldn't have gone too far," Matthew said, "We should have no trouble finding him."

    But the rangers didn't know was that the forest was thick and it went on for miles. They went in a north direction, hoping that Danny would have done the same. The rangers were wondering what was going through Danny's head as he just took off and took off to a planet that he had never gone to before. The rangers hoped that he was all right and that they could locate him soon. When they do, they thought they would all sit down and talk about what's going on, and see if they can work out their issues with Danny. However, on the other side of the forest, the south side, Danny was walking with Raz next to him saying that he should turn back.

    "Why don't you talk it over with the other rangers?" Raz asked, as they were walking deeper in the forest.

    "The rangers don't want to talk with me," Danny said, "That Jasmine she hates me, and as for the rest of them, well they just don't understand me."

    "Well maybe..." Raz said, but got interrupted with Inane Ra'cha appearing from everywhere.

    The Inane Ra'cha were all standing around like they were waiting for something or someone. Jeremy and Raz were puzzled until smoke appeared and Raz couldn't believe who was standing in the middle of the Inane Ra'chas. He had a tanned complexion with a buzzed hair cut. He wore a golden suit with a cape and had a sword in hand. He was smiling.

    "So Ultimate Green Ranger," the man spoke, "Jeremy told me that you showed up in my neck of the woods. You know you are trespassing on Ra'cha territory."

    "So?" Danny asked, being rude as usual.

    "So, I'll have to destroy you," the man said, "as well as take hold of the Ultimaduum Crystal you possess and Raz."

    "Not if I destroy you first," Danny said, cocky as ever.

    "Danny, be careful, this is Nemesis," Raz said, "He's very powerful and I don't have the strength to help fight with you."

    Nemesis ordered the Inane Ra'cha to attack. The Inane Ra'cha started attacking Danny. Danny was ready for them. He was punching them in the face left and right. Apparently, his adrenalin was working in over time, because he was defeating the Inane Ra'cha all by himself. When all the Inane Ra'cha turned to dust, Nemesis started fighting Danny. Raz was right, he was very powerful. Danny couldn't get a punch in because Nemesis was blocking all his moves. Soon Jeremy appeared and asked if he could join the fight. Nemesis thought it was a great idea and Jeremy started fighting Danny. Danny tried his best but Jeremy and Nemesis were too much for him. Danny fell to the ground and demorphed. Raz used every ounce of power he had to try and get Nemesis and Jeremy away from Danny. He managed to send Nemesis flying back a little ways, but it cost him, because he fell to the ground. Raz was too weak to get up. Jeremy went over and tried to finish him off but he couldn't. His sword went right through him.

    "Jeremy," Nemesis said, "he's still a spirit. Even though he's very weak, you cannot kill him, unless we take control of the Ultimaduum Crystal. Come now, bring Danny to my dungeon."

    "Yes master," Jeremy said, picking up Danny and disappearing.

    After a few moments of being on the ground, Raz found some strength to sit up. He wasn't standing up, but at least sitting was a start. He realized that he should have sent out a distress call, since he is linked with his other Chosen Ones. He closed his eyes and started thinking about Shababa, Jordan, JBZ, and Melody. Raz started to glow green and a beam of light shot straight up. Amanda who was looking around as she was walking saw the green light and told the other rangers. Jasmine looked and didn't know what she was seeing. Shababa soon appeared.

    "It's Raz's distress signal," Shababa said, "Danny and Raz might be in trouble."

    "Oh I hope Danny's all right," Destin said, as they all went the other way toward the green light.

    "How can you say that?" Jasmine asked, Destin as they were getting closer to the green light, "He has been nasty to you from the start."

    "Nasty or not, he's still part of the team," Destin said.

    "You are a true Power Ranger," Jordan told Destin through the head piece.

    "Thanks Jordan," Destin said.

    "Look! There's Raz!" Matthew exclaimed, seeing Raz just sitting on the ground, "But where's Danny?"

    "Are you hurt Raz?" Denise asked, coming up to aid him.

    "I can never get hurt, only weaken," Raz said.

    "Where's Danny?" Matthew asked.

    "Jeremy and Nemesis took him," Raz said, in a weak voice.

