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    Post Power Rangers: MegaForce Casting Call

    Power Rangers MegaForce
    A GoseiYellow Production
    For many years, the Power Rangers have triumphed over evil and became the most famous heroes from Angel Grove to Corinth. The Rangers had walked away from their hero business to live normal lives and the Power Rangers was never heard ever since. Until now.

    Embarrassed and angered, veteran villain Dark Specter decided that he and the other villains should bring the Earth to its knees. They set foot on Earth unexpectedly and ravaged the planet without any warning and without the Power Rangers, the citizens of Angel Grove became helpless and they believe that it was over for them. Luckily, five mysterious cards appear out of the blue and each of them contain five elemental powers: Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, and Earth. They found five young humans, giving them the power to transform into a new team of Rangers: the Power Rangers MegaForce.

    Also with the help of a veteran Ranger: Emily aka the Yellow Samurai Ranger and Alpha 6, these new Rangers will stop at nothing to saving the Earth from the United Alliance of Evil.

    Theme Song:

    Emily: The Yellow Samurai Ranger and a "mentor" to the MegaForce Rangers. She was given her Symbol Power back by Jii after the UAE's attack and uses it whenever the Rangers need a hand.
    Alpha 6: The former robot assistant of Zordon now aiding Emily and the MegaForce Rangers.

    Villains (United Alliance of Evil):
    Dark Specter: The leader of this organization. He plans into show no mercy to the Earth and will kill all of the Power Rangers, if he has to.
    Queen Bansheera: Past enemy of the Lightspeed Rangers. After surviving the undead attack, she joined Dark Specter and the rest.
    Prince Olympius: The son of Queen Bansheera. His life was restored by Specter and soon becomes part of the alliance.
    Lothor: Past enemy of the Ninja Storm Rangers, who joins Dark Specter in attacking the Earth.
    Morticon: Past enemy of the Mystic Force Rangers. After he was revived by Specter, he becomes the member of the alliance.
    Miratrix: Past enemy of the Overdrive Rangers and after she was freed from her imprisonment, Miratrix joins the alliance.
    Psycho Rangers: Past enemies of the Space Rangers and joins the alliance after being revived by Dark Specter.
    Various Foot Soldiers- Grunts from most PR seasons.

    Arsenal (Weapons and Gear):
    Mega Morpher: The MegaForce Rangers' henshin device and communicator.
    Knight Commune: The MegaForce Knight's main henshin device and communicator.
    Ranger Cards: The transformation cards used by the MegaForce Rangers to morph into their Ranger Forms, each of them contains the power of Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, and Earth.
    Mega Blasters: Personal sidearms used by the MegaForce Rangers for minor combat.
    Element Avatars: Specialized headers that contains the Rangers' animal. They are used for the Mega Blasters for more power.
    Dragon Blade: Red Ranger's Power Weapon.
    Phoenix Bullet: Pink Ranger's Personal Weapon.
    Shark Crossbow: Blue Ranger's Personal Weapon.
    Tiger Fang: Yellow Ranger's Personal Weapon.
    Python Axe: Black Ranger's Personal Weapon.
    Leo Pistol: MegaForce Knight's personal weapon. It can transform into a Sword Mode.

    MegaForce Dragon: Red Ranger's Zord
    MegaForce Phoenix: Pink Ranger's Zord.
    MegaForce Shark: Blue Ranger's Zord.
    MegaForce Tiger: Yellow Ranger's Zord.
    MegaFoce Python: Black Ranger's Zord.
    MegaForce Megazord: Piloted by All Rangers
    MegaForce Lion: MegaForce Knight's Zord.
    Knight Megazord: Piloted by the MegaForce Knight.
    MegaForce Ultimate Megazord: Piloted by all of the Rangers.

    Angel Grove High
    Power Chamber: The Rangers main headquarters.
    Youth Center: The Rangers main Hangout.
    Dark Fortress: The Headquarters of the Alliance of Evil.


    1. No Godmodding....EVER. The Rangers can and WILL get hurt.
    2. Romantic relationships (Straight, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual) are welcome, but keep it short and Clean
    3. No going ahead in the game, wait for me to post in order to move on.
    4. You HAVE to be active in the game. If you are leaving, let me know and I will take over for you until you return.
    5. Make sure you check for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors in you bio before you post your bio.
    6. Leave the OOC drama outside. It's not acceptable in the Discussion, CC, or game thread.
    7. This thread is for bios ONLY. Please post questions or comments in the Discussion thread.
    8. All of the Roles ARE Gender Specific.
    9. Please Post Full Bios. Only I can post half-finished bios.
    9. Most Importantly Have Fun!

