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    The Official RangerVision Rules & Regulations [PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING]


    I. Registering for RangerVision

    • A. Registering - By registering you agree to abide by all site rules and regulations, even if you do not read them.
    • B. Multiple Accounts - Multiple accounts are not permitted on the board for any reason. If two members intend to use the same computer to access the board, advance notice must be provided to the staff or the new account risks banning or deletion and the old account risks infraction.

    II. Posting on RangerVision

    • A. Spam posting is not permitted on the board for any reason.
    • B. Full color posting is not permitted for any reason
    • C. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated on RangerVision.
    • D. Signature Image Limits - 300 x 180 on all images (linked from elsewhere or loaded to site) for regular members, 500 x 200 for VIP and Staff members.

    III. Conduct on RangerVision

    • A. While this board isn't age restricted, do keep in mind the target demographic of Power Rangers and post accordingly. The staff reserve the right to moderate, infract, or ban based on their interpretation of what is or isn't appropriate for a given forum. If you create content that is rated higher than PG-13 for Fanfics, Art, or RPGs, you MUST indicate this in the title of your thread.
    • B. Flaming and/or trolling are not permitted on the board.
    • C. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated on this board, whether in public or via PM.

    IV. RangerVision Staff

    • A. All members should respect the decisions of the board staff. If members have a concern about a staff member’s actions, they should take it up with that staff member (or a senior staff member) via PM or an off board method of communication. Members should not attempt to “Back-Seat” moderate each other, and should bring any concerns they have to the actual staff.

    V. Shoutbox Rules

    • A. All Board Rules also apply to the Shoutbox and will be enforced as such.
    • B. We ask all members to please refrain from spoiling any new episodes of power rangers, sentai, newly released films, or other new content as people in other parts of the world may not have seen it yet.
    • C. Role Playing and new PR/Sentai episode discussion should take place in the respective shoutbox chat rooms designated for those purposes.

    VI. Rule Enforcement

    • A. Violation of the above rules will result in the penalties listed below, in this order.

      Violation 1 - PM Warning

      Violation 2- Board Warning

      Violation 3 - Board Infraction

      Violation 4 - 10 Day Temp Ban

      Violation 5 - Permaban

    • B. Administrators reserve the right to jump levels on this hierarchy of enforcement if they deem it necessary.

    NOTICE: The Staff of RangerVision reserve the right to interpret and enforce these rules as they see fit. Staff members are expected to follow their own set of rules and regulations when moderating the board, as laid out by the Administrators. If you believe a staff member is abusing their power or in any way acting in a manner unbecoming of staff, please inform a higher ranked staff member, or if necessary, GoldPhoenixRanger or Kurama.
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