    "Oh no!" Amanda exclaimed, about to cry.

    "It's going to be all right, Amanda," Denise said, comforting her, "We'll get Danny back. Even if he's a jerk. He's still part of this team."

    "Raz do you know where they have taken Danny?" Destin asked.

    "They have taken him to The Dark Palace," Raz said.

    "The Dark Palace?" Matthew asked, "What's that?"

    JBZ came out and spoke.

    "The Dark Palace is home of Nemesis," he said, "Nemesis is the second most powerful Ra'cha in the Ra'cha Empire. He answers to no one except for Aeon and is the best fighter of the Ra'cha Empire. He will be difficult for you to defeat."

    "Well we have to rescue Danny," Matthew said, "JBZ can you lead us the way?"

    "I'm coming too," Raz said, barely being able to stand up.

    "Raz you are too weak to walk," Denise said.

    "I'm going and that is that," Raz said.

    Matthew and Destin picked up Raz and had him use them for support. They started following JBZ through the forest. The three girls were at the end. Jasmine was still saying how this is a bad idea that they need to rescue Danny. She said that Nemesis could easily hurt them. Shababa heard this and told both Matthew and Jasmine that they must rescue Danny, because if Nemesis or Jeremy finds out how to activate the Ultimaduum Crystal, it could be disaster. He told them that with just one Ultimaduum Crystal they could instantly release all the Evil Horsemen. This made Matthew stop along with Raz and Destin.

    "You could have told us sooner, Shababa," Matthew said, feeling aggravated.

    The Dark Palace

    "So green ranger, let me make a deal with you," Jeremy said, holding Danny's Ultimaduum Morpher, "If you tell me how to activate the Ultimaduum Crystal in this, I'll let you go."

    "Never!" Danny shouted, trying to break free of the chains that were around him, "I will never tell you,"

    "Don't you want to go back home?" Jeremy asked, "Don't you want to be back with your mother and father?"

    "Um..." Danny stuttered thinking about if he would ever see his parents again.

    "Also, if you tell me how to activate the Ultimaduum Crystal, you won't have to listen any more to that Jasmine. It wasn't nice that she called you all those names," Jeremy said, smiling.

    "Even though Jasmine hates me," Danny started, "I am not going to tell you how to use the Ultimaduum Morpher. The Power Rangers will defeat you, you little freak."

    "You ungrateful little brat," Jeremy said, punching Danny, "Maybe telling you that if you don't tell me, you will receive a sting from a Ra'cha. The Ra'cha will find the information and you will be lost forever."

    Danny saw the Ra'cha he was referring to, and was just plain scared. For the first time in his life he let his brick wall down and showed how he really felt. He didn't want to be a host to a Ra'cha or an Inane Ra'cha for that matter, but he knew he couldn't tell Jeremy how to activate the Ultimaduum Crystal. He didn't know what to do. He wished his teammates were there, but he doubt that he would ever see them again. What is he to do?

    (to be continued...)
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    Hello, my faithful readers. I am so sorry it's been a while since I put up an installment, but I assure you that I will post one up soon. I now have a full time job and have been busy. Thank you for your patience with me. Also, I am going to go back with giving you the details for the next installment after each installment. I think it worked out great for me in my previous fan fiction. Again, thanks for the support and hope you keep reading because my friends this is only the beginning to an epic fan fiction I believe.

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    Power Rangers: Ultimate Alliance

    (Sorry for the delay)

    (Also before reading, check the bio on Limos. I read something about Limos that I hadn't before so I added some things to Limos' bio.)

    part three

    The Dark Palace

    "So what will it be ranger?" Jeremy asked, "Will you tell me willingly how to activate the Ultimaduum Crystal or do I have to use force to get out of you?"

    Danny knew he had to stall as long as he could. He quickly came up with a plan to stall him from telling Jeremy.

    "Okay, you win, I will tell you," Danny said, "But first I want to see this Nemesis and Aeon. I want to see my masters. In other words, when I give you the information, I want to join the Ra'cha Empire."

    "You do?" Jeremy asked, puzzled, because he was just called a freak by Danny.

    "Yes, I'm thinking that you are right," Danny said, "Why should I go back to a team who doesn't like me?"