    Ranger Designations:

    ???????/Red MegaForce Ranger--(Japanese)
    ???????/Pink MegaForce Ranger-- (Caucasian or European)
    ???????/Blue MegaForce Ranger--(Native American)
    Evee Washington/Yellow MegaForce Ranger-- Played by GoseiYellow (African American)
    ?????/Black MegaForce Ranger-- (Hispanic)
    ??????/MegaForce Knight--(Any veteran Ranger)
    Jenna Lin/Green MegaForce Ranger--Played by GoseiYellow (Chinese American)

    My Bios (Unfinished)

    Name: Rayana Evelyn "Evee" Washington
    Age: 18

    Ranger Designation: Yellow MegaForce Ranger
    Ranger Gear: Mega Morpher, Ranger Card, Element Cards, Tiger Avatar
    Weapons: Mega Blaster, Tiger Fang

    Zord: MegaForce Tiger Zord
    Element: Lightning

    Evee's Bio:

    Coming Soon......


    Name: Jenna Lin
    Age: 18

    Ranger Designation: Green MegaForce Ranger
    Ranger Gear: Mega Morpher, Ranger Card, Element Cards, Panda Avatar
    Weapons: Mega Blaster, Panda Slicer

    Zord: MegaForce Panda BattleZord
    Element: Plants

    Jenna's Bio: Coming Soon....

    Celestial Yellow, Kanna Takemori!

    F.K.A- ForeverYellow

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    Name: Christine 'Chris' Stevens

    Age: 18


    Ranger Designation:
    Pink MegaForce Ranger

    -Mega Morpher, Ranger Card, Element Cards, Phoenix Avatar

    -MegaForce Phoenix

    Element: ??? (wasn't listed)

    Chris has always been the person who puts other before herself first. This sometimes wasn’t the greatest idea. She was growing up unhappy and always worrying about others and what they wanted. She cared too much. Her future plan was to be a nurse, so what was wrong with being a caring person to everyone? She wasn’t making herself happy. Chris has never found herself to be shy and has always been open. Although whenever the subject would turn to herself, she would become defensive and want to talk about something else. She never wanted to think about herself.

    When she was younger, she was always surrounded by people and hanged with her family. Her hobbies were her family. With her mother’s passing when she was young, she took over the role and took care of her family. She matured at an early age and hardly had any fun child hood memories. Although there was once special teddy bear she got when she was a baby and she always found herself clinging to it until she was ten, she then just set into a special place in her room. She never got much time alone being in such a large family, but she loved them because they were her friends too.

    Chris's Bio:
    Chris grew up adopted as a baby and was placed into a large family. She had two older brothers and two younger twin sisters. Her father was a school teacher, her mother a florist. When she was young she found she had a special bond with her mother and looked up to her all the time. Her mother always taught her special things about flowers and being so young, Chris used to think that they were magical. Until one day her mother died in a car accident in a stormy day. Chris couldn’t bear the thought of her mother being gone forever. She wouldn’t believe it, which was then when Chris started to become religious, she found herself believing in god and angels. Her family thought it was weird especially at her age, but she did.

    Since her mother died, her father tried to take care of them, but he worked every day but weekends, so at age 10, Chris took care of the family. She made dinner when her father came home and helped her younger sisters with homework and bedtime. It was hard at first, but Chris got used to it. Her oldest brother Stefan though was worried. He thought that she was missing out on her child hood and wanted to take over in helping out the family. At age 12, Chris refused and said it was up to her. Chris had to focus on college. He finally gave up and had it her way.

    At school she didn’t have many friends, but she knew people well enough to be able to each lunch with them and not alone. Once she entered high school she got a job as a waitress and no sooner took extra classes, preparing her to be a nurse or an EMT, she had yet to decide her career, but she knew that she wanted to help people. She never was grossed out by the human body and most importantly blood. Her sisters on the other hand thought it was odd. Her sisters were turning into the thing she wasn’t, girly. It was hard for her to adapt to that but she did. She loved them no matter what.

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