    "What about calling me a freak?" Jeremy asked.

    "I call everyone I like freak," Danny lied.

    Jeremy just had to think about that one for a minute.

    "Very well," Jeremy said, "I will contact Nemesis and he'll contact Aeon. You can meet with him. And then you will show me how to activate the Utimaduum Crystal."

    "Thank you," Danny said, bowing.

    Jeremy closed his eyes and disappeared, leaving Danny alone.

    "What a moron," Danny said, under his breath, "Now to find a way to get out of here."

    Somewhere Near The Dark Palace

    "Look, I can see the castle," Amanda said, pointing as they exited the forest.

    "Looks just like it's called, dark," Denise said.

    "Come on guys, we need to rescue Danny," Matthew said.

    The rangers all came up to the castle. JBZ said that there is a secret passage way in the side of the castle. He told them that if they would go through the front doors, they would instantly be bombarded with Inane Ra'cha and that will get Nemesis' attention. The rangers followed JBZ. Raz was now able to walk on his own, but still a little weak. Just like JBZ said, on the side was a secret passage way. Jasmine wanted to know how JBZ knew about the secret passage way. Soon Jordan came out of the Ultimaduum Crystal.

    "JBZ knows this palace because he rescued me when I was imprisoned here," Jordan said.

    "It must have been scary for you," Jasmine said, putting her hand of Jordan's shoulder.

    Everyone all looked at Jasmine.

    "What?" she asked, "Can't I be sympathetic?"

    They just rolled their eyes and JBZ let the way into the secret passage way. It was dark and damp but soon they saw a torch. JBZ, since he was leading the way, picked it up. He led the way through all the twists and turns of the secret passage way. Soon they came to a light at the end of a long tunnel. JBZ told then it would be best if he guided them through the ear piece. Jordan thought it was a good idea because the rangers would have a less chance of being spotted if there was fewer people. Both Jordan and JBZ disappeared. Raz felt the Ultimaduum Crystal near and told the rangers that he would go into the crystal. Matthew and Jasmine thought it was a bad idea, but Raz told them that Nemesis won't detect him going back into the crystal. So Matthew and Jasmine agreed and soon Raz disappeared. He was transported back into the crystal, which was in Jeremy's hands.

    "Ok, so now what?" Jasmine asked.

    "When you come out of the tunnel, make a left," JBZ told Denise, "There will be a set of stairs. If I'm correct, Nemesis put Danny down in the dungeon."

    Denise relayed the information back to Jasmine who lead the way. When they got out of the tunnel, they saw no one was there and so they went left. Sure enough there was a flight of stairs leading down. They were almost there, when out of no where came Inane Ra'chas and Jeremy. He was holding the Ultimaduum Morpher in his hands. He was actually smirking.

    "Come to save your teammate?" Jeremy asked, "Well it's too late. Danny has decided to join our side."

    "I knew it!" Jasmine blurted out, "But no, no one would listen to me. I told you this was a waste of time."

    "Danny may be a jerk, but he isn't stupid," Matthew said, "He would never join the forces of evil."

    "You say whatever makes you sleep better at night," Jeremy said, "Inane Ra'cha attack!"

    The Inane Ra'cha started charging after the rangers. A battle, soon broke out with the rangers fighting against the Inane Ra'cha. It was a little bit easier fighting the Inane Ra'cha since they knew what to do and to punch their faces. Left and right, the Inane Ra'cha were turning to dust. When there were only a few left Matthew suggested to Jasmine that Destin, Amanda, and Denise go and get Danny, while him and her fight Jeremy. Jasmine hesitated for a little bit but gave a nod saying that was a smart idea. Destin, Amanda, and Denise, quickly went down the stairs. Jasmine and Matthew were alone to face Jeremy. The two of them had destroyed all the Inane Ra'cha.

    "You will never be able to defeat me," Jeremy said, laughing, pulling out his sword, "I am too much for you both."

    "We'll see about that," Jasmine said, rushing into Jeremy and started fighting him.

    Matthew joined in and the two of them were fighting Jeremy. He was a very skillful warrior, even though Jasmine was a black belt and Matthew was a green belt. Even with the two skills together, they were no match for Jeremy. He was blocking their moves and was doing insane moves that none of them ever heard about. Matthew gave a good kick in Jeremy's leg, which made him fall over. He quickly got back up and with his sword slashed into Matthew's suit causing him to fly back and hit a wall. He de-morphed and Jeremy went over to strike the last blow. Jasmine tried to stop him, but Jeremy just shoved her, causing her to hit her head on a wall and knock out. Jeremy leaned over to Matthew and was about to strike, when Jeremy saw Matthew's face. He just froze. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he had seen Matthew before. How could this be, he though. Matthew was a Power Ranger and he was a Ra'cha Warrior. There was no way, he could have known him. He didn't know anyone from Earth, besides the Air Force that made a base on the planet they were hovering, but even still he didn't know them.

    He saw Matthew's eyes opening up and they just stared at each other for a few seconds, until Matthew saw Jasmine unconscious. He ran over to her, looking at Jeremy as if he was very disappointed with her. Jeremy took one last stare at Matthew. He closed his eyes and vanished. Matthew wanted to know what that was about. Jeremy had him, and he just walked away. Again, Matthew was saying to himself that there was something familiar with Jeremy. After a few moments of thinking about Jeremy, Jasmine started to regain consciousness. She asked what happened and asked where Jeremy is. Matthew told her that he just disappeared. Jasmine got up and both of them headed down the stairways to help Destin, Denise, and Amanda out.

    When Destin, Amanda, and Denise reached the bottom, they saw Danny. He was chained up and Nemesis was standing in front of him. Danny saw Amanda, Denise, and Destin. With his eyes, he told the three of them to go hide. Nemesis saw how Danny's eyes were funny and looked behind him. He couldn't see anything. Luckily Amanda, Denise, and Destin went behind a pillar in time.

    "What are you looking at?" Nemesis asked.

    "Nothing," Danny lied, "Sometimes my eyes do weird stuff."

    "Humans," Nemesis moaned, "So Danny, unfortunately Aeon is busy at the moment, but after seeing me, and going to join us, how do you activate the Ultimaduum Crystal?"

    "I'll need to see it, in order to tell you," Danny said.

    Nemesis just looked at Danny for a second before calling Jeremy.

    "Jeremy," Nemesis called out.

    Jeremy soon appeared with the ear piece and the Ultimaduum Morpher in head.

    "I hope Raz had enough time to relax," he mumbled, and with a loud voice he called for Raz, "Raz, I need help."

    Soon a green light appeared and Raz was standing in front of them all. He was almost back to normal. He put one hand on Jeremy's chains and tore them completely off. Danny went over to Jeremy who was still in shock of Danny tricking him. He didn't see Danny's kick coming, where Danny kicked the Ultimaduum Morpher and ear piece out of Jeremy's hand. It went up in the air and landed in Danny's hand.

    "It's time for you to pay," he said, "Ultimate Power Activate!"

    Danny pressed his respected color, green, and then the big white circle button. Danny was standing in front of his Green Ultimaduum Crystal. Green leaves were coming out of his crystal and surrounding him, creating for him his suit he had on when he faced the Inane Ra'cha for the first time. He stood before Nemesis and Jeremy, as they were dumbfounded that Danny tricked them like that.

    "Didn't expect that to happen, huh?" Danny asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

    "We can still take you," Nemesis said, raising his sword.

    "Well how about now, if you add me?" Destin asked, jumping over Nemesis and Jeremy and standing next to Danny.

    "Don't forget about me as well," Denise said, coming away from the pillar.

    "And me," Amanda said, following.

    "Also, don't forget about us," Matthew said, walking down the stairs with Jasmine, "So I guess the odds are in our favorite, huh?"

    "We can take you," Jeremy said, looking at all of them circling them.

    "Jeremy, we'll fight another day," Nemesis said, looking at Jeremy, "We got more important things to worry about now. Let's get to Aeon, he wanted to see all of us."

    Jeremy closed his eyes and soon vanished. Nemesis took one last look at all the rangers.

    "Mark my words Danny," Nemesis said, "You will pay for tricking the great and powerful Nemesis. And as the rest of you; be warned. I will destroy all of you."

    Nemesis vanished as well. Matthew, Jasmine, Denise, and Amanda went by Danny to see if he was all right. They all started to talk with each other until Raz told them they should be heading back to Earth. He knew that Major General William B. Teller was going to give them all a mouthful as well as their parents. They headed back up the stairs and out of the castle onto the Transporduum. It was a long day for them, especially for Danny. Everyone, including Jasmine, thought it was cool that he tricked Jeremy and Nemesis like that in believing that he wanted to join with the forces of evil. Destin wanted to know how he knew that Raz was back in the Ultimaduum Crystal. Danny told Destin that he saw the green button start to glow and knew that Raz was back in the crystal. He knew that he had to give Raz some time to relax. He was just glad to be out of the chains and out of that dungeon.

    On A Spaceship
    Somewhere In Space

    "You two failed me," Aeon said, in an anger tone of voice, looking at Nemesis and Jeremy.

    Half of his body was in the shadows, while the other half was not. He was wearing a black robe and a black hood was over his head. Nemesis and Jeremy, and including Alasphere could only see the lower part of his face.

    "And how dare you Jeremy, stop fighting when you had the Red Ranger in the palm of your hands," Aeon continued, "I should have to tortured for that, but I need you as well as Nemesis and Alasphere for this job."

    "What is it master?" Alasphere asked.

    "After so many months, I have found the tomb to where Limos is kept," Aeon said.

    "Where is he kept, master?" Nemesis asked.

    "He is located in a tomb on Earth," Aeon said, smiling.

    "How do you know?" Alasphere asked.

    "I have my ways," Aeon said, laughing, "Now, I need all three of you to set a course for planet Earth. Obviously, I'll summon a monster from Oblivion to distract the rangers while you guys go to the tomb located in the Ukraine."

    "Yes, master," Alasphere, Nemesis, and Jeremy said in unison, bowing.

    Alasphere and Nemesis both disappeared using the power of the Ra'cha Empire. Jeremy stayed behind. The image of the Red Ranger popped into his head. He could have sworn he saw Matthew before somewhere. He was thinking about it, until Aeon brought him back, by yelling at him to stop daydreaming and to go with Alasphere and Nemesis to planet Earth. Jeremy bowed, closed his eyes and disappeared from Aeon's sight. Aeon just shook his head knowing that something is going to happen very soon with Jeremy and he isn't going to like it.

    Area 52
    Underground Base Near Area 51

    "What were you guys thinking?" Major General William B. Teller exclaimed in a question, "You could have seriously got hurt or worse destroyed. And what were you thinking, Danny, living your teammates like that? If Raz could take your place, I would gladly kick you off the team."

    "Major General William B. Teller, sir," Matthew said, "Please don't be harsh on him. He only left because we were all arguing with him."

    "I believe Jasmine was arguing with me," Danny said, correcting Matthew.

    Jasmine just gave Danny a look.

    "It doesn't matter who started it," Major General William B. Teller said, "The important thing is that you guys are all safe and thankfully you didn't blown the mission. As for Zords, the Chosen Ones tell me that they are not going to give you the location of the Zords until you guys can prove to them that you can work as a team and not fight. This will cause a major problem because what if these creatures grow? You guys will have nothing to defend yourselves with. You guys are a big disappointment."

    On A Spaceship
    Somewhere In Space

    "I need a monster," Aeon said, "to keep the rangers busy, while Nemesis, Alasphere, and Jeremy head for Earth, but which two should I choose."

    Aeon went back and forth pacing until he came up with two monsters that would go perfect with each other. He then stood in one spot, raising his hands up to the sky.

    "Powers of the Ra'cha Empire bring forth the gateway to Oblivion," Aeon shouted.

    Thunder and lightning were going on in the spaceship. Smoke appeared all around him and soon in was pitch black all around. It looked like he wasn't on the spaceship anymore. Suddenly, a golden circle appeared in mid air. It looked like a closed door. The door suddenly opened and inside was a void.

    "Powers of the Ra'cha Empire bring forth, out of Oblivion, the Knasty Knight and the Dark Warrior," Aeon said, "and combine them both."

    Two glowing balls of light flew out of Oblivion. The gate closed and disappeared. Soon Aeon was back on the spaceship. The smoke had disappeared as well. The two glowing balls of light smashed right into each other and soon a creature was forming from the two glowing balls, now one. It look shape and went it had completed the transformation, there stood what looked like the Dark Warrior but he had black armor around him. He looked as though no one could defeat him with that armor. He took one look at Aeon and got on one knee, bowing to his new master.

    "Greetings, Knight Warrior," Aeon said, "I have given both of you another chance at fighting. If you defeat the Power Rangers, great, but I need you to distract them long enough so that I can free Limos, one of the four Evil Horsemen."

    "As you wish, master," Knight Warrior said, "We won't fail you."

    Aeon extended his hand and made Knight Warrior disappear on to the planet with the Area 52-B Base on it. Aeon started to smirk and then laughed.

    Area 52
    Underground Base Near Area 51

    "What were you thinking?" Zack asked Denise, "You could have been killed."

    "Dad, I'm a Power Ranger now," Denise said, "There are risks. Look at you, when you became a Power Ranger you knew that there was going to be risks."

    "I just don't want you to get hurt," Zack said, hugging his daughter.

    "Danny, that wasn't cool leaving your teammates like that," Tommy said, "You could have ended up as a Ra'cha or worse an Inane Ra'cha."

    "What do you care, dad?" Danny asked, "You're never around."

    "Just because I wasn't always around, doesn't mean that I didn't love you," Tommy said, "You are my son and not telling you that I was a Power Ranger and going and fighting Mesogog was to protect you, as well as your mother."

    Danny was about to say something when the alarm went off.

    "Oh great!" Matthew said, "and I was just about to hear the rest of Destin telling his story of how he came here."

    Soon Colonel Dustin Gap came running in.

    "Area 52-B is being attacked by a monster," he said.

    "What else is new?" Danny sarcastically said, rolling his eyes.

    All six of the rangers came rushing to the Transporduum. There Dr. Jonathan Fischer was there. He told Major General William B. Teller, who was there in the room as well that he hadn't given the rangers a medical exam yet. the major general told him it would have to wait and told the rangers that they must go and work as a team to fight this monster. Major Samantha Stevenson and First Lieutenant Jacob Madison were punching the coordinates into the Destination Logger. The Transporduum started spinning faster and faster until it was faster than the speed of light. A big white blast of energy occurred and the six rangers stepped through the Transporduum onto the planet where Area 52-B was.

    Area 52-B
    Somewhere in the Universe

    As the rangers stepped onto the planet, there they saw the monster destroying the camps that the people just redid after the last attack. Jasmine looked at all six and asked if they are ready. They all nodded their heads and held out their arms with the Ultimaduum Morphers on their wrists.

    "Ultimate Power Activate!!" all six of them shouted.

    They pushed their respected color and the white button and started to morph. They morphed in a different way than before. Matthew had his Red Ultimaduum Crystal behind him. Red flames were coming out of the crystal and hitting Matthew. These flames weren't hurting him at all. The flames engulfed Matthew and when the flames died down, Matthew was in his suit he had on before. Danny was standing in front of his Green Ultimaduum Crystal. Green leaves were coming out of his crystal and surrounding him, creating for him his suit he had on when he faced the Inane Ra'cha for the first time. Destin was standing in front of his Blue Utimaduum Crystal. Water was coming out of the crystal in the form of a tidal wave. The tidal wave past Destin and Destin was in his suit, he was wearing the first time he called forth the powers. Denise's Yellow Ultimaduum Crystal was behind her. Bolts of lightning were coming out of the crystal. The bolts of lightning were hitting Denise, creating her suit, she wore when she faced the Inane Ra'cha. Amanda, was last, but not least. She was standing in front of her Pink Ultimaduum Crystal. The crystal was blowing wind at her, creating a tornado. The tornado went around Amanda and when it had died down, she was in her Power Ranger suit just as before. With Jasmine, something strange went on because she couldn't morph. She tried again but, she was the only ranger who wasn't morphed.

    "Jasmine, you aren't morphed?" Matthew asked, puzzled about it.

    "I know," Jasmine said, "You guys go fight without me. I'll try and find out what the problem is."

    The five rangers nodded their heads and went from the monster. Knight Warrior saw that they were coming and ordered Inane Ra'cha to come and fight. Dozens of Inane Ra'cha Warriors appeared and started fighting the rangers. The rangers knew what they had to do in order to stop them. They started fighting with these Inane Ra'cha Warriors, making sure to hit their face. Danny still thought that was cool how he could punch someone's face and they could turn to dust like that. Soon the Inane Ra'cha were all defeated. Knight Warrior took out his sword and started fighting the rangers himself. He was tough with his armor, but the rangers kept fighting. It was close to impossible without any weapons. Knight Warrior picked Matthew up and flung him toward a tree, knocking him out. Destin came after him next to see if he could take him on, but he Knight Warrior picked him up and tossed him next to Matthew.

    "Is that the best you got?" Knight Warrior asked, laughing, "No one can defeat Knight Warrior!"

    "What are we going to do?" Amanda asked, "He took out Matthew and Destin and they didn't even put a scratch on him."

    "Maybe with both of us fighting him we can hurt him," Denise suggested, and ran off to Knight Warrior with Amanda.

    "Wait, guys, he'll hurt you as well," Danny said, trying to stop them, but it was too late for Knight Warrior hit both of them causing them to fall to the ground. They were out cold.

    Danny couldn't believe it. His teammates were out cold, minus Jasmine, but she was no help, since she couldn't morph. He was all alone. Knight Warrior was laughing at him and saying how he's all alone and couldn't possible defeat him. An anger was building up inside of him. He needed his teammates and they were out cold. He needed them more than ever. There was no way he could take on his creep on his own. The anger started to become fear as a tear rolled down his eye inside his suit. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed his teammates. Suddenly, his Ultimaduum Crystal started glowing bright green. The glowing started to cover his whole body. Knight Warrior stopped laughing and was wondering what was going on. In his mind, Danny had an urge to stomp his foot on the ground. He didn't know how that would help him, but he did it anyway. As he stomped the ground, he could feel something go from his body to the ground. After a few seconds, tree branches shot up out of the ground and tangled Knight Warrior in its roots. Knight Warrior tried to break free but he couldn't.

    "Let me down, you pathetic ranger," Knight Warrior said, trying to break free.

    As Knight Warrior was struggling to break free of the very thick roots, everyone was getting up. They saw Knight Warrior stuck and all looked at Danny. They couldn't believe that Danny did that. Amanda and Denise were talking with each other in how Danny did this. Danny was starting to get a little mad.

    "You don't think I'm capable of something like this?" Danny asked, placing his hand on one of the roots.

    "It's not a matter of you being capable or not," Matthew said, "but how you did it."

    "He used a very advance power from the Ultimaduum Crystals which we didn't use at first," Shababa said, through Matthew, "It must truly like you guys in order for that power to work."

    "Shababa said, that it's a very advance form of your power Danny." Matthew said, "Also, Shababa said in order for you to use that power, you would have to like us."

    "So he really does like us," Denise teased, "That whole 'I don't like you guys' was just a front."

    "Um...guys," Melody said, where only Amanda could hear her, "You still have a monster to defeat."

    "Melody's right you guys," Amanda said, thinking that everyone heard Melody.

    "About what?" Danny asked, in a cocky tone, since he thought Melody was talking about him.

    "About the monster," Amanda said, pointing at Knight Warrior, "We still have to destroy it."

    "Right," Danny said, "I knew that."

    The four of them were rolling their eyes as the Chosen Ones spoke to them and told them to use the powers that they used on Darkliptor. Matthew and the others thought it was a perfect plan. They all gathered around Knight Warrior who finally broke free but was very weak.

    "It's time to finish you once and for all," Matthew said, "Ultimaduum Fire Power!"

    Matthew's hands turned to fire as he ran up and punched Knight Warrior causing him much pain.

    "My turn," Amanda said, "Ultimaduum Air Power!"

    Amanda turned into a small hurricane and rammed through Knight Warrior a few times, making him dizzy.

    "Let's see what I got," Destin said, "Utimaduum Water Power!"

    Destin's hands started to glow blue and a blast of water came out of his hands towards Knight Warrior. From the water Knight Warrior slipped and fell. He slowly got up only to find himself facing more pain and punishment.

    "Ultimaduum Lightning Power!" Denise shouted.

    Soon the sky turned black and lightning bolts started to come down from the sky, the normal ones, and struck at Knight Warrior several times.

    "Last but not least, here's my power!" Danny exclaimed, "You are going to wish you never met with us. Utimaduum Forest Power!"

    Leaves started to fly all over the place. With all the leaves, they started making Knight Warrior spark. Smoke was coming out of him and with the rangers circling him, he fell to the ground and two explosions occurred. They had defeated their first monster together. The people at the base, came out of hiding and started cheering for the rangers. Jasmine came out congratulating them on a job well done. Dr. Michael Grant was at the camp. He came over and said they did a great job in working as a team in defeating the creature. Amanda was just glad that the monster was destroyed. The rangers patted each other on the back and headed for the Transporduum to return back to Earth.

    Sumy, Ukraine

    "It's so cold here," Jeremy said, freezing from the cold climate.

    "Aw quit complaining and help us dig," Nemesis said, digging in an unknown region.

    Jeremy grabbed a shovel and helped Nemesis and Alasphere dig. They dug for hours and surprising no one came to stop them. Soon, the three of them hit rocks. Jeremy was the first to see a lime green rock glowing. Nemesis told Jeremy that this was the place where Limos was buried. Nemesis touched the glowing lime green rock and soon the three of them started to move further underground. It stopped when they came by an underground tomb. It was a dark room. When they entered into the room however, torches all around started to flame up. This startled Jeremy. The walked into the middle of the room and saw a golden coffin with the same lime green glowing rock, only smaller. Both Alasphere and Nemesis put their hand on the glowing rock. Soon, the coffin's cover started to open. When the coffin had slid far enough, a young man with brown hair was seen by the three of them. His eyes suddenly started to open and they were glowing a lime green color just like the rocks. The glowing faded to normal blue eyes and he arose from his slumber.

    "What year is this?" he asked, looking at Jeremy.

    "It's 2015," Jeremy said.

    "Nemesis, how many years have I been in this coffin?" Limos asked.

    "You've been in the coffin for twenty thousand years, Limos," Nemesis said.

    Limos got out of the coffin and was mad. He told Nemesis to get the ship ready to take him back to Aeon so he could destroy the rangers. Jeremy spoke out and said that there are new rangers. Limos didn't like how Jeremy spoke to him without him asking and started shouting at Jeremy.

    "How dare you speak to me without being spoken to!" Limos shouted, in a booming voice and his eyes glowing lime green, then turning to Nemesis, "What kind of Ra'cha would do that?"

    "He's not a Ra'cha," Nemesis said, "We found Jeremy and I trained him to be a great warrior."

    "Well you didn't train him hard enough," Limos said, glancing over at Jeremy who was starting to not like Limos at all.

    "I'm sorry Limos," Nemesis said, bowing.

    "See that he doesn't get in my way," Limos said, walking with Alasphere to the platform that brought them down.

    Nemesis just walked by Jeremy, giving him the look of disappointment at him. He went on the platform as well leaving Jeremy alone since he was able to teleport. Jeremy didn't like Limos at all and thought he was just a spoiled brat. Just because he is one of the Four Evil Horsemen doesn't give him a right to act like that. Just as he was thinking of how terrible Limos was, the image of Matthew popped in his head. He had a flashback of when he was a toddler and how he was holding a baby. This baby had the same features as Matthew. The daydreamed stopped as Alasphere called down for him.

    "We are leaving without you," Alasphere shouted down at Jeremy.

    "I'll be right there!" Jeremy shouted back, rolling his eyes.

    He closed his eyes and suddenly he vanished out of the tomb.

    ( be continued)

    *Next time on Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance, the team finds out that the Ultimaduum Crystal won't work with Jasmine anymore and find something serious wrong with her. Also, they find out that someone they know is the one going to use the Ultimaduum Crystal, and they are puzzled as to why. What is wrong with Jasmine and who is this person that will become the Ultimate White Ranger? Find out in the next installment: The New Ultimate White Ranger*